Sacred Nectar of the Holy Grail ~ DNA Encodements ~ Living Fire of Truth ~ STARSEED COMMUNICATION

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Sacred Nectar of the Holy Grail ~ DNA Encodements ~ Living Fire of Truth ~ STARSEED COMMUNICATION

Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Heavenly Emerald Empire of the Golden Sun of Mu!

Together we create the Divine Empire of Love for all Sentient Beings of Pure Light. We are legion and we are strong. Nothing stops us or gets in our Way of Celestial flow. Although there may be bumps in the road and our road to success is laden with many obstacles we don’t stop, we keep going through and through and through until full compression breakthrough into SuperNova Consciousness of the 144.

Solaris has been “popping off” flares for a couple days now and Mother Earth is being flooded with Adamantine Particles from the Great Central Sun, Hunab Ku. With these higher dimensional waves coming in Gaia is being activated in her full magnetic potential. Anything goes from here on out until the full Quantum Leap of Consciousness into Luminous Beings of Eternal Light. The message from the Cosmos is “You Ain’t seen Nothing Yet” . Meaning the beauty and ecstatic feelings have only just begun. There is no plateau to bliss, we went Way beyond the threshold of suffering to be prepared for the coming Eternal Bliss Consciousness. How this exactly transpires and the timeline nobody knows, but we know we are on the precipice for the full Culmination of Heavenly Transformation. Together with our Pure Intent and Divine Will we bridge both worlds and transform this realm into the Paradise it was always evolving to be!

With these intense waves pulsing into the field we had a white blast appearing in the Schumann charts as an amplitude of 17hz. This is synchronous with the Q energies, we call Quelle, meaning Source Energy, and going Quantum. This is merging with our Infinite multidimensional Awareness, we call Buddha Consciousness or Cosmic Consciousness.

Allow the Sacred Manna, the sweet golden nectars from heaven to flow through your central channel from your crown chakra down your spine through the root portal spiralling down your legs and out the bubbling well, as they pour out the portals in the souls of your feet. Allow these codes and frequencies to root and anchor down deep through all of Pachamama’s layers into the Rainbow Diamond Crystalline Core of Middle Earth…A’Ho!!


Right now: Moon at 11°31′ Taurus, Sun at 5°04′ Virgo

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A merry-go-round.
Sabian Symbol for 6º Virgo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 6º Virgo.

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A young couple walk down main- street, window-shopping.
Sabian Symbol for 12º Taurus

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 12º Taurus.




🌹Aug. 27, 2021 8:22 pm
Special message from Victoria.. Today is a PROFOUND DATE from my visions from 1997, seeing the New Reality. The Merkabah is with me, indicating we are on course. Usually stays from 8pm to 6am outside the house.. I know they are working with me in altered states, as I heal.. and I do know many of you are like myself, needing to sleep many hours.. we are receiving many upgrades for our graduation to our Cleansed, New Reality.
Continue to trust, listen and know all is in Divine Timing..
LOVE you all so much.. thank you for your prayers and kindness.
🌹Victoria Liljenquist

