You are currently viewing 12 Grandmother Elders of our Star Nations – Cellular Activation! Pangea is Anchored in the Ethers ~ Atlantis NEW Cycle
explosive cellular activation

12 Grandmother Elders of our Star Nations – Cellular Activation! Pangea is Anchored in the Ethers ~ Atlantis NEW Cycle

12 Grandmother Elders of our Star Nations – Cellular Activation! Pangea is Anchored in the Ethers ~ Atlantis NEW Cycle




Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Soul Star Family of our Divine Source Spark of Light

With these intense energies coming in from our Great central Sun today the Heartbeat of Pachamama spiked with a beam of white Light appearing on the Schuman Charts at an amplitude of 38 hz, synchronizing with yesterdays powerful 11:11 Gateway.

Our 12 Sacred Elder Grandmothers from our 12 Star Nations and Galactic Tribes are Gathering and have created the Divine Plan for the next phase of our Awakening and Ascension in the Light. Full Planetary Liberation through disclosure is the next step and it is coming in fully Now. We have prepared over many lifetimes and timelines for this Event.

The Double Rainbow Codes of Freedom are flowing in through the Portal of this final day of November calling in our Magical and Mystical timelines of Transformation and Transfiguration of the Pure Bliss of Buddha Mind.

All Starseed Earth Angelics are anchoring the final energies of our New Earth frequencies into the Song Lines and Dragon Lines of Gaia, for as she rises we rise along side her…A’Ho!










Evaluations of Monad resource review completing/ balancing of scales. If energetic exchanges are still imbalanced in any way, it will not sustain in our levels out. Karmic VS Soul partnerships..
Karmic VS Soul partnerships
Karmic VS Soul partnerships

Atlantis NEW Cycle Starting tomorrow 12.1.23. Ending a 7 year CYCLICAL Count (2012-19) + 4 Year Solar REUNION! (19-23)
#monadΒ #dragon

Pangea was the last supercontinent that existed 250 million years ago.

Our physical separation created an energetic chasm in our collective consciousness!
Pangea is anchored in the ethers and with the fluidity of the grids the earth masses will again rise from the Oceans.
The ancient timelines are transforming into an entirely new framework!
The earth guides and ancient elders are assisting in this shift.
We are uniting the Ancient Lands and Ancient Tribes as we continue this evolution of GAIA!
ACTIVATING and Bringing NEW Awareness + UNITY in the Field!
Pangea is anchored in the ethers
Pangea is anchored in the ethers
A Word from the Whales
30 November 2023
Cosmic Light initiates the processes of dissolution of personal and collective firmament barriers.
Solara delivers.
Processes of integration will be required.
Rest well.
With Great Love from the Cetacean Collective
Solara delivers
Solara delivers
NOW. . . just BEcause it is OFFICIAL that WE Are Members of the GALACTIC COMMUNITY does NOT mean that everything will Change overnight!
But it DOES MEAN that WE Have BIG CHANGES Coming and More SIGHTINGS Coming. . .
and WE can Absolutely COUNT on our SELVES Having more E.T. Encounters!!!
Photo: Mother Ship of Galactic Federation of Light Orion Council
Mother Ship of Galactic Federation of Light
Mother Ship of Galactic Federation of Light



Ground yourself like a tree to stabilize solar frequencies. It’s electric and so much plasma light clearing this planet, you and bringing forth activations! Be gentle with yourself and center in the now at zero point frequency to attune with ease. If not grounded or centered it cause dizziness, nausea or upset stomach. Stay hydrated to avoid headaches! The vagus nerve is super charging now and the equilibrium and heart will notice this upgrade.

As the pineal and pituitary or balancing right and left hemispheres which also balances masculine and feminine energy within the auric field like the Ankh symbolizes as well. Just like the planet is balancing the distortion of being put into a lower dimensional state that it’s reversing back to it’s organic state of frequency through the core and magentic poles. We are electromagnetic too and these fields are aligning to unified field of light and sound.

