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They are large cylindrical tanks, standing or lying down, filled with a biomimetic gel substance. This gel is used to regenerate limbs, organs, and even an entire body if one has at least a teaspoonful of material from the original patient that is no more than a week old.

A biomimetic gel is a sticky, transparent paste containing femto-biobots, usually green, yellow, bluish, or sometimes black. Black goo is considered very bad because it eliminates compassion (and makes you extremely intelligent and cunning). These gels can synthesize healthy tissues and bring dead and necrotic cells back to life and fully functional. They can heal without leaving scars, germs or infections.

Wounded or dead soldiers can return to their original condition. In combat, soldiers wear smart suits that, in the event of injury, automatically summon portable meditech devices that provide basic initial care and place the bodies in a state of stasis sleep so that they can be taken to regeneration laboratories without suffering further damage. where comprehensive healing occurs.

Penny Bradley was placed in such a tank after being split in two by a giant spider on Mars. Johan Fritz had a newly formed leg that was torn off in a fight. According to Penny Bradley, people’s implants that are placed in tanks for regeneration fall to the floor and may have to be replaced after treatment.







About the  aging process

Aging is the result of damage to DNA during cellular regeneration throughout our lives. To repair damaged DNA, the body breaks down nearby healthy DNA strands to create the codon building blocks needed to repair the damage. The problem is that over time the body stops functioning normally and does not restore the broken DNA. This leads to shorter, damaged telomeres found at the ends of DNA chains.
This damage is often a byproduct of stress or environmental toxins. Typically, over time, the body depletes its own natural production of stem cells to regenerate DNA, with regeneration slowing at a rate of about 1% per year.

At a certain age, senescence, that is, dead cells, begin to dominate the body. These dying and damaged DNAs accumulate in the body, becoming increasingly toxic at an exponential rate. Senolytics can help remove some of the toxic load, but most natural forms are not very effective (such as saffron, dastinib, quercetin,…). Studies in rats have shown that C60 increases life expectancy by reducing the body’s toxic load due to its antioxidant properties.

If we have the right cell model, we can bypass the need for senolytics, antioxidants or stem cell therapy. Holographic Medical Pods feature microlaser technology and multiple refractive lenses that can manipulate the body’s natural timer and perform age regression procedures through DNA modification.

Age regression procedure in SSP

Age regression technology appears to have emerged from research into space-time travel technology. For the age regression process, specific medications are used to achieve the person’s coma and paralysis and at the same time the arms and legs are tied and a small structure is built around the body to ensure that it does not move. Needles are then placed in different parts of the body to monitor any micro-movements of the body with a laser, or the needles are used to induce paralysis in the limbs.

The result of the process is that the person moves back 20 years in both age and time, so that when they wake up they are 20 years younger and 20 years behind in their own timeline. Typically, a 20-year service contract is concluded, and if a person entered the program at seventeen, after the trial, at 17, he will continue where he was before, without those around him noticing that he is gone.

For reasons related to the complex physics of time travel, age regression processes can only be performed in short, specific time windows of the individual’s personal timeline.

Medicines used in the SSP program can reverse the aging process. These drugs have several serum components that can alter the RNA and molecular structure of the humanoid body type to make the body appear younger or age it. This may include changes in bone structure, muscle mass, height, eye color, skin color, hair color, etc.

These types of drugs have been reverse engineered from advanced extraterrestrial technology, which is why it is now possible to manipulate the physical characteristics of altering the human genetic structure of the body for age regression purposes. This new type of technology also includes fast-acting medications to create a temporary coma, eliminating the need to restrain the person. The medications allow you to create a kind of stasis sleep for up to two weeks, during which the age regression process takes place.

A zero point time reference (ZTR) is used in the process. The spatial component is kept constant (the body is fixed) and the temporal component is changed. The spatial and temporal components of the body are therefore dissociated. Age and time regression is then a slow resynchronization process and takes almost two weeks to achieve a 20-year age regression. Time travel for a 20-year-old person would occur instantaneously, but the person would still be 37 years old, since the ZTR defaults to going back 20 years.

The program then gradually resets the ZTR so that the person’s body is 17 years old once the person moves back 20 years in their timeline through age regression. This must be done through temporal or torsional electromagnetic fields generated by the body’s natural life frequencies or simulated by laser light technology.

The process eliminates any injuries, scars or tattoos sustained during 20 years of service with the SSP.
More detailed physical/biological aspects and certain problems that may be associated with an age regression process (such as psychological instability) and how these can be prevented are not discussed here. Likewise, a number of additional steps that are part of the age regression process are not performed here.

Age regression techniques continue to evolve and advances are continually made, so individual steps and parts of the process are subject to change.

New information suggests that the age regression process can be significantly shortened (no longer taking 2 weeks for a 20-year regression).

It should also be mentioned here that there are also processes of accelerating aging. These are mainly used in the “production” of human clones, in which the growth process is specifically accelerated.

The fact that age regression processes have existed for a long time and are used in the SSP was also mentioned and described by whistleblower William Tompkins, who was significantly involved in the development of spacecraft at Douglas Aircraft and other companies in the aviation industry.





Randy Cramer was authorized by the military to recreate such a bed from his memory, which he found during his service with the SSP on Mars, but does not receive any financial support from the military authorities for administrative reasons. Randy is still looking for civilian investors to finance the project (the problem is that these individuals or companies tend to impose too many conditions). Another problem Randy sees is that he would have to set up a private clinic to treat him with such technologies, as there is a lot of resistance from existing medical institutions. However, as demand for matching treatments will rapidly increase, established medical providers will soon have to adapt – or lose their patients.

We have reported on the Med beds announced by Jared Rand in previous articles. According to Jared Rand, these devices are in the final testing phase, including on patients, after some expansions have been made. A core team of professionals will be formed to be responsible for the initial introduction of these “Heavenly Chambers”, as he calls them. Jared has not yet commented on a specific schedule.

Supertech DSF (Deep Space Force) is the codename of a former SSP who relayed his recovered memories in an in-depth interview with James Rink.

In his observations, he describes the so-called ‘Holographic Examination Table’ ( HET ), on which he was placed every Sunday during his training on Mars. He was given a full body scan each time and injected with a red substance each time. One day, when he asked the medical assistant what that liquid was for, she just smiled meaningfully at him – because there were cameras and microphones installed everywhere, including in the bathrooms. At some point she whispered in his ear “this makes you smarter”. In fact, his IQ, which was measured regularly, increased from 163 to 263 over the ten years of training.

HRT was also used to erase all memories of his previous life and it was programmed into his mind that he had been born as a test tube baby. It was only immediately before his return that it was revealed to him that this was not true, that although they could produce test tube babies, they no longer did so because they had proven to be psychotic. He also learned that we are all holograms and therefore all information about us is present in each cell (where the term “cellular information” comes from), that our DNA is essentially software that stores everything permanently, but also programs that could it be. He was also told that TRHs could be used for any type of mental programming and also for age regression.























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Corbin Godbout

❤ The #EBS is close……the #EBS is about to light up light like a christmas tree…we don’t fit in cause we came to build a NEW EARTH that works for greater good of ALL. Lets go #EBS. LETS GO ❤


EBS is close
EBS is close




Diving Deeper: Now, let’s explore each aspect of QFS, NESARA, XRP, and Stellar in more detail:

Quantum Financial System (QFS): A Beacon of Hope

The traditional financial system has long been plagued by corruption, manipulation and a lack of transparency. It is a system that serves the interests of a select few, leaving the majority struggling to survive. But what if there was a way to free yourself from this oppressive regime?

