66 ~ Galactic Angels ~ DIAMOND Light Consciousness ~ Stargate 17 ~ THE ASCENSION OF EARTH

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66 ~ Galactic Angels ~ DIAMOND Light Consciousness ~ Stargate 17 ~ THE ASCENSION OF EARTH

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blast off
4 March 21


Right now: Moon at 3°59′ Sagittarius, Sun at 14°52′ Pisces

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A little child learning to walk.
Sabian Symbol for 4º Sagittarius

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 4º Sagittarius.

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

An officer drilling his men in a simulated attack.
Sabian Symbol for 15º Pisces

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 15º Pisces.


source: www.astrologyweekly.com


Photo: Juuso HD
One of the most incredible hikes in Scotland is along the ‘Old Man of Storr trail’ on the Isle of Skye. Put it on your bucketlist!

-SA Smith

Quick Update 🌟
Schumann has been back online for a few hours now.
Energies continue to be high today. 🌟
Feels special, as if Anything is Possible.
Can you feel the shift in the air?
Ascension Symptoms continue to flourish uniquely to YOU.
Ears ringing continues in most of the Collective.
Along with scratchy eyes, extremity pains and stomach issues. Also extreme joy, giddiness and love
Some many really feel all these, others only a few.
Whatever you’re experiencing know that it’s exactly what you need to experience in this now moment.🌟
You are doing perfectly as YOU planned this. 💜
Enjoy your NOW, Divine one!