Victory of the light! We are grateful. Keep yourself in acceptance as we shift from dark to light. Fortify yourself in so much golden light now! Then bring in platinum diamond light just as the sun does β˜€οΈπŸ’ŽπŸ”±πŸͺ½πŸ›Έ

stabilize solar frequencies
stabilize solar frequencies
With the current energies, you must use and trust the innate intelligence of the body. In this western culture you may have become separated from this wisdom. This may be expressed through physical symptoms that bring your unconscious issues to conscious awareness. Calling in All of your multi-Selves and integrating their experiences – Think – Know – Do
As Energies from lower timelines dissolve, its physical creations crumble, there are massive energetic and physical debris in the air. It is an explosive cellular activation!
Millions are experiencing β€˜alteration’ whether they are aware of it or not. Humans will continue to live out their β€˜programming’ and operate at their attained state of consciousness. Many with battered body-vessels, heavy karmic debts will transition their journey to another realm.
The body has a specific kind of consciousness through which messages are clearly delivered. In fact, the body itself is a living metaphor that mirrors your mind, emotions and Soul. Remember the innocence of your body. Treat it with love and respect. Open your Self to be aware of its messages and metaphors. Be willing to look at the positive intent beneath any symptoms or physical process your body is using to communicate. Explore whatever it may be asking you to see.
You are all individuated expressions of Universal Consciousness Source experiencing itself through infinite focal points of view. You cannot abandon your responsibility on Terra as cocreators of your realities by assigning blame to anyone, thing or circumstance. Mirror, It all begins and ends with you.
explosive cellular activation
explosive cellular activation

Eirini ~ Crystal and indigo guide to the galaxy

NOVEMBER 30 2023


“Before the outer shell is removed,Β the baby bird must first be fully ready and all its development processes need to be completed.
Once the shell is removed,Β the parents will be there to welcome baby bird into the world.
DO NOT break the shell unless you are ready!
It is not up to your mind to decide the timing,Β it is the clock of your DNA that will do it,Β the mind is still very much compromised to be trusted for this.”
We have been liberating ourselves from the attachments of each realm of this system.
This is a structured system, it is not the organic creation.
Us taking back our rights and essences from each realm, is us becoming stronger and more awake every day,Β preparing for the time that we will be ready to break the egg shell.
The egg shell includes all the realms and dimensions of this system so it is a big deal.
It is part of us removing the garment.
Last night in my dream I was at the beach.
Lots of people were there too.
Suddenly the water started pulling in revealing the bottom of the seaΒ and at the horizon we witnessed a huge tsunami wave coming towards the beach.
Many of us started running away from the beach,Β I managed to get home.
Later on, though I was expecting the wave to hit my neighbourhood, the water that arrived actually was very little, like the remainings of a short rain,Β but there were people arriving from the beach telling us that they had lost many loved ones, the wave had killed them.
*Those who have done their inner processes and are already ‘home’,Β will not need to experience this tsunami like others, they will just be in tranquility and peace continuing with their own integrations.
This will be mostly for a part of the mass that has not yet accepted to go through a huge tsunami wave of change and they will do it from now on.
The split is fully grounded andΒ there are some last aspects still parting away from the old reality.
We are adjusting to the new flows and aligning more to our new reality.
The Divine Masculine has been recovering at the Presence of his Sword of Light.
This process for him also means experiencing many and fast rebirthing deaths and closing doors of correction that will allow the only direction that his Soul has chosen to by being illuminated in his view and perception.
At a point,Β the ground underneath his feet will be totally removedΒ and he will suddenly land on his feet,Β exactly to his prechosen point of his true destination.
At this point we are integrating everythingΒ that we have received in the previous weeksΒ and at the same time we are deeply preparing for the coming out of the shell and the revelation of the ARCHITECTRESS!
Blessings of harmonious preparation!
El Moryana Anadimiana
Huna Ma Anata Kumara
Yellow Galactic Warrior
Fb: Crystal and indigo guide to the galaxy
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Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Release and rest outcomes today. Your prayers are being answered quickly. Breakthroughs are on their way that are releasing whatever’s been stuck. It’s all in perfect divine timing.

Redirect your energy to creating something beautiful that you love while Heaven takes care of the outcomes. This will help you be heart open to receive joy, beauty, and freedom.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen πŸ™