Enter the Quantum Financial System (QFS), a revolutionary concept that has the potential to change the financial landscape forever. At its core, the QFS is a decentralized financial system designed to return power to the hands of the people. Governments and central banks will no longer dictate the rules; instead, market forces will determine the value of assets and currencies.

NESARA: The National Economic Security and Reform Act

NESARA, short for the National Economic Security and Reform Act, is often mentioned in the same breath as the QFS.  Why?

Because  NESARA  is seen as the legal framework that will pave the way for the implementation of the QFS. It is a comprehensive set of economic reforms that aim to eliminate the cabal’s influence and establish a fair and equitable economic system.

One of the key features of NESARA  is debt forgiveness, providing relief to individuals and nations burdened by insurmountable debt. This aligns perfectly with the QFS’ aim to eradicate debt-driven economies and create a level playing field for all.

XRP and Stellar: the digital revolution

In the world of cryptocurrencies, XRP and Stellar are two names that stand out. XRP, developed by Ripple Labs, is positioned as a bridge currency for international payments. Its lightning-fast transaction speeds and low fees make it an attractive option for international money transfers.

Stellar, on the other hand, focuses on financial inclusion. Its aim is to connect financial institutions and enable seamless cross-border transactions for individuals and businesses in disadvantaged regions. With its mission to bank the unbanked, Stellar plays a key role in QFS’s vision of financial equality.

The path to a fairer economic system

The current financial system is full of inequalities and vulnerabilities. It thrives on debt, interest and centralized control.

The cabal and the bankers have dominated for too long, perpetuating a system that benefits the few at the expense of the many.  It’s time for a change, a change that the Quantum Financial System (QFS) promises to deliver.

As we have seen, QFS is not just a theoretical concept, but a tangible solution supported by cutting-edge technology. Quantum computing and artificial intelligence ensure real-time analytics, fraud detection and a decentralized approach that puts individuals and nations on equal footing.

NESARA  complements this vision by providing the legal framework for reform. Debt forgiveness, transparency and economic justice are at the core of NESARA’s principles, aligning perfectly with the mission of the QFS.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, XRP and Stellar represent the digital revolution. Fast, efficient and inclusive, these digital assets play a crucial role in the QFS’s plan for a  fairer economic system.

The Quantum Financial System  (QFS), NESARA, XRP, and Stellar  together represent a new dawn for financial freedom. It is the vision of a world where financial systems are transparent, decentralized and equitable.

No longer will a select group manipulate the global economy to their advantage; instead, we will have a system where market forces and technology reign supreme.

The journey towards this new financial frontier may not be without its challenges, but the promise of a fairer economic system is too compelling to ignore. As we navigate these uncharted waters, one thing is certain – the Quantum Financial System (QFS) is here to stay and brings with it the hope of a brighter and more prosperous future for everyone.

So keep your eyes on the horizon as the winds of change are blowing and the era of financial freedom is upon us. Embrace the Quantum Financial System, embrace NESARA, embrace XRP and Stellar, and together we can reshape the world economy for the better.




The trade agreement between Russia and Vietnam means Russia takes Vietnamese Dong in trade,

So now Russia holds Dong in there currency reserves.

Russia converts the Dong into rubles, then converts the rubles into the “UNIT”

Russia makes trade Investments in Vietnam using the “UNIT” (backed by gold)

The “UNIT” being backed by gold now replaces the U.S. Dollar as foreign central bank currency reserves in Vietnam.

This is called the internationalization of the “UNIT” backed by 40% physical gold, 30% Russian bonds, 30% Chinese bonds, where both Russia and China currencies are backed by gold.

This is de-dollarization

Because of these trade agreements with Russia, I now have reason to believe the “UNIT” is already up and running.

The trade agreements being formed. This is why Kim Jung Un is so giddy! Basically Putin just resurrected the North Korean Won from the dead.

And China/Russia are manipulating interest rates in their bond market to drive up the price of gold against the U.S. Dollar.

There is NOTHING the World Bank – IMF can do to stop this!



6/19: Today, 6/19 (Wednesday), there will be a “world currency reset” in 209 countries around the world, and a “global financial crisis” will occur on 6/23 (Sunday)

Wednesday morning- Friday, June 19, 2024

“Black Swan” is quietly underway! ?

We will continue to check the “financial market” related to the “world currency reset”!

Well then

From June 18th Judy Note

I will extract the parts that interest you!

today’s message

Critical Code Red Alert
Donald Trump is the Commander-in-Chief of the United States!
…Q on Telegram Monday, June 17, 2024

It’s Judgment Day!
Let’s believe in the plan. A
plan to save the world. A
white hat military transformation plan.

A prison war began.
An energy outage is necessary
“Children of the Lord, let us sing with one heart
…Letter 17 Q (JFK Jr.) on Telegram Mon. .me/ JFK_17_Q

Come, children of the Lord | Tabernacle Choir (
Come, children of the Lord,
let us sing with one heart.
Let’s scream with joy.

In the end,
this earth
will be cleansed of all wickedness,
all people will be free from sin, and
we will live in love and peace.

Oh, what a joy it is
to see the Savior!
When the Glorious One descends,
all evil will end.

Oh, what a song we will sing then
to the Savior, to the Lord, to the King!
Ah, what kind of love will be shaken at this time!
Fear will disappear!

Let us dress in immaculate white and
live in truth and light.
We will sing songs of praise and
shout for joy.
At that time, the earth will be cleansed of sin.

All living beings
will dwell in love and beauty;
then every heart will be filled with joy.

Text James H. Wallis 1861-1940
Music Spanish melody, arranged by Benjamin Carr, 1768-1831
Doctrine and Covenants 133:25, 33, 56
Revelation 7:9-17

Food, water, money, medicine, and fur supplies are advisable least one month for your family and share with others in case of emergency.

Judy notes

A new fence has been completed around the Supreme Court building in Washington, DC.
It looks like they are preparing for an important announcement.
I think this announcement means the president will make a decision regarding one or both of the 2020 elections.

By the Brunson brothers and Sidney Powell.
Either way, the Biden administration and the entire Congress could be dissolved and martial law could be imposed until new elections are held.

Meanwhile, Iraqi Prime Minister Sudani announced on Iraqi television that Iraqis will get a new exchange rate and have access to new ATMs and low-value notes before the end of the holiday on Wednesday, June 19.

This long-awaited announcement of the devaluation of the Iraqi dinar was the driving force behind the Iraqi dinar crisis.
This is a global monetary reset in which the currencies of 209 sovereign nations around the world become gold/asset-backed currencies.

This would effectively dissolve the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which are privately owned by cabal bankers.
This will officially kill the US fiat dollar. The US fiat dollar will be revalued on Sunday.
June 23, 2024 – and causes a major global financial crisis.

 EBS Alert: “The true EBS date will never be revealed. We must confuse the enemy.
We are at war with God and Satan. If you want to open a business and make your dreams come true, don’t tell anyone. even your own family
. If no one knows your secret, they won’t be able to ruin your plans. “…Q Storm 1776.

 Situation update for Monday, June 17, 2024 (video): Situation update from WTPN
6/17/24 ( Hezbollah fires in northern Israel. A nuclear code doctrine will end civilization.

 Critical Code Red Update: Russia and China are under the command of Donald Trump and the US military…Q Storm is upon us on Telegram Monday, 17th. June 2024

 Red Danger Alert Code: Atomic Bomb Survivor Is Infected with a Biological Weapon. It’s Leaking

! States are secretly building large-scale detention centers in all 50 states.
Democrat Paula Collins recently said, “After the 2024 elections, MAGA supporters should go to re-education camps.”
American Media Group (

 During his oath of office, Donald Trump publicly declared that he is not the 2021 president.
In other words, the United States Stock Corporation Act of 1871 became invalid on March 4 July 2020, when he announced a new Declaration of Independence. A new Declaration of Independence was announced.