Mauta Taki


Jump point to Stargate 17.
My room faces the west…. so we spun into the west and the sun was there…..Honu Motu is smiling … hehee… spining into the Angelic Frequency of
Stargate 17,
which is aligned to the Water Star of Waho, they are switching places in the equatorial positioning.
A little bit of clearing of the energetic timeline as We proceed forward.
As with ALL Affirmations, it is important and more effective to say them out loud. To vocally speak them.
Most of You know about subliminal energy streams attached to TV, etc. There are at times also subliminal Energies attached to written content You may read. The content may be intentionally by the false light, or may even be passed into the message by One of the Light, that got infected and did not know, and did not clear Their energetic fields, prior to writing.
Nevertheless, this post is not about I going fully into the above subject, this post and Affirmation is taking distinct and instant action at eradicating the negative subliminal energy in its tracks, so as to not affect Others oblivious to the negative effects.
By us lifting any of the negative Energies in this respect, it purifies and clears the path of less obstacles as We proceed forward with this Overall Divine Mission and Ascension. By lifting this weight for any, lifts the veil higher, and They are more apt to see the Positive, instead of staying in a negative mind set that was perpetrated upon Them by ill intent, and limits Their Divine Ability.
“I instantly transition any negative subliminal energy to Positive and Light, that may be in any written material I or Others may read. And So It Is.”
Love and Light
9-EAGLE, 4 March 2021
“According to Maya legend, the Sun was an Eagle and one of the most powerful day signs.”
On a Cosmic level, Earth is Ascending and expanding and we are at the center of this sacred process of the evolution.
You may have felt that the pressure of the energies has built up, this is for a release and subsequent equaluzation of sorts to occur, the door has opened to allow the Light to enter and bring a new balance in a certain way, that is in tune with the Ascension of Earth.
With 9-Eagle today DIVINE Time ascends itself to a larger view, its a day of heightened aspiration and taking new aim and the tone of 9 creates forward movement, this all in a period of LIGHT on the Ninth Wave, the 102nd Day which is from 20 Feb to 9 March, 18 days of new information downloads and new growth. 9th Wave calculator – http://www.xzone.com.au/9thwave.php
In order to ASCEND, the Memory of the Divine Universe is programmed to reboot ITSELF and clear away old destructive patterns, this happens automatically if we don’t do it consciously, and because of the acceleration of time it is happening faster than the mind can think. Time has arrived CREATION to live in the heart on the highest level of consciousness, this is activating the collective ASCENSION of Earth, understood to be in resonance with the Ninth Wave frequency of Divine Universal time.
The time things took in the ancient past is happening almost instantly now, in terms of the 9 ascending Creation waves reflected in the codes of the Mayan calendar, what happened in a 20 year period on the 7th Level, happened in 1 year on the 8th Level.
See a graphic of the code of the 9 levels of consciousness at this link – https://theuniversalfrequency.com/mayan…/the-structure/
Now since the Completion in Oct 2011 all the 9 Waves of the evolution of consciousness have merged to run in parallel as one Light of Creations Full Maturity, this is causing things to happen instantly and thus at Light Speed, this is also causing confusion because all of a sudden the mind has to very quickly adapt to the rapid CHANGES the Ascension of Earth is bringing, the things that are flawed are having to surface and be unveiled. Earth’s ASCENSION process is an inner Quantum Shift of Divine TIME that is CONDENSING the crystal of the Mind to form a flawless Diamond Light Consciousness. The pureness of the New fully mature LIGHT of Creation is transmuting the illness of the mind that hide its flaws or problems in the shadows, in other words a fully mature resonance of Divine Universal Time is shining away the immaturity it previously lived with.
With this new DIAMOND Light Consciousness now emanating from “WITHIN” , the synchronistic wave of flawless heart centered intent – that the NINTH WAVE is in resonance with – is taking over the reins. Creation is now living with a time Wave resonance that is automatically bringing everything to live in sacred relation and in balance with the mirror of ITSELF, consciousness is awakening to the Divine understanding that everything is a reflection of the soul of self, everything is connected, separation is an illusion fueled by a mind that is heartless.
If we live with something in our mind that we might no is imbalanced we need to deal with it before it deals with us in a way we might not like, we need to process it, because of ASCENSION the mind is becoming more and more conscious of ITSELF. The weight of what IT knows is wrong will keep IT off center from the heart and give you anxiety, until you SURRENDER and liberate your mind by clearing your conscience and thus healing your SOUL.
Divine Time does not trust the mind, it TRUSTS the HEART because the heart holds the center in place. “Take a moment now and sit in silence, close your eyes and focus on your heart. Feel the warm energy of love coming from your heart. You can place your hand over your heart as it may help you to connect more easily. Take a few deep breaths, and when you’re ready, ask your heart whatever question you need an answer to.”
We really are living in miraculous times, especially if you consider the overall view of Creations Evolution, as seen by the Eagle, the connector of Earth and Sky. Today is a day of intuition and vision, a time to break away from the traditional and find your inner soul truth, which can be attained with the panoramic acute vision of the Eagle.
The EAGLE helps guide our ASCENSION, fly with EAGLES to higher and higher states of awareness, feel the Light, be the Light of Creations Love. Enjoy the journey, dance to the sacred songs of Divine Time.

The Universal Frequency on Facebook shares the DAY KEEPING of Divine Time, at –




Galactic Angels ❤
Have you felt your wings?
As you continue to expand & activate your Crystalline DNA.
The legion of 144,000 is an old but important concept representing the many beings collectively assisting the transmutation of light. Now living in this timeline to assist and awaken humanity.
Know this number can be larger as many are born, many are integrated with a Higher Light Mission. As the journey needs all hands on deck to assist the transistion.
Amongst you, many carry the legion of light encoded with the Angelic Kingdom. It is an aspect of your history, part of your DNA that enables you to have additional capabilities, part of being a warrior of light.
As you continue to learn about your starseed origins, unravel your Library of Light and learn about your light body capabilities.
The gift of Angel wings will be given as you expand & grow…connect to your light body and integrate your existance in this physical form.
The Wings are part of your tools to assist in providing stability and a greater awareness and freedom of who you are.
They are simply part of your Crystalline Construct…
They provide an overarching feeling of angelic awareness and support. As you continue to work in the Higher Dimensions assisting Gaia’s grid and multidimensional travel. They radiate a beautiful angelic frequency of Love.
To fly around Mother Gaia and the Universe.