God bless you πŸ•Š Love Carolyn

Double Rainbow Code
Double Rainbow Code


Beloved Ones,
Tomorrow, we initiate a new harmonic and loving month with wonderful energies that invite us to celebrate and focus on self-nurturance, family, and everything that makes us feel at home.
December offers us the gift of rejuvenation and soul communion, so we can, step by step, move into the next stage of monadic integration, taking place already and continuing during 2024.
Astrologically, we begin the month by having Mercury moving into Capricorn. Capricorn season begins this month, as gradually we will have more planets moving into this sign, as well as the Sun, and at the end of the month the Solstice, and with it a reminder of the importance of both self-illumination, for Capricorn is the one that illuminates the human self, through the required inner alchemy, and alignment, achieved with Sagittarius. Mercury in Capricorn will help us focus on the practical, descending our ideas and new projects into the tangible world, where we can expand and enjoy them.
On December 4th we have Venus, the Planet of Love and Abundance, moving into Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio will help us greatly in going deeper into the depths of our being to find all the guidance that we need for our new journey. Some will be already manifesting their chosen path, while others are yet in the initial creational phases. All is according to our soul’s original plan and micro-personal cycles, which is why it is so important to know ourselves profoundly.
On December 6th, we have Neptune, the Dreamer, the Intuitive Planet, direct. Neptune can be challenging, as it invites us to go deeper into the aspects of us and feelings that we do not desire to visit. However, once we integrate our shadows and overcome any fears, we can resurface by being stronger, and wiser, with a new sense of direction, and connection, to our inner guidance that we did not possess before, due to our fear of visiting the aspects of us that are still in pain.
This is the first gift that December offers us, the opportunity to navigate through our inner waters, bringing all that resides in its depths to the surface, so we can heal and move forward. This first week is also going to be of great help to those who need to see reality as it is, as Neptune is also the planet of illusion, where we can see clearly all false beliefs, removing all self-created, or implanted mental constructions, that impede us both from seeing who we are and our unique abilities.
As you know many times, we simply deny seeing what IS and focus on the many human delusions that cloud our understanding of what is already occurring in our human experience. Neptune will help us synthesizing both worlds, understanding that both are equals and that can coexist if we desire to embrace both sides of who we are, not just the Divine, but the mundane one as well.
On December 12th, we have the peak of the Sagittarian energies with a New Moon in Sagittarius at 20 degrees. Sagittarius as you know has marked the beginning of what we will expand during 2024, soul and monadic integration, Christos template reclamation, and the retrieval of our golden-masculine aspects. The energies are already seeded within our planetary system, it is now our personal choice to reclaim and co-create with them.
The next day, we have Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn, and on December 23, Mercury will enter retrograde in Sagittarius. This New Year 2024 Mercury retrograde phases, for those who resonate with it, will occur all in Fire signs, which is important whether we align with Mercury retrograde or not, as for many of us it has become another illusion, and I do not personally focus on retrogrades. I leave for your information the retrograde periods, for those who wish to know this information, and deepen in them.
On December 21 the Sun enters Capricorn, celebrating the Winter/Summer Solstice, depending on where you live. The Sun represents our Illumined Self, so when the Sun shines its light into a sign of the zodiac and hence into a specific aspect of ourselves, it means we are invited to develop and work on this concrete side of ourselves.
With the Sun in Capricorn, we are called to nourish the aspect of us who brings things into fruition, making them tangible, paying attention not only to the ethereal part of us but also to the aspect of us that needs to be nurtured – in the material. After all, the new frequency we hold is meant to be anchored within our dense realm. Capricorn also gives us equilibrium, so we do not fall into the trap of illusions, procrastinating the birth of our new creations.
On December 26 we have two important events, on one hand, we have a Full Moon in Cancer, and on the other Chiron Direct, for those who also resonate with it being direct again. This will be a loving moon inviting us to celebrate, to focus on home, family, ourselves, and everything that represents the feeling of home for us, for it is too important to stop for a while and continue with what we are creating.
Chiron’s essence offers us its healing frequency for us to direct it toward the aspects of ourselves that need clearing, expansion, and rejuvenation. On a month when clearing timeliness and energetic recalibration is vital, Chiron’s essence will help us step into January by being renewed and rested.
This is a very important month too for those working on cathar recoding, and all removal of cathar imprints, retrieving its Christos unique codes and, stepping into their planetary mission, like never before.
At the end of the month, on December 29, we have another joyful planetary encounter to cheer up the month: Venus moving into Sagittarius. Energies that allow us to take a breath, focus on love, joy, and celebration, as this is the essence of who we truly are, not only during December but always, and just focus on being, enjoying all that surrounds us with our loved ones.
This is the essence of Venus in Sagittarius, the essence of peace, cooperation, harmony, and love, for it is what shall always reign in our hearts and lives. It is an energy that pushes us to live our lives and dreams to the fullest, dreaming big, and pursuing what makes us happy.
Traveling, and expansion in all areas of our lives is key while Venus is in Sagittarius, for it is focused on pleasure, making everything brighter, lighter, and more beautiful.
Lastly, on December 30, we end the month with Jupiter Direct in Taurus. Jupiter in Taurus will be key from 2024, until May 25. This will be a very creative time. A time for personal expansion, in the physical, where we can anchor our soul’s visions, and expand them as we desire. It is also a time for travel, as many this month will be traveling, whether for familiar reasons, work or planetary mission, for learning, and above all, a time to embrace the infinite possibilities that come to us when we are ready, aligned, and let go of limitations.
December is crucial for us to prepare ourselves at all levels, to begin anew. Preparing our light bodies, mental and emotional bodies too, for a new beginning is essential, for we cannot carry anything that weights us down, to where we want to go next.
It is a loving, harmonic, and deep month for us to focus on the reconstruction of the self, but also on family, home and all that nurtures our soul and makes us connect more with our tangible world.
A month to come back to our original essence, always one of joy, love, and compassion, for it is who we are, in nature.
I wish you a wonderful December and a blessed 2024, Beloved Ones.
Within Infinite Love,
Natalia Alba
Art by: Kesara
our Illumined Self
our Illumined Self
On Thursday, November 30th, we have the Moon, ruler of how we feel, in tender, water sign Cancer in a positive aspect to Neptune, ruler of the realm of imagination, in ethereal, water sign Pisces. We are also still experiencing the energies of Venus, planet of love, in her home sign of partnership Libra connecting to mystical Neptune early this morning (EST) as well.
There may be some old wounds that need to be healed with the influence of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, but this can be a phenomenal day filled with romance and magic if you allow it to be. The beautiful feeling of love can be with a significant other, a friend, a family member, or just a warm, amazing energy within yourself. Whatever the case may be, revel in this remarkable energy that is being offered to you.
And so November sends you on your way. Its purpose was to lighten and enlighten you. It wanted you to let go of the emotionally sticky, icky, or draining; to find meaning and Love beneath every experience or lesson this year gave you; and to find yourself within all the old roles, conditioned behaviors, and expectations. It asked so much of you through memories and comparisons and insights and revelations. It was a very full month. Today is for breathing big… out and in. Release a sigh of relief and inhale the scent of possibility. Anything you didn’t claim or fulfill in November will cycle back in January, but now, today, you can be happy and at peace with yourself. You’ve done the work… and you’ve accomplished much more than you’re showing.
Blessings of Love and Light to All! ❀️
the Moon, ruler of how we feel, in tender, water sign Cancer in a positive aspect to Neptune
the Moon, ruler of how we feel, in tender, water sign Cancer in a positive aspect to Neptune
Mercury in Sagittarius semi-sextile Pluto in Capricorn. Venus in Libra quincunx Neptune retrograde in Pisces – The Venus-Neptune connection is tricky. Idealism has a way of sneaking in and stealing our happiness. Maybe the shine has gone off a relationship, money seems to disappear, or nothing and no one seems to live up to the dream. Venus in Libra isn’t one to complain but sometimes it’s hard to hide disappointment. The more we refuse to see reality, the harder it is to find the sweet spot.
Lean into Mercury and Pluto. Let the truth transform your thinking. Maybe it’s not as bad as you think. Dare to have the difficult conversation, study the hard topic, write the challenging paper, finish the book. If you’re struggling, explore your underlying beliefs. If there’s a little voice inside, filled with doubt, scoop them up and shower them with praise. Words have the power to make your world bigger or smaller. Choose your mantras carefully.
Degrees and Times
Mercury 28Β°Sg29′, Pluto 28Β°Cp29′ – 08:34 (UT)
Venus 24Β°Li53′, Neptune 24Β°Pi53′ R – 10:12 (UT)
Β© Leah Whitehorse
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Painting – Moments of Thoughtfulness by Charles Sprague Pearce
Moments of Thoughtfulness
Moments of Thoughtfulness