 1871 The “United States” Corporation is dissolved.

 Donald J. Trump and others sign the new American Declaration of Independence on July 4, 2020.

 The US military knows the true results of the 2020 election from all legal votes cast, before foreign interference changed the results.
Foreign interference changed the outcome.

 Donald J. Trump is the first president of the new nation of the United States of America, which was declared on July 4, 2020.
Proclaimed on July 4, 2020.

 Joe Biden’s inauguration is not relevant because it is assumed that he will be sworn in on January 20th.

that is all


world currency reset
world currency reset



The “contract rates” discussion is changing. 

Now, currency and bond owners exchange their coins and bonds at rates that are displayed – like a “standard rate”. But it is a rate that is not “live” in the same sense that FOREX currencies are traded. It is a “placeholder course” established for our RV (VR) purposes. After a certain period of time, this rate will “go into effect” and “float” like all other currencies. Trading continues normally.

These “Historic Bonds” are redeemed at the rate that the issuing government is willing to pay and the supporting government (in this case UST) is willing to guarantee.

This is also a “replacement rate” and in the case of these historic and obsolete bonds, it is always an offer-acceptance situation that has been pre-negotiated for our purposes and will be the same everywhere. Most likely, the private banking departments of the top-tier banks participating in this RV GCR will have a special committee to coordinate “project proposals” and these committees will coordinate with each other for the good of the world.

The previously discussed “contract fee” has now been changed so that all the good people who are still trying to do projects with the extra money they would receive for mentioning this intention to do “projects” – you now have the opportunity to embark on a new discussion with a new inspection process that, with the help of the quantum banking system, will determine the amount and capacity of the applicant, the “project”, that it proposes to deliver.

This “project” discussion will take as long as necessary and will cover historical securities and currencies.

In the meantime, the original exchange product remains alive and accessible. In other words, any amount you receive for projects will exceed the funds you originally received.

Furthermore, this is a demonstration of the availability of “project dollars” for all good people who want to do good projects anywhere in the world. These dollars are not just for those who exchange bonds and currencies.

Dear Fleming, chats about detailed issues that are still outstanding and: “Almost no one knows what to do..” … Rescue / Platform, the new instrument in high finance works with completely different rules under the umbrella of the QFS.

I think there will be training courses here. Time will tell! Of course, this flows into the economy… among SMEs and small farmers – all over the world with all its design possibilities, a Hare Krishna mantra for the benefit of humanity, but it should also stimulate aid for self-help/sovereignty , free action) in the final time window C. -orona will become.

When enough responsible people can overcome the shortcomings of outdated party systems and put new ideas into GESARA.

We patriots in the middle hope for a quick alliance military solution to old problems because no one in power will willingly abdicate… we see it on the battlefield, they always come up with something new. Dividing people is also not a solution, I warn against that. The rift in society is getting deeper and deeper.



Vietnam’s new move towards BRICS and a gold-backed VND RV

Vladimir Putin’s state visit today and Vietnam’s anticipated role in the BRICS Alliance and gold-backed currency

Vietnam is poised to make a significant shift in its global economic strategy by joining the BRICS Alliance and participating in the BRICS gold-backed common trading currency.

In this article
  • Vietnam’s likely accession to BRICS
  • The US response to Vietnam’s diplomatic relations
  • Vietnam’s Law of Strategic Balance between East and West
  • The Future of VND in a Gold-Backed System RV

This anticipated measure has raised considerable concern within the Western Alliance (G7), which fears the repercussions of the rapidly expanding influence of the BRICS.

This article explains the implications of Vietnam’s potential accession to the BRICS, the United States’ reaction and the strategic balance that Vietnam maintains between its relations with the US and Russia.

Vietnam’s likely accession to BRICS

Vietnam’s potential accession to the BRICS Alliance represents a strategic alignment with the world’s main emerging economies.

The BRICS are expanding their influence by creating a common trading currency backed by gold. This currency aims to provide an alternative to the US dollar, thus reducing the economic influence that the G7 holds over global trade.

Vietnam’s inclusion in the BRICS would not only strengthen the alliance’s economic strength but also align with Vietnam’s long-term strategic interests.

The country’s participation would facilitate its access to a more diversified economic network, reduce Western financial systems’ dependence on fiat currency, and increase its regional influence.

The US response to Vietnam’s diplomatic relations

The United States has expressed strong disapproval of Vietnam’s continued diplomatic engagement with Russia, exemplified by the US Embassy in Hanoi’s strong rebuke of President Putin’s status in Vietnam today.

A US spokesperson criticized Vietnam for giving President Putin a platform, suggesting it could normalize Russia’s actions in Ukraine. This reaction underlines US concern about Vietnam’s strengthening ties with Russia, especially in the context of the growing influence of the BRICS.

However, this US position appears hypocritical, given that neither the US nor Vietnam are signatories to the Rome Statute that created the International Criminal Court, which issued an arrest warrant for President Putin.

Furthermore, Vietnam’s decision to engage with Russia is rooted in a long history of bilateral cooperation and mutual support, particularly during and after the Vietnam War.

Vietnam’s Law of Strategic Balance between East and West

Vietnam’s foreign policy is characterized by its strategic autonomy and a careful balance between maintaining relations with both the US and Russia.

This approach allows Vietnam to leverage its position to manage its maritime territorial disputes with China, its main trading partner, while benefiting from Russian military and energy cooperation.

By welcoming President Putin, Vietnam is strengthening its long-standing strategic partnership with Russia, which is vital to its defense and energy sectors.

At the same time, Vietnam remains committed to its strategic partnership with the US, which serves as a counterweight to China’s growing influence in the region.

The Future of VND in a Gold-Backed System RV

As Vietnam moves closer to joining the BRICS Alliance, the prospect of revaluing its currency, the Vietnamese dong (VND), in alignment with the BRICS gold-backed common trading currency, becomes more imminent.

This change would advantageously position Vietnam in a new global financial architecture that is less dependent on the US dollar.

The introduction of a gold-backed currency by the BRICS represents a significant challenge to the Western-dominated financial system.

For Vietnam, the adoption of this currency could improve economic stability, attract foreign investment and reduce the risks associated with exchange rate fluctuations linked to the US dollar.

The end result

Vietnam’s potential membership of the BRICS Alliance and adoption of a common trading currency backed by gold marks a pivotal moment in the country’s economic strategy.

The US’ strong rebuke of Vietnam’s diplomatic relations with Russia highlights tensions between the Western and Eastern economic blocs.

As Vietnam prepares to join the BRICS, it could significantly benefit from a diversified economic network and a more stable monetary system, supported by gold.

QFS and its impacts on RV
QFS and its impacts on RV

QFS and its impacts on RV

The literal meaning of QFS is Quantum Financial System which is an advanced financial system launched to eradicate the cabal and monopoly of bankers in the monetary system and for this purpose it requires a system composed of Artificial Intelligence and fully supported complex computer programs by banks.

Quantum Financial System would be a breakthrough in the banking world that would lead to a new era of banking. The QFS will not be influenced by government policies but will be fully supported by tangible assets like Gold, Platinum, Oil and will not be based on mere pieces of paper that have no evidentiary value.

QFS can be called the Barter System of the modern era, in which you have to give value to receive value. The current global financial system is based on the principle that your money is backed by debts that have already been withdrawn at high interest rates and, in this way, the global economy flows with a single purpose, filling the pockets of a few families.

There are chances that if the QFS is launched, all indebted countries will be able to repay all debts by exporting their minerals and natural resources. If we take a look at the current situation of Iraq, then under the ice, we will know that due to Iraq’s huge debts, it is very difficult for them to launch VR because a country simply cannot revalue its currency when it is in debt.