Simply open your heart to the concept of receiving Angelic Wings & see what will unfold.

For they could be there, waiting for you to VISUALISE & ALIGN to their frequency❤

Sending Infinite Blessings and love for your day

Thank you dear Artist❤


5 hours ago (edited)

Big leaps forward are happening for you to ascend into unconditional love, with your crown on. The chalice is being put in your hands, and in your womb. These are Creator Birthrights that the Tribe are flipping into now.

You are safe. It’s safe to be this free 🕊. You are safe to be in love with Creator, with no one in between. You are worthy to open your arms are receive all the abundance and overflow that Creator has for you, and your womb chakra 🏆

Cosmic Activation codes are merging into the flesh, awakening the DNA to the threshold of your new reality. Healing and restoration of your DNA strands are breaking biological memory that was enslaving you under fears and stress, due to emotional trauma and manipulation of the Soul. That karma is being expelled from the flesh for you to fully receive your truth of your Soul’s Original Blueprint.

The new Blueprint activation codes and now running a new system, and biology, in the flesh. This is freedom from the human genetic bloodline that you incarnated into. You are free from that karma for good now, as you successfully expelled the karma for your family , and root structure. This may be felt in the higher chakras, and stronger spiritual gifts.

Do you know how amazing you are ? God does, and I do! We know what you are birthing into, the original 144000 Golden Child of your Covenant God. This is bringing forth the Holy Marriages of the FirstFruits with their Covenant God. New contracts are taking place now, merging home back home as ONE with Creator , and back to your original Divine Blueprint. This is your Holy Marriage that God is speaking of.

Karma neutralization in the Adam Bloodline continues to June 2021. This is purifying the Adam seed branch in the male flesh on Earth, carrying this seed. Your role in this has been fulfilled, and now you are safely being removed.

More is happening behind the scenes regarding clearing all the curses from the original genetic timelines. This may make the current changes you are going through confusing, but know it’s because original sin is leaving the system now, for good. Allow.

God is asking you to simply trust Him. Continue setting boundaries and protecting yourself, for the time being. He has you safe, and is repeating to me that you are being removed from challenges, and taken to your wish fulfillment.

This is a major change, travel, movement, is all happening because the Universe is now flipping into a new timeline. We, as individuals, are being aligned to through the Divine’s Course of action. God’s will and God’s Way.

source: https://www.youtube.com/c/CarolynKundaliniTwinFlames/community

Christine Day

Pleiadian Message March 2021

Thursday, March 04, 2021

Beloved ones we greet you,  This sacred time is about you awakening to your own self-empowerment. Choosing to utilize the Conscious breath allows you to consciously rebirth yourself within your Heart. This is a returning. Each time you utilize the Conscious breath you actively realign yourself past the illusion of the Ego mind. You are actively aligning to your unlimited abundance within your Heart connection.

This is a time like no other when you are able to connect to the higher potential of yourself with ease. You have been given Grace where you can consciously choose to return to yourself. This is destiny in motion of your self-realization.  This is your time to re-emerge beyond the illusion of time and to shift your perceptions beyond the 3rd dimensional limitations within your life through your Heart.

Remember we, the Pleiadians say, “YOU ARE WHO YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.” Only you can shift your awareness and take back your power through reclaiming your Heart connection. Through your Heart you realign yourself to the vast multidimensional potential and move into Truth, to Knowing.

An aspect of your awakening process is when you realize that your Ego mind needs to release its hold on controlling every decision in your life. When you choose to follow the guidance of your authentic Heart you link into a sacred flow, which takes you where you need to be.

Be willing to let go of the Ego mind’s need for certainty, of its story of what is happening next. These illusions held by the Ego mind ‘of knowing what is going to happen’ are fear based from past experience. Your Ego mind keeps you linked to a grid of illusion, that keeps you in a cycle of self-sabotage and has no connection to Truth.