Kin 41Β  ~ Red Lunar Dragon

Today is a β€˜Lunar’ day, the 2nd day of the wavespell. The 2nd step entails identifying your obstacles so you may formulate a plan to overcome them. Dealing with problems and challenges is a fact of life…the better you are at facing them, the easier your life will be. Don’t curse the challenge but embrace it. John Lennon said β€˜There is no such thing as problems, only solutions.’ To guarantee success with this wavespell, you need to get out of the way anything that is going to slow you down. Visualize being on a path and there is debris, rocks and trees strewn over it. You cannot progress until you clear it. Today contemplate what is hindering your progress.
Today is Red Dragon, the day that represents β€˜rebirth and nurturing’. These days are all about taking care of yourself and others. These days are also very good for starting new projects or giving birth to a new idea. If you have been overdoing it lately, find your cave and crawl inside. You will emerge feeling much better. Remember resting is not a waste of time but vitally important so you may have more energy and clarity. As it is a number 2 day, you may find it challenging to get the nurturing you need but if you do – this will greatly help you solve your problems. Have you ever tried to deal with an issue when you are tired and ragged? The problem always seems much bigger when you don’t feel up to facing it. Get that rest you need so badly and your problems will become much easier to handle.
Today’s Guide is Red Skywalker which represents β€˜courage and adventure’. Be brave and don’t be afraid to try new things today and may this daring attitude guide your actions. This also suggests that to overcome your obstacles you may need to think outside the box. Skywalker can be like that friend who is always daring you to do dodgy stuff. Be bold about your choices but also be aware that when Skywalker pulls you along it can lead you into trouble or fun!
The Challenge of the day is the Blue Monkey and so if you were born on a Blue Monkey day you will find today quite irritating. Dragon days are all about nurturing and they remind us to take care of ourselves and that goes especially for monkeys as they are prone to burn out. Monkeys need to calm their minds and take it easy.
The Occult power is the Yellow Sun which is also the wavespell we are currently in and so this gives the day a magical boost and so, it is not as challenging as some β€˜Lunar’ days can be. People born on Yellow Sun will enjoy the day and provide magical experiences to others.
The Ally is the White Mirror which represents β€˜reflecting truth’. People born on White Mirror can offer much support and friendship today. If you haven’t one in your life, all you have to do is be honest like the Mirror.
Being truthful will help you deal with the challenging aspect of the number 2 and help you remove obstacles.
Kin 41
Kin 41


