Awaken to Our MultiDimensional Self

We Were Born To Awaken to Our MultiDimensional Self With a Lot of Help From Our Galactic Family!

By Lisa Gawlas, 12/02/2015

Geez Louise, there always seems to be a phase within a phase.  Why can’t we just come out of the gate running or dancing, anything but more cooking!!  But I suppose we can look at this first half of December as being glazed.  The insides are done, or as done as we have allowed ourselves to be for right now.  There are many more pivotal points and choice points embedded thru 2016, but what I am hearing is unlike all the choices that have gotten us to here.  I don’t think I am ready to know what that could even mean yet!

The good thing, things they are a changing on the field.  Back the ground level of reading, yay!!  Our glass like terrariums are starting to release the form I see and meld into the fullness of our energy systems, part of the glazing I guess.  I think instead of giving you the way all this new information came thru yesterday, I will just wrap it all up in a story.MultiDimensional Self

From now thru mid December, the 15th-ish, we are in the first half of the last phase of this shift.  The visial I kept getting in the readings was the melding of two circles, one we call December and one we call our Life Field.  (There are more shifts to come, they are just done in sections so we humans don’t blow up or go completely insane!)  The best example given with this first half of this final phase of 2015 came thru like computer software.  We have been working out the “running bugs” all year, perfecting the base program in our software.  These next two weeks, a higher, fuller software program will be melding with our base program.  Let me tell you, everyone’s team that talked about this, was pretty freakin anal about using the word “meld,” not absorbed or any other word except MELD!!  All I can think about is a Vulcan mind meld! lol

However, like any new software, our job is to understand how it runs within us and how we can use it for all its abilities.  And I have a big, deep feeling when we really start to use it, it is going to pale in comparison to anything we have ever done before, IF we pay attention to our inner truth and NOT the outer story.

I remember when Sananda (aka Jesus) first showed up in my meditations and after I found out who he was on earth, my first question was tell me about your life as Jesus.  By this time, not only was I picking the distortion of Catholicism out of my energy field, but also all the other concepts and versions of Jesus’ life on earth by the group I grew up with.  So what is the truth??  His reply to me was something like “my life history has become so distorted that it no longer matters.”   Hmmmm, not the response I wanted!!  The has happened with our own history, the melding of lies shining as truth.  Tricky.  It is actually better, in our best interest to toss out the whole story and allow ourselves to be filled with the truth of spirit.

Something similar was stated when I first stared to understand about ET implants and the surge of my own memory of being “abducted.”  I use the word in quotes simply because that’s what others called it.  When I asked my team about any of this, their freakin pesky reply was… when the time is right, you will know.  14 years later….!!  I must be super slow on the uptake!! lol

Which brings me to an amazing, actually excitingly shocking revelation thru one of my lady’s yesterday.  I cannot even remember how this started to come thru, had to be because of something she asked about, but man oh man, I felt the ring of holy freakin shit, the understanding FINALLY!!

Abductions and Implants, not quite what we think they were, for those of us who have a leading role in these changing times.  Let’s start at our birth story (this lifetime of course.)

We came in with very distinct wiring, enhanced by our souls and our star family during the ingestion period (while our moms were pregnant with us.)  Let’s just say this wiring was to assure that at some trigger point in our lives, we would awaken (if you will) to our multidimensional Self and break thru the illusion of life as we knew it.

Many of us, in childhood, have memories of our star family, even going on their ships and dare I say, abductions and what could only be described as experiments on our bodies.  What has become known as abductions.  Thru this lady and our amazing conversation, I got to see the work that was really done.  Making sure the high vibrational wiring was going to produce the violet transmutationoutcome needed.  I guess we can look at it as sealing the work done in utero to assure the trigger points as we grew up.

Keeping in mind, our whole body runs off the chemical makeup of our endocrine system enhanced and distributed thru the cranial and spinal fluids, the electro neural network and the nervous system.  The way I was seeing it was as if we were given a special wire that was specially coated and designed to degrade, release its fullness at some point in our individual and collective lives.  Many people see these as implants, something negative and designed to control, or stave off our awakening, when in fact, it’s the opposite.

We humans, by base nature, fear what we don’t understand and if we hear a story repeated enough of times, we believe it to be true, even if it is not.  Hell, look at the hold religion has on people, had on us (speaking for myself here.)