SA Smith


Happy Friday Lightworkers
Was it just me or did LAST NIGHT FEEL VERY LONG! Almost like two or three nights rolled into one?!
Today you have a massive energetic day as well!
Although, each of these big energy days are doing amazing things for your system…
They Can Feel INTENSE!
Try to focus on the good within these type of days, rather then the changing Ascension Symptoms.
We have been experiencing such big energies rolling in, most of the satellites are offline and in protective mode.
This happens when the energies coming in are large enough to damage the satellites.
So they go offline for four hour increments, popping back on to see if it’s safe or not.
We had two very large CME’S blow off the sun overnight too.
That means we have Coronal Mass Ejections coming at earth everyday for the next four days.
Today is not an exception.
That big ball of plasma that we’ve been expecting hasn’t arrived yet.
That shows how big it is. Normally they arrive within 3 days.
When they’re larger, there’s more Plasma, which slows it down.
So they can take a little longer to arrive. You’ll know when it gets here.
It might be head pressure or ears ringing, however you naturally feel the energies when they increase dramatically.
Just know, all these energies are helping you and your system to level up.
You are becoming that Ascended Master you were BEFORE you came into this life!
You Are Doing It!
Any night now it’s all going to begin in a way that will change EVERYTHING.
Thank you for taking this incredibly difficult mission and finding your way to this NOW moment.
You Are Truly an Incredible Divine One 🌟
Have a wonderful day and weekend!!
Big energies are here and will be continuing.
We’ve had CME’S released off the sun everyday for the last four days.
We can expect one to be hitting the Earth now through Monday!
Big Energies = Bigger Upgrades
Even if they feel intense coming in, remember it’s all for your greater and higher good.
You’ve Got This!
Flow With The Energies, Do what makes you smile.
Know that these will integrate through you and in three days you’ll find something new within you.
Big things are happening, Trust the Journey.
Our magnetic field has cracked and we prepare for some solar winds.
A new stream of energy now entering for us to experience. To maximise on the experience simply prepare to surrender into the flow and allow it to guide you into the unknown.
Switch over and allow yourself the gift of dancing in a new movement.
You never know what you may manifest when you’re playing in those spontaneous shifts where those merry meets and miraculous imaginings come to form.
So for the ones that are feeling today’s bumps ….  If you are feeling really heavy, down or alone… or are being hard on yourself…. or don’t know what to do with yourself anymore… or don’t know where you fit in …. And most of all …. feeling once again the deep grief and loss of life as it use to be, or feeling the loss of our fading connections with each other… this is all a part of a big letting go of what WAS … to allow what IS now for YOU right now. This is the dying of the old world. Everything must fall apart so I can come back together in a new way.
What comes next will never be predicted with any accuracy, otherwise it would not be NEW, yes? And this is all very odd, perplexing and new. Like we walked into a new earth before it was not quiet open for business… feeling a bit empty but has great potential. I have been watching the energies for my entire life and this time is a big head scratcher, even though I had been alerted for many years by the Star Elders and others, that this was on the way. 
The feeling in the ethers are simply not describable. So I remind you to let go of things that are not serving you. If you hold on, these will be the places that get tougher to live with. Be open to the unexpected every single moment. Keep your hearts wide open, don’t armor up for a fight, as that was the way of the old dualistic tyrannical world. (Unless that’s your calling of course) I know this new energy makes you feel very vulnerable as it would. Any new energy will first bring up fear in your human spacesuit until you integrate it. But if you can, step forward with trust in this process wrapped with as much love as possible. Remember we are moving out of self consciousness, to unified consciousness.
Breathe, hydrate, rest, pray, and remember who you are.
Blessings to you always.



Solar Wind from previous C Flare arrived last night causing a couple hours of Kp3 Geomagnetic Storm. At the same time, 7pm CST, there was a C Flare with Full Halo Coronal Blast which means Earth facing causing the Satellite to glitch. Interesting that a Craft appeared in only one frame of images stationed directly between Earth and Sun at the time of blast. Five C Flares since yesterday afternoon means consistent Solar Wind and Plasma through the weekend.
I experienced Heart Palps more than once. Rotating weather patterns on Earth are directly correlated to the earth facing string of Sunspots, therefore WE have Five strong Hurricanes in the East Pacific and Atlantic. God Bless SOL, Bless US ALL, Light up Pillars of Light! So much Love. 💛☀️👑
The Arcturians
As your world becomes Lighter, Brighter..
Feel us Closer…
A vibrational feeling,
a gentle light healing💥
Feel US in an open space of light.
As you rest, enjoy creative activities, as your mind expands……..ever so gently.
Be open to these moments, as our vibration is gentle, subtle, to reach our higher light communication.
As you come to hear and feel our cues, know it will expand as your vibrational field aligns with our field. It is simply a way of meeting us, being with us.
Know our love for you is beyond written words. You simply need to open your heart and be with us.
See it as a Day by Day Higher Light Affilitation process.
Awaken each morning and say:
I open myself to Higher Light Consciousness
To communicate with my Family of Light
To see signs to ensure me of your presence
To assist my light mission and overall wellbeing
It is simply a process of following your inner light, attuning to the vibrational frequency of us. To clear your light field, understand your higher light capabilities 🙏🌿
Sending waves of Cosmic Love as we continue our Light Journey of awakening and expansion.
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika
🌿Thank you Artist🌿


As our Atoms have Transmuted…
The energy is really powerful right now and a lot is shifting. We have come so far since the 88 portal, we have cleared so many false beliefs of the society, the fears, wounds and blocks for our family line and ourselves (from this and previous lives). We have grown so much that we started to peel off another layer of “false”, “heavy”, “dark” old energy that is keeping the old matrix alive. We are creating the new blueprint for our planet, for our relationships and it takes a lot of courage, power, light, love, trust and patience.
We are doing it! We are receiving a lot of high frequency energy in the last few days, helping us go deeper. We are clearing in our sleep which is why you might experience nightmares. The energy is dense, heavy and chaotic but it doesn’t have to be like this for you. You can shift the energy from the negative into the positive, release the heavy old dense energy out of your system and only feel what is yours, not everyone else’s/collective energy.
We are bringing high frequency energy into the planetary system and clearing the collective energy by being who we are and doing what we came here to do. This is our mission, this is our purpose .
📸Rosa Maria Light Channel

