Your Galactic Family – The Long Journey to Find your SELF

October 29, 2019

Your Galactic Family – The Long Journey to Find your SELF through Suzanne Lie The Journey of remembering your Higher Dimensional SELF is one that will be occurring more and more as your “inner Pleiadian / Galactic SELF” reminds you that the Portals to the Fifth Dimension of reality are increasingly opening. These portals serve to connect “Earth/Gaia” with Her own fifth dimensional Planetary SELF. However, only those who can…


Awaken to Our MultiDimensional Self

December 8, 2015

Geez Louise, there always seems to be a phase within a phase. Why can’t we just come out of the gate running or dancing, anything but more cooking!! But I suppose we can look at this first half of December as being glazed. The insides are done, or as done as we have allowed ourselves to be for right now. There are many more pivotal points and choice points embedded thru 2016, but what I am hearing is unlike all the choices that have gotten us to here. I don’t think I am ready to know what that could even mean yet!


The Arcturians and Our Galactic Family

September 17, 2015

Please relax into our message, as it is of a higher frequency than usual. Therefore, we will “take some time” to assist you to prepare your consciousness/perceptions. Please remember that the frequency of your consciousness sets the frequency of your perceptions.

As you focus on the YouTube video below,
allow your consciousness to enter the Portal.

Feel how your consciousness expands.

Allow your Third Eye to perceive deep into the portal.

Feel how the unconditional love of your High Heart guides you.