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Thank you for your Support. All proceeds from sales go to our daily living expenses, raising our 3 Crystal Children in the Portal of New Earth and once we have attracted our investors we will open the first wellness center…A’Ho!!


all products come free with our patreon memberships starting at $5 per month at :


Guided Meditation from the Eagle and the Condor :

The Golden Spiral ~ Activate your Golden Crystalline DNA

Guided Meditation from the Eagle and the Condor ~ 7 minutes 33 seconds $11.11


Sacred Condor ~ Spirit Made

song written and performed by the Sacred Condor


A beautiful song written and performed by my beloved Condor : download $1.44



Great White Spirit Horse


Death Valley ~ Journey to my Sacred Condor $9.99


Acupressure ~ Healing Art


3 Powerful Points of Healing and Rejuvenation $8.88


White Gold Eagle Transmission


Native Crow Flute ~ Native Crow Flute in a Sacred Portal $8.88


Calling Down our Star Nations

Andromedan Metaphysical Art

A meditative practice to activate the Rainbow Bridge and connect with our Star Brothers and Sisters of the Light!!

15 minutes 10 seconds : $33.33

Qi Gong Training ~ video 1


QiGong Practice ~ Video 1 of Meditation Practices ~

Taoist Sitting Meditation ~ Cultivating Qi $13.13


QiGong Practice ~ video 2


Qi Gong ~ Most Powerful Healing Posture and Practice $22.22



Mudras and Mantras ~ video 3


QiGong Practice  Video 2 : Mudras and Mantras $13.13


Yogic Kundalini Practice

Yogic Meditation Kundalini Cave Breathing $15.15




Meditation in a Portal by Sacred River of Pachamama ~ $7.77





Meditation РMerge Internal with External and Internal with External 

Heaven on Earth $10.10


White Gold Eagle Nembutsu of Amida Buddha


White Gold Eagle Nembutsu Transmission from Shin Buddhism $7.77

Joint Mobility Training

Joint Mobility for Health and Wellness – Qi Flow –

Energy Work and Excercise: $12.12



Eternal Ankh of Life Meditation



with Eagle and Condor Refinement 9:11 portal at Lake meditation $5.55


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