Contrary to this, if you repay everything you owe with interest, it is perfectly possible to increase your exports, which will revalue your currency. Iraq is a land that has Natural Oil worth trillions of dollars and you know people that for this sole reason, Iraq is still in 5th number in gold reserves despite everything odd. In the Iraqi Dinar community, gurus are of the opinion that this is a pragmatic approach towards the Iraqi Dinar RV.

Now, if we discuss about Quantum Financial System and its interrelationship with Blockchain and future banking services, we will know that QFS is dealing with blockchain, shared ledgers and distributed ledger technologies, cryptocurrencies, virtual currencies and digital currencies.

QFS is stored and operates on satellite-based servers based on Quantum Computing. The reason is that quantum computing is safer and more advanced, because of its processing pattern, quantum computing uses two or more quantum states together to create another state by shooting electrons through semiconductors using configurable light pulse which results in a faster speed state. This is why Quantum Computers store much more information requiring less power and providing more speed than current state computers.

After the launch of the QFS, the golden age will emerge and will revalue all currencies that are in an inferior state due to debt. The QFS will also impact global trade as it will alter the global financial system. The Iraqi Dinar Gurus are of the opinion that the RV will be launched as soon as the QFS takes over because Iraq will be able to stabilize its economy by increasing the volume of its exports.



“The Road Ahead” – Goldilocks Seeds of Wisdom RV/GCR Update(s) 6/19/24



Goldilocks and Seeds of Wisdom

Putin visits Vietnam. Why? “The main issues concern strengthening economic and commercial ties, including arms sales.”

Putin and Vietnam’s leaders are said to have been working on an agreement regarding ruble-dong currency transactions through the banking system. This meeting is expected to allow payment for goods and services.

Currently, Vietnam is expanding the value of its currency by expanding its elderly population through healthcare, commercial trade, and expanding military weapons.

Adequate military spending on GDP stabilizes and promotes a country’s monetary values. Why? Money spent on the military ends up in the private sector as payment for goods and services that the military needs.

Each of these are indicators of a growing economy that justifies a higher value through demand for its currency within a Market Economy.

Vision Times   |  CFR Education   |  Nature

© Goldilocks


Nervous about the market? Here’s one thing you could do if stocks start to fall quickly.

Jack Janasiewicz: The bottom line… is that there is a disinflationary push coming. I think [Fed Chairman Jerome] Powell was right to look at the [warmer than expected] January, February and March inflation data as perhaps a slight anomaly or a pause, but not a reversal of that trend that will continue towards this 2% target.

Then again, moving in the right direction may be slower than people would like. But let’s go to 2%.

And then there’s another thing I’d like to highlight: the work side of your mandate is becoming a little more focused. [The Fed] is one of the only central banks that has the dual mandate of price stability and full employment. It seems that the price stability side is becoming more focused.

As the economy slows down a little bit here and we start to see the unemployment rate go up a little bit more… the Fed [could start] focusing on making sure that the unemployment rate doesn’t start to go up.

This could be the trigger for rate cuts. Therefore, we do not rule out rate cuts until September. We could easily have a cut. The data will tell us that, but I think the big conclusion for us is that [inflation] is heading in the right direction.



Liquidity risk rose 41.4% at the Paris-based LCH clearinghouse in the first quarter, reaching a level not seen in nearly five years. |   Risk Network


OPEC does not see a peak in oil demand in the long term, says secretary general |   Gulf Business


The 2024 US presidential race sees cryptocurrency policy as a key issue, with both parties engaged in debates.

Paul Ryan urges lawmakers to create a regulatory framework for stablecoins to increase the attractiveness of US debt.

Ryan highlights China’s digital currency advances, emphasizing the need for US adoption of dollar-backed stablecoins.

Read write


Guaranteed basic income programs spread across the country: is it coming to your city? |   Fox News


Bank-to-bank payment messaging network Swift is working to facilitate the interoperability of payee verification schemes across Europe, as new research shows that 83% of SMEs in France, Germany, Italy and Spain rate payee advance checks. beneficiary as important to them in international trade.

Swift makes proposals to connect VoP schemes across Europe



Source:  Dinar Recaps


Vietnam Transitions to a Cashless Society

Visa’s 2023 Consumer Payment Attitudes Study indicates a significant increase in cashless payments, especially mobile wallet transactions, among merchants in Vietnam.

An impressive 79% of food and restaurant establishments and 74% of retailers and convenience stores now accept cashless payments.

Meanwhile, Visa’s 2023 Asia Pacific Small and Medium Business (SMB) Survey further indicates that more than 40% of small and medium businesses in Vietnam now accept card payments, recognizing its critical role in business operations.

VOV World   |  Twitter


Compatible with mBridge EVM…
(Ethereum Virtual Machine) BIS Innovation Hub showcase
presentation …. (Around May 2024) #XRP #XRPCommunity


Issue Date: June 14, 2024
File Number: S7-13-22
Regulation: Special Purpose Acquisition Companies, Shell Companies and Projections
Corporate Financing Status: Final Rule: Special Purpose Acquisition Companies, Shell Companies and Projections ; Correction

Today, the SEC files SPAC Final Rules. SPAC stands for Special Purpose Acquisition Company. SPAC is a company that raises funds in an Initial Public Offering (IPO) to acquire a private company and take it public.

SPACs are also known as blank check companies that provide money to startup companies preparing to offer new technologies (digital assets) on the QFS. The filing of this final rule will allow many technological advances to be initiated and placed in the QFS.

Here comes liquidity for our new tokenized assets.


© Goldilocks


What is a SPAC? |   Barrons


Today, the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) concluded that the IMF’s new policy areas, such as governance, social spending, digital money, climate change and gender, are leading to challenges “serious”, including staff overload. This is because the expansion of activities beyond their traditional areas has occurred with “limited resources and knowledge”, including a budget that is more or less flat in real terms. However, the Board approved each of the expansion areas.

Ledger Information   |  IEO   |  IMF

Do you see any urgency here?


Putin arrives in North Korea, promises to increase cooperation and combat sanctions –   Radio Free Asia


This direct trade in local currencies not only aimed to expand bilateral trade to 100 billion dollars under its free trade pact, but also aimed to develop a direct trading mechanism and ecosystem in two currencies. It was initially assumed to cover around 20-25 percent of trade in local currency. However, the first deal that happened in the Indian rupee-UAE dirham was an oil deal. |   RFA


Indonesia Stock Exchange partners with Nasdaq to upgrade market infrastructure

Sunandar, Director of Information Technology and Risk Management at IDX, said: “With this trading system and technology infrastructure upgrade, we aim to become more competitive and remain attractive to national and international investors. We believe this partnership will accelerate the advancement of Indonesia’s capital market modernization while supporting sustainable economic growth.” |  Financial  Post 


As we get closer to the elections, the markets will start to show their true colors. Bank mergers will increase as we leave behind the old Financial System and move to a new Digital Economy.

China and Russia sold most of their US bonds. Now, we are witnessing the early stages of Japan doing the same. China and Japan have been large bondholders of the US debt instrument. And now, Japan wants to start selling its bonds for Bitcoin. I bet you didn’t expect that.

Many of the US banks hold a significant amount of unpaid debt that goes against their bank net worth. Our Government has been trying to exchange many of these maturing bonds for new bonds with a higher rate of return.

This still does not seem to be enough so far to balance the unpaid debts that our banking system currently has on its books.

This will create downward pressure on the US dollar in the future. It will begin the process of leveling the playing field with other currencies around the world.

The banks that survive in the next economy will be those that are Basel 3 compliant. The road ahead will be bumpy as we activate new digital mechanisms through tokenized assets that will form a bridge to the new economy.