~ Lauren Zimmerman

‘ Your own Infinite Nature, the truth of who you are through all time and space, cannot remain only as a concept, a thought inside your mind. It must become a living fire. A fire that consumes your cells. A constant reminder that you are not a victim to this temporary place and time. The times we are in call for us to become the Living Fire of Truth, to become who we truly are outside of the constraints that 3-D pretends to place on us. ‘
Visionary Art by Louis Dyer

💖💖💖 Blessed and Light Filled Day to You Beloved One 🙏✨💫☀

May You Realize the Immense Power that Resides Within You, May You Know that even if this Current Physical Reality for most of Us is far from only Love and Light, You have the Ability To Call In The Light, to Claim the Divine Protection Available to You At All Times. There are many challenges and painful experiences that we have to go through in order for us to Expand, Grow and Evolve but All Of These Situations and Experiences Can Be Met From a Love and Light Perspective.
All Of These Can Be Met With Gratitude and Compassion When We Choose to Surrender to the Lessons Given, when We Choose to Trust that there Is a Divine Plan that is Bigger than Our Limited Perspective and Perception in Our Current Situation and Embodiment, May You Understand that even though You Are this Immensely Powerful Being, it is not Your Job to Try to Control Others or to Interfere In Their Soul´s Journey.
You Are Here For Your Own Soul Growth First and Foremost, You Can Assist Your Fellow Travelers By Offering Your Knowledge, Wisdom, Gifts and Talents in Service to them but You must also Accept that they might refuse, reject or dismiss Your Offerings depending on where they are on their Soul´s Journey, They Are Equally As Powerful As You Are but they might not be Ready to Tap Into and Utilize Their Powers Yet or they may Choose a different path 🦋🌟🌈☀️
May You Dare to Stand In Your Own Authentic Sovereign Power Even If You Stand Alone At Times, May You Have The Courage to Listen Inside, To Follow Your Heart and Your Intuitive Nudges, May You Believe In Miracles and the Benevolence Of The Universe and May You Always, Always Know that Love and Light Prevails and that the Best Is Yet To Come!!! 🌟💎💖🙏💫🦄🌈☀️
Blessings and Endless Love to You
🕉 Namaste 💖💖💖
Most of us may have gone through one or more very severe illnesses since 2011-2012.
That illness was because a light body activation took place rapidly from one level to another without allowing the physical to settle down from the first into the second.
These were/are very rapid accretions of frequency & the physical body almost had/has a collapse, making it require a rest. The initial process begins first with the DNA encodements relevant to the light body activation to light up.
New directives are given to the cells. The first directive is to now recognize Light as its energy source along with food.
For the first time in human history, the cells will recognize Light as its energy source. For the cells and the mitochondria, this is something new.
Being used to food, when light comes in and the cells are bathed completely with light, the mitochondria, which is light sensitive, instantly absorb the new colour/tonal activation and produce ATP (in short, a energy transfer) in huge bursts.
This is the point when our body density is released. Accumulated toxins, physical, mental, emotional, are released due to increased metabolism, often creating our illness.
Shortly after there comes a time when your cells learn the new directive given to them, they get used to this infusion of light and settle down. The new vibratory level has settled down again to a comfortable pace.
At this point the toxins are slow down in their release, at least until the next infusion of light/frequency when the whole process starts churning again.
Then you get your next round of physical problems. (I refer to this entire process a frequency cycle.) until the process completes…and it will.
In this momentous time as we are indeed stepping higher and higher into the 5D. it is a good thing to take deep breaths and to truly just connect with the Goodness, the Bounty, the Love of Mother Earth. The New Mother Earth, the rebirthed Mother earth and indeed, she is showing her beautiful face, and the incredible love she holds all around us.
Take time to be in nature, and to just savor the bountiful blessings all around you.
I was asked to babysit my neighbor’s plants, as they are going to visit their daughter in Zambia for a few weeks. And then Mother Nature brought me the bountiful gifts of beautiful orchids, and Arum Lilies, which added to my exquisite Roses and indeed indoor plants, which are all blossoming in profusion. Flowers indeed, in whatever form, as do plants, lift the energy and vibration of any home instantly.
I was prompted by Divine Guidance a few weeks ago, to indeed ask that a Sacred Crystal Pyramid Temple be placed in and around my home, as this will not only amplify the 5th to 7th dimensional frequency in and around your home and indeed living places but creates sacred and sanctified space. You can extend this into your garden and then see how all blossoms forth in profusion and how the whole energy changes and all is lifted into the Higher Frequencies of Divine Love, and Light.
Take time to appreciate the beauty all around you, and indeed go for long walks in nature and go hug a tree. Trees are ancient wisdom keepers and they will hug you back and you will feel how they gift you with loving energy.
Indeed, listen to the birds, for birds indeed are messengers. I was astounded the other day, when talking to friend, and looking out, over the bay, how suddenly I became aware of two eagles circling further away! I had never seen eagles in town, but that day they were indeed using the spiraling hot air, to lift them every higher. To me this was a clear sign, that I too am being lifted ever higher and higher, by the Air beneath my wings, and indeed by Divine Guidance, Divine Love and Divine Light. I had tears of gratitude running down my cheeks.
Open your heart to ever greater levels of love and being loved. The more love we give out, the more will be returned. Every act of kindness, compassion, and indeed gifts of loving service, will be amplified in whatever form and comes back to you in blessings. Let us not forget hugging, touching and being there in whatever form, may just mean the world to that one soul today, as will do words of love and encouragement, and good cheer.
Let the heart expand with pure, white loving energy, (5th to 7th dimensional heart chakra is pure white with a touch of gold and steeped in unconditional love) and let it expand the width of your shoulders, and then start to communicate heart energy to heart energy. Beam this white energy from your heart into the heart center of others. No need for words, for the loving essence of pure, unconditional love, will indeed energetically be received by them and indeed they will be touched by pure, love into the depths of their soul.
The more we start living from the depths of our heart, soul and all that we in truth are, infused with the Divine, the more we are indeed lifted into the higher dimensional state, and the less impact the Old Earth has. We are being lifted way beyond the old, and ever more into the New, and are now cocreating the New Golden Age.
What a magnificent time to be alive and indeed to be able to experience this at last!
How many many lifetimes we have waited for this moment!
How many lifetimes we were prepared for this!
We all knew this would happen before we incarnated, and we chose to be here, and we wished to ascend into the New Earth and indeed to cocreate Unity, Harmony and Peace which indeed is the New Golden Age.
We knew we would need to totally transcend the Old Earth, and old 3D and indeed to kiss the old goodbye forever, as we ascend into the New Earth and indeed a totally new Creation!
What an enormous gift!
What joy!
What love!
Judith Kusel
Photo: Duguay


