You are currently viewing MEDBED – MEDICAL LABORATORIES AT SSP ~ Space/Earth Alliance ~ Black Swan Event – RV started in Iraq

MEDBED – MEDICAL LABORATORIES AT SSP ~ Space/Earth Alliance ~ Black Swan Event – RV started in Iraq

MEDBED – MEDICAL LABORATORIES AT SSP ~ Space/Earth Alliance ~ Black Swan Event – RV started in Iraq



This is a multi-laser light beam machine that contains a gel substance that the person puts on when there is an injury to the body that needs to be repaired or when some part of the body needs to be regenerated, for example, before age regression. process is carried out. Body repair work is not carried out in the same room as the age regression machine.

These are the cryogenic suspension tanks filled with neural stimulating liquid gases that maintain the bodily functions of those who sleep in these tanks. When individuals suffer severe damage to their bodies or experience any type of traumatic issue on missions, they are placed in these sleeping pods. Individuals may remain in the cryogenic capsules for a month or more to recover from damage sustained during missions during their contract period in secret space programs in space or on other planets.

Teams from the German 3rd and 4th Reichs prepare a soul transfer using a container in which a state of stasis is maintained by electrical fields.

Interior of an ICC cyber laboratory on Mars. It is there that people kidnapped from Earth are brought, often those who died from misfortunes and accidents, who are collected, where they are subjected to appropriate processes and then ‘sold’ them to other ET races in exchange for technology. Earth humans are highly sought after as “commercial goods” due to their genetic heritage and certain abilities that many ETs lack, such as creativity and artistic talent.

According to  Johan Fritz,  intensive efforts are currently underway by positive alliances to end this trade, and much forgiveness and trauma processing work will need to be done very soon.




This transition began on September 11, 2001 with the enactment of the Gesara Law, then known as NESARA. This transition period would last just over 11 years, that is, until December 21, 2012, which would be the date indicated for Planetary Ascension.

However, with the false flag attack carried out by the parallel government, destroying the twin towers that contained everything necessary for the implementation of the NESARA Act, they managed to delay planetary change.

Obviously this was already well known to the Galactic Federation of Light because on December 31, 1989 I had already been contacted to confirm my life mission, which would begin on September 11, 2001.

Remember that the Anunnaki left the planet in 1995, but the Archons established their headquarters on the planet in 1996. As you can see, it is a war of strategies, which changes depending on events.

In other reports I have already mentioned that the new period began in March 2014, you can search and re-read it, now I am referring to the ongoing transition process.

1 – Revaluation of currencies and return to the gold standard.

2 – Enactment of the GESARA Law. This involves meritocratic governments, arrests of dark henchmen and the initiation of humanitarian projects to help those most in need.

3 – Landing of the Galactic Federation of Light, leaving the surface of the Agarthan civilization.

4 – Arcturian Health Wave.

5 – Tell the true story of humanity from the ascended masters.

6 – Complementary rescue of planet Earth in its ecosystem on the surface with the intervention of beings of Light.

7 – The complete change of DNA from carbon to silicon and the total activation of the 13 helices of our DNA.

8 – Training as inhabitants of a fifth-dimensional world.

9 – Transfer to the cities built for us by the Agartha civilization in the center of the Earth.

10 – Gaia restructures its surface, erasing everything that was done by all previous civilizations. I estimate that this transition time will last from 2 to 6 years and that in the hierarchy in which I describe it there may be changes between one stage and another.






Preparing this world for the most wonderful time to come…


This is the most wonderful part of our entire Awakening. Realizing that a wonderful time is ahead for us all! But in reality, before that happens, people will have to understand what is happening in the world they call “normal.” It was far from normal. It was like hell itself, we just couldn’t see it.

We were all brainwashed by the media, which was practically on the dark side. But we didn’t know! Belief was strong in the medical profession, government and even the media. “Why would they lie to us?” is the most asked question when we share the truth.

ALL those who have knowingly been involved in crimes against humanity, not just governments, but also the media, the medical profession, religious leaders… whoever… will pay the price of the death penalty if found guilty.


  • The Satanists/Freemasons/secret societies/globalists/elites/Deep State/Illuminati will all be completely eliminated. Remember that crimes against humanity carry an automatic death sentence.

Satan, the devil himself, will be imprisoned for 1,000 years.
All debt slavery will disappear.
No more homeless people with homes for everyone.
No more working for a pittance in a job you despise. Instead, work on what you love to do.
Healthy eating, no more foods designed to make us sick.
Wonderful technologies to heal the sick and infirm.
Children playing outdoors.
A new government, fair and for the people, will emerge.
No war. If a country declares war, it will be removed from the Nesara/Gesara code and will not be able to trade with anyone. Then peace will reign.
The list is very long… this is just a sample.


Once Nesara/Gesara is announced and released into our world, life will be completely different.Imagine this place? Can you imagine this?

1,000 years of peace

The Bible calls this period a thousand years of peace. No more satanic worship – it’s all over! With no one around to feed the insatiable desire for child sacrifice, etc. Satan will lose all his power. The Bible tells us he will be locked up for 1,000 years.

1. And I saw an angel descend from heaven, having the key of the Abyss, and holding in his hand a great chain.

2 He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil, or Satan, and bound him for a thousand years.

3. He threw him into the bottomless pit, and shut and sealed it over him, to keep him from deceiving the nations any more until the thousand years were finished. After that he must be released for a short time.


He won’t be around to bother us anymore… what an amazing time to come! We need to hold on. When things seem like they couldn’t get any worse, pray! God is working. The Jubilee of all Jubilees is coming.

But in the meantime, there is a lot of work to be done. Continue to share. Share this post…anywhere. Be part of the publicity. People need peace in their hearts, and the only way that can happen is when they experience their own Awakening!

See, those who are at peace are those who have experienced Awakening and know the fullness of what is happening.




[PART3] Relationship between the Space/Earth Alliance


The relationship between the Space/Earth Alliance and Earth (Earth)! ?
Relationship between the Earth Alliance, the Space Alliance and Earth (Earth)
Various elements considered from the relationship of the three parts! ?
1. “Earth Alliance” is a three-dimensional organization
2. 5D consciousness is not necessary in the process of promoting “GESARA”
3. To make the transition to the fifth dimensional wave it is necessary to stay close to the “Earth (Earth)”! ?
3-1. How to live with the Earth (Terra) for the “transition to the fifth-dimensional wave”!?
4. Understand your role and use the information appropriately!
The relationship between the Space/Earth Alliance and Earth (Earth)! ?
The relationship between the Space/Earth Alliance and Earth (Earth)! ?
In previous articles (PART 1.2), we talked about the roles and constituent elements of the “Earth Alliance”, “Space Alliance” and “Earth (Earth)”.

And this time (PART 3), I would like to talk about “the relationship between the three parties (Earth Alliance, Space Alliance and Earth)” and “elements that can be understood from the mutual relationship”.

Relationship between the Earth Alliance, the Space Alliance and Earth (Earth)
Relationship between the Earth Alliance, the Space Alliance and Earth (Earth)
Let’s review “functions” again.