Europe is further along than the rest of the countries in finalizing its MICA regulations. Expect them to transition through selling their own securities into digital assets and gold.

The US may not be far behind. And the BRICS system, let’s just say the Global South is about to grow.

Bitcoin Magazine

© Goldilocks


“Japan’s Norinchukin Bank to sell $63 billion in US and European government bonds to stem losses” |   The Edge Malaysia



ETH ETF trading will begin in the next
3 weeks.

This will be the start of the biggest crypto Altseason.

Here’s how you can make millions from this:


Goldilocks pointed to this article


LATEST NEWS – OPEC Energy Alliance in trouble? |   YouTube


Judy’s Note:  

early Monday. On the morning of June 17, 2024,   there was a blackout at the White House as military and police appeared to be making arrests. Rumors were that the Supreme Court had secretly ruled on the Brunson case, stating that Congress failed to investigate allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 election, rendering the election invalid.   A Thursday. June 20   The announcement of this SCOTUS decision would dissolve the Biden administration and the entire Congress, while reinstating Trump as US president.

  • “Fasten your seatbelts because the times ahead may become somewhat difficult,   but this is in preparation for the times to come, which will be very calm, very happy and in many ways a wonderful experience that we cannot even explain. or help them. view right now. We will do what we can to help you understand what this might be like, but it is truly beyond your imagination.” …Trump Explicit on Telegram   Wednesday. June 19, 2024
  • Wed. June 19, 2024 The Event:   The Event: Secret Military Tribunals, Gesara Military Law, Castle Rock and Global Powers Unveiled – Inside the Vatican, Buckingham Palace, Big Pharma and more! (“Rods of God”, Q2337) The so-called  “EVENT”   is a multifaceted occurrence, including a global blackout to transition to Tesla energy, the decommissioning of media satellites, the introduction of  Quantum Financial Systems (QFS),  the application of  “Bastas de Deus”   in dams and 34 targeted structures, and much more. These 34 structures are considered highly significant and include iconic sites such as the White House, royal castles,  Buckingham Palace, the Vatican, the Getty Museum and the Playboy Mansion.  The potential result is a stock market collapse, as it is seen as a grand spectacle. The plan also outlines a shift from Rothschild central bank notes to Rainbow Treasury Notes, backed by precious metals rather than oil and war.
  • Wed. June 19, 2024:   BOOM! The Global Impact of France’s White Hat Alliance: Macron, Clones, and the Alliance That Governs France

Wed. June 19, 2024 Ginger, Ginger’s Liberty Lounge:

  • A personal friend who has a family member in Parliament in the Middle East wrote:   “Hey dear Ginger, I just received a notice from a family member in the Middle East who said that: “President Trump is back as President of the United States of America. They know this because they had a meeting at the US Embassy in the Middle East and saw evidence of this change. Period!”
  • She continued:   “You can be assured that President Trump has now been reinstated. I assume the Bronson case was finally decided in the Supreme Court and acted upon.”
  • “I now understand how Trump   met with Senate Republicans last week and how he actually chaired the meeting.”
  • Wolverine: My contact in the US   also verified the source and said that it is true that Trump is our president, which is why Brunson looked happy in the last video and why President Trump was at the meeting with all the Republicans in Washington DC.

Expected time of events:

  • In the sun. June 9, 2024 Saudi Arabia   refused to renew the US Petrodollar Inc. Contract and now the US Treasury in Washington DC has been boarded up and painted Trump Orange.
  • Early Monday. Morning, June 17, 2024:   Blackout, arrests occurred at the White House.
  • Wed. June 19, 2024 Dinar Revaluation:   Iraqi Prime Minister Sudani announced on Iraqi TV that by   Wednesday. June 19  , Iraqi citizens would get their new exchange rate. The Dinar Revaluation was the Kingpin that would trigger a Global Currency Reset to gold/asset-backed currencies for 209 Sovereign Nations.
  • In the sun. On June 23, 2024,   the US dollar would depreciate, paving the way for a global financial crisis, according to a banker.
  • Third. June 25, 2024 “Necessary blackout: in one week (from Tuesday, June 18)   everything will change. Devastating information that is kept secret from the public. A huge scandal happened this week, so we have it all. Donald Trump promised.”

Global currency reset:

Wednesday. June 19, 2024 Wolverine:  “It’s delicious. Now you all know why it all started, guys.

  • My contact in the US   verified the source and said it is true that Trump is our president, that’s why Brunson looked happy in the last video and why President Trump was at the meeting with all the Republicans in Washington DC.
  • Bondholders are being paid   and I am sure that today or tomorrow these notifications to Tier4b (We the Internet Group) will be released. …I received a message from Zurich saying that it all started some time ago. For those of us in Tier 4B, we should get it this week.”
  • I’d also like to thank Phil   , Dr. Kia Pruitt, and most of all, Nancy Drew for bringing us all the Facebook Live videos of what’s happening in Washington, as she was our RV reporter who told the history.

Mon June 17, 2024 RV highlights chat on Sacred Ground:

  • From Bond Banker Contact in Brazil:   The Pentecostal Group is a group above currency holders. It was notified in   December 2023   and finalized in   January 2024.   I have not heard from them since they were on their way to the airport to make payment.
  • The St. Germaine and Rodriguez Trusts   have been open for some time and paying off the debts of the country, which is NESARA/GESARA.
  • Dubai 1 and Dubai 2   have been paid for.
  • The farmer’s claims   began   on December 23, 2023.
  • The global bond movement   did not begin until   January 2024.
  • Global Bond payments   began   in March 2024  .
  • The whales,   the big bond holders, have seen 1% in their QFS accounts for a year or more. They were unable to access the money until   March 2024.
  • The GCR began and continues. Now we, as currency holders, have to wait for our payment, which is not far behind.
  • MarkZ claimed to have heard that the 1% for Whales  , for Historic Bonds, had been funded. I received three other confirmations of this. Just because they are funded does not mean that the actual individuals have the money in their hands/accounts, as it goes into an escrow account and they have to work with the payers to prove that they do not have any financial situation that needs to be resolved, or they are criminals (problems), but that 1% were financed and they said that the back wall was the 15th  of   June. And it was on June 15th    . They adhered to that date.
  • Someone else said   they heard it when it got to that point, that it was still   two weeks away from that point.
  • Another person said   they received news   within 48 to 72 hours   of    June  15th .
  • We’re at the window now.   This would be the first opportunity for any notification to be released, but it could also take   two weeks.
  • I also heard from some important sources   that there was supposed to be a big party   on the 4th of July.
  • Third. June 18, 2024 MarkZ:   “Sources close to the US Treasury appear to be confusing the moment, saying different things to different groups. …I’m getting information about some really strange things that are happening. People with good credit and good income are having their loans not approved. I received it from many sources in Reno that   Saturday.   On the evening of June 15, 2024,   they released 1% to bondholders. This should start a cascading event.”
  • Mon June 17, 2024 TNT: “Over the weekend, old ATMs in Iraq   were emptied by the CBI, replaced with new machines and loaded with new, lower dinar denominations.   On Monday. June 17, 2024,   Sudan announced on Iraqi TV that before the end of the holiday, which was   Wednesday. June 19  , that Iraqi citizens will have their new exchange rate and access to new ATMs and lower denominations.”

