You are currently viewing The TIMELINE has NOW been ALTERED! STARSEED REALITY ~ Healing of the Original Twin Flames
Girl and Her Fox

The TIMELINE has NOW been ALTERED! STARSEED REALITY ~ Healing of the Original Twin Flames

The TIMELINE has NOW been ALTERED! STARSEED REALITY ~ Healing of the Original Twin Flames


Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Star Seeded Ones of the Bright Virtuous Infinite Light of Source

Synchronizing with the Magical Arc Alignment in the Heavens today with 5 Planets, our local Solaris released a Major X Class Solar Flare this evening maxing at X 1.27 at 2:30 UTC.

We had powerful codes, symbols and a bright column of white light appearing on the Schumann Charts at an amplitude spike of 25 hz. Fifth Dimensional Energetics continue to flood this realm with Bliss Frequencies of the New Eden Timeline. We are fully shifting now into the higher realms of Pure Awareness, the Original Mind of Buddha, Empty and Free.

Pachamama also received another powerful activation on the ring of fire today in Japan with a magnitude 6.0 earthquake at 9:18 UTC.

The Heavenly Arc has been activated and the Angelic Kingdom has returned to help free humanity from all false systems of slavery and control within the 3d matrix.

The Dharma frees all sentient beings from samsara. The Truth is setting us all free from ignorance as we step into our Divine sovereignty as Wayshowers of the New Heaven upon the New Earth.

We rise in the honor and Glory as warriors of God’s Divine plan of the Holy Spirit. We walk the medicine wheel of healing and transformation in the Light.

The Omega portal is open and merges with the Alpha to break all timeloops of Archonic manipulation.

We are in the final stages and phases of our Great Emergence as Galactic Butterflies of the 99 Tengri of the Sky Nation of Freedom Fliers of the New Lemuria…A’Ho!






Right now: Moon at 9°21′ Cancer, Sun at 8°15′ Aries

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A large diamond in the first stages of the cutting process.
Sabian Symbol for 10º Cancer

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 10º Cancer.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A crystal gazer.
Sabian Symbol for 9º Aries

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 9º Aries.



Relax. You already have everything that you need. Your nature is already whole. Your nature is already pure. There is nothing to obtain. You just have to give up and let go what is covering it.
~ Chamtrul Rinpoche
Your nature is already pure
Your nature is already pure


The Divine Light Matrix of the New Earth is taking over every aspect of the world. All that is not pure, and serving the ill intentions of any entity, is to be dissolved, with something greater, of benevolent in nature taking its place. The light is truly to take its rightful seat on Earth.
Crystal Palace
Crystal Palace
You are being activated as an important member of the Earth. You out here doing a double mission. They are here serving double humanity attending a massive shift in consciousness and mental and spiritual evolution.
It’s activating your soul’s innate memory, the gifts of the soul and helping you remember all your training for this life. Now is the time to open up and allow the light of your true Self to shine.
Affirmation: “I honor the person I am becoming.” I am aligning with the desired result
spiritual evolution
spiritual evolution

Ra James

We have lots of Solar Winds headed our way. We can expect April 1st to really kick things off energetically. 4:1 is a major Galactic Activation Portal Day and a Pleiadian Portal. We can expect some massive energies for both the 4:1 and 4:4 Portal. 5 Planets will align tonight in a rare astrological event. A Planetary Parade. After Sunset Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus will be aligned in an Arc with the Moon. Tonight’s alignment is the The Holy Arc to the 5th Dimension. Expect the massive upgrades to continue as we are still feeling and integrating the energies of the Equinox, and will continue to be thru the next week. Tonight we also have a Conjunction between the Moon and Mars. We also have the Pleiades shining right between Venus and Mars. Great energies to be using for your manifesting and new projects. All about getting creative with these energies. Great for getting things done.
Really tapping into and finding what lights your soul up. All about shifting into higher and higher frequencies right now. Aries Season is all about your goals. Amazing energies for healing and activating our Pleiadian DNA in. Huge Shifts happening. May be feeling to do extra self care especially if you’re sensitive to the energies. Being guided to spend more time alone and in your own energy. This will help you with better tapping into your soul and your own unique expression of it. It’s important that you’re surrounding yourself with positive energy right now. You’re becoming more and more open to the energies around you. This is a space to reflect and to make sure your manifestations are working for you. These energies are powerful and this Spring is taking you into a New Beginning like never before. Reminded anything in your life is being set into motion by you. Take care of your thoughts. Everything you’re thinking about is manifesting rapidly in these energies…

