From Thorns to Roses

From Thorns to Roses

A Message for from Mother Mary

Through Charmian Redwood

My Beloved Children, those of you who are the Lightworkers who are working so diligently to raise your vibration, to release your programming and to fulfill the purpose for which you came. I enfold each one of you in a mantle of pure white light. Each one of you is wearing a crown of thorns, each one of you has been dis-empowerd, disrespected and abused often by those closest to you who cannot see the beauty that lies within you.

I am come this day to say to you,”Do not give up hope, even though the days seem dark and the obstacles endless, all is not as it seems.”

This is a time of evolution upon the Earth and evolution always brings chaos. You are doing something here which has never beenMother Mary done before. This chaos is part of the separation from the dark to the light and the in between.
People are trying to decide if they want to walk in the dark or in the light. The darkness is trying to hold on to control because in the past it has been so much more in control than the light, but the light is very steady and it will grow. You Beloved Ones are the beings who are building the light. As each one of you steps into the Truth of who you are, as you claim your own Presence as Divine Being, you are adding to the field of light which is gradually absorbing the darkness.
The light will defeat the dark and balance it out like yin and yang. The dark will become much less threatening and in control and there will be light but it does not obliterate everything else and the two forces work together as a whole.
Your role as Lightworkers is to guide by making maps to the light by your own lives, by your actions, by your own evolution. As you reach for the light and the dark tries to pull you back you will just reach more and more for the light. This can be a difficult for many, the dark  energies are very strong and we are  at an in between time right now. This is why it feels so hard because we are being pulled between two opposing forces, the light is attracting us to raise ourselves up into a higher frequency but the dark pulls us back so we feel stretched in between. As you continue to reach for the light it will brighten and grow.
It is time now to exchange your crown of thorns for the rose which blooms in the heart of those who love unconditionally. Keep steadfast in your commitment to being the best that you can be and to walking this earth as a model of unconditional love, tolerance and peace. You are powerful beyond your wildest imagining and this is your time to blossom as we create the New Earth together.
Remember you are not alone, I am here for you, there are millions of light beings in human form all over this planet. Reach out and connect with the children of light  who are in embodiment at this time so that you may assist one another to step into your Light. Ask for whatever you need in order to fulfill your Divine Purpose in this transformation of the Earth and most importantly believe that you deserve to receive it. There are so many of you who are held in lack and limitation because you are unwilling to receive that which your Beloved Father/ Mother wish to pour upon you simply by right of your Being.
I love each and everyone of you and I hold you in my immaculate heart until all the veils are gone and we will walk together in the Garden of Love upon the New Earth.
Mother Mary

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