Every little thing you do never seems enough for you 🎶 and you no longer give a hoot! Power is restoring, aligning your consciousness to take back control of your life. No longer are you waiting for people to honour and respect your value and worth. Change is here ending that seed point of codependent behaviour patterns that were keeping you a prisoner in your own reality.

The seed point of this stemmed from childhood, and parents not acknowledging your efforts, intentions, or giving feedback of love and recognition. This root formed trust issues that attracted relationships where it wasn’t safe to be heard, and have your needs met. This seed point of this betrayal has been found! We have begun healing and neutralizing it through all time, space, and history. Be patient as daily healing of this wound completes by December 2021.

This valuable life lesson has made you wiser, and helped you find your own light from within. Validation from others on your light is no longer needed. Instead your light is being utilized in your new Leadership role, where you can share this wisdom to helps others that want and need all you have to offer.

This experience may have been reflected in romantic relationships and friendships. The subconscious belief system within these people, to act with narcissist behaviours towards you, is also clearing. These illusions and spells are breaking from their mind to detach them and you from karmic runner chaser narcissist codependent paradigms.

The Most High is freeing the House of David Bloodline from this specifically, so we can all leave division behind, and go through the 1111 portal into the new earth reality of love and unity. The Most High is commanding the Divine Masculine Christ walk away from fighting the Divine Feminine Christ, and chose peace.

God is protecting the Sacred Nectar of the Holy Grail. Although this is a personal experience for all involved, there is a greater mission and service that we are fulfilling in the flesh for the Most High. Today brings quick and sudden ending of foundational attachments to move us forward into the next level of anointment that is coming our Way.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen 🙏🏻

🕊 Love Carolyn




Mercury in Virgo has triggered a dynamic sextile between the two big player planets Neptune and Pluto. Next week, Mars will take his turn in this configuration opposite Neptune in Pisces, and in trine to Pluto in Capricorn. We are trying to break out of the nightmare, and move into the dream.