Thru this amazing revelation was the fact that many, many, many more people were encoded than needed.  First of all, nothing was guaranteed that these processes would work the way they (our star family) had hoped.  The example given yesterday was let’s say 100,000 people over the decades had this special coating in their DNA wiring, the hope was, that at least 10,000 would heed the triggers of what we call awakening.

I also was able to see, at the moment of birth, we were born with this, I don’t know, crystalline bubble around us.  A protection from interference, but also so much more than that, like our ability to overcome our childhoods and youth and turn the chaos into power.  Wisdom.

We all had very special protectors watching over us as we came into our own.  Besides what we know as our guides, most of us have Intergalactic family that has kept us safe and made sure our triggers happened as planned.

Now, way deep in our collective past, after one of the many etch-a-sketch patterns were erased, we went into turmoil, again, on purpose to learn from that, the use the wisdom of experience to pave the road we are now on.  This is where the fear memories come from, in part.  But that is like thinking every human on earth is just like Hitler or Dick Cheney.  Not so much!!  Altho, they do have their followers, just like we still have the followers of fear.  Don’t play there.  It’s not your playground to learn from and degrades your amazing, multidimensional potential.

For the fullness of what we are about to do, dump everything you think you know.  EVERYTHING!!  Even what we thought we understood yesterday is simply a facet of a bigger, grander reality being received.

In one of the readings yesterday, one of my lady’s was going to be learning, geez, I don’t know how to explain it fully.  As has been explained the last several days, we use the words “portals and vortexes” as blanket words.  There is so much more to the multiverse and what we think of as those two things, but we have not tapped into that fullness… yet.  So I have no other words to call what I see except finding the coordinates on the ground level that her Intergalactic family will help her with, and creating an energy spin to allow tubie things, which I had seen thru another lady, to be (re) connected for use.  There were 12 distinct X’s that were placed on the earth.  When they showed us the earth, it was not filled with houses and structures or people, they explained that the earth vibrates higher than anything else upon it and it is crucial to use the central eye, third eye, to see beyond the clutter of earth (smile.)  (I am so not clutter lol.)

These tubie things, what we would call portals, have these disc like valves in them and this other lady will be learning how to open and close them.  She was called a Gatekeeper.  I wish I could remember the word they used for these areas, shit… hub points I think, or something to that effect.


At least now I understand why everyone that had signed up for their ET connections actually had some.  We were born to do this, designed to do this (whatever this is lol.)  It does, however, require intense work and dedication on our part to do what we came here to do.  If we can look at it like going becoming a doctor, 8 years of medical school, 4 years of residency before they ever to fly on their own.  Same here.  We have so much to unlearn and truth beyond our comprehension to meld with and use.  2016 is the first of those graduating from their residency that will be set free to do…. whatever lol.  I have no clue, yet.  The one thing I am sure of, working towards getting your central vision online is the best gift you will ever give yourself.  Because brail will simply not do on the larger agenda.  Just sayin…!!

Now, with all this incredible information flowing thru the last couple of days, I cannot help but think of my eventual Mexico trip.  The focus on two points there, The Zone of Silence and  the “ruins” in  Teotihuacan, also known as the “birthplace of the gods.”  Can we just say what once was a super hub!!!  What I find interesting is this sentence from wikipedia: The original name of the city is unknown, but it appears in hieroglyphic texts from the Maya region as puh, or “Place of Reeds”.

Reeds themselves have come thru several readings… hopefully whoever had the reeds show up in their readings over the years, did their homework.  If you did, please pop me an email about what you discovered within it all.  Please.

I know that we have the true potential to reconnect the energy fields from those two places together.  How, I have no freakin clue, yet.  I am getting glimpses, I guess that’s a start.  I would love, love, love to be joined by those who have their sight and sound working within themselves, someone who understands quantum physics and metaphysics together as a whole, and most especially, earth.  Not the earth we think we know, the one we are on now.  Those who have tapped into their superpowers and are practicing using them in their day-to-day life.  Meditation is essential, but so is application too.

Have an amazing, mind bending day my loves!!

(((HUGZ)))) filled with electromagnetic openings on all levels!!

Lisa Gawlas


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