2 IMIX – KIN 41
30 NOVEMBER 2023
I polarize in order to Nurture
Stabilizing Being
I seal the input of BIRTH
With the Lunar tone of challenge
I AM guided by the power of Space
30/11/2023 = 3/2/7=3/9=12=3
30- Retrospection/Retreat
3- Holy trinity/Creativity/Joy/Happiness
12- Acquiring Spiritual wisdom/strength
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
11- Gate/Portal/polarity/illumination
2 – Twins/Partners/Alliances/Cooperation/Duality
7- Spiritual Test/Initiation/Solitude/Majik/Mystic/Magician
9- Completion/Endings/Mission/Destiny/Service/Humanitarian/ Grace
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
23- Royal Star of the LION /Strength/Protection/Support
Another powerful day challenging us to walk through the DIVINE GATEWAYS and trust our abundant FLOW.
RED DRAGON is tribe number 1 and KIN 41, commencing at the top of the 3rd column of the Tzolkin.. The number 3 represents the Holy Trinity, Joy, Creativity, Communication and Expression. It relates to the Solar Plexus chakra and rediscovering and claiming our POWERπŸ‘‘.. All these themes will overlay during the next 20 days giving us much DIVINE POWER in this ENLIGHTENING WAVESPELL. .
Day 2 in the YELLOW SUN β˜€WAVESPELL of illuminating our HIGHEST EVOLUTIONARY PATH to reclaim our SOUL POWER and full Sovereignty. πŸ‘‘Today we are challenged to stabilize the Polarity battles between LIGHT and DARK and ground the LIGHT into our PHYSICAL reality. βœ¨β˜€
LUNARπŸŒ“– Tone 2 in the PHYSICAL realm. The LUNAR tone represents the sacred twins, cooperation, relationship, polarity of male and female and duality. It’s ACTION – polarizes, POWER – challenges, ESSENCE – stabilizing. A day filled with questioning how you can transcend duality using your inner Magician through your power of compassion and nurturance. As it is a LUNAR tone – partnerships and relationships will be HIGHLIGHTED in order to come to a state of harmony.
It is TIME to step out of the duality game and all its possible challenges in order to resolve FEARS leading you back to wholeness. Polarity reveals your conflicts, struggles, and the apparent separation created by your beliefs in duality. Polarized positions actually work in cooperative alliance. In cooperation, all polarities serve as backgrounds for full appreciation of one another and the whole.
Examine the opposites and polarity within yourself.πŸ‘« Explore your divine feminine and masculine aspects.πŸ‘« Has your feminine aspect been repressed from being receptive to the majik that surrounds you, and enchanting others by your true beauty and raw vulnerability?
It is real to express your true inner being and allow more receptivity to flow into your life. Do not hide parts of yourself, compartmentalizing fragments of your soul. No longer can we wear the masks of duality. It is time to take off all your masks that you have been hiding behind and be whole again.
Bring all that is dark into the LIGHT. πŸŽ† The authentic you, is beautiful and radiant in your raw essence. A spark of the divine.πŸŽ† Step out and SHINE! 🌞
Today the LUNAR DRAGON is focused on NURTURANCE, and the lack thereof.. The waning gibbous moon is in CANCER – the sign of the Mother, the home – highlighting issues of CARE and nurturance.. These themes are amplified today through the RED MOTHER DRAGON.. so take note of WHAT is revealed!
The LUNAR DRAGON will reveal WHERE and by WHOM this nurturance has been DENIED, in order to be brought to LIGHT and HARMONIZED. Take NOTE that the LUNAR MONKEY is the challenge and GIFT today – it is VERY IMPORTANT to befriend this Monkey as he can play tricks and perform Black Magic. CHUEN is a Master illusionist and with the MIRROR as the support today, these two consorts can really create confusion with their smoke and daggers.
ACTIVATE the GIFT that the LUNAR MONKEY provides – through PLAY, JOY, INNOCENCE and LAUGHTER – stay in your HEART to override the ILLUSION of betrayal, competition and separation. Aho beloveds – be PREPARED! EYES WIDE OPEN πŸ‘€
NOTE: I just received a message from the LUNAR DRAGON – use Dragon’s Blood incense and call in your FIRE DRAGONS for protection to diffuse any trickery today!
Today’s question is: “What needs to be stabilized in your physical reality, in order to feel nurtured and caredπŸ’ž for by othersπŸ’ and SOURCE?🌞
Today we have the opportunity to cast away the darkness of the past, and start again AFRESH.
Today is the first day of the rest of your life!
❓What will you birth and create? 🐣🎨🌺🌻🌹
Divine blessings for the rediscovery of total DIVINE nurturance, in the womb of our MOTHER DRAGON.. πŸ‰πŸ’•
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66