“Earth Alliance” promotes GESARA

“Space Alliance” is earthlings and liberation of Earth (enslavement by dark side aliens)

“Earth” is transitioning to the world of the 5th dimension

is in charge of

Although they indirectly interfere with each other, the basic relationship is that they do not directly interfere with each other’s “roles”.

However, there is a need for mutual cooperation.

Mutual coordination (cooperation, meetings, etc.) is mainly carried out by the Space Alliance (mainly the Galactic Federation).

This type of relationship is being built.

Based on the information so far, the “relationship” that has become clear is

Discussion and coordination between the “Galactic Federation + Special Envoy” and “higher dimensional races living on Earth”

Consultation, coordination and promotion of joint missions between the Galactic Federation and the Earth Alliance Core Group

It is. (From another perspective, there is no direct connection between the Earth Alliance and Earth.)

There are still many unclear elements at this point, and it may have been a temporary movement with little continuity.

Consultation and coordination with the “Galactic Federation”, “Intergalactic Federation” and “some Russian organizations (President Putin)”

I think there might have been.

Various elements considered from the relationship of the three parts! ?
Various elements considered from the relationship of the three parts! ?
Through the vast amount of information and events that have occurred so far, I have a somewhat clear picture of the movement and connection (relationship) between the three parties.

What I’m going to say from now on is just my personal opinion based on my own research.

Of course, it is not possible to list all the elements, but I would like to present some of the elements that I would like to share among the various elements considered from the perspective of the relationship between the three parties . (as concise as possible)

1. “Earth Alliance” is a three-dimensional organization
“Earth Alliance” is a three-dimensional organization
Well, if you think about it, it’s obvious.

“Earth Alliance” is a three-dimensional consciousness organization


There is a common misconception that occurs among people who somehow think that “GESARA (Plan Q) promotion” and “transition to the 5th dimensional world” are the same thing…

“Earth Alliance” is an entity (organization) of higher consciousness similar to the “Space Alliance”

This is a case of misunderstanding.

It is clear that it is thought that “part of the core group of the Earth Alliance” that has direct contact with the Space Alliance is aware of the intentions and ways of thinking of beings from higher dimensions (Space Alliance) and the transition to the fifth dimension.

Most of the Earth Alliance (like the US group led by President Trump)

Does not have these consciousnesses (intention of beings from higher dimensions, transition to the 5th dimension)

That’s what I think.

In fact, so far within the Earth Alliance,

Power struggles occur frequently

That’s it.

Power struggles are occurring within each of these areas, such as the Earth Alliance Core Group, Team Trump, the US military, and the Russian military.

Originally , if there was awareness (recognition) about the “transition to the fifth dimension” , there would be no “struggle for power”. (bitter smile)

Of course, I understand that it may be an act, but there are still noticeable three-dimensional elements in President Trump’s behavior throughout the presidential campaign. (Negative campaign, criticism of the other party)

2. 5D consciousness is not necessary in the process of promoting “GESARA”
5D consciousness is not necessary in the process of promoting “GESARA”
This is related to “1” in the previous section, but what I want you to remember is that “GESARA (Plan Q)” is being promoted by

Earth Alliance of 3D Organizations

about this.

The “promotion of GESARA (Plan Q)” and the “transition to the fifth dimension” are separate elements that are progressing in parallel , but if we consider them as elements on the same path, we may be missing the point.

Dissatisfaction with the Earth Alliance

will appear. (bitter smile)

For example, several dissatisfaction (questions) were expressed, such as: “How long will we leave vaccines unchecked?” and “Can we continue to let prices rise unchecked?”

However, these are only aspects of the plan that the “Earth Alliance of Three-Dimensional Organizations” has selected from the point of view of operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Because the Earth Alliance is a three-dimensional organization

Confusing and entrapping DS by frequently disseminating false information (intelligence) to us common people.

We are repeating these measures.

“Earth” (Earth), which has already reached the vibration of the 5th dimension, and the “Space Alliance”, which is an organization beyond the 5th dimension , will never use “false information”.

In other words, until the majority of Earthlings reach fifth-dimensional vibration,

“GESARA (Plan Q)” advances in a three-dimensional way

I think it will happen.

3. To make the transition to the fifth dimensional wave it is necessary to stay close to the “Earth (Earth)”! ?
To make the transition to the fifth-dimensional wave it is necessary to stay close to the “Earth (Earth)”! ?
I think there are many people who feel like they are “awakening” by following the “Plan Q (GESARA)” information.

However, I would like to make sure there are no misunderstandings here.

The “awakening” through information from Plan Q (GESARA etc.) and the “transition to the fifth-dimensional wave” are elements that are in no way linked.

That is. My personal feeling is that many people equate “awakening” with “transitioning into fifth-dimensional vibration.”

It’s important, so I’ll say it again.

“GESARA (Plan Q)” and “transition to the fifth dimension” are separate elements that are being promoted in parallel.

It is.

In relation to each element, “GESARA (Plan Q)” is handled by the Earth Alliance, and “transition to the fifth dimension” is handled by Earth (Earth).

To take it to the extreme

Regardless of whether you are aware of (awakening to) the Q Plan (GESARA) or not, the way you approach “Earth (Earth)” will determine whether you can transition into the fifth dimensional wave (transition status).

about this.

3-1. How to live with the Earth (Terra) for the “transition to the fifth-dimensional wave”!?
How to live with the Earth (Earth) to “transition to the fifth-dimensional wave”! ?
This is a companion story to the previous section “3”, which is a bit off-topic.

Regarding the “transition to the fifth-dimensional wave”, I would like to talk about it from the perspective of “how to get close to Earth (Earth)” . To transition into the fifth dimensional wave (in order to increase the soul vibration),

Deepen your awareness of the land (Earth), natural spirits (primarily divine beasts), and higher dimensional beings within the earth, and have opportunities to be aware of them daily.

is an important point.

In particular, “being aware daily” is an important element and is not originally a difficult element.

*Look at the sky (morning sky, afternoon sky, night sky)
*Feel the flow of air (wind, etc.)
*Sense animals, plants, and insects
*Sense changes in temperature, humidity, and weather
*See what trees, the appearance of mountains and lands
, etc.

There are countless elements (acts) that make us aware of the Earth (Land/Nature).

I believe there are some people who have achieved fifth dimensional vibration at this time, but these people are definitely communicating with “Earth (Earth)” on a daily basis as described above.

4. Understand your role and use the information appropriately!
Understand your role and use the information appropriately!
On social media, there are still many people who misinterpret information such as “GESARA has not started”, “GESARA is late” and “GESARA has not made any progress in the United States” (bitter smile).

This is because they do not understand “members and their roles”.

for example

President Trump’s words and actions (related information)
Information released by the US Alliance

There are a lot of people who try to find “GESARA tendencies” in these things, but that is the source of the error in the first place.

As I mentioned in “PART 1”, it is “President Putin’s Group” that is currently promoting GESARA .

If you want to understand “GESARA trends”, you need to understand and verify the information and events (trends) sent by “President Putin’s Group”.

The act of following the information and trends sent by the “President Trump Group” to understand “GESARA trends” is because there are organizations called “police” and “firefighters” and they are trying to understand the current situation regarding “guilty arrests”. how to follow “fire department” trends and information.

“Appropriate use (collection) of information after understanding the “role”

is important.

