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All Teachings and Practices are from Paul White Gold Eagle’s training and teaching for over 30 years in the Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu, Shamanic and many other Spiritual and Healing Arts.


Implant Removal Ceremony



Implant Removal Ceremony
Implant Removal Ceremony




Cutting all Chords and Soul Contracts ~ Freedom from all False Programs (22:22)  $33.33 – CLICK HERE



ZAZEN (Sitting Meditation)


Zen Buddhism $13.13





Walking Meditation ~ Zen Buddhism $12.12





Guided Meditation from the Eagle and the Condor :

The Golden Spiral ~ Activate your Golden Crystalline DNA

Guided Meditation from the Eagle and the Condor ~ 7 minutes 33 seconds $11.11

Detoxification Mudra | Sacred Hand Posture for Purification and Detox





Powerful Purification and Detox Practice ~ 18 minutes $11.11 


Tummo Breathing


“inner fire” Tibetan Spriitual Healing Art: $11.11






Sacred Condor ~ Spirit Made

song written and performed by the Sacred Condor


A beautiful song written and performed by my beloved Condor : download $1.44



The Way of Tea ~ Cha Tao ~ Gong Fu Five Elements Tea



Training Series – Video 1 Teaware Tool for Ceremony ~ $9.99 – Click Here



Healing with the Five Elements and the Internal Smile ~ Taoist Art

 Balance and Harmonize Organs ~ Click Here $17.17



Dharma Talk: Rainbow Body Arts ~ Part One


In the Sacred Portal of Washington State – Click Here



Dharma Talk : Rainbow Body Arts – Part 2


 by the Sacred River – Click Here




Sound Healing – Crystal Singing Bowls



Heal with Sacred Sounds – Click Here $5.55




Acupuncture ~ The Art of Needling

Chinese Medicine $13.13 – Click Here



Great White Spirit Horse


Death Valley ~ Journey to my Sacred Condor $9.99


Acupressure ~ Healing Art


3 Powerful Points of Healing and Rejuvenation $8.88


White Gold Eagle Transmission


Native Crow Flute ~ Native Crow Flute in a Sacred Portal $8.88



Qi Gong Training ~ video 1


QiGong Practice ~ Video 1 of Meditation Practices ~

Taoist Sitting Meditation ~ Cultivating Qi $13.13




Mudras and Mantras ~ video 3


QiGong Practice  Video 2 : Mudras and Mantras $13.13


Yogic Kundalini Practice

Yogic Meditation Kundalini Cave Breathing $15.15




Meditation in a Portal by Sacred River of Pachamama ~ $7.77





Meditation – Merge Internal with External and Internal with External 

Heaven on Earth $10.10


White Gold Eagle Nembutsu of Amida Buddha


White Gold Eagle Nembutsu Transmission from Shin Buddhism $7.77

Joint Mobility Training

Joint Mobility for Health and Wellness – Qi Flow –

Energy Work and Excercise: $12.12



Eternal Ankh of Life Meditation



with Eagle and Condor Refinement 9:11 portal at Lake meditation $5.55

Waters ~ Sacred Condor (Original Song)





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  1. Hello!! When I began scrolling thru your site here, I AM amazed at the absolute WEALTH of information! WOW! I do however, have a couple of additional questions. First of all, due to my unusual circumstances, over years I was both receiving info, researching info and about a year and a half into it, I finally figured out that a lot of things were my memory returning! However, tho I was getting all of this great knowledge, I was in a state of which I was impotent to put most of it into practice. I AM now clear and free to begin, but, I need a bit of assistance. I know there are MANY who will do private “readings” or “sessions” with ppl for a fee. I have not seen such an option on your site. I DO know one thing for sure! If given the option of ANYONE to speak with, it is YOU that I choose!! So, I AM wondering if you do any private sessions, etc. I also noticed the info about the Healing and Wellness Center in Idaho! I was wondering how that is coming along?? Also, I would like to know if there is land available that shares a property line??? Thank you so much for ALL you do! And thank you for the time to read and your anticipated reply via email. Much Love and Gratitude!! Mel

    1. Greetings Melody,
      Namaste Divine SiStar. Due to time constraints i am no longer doing private sessions. With these accelerations and the Quickening i barely have time for my daily work and raising a family.
      Thank you very much for your connection and support.
      Much Love and Blessings in the Light…A’Ho!
      The Eagle and the Condor

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