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The Eagle and the Condor Lineage


The Eagle and Condor is the prophecy of the Divine Union called Hieros Gamos. This is The Shakti and Shiva Union, the Christ and Magdalene, Yin and Yang – Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in Sacred Union. The prophecy of Mayan and many Ancient Cultures is in the time of the Great Shift/ Awakening the Eagle and Condor will Unite in Divine Unconditional Love to transmit the highest codes of Love, Joy and Abundance for all of humanity.

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  1. Greetings Dear One:

    Challenges seem extreme right now. No firm ground beneath my feet, as all that was familiar is disappearing. Loosing what is left of the false self. A void ….. a Void…. a void. ️ Anna Devine44
    Watched your gift of the ‘convergence’. ceremony again this morning. namaste

    PS I send support monthly on patreon.


  3. Thank you Paul!… how funny… I had asked for your presence today based on fond memories … lo & behold… here you are!

  4. Yesterday the 27th I felt and heard a very sacred feeling and then immediately after performed a very specific set of movements around my head touching in certain places, I do not know consciously what happened but I know on a divine level that it was a sacred movement. I am honored . This happened once before a while ago only it was specific movements with my fingers connecting and moving while focusing and breathing and again I am honored. Today I woke up and saw 11:11 VICTORY. GOD BLESS US ALL. I WILL LOVE UNTIL THERE IS NO LOVE LEFT SO THAT YOU ALL MAY FEEL THE LOVE I FEEL .

  5. I find so much value in your work. I am currently stuck in an unvalued pattern, and look forward with delight at the moment I solve this puzzle, and support what guides.

  6. MIRACLES ABOUND! Much, much gratitude for your work! Many of answers to questions I have had, have been answered by YOU! Blessings to you and all you love! #LoveandLight

  7. The Spiritual War; Jewish Gematria decode; “These People Are Sick” = Zeta, also known as the Sumerian Gods. The Hidden War against the Invisible Enemy is the Spiritual War against the Extraterrestrial Zeta Civilization that has been here controlling, using and enslaving humanity for 13,000 years. This war began on April 14th of 2016. We have removed from this Earth more than 2.6 million of them and deactivated and stored in a secluded mountain valley lake more than 5000 of their crafts. All are identical and are biological. Never has one of these crafts been in human possession, ever. These crafts are now under US Military possession. We have also freed from direct Zeta enslavement from underground locations, more than 14.4 million people the rest of humanity will soon meet. We also made it possible for the rescue of children and young adults kept in underground locations globally. Everything you know about human history has been rewritten and mostly a lie. Zeta’s are a cloned civilization and they were created as a biological weapon. Zeta’s are a cross between a spider like insect with the ability to cloak it’s physical form using frequency and a humanoid. They broke free a genocided their creator civilization. The come from a region near the Orion Nebula. Zeta’s are not Reptilian. They use humanity for the experience of sexual pleasure, genetics, the harvesting of the drug known as adrenochrome, food (children preferred) and control of the thoughts and behavior of select families, religion, royalty and people of power and influence to carry out their agenda for humanity. These people they spiritually control are not evil by nature, it’s a form of spiritual possession. No one is immune or has a defense against a Zeta’s will. They can kill anyone at will almost instantly. They can confuse and entangle anyone’s sexuality and preferences to suit their desires. Gender is irrelevant to them only the pleasure experienced by it. Zeta’s are flesh and blood but can exist in a lower frequency than is visible to all human senses with the exception of smell which does not cloak. Satan is the name for their appointed ruler. On July 12th of 2020 we caught up with Satan and immediately executed him. He was located in an underground base located in Mt. Hayes Alaska. Everyone that was under direct Zeta control to carry out their agenda has been dealt with globally. The New World Order and the Depopulation Agenda is not human although humans are used by them to carry it out for them. 13,000 years is at an end. The question of whether humanity is alone will be revealed. The answer to that question is a resounding “No”, five civilizations have taken up this challenge to save humanity. The one name humanity is familiar with are the Pleiadian civilization, humanity’s parent civilization. The Pleiadians could not challenge the Zeta’s and were forced to retreat but never gave up hope and asked for help. This information has never been known to humanity, Zeta control was that absolute. Virtually all of the information humanity has is conjecture and intentionally misleading. The Great Awakening is so much deeper than humanity can imagine. This is the greatest time in human history.

  8. Paul,
    I received a Christmas card today from your Mom saying you moved. And today is my birthday. Ironic that it lined up today. I want to talk to you.

  9. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for all you do in advancing our world to the new earth dawning ahead.

    I’m hoping you can offer me help. I suffer from anxiety issues since a young boy and I’m searching for techniques to alleviate this and fully step into my light mastery and serve God fully in this lifetime.

    Have you any advice on how I may alleviate this anxiety that hinders my career path and prevents me being fully present for my family?

    Many blessings and much thanks

    1. Greetings Barry,
      Namaste Divine BroThor of the Light!
      We have a free meditation that is very powerful that is practiced daily and with Pure Intent will transform your life in very powerful ways.
      Here is the link It is also important to be gentle with yourself and show the inner child the Love he deserves…A’Ho!
      Blessings in the Light.
      Paul White Gold Eagle

  10. Hey could you help meditate for me since I cant do that

    visualize all my isues go away, be as if the dogs never existed, im victourious,i create my union get rid of all unwanted be as if i never played my games,my life was and is like heaven
    I could of done many things what if I did them,be how i was befroe 2020(I desired and wished for the worst I %100 regret it),all targeting to go away and microchips disintrgrstred
    Also I wished everything I wished for in 2020 never happened it’s the worst year of my life
    thank you or your help

      1. HI thanks though I can’t meditate much but I did all I could could you help meditate for me

        help meditate and visualize for me that I can meditate all evil and non evil implants,entities,spirits,problems and issues being removed, I ge tthe help I need

  11. hi Us is putting implants and going back in time and, please remove them

    can you meditate to remove the implants and all these issues,Also imagine all the evil et stuff like the bomb being removed or at least defused and we nuke those motherfuckers and I make my dream tourture facility so I can finally be equal because you know how my nature is I will make these et’s suffer for eternity I will burn them,

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