Space and Earth Alliance
Space and Earth Alliance




THE EVENT: Imminent Implementation of GESARA! QFS Review

The clock counts down ominously to an event of biblical proportions, known simply as “THE EVENT”.

This name, although it evokes apocalyptic disorder, actually hides a meticulously orchestrated disturbance destined to overthrow the foundations of a long-held, secretive authority.

GESARA, the Global Economic Security and Reform Act, is on the verge of full implementation, poised to transform the world as we know it.

Yet the world remains oblivious, on the brink of a staged event designed to imitate World War III. This, however, is not a conventional war. It is a war of illusion and deception, manipulated by unseen powers that orchestrate events behind the scenes of the global theater.

Under the pretext of a global conflict, the gears of a vast military machine have been silently put into position. Your target?

No fewer than 34 strategic locations identified as strongholds of a dark and pervasive power – a cabalistic hegemony that directed the course of human events from the shadows. These locations, heavily guarded and deeply rooted in the nations’ infrastructure, are the nerve centers of Elite operations, controlling the media, finances and governance with an iron fist.

Simultaneously, a radical transformation of governance will occur. Military courts will come to the fore, replacing a compromised judicial system. In secret courts, truths will be revealed and sentences handed down, not over the course of weeks or months, but in days filled with confessions and revelations.

Prominent figures, long considered untouchable, will be accused and their crimes will be exposed in marathon legal reckoning sessions. The world will watch in shock as politicians, business tycoons and celebrities are exposed as puppets of a sinister agenda, with their dark deeds cataloged in excruciating detail.

This disruption extends to the very core of financial systems. The central bank’s Rothschild legacy will fade into obscurity, replaced by the Quantum Financial System (QFS) – the most advanced financial system ever conceived. Based not on speculation or conflict, but on tangible value: precious metals.

This transition is a return to a pattern that values ​​substance over subterfuge. The QFS, with its incorruptible blockchain technology, will eradicate the manipulation and fraud endemic to the old financial order. The Rothschilds and their ilk, who have profited from war and chaos for centuries, will see their empires crumble as the new financial order takes hold.

Through the orchestrated chaos of what will seem like imminent nuclear destruction, water crises, and a global stock market collapse, a narrative of fear will be meticulously crafted.

Yet, behind the curtain of this terror, a great vision of rebirth awaits us – a beginning of the long-whispered NESARA and GESARA, ushering in a new global era of unprecedented prosperity, peace and transparency. This new order will dismantle the old guard, ensuring that power is restored to the people, free from the manipulations of the Elite.

Behind the scenes, a shadowy conspiracy controls the world’s governments, media, and financial institutions. These puppet masters, known to insiders as the Elite, have long conspired to maintain their control through fear and deception.

THE EVENT is his final move, a desperate attempt to increase his dominance over humanity. They infiltrated all levels of society, incorporating their agents into positions of power and influence. From the boardrooms of multinational corporations to the halls of government, its reach is vast and insidious.

Deep in secret bunkers, the Elite plan their next moves. These hidden lairs, located in remote, heavily fortified locations, are equipped with advanced technology far beyond what the public can see. Here, they monitor every aspect of our lives, manipulating events to keep us distracted and divided.

The whistleblowers who dared to expose these truths have mysteriously disappeared, and their voices have been silenced by those who fear the light of truth. Stories of staged murders, disappearances and suicides are whispered in the dark corners of the internet!

But resistance is growing. A secret network of patriots, infiltrators and whistleblowers came together to thwart the Elite’s plans. They communicate through encrypted channels, sharing intelligence and planning their movements.

These brave souls know the risks they face, but are driven by a deeply held belief in justice and freedom. Operating in the shadows, they gather evidence, expose corruption, and prepare for the day when they can reveal the full extent of the Elite’s machinations.

As the EVENT approaches, strange phenomena are occurring. Unexplained weather patterns, mysterious lights in the sky and sudden disappearances hint at the massive operation underway. Those who are awake see the signs and prepare for the coming storm.

They stock up on food, water and essential supplies, ready to face the chaos and emerge on the other side. Reports of UFO sightings, unusual seismic activity and bizarre animal behavior are dismissed by the mainstream media, but those who are well informed understand that these are harbingers of the great upheaval to come.

In this time of great upheaval, the truth will finally come to light. The public will learn about the machinations of the Elite and a new era of transparency will emerge.

Secret technologies, hidden for decades, will be revealed, bringing advances in energy, health and communication that will transform our world. The dark forces that have held humanity captive will be overcome and a new era of enlightenment will begin.

As the clock ticks down to THE EVENT, stay tuned. Question everything, trust no one and prepare for the fight of our lives. The destiny of humanity is at stake, and only through unity and courage can we overcome the darkness and enter the light of a new day. The final showdown is upon us and only the strong will prevail.


THE EVENT Imminent
THE EVENT Imminent



Black Swan Event – ​​Protocol 19 – NESARA – GESARA – Revolution – Trust the Plan!

In the vast sea of ​​economic uncertainty and political upheaval, a  Black Swan Event emerged  , shattering conventional expectations and promising to reshape our world. What follows is an unveiling of  NESARA (National Economic Security and Recovery Act) and GESARA (Global Economic Security and Recovery Act)  , two transformative initiatives that have the potential to usher in a new era of financial and social evolution. Prepare for a dramatic journey that will challenge the status quo and redefine the future of our world.

The Enigma of the Events of the Black Swan  . 

Black Swan Events are like lightning in the night sky – rare, shocking and impossible to predict. They have the power to change the course of history and disrupt the fabric of our existence. Defined by their extreme scarcity, profound impact, and strange sense of inevitability when viewed in retrospect, these events are the epitome of unpredictability. The Black Swan Event we are talking about today is nothing more than the inauguration of  NESARA and GESARA.

Chapter 1: The Dawn of a New Monetary Paradigm



Activated by Protocol 19, the Black Swan Event will be the beginning of the new expansion network of the ISO monetary family. Everything is ready for change.

The winds of change are blowing and it’s time to let go of the old and embrace the new. Here are the seismic changes we can expect:

From Swift financial system to quantum financial system:  The financial landscape is set for a quantum leap as we transition from the traditional Swift system to the cutting-edge quantum financial system. This change promises unparalleled security, speed and transparency in financial transactions.

From BTC to asset-backed metals regulated by ISO Blockchain:  Cryptocurrency enthusiasts take note! The era of Bitcoin dominance may be coming to an end as we move towards a new era of asset-backed cryptocurrencies regulated by the ISO blockchain. The stability and intrinsic value of these digital assets will redefine the way we perceive wealth in the digital age.

From MSM to Project Starlink and Odin:  The media landscape is evolving at an astonishing pace. The mainstream media (MSM) is giving way to the Starlink and Odin Project, promising an era of decentralized and unrestricted information flow. Prepare for an unprecedented era of connectivity and information accessibility.

From $€ to Gold:  The dollar and euro may soon be eclipsed by the timeless value of gold. As we move from paper money to precious metals, the stability of gold will support our financial security.