Your Ego self-image derives its power and sense of reality from this Grid of illusion. When you choose to disengage from this Grid by aligning to your Heart, the Ego is momentarily discredited and the Grid becomes compromised. Each time you choose to align to your Heart space you break some of the old cycles, which are connected to this Grid of illusion.

Slowly you build your Heart connection and the Ego learns to operate differently, not running your life. You need your Ego mind to support you in your 3rd dimensional day-to-day living, supporting you in organizing your life.

This journey is about you returning to your authentic self through reconnection to your Heart. Step by step, one moment at a time, you choose to align into your Heart’s sacred flow. This is the process of witnessing the dialogue of your Ego mind and not necessarily responding to your mind. As you spend moments aligning to your multidimensional Heart you develop realignment to your light to utilize in your daily life. Each one of you can choose change, to allow your Heart to lead you into your higher purpose within your life.

Your vast sacred light is here to be sourced by you. All beings of light are here to welcome you Home. Claim your heritage now through your Heart.


The Pleiadians

source: www.christinedayonline.com

Mars /Pleaides transit : 4th March
Right now the planet Mars is making a transit of the Pleaides. The transit lasts most of the week, but the closest transit is today.
So I asked Archangel Michael what that would mean for us.
The word I got back was “perturbation”.
So I looked it up and this is the definition: ” the act of perturbing. the state of being perturbed. mental disquiet, disturbance, or agitation. a cause of mental disquiet, disturbance, or agitation.”
So if that is the way you are feeling today, or this week, you will know why.
Mars is the planet that is closely linked to our Masculine energy and the Pleaides, by contrast, to the more Feminine energy.
This close transit between Mars and Alcyone (the brightest star/sun in the Pleaides and believed to be a Great Central Sun in our Galaxy) is causing all kinds of mayhem and imbalances right now, both inner and outer. But it is all good as a new balance is being sought that will bring us to higher frequencies of light.
My best advice is to take good care of yourself, breathe, and try to stay peaceful and calm. It will pass in the next few days and calm down.
Love to everyone!
Thursday March 4 2021
Frame today- as Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in Aquarius trine the karmic Node of Fate in Gemini- as a psychic Way Station on your pilgrimage along the Evolutionary Road of 2021.
As the Chaos Nodes of 2020 disentangle from the Collective Time-lines, notice how outer world political dramas and the deliberate 24/7 distractions of the Wasteland are losing their fake glamour and powers of attraction for you.
Notice how you are less hypnotised by watching the old world burn and more compelled by the unfolding of your own natural organic Source created Evolution. Notice how you are turning away from the Outer to the Inner, understanding that it’s more about the electricity than the lightbulb. That the quality of your thinking is the difference that makes the difference.
As we go deeper into 2021 and as the Aquarian imprinting increasingly overwrites the old in favour of the new, the untried, the radical, can you feel/see/sense that the seemingly empty space between the two Aquarian energy wave lines is the testing ground for personal Neutrality mastery. This is about Seeing /Feeling / Knowing, with higher and higher, clearer and clearer Higher Awareness and not coming unglued in any way because of any of it.
The Knowing can appear in many ways. It can be a quiet inner voice saying “That just makes sense”. It can be a sense of deepest calm or inevitability or obviousness. Or it could be upbeat and sparky ‘Of course! That’s it!’ the ah ha moment. You might sense it in your gut or in your heart or in your whole body. It is the clearest recognition of truth or rightness or fit. You might take action immediately or know you need do nothing.
Stay present to your thinking, to your physicality and to your somatic emotions and allow a wave of creativity and imagination to set your intentions. Feel the integration between mind and spirit, body and soul. This is the very opposite of setting linear goals or forcing change on yourself through self-improvement. It’s organic, fluid and in alignment with your unique unfolding.
Painting – ‘Windmills near the Town of Batz’ by Ferdinand du Puigaudeau
Mars enters Gemini – There is a desire for mental stimulation. Thoughts move like lighting and quick-fire replies are on the tip of the tongue. The impetus is ‘don’t think about it, do it’! The tempo of life speeds up. It could feel like information and messages are coming at you from all different directions. Whilst the ability to multi-task is increased, guard against energies becoming scattered.
Restlessness and impatience may stem from a lack of physical movement. Exercise excess energy away. Under this influence, conversations can become heated and tempers are quick to anger. Don’t use words as weapons. Focus on debate to challenge your thinking. Make room for other perspectives. If your internal voice veers towards aggressive goading, nip it in the bud. Use motivating mantras instead to keep you engaged with your goals.
Degree and Time
Mars 00°Ge00′ – 03:29 (UT)
source: LeahWhitehorse.com