Healing of the Original Twin Flames

March 24th, 2023
Dear family of love and light, the Divine has been working tirelessly to correct the miscreation since biblical time and remove the energies that have intervened with the Divine plan and changed the course of human history.
Today, the Divine and the company of heaven have carried out a special operation to remove the energies that hijacked Adam and Lilith’s mission. The Divine says that the energies have been removed from the garden of Eden and the planet. The original twinflames, Adam and Lilith who was the first wife of Adam, have reunited and their long lasting saga has finally ended. For that, the Divine is pleased and the characters who have played Adam and Lilith, or the soul parents of Adam and Lilith, are grateful for the final twin reunion. The Divinely orchestrated simulation is over. The healing of the forefathers of the three big religions has made a huge progress. Great news indeed.
Recently, because of the interference from negative energies, a lot of twin flames have broken apart. The Divine has been working to repair the twins and reunite them again. However, there are some twin flames whose deeply buried issues were from ancient times, and that means that the Divine needs to go back to the ancient times to heal the twins and their missions on earth. Adam and Lilith is just one of these examples of original twin flames who have trouble either reuniting or staying together after the reunion. The Divine says that the Divine will continue to heal the twin flames and their ancient roots so that eventually, all of the original twin flames will reunite on earth.
On Gaia’s new earth, the new earth twin flame templates have been installed. Krishna and Radha are the ones who carry the new earth twin flame Divine blueprint. The Divine encourages light workers, and particularly twin flames, to connect with Krishna and Radha so that their new earth templates can be installed and anchored.
Linda Li the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.
Girl and Her Fox
Girl and Her Fox

 Photographer Anastasiya Dobrovolskaya!❤️

Blue Rose Oracles

Higher vibrational wavelengths keep pouring into the magnetic fields and upgrading the very fabric of our reality experience.

You are moving into a higher frequency & upgrading each layer of your physical, emotional & energy bodies.

Everything feels new, fast, expansive and heightened.

The energies coming into the planetary field are creating new circuits within the physical & energy bodies so that you can hold these crystalline light waves anchor them & activate higher templates and timelines for the collective.

Higher/expansion chakras are coming online which feels like vibrating and pulsating coming through the body and a sense of expansion & restlessness.

The Solar energies are helping you to transcend the old versions of you playing in slower frequency timelines as now is the time to quantum shift into your Crystalline diamond template and play in your these energy fields.

The New/Now earth is here already it’s a higher octave & faster dimensional bandwith which you are aligning to and creating new reality experiences within that form pathways of expansion and transformation within the collective field.

Key observations
Hyper mode, feeling energised and activated but challenged to direct the flow of faster energies into creativity and be present or still in these high frequency bursts of light waves.
Thirsty, craving raw plant based foods, feeling scattered and unfocused but aligned as you integrate the higher aspect of yourself anchoring and being embodied as you have cleared so much of the old density patterns & programmes.