Chapter 2: NESARA revealed – The game changer

NESARA,  or the National Economic Security and Recovery Act, aims to revolutionize the financial world with a comprehensive set of changes. Let’s delve deeper into the key elements of this innovative initiative:

1. Elimination of all debts:  NESARA’s heart beats for the common people. Its goal is to eliminate all credit card debt, mortgages and other financial burdens borne by the masses due to illegal banking and government activities. This bold measure is nothing more than a financial reset.



2. Abolition of Income Tax:  Say goodbye to the onerous income tax system. NESARA eliminates income taxes, allowing individuals to enjoy the fruits of their labor without the relentless burden of taxation.

3. Extinction of the IRS:  The IRS, a symbol of fear for many, will be extinguished.

Your employees will be transferred to the National Sales Tax area of ​​the UST Treasury, ensuring a smooth transition.

4. A new tax system:  NESARA introduces a flat sales tax of 14% on non-essential sales of new items to the government only. This means that basic necessities such as food and medicine will remain tax-free, while luxury items will bear the brunt. It is a revolutionary approach to taxation.

5. Benefits for Seniors:  In a world where seniors often face hardship, NESARA offers a lifeline by increasing benefits for seniors. This act of compassion ensures that those who have contributed to society are cared for in their golden years.

6. Return to Constitutional Law:  NESARA restores Constitutional Law to all courts and subjects, reinforcing the principles upon which the United States was founded. Justice will be done without compromise.

Chapter 3: GESARA – A Global View

GESARA  , or the Global Economic Security and Recovery Act, takes NESARA principles to a global stage. Here’s what we can anticipate:

1. A New World Order:  GESARA heralds a new world order where those under the control of foreign powers will lose their citizenship, be deported and barred from re-entry forever. Profound change awaits, and the implications are vast.

2. New Elections:  New presidential and congressional elections are on the horizon, to be held within 120 days of the NESARA announcement. The interim government will dismantle all “National Emergencies” and restore our constitutional rights.

3. Safeguarding Elections:  GESARA keeps a close eye on elections, preventing illegal electoral activities by special interest groups. Fair and free elections are the basis of democracy.

4. The Rainbow Currency:  Get ready to witness the birth of a new US Treasury and the “rainbow currency”. This currency will be backed by precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum, putting an end to the financial bankruptcy started by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.

Chapter 4: Revealing the Hidden Truths

NESARA and GESARA are not just about financial reform; they try to reveal long-hidden truths:

1. Birth Certificates:  The sale of U.S. birth certificates as personal property titles will cease, returning these vital documents to their rightful purpose.

2. Constitutional Banking System:  A new U.S. Treasury banking system in accordance with constitutional law will emerge from the ashes of the old, ensuring financial stability and justice for all.

3. The End of the Federal Reserve:  The Federal Reserve System, a mysterious entity often shrouded in secrecy, will be eliminated. A transition period will allow it to operate alongside the U.S. Treasury for one year to phase out all Federal Reserve Notes.

Chapter 5: A Future of Possibilities

With NESARA and GESARA, the shackles of secrecy and oppression will be broken. Here is what the future holds:

1. Financial Privacy:  Financial privacy will be restored, allowing individuals to manage their wealth with discretion.

2. Legal Reforms:  Judges and lawyers will receive training in Constitutional Law, ensuring a fair and equitable legal system.

3. Global Peace:  The U.S. government’s harmful military actions around the world will cease, ushering in an era of global peace and cooperation.

4. A World at Peace:  GESARA’s vision extends beyond borders, seeking to establish peace throughout the world. It’s a bold mission with profound implications.

5. Humanitarian efforts:  Huge sums of money will be released for humanitarian purposes, providing aid to those in need on a scale never seen before.

6. The Release of Suppressed Technologies:  Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of NESARA and GESARA is the revelation of over 6,000 suppressed technology patents. These innovations, hidden under the guise of national security, include free energy devices, antigravity technology and sonic healing machines. Humanity is on the verge of a technological renaissance.

The inauguration of  NESARA and GESARA  has its dramatic twists and turns. In a shocking turn of events, President Clinton’s clone blocked the enactment of NESARA on October 10, 2000. In response, American military generals,  Navy SEALs  , and Delta Force elites stormed the White House, forcing Bill Clinton at gunpoint to weapon, replacing NESARA.

During this extraordinary period, White House Security and Secret Service personnel   were ordered to stand down and disarm, serving as witnesses to an event shrouded in secrecy under a gag order. The untold story behind the scenes is nothing short of a blockbuster thriller.

As we stand on the brink of this Black Swan Event, the inauguration of NESARA and GESARA, we must prepare for a future that defies our expectations. These initiatives promise to reshape our financial systems, governments and the very structure of our society. Prepare for the unexpected, as in the wake of chaos emerges a new world order full of possibilities.

In the face of this dramatic and aggressive transformation, remember that the only constant is change. Whether we view it with apprehension or excitement, the  Black Swan Event  of NESARA and GESARA is upon us, and the world as we know it is about to change forever. Are you ready for the revolution?

The Quantum Financial System (QFS).

In a tumultuous era defined by economic uncertainty and financial instability, the need for a robust and reliable monetary system has never been more pressing. Traditional banks and exchanges, once considered the foundation of global finance, are now faltering under the weight of their own inadequacies. But amidst the chaos, a ray of hope emerges: the Quantum Financial System (QFS). . .




How NESARA could change everything overnight!


The whispers about NESARA’s implementation  grow louder, echoing through the halls of power and the back alleys of the Internet. The narrative, as complex as it is compelling, suggests a near future where the IRS, the SSA, and the Federal Reserve are relics of the past, their existence erased in a stroke of legislative genius, leaving behind a society free from the burdens of taxes and fees.

Imagine, if you will, a morning when employers across the country get the memo: the last full pay period of the month marks the end of their obligations to withhold taxes from their employees’ paychecks. The implications are staggering, with 100% of wages flowing directly into the pockets of the workforce, barring inevitable deductions such as union dues.

But the story does not end with a simple cessation of tax collection. Employers, who now hold funds that would traditionally have gone to the government, are prepared to redistribute this wealth directly to their employees.

This is a windfall, a “  nice bonus  ” that could fundamentally change the employer-employee dynamic. The mechanics of this process are as revolutionary as they are complex, challenging the very foundations on which our financial institutions are built.

In the midst of this seismic shift, a voice emerges that offers guidance, warnings, and a roadmap through the impending chaos. This voice, through numbered messages, serves as a beacon for those willing to look beyond the veil of conventional wisdom, urging readers to exercise discernment and caution in a world filled with newfound wealth and potential deception. The advice is clear:  the changes that are coming  are not just financial, but existential, requiring a reassessment of everyone’s values ​​and aspirations.

The narrative takes a darker turn with hints of  a deep state, a shadowy conspiracy  whose machinations are threatened by the impending revelations. The suggestion that the author of these publications serves as both a harbinger of change and a decoy is a chilling reminder of the high stakes involved. The battle is not just for control of wealth, but for the very soul of the nation.

With the proposed changes, the very concept of personal wealth is redefined. The introduction of “Bearer Bonds” and the activation of Treasury Direct Accounts (TDA) are not just financial instruments; they are symbols of a new era of transparency and empowerment. But this training brings with it its own set of challenges.

The process of claiming these funds, which involves a complicated dance with banks, post offices and notaries, is a test of patience and perseverance. It’s a system designed to weed out the uninitiated, leaving only those who can navigate this labyrinthine process to reap the rewards.