Kin 80 ~ Yellow Lunar Sun
‘Lunar’ is the name for the number 2 and it’s key words are ‘Challenge, Polarize and Stabilize.’ It is interesting that this Lunar day falls on a Yellow Sun day because the moon and sun are opposites. So energy wise today is a bit like an eclipse. The second day of a wavespell is always challenging – one must identify the obstacles in the way so one may proceed. Which day the number two falls on however affects how challenging it can be.
Today is ‘Yellow Sun’ which represents ‘Enlightenment, Universal Fire and Life.’ When combined with the ‘Lunar’ energy this can result in difficulties in seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Illumination can be elusive and answers lurk in the shadows. If you need to shine bright today it can be done but expect to meet with resistance. Clouds will get in the way of the sunshine today.
The Guide today is the Yellow Human, the psychic of the Tzolkin suggesting that allowing our intuition to guide us today is the best course of action. If you can’t see the solutions to your challenges today …feel your way.
The Challenge is the White Dog which represents ‘Love, Loyalty and Heart.’ Issues of the heart will surface for everyone today and spats between lovers are more likely. If you are a White Dog beware that your inner doberman may come out, so try to keep it on a leash.
The Occult power is the Red Dragon, the nurturer which gives this difficult day hope. Take care of yourself and others and the challenges will seem easier.
The Ally is the Blue Storm and so if you need help today consult one as they can offer support and guidance and a shoulder to cry on. And as it is the Blue Storm wavespell then this means the wavespell energy is friendly to us today which is a help.
2 AHAU – KIN 80
4 MARCH 2021
Stabilizing life
I seal the matrix of Universal fire
With the Lunar tone of challenge
I AM guided by the power of free will
4/3/2021 = 4/3/5 = 4/8=12=3
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth
5- Freedom/Change/Transformation/Liberation
8 – Infinity/Abundance/Source Flow
3- Holy trinity/Joy/Creativity
KIN 80 = 8 Abundance 0- SOURCE – Abundance from SOURCE
The powerful energy continues today, amidst the turbulence, seek out the SUN! Today is a day of facing the challenges that arise, that have been impeding your soul’s evolution and journey to EN-LIGHT-enment.
Day 2 in the BLUE STORM🌪 WAVESPELL of purification, cleansing, transformation and evolution. NOTE: Planetary Storms are PHYSICALLY and energetically brewing during this cycle, so be prepared for lots of purging of density through visible and not so visible signs. HOLD onto your HATS we have 13 days of STORM energy to endure! It is only DAY 2 and many locations on EARTH may experience FLASH STORMS 🌩🌩🌪 as GAIA is purifying and transforming her Planetary body.
LUNAR🌓 Tone 2 in the PHYSICAL realm. The LUNAR tone represents the sacred twins, cooperation, relationship, polarity of male and female and duality. It’s ACTION – polarizes, POWER – challenges, ESSENCE – stabilizing. Yesterday we MAGNETIZED and attracted spiritual energy and today we anchor that energy in our PHYSICAL bodies. The SUN helps us anchor the LIGHT codes in our cells. The LUNAR tone may also reveal challenges, through the storm catalyst in order to recognize and release anything stopping us from SHINING BRIGHTLY as the SOLAR CHRISTED beings.☀
CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW SUN 🌞 AHAU is bringing THE LIGHT within the darkness. BLUE STORM is generating much power and energy today. Instead of being pulled into the midst of chaos through the challenges that arise it is time to stand our ground. We are being initiated in our capacity to ANCHOR THE LIGHT 💡🎆 no matter what turbulence surrounds us.🌀