 QFS, NESARA, XRP and Stellar – THE STRUCTURED PAYMENT SYSTEM – Redemption fee = the amount paid for each Zim dollar

  • Redemption fee   = amount paid for each Zim dollar. This process is best described as “redeeming your bonds.” You, as the holder of the Bond, demand payment in cash for the face value of the bond multiplied by the Negotiated Rate. This is the redemption process. A “transaction” is required to activate any Digital Gold Certificate in the Quantum Financial System (QFS). This redemption process qualifies as a “transaction” and activates Digital Gold Certificates when placed into our QFS accounts.
  • Term   = the number of years you will receive Structured Payment payments; 10, 25, 50, 100 years or however many years you wish to be approved by your Counselor at the Rescue Consultation.
  • Structured Payment   = a system implemented to provide humanitarians with a consistent cash flow for their humanitarian activities throughout the period they choose in the Rescue Consultation. The total amount of funds to be paid over your chosen term is placed into a QFS structured payment account in your name at QFS. Your Structured Payment payments come out of this account. The Structured Payment process is managed by Aliança.
  • Primary Principle  l = the value you get from the Redemption Fee times the number of Zim Dollars you redeem or withdraw.   THIS IS NOT THE AMOUNT DEPOSITED INTO YOUR QFS ACCOUNT.
  • Secondary Principal   = the amount deposited into your Structured Payment Account in the QFS at the Redemption Inquiry. This is the total amount you will receive during the Structured Payment period. Your Structured Payment payments come out of this account. This Structured Payment account is managed by the Alliance Structured Payment team   .   You will not have access to this account.

Restored Republic:

  • Wed. June 19, 2024:   DISCLOSURE: Current Wartime President and CIC, Donald J. Trump Declared a Global Defense War – Executed Traitors, Clintons, Obamas, VP Biden and Globalist Deep State Obliterated  Current Wartime   The President and Commander in Chief Donald J. Trump   has declared a global defense war. Operation STORM 2024 has begun. It all began on December 20, 2019, when current President and   wartime Commander-in-Chief Donald J. Trump declared a global Defense War.
  • Wed. June 19, 2024:   BOOM! DISCLOSURE (declassified and authorized): The truth about Julian Assange and Wikileaks!
  • Wed. June 19, 2024:   The Space Force, along with other militaries from around the world,   have arrested over 8,000,000 Nazi Cabal Deep State traitors around the world.   By May 1,   another 500,000 sealed indictments had been released to arrest judges, lawyers, etc. We were and still are arresting the remaining Nazi servants. We know where they live and all the other information, so they have NO where to go.


“My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us!
Be ready!”
…President Donald Trump   Wednesday. June 19, 2024



Main Code Red Alert:
Get ready for ten dark days under military surveillance!



EAS, EBS activated!
Pack your bags, leave the BS behind,
see you on the other side
…Shadow of Diana on Telegram   Wednesday. June 19, 2024



“It’s a Goooo!”
…Wolverine   Wednesday. June 19, 2024


This GCR update is dedicated to Nation Builders: Patriot Pioneers 2024

“They, the Builders of the Nation, Blessed and Honored Pioneers”


THOUGHTS: Just opinion – (1/2)

⇝  The Chinese Elders were made up of different multi-generational Chinese families living in the Philippines and who, over the centuries, owned and held responsibility for around 90% of the world’s gold, lending it to countries to establish their financial systems . There were five main Chinese elders responsible for resetting the global currency and releasing RV funds.

⇝   In 1914, Illuminati bloodline families signed a 99-year lease on ancient Chinese gold and then began illegally laundering American taxpayers’ money through their Federal Reserve, IRS, central banks and corporations in Washington DC, in the city of London and at the Holy See in Vatican City. This system was being changed with the global currency reset.

⇝   Believed to be present on Earth through the lineage of Cain, the Cabal was made up of 13 Illuminati lineage families, including the Habsburg family. Below them were the black Jesuit Pope Adolfo Nicolas and his six generals, the white Pope Francis and 350 people in the Vatican, including the former Jesuit general secretary Peter Hans Kolvenbach.

⇝   The Jesuits had great influence and power over the main governments of the world.

⇝   In cooperation with the Freemasons, the Jesuits infiltrated all the world’s intelligence agencies with Masonic leaders, making them puppets who did the Jesuits’ bidding.

⇝   Other leaders of the Cabal were mafia bosses, including leaders of the Khazarian mafia, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Fascists, royal families of Europe once headed by Queen Elizabeth, Dutch and Spanish Royalty. The cabal extended to Benjamin Netanyahu and the Zionists, globalists and political elites, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberger Group, Council of 300, UN, Council of Trent, Knights Templar, Knights of Columbus, Knights of Malta, CIA, FBI, NSA, ASIO, M15, M16, NCIS, FSB, DGSF and Mossad, in addition to the Five Eyes Deep State Alliance: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom and United States.

⇝   The Global White Hat Alliance and Q Team originally included the 17 countries of Australia, France, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Romania, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Croatia, Canada, North Korea and USA . Its military included Stellar, Space Force, as well as military intelligence in Arizona.

⇝   The Supreme Commander of the Alliance was President Donald Trump, who worked with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, White Hats in the Department of Defense led by Secty of Defense Chris Miller, Under Secretary of Defense Intel Ezra Cohen Watnick and General Michael T Flynn; Q Force (comprised of about 800 special operations personnel advising President Trump, including the Pentagon’s deputy chief general, John Hyten, the US Navy general.

⇝   David Berger, Chief of Army Gen. James C. McConville, Chief of Air Force Gen. Charles Q. Brown, Chief of Naval Operations Gen. Michael M. Gilday, Gen. James McConville, Gen. Paul Nakasone and Gen. Jay Raymond ); QAnons (voluntary patriots) led by Ezra Cohen-Watnick, General Flynn and JF Kennedy Jr; the National Security Agency headed by Richard Grenell which, along with President Trump and under US Martial Law, conducted military operations in Washington DC and various militaries around the world, including the international force authorized to make arrests in any country, to Interpol.

⇝   BRICS was an Alliance of the nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa formed in 2008 after the so-called “Mortgage Crisis” in the USA. In reality, the crisis happened when the Cabal continued to print fiat US dollars while in bankruptcy and could not even pay interest on the gold it borrowed from the Chinese elders, who supported this US dollar as a basis for international trade.

THOUGHTS: Just in opinion – (2/2)

⇝   In the intervening years since the formation of BRICS, they have valued the gold and resources of 209 nations in preparation for a global currency reset. After the GCR, all countries’ currencies would be at 1:1 with each other, instead of relying on the fiat US dollar for international trade.

⇝   In the intervening years since the formation of BRICS, they have valued the gold and resources of 209 nations in preparation for a global currency reset. After the GCR, all countries’ currencies would be at 1:1 with each other, instead of relying on the fiat US dollar for international trade.

⇝   Charlie Ward has worked with and been friends with Chinese elders for over 16 years. He is head of the global currency reset team and the banks involved in the global currency reset. He was highly trusted in the financial world and moved money around the world for private clients, from the super rich to different global governments. His team removed 650 planeloads of gold from the Vatican tunnels and returned them to their rightful owners in the US Treasury and treasuries in other countries around the world. He was currently moving money, gold, and valuables to countries and individuals in the Global Currency Reset. Much of Ward’s information came from what he called the Four Walls of Power, which included the Chinese Elders, the Alliance, the Trump White House, and the Trump Redemption Team. He has been under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for the past few months and has said what he can and cannot reveal.

⇝   President Trump never left office, but he handed over his US presidential powers to the military before the 2020 election. This is why they keep saying “the Army is the only way.”

⇝   President Trump outperformed the White Hats globally.

⇝   Juan O Savin (who often uses doubles or disguises) may actually be John F. Kennedy Jr. and chief advisor to the global White Hat organization.

⇝   QAnon was a whistleblower designated by the White Hats.