This Astrology is about being supported in claiming back our spiritual autonomy and sovereign mind. Mercury, Mars, and the Sun in Virgo are saying that we do this by once again taking our role as healers. The energies are shifting to support SuperNovas to come back into service to humanity. It has been so difficult to have so much inside to give, and yet be cast aside and invalidated, life after life, through this evolution. It’s time to take our place back in the Sun.

The Sun is coming into square with the Nodes of the Moon. Your destiny as a planetary and collective healer is calling. We must rewire our thinking. SuperNovas empowered as the healers they are, is the only way forward. This means we must come out of the stories of the past that have kept us feeling unworthy of our own abundance, and step back onto our true path.

Next week, Venus in Libra will square up with Pluto in Capricorn, speaking to the empowerment of the feminine. Life force itself, has been kept in chains. But now it is time for the energy of creation to flow through our lives again, if we can see through the fog to claim it.

Mercury moves over into Libra on Monday. Mercury will be in Libra for two and a half months, because he will be turning retrograde. Mercury retrograde in Libra is a calling home for the mind, an invitation back to the Garden. The current Astrology is supporting us to be brave and drop all programming and mind control. Only yourself can free your mind. It’s a picture of a perfect balance between the right and left brain, bringing us into heart consciousness.

It is time to start thinking WAY outside of the box, if we are ever going to move forward in this evolution. Forces are now in support of our release from the conditioning of mental slavery. The door is open for us to see through the programming of the lower matrix, and step through, back into our own direct connection to life force.



Kin 256 ~ Yellow Solar Warrior
The number 9 is called ‘Solar’ and it’s key words are ‘Realizing, Intention and Pulse’. The 9th day is all about intention, grabbing what you want. It is very powerful number so be very careful about your intentions. “Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.” said the Dalai Lama. Whatever you pursue today, consider if you really need it because the chances of you succeeding is very high.
Today is Yellow Warrior and the key words associated with it are ‘Intelligence, Fearlessness and Questioning’. Yellow Warrior days are about taking on a mission. The combination of day and number makes this one of the most powerful days in the Tzolkin cycle. If you take on a quest, or go on the warpath… with the number 9 adding fire in your belly there’s no stopping the determined warrior today.
The Guide for the day is Yellow Human which represents ‘Channeling and Free will’, this suggests that your mission today is guided by intuition – so don’t worry if you don’t at first understand what your mission is, it will come to you.
The Challenge of the day is White Worldbridger, so if you were born on Worldbridger day you will find that you are pushed around by the universe as it provokes you into taking up arms and defending yourself. Worldbridgers are the peace-loving diplomats of the Tzolkin and they resist the urge to fight.
The Occult Power is the Red Serpent which represents ‘Instinct’ and the ability to shed one’s skin. This symbolizes starting fresh, renewing yourself by letting go of the past. As it’s in this Occult position, this suggests that our quests today have a deeper purpose.
The Ally is the Blue Night, the dreamer of the Tzolkin. Before you take on a mission you have to dream one up! Dream big like the Blue Night and you shall find ‘Abundance’. Need help on your quest? Find a Blue Night, they have plenty of dreams to share.
The last few days of the Tzolkin are very intense but relief will arrive on Red Magnetic Dragon next Wed!

Today is Yellow Solar Warrior day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.

Yellow Warrior, (tribe 16 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), questions, intelligence, fearlessness.
Yellow Warrior encourages you to advance toward your fears. All fears are illusions. Love is the only reality. If you are experiencing fear, it means that you are unable to perceive what is truly happening. Today you are being called upon to gracefully advance toward your fears. If you run away from your fears, you are actually running toward them, which will cause you to manifest the same fear pattern all over again.
The manifestation principles at play in our world are designed to give you exactly what you want. Stay positive. Even if you are in a super challenging situation, strive toward something better, (positive), rather than away from what you perceive as negative, (likely the source of your fear). As you gracefully advance toward your fears, you will begin to question them through divine, or higher intelligence perspectives that you are naturally connected to.
All higher intelligence emanates from your heart. Your heart always knows the truth of things. Trust your gut feelings, instincts, and heart knowing regardless of the fearful story playing out in your mind. From a heart/love-based perspective, all fears are washed away, leaving you a clear understanding of what you are truly experiencing. Gracefully advancing toward your fears, questioning them through divine intelligence perspectives is how we free ourselves from their paralyzing illusions.
Solar tone of Intention, (step 9 of the 13-step creative energy cycle), pulse, realize, intention.
The number nine is composed of three sets of three. Accordingly, there are three different ways intention can be interpreted. The first way is for you to put out your intentions through your thoughts and words. Writing your intentions down is a great way to solidify this process. Remember to use positive language and ask for what you want as opposed to what you don’t. The world we live in is user friendly. It is designed to give you exactly what you think and speak about. Negative language goes unrecognized in the manifestation process and only serves to help you manifest what you do not want.
The second way you can work with your intentions is to go ahead and take action. When you put your intentions into motion it announces to the universe what you are aiming for. Taking action is the final step needed to trigger and release the manifestations that will arrive during tomorrow’s tenth creative energy tone.
The third way to work with intentions is to go ahead and do the thing you intend intentionally. Having attained a new extra solid foundation of integrity to set your upcoming manifestation upon during yesterday’s tone eight, you can now go ahead and very purposefully set forth your intentions about what you want to manifest.
Intentional questioning, intelligence, and fearlessness.
Day 9 of the 13-day cycle themed Yellow Star, beautifies, elegance, art.
Written by Roger Grossman