But let’s not ignore the broader social implications of these changes. The abolition of “Qualified Immunity” for police officers and the change to Common Law mean a profound transformation in the relationship between the State and its citizens.

In this new world, the veil of immunity that has long protected law enforcement officials from the consequences of their actions is torn away, exposing them to the same legal standards as the citizens they are sworn to protect.

This shift towards accountability is reflected in the proposed financial reforms. The idea that individuals can be held personally responsible for the financial misdeeds of their institutions is revolutionary. It is a concept that challenges the fundamental principles of corporate and government immunity, suggesting a future where accountability is not just a principle, but a practice.

In a global economy intrinsically linked by trade and finance, the shock waves of such a profound change in a nation’s economic policy could have unforeseen consequences on a global scale. The promise of prosperity and justice for one nation can mean turbulence and uncertainty for others.

In conclusion,  the journey towards realizing NESARA  is full of challenges and uncertainties. It is a path that promises to reshape the foundations of society, offering a vision of a future where justice and prosperity are within the reach of all citizens.  The NESARA promise  is a beacon of hope for many, but it is only through careful consideration and collective action that we can ensure this promise becomes a reality for everyone.




What’s new under the sun? 

What you see is still a small part of what really happens.

All the rest of the news concerns facts and events staged just to distract attention. It is no longer a mystery that reality is still different from the lives people live.

We are, in fact, inserted in a simulation of largely non-existent and artificially created facts. I speak from direct experience, also confirmed by a recent exposure of how the mass of the population is guided by technologies still unknown to the general public.

And then there are the “super” news released carelessly, without frills and without explanations. Like “there will be no EBS”. At this moment we are invaded by many distractions and entertainment and there is something for all tastes. But what draws the most attention is the meaning of certain statements.

If it is reported that there will be no EBS or that Trump and Putin are in reality ambiguous characters ready to switch sides when they come to power, then this means undermining the Plan at its roots.

So be careful what you read and what you believe. Disappointment seeps everywhere. Now, both Trump and Putin are people inhabited by highly evolved ETs and are incorruptible and above suspicion. And it cannot be any other way than this.

As for EBS, there is no doubt that this will happen. How could the long-awaited change actually happen? Everything revolves around this event, being the pivot of the entire transformation.

In fact, during EBS we will also have the closure of the land, new electricity, the fall of the current governments, the latest mass arrests, news about the Cabal and its fall and finally announcements about the new life with Gesara. 

Anyone who claims otherwise is showing their true colors and is an infiltrator who wants to confuse those who do not yet have clear ideas. Therefore, be careful what you read. If we are still waiting, be patient.

What has to come, comes. 

Aside from a few UFO sightings, an unconfirmed threat of a bioweapons attack, and the closure of hundreds of banks, nothing significant was reported at the Sun Eclipse meeting, although what appeared to remain imminent was the shutdown of the mainstream media to open path to EBS activation, Martial Law, NESARA world debt freedom, the Three Day Event, the Ten Day Earth Shutdown, Quantum Energy, the quantum voting system, quantum healing, quantum physics and the quantum financial system, while the global currency reset appeared to begin with Zimbabwe’s announcement of its “ZIG-backed currency”.

Therefore, we continue forward without hesitation because Gesara is in the final stretch.

The Storm Knight



What's new under the sun
What’s new under the sun

Wolverine Live Chat June 24, 2024

I received some information and audio from Brazil. First – yesterday I received information saying that payments are about to start, and this concerns your platform, and then about two hours ago (today), I sent you a message asking how things were going. He said: “They are beautifully progressive. Leaders are getting paid.”

I received another information from Brazil, where he said: “Remember what I told you last week”. He said, “I’m telling you it’s about to start.”

I received an audio from Intel in Portuguese and it said: “Practically everything has been started and everything is confidential. Stay tuned, because everything is happening.” He is talking about Brazil – The Tier4 A group and Tier4B. And the USA is already close.

About an hour ago, I received an Intel from my contact in America, which says: “Intense movement in the US. Tier4B Notification News.”

It looks like things are moving along. I hope what I received is correct as I am just a messenger. Praying is all happening.

There is another audio I received, not in Portuguese, but in Spanish, saying that it looks like things have started. People are getting emotional. But the person said that I won’t get emotional until I start to see things happening on my side, but it looks like things are starting to start.

Let’s hope and pray to God that tomorrow we end up having some really solid news in terms of hearing from people getting paid and/or my contacts getting paid and so on.

We pray that this will come true. Let us hope that tomorrow we will receive the signal of victory, and then Carpathia will be able to tell you what he has been longing to say for many weeks. Take care, Wolverine.


My dear friends, once again we have become aware of information that brings us closer to our final victory, closer to the lives we were destined to live, one step closer to being a shining light in this world.

And yet, belittling the trials and tribulations of all our days, months and years of waiting for our blessing, as time passes, we will look back on these innocent days of waiting as a metamorphosis, ever so slowly changing to we become the best. part of ourselves that we could be.

For in these naive and immature days, we are waiting like newborn stars, waiting for the opportunity to reach beyond the limits of our ancient galaxy, to radiate our light energy into the vast void of our newfound freedom, seeking to live our lives with the innocent hearts of carefree, soft-footed children, while we revel in the sun of an unconquerable world full of possibilities.

And THERE IS a lifetime of possibilities waiting to be discovered… by each of you

– The chosen ones. 

I love you all, Carpathia




Black Swan Event – Protocol 19 – NESARA – GESARA – Revolution ARA

The dawn of a new monetary paradigm.
Activated by Protocol 19, the Black Swan Event will mark the beginning of the new expansion network of the ISO monetary family. Everything is ready for change.
Black Swan Event
Black Swan Event


The Revelation of YOU: Unleashing Your Authentic Being into the World

What does it take to become the next best version of you? When you can find absolute authenticity, then you’ll find the Universe progressively ‘bends around you’ with each new iteration of beingness. It means everything in your life becomes increasingly aligned and harmonious. Finding this authenticity then, is priceless. At Openhand, it’s about opening a space through the contractions you might feel and then weaving the threads of beingness that then come through. Here’s how.

9-Rays: Transforming your life from Doing to Being

It’s old hat now in the spiritual mainstream to speak of switching from a life of doing to one of authentic being. But what does that mean exactly? What is authentic being? I frequently witness a major misconception about it. To me, authentic beingness does not mean ‘meditating in some high vibe place’ and not doing anything at all.


Here at Openhand, we’re helping people unleash 9 key frequencies of this beingness, “9-Rays” of what we can call: “The Soul Ray Harmonic”…


When I witness someone being truly successful in life, it’s because they’ve found a way of tapping into aspects of this beingness – they channel it through them, and unleash it benevolently into the world.

How might we each do that for maximum fulfillment and success in our lives?

Openway – attuning your spiritual compass

I believe we each need a spiritual compass, in order to attune to, and align with, the flowing mainstream of our soul, which wants to come through. That’s a key aspect of Openhand’s 5GATEWAYS work – as you progressively integrate the Soul Ray Harmonic, you begin the Ascension through 5GATEWAYS into the Fifth Density.