Payment systems:

The Cabal Fiat System for Slavery: Bank of Israel Advances Digital Shekel Plans; CBDC will be used to monitor and control Israelis’ monetary transactions. Unlike cash transactions, CBDC transactions can be tracked and monitored ( by central banks.

The financial institution’s power to track every transaction made with CBDCs seriously undermines financial privacy. It allows governments to collect extensive data on individuals’ spending habits and personal financial activities. Furthermore, with CBDCs, authorities could potentially misuse the power to target political opponents or suppress dissent by freezing or seizing assets without due process.



Analysts predict that, with the system, governments will be able to dictate how, where and when money can be spent. It also opens the door to excessive control over individual financial behavior.More ( Israel’s leaders are back to the moment they pushed Covid vaccines and Green Passports! Are you beginning to understand why the White Hats should look out for them? To free the beloved enslaved people!

The Good System for Sovereignty: MoneyGram International, Inc. MGI ( has partnered with the Stellar Development Foundation, a non-profit organization. This entity supports the development and growth of Stellar, which is an open-source public blockchain that allows money to be tokenized and transferred anywhere in the world. More (

Stellar breaks free with new open-source disbursement platform. More (

“XRP officially decouples from Bitcoin”! In financial markets, decoupling happens when the returns of an asset class move in a different direction than its expected or normal pattern of correlations with other assets. The days of XRP and Bitcoin rising and falling together seem to be taking new paths. Ripple is about to leave the nest.

Is XRP developing a life of its own based on its support levels or the financial support systems that give it life? Maybe we’ll have a new pack leader. Ripple appears to be ready to “run with the wolves”. More (

BRICS GESARA Alliance of Nations:

Putin praises the de-dollarization of trade with his Asian partner. The share of ruble-dong agreements in mutual trade has been steadily increasing, says the president. Around 60% of transactions between Russia and Vietnam are now carried out using the countries’ respective currencies, ignoring the US dollar and the euro, according to the Russian president. Put on. More ( It will soon be a BRICS partner…

Vietnam’s new move towards BRICS and a gold-backed VND RV. Pres. Putin’s State Visit yesterday and Vietnam’s Early Role in the BRICS Alliance and the VR of the Gold-Backed Currency. More ( All the puzzles fall into place, most of the First Basket nations are attracted to BRICS with their gold backed monetary policy!!!



Prime Minister declares strategic intention to join the BRICS Alliance, which would lead to a significant VR of the Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). Malaysia’s formal application to join BRICS. The Early Revaluation of the Malaysian Ringgit.

Trade Currency Backed by BRICS Gold and Its Implications – Malaysia’s Strong Economic Contributions to BRICS! See ( BRICS GESARA Nations executing Operation Sandman now at an alarming rate! It won’t be long before state after state in the US joins the BRICS gold-backed policy!

Zim notes, titles, agro checks and GESARA benefits:

Currency wars…

✅ First Basket Currencies (FBC) ( These nations will turn to the BRICS gold-backed policy, some voluntarily and others forcefully…

✅ If you follow world trends and facts, you will remain motivated and encouraged because of consistent progress. But, if you follow the hops of the information providers, the journey will be the same as a drug addiction, that is, you will dig through the Gurus’ trash just to find a little “fix” (good news) to make you feel better. until the next day’s correction again…

RV Iraq and Dinar:

nationThe National Bank of Iraq releases a public information video on how to deposit old banknotes at the new ATMs. Watch ( Electronic banking systems and cards expanding in Iraq… Remember, since then they only dealt in cash. Your new system will be/is definitely integrated into the BRICS Cross-Border Payments System on Blockchain…


Louisiana becomes the first US state to require the Ten Commandments to be displayed in public school classrooms. See ( They will all return to him, read on…

Rest assured this will be mandatory in all Boer Bank educational rooms (…



The Ten Commandments – one of the oldest codes of conformity in the world – with universally accepted values ​​such as generosity and honesty, and rejecting them is a gross mistake.

It is axiomatic (evident or unquestionable) that many of the principles contained in the Ten Commandments are fundamental to the Western legal tradition. Prohibitions on murder, theft, and perjury are found in almost every legal code.

Notions of respect for parents and admonitions against adultery are also implicit, if not explicit, in the quasi-legal domain of the normative rules that order many societies. Few, if any, people would dispute that the Ten Commandments – and their parallels with other ancient cultures – as well as other directives inform our notions of right and wrong and, as such, influenced the development of Western law, of which the American law system is part.

Let’s go back to basics…


CHINA’S copper scrap imports have soared due to a shortage of concentrate that is processed into refined metal used in the energy and construction industries, but record prices mean US shipments are likely to be disrupted. ARE YOU SEEING PRICE CHANGES ON THE HORIZON? New copper demands are needed in the development of the new digital asset-based trading system. Copper helps build many cars and other products that are in high demand.

7 Kingdoms:

The main American military conference arrives in Botswana as Russia and the US compete in Africa.

– At least 40 African countries will be represented by top commanders in Gaborone at the African Chiefs of Defense Conference next week.

– This will be the first conference to be organized in Africa since its creation in 2017.

– The US faces a growing rivalry with Russia in the competition for military alliances in Africa.

The US was expelled from Chad and Niger, but next week it will welcome military commanders from at least 40 African countries to Botswana. This is just below the 43 it hosted in Italy last year, at the African Chiefs of Defense Conference it has held since 2017. Since 2014, Russia has signed military cooperation agreements ( -growing-footprint-africa) with at least 19 African countries.

Some of them, like Angola, also have links with the African Command (Africom). Since 2014, Russia has signed military cooperation agreements ( with at least least 19 African countries. Some of them, such as Angola, also have links to Africom. Zimbabwe’s president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, said he was open to the possibility of Russia having a military alliance with Zimbabwe.

More ( As African countries join BRICS one after another, US military bases will be expelled from their countries to become sovereign nations under BRICS.

When all African countries come together and agree to this decision, Iraq, which will also join the BRICS, will also be able to take action with the withdrawal of coalition forces…

Payment systems:

BREAKING: 𝕏 Payments are coming soon and will launch in the US first, confirms 𝕏 CEO, Linda Yaccarino. Watch ( Predicted the day Elon bought Twitter, he will turn it into streaming, film, news, etc., but most of all, an atform payment plan. Now it’s here. It will be integrated with the BRICS Payment Platform and Starlink Internet Sattelite seamless phone-to-phone messaging system to be the operating system when Project Odin unfolds…

BRICS GESARA Alliance of Nations:

It will soon be a BRICS nation: Vietnam has golden opportunities to develop the silver economy: Vietnam has an aging population that will diversify its economy and expand it. Not only do they have the opportunity to grow through infrastructure opportunities, they also have the opportunity to grow within an aging population that will also take advantage of their medical service opportunities. These two aspects of Economic Development will go a long way in advancing your currency demands to higher levels in the future. More (

Zim notes, titles, agro checks and GESARA benefits:

Currency wars…

✅ Vietnam is rising… It seems that its market status is becoming a reality. Watch (

✅ Petrodollar: the Chinese yuan could rise globally, putting the US dollar in danger. The petrodollar chaos has now intensified after the Saudi Arabian regime decided to promote the multipolar monetary narrative.

With the regime’s decision to adopt alternatives to the US dollar, speculators raised their hopes, vying for new monetary concepts to consolidate themselves and shape the perennial oil trading mechanisms.

In this race, the Chinese Yuan could be the greatest agent of change, provided the regime’s decision to embrace the Yuan holistically has more strength and pace. More (

✅ Good morning from Germany, where real incomes have plummeted. German 10-year real yields are now at 0.34%, 20 basis points lower than a week ago. See (

✅ US Dollar Reserve Currency Status Remains in Downtrend:

– The US dollar represented 71% of global reserves in 2000.