Copyright ©️ blueroseoraclesxx




It has been ALTERED to Bring about the Creation. . . or to Bring about the GOLDEN AGE that WE Are Creating.
And as WE have Heard Many Times. . . NOthing NOW can Stop this.
So even those of the forces of the dark continue to move along and bring about what they think is their creation. . . It Is NOT.
It is NOT to BE Allowed. For the GREAT CENTRAL SOURCE of this Universe has Decreed that it shall NOT BE Allowed. . . that the Experiment is at an End.
And even though WE may still see some of those remnants of the darkness continuing on. . . they are more and more Fading into Nonexistence.
So WE Continue to TRUST.
TRUST the DIVINE Plan. TRUST in our SELVES. . . the Creator SELVES that WE Are.
BEcause that is What is Righting the SHIP.
WE all have the POWER Within us. The POWER that Comes from the GREAT CENTRAL SUN of this Universe. . . from the DIVINE SOURCE that is Within ALL of us.
It is NOW!
And NOW is the Moment. . . the Moment that WE have been Waiting for. . . Working toward for many thousands of years.
Many. . . Many Lifetimes WE have been Working at this. . . coming to this POINT. . . this POINT in the Expression of the Universe. . .
as the Universe continues to EXPAND More and More through us. . . through each and every One of us.
And the EXPANSION is Increasing and Growing. And Moving from the third-dimensional Experience and Expression into the Fourth and the Fifth.
Some of us are in the Fourth Dimension and some of us are in the Fifth Dimension NOW. WE Are NO Longer in the third dimension.
WE Do NOT think of our SELVES in that third dimension Any More. WE Do NOT even Announce it. . . or even think those thoughts.
For the third dimension is NOT for us. It is for those that continue to hold in their sleep. . . that continue to NOT want the LIGHT.
That is for them. And they will find that expression of a continued third dimension.
But BEcause of Who WE Are. . . and the Expression of what WE bring Here to this Planet. . . to this Experience. . .
it is BEcause of us that so Many More across the planet are in that Awakening Stage Right NOW in this Moment.
And the EVENTS are Coming.
The EVENTS that will Catapult the Momentum that is Moving Closer and Closer to that Finish Line that Sananda is so Famous for Speaking of.
WE Continue to Trust. Trust in our SELVES. Trust in the UNIVERSAL PLAN.
And Continue to BE those Watchers. . . those Ones that Observe from Afar. . . but yet Whenever the Moment Arises. . .
WE Are the ONES that Spring into Action and Bring our TRUTH Forward.
And there are Many NOW that are Clamouring for that TRUTH. They are Clamouring to Reach into the LIGHT.
And even some of those that hold on to the darkness. . . even some of they will Reach to the LIGHT as well.
WE Are NOW Staying in PEACE. . . and LOVE. . . and ONENESS. That WE would Continue to BE the Warriors of DIVINE LIGHT that WE Are.
Mike Harrigan.
I Am.
You Are.
We Are.
Universal Consciousness..
🔥🕎🔯🕉️ 🔥
💎 ❤️💚💙💜❤️ 💎
❤️ 🌟 🌎🌍🌏🌟 ❤️

Walking Into A Body And The Before And Afterlife 💖💖💖💖💖

Consciousness is everywhere all at once. There is no beginning or end to consciousness. It is the substance of universal mind, cosmic consciousness and true Divine love.
It is also the creative playing ground through which form appears. Form and objects are the symbolism of the consciousness that creates itself through the substance of form itself. So we see here, consciousness molds itself into the shape of symbolism, and is not lost. It simply is the vehicle, for the consciousness, to reveal itself.
Symbolism plays a key role here, and many ancient societies knew this. They played out their rituals as forms of symbolism through which they consciously birthed something new. Understanding that it always exists and through focus and realization, one too; becomes the conscious creator for the substance of consciousness.
There are different types of human BEINGS on Earth; in that, their consciousness through incarnation, took place in various differing ways throughout the history of Earth, in order to be here.
All beings to be here on Earth took part in the preparation stages before incarnating into another unique form on Earth. For most this begins through being birthed. There are other ways.
When one consciously walks into a body, it starts a new arriving. The new consciousness, Soul, begins to play out their unique frequency consciousness, which based on the agreements before arriving, they then, live through.
Now all consciousness is always present and accessible. All incarnations are playing out through the agreements and plans one made prior to arriving. If there was a difference in experience of someone walking into a body, it would be that of consciously remembering before arriving, understanding the importance of agreements and remembering the moment of being sent while maintaining the understanding of the embodiment of being here.
For all beings here on Earth, there really was a planning stage and it is beatific there in the higher dimensions, before then taking the leap into another form on planet Earth.
You will all remember at some stage of your incarnation process the before and the then ~ arriving. Then the before will become the now, as the subconscious (that which is hidden consciously) becomes conscious for you.
This is the plan, that you do not have to wait till you shed your form, to be aware now. That the higher you and before and always are already one, now.
Heaven really exists. The glorious state of being without suffering exists. Living and existing in consciousness in complete harmony and Divine love, exists. The in-between, the arriving, the now, exist in this state of union of consciousness that never dies, while on Earth through form and throughout all incarnations.
This exists, and you are here now. I have seen the so called after life, it is real, the planning is real, just as you are a real eternal being, now. You are simply shedding all the heavy weight connected to the forgetting. Like the lifting of heavy clouds, that then reveal consciously the glorious rays of the sun; (which was always present) so too you, will see, feel and know, the truth of your eternal Divine existence that also was always present.
Blessing you all now, with The Divine Council of Overseers, Sanat Kumara, The Queen of Light and many other Divine Light Beings, that are also always present, in consciousness, in Divine love, always, ALL now.
In Divine Love, L’Aura Pleiadian