RED DRAGON πŸ‰holds the SOPHIA Dragon codes, the power of DIVINE MOTHER and the πŸ‘ΈGODDESS energies. IMIX is the Divine Feminine, the female aspect of MOTHER/FATHER GOD – the first tribe that initiates CREATIONπŸ₯ by BIRTHING🐣 our reality.
Today we are challenged to go WITHIN and look at whether we are NURTURING ourselves sufficiently, in order to EXPAND our LIGHT✨ out to the world, and then in turn, nurture others. πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘ͺ
We AWAKEN to higher states of consciousness, through caring, nurturing, and looking after others, as COMPASSION is the accelerated path to En-LIGHT-ON-ment and a prime indicator of MASTERY STATUS. .
COMPASSION and caring is a higher frequency, and one very much embodied by Ascended Masters. As we are on our journey to en-LIGHTπŸ’‘ON-ment we must truly embody these Divine qualities, in order to be birthed in our true Mastery.
We are mindful of taking good care of our own PHYSICAL bodiesπŸ‘¬πŸ‘­πŸšΆπŸƒπŸ’ƒ and our PLANETARY body, 🌍🌎🌏 accepting responsibility for caring for our environment and the natural world. We must examine the challenges that are revealed today that are dimming our LIGHT.πŸ’‘
The shadow side of RED DRAGON πŸ‰ are issues of trust, unworthiness, and self-sacrifice as a caregiver for others. You may be challenged to resolve these issues today, especially as REFLECTED in your relationships with others. The YELLOW SUN β˜€ will highlight any lack of trust that you hold, of SOURCE nurturing, or providing for you. Perhaps you do not trust in the unfolding and transformational changes in your life, which are required to bring you the perfect lessons and gifts for your soul growth.
RED DRAGON also highlights family matters.. Family patterns become unconscious habits and routinesβ€”and some of them greatly limit us, or even make life painful.
It’s good to break free from family patterns and habits that no longer serve us. Change your routines and let refreshing, new energy help you realize your dreams.
Many souls currently have lost faith and TRUST in the DIVINE PLAN, worrying about the future for humanity. They have lost HOPE 😭– because they have LOST their WAY… They have strayed far from the DIVINE and are so disconnected that they cannot HEAR the messages from SOURCE.β˜€
This RECONNECTION and seeking the DIVINE aspect of ourselves, is VITAL to restore our FAITH and HOPE, knowing that ✨ALL IS WELL IN OUR WORLD!✨✨
The LUNAR DRAGON will highlight these issues today and ask you to believe that ✨ GOD/GODDESS has our back ✨and that ✨WE – THE PEOPLE – have the POWER to B-Earth🐣🌎 and shape the world we desire! ✨
Primal TRUST implies that there are NO VICTIMS and no mistakes! Everything in your life has been DIVINELY ORDAINED and AGREED to, by your soul in order to facilitate EXPANSION, πŸ’₯ and bring you back to wholenessβ˜€.
You may hold bitterness or resentment from being a “Cosmic MAMA” , being a source of support and nurturance for others, and not having your own needs met. The lunar tone highlights the need for balance and stability. In order to step up in Divine Service your golden chalice must be filled first.
❓What needs to change in your physical reality, in order for you to feel nurtured and cared forπŸ’ž by othersπŸ’ and SPIRIT?🌞
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED LUNAR SKYWALKER πŸŒ—β˜πŸšΆBEN is guiding us to make SPACE for more LIGHT🌟 to be embodied in our physical vessel, so that we can ground HEAVEN on EARTH. πŸ’’ BEN will help you ELEVATE your frequency and release any density, by seeking new ground and new ADVENTURES.
SKYWALKER is reminding us to FOCUS ON THE BLISS🐬😍 rather than the polarity battles and challenges.. UNITY is the key to Harmony and PEACE.πŸ•ŠπŸ‘­πŸ‘¬πŸ‘«πŸ‘ͺ
BEN asks us to EXPANDπŸ’₯ our field of focus. It is no longer the sole responsibility of only the Mothers to love and nurture others. Whether male or female we all embody aspects of the Divine Feminine, and it is now time that we ALL become more loving, caring and compassionate human beings.
We are no longer just nuclear families, we are a GLOBAL family, and soon to be GALACTIC! Holding the bigger picture of reuniting with our Galactic star family. We must be willing to EXPAND our ability to nurture and be nurtured as a true Galactic Family and strengthen our connection to our SOURCE as citizens of the UNIVERSE!✨✨✨.
The LUNAR SKYWALKER is revealing that in order to anchor BLISS ON EARTH πŸ’’– we must first stabilize a world where EVERYONE is LOVED, respected and cherished as a member of our entire family πŸ‘ͺ of HU-MAN-KIND! πŸ‘«πŸ’‘πŸ‘¬πŸ’πŸ‘­
SUPPORT: WHITE LUNAR MIRROR πŸŒ— πŸ”ŽETZNAB provides feedback through our PHYSICAL environment and surroundings, which is a REFLECTION of our INNER state and beingness. Examine closely WHAT discordance is being revealed in the LUNAR MIRROR.