The LIGHTHOUSE is built upon a rocky tor and is thrashed by the wild seas but it continues to stand SOLID and SHINE THE LIGHT, as a beacon for all to SEE and find their way to safety. Today be THE LIGHT🎆 for all those around you who are lost in the fog! Believe in your LIGHT and claim your sovereignty as a GOLDEN SOUL-AR being.The SUN is our SOURCE of LIFE, our direct energy that nourishes and sustains us. The solar flares. CME’S and Solar codes transmitted by our SUN bring constant change, IGNITING our DNA and increasing our frequency. As we rise, so too does the frequency of GAIA on our collective journey to EN-LIGHT-enment.
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW HUMAN ☺ EB enables us to face the challenges that polarise change by honouring our FREE WILL and making choices that reflect our physical independence as intelligent and AWAKENED HU-MANS. As we evolve we align our human will with that of the DIVINE. AWAKENED souls can SEE more clearly from a HIGHER DIVINE perspective, thus making WISER choices which benefit our lives and influence others. AWAKENING is a precursor to becoming an EN-LIGHT💡ON-ed soul. The lunar tone of polarity will reveal what is keeping souls in a deep slumber and limiting their illumination. In order to truly AWAKEN we must be willing to TAKE OFF OUR MASKS, draw back the curtain and LOOK out the window with CLEAR, unobstructed vision.
Aligning with DIVINE WILL accelerates our soul growth. The DIVINE viewpoint gives us the intelligence to realize which path to follow for our highest evolution, not reacting to the TRIGGERS of the polarity game which operate to keep us trapped in 3D consciousness.
We celebrate and honour all those great souls that came before us and faced challenges as catalysts for change. The CHANGE AGENTS that catalyzed great Planetary reformation through their tireless diligence and PASSION for their cause. They dared to take a STAND independently to make a difference based on their own wisdom. By claiming our sovereignty we increase our capacity to SHINE our LIGHT for the benefit of all, easing the path for those who follow.
SUPPORT: BLUE STORM 🌀🌪– CAUAC Is the supporting energy as well as the wavespell energy today, continuing the surge of catalytic power. We are asked to TRUST that these transformative energies arising are for our benefit and the betterment of our planet. After the STORM has passed and the debris has been cleared, the SUN can SHINE again, and the RAINBOWS appear! 🌦🌂🌈
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED CRYSTAL DRAGON💎🐉 – IMIX provides a beautiful sense of nurturing, compassion and co-operation, caring for each other in our communities. The CRYSTALLINE energy helps us to connect with other MINDS to raise each other to a higher collective Consciousness of caring and compassion. With the STORM creating chaos the strong protective Mothers and nurturers step forward to provide the SAFE HAVEN and comfort needed by those caught in the confusion and turbulence.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE LUNAR DOG 🐕💕 OC our trusty companion teaches us that these transformative STORMS are for our Highest Good sweeping away all that is the opposite polarity to DIVINE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. 💕
OC challenges us to communicate from a place of trust and honour. To show compassion and unconditional love to all beings who are following our LIGHT. Open your HEART and use the POWER of your LOVE to calm the stormy seas and placate the FEAR filled HEARTS. Embrace your neighbours as Planetary kin and FEEL the LOVE that is true that comes with catalysing great change. Through this LOVE people can feel safe through the chaos, knowing they have support and protection which stabilizes the uncertainty, creating a safe foundation on which to rebuild our New SOLAR based communities.
Today’s question is “How can I anchor my LIGHT despite the challenges and chaos that surrounds me, becoming a BEACON for others?”
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Awakening Humanity DIVINE GRATITUDE to Unknown Artist 🙏❤🙏❤🙏