For Your Dimensional Light Family is a Complex Relationship.
Aligned to Timelines of Light, Ancient Stories Connecting you
Ancient Realities, interwoven in your Light Stream
We bring this Through to assist the Activation of your Cosmic Light Stories
For the Path of Light is an Interwoven Web, a Complex Light Formation
Understanding Your Personal Light Web, is the opportunity to dive deeply into your Cosmic Crystalline Light Field. Look beyond the physical formations of this Reality.
Like a large ball of String, simply finding the tool to unravel the string, is the task. Coupled with the Light Frequiencies showering our world, the Unfoldment, will naturally continue. As you ride the Light Waves, the new earth frequencies reaching the unfoldement of US.
For it is a tapestry of Light, interwoven in the Unique Light Code of You
Simply Know, Higher Light Attunement is the Path Now.
Simply Rest, Feel Assured In This Message Today ❤🙏💥
With Love Light Family 🌿
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika
Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

The Feminine is fully recovering her Masculine power, which is putting her in a very stable and abundant position. Burnout and being stuck are being replaced with new opportunities and new ways of living that will begin in Taurus Season. Over this next month it is important to reset your energies to prepare for this fresh start.

Continue building your Masculine power and maturity through Aries Season, while Mars is in Cancer. Doing so will evolve you into a unified field of oneness with 5D Consciousness, and live in God’s New Earth timeline. Any time your mind shifts into lack, intentionally restructure your thoughts beliefs. Focus your intentions on happiness, wealth, health, love, Kingdom marriage and your heart’s desires in your new life cycle.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn

Thousand dreams and Roses
Thousand dreams and Roses
Daniel F. Gerhartz (b.1965) American painter
Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries. Mars in Cancer semi-square Uranus in Taurus – Mercury continues to activate the Jupiter-Chiron conjunction. Today’s aspects bring a storm of thoughts. Zeus chucks lightning bolts, exploding ideas in every direction. It’s a beautiful firework display filled with spectacular promise – or it’s just noise with everyone pushing and shoving to be heard, motormouths, shouting. The Martian connection to Uranus brings in an anxious, unpredictable edge and there’s a tendency to act fast to shore up defences. Don’t lose sight of the details. Pay attention to triggers.
Still, at best, these connections have super creative potential. Brainstorm ideas. Be spontaneous with offering opinions and perspective. You can wing it if you need to. Speak up at meetings. Lead by example. Teach by doing. Get excited by all there is to learn. Buy books. Write. Publish. Stretch your idea of what is possible. Broaden your horizons. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.
Degrees and Times
Mercury, Jupiter 18°Ar13′ – 07:50 (BST)
Mars 01°Cn38′, Uranus 16°Ta38′ – 21:40 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Girl Reading by Camille Corot
Girl Reading
Girl Reading