I would say there are three key aspects to discovering, attuning, and aligning your spiritual compass…




Firstly, it goes almost without saying, that to flow with the mainstream of the soul, we must work to open a space internally for it to come through. Although this may sound obvious, and although I believe it is straightforward, it’s not always easy. The biggest challenge I witness is letting go of the need for an outcome in the external world, which is necessary to soften the identification with the outer reality.

Practically all people form identities – rigid internal relationships – around what they want, aspire to, dream of, or are fearful and resistant to. To me, this is the Homo Sapiens condition that we must break through.

So how might we effectively break into the mainstream of the soul?

7 Keys For Breaking Into the Mainstream of Your Soul:



It’s not that hard to get into the expansive timeless connectedness of the soul. The challenge is staying there! That’s because when you connect up, the soul’s mainstream is kind of like a hot air balloon wanting to rise up through the inner dimensions – it pulls on any ‘tethering’ – places where the soul has fragmented into the lower densities and attached, based on the things you think you want or need, or are resisting. So once the mainstream is activated, then pretty much immediately inner resistances also start to activate.

This means we need an effective approach to breaking through these attachments. And denial of them – simply dropping the hot coals – which seems to happen a lot in the spiritual mainstream, becomes self-defeating. Even though we may not feel the pain, the karmic tethering is still there, and limits the degree of expansion (into the more subtle higher dimensions) that you’re able to achieve.

We must become as-one with the karmic source pain – which means to activate it, express into it, totally accept it, and thereby become “The One” in it. Thus, we integrate that lost fragment of soul that had lost its connection to The Source.

Unleashing Authentic Beingness: The Fertile Soil

It’s not the end of the story though, because to truly maximise the effect of the soul in our lives, we must attune to authentic beingness that now wants to arise through. We’ve got to interrupt the repetitive patterns that have been hard-wired into the brain, which then flood the cells with neuropeptides that keep taking us down the old pathways of distorted action. We’ve now got to create the fertile inner ground of mind and body for the soul to shine through. How to do that?

Here’s how we’re approaching it in the work of the Openhand Ascension Academy…


Summarising our Creative Process

In summary, at any one stage, I believe your creative process is going to be in any one of these three cycles that I mentioned earlier…

1) Opening into the soul (or at least being invited to)
2) Opening through blockages (once we move past denial of our karmic source pain)

3) Opening up for beingness – when we’re truly wanting to unleash our greatness into the world.

I’ve found that by considering our lives in this way, and working to self-actualise – to express the authentic nature of the soul that wants to come through – means you prosper in all situations. Because you connect up, and live from, the soul’s mainstream, which is intrinsically interconnected with the flow of all life.

It’s an approach that I’ve simplified and summarised in this Openhand Video below. Take time to watch, and be inspired how to transform your beingness and your life in everything that you do…


“Information related to Plan Q” Pay attention to the stock market trends (US and Japan) in the first half of this week! ? Is there a possibility that the change will materialize?

The “stock market trends” story we will focus on this time is, of course, not from an “investment perspective” but from a “Plan Q perspective”.

Is there a possibility that a change in the trends of the US and Japanese stock markets will emerge in the first half of this week (24th to 26th Japan time)?

Is there a possibility that a change in the trends of the US and Japanese stock markets will emerge in the first half of this week (24th to 26th Japan time)?

What I would like you to understand as a general principle is that

The global stock market is not fair and has always been manipulated as a source of financing for DS.

That is.

Before Plan Q came into full-scale operation, the “stock market” was skillfully operated by the DS, but after the collapse of the DS and the influence of the Earth Alliance came into play, the movement became an element of the Plan Q drama. . It is designed to show.

Recently, US stock market trends (NY Dow, Nasdaq, etc.)  have clearly shown signs of discomfort,  perhaps as part of an effort to “help people wake up.”  (bitter smile)

Over the past few months, the US stock market has continued to reach new highs, reaching extremely high levels… but  , of course, this  is not indicative of a “booming US economy”.

It is unthinkable that the US stock market (NY Dow, NASDAQ, etc.) remains at high prices despite  there being major problems in the business environment in areas  such as finance, energy and IT.  (bitter smile)

Signs that the stock market is headed for a crash (pus)! ?

Signs that the stock market is headed for a crash (pus)! ?

Several years ago, Plan Q listed  the “elimination (reset) of the existing stock market and foreign exchange system (DS system)”  as an essential element in implementing the “GCR/RV” reform.

And what was said in the WH (Intel) information and internal information related to finance is

The US stock market crash occurs after the stock market continues to rise to new highs, then the stock market fluctuations stop (become smaller), and after showing a parallel state, it crashes (a large downward change).

This has been said.

This situation  started to appear since last week (around the 19th US time)  .

What is important here is not only the “stock price trend”, but also the fact that the following events have been the backbone since this month (June).

Abolition (exclusion) of the petrodollar from oil trade by Saudi Arabia

Promoting the “exclusion of the US dollar” by BRICS countries! (Suspension of commercial transactions in US dollars)

China, Russia… and Japan sell US bonds

Keep an eye on the “US stock market” and “Japanese stock market” trends since the beginning of the week! ?

It will be important to pay attention to trends in the stock market, which will resume operations from the beginning of next week.

The US stock market  will reopen on the 25th Japan time, so  I would first like to pay close attention to the  trends in the Japanese stock market, which will reopen the day before (24th Japan time).

Stock market fluctuations are not guaranteed to occur immediately, so we will focus on the first half of next week (24th to 26th Japan time) and the end of next week (~29th Japan time).

US and Japanese stock market trends (presence of fluctuation) are important factors for “GCR/RV”

I think of it as something.

Keep an eye on the “US stock market” and “Japanese stock market” trends since the beginning of the week! ?

The cutting began. 

The dark forces have lost their strength and control.

Now we also have the next big event on the horizon. The White Hats reactivate CERN. Now it is interesting to understand that if we believe that the underground structures under Lake Geneva are used for scientific research, we are a thousand kilometers away.

So what’s going to happen down there is of a totally different nature because it would be good for a science fiction story. But what matters is the end result that is useful to us, that we are free from the dark tongs that kept people’s freedom and minds tied to the will of others.

We are thus rapidly moving towards a radical change which – it is worth remembering – involves, above all, a reality not perceived by the 5 senses that we usually use.

Scanning immaterial realities, but much more insidious than we usually fear, is essential for us to be able to resume our brutally mistreated lives. In this view of things, money is perhaps the ultimate problem.

For these reasons, the so-called “storm” must be feared by those who suspect nothing and live a life accustomed to the deceits of the tyrants who are now leaving. The awakening – a phase that is much more than necessary – runs the risk of being brutal to the point of not being able to bear the truth that will be exposed and leaving no choice.

After so much deception, the time for true revelations will come and the abyss that separates the two opposites will be a scream. But the time of duality is coming to an end and there is no longer room for anything other than the truth. After many long waits, we are reaching the moment of completion.

Which marks the end of this world made up of so many tribulations and suffering, of contrasts with fringes of the population who live in shameless opulence in contrast to the masses, treated as enemies sworn to be enslaved.