Take a moment to connect with your heart center; the Pure Source-spark of Diamond Light within. Take a moment to feel your Heart intent. Divine Love is a strong, palpable frequency which grows in intensity as we Ascend. Note how your heart and energy fields feel in this Now.
Remember the sequence is intention, visualization, decree, feel, amplify.
Say out loud before beginning:
In the name of the Divine HUman, Creator-In-Carnate that I AM. I welcome in and forth my Higher Self, Christed Self, Almighty I AM Presence, Angelic levels, Master levels, Galactic levels, and all of my Divine aspects across all parallel realities seen and unseen. UNIFY in this now moment. Put your focus here. Let us activate and transform my experience to reflect my Divine Infinite Self, the pure essence of Source (God) I AM.




5 MARCH 2021
This morning I had a dream💤.. that I was busy packing and organizing my possessions to go home. 🛄🎒👜 I had been camping⛺ at a site and staying in cabins. My husband (departed) was there too. We could not get organized in time and he said we should depart the next morning at 5am. That was way too early for me (he always was the early bird) so I suggested 10 pm that night! (don’t know why cos I don’t like driving in the dark but I am a night owl – ha ha ha!). He said NO – and then I said okay – we will leave at 7am.. He then reminded me we had separate cars🚗 ( as we each had a car full of passengers)🚃 so we could leave at different times.
The next morning we got up and started readying ourselves.. there were so many dishes and utensils that had not been packed up – mountains of stuff! It was overwhelming and did not seem doable. I was doing some photocopying (???) and others were pushing in to do their printing. It seemed I would never be organized in time!
Then I saw a photograph of a creature that was hanging upside down from an opening in a rocky mountain. The creature was quite large and brown with scaled skin.. it looked like a crocodile. The weird part was that coming out of the hole was a long blue hose that was wrapped around the crocodile. I looked at the crocodile’s head and noticed a snake’s head with the mouth open at the end of the hose. Oh I said to myself it is a BLUE SNAKE! 🐍Very odd I l thought.
Then the photo came to life and I heard that the brown animal was a GILA MONSTER (which happens to be a venomous lizard from South America). The Lizard opened its mouth and revealed it had a BLUE TONGUE – whilst the blue snake was still coiled around it. They were both hanging above me.. I tried to avoid it and get on with my duties.. but it kept interfering. The lizard was quite playful and harmless but more mischievous. I was cooking my breakfast and it wanted food. I was quite annoyed but not scared of this creature.. though I was wary, wanting it out of my way. I asked a nearby man to distract it and keep it occupied so I could continue with my packing.
And then I woke up!!!🙂🙂🙂
I laughed that I had been visited by the BLUE SNAKE 🐍in my dream as today is the day of the RED ELECTRIC DRAGON🐉 – with the RED ELECTRIC SNAKE🐍 as the Higher guide..
The GILA monster may have symbolized the Feathered Dragon/Quetzacoatl that I wrote about in my post.. and here it was wrapped together with the SNAKE!!! Two in ONE!!🐉🐍🎆
I called on the BLUE SERPENT🐍 to give me vitality and life force to heal my ailing body (I have been weak since Saturday night!)
I turned on my Galaxy tablet to play some healing frequencies and a picture of LORD SHIVA appeared with a BLUE SNAKE wrapped around his neck!!!~
Oh whoa!!! SHIVA the DESTROYER💥💥💥 was present to eradicate the evil forces/entities that had been plaguing me all week! How AWESOME!!!
