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Laughter QiGong ~ Laughing Buddha


Laughing Medicine Practice ~ Click Here

The Sound of Light

The Resonance of Source – Click Here



Healing with the Five Elements and the Internal Smile


Taoist Art ~ Balance and Harmonize Organs – Click Here


Dharma Talk: Rainbow Body Arts ~ Part One

In the Sacred Portal of Washington State ~ Waterfall ~ Click Here

Dharma Talk: Rainbow Body Arts ~ Part Two


by the Sacred River – click hereĀ 



(exclusive on Patreon only)



Zen Riddle for Awakening – Click Here

Standing Meditation ~ Nei Gong Practice

Build Magnetic Potential ~ Taoist Art – Click Here


Latest Message ~ Transmission from Mamma Bear’s Sanctuary


Microcosm of the Zodiac Cosmos ~ Click Here


QiGong Practice ~ video 1


Meditation Art: Taoist Sitting Meditation ~ Cultivating Qi – click here




Powerful Healing Art Acupressure


Qi Gong Practice – 3 Points of Health, Wellness and Vitality – Click Here





The Art of Needling ~ Chinese Medicine – Click Here



Qi Gong – Most Powerful Healing Posture

Qigong Practice ~ Eagle and Condor Dojo – click here


Mudra and Mantra Practice


Om Mani Padme Hum ~ Trinity Mudra – click here



Calling Down the Star Nations/ Families



Higher Dimensional Beings of Light ~ Andromedan Practice ~ click here



Joint Mobility for Health and Wellness


Qi Flow – Energy work and exercise – click here



Yogic Meditation


Kundalini Cave Breathing ~ Cool Mist Rising – click here


Meditation – Powerful Yet Simple


Merge Internal with External and External with Internal – Heart – click here


White Gold Eagle ~ Nembutsu


Transmission from Shin Buddhism – click here



Most Powerful Healing Mantra


Transmission with Merlin – click here



St Germain Violet Ray Activation


Lady Portia Pink Ray ~ Mt Hood – Columbia River, Washington State – Click Here



The Golden Spiral Meditation

Guided by the Eagle and the Condor – click here


Sacred Condor ~ Waters

Original Song from my Sacred Condor ~ “Waters” ~ Click Here


Sacred Condor ~ Spirit Made


song by my Sacred Condor – click here



Great White Spirit Horse ~ Death Valley



Journey to my Sacred Condor – click here



Paul White Gold Eagle


Native Crow Flute in Sacred Portal – click here



Message to our Angelic Team of 144 from Mt Shasta

my Vision Journey to my Sacred Condor – click here



Sedona Arizona Boyton Vortex

on my Journey to my Sacred Condor – click here



Eternal Ankh of Life Meditation


powerful meditation in the portal – click here



Shamanic Healing ~

Grandfather Spirit Bear Medicine


Shamanic Drumming and Ecstatic Body Posture with Beth Soulfire – click here


Meditation in Portal


by Sacred River of Pachamama – click here



Tibetan Mantra of Purification



in a Sacred Portal on Gaia – click here


Breathwork for Anxiety Stress and Depression



Breathing Exercise – Meditation ~ Click Here


Paul White Gold Eagle


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