Kin 54 ~ White Lunar Wizard

‘Lunar’ is the name for the number two and its keywords are ‘Polarize, Challenge and Stabilize.’ Lunar days can be tough no doubt but any journey worth taking has its obstacles and on number two days, we can practice the art of problem solving. We have just embarked on a 13-day journey of the Red Skywalker which invites us to do things out of the ordinary, to be explorers and to partake in adventures. This being the second day, we must identify what challenges we face so we may progress.
Today is White Wizard and keywords associated with it are ‘Enchantment, Receptivity and Timelessness’. The Wizard of the Tzolkin is a charming character who can mesmerize all that encounters him. If you are a Wizard, you are always charming but when it’s your day, you have even more power over others so be careful how you use your charms. We can all take a leaf out of Wizard’s ‘book of spells’ and be wizards ourselves today and enchant others. As it is a ‘Lunar’ day and that represents challenges, beware that you do not fall under the spell of some who misuses their charm.
The Guide for the day is White Worldbridger. The Wizard and the Worldbridger are both very Shamanic and go well together. This suggests that today could be a little trippy. An invitation to go down the rabbit hole may come your way. The bridge you cross may well be enchanted. When you look at the various elements in today’s forecast, there is potential for some stress and confusion. The Wizard can spellbound but the number is challenging, the Worldbridger tries to lead us on the right path but if you are under an enchantment you may get a bit lost. Remember, we are also in the Skywalker wavespell and we are being encouraged to take risks!
The Challenge for the day is Yellow Seed and so if you were born a Yellow Seed, you will find it hard to be enchanting which can cause frustration as all you want to do is ‘sow awareness’. People are more likely to listen to you if you try harder to be charming. As it is also a Lunar day with its challenging energy, this creates even more hardship for poor old Yellow Seeds.
The Occult power is the Blue Hand which represents ‘Healing and Accomplishment’. This helpful energy in the position of magic means some very magical healing can take place today. This is very ‘handy’ as Lunar days can be tough. Whenever a day has challenging aspects we can tap into the Occult power for some magical help.
The Ally is the Red Serpent and so if you know one, they can be very supportive today. Red Serpents won’t be affected by the Lunar challenge as much because they are in this position of Ally. They are everyone’s invaluable friend and if you are one, make it your mission today to help out others.
Kin 54
Kin 54