❓Does your body, home and physical environment hold a high energetic frequency worthy of a GOD or GODDESS to reside in?
If the answer is NO, then it is time to do some clutter clearing, SPACE clearing, PURIFICATION, energizing, gridding and even using FENG SHUI to bring stability and more LIGHT into your space, and therefore your physical vessel.
As you embody more LIGHT, so too as a reflection, must your home and external environment align with this higher vibration. This may necessitate a physical relocation, in order to thrive in a more nurturing and life sustaining home. Even Superman needed his own FORTRESS of SOLITUDE in order to escape and gain clarity for his future direction.
❓Is your home 🏠 a nurturing sacred space for your evolving and EXPANDING DIVINE soul?πŸ˜πŸ πŸ‘πŸ’ž
The LUNAR MIRRORπŸŒ—πŸ”Ž will highlight any disharmony in the Artificial Time Matrix today, revealing the stark contrast between – where we have been, and where we desire to BE – as a collective species.
To b-Earth the New Harmonic Time and New Earth we must first SEEπŸ‘€ and acknowledge the discordance, and then choose differently. If we cannot SEEπŸ™ˆ or recognize the discordance then HOW can we choose otherwise? πŸ€”
The MIRROR of ILLUSION has many souls trapped in the walls of their own MINDS. To break FREE from the ILLUSION they need a new perspective, and a higher vantage point. Through our life experience we gain the WISDOM to create a better world, but we must ACTIVELY CHOOSE to do so.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW CRYSTAL SUN πŸ’ŽπŸŒž AHAU has the SUPERPOWER of the Diamond CRYSTAL SUN πŸ’Žβ˜€ today bringing forth very HIGH ASCENSION LIGHT codes to clear the density out of your LIGHT-BODY.
The CRYSTALLINE ILLUMINATION casts a BRIGHT LIGHT revealing any shadows that must be LOVED into harmony with your LIGHT aspects.. Through accepting and embracing your SHADOW, you can stabilize the friction, enabling you to continue on your journey to greater EN-LIGHT-ON-ment.
The SUPER POWER of the CRYSTAL SUNπŸ’Žβ˜€ is bringing closer CONNECTION with our HIGH VIBE kin. As we focus on raising our frequency we attract our TRIBE and then together we can b-Earth new beautiful and loving communities, reflecting Higher Consciousness through living in Harmony with ALL THAT IS! Throughout ALL of GOD’S kingdoms.
✨✨✨YELLOW SUN reminds us that the Ultimate SOURCEβ˜€ of LOVEπŸ’ž and NURTURANCEπŸ‘ͺ is from our CONNECTION with Mother/Father God. Remember this DIVINE PARTNERSHIP is our most significant.
❓How strong is your connection with SOURCE/SPIRIT? β˜€β˜€β˜€
This is where we receive our endless SOURCE of LOVE πŸ’• that replenishes our soul, helping us to SHINE our brightest LIGHT!βœ¨β˜€βœ¨
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE LUNAR MONKEY πŸŒ—πŸ’ CHUEN represents the Divine Child,πŸ‘Ά reminding us that at our core essence we are all Children of the ONE GOD!
To receive this blessing we must know that we are all worthy of Divine Love, and that nothing we have said or done can impede this divine truth. Our Father/Mother GOD/GODDESS is all forgiving of any perceived sins, wrongdoings or imperfections in the human construct of reality. Cast away any harsh judgements of yourself into the fires of forgiveness, in order to anchor true compassion, for ourselves and others.
IF GOD has FORGIVEN you of your SINS, can YOU? Are you READY to move ahead FREE from guilt, shame, regret and self-sabotage????
Allow God’s Grace to bless you and bring forth all the MAJIK πŸ’«, ABUNDANCEπŸ’° and MIRACLES✨ that you deserve.
AMEN and SO IT IS! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
The LUNAR MONKEY πŸŒ—πŸ’ is rebellious today and can cause mischief and mayhem! He is a TRICKSTER and can confuse you in the GAMES he plays, with smoke and mirrors. Examine closely the revelations of the TRICKS and disharmony in the old Matrix Game.
CHUENπŸ’ is a system busterπŸ’£ – and will stop at nothing to expose the imperfect world of seperation, competition and control. All this Monkey wants to do is PLAY with his mates as EQUALS – in a level PLAYGROUND. 🎑
Until this is achieved the LUNAR MONKEY will make a fuss, until we take notice and then ACT affirmatively to resolve the chaos, and stabilize PEACE and HARMONY once more.
Today’s question is: “What needs to be stabilized in your physical reality, in order to feel nurtured and caredπŸ’ž for by othersπŸ’ and SOURCE?🌞
Today we have the opportunity to cast away the darkness of the past, and start again AFRESH.
Today is the first day of the rest of your life!
❓What will you birth and create? 🐣🎨🌺🌻🌹
Divine blessings for the rediscovery of total DIVINE nurturance, in the womb of our MOTHER DRAGON.. πŸ‰πŸ’•
Namaste’ πŸ™β€πŸ™β€πŸ™
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66