The ending arrives to destroy everything in the bud and then rebuild the new world of Gesara in a different way. So it won’t be a walk in the park. At least for those who have adapted to the current lifestyle. Anyone who gets lost along the way thinking that nothing will happen will have to swallow a bitter pill for being so grossly mistaken.

Thus, in the midst of so much news of all kinds that make everything and nothing understandable and in the midst of such uncertain and strange times, the well-orchestrated explosion descends on everything that overturns everything and turns the world and the life of the joker tavern upside down. .

The means and ways to end all of this are unimaginable to most. But the end comes and it’s incredible. From the manual. And it will leave joy and well-being for those who can still be happy and enjoy the beauty of life and have not let themselves be extinguished inside.

After months of tribulations and grotesque situations, what comes in comparison is a sweetness, a liberation. But we know that if you resist at all costs, then you will find nothing but the sunshine of life. And indeed Gesara arrives punctually.

The Storm Knight



06/24: RV started in Iraq! ? Financial markets will collapse over the weekend

June 24, 2024 (month)

“Black Swan” is quietly underway! ?

We will continue to check the “financial market” related to the “world currency reset”!

Well then

From Judy Notes on June 23rd

I’ll extract the parts that interest you!

today’s message

You can’t stop what’s coming!

Trust the plan,
blackout confirmed!

Phase 1,
Global Financial Collapse Crisis

Save the Children Trump 2024
“What you are about to go through will be very painful.

From now on, you will know that your entire life and the generations before it were full of lies. It will take half a year to overcome this. Some people may not be able to overcome it. The entire planet will be reconnected. The wiring of the entire planet will change.

The systems and technologies you know now will become obsolete. You get a lot of money back.
…John F. Kennedy Jr. Saturday, June 22, 2024

It’s a good idea to have at least a month’s worth of food, water, money, medicine, and supplies.
For your family and to share with others in case of emergency.

Judy notes

The US petrodollar (money from the CIA that controls oil in the Middle East) is gone.
The fiat dollar, the US dollar, was on the verge of collapse. No major country wanted US Federal Reserve dollars for trade.
Wall Street’s false financial reports were a dead end. The Deep State, the CIA and other parts of the world were running out of money.

The funds evaporated in a massive black swan financial collapse involving the deep state, the CIA, the Mossad, the M16, the British royal family, the globalists, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. Now is the time for a global currency reset to gold/asset-backed currencies.

 Biden is gone and Trump is back. The US interim military administration is established. It starts at the White House. “Of the more than 450,000 indictments and trials
brought and carried out against the world and political elites since Trump took office in 2016, the last 5 to 10,000 have just been concluded… Charlie Ward Monday, June 17, 2024 Prepare for 10 dark days under military surveillance.

 Saturday, June 22, 2024: News Alert: More Evidence That Military Occupation and Operations Continue
– Video by Derek Johnson – American Media Group

 Saturday. , June 22, 2024: Revealed: Castle Rock = January 6 Continuation Plan! -American Media Group (

 Saturday, June 22, 2022: While farmers in Idaho are about to have their water turned off.
What’s happening in Arizona: “One of the worst droughts in history. A Saudi-owned company is allowed to pump unlimited amounts of groundwater to irrigate crops.

 Former secretary-general of the United Nations and former president of the Club of Rome.
Europe has confirmed that the oligarchs who rule this world are pedophiles.
Confirmed pedophile controlling the global child sex trafficking system.

 Saturday, June 22, 2024: Five states sue Pfizer over Covid-Vax collusion fraud.

 A 2023 Covid-19 Vaccine Injury and Autopsy Document: “We found that 73.9% of deaths were directly caused by or significantly contributed to Covid-19 vaccination.” (scamdemic)

 Notice: New York becomes the first state to implement Bill Bates’ digital identification system.
Digital ID will initially allow New Yorkers to optionally store their driver’s license and non-driver ID card.
Eventually, this system will be mandatory for all residents who wish to participate in society.

 China purchased 300,000 acres of farmland near 19 U.S. military bases.

 Situation Update for Friday, June 21, 2024 (video): WTPN Situation Update 6/21/24
( 7 million illegal immigrants called into Selective Service to control Americans.
Ukraine fires at Russia with German howitzers. Power cut in Ecuador.

that is all


10 days of darkness
10 days of darkness

6/25: The “10 days of darkness” will begin again from 4am on July 5th Japan time

Tuesday morning, June 25, 2024“Black Swan” is quietly underway! ?We will continue to check the “financial market” related to the “world currency reset”!

Well then

From Judy Notes on June 24

I’ll extract the parts that interest you!

Today’s message

The game is over
now, we have taken control,
trust the plan
… Q on Telegram Sun, June 23, 2024

The end is near “My fellow Americans, in the coming days you will no doubt understand that we are taking back this great country (the land of the free) from evil. …17th Letter (JFK Jr.) Q on Telegram Sun. June 23, 2024

Phase 1 begins
Unstoppable global financial crisis looms FDIC announces over $500 billion in losses for 63 U.S. banks

War Warning
Israel attacks Lebanon, Ukraine attacks Russia;
NATO plans false flag nuclear attack on European city, blames Russia.
Prepare for 10 dark days of military surveillance

It is a good idea to have at least a month’s supply of food, water, money, medicine, and daily necessities.
For yourself and your family, and to share with others in case of emergency.

Judy notes

June 23, 2024 Quote from Q++: – At the right time – we acted. Our light conquered the darkness.
June 23, 2024 John F. Kennedy Jr. via Telegram

1. The real Joe Biden, Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, John Kerry, George Soros, Klaus Schwab,
Bill Gates, Tedros, Pope Francis, Guterres and many others committed treason 18 USC 2381 and were executed for grave crimes against humanity (Covid-19 psychological operations and mass genocide by bioweapon injection) EO13818.

2. The current wartime President and CIC of the United States has always been Donald J. Trump.

3. The entire Biden administration is a deliberate sham and a central casting ploy.

4. The United States declared a global defense war led by US President Donald J. Trump during the war.
Defensive Warfare 50 USC 1550, currently ongoing, as of December 20, 2019

5. I have reported the current and former Swiss government and all other rogue NAZI elements to the US Department of Defense.
On January 27, 2024, I also notified the US Air Force and the US Air Force JAG Corps officer under 18 USC 2381 without going through an attorney.

6. John F. Kennedy Jr. is alive,
my fellow Americans, as you will no doubt discover in the coming days.
We are taking back our great country (the land of the free) from an evil tyrant who seeks to do us harm and destroy our last remaining refuge.

 Confirmation (to the general public) of what is happening is then revealed and openly accepted. Popular riots are being organized in large numbers in an effort to: Prevent the arrest and capture of senior public officials.

 By order of Potas, temporary military control was established and special operations were carried out.

 False leaks were made to keep several people in the US in order to avoid extradition and the need for special agents.

 I want you to feel safe. Safety and well-being are fully guaranteed.

 However, the internal environment, unfortunately, will be divided.
This is because many people have fallen victim to the corrupt and evil scenario that has been perpetuated for so long.

 We will activate the Emergency Broadcast System (EMS) during this period.
We plan to launch an Emergency Broadcast System (EMS) during this period to prevent fake news and provide direct messages to all citizens.