– In 2023 it fell to less than 60%.

– The share of the US dollar in world central bank reserves fell to 59.2% in the third quarter of 2023.

– Then, in the fourth quarter of 2023, it fell to 58.4%, according to the IMF.

– The Federal Reserve’s recent shift to a dovish stance in December 2023 has heightened concerns about the vulnerability of the US dollar in 2024.

✅ Bring the BRICS Payment System online so the real dancing can begin!




French White Hat Alliance
French White Hat Alliance


The global impact of the French White Hat Alliance


BOOM!  Discover the hidden truths behind the French White Hat Alliance and its global impact. Discover the secrets of Emmanuel Macron’s clone, the cosmic countdown and the spiritual war shaping our world.  Awaken to the new era of empowerment and reclaim your sovereignty!   Immerse yourself in a dramatic exploration of geopolitical shifts, covert operations, and the urgency of global transformation.


In a world shrouded in mystery and deceit, there is a military and civil alliance that has been silently ruling France, and indeed the entire world, for several months now –  the White Hats of France.  As we delve deeper into this  enigmatic phenomenon  ,  we will discover the surprising truths that the mainstream media dare not reveal. 

Prepare for a journey that will challenge your beliefs and shed light on the secret forces that shape our world.

If only you could see the bigger picture, you would quickly realize the urgency of the situation. 

Our world is undergoing a seismic shift, driven by a new demand for empowerment and individual autonomy. Gone are the days when we were mere  “sleeping sheep”  or pawns in the hands of an oppressive and declining regime. 

The old world as we knew it has crumbled, and in its place a new era is rising – an era ruled by the White Hats of France.

Chapter 1: Macron’s mysterious death.

On December 21, 2018, Emmanuel Macron, the former president of France, died prematurely due to septicemia. Or did he? What if I told you that the world’s elites, including Macron, are not what they seem? 

The White Hats of France ran a covert operation, replacing important political figures with clones or look-alikes to serve a greater purpose.

The death of Macron as we knew him marked the beginning of a new chapter for France.  His clone, a puppet controlled by the White Hats, was designed to maintain the facade of normality while carrying out this powerful alliance’s hidden agenda. 

This startling revelation raises questions about the authenticity of our leaders and the true nature of the world in which we live.

The mainstream media, complicit in this great deception, kept the masses in the dark. 

But as we peel back the layers, the truth becomes undeniable. Macron’s replacement was not just a political maneuver; it was a strategic move to awaken the masses and prepare them for the inevitable transformation of our society.

Chapter 2: The Alliance’s Unlikely Allies.

The most surprising revelation of all is that leaders like Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are now working for the Alliance. It may seem disconcerting, but is Macron’s sudden change of allegiance part of a grand plan to wake the masses from their slumber? The answers are in the shadows, waiting to be discovered.

These leaders, once seen as antagonists on the global stage, have joined forces under the guidance of the French White Hats. Your cooperation means a shift in global power dynamics, challenging the conventional narratives fed to us by the media. This alliance, although unlikely, serves a higher purpose – to dismantle the old order and pave the way for a new era of transparency and empowerment.

The Alliance’s influence extends far beyond the borders of France. Its reach is global, impacting political scenarios and economies around the world. The collaboration of these unlikely allies suggests a coordinated effort to reshape our world, a world that transcends national borders and ideological divisions.

Chapter 3: The cosmic countdown.

Interestingly, a cosmic event of epic proportions is on the horizon. In the next 1 to 3 years, Earth is expected to experience a phenomenon known as  “Asteroid Showers”.  These celestial bodies will descend upon our planet, not as harbingers of destruction, but as catalysts for renewal. 

They will infuse new energies into humanity, the Earth itself and our own consciousness, similar to the formation of a Faraday cage.

Asteroid Showers are not just a physical event, but a spiritual awakening.  This cosmic phenomenon  will accelerate the transformation initiated by the White Hats of France, ushering in a new era of consciousness and enlightenment. 

The infusion of new energies will disrupt the status quo, forcing humanity to confront its deepest fears and embrace its true potential.


As we approach this cosmic countdown, it becomes clear that our current reality is just a prelude to something much greater. The alignment of celestial events and earthly transformations is no coincidence. It is a meticulously orchestrated plan, designed to elevate humanity to new heights of consciousness and understanding.

Chapter 4: The Hidden Spiritual Warfare.

We live in an extraordinary era marked by a global awakening, but that awakening remains hidden beneath layers of disinformation and military-grade propaganda. Only a few understand the depth of the spiritual warfare that is underway – a war waged with artificial or cloned identities, the enigmatic dark night of the soul, and a host of mind control weapons designed to manipulate and distort our very essence.

The spiritual warfare we face is unlike any conflict in human history. It is a battle for the soul of humanity, fought not with conventional weapons, but with psychological and spiritual tactics. The White Hats of France, aware of these secret operations, positioned themselves as guardians of truth and liberation.

Artificial identities and cloned figures are tools of deception, used to perpetuate control and maintain the illusion of normality. The dark night of the soul, a profound spiritual crisis, is a necessary step in our  collective awakening.  It is through this crucible of transformation that we free ourselves from the illusions of the past and emerge as enlightened beings, ready to claim our sovereignty.

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Transformation of the Monetary System and Revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar

In a world dominated  by the cabal and bankers,  a revolution is brewing. The Quantum Financial System (QFS), powered by cutting-edge technology, has emerged as a beacon of hope to free humanity from the shackles of the traditional monetary system.

Say goodbye to the days of manipulation, debt-driven economies and the whims of central banks – the QFS is here to change the game.

The Quantum Financial System (QFS)  is nothing short of a financial revolution. Designed to overthrow the cabal and bankers’ monopoly on the traditional monetary system, QFS harnesses the power of quantum computing and artificial intelligence to usher in a new era of financial freedom.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the QFS, its impact on the global financial landscape and its potential to reshape the world economy.

The rise of the QFS:  Imagine this: a financial system free from government interference, where value comes not from pieces of paper, but from tangible assets like gold, platinum and oil. This is the essence of the Quantum Financial System.

Unlike the traditional banking system, where central bank policies and decisions dictate the rules, the QFS functions as a truly decentralized system, driven by  market forces.

No longer will a handful of central bankers control our financial destiny. The QFS empowers individuals and nations by providing a level playing field where financial decisions are made based on data-driven insights and not the whims of a few elites.

Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence:  At the heart of QFS is the power of quantum computing and artificial intelligence. These cutting-edge technologies allow the system to analyze large amounts of financial data in real time.

This real-time analysis ensures that potential fraud and manipulations are detected promptly, allowing corrective action to be taken before they wreak havoc on the financial system.

Imagine a financial system that can self-regulate, adapt and evolve, while protecting your hard-earned assets. This is precisely what quantum computing and artificial intelligence bring to the table.

A Fairer Economic System:  The current global financial system thrives on debt and interest, serving the interests of a select number of families.

It perpetuates a debt cycle that leaves countries struggling to pay their debts, creating an imbalance of power and wealth. However, with the advent of the QFS, there is a glimmer of hope for a more equitable system.

Consider the example of Iraq,  a country burdened by enormous debt. The QFS offers a lifeline to these nations, allowing them to pay off their debts through the export of minerals and natural resources.

Iraq, with its vast oil reserves, can seize this opportunity to revalue its currency, providing a path to financial stability and prosperity. It’s a pragmatic approach that could transform the financial landscape for the better.


The Iraqi Dinar community eagerly awaits this transformation, seeing it as a step in the right direction. The QFS not only promises to benefit Iraq, but also aims to create a fairer and more equitable financial system that benefits everyone.

Revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar
Revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar

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