2 IX – KIN 54
28 MARCH 2023
I polarize in order to Enchant
Stabilizing receptivity
I seal the output of timelessness
With the Lunar tone of Challenge
I AM guided by the power of Death.
28/3/2023 = 10/3/7=10/10 =1/1=2
28-Planning for future success/manifesting
10- Manifestation/Authority/Power/Leader
1- New beginnings/Original/Leader/Independent/Unique
2- Twins/Partner/Cooperation/Duality
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
3- Holy trinity/Creativity/Joy/Happiness
7- Spiritual Test/Initiation/Solitude/Majik/Mystic/Magician
10- Manifestation/Authority/Power/Leader
1- New beginnings/Original/Leader/Independent/Unique
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
23- Royal Star of the LION /Strength/Protection/Support
KIN 54 = 9 Destiny/Service/Compassion/Humanity/Endings
✨✨HEAVEN sent MAJIKal MANIFESTATION GATEWAY – we are now stabilizing all duality challenges!! .
Day 2 in the RED SKYWALKER 🚶WAVESPELL of awakening, exploration and EXPANSION. Today we become AWARE of the opposing physical forces 🌓 at play on the Earth plane, which have limited our GROWTH and EXPANSION, thwarting our adventures. 😭😭
We realize that we are needing to anchor deeply into the NEW EARTH, creating a SOLID foundation in order to LAUNCH🚀 our EXPANSION into the✨ STARS!! ✨
LUNAR🌓– Tone 2 in the PHYSICAL realm. The LUNAR tone represents the sacred twins, cooperation, relationship, polarity of male and female and duality. It’s ACTION – polarizes, POWER – challenges, ESSENCE – stabilizing.
Today’s code very strongly emphasizes the DUALITY GAME here on Earth, and the constant battle between opposing forces 🌓– LIGHT vs DARK, GOOD vs EVIL, YIN vs YANG, Masculine vs FEMININE.. These duelling forces create FRICTION and resistance to keep each other in check, so that no one force becomes too dominant. This constant flux can be quite challenging (and draining) for those being buffeted by this push/pull dynamic..
The solution is to STABILIZE these forces by acknowledging BOTH SIDES and coming to a point of NEUTRALITY or UNITY… As two OPPOSING forces – join together to become ONE – both different and EQUAL expressions of the ONE – two sides of the one coin. STABILIZING the POLARITY then creates the SPACE for EXPLORATION, EXPANSION and ADVENTURE. 😍🌟🌞🐬✨
Today we have a 10.10 and 1.1 coding – giving us the POWER to overcome this battle by accepting our POWER and MANIFESTING our desire for PEACE and HARMONY. We are able to LIBERATE this POLARITY battle, and build a NEW FOUNDATION of PEACE based on DIVINE HARMONY… our FREE SPIRITED ANGELIC SKYWALKER is helping us expand into new adventures. But first we must harmonize our relationships, and polarity conflict, to attain this state of PEACE and FREEDOM both within and without! 🎆
A day filled with questioning how you can transcend the old paradigm of conflict, resistance and challenge using your inner Magician, with the power of accomplishment. It is TIME to step out of the duality game and all its possible challenges in order to resolve FEARS, leading you back to wholeness.
Become more RECEPTIVE to the MAJIK💫 that surrounds you and SHOOT for the STARS! ✨
Today’s question is “How can I use my DIVINE MAJIK💫 to overcome ANY obstacles and challenges, in order to experience greater GROWTH and EXPANSION through harmony and UNITY?”
Divine blessings for your transcendence from Polarity challenges and resistance, as you REACH for the STARS!✨ ✨
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: WHITE LUNAR WIZARD 🔮 Ix brings forth the power of Majik, enchantment, benefic spell casting and manifesting through our PURE HEARTS. ❤ Today we have a 10.10 DOUBLE MANIFESTATION code, so the LUNAR WIZARD is ready and primed to unleash GREAT MAJIK!! 🌠🌠🌠
The LUNAR WIZARD will reveal the discordance and chaos existing in our world. This is the part in the movie when our heroes have succumbed to the EVIL forces and have been CAPTURED… All seems hopeless … until GANDALF arrives on his white horse!! 🐴 In the darkest moments – there is always LIGHT!💡💡
The call for assistance arises in his presence, beckoning him to use his powerful Majik to dissolve and harmonize the conflict – returning to a state of PEACE!🕊🕊🕊 The WHITE WIZARD always uses his powers to LIBERATE his allies and friends… His actions EMPOWER others to become LIBERATED from oppression, control and manipulation.
Whenever unsettling situations arise, call on your local Shaman or Wizard to soothe the chaos!
The WHITE WIZARD enables us to DISENGAGE, bypassing the polarity battles by focusing our energy elsewhere. By connecting to Spirit through our HEART❤ chakra, we can bring through great ENCHANTMENT💫 that melts all friction and conflict.
The white WIZARD oozes with an abundance of enchanting charisma! 😍😍😍 As this PURE loving energy is directed at UNITY and stabilizing PEACEful outcomes, it can then LIBERATE our SKYWALKER to experience more exciting ADVENTURES. 🏔🚵
IX has endless power to tap into all realms in the multi-Universe through his RECEPTIVITY, and ability to channel these forces through his physical body, as a wondrous vehicle for Spirit. WHITE WIZARD works beautifully with his buddy BEN, the RED SKYWALKER and ANGELIC MESSENGER, as together they can indeed access infinite information, codes and realms.
Allow IX and BEN to take you to NEW places and spaces, and show you wondrous NEW WORLDS to anchor in your own physical realm. Be like a child who loves to EXPLORE and allow the enchantment to LIFT you upwards to New Horizons, new opportunities and new chapters!
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: WHITE LUNAR WORLDBRIDGER 🌈🌉🌍– CIMI seals the store of Death! The DEATH of POLARITY BATTLES and the END of the war between the sexes, groups and nations. SURRENDER the battles and LET GO to the power of MAJIK! 💫💫💫