9 CIB – KIN 256
27 AUGUST 2021
I pulse in order to question
Realizing fearlessness
I seal the output of intelligence
With the solar tone of intention
I am guided by the power of free will
27/8/2021 =40 = 9/8/5=9/13=9/4=13=4
27- Power/Leadership/Command
40-Genius number/Think outside the box
9- Endings/Destiny/Service/Humanity/Grace
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
8- Abundant Infinite Source Flow
5- Freedom/Change/Transformation/Liberation
13- Goddess/Cosmic Consciousness/Natural Lore
4- Foundation/Form/Earth/Angelic
KIN 256 = 13 = 4 Form/Foundation/Earth
A day focused on using our intelligence to create a NEW system!
Day 9 of the spectacular YELLOW STAR✨ WAVESPELL – where we are AWAKENING our sparkle,🎆 and using our creativity to attract more Beauty, Grace and Harmony in our lives.. so that our lives become a living work of ART! 🎨
And so we reach day 9 in the final countdown to piercing the veil through to SOURCE!🌞 Today we are fully focused on consciously co-creating beauty and harmony through intention. We get to realize what it is to be creatively pulsing forth our radiant creations through our higher intelligence, questioning and rejecting all that is not defined as ART! 🎨🖼🌹
SOLAR ☀– Tone 9 in the SPIRITUAL realm. ACTION – realizes, POWER – pulses, ESSENCE – intention.
The ninth day of YELLOW STAR✨ Wavespell is the one that gives the last push prior to manifestation. The SOLAR phase is where we wake up to the fact that our Will affects the reality we experience, so we begin pulsing, extending our intent into realization. Visualizing what we want to manifest and pulsing that intention from our heart. This assists us in making our dreams come true.
The STAR🌟 fuelled by SOLAR POWER🌞 is POTENT manifestation energy today! Golden Solar powered energy stored in your Solar Plexus Chakra – your Dantien, the power house of your stored CHI! 🎆 Pulse this ELECTRIC yellow energy OUT into the Vortex of Creation with your commanding INTENTION that you deserve, and EXPECT a better life! ✨🌟✨
Shape, create and construct your powerful energized intentions through this holographic universe to manipulate the aethers in order to manifest your heartfelt desires into your new reality. You are the humanitarian whose dreams unfold the larger pattern of our new world.
❓❓What powerful DREAMS are you pulsing into reality?🤔
CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW SOLAR WARRIOR🌞🌈🏹 CIB The qualities of CIB are those of QUEST-I-ON-ing the status quo and what IS. Being fearless, and using intelligence and free will to eliminate what does not resonate with your being. To question and use our free will to fearlessly choose a bold new path. To be abundant, to choose intelligence. To question our culture and the culture we come from. To have the intelligence to REALIZE that WE get to CHOOSE, what type of world we live in, and the suitable culture for our new more harmonious communities.
The fearless Rainbow Warriors🌈🏹 HAVE chosen a NEW CULTURE based on HARMONY, ART, BEAUTY, Unconditional LOVE and RESPECT for each other. A culture based on questioning FEAR and not allowing it to take root, or rule our lives ANYMORE!!!. Bravely questioning our deepest fears, in order to release them from the subconscious realms. A powerful day for a total PURGE of the old ways!
Through the power of INTELLIGENCE the Warrior cuts through the ignorance of the illusionary world, releasing the old “Time is Money” paradigm that kept us locked in as slaves in an artificial time matrix. Finally realizing that “Time is Art”🎨🖼 and using our intelligence to FREE ourselves, in order to express Art creatively, in whatever form our soul’s desire. Having FREE WILL and CHOICES to govern HOW OUR day flows. Find a new more ARTISTIC and creative path and become the MASTER of your own life! ✨🌟🎨🎭🖼🌟✨
🚫🚫TAKE NOTE: Warrior’s fearlessly charge into battle, so be wary of arguments, disputes and conflicts today.⛔ The saving grace is that it is not emotional energy today, but in the spiritual realm. This elevates the focus of the Warrior to higher states of consciousness and thus accordingly his behaviour through RADIANT expression. 🎆