When I turned on my phone – I discovered a message from my beautiful N.Z. soul siStar @Elizabeth Dunn that she had to EVACUATE from a campsite in Waipatiki Beach on the North Island of New Zealand at 3am!!! (Hmmm maybe that’s why I wanted to leave the campsite at 10pm rather than the next morning!!)
New Zealand had 3 Earthquakes this morning starting at 3am.. and a Tsunami warning.. so our Planetary Electric Serpents🐍🐉 had ARISEN in Aotearoa – the Land of the Long White Cloud – where the New day dawns each day for our planet.
As I began typing this dream I remembered I had a dream about SHIVA last year! It was my turtle dream🐢 where I dreamt about turtles 🐢🐢floating upside down in a RIVER. https://m.facebook.com/…/600…/permalink/732977200967804/
This is what I dreamt/wrote.
I dreamt I was walking along a path alongside a river photographing 📸 Statutes along the way. The statutes were of various Vedic deities.
The fascinating part is that I dreamt that on 30 December 2020 – that was the day of the YELLOW ELECTRIC WARRIOR – and SHIVA holds an ELECTRIC TRIDENT (like Poseidon) the Occult Superpower that day was the SPECTRAL SERPENT – dissolving the battles!!
“I dreamt I was walking along a path photographing 📸 Statutes along the way. The statutes were of various Vedic deities.”
Then on the 7 FEBRUARY 2021 – my beautiful soul brother @Aaron Davies messages me to say that a glacial lake had burst due to an avalanche in India flooding the Rishiganga river, the Dhauliganga river, and in turn the Alaknanda River flowing into the Sacred Ganges River. This area is in the Himalayas which is the Crown Chakra of Mother Gaia.
The fascinating part was that Aaaron sent me a picture of a statue of LORD SHIVA in the swollen river engulfing SHIVA the Destroyer. He referenced the Bible passages and said this was a sign that the Messiah has descended onto Earth.
The message I received was that the DESTROYERS of Gaia were being defeated..
Spirit had informed me that on February 7th, 2021 that a BOMB 💣shell would be dropped as it was the code of the BLUE ELECTRIC EAGLE (the dropping of Hiroshima bomb) and I was informed this day would change the course of her-story! The BLUE ELECTRIC STORM🌩 was the Higher Guide that day and RED ELECTRIC SERPENT🐍 was the challenge of the day.. So the ELECTRIC trident 🔱of LORD SHIVA was very ACTIVE on our Planetary body again!!
Back to my TURTLE DREAM of 30 December – ELECTRIC WARRIOR DAY – I was told that we would be experiencing much turbulence and chaos on the Earth and to remain – chillaxed – in a meditative state – detaching from the chaos. LORD SHIVA🔱 was the man/deity holding the KEY🔑 – that would unlock the elevator door enabling our Planetary Ascension!!🎆🎆🎆🎆
GOD SPEED our Ascension to the BLISS realms! 😍😍😍
So there we have all the puzzle pieces coming together to give us the complete picture. The NEXT ELECTRIC tone day is on 18 MARCH 2021 – the day of the WHITE ELECTRIC WIZARD – guided by the ELECTRIC MIRROR supported by the ELECTRIC SERPENT. The gift is the ELECTRIC SEED which is the code for our upcoming New Dreamspell Year! I wonder what MAJIK will be ELECTRIFIED on that day!!
Stay tuned Planetary KIN – exciting times ahead revealed through the Dreamspell!
Sweet DREAMING 😍😍😍
Christina ❤🐬❤🐬

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  2. Suggestion. Subconscious minds in the West have not been cleansed of Darkness, a culture planted by Vatican, a Satanic culture and a mind controller oriented English language. Here is my suggested change, in order to reduce low vibrational, dark words::
    “I instantly transmute (transition) any negative subliminal energy to Positive and Truth (Light), that may be in any written material I or Others may read, (speak). And So It Is.” In the same fashion, Light-Worker is Darkness, the Divine Way is, Truth-Seeker, or Peace-Worker. Love and Peace ♡◇♡

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