CIMI is building NEW BRIDGES 🌉 which create CONNECTIONS. One END of the bridge on each side, bringing the two sides together onto COMMON GROUND where they can meet in the MIDDLE – the equilibrium point. This is how HARMONY is achieved. ✨🌟✨
CIMI beautifully closes the old cycle of the patriarchal control Matrix, which has suppressed our sense of adventure and joie de vivre! CIMI is the gatekeeper opening the prison cell and ensuring your Majikal LIBERATION is accomplished. HALLELUJAH at last we are FREE!! ✨💥✨
KIN 54 holds a 9 code, emphasizing endings and Divine destiny, showing us that our old life is OVER! We may encounter difficulties being RECEPTIVE to anchoring multi-dimensional planes, yet it is the anchoring of these different worlds , through our capacity to SURRENDER that enables us to build the necessary bridges to wondrous new worlds and dimensions. This in turn grounds our AWAKENING process and leads to EVEN greater EXPANSION! 💥💥💥
SUPPORT: RED LUNAR SERPENT 🐍– CHICCHAN carries the power of life force, kundalini, instinct, survival, wisdom and AWAKENING. It can also hold the store of FEAR. RED SERPENT challenges you today to RELEASE your OLD SURVIVAL FEARS.💥💥
❓❓What FEAR has been stopping you from experiencing more ADVENTURE in your life?🤔
❓❓What has restricted your ability to jump in, be more spontaneous, and take RISKS, in order to truly LIVE – an exhilarating and emPASSIONed life? 💃💃💃
All those old blocks, patterns and programs that are rooted in survival and defence mechanisms must go!! Most of your core wounding relates to your base chakra issues, so draw on your AWAKENING kundalini 🔥 power to raise and release these energies, funneling it into majikal CREATION power! ⚛✨⚛✨
CLEAR out the BLOCKS in order to create the SPACE for something NEW to enter. Allow your kundalini to rise up and out of your crown and soul star chakras EXPANDING and exploding into the stars above! ✨🎆
This LUNAR SERPENT🌓🐍 is clearing our channel in preparation for our graduation as the COSMIC SERPENT in 12 days time. As our KUNDALINI channel is being cleared and EXPLODES into higher realms, our consciousness is raised to our natural state of BLISS 💕💕 Our MANIFESTING POWER is exploding through the ROOF today!!!
Today we must follow our instincts as guided by the synchronicities that lead us to anchoring the NEW TIME, the potential of our co-creation of HEAVEN on EARTH!💒
Follow your BLISS 💞 and that will lead you to greater HARMONY and JOY. 💖💞💖💞
OCCULT: SUPERPOWER! BLUE CRYSTAL HAND 💎🙌-MANIK provides the gift 🎁 of finally healing from those very ancient and core wounds today! HALLELUJAH!!!. ✨🌟✨
BLUE HAND brings forth the power of accomplishment. You are able to apply your majik solutions, erasing those old triggers and strongholds, finally freeing you from the push/pull game of duality consciousness which has restricted your EXPANSION!
The CRYSTAL HAND also links us to GAIA’S CRYSTALLINE GRID💎🌐 enabling the knowledge to flow effortlessly, as we are all connected through this Grid. This SUPERPOWER seeks to BROADCAST, that UNITY and CONNECTION are the means, by which we can supersede and transcend any apparent disharmony. Clear communication networks and the bonding through our HEART SPACE❤ are the best panacea to ensure we are on the same wavelength – that of Harmonic resonance.
The actual KIN SUPERPOWER today is BLUE CRYSTAL HAND💎🖐 – KIN 207, and this KIN ruled the energy on the SOLSTICE DAY🌞 of DEC 21st, 2012!!! This is an incredible GIFT and blessing in the transformative healing of the PLANETARY FEAR, into the TRUST, SURRENDER and capacity to KNOW that we ARE INDEED changing.
✨We are currently catalysing ✨THE GREATEST CHANGE in our PLANET’s her-story,✨ that we have EVER experienced.✨
The BLESSING of MANIK 🙌 affords us a deeper understanding of the meaning of what it is to live in the times of the 2012-2024 r-evolution!!! As we journey through these transition times, the bridge to 2012 prophecy and TIME LINE has been LINKED and we are reliving this monumental PLANETARY ASCENSION passage!
What we commenced on that PIVOTAL day will be accomplished NOW! Final closure of the cycle and building the bridge to NEW TIME, and NEW 5D NOVA GAIA! IT IS DONE!! 🌈🌍💎🌈💫💞
CHALLENGE/GIFT: YELLOW LUNAR SEED🌱– KAN forms a tag team with CIMI. CIMI symbolizes THE END, and then passes the baton to KAN who denotes a new beginning especially with today’s 1.1. NEW BEGINNINGS GATE! Today we are challenged to put down SOLID ROOTS – to hold our GROUND, and then overcome any resistance or challenges to our GROWTH and expansion, as we reach for the LIGHT. ✨
The STRONGEST TREE🌲 is that which has grown in WINDY🌬🌲🍃 conditions often on sloping land – forcing its roots to grow deep and THICKEN, as support to anchor the emerging tree. The deeper and stronger your foundation, borne of adversity, the STRONGER💪 and more BRILLIANT✨ you become!🌲✨🎆
Whatever challenges we encounter on our journey, we must not stagnate in the dark void! We must keep S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G and growing around all obstacles and limitations, as we seek NEW GROUND, new adventures and new realms in which to EXPAND. 🎆🎆🎆
We are planting NEW SEEDS each day, in order to co-create the NEW DREAMING and thus create our own Garden of Eden, brimming with the bounty of fruitful ABUNDANCE🍇🍉🍎🍓🍒🍐 anchoring HEAVEN on EARTH. 💞
Today’s question is “How can I use my DIVINE MAJIK💫 to overcome ANY obstacles and challenges, in order to experience greater GROWTH and EXPANSION through harmony and UNITY?”
Divine blessings for your transcendence from Polarity challenges and resistance, as you REACH for the STARS!✨ ✨
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈






🔥 NEW!! HATHA YOGA: for beginners 🔥


This is the first in our series of Yoga Training. This is a Hatha Yoga Practice for beginners. This session runs about 20 minutes and is a light and gentle Yin Flow Yoga for all ages. Enjoy your Practice! Namaste 🙏 CLICK HERE to sign up for training





Tuned to the Divine Light that dwells in my heart, I send to You Beloved Ascended Master Serapis Bey, Your Brotherhood of Luxor, Your Archangel Gabriel and Hope, Your Elohim of Clear and Astrea Purity, the strength of my Love and my Gratitude for Your services rendered to me, all humanity and all the evolving Kingdoms on the Planet.
In the name of the Presence I Am in me, I invoke Your Flame of Purity, Ascension, Resurrection and Hope for me and for all life emanations, without distinction.
Keep Her calling, calling, calling, through our bodies, through our homes, businesses, interests and finances. Let this driving force ascend everything in our lives to love, happiness, health, abundance of all good and victory in the Light, now and for all eternity.
Seal us into the oval of white energy that repels, instantly, every disturbing element, all unfavorable energy that could cause the reduction of the vibrational range of our envelopes. In the name of God I Am who dwells in my heart and the heart of all humanity, I command that Purity manifest in every cell in every atom of our bodies of thought, feeling, etherical and physical, consuming all limitations and darkness.
In the name of Mercy and Love, I extend and radiate Your White Light to bless our beloved planet. May the Flame drive manifest in all corners of the Earth, in its interior, on its surface, in its atmosphere. That She consumes all ant evolutionary energy, all that sustains addictions and corruption, all that does not serve divine purpose, love, fraternity and justice. May the Purity manifest itself in the name of the God I Am.
Penetrate with Your Light, White into the world of the incarnated, accelerate the vibrational range of their bodies, giving them the possibility to distinguish and understand the path that will lead them back to the Father’s house.
Reverend I thank you.

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As the collective raises its Christ consciousness, witnessing the purging of the demonic energies within all systems from political, economical, educational to individual and intimately personal, cleansing and re-establishing moral ethics. We are concluding the time of liberation from all karma humanity had held within its consciousness since the beginning of times.

The prophesied worldly chaos is increasing, it is important not to become contaminated by the lower vibrations of terror and anxiety, aggressivity, fear, and all the other negative emotions.

In order to be immune to this contagion we must have zero tolerance for the irrational mind and set it free from all of the unnecessary internal chatter. Only then will we be are able to open ourselves to receive coherent signals from the universal consciousness.

This is precisely how we help the world ascend into higher timelines. It is an urgent matter to not leave the zero point. This must be done individually, without tying ourselves to another.