πŸ”₯ Shamanic Negative Implant Removal Ceremony πŸ”₯


Implant Removal Shaman Ceremony ~ Cutting all Cords, Attachments and all False Soul Contracts ~ Freedom from all Negative Programs and Entities

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I Now Accept My Abundance~ Prayer .

In the name of my beloved I AM Presence and my beloved Holy Christ Self, I call to the Ladies/Lords of Manifestation, Angels of Prosperity, Fortuna, Goddess of Supply and Lady/Lord of Gold to assist me now in mastering all outer conditions of my life in Goddessβ€˜/God’s perfect way, including my true abundance.
Charge! Charge! Charge into my life and use today all the blessings that are mine to receive.
Infuse me with Ascended Master Wisdom and Purity that I may never again experience lack or Limitation. Blaze your Heart Flame through my four body systems and expand without limit a great flow of divine abundance.
Saturate me with enough Violet Flame and Emerald Healing Light to keep my life in perfect balance and harmony.
I demand Goddess’/God’s invincible Protection and Wisdom in all my financial endeavors.
I demand to become a magnet of attraction, drawing to me all the wealth that I require to fulfill my divine plan on Earth, to make my Ascension and to assist my fellowmen to do likewise.
I give thanks that it is done according to Goddess’/God’s Holy Will.
I accept my abundance now with Love and Gratitude. A’HoπŸ™πŸΎ
I Now Accept My Abundance~ Prayer
I Now Accept My Abundance~ Prayer

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