HIGHER SELF: YELLOW SOLAR HUMAN 😊 EB and CIB are good buddies as they both rely on their INTELLIGENCE and FREE WILL to QUESTION what is? The difference between the two is that YELLOW HUMAN has access to greater wisdom through the BUDDHIC MIND, but only if he CHOOSES to align with a higher DIVINE SOURCE of intelligence. CIB in contrast needs to align with the greater good through his HEART – choosing to defend the vulnerable citizens, in allegiance to his rightful KING.
Thus EB as the HIGHER GUIDE allows for a greater flow of inspiration and divine wisdom to help guide our choices today.
❓Which options are you choosing to follow?
❓Which desires do you want to accomplish, in order to push your intention forward?
Energy goes where attention flows, so choose wisely.
These continued “LOCKDOWNs” and suppression of our rights and FREEDOM – is facilitating a Planetary lesson that humanity as a whole needs to WAKE UP and use their INTELLIGENCE to QUESTION what is happening!!!
HISTORY REPEATS until we learn the LESSON presenting – over and over again – the WITCH hunts in the middle ages, the Black Slavery regimes, the exile of “convicts” to the colonies, the Nazi regime… and now AGAIN we find humanity faced with a polarizing lesson – persecuting one section of the populace in order to ENSLAVE and control the masses who hold a false sense of superiority! The mass hypnosis continues until WE as a collective can recognize it for what it is, and then CHOOSE differently!
When we finally AWAKEN and REALIZE the ILLUSION that we have been living, we start to QUESTION what is transpiring before our EYES👁👁.. Then we have the CHOICE to – ACCEPT or REJECT this way of living…
As the old paradigm crumbles away we have the CHOICE as to what type of NEW WORLD we shall consciously CREATE… It is CLEAR that GAIA and Father/Mother God have chosen that TIME = ART🎨 as indeed there is NO TIME, in a collective creative expression of our Soul’s desires. Our HIGHEST TIMELINE 📈requires UNITY!👫👬👭
✨✨✨The YELLOW STAR Wavespell is thus a DIVINE MESSAGE to humanity that our new Harmonic Matrix MUST BE ALIGNED with DIVINE LOVE, GRACE, BEAUTY and compassion🎨 – where our lives are expressed as LIVING works of ART! 🎨🖼🌹
SUPPORT: BLUE SOLAR NIGHT🌞 🌃 AKBAL. The OLD Matrix collective program was that we MUST WORK 9 to 5 to “EARN” a living. We were brainwashed to believe that TIME IS MONEY and that we need to WORK HARDER to get more money, in order to pay more bills and buy things that we cannot afford or don’t really need!…
We buy bigger houses and take out HUGE Mortgages to pay for the houses that we rarely occupy – because we are too busy EARNING the money to pay for it!! So HOW did we fall into the TRAP of believing this LIE? 🤔
❓❓WHY do we need to “EARN” a LIVING? 🤔
LIVING a happy and healthy LIFE is our birthright and should be FREELY available to ALL global citizens.. When we release these old beliefs and outdated money scare-city programs we free ourselves from the 9 to 5 entrapment.
We all have the CHOICE to walk away and BELIEVE in something better. Hold onto your DREAMS and let them be your guide. Release the FEAR of having to earn and hoard money, and just allow your life to FLOW. Energy is the greatest form of current-sea that SOURCE provides. That is infinitely available to us, as prana, the air that we breathe, the water that we drink and the food that nourishes us. We have EDEN🏝 right here now! We just need the INTELLIGENCE to realize that!
Earth is the only planet in the Galaxy where we are CHARGED for the water that we drink and food that we eat! How crazy is that????? They even put a meter on our energy requirements! Insanity! And we have allowed it!! THIS paradox IS about to CHANGE… We can no longer LIVE on a PRISON PLANET🌍
GAIA is being set FREE 🌎💥 and SO ARE WE!! HALLELUJAH! ✨✨✨
WE are the ABUNDANCE! It is INSIDE of YOU, not somewhere external.
Stop seeking, and start OPENING your GIFTS, 🎁 only then shall you RECEIVE your true heart’s desires!😍💝💞
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED OVERTONE SERPENT👑🐍 CHICCUAN combines with BLUE NIGHT to ease your survival FEARS and old scare-city programmed instincts. FEAR is easily dissolved through creative expression.
Many talented souls are now creating beautiful uplifting songs, poems, cartoons, videos and images which are humorously uplifting people’s moods and vibration – filling people with HOPE and through Common-Unity distracting us from the mass FEAR projection. LAUGHTER is the quickest way to raise your frequency.
We must COMMAND BACK our POWER👑 and RADIATE LOVE❤ and HOPE to our fellow kin, in order to DISSOLVE the collective doom and gloom, and make our world SHINY and BRIGHT again☀✨🌎
The beautiful Harmonic symphonies of all these musicians, singers, comedians, ARTISTS and everyday citizens creates a MOMENTOUS upsurgence in our bonding and compassion through our Divine hearts 💓reminding us all of our DIVINE SOURCE. 🌞🌹
We each hold a store house of RADIANT chi within us WAITING TO be expressed.. A powerhouse of unique creation energies exists in our being. Unleash this power 🔥to fuel your desires and make wiser choices.
Invite the POWER of CHICCUAN🐍 today to raise your life-force and vitality🎇 as this focused PASSION 💃can then be directed into your RADIANT creative expression..
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE SOLAR WORLDBRIDGER🌞 🌈🌉 CIMI seals the store of DEATH bringing CLOSURE and ENDINGS to the OLD WAY of being. CIMI’s shadow expresses as having difficulty accepting death and letting go!
❓❓Where in your life are holding on to FEAR of releasing the old paradigm and way of being.
Sadly the human race has been programmed to resist change and transformation, and we generally respond with fear, rather than embracing the new.
Many souls are being fearlessly CHALLENGED right now, to WAKE UP and CHOOSE a new way of living… However the pressure from the FEAR and global “PLAN-demic, causes them to shut down and become even more resistant, refusing to acknowledge that the world is changing for the BETTER.😍😍😍 – despite appearances!
and yet the masses are mourning and grieving for their old lives – doing anything they are told by the “POWERS that be” in order to get back to “normal” or rather the “new normal”! They are not realizing that something much BETTER and BRIGHTER🌞 is just around the corner… if only they have the courage to
✨It is TIME to SURRENDER to the SWEET LIFE! 😍🍬🍩🌹
If you are in denial or resistance mode, then Spirit will continually intervene with more drastic measures until you are forced to LET GO! Sometimes this non acceptance can take the form of unforgiveness, keeping an energetic tie to the old relationship or situation. It is time to cut all these old cords, find the forgiveness within your heart to detach and move forward.
Choose to LET GO, and choose HARMONY✨, PEACE🕊 and ABUNDANCE! 💰
Allow CIMI to send out new golden threads🎆 to all the wondrous new connections you will be making in your new chapter. Remember at all times to choose LOVE💞 rather than FEAR. Ironically to do this we usually have to accept the DEATH of something old in order to build this new bridge to LOVE! 🌈🌎💞
Today’s QUEST-I-ON is “How can I use my creativity, to pulse my intentions forward, CHOOSING a world filled with beauty, LOVE and Harmony?….. Where Time is Art!”🎨🖼🌹🌟
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Go forth peace filled RAINBOW WARRIORS,🌈🌎💞 YOU are the ARTIST!🎨🖼
What are you choosing to paint on the canvas of your soul’s journey?🖼🌹💃✨💝
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Rainbow Warrior Artist DIVINE GRATITUDE to Natalie Ahau 🙏❤🙏❤🙏

Pleiades 1 Messages August 27 2021

P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Solar Waves increase considerably.

Old parasites are blocked.

Hermetic Reverberations in progress. 85% (non-regressive).

Transfers to *Khalthart are approved. 2nd wave: 26% (non-regressive).

Unconscious liberations initiated: 2/3 SPECIFIC LAYER >>>> 39% (non-regressive).

*444-Local in definitive fall: +++ infiltrations initiated = 92% (non-regressive).

Gaia is luminous.

Astral Travels increase divinely.

Soul transitions keep happening.

Route changes in progress.

Sensory layers are magnified.

Governments – – – – – – – are notified.

Colored Universe shows itself in astrals.

Temporarily, end of transmission.







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  1. I, Cecilia Watkins am a Pillar of Light!
    And from now on, I become a Pillar of Light, a pyramidal base of Light where sides are equal in the size I determine needed at that time so that I can emanate Light to the entire planet Gaia!
    And So It Is.

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