 During this period, organizations and people who seek to harm us will be met with swift wrath.
Certain laws were repealed early to provide our large armed forces with the necessary powers to handle and conduct these operations.

that is all


Checkmate (Part 3) – A monetary duel to avoid a real war


Continuation of the Checkmate Series  Part 1  and  Part 2

In this final article in my three-part Checkmate series, I examine the major players on the chessboard, their roles and motivations, and the significant economic consequences that players in the Western fiat system will face if the new Eastern Alliances establish and launch a currency backed by gold. My conclusion is that dueling financial system currency systems are a much more acceptable and stable solution that would likely avoid real, real kinetic warfare. Leading to Our GCR.

China’s role as a “tactical” player

As tensions rise, China remains strategically prepared to join the financial war. China has been cautious about destabilizing the dollar to protect its export interests, but now recognizes the threat to emerging economies, particularly those in Africa and Latin America. Adopting a gold-backed currency and a pre-emptive strike on the dollar would align with China’s motivations to safeguard its economic interests.

As BRICS countries lay the foundation for a gold-backed trading currency that challenges the dollar’s dominance, China’s strategic response becomes crucial in this ongoing global economic transformation. In this article, we explore how China carefully assessed the economic consequences of the proposed gold-backed currency and its potential impact on the US dollar.

Based on analysis by General Qiao Liang, a high-ranking figure in China’s military intelligence, we uncover China’s motivations and strategies to preemptively combat perceived threats against emerging economies. With China poised to attack the dollar by adopting a gold standard, the balance of power on the global financial stage could soon undergo a seismic shift.

Assessing the threat

China has long been threatened by the US regarding market access, but with the advent of the BRICS gold-backed monetary proposal, the risks have increased. However, China appears to have anticipated potential economic consequences and assessed the experiences of nations like Russia during periods of sanctions. General Qiao Liang’s analysis sheds light on past US actions regarding foreign national debts, indicating a pattern of weakening and destabilizing economies through strategic manipulation of interest rates.

A target for dollar-indebted nations

Although China itself does not rely on dollar loans, it recognizes that the real threat lies in the impact on dollar-indebted nations that participate in trade with China. The likely US strategy of raising interest rates even after controlling inflation could aim to bring these nations back under US control. This represents a significant challenge for emerging economies in Africa, Latin America and other regions that have received substantial Chinese investment.

The preemptive attack on the dollar

To address this potential threat, China has devised a preemptive attack on the dollar, exposing its weakness as a fiat currency. With the power to do so since the Lehman crisis, China and Russia now have the means to challenge the dollar status quo. By planning a return to the gold standard for trade and their own currencies, the BRICS countries seek to counter the US strategy of “harvesting” assets in foreign countries.

The role of the new development bank

The Shanghai-based New Development Bank is poised to play a key role in China’s response. By offering credit in yuan or the new BRICS currency at lower interest rates, the bank can help ease the strains imposed on BRICS members by raising interest rates in the US. This strategic move strengthens the position of the BRICS and increases their ability to resist potential sanctions.

China’s Motivation and Strategy

Understanding China’s motivations and strategies is vital to understanding the implications of this evolving economic landscape. While some may question General Qiao Liang’s analysis, it is clear that his views are rooted in the thinking of China’s government. This positions China to join forces with Russia in a concerted attack on the fiat nature of the dollar and advocate a return to a gold standard for trade, thus challenging the existing global financial order.

As BRICS countries lay the foundation for a new gold-backed trading currency, China’s proactive response becomes a critical factor in the unfolding global economic transformation. By assessing potential threats and drawing insights from General Qiao Liang’s analysis, China is prepared to counter US strategies aimed at emerging economies.

By adopting a gold standard for trade and their currencies, China and Russia signal their willingness to challenge the dollar’s dominance and push for a more equitable and stable financial system. The stage is set for a major shift in the global economic landscape, with gold resuming its former role as a foundation of value and stability in an ever-changing financial world.

Russia’s role as a “strategic” player

The world is on the brink of a potential global conflict as tensions rise between Russia, America and their respective allies. While the focus has primarily been on military maneuvers and proxy wars, a new front is emerging – a financial war with far-reaching implications.

In this article, we explore the origins of current trade exchange plans, which originated in Russia, and China’s role as events unfold. As NATO tightens its control over Eastern Europe, Putin faces an intractable dilemma, with a seemingly impossible compromise.

To avoid a catastrophic global conflict, Russia appears to prioritize weakening the dollar’s dominance, while China is ready to join this strategic battle. A financial war may offer a way forward, but the consequences for the global economy remain uncertain.

The Genesis of the New Commercial Currency Plan

The idea of ​​a new trading currency with a gold-backed system originated in Russia, marking a shift in focus away from China. Until recently, China was hesitant to destabilize the currencies of Western nations due to its significant export interests.

However, escalating tensions over Taiwan, coupled with US plans to raise interest rates and bankrupt BRICS members, have led to a dramatic deterioration in Sino-US relations. The specter of direct conflict between Russia and America over the potential involvement of Ukraine and China in a Taiwan conflict makes it imperative to avoid World War III.

NATO’s Determination and Russia’s Response

NATO, under the influence of the US, is determined to defeat Russia, remove Putin from power and gain control of Russia’s vast natural resources. Proxy wars, such as the one in Ukraine, have so far failed to achieve NATO’s objectives.

As the theater of operational strategy shifts to Poland and the Baltics, the buildup of military personnel and missiles in the region becomes evident. It is unlikely that Putin will accept a compromise, as he would demand the withdrawal of American missiles and bases from Central and Eastern Europe, a non-negotiable condition for Russia’s security.

A conundrum for the Biden administration and America

For President Biden, backing down in Eastern Europe would have serious political consequences, especially after the withdrawal from Afghanistan. The influence of neoconservatives on American policymaking adds even more pressure to defeat Putin, expand U.S. influence, and isolate China. Russia’s peace terms are unacceptable to America, leaving both sides in a stalemate with potential dire consequences.

Undermining the dollar’s ​​dominance

Given the impasse, Russia’s priority appears to be to undermine the dollar’s dominance by presenting an economic front to counter American aggression. Financially attacking the dollar could weaken the alliance’s military capabilities and create divisions among its members. Furthermore, a Russian attack on the credibility of currencies would benefit Russia’s financial position, which is already facing pressure.

The uncertain outcome

Engaging in financial warfare offers a relatively discreet option, avoiding an official declaration of victory or the need for post-war reconciliation. While it is not clear whether a weakening dollar would prevent a nuclear conflict, it is clear that the world teeters dangerously on the brink. The consequences for the global economy are uncertain and the potential for price inflation and financial instability is great.

As geopolitical tensions reach boiling point, the prospect of financial warfare emerges as an alternative to direct conflict. Originating in Russia and adopted by China, this unconventional approach aims to undermine the dollar’s dominance and indirectly challenge American aggression. A delicate balance hangs in the air and the global economy faces an uncertain future.

Avoiding World War III requires careful navigation, with the financial landscape becoming an unfamiliar battleground in the struggle for power and control. The coming days will reveal whether a financial war can offer relief or whether the world is moving closer to catastrophe.

Golden Stability: A New Monetary System to Prevent Further Escalation of Physical Conflicts

Amid escalating global tensions, the proposal for a new trade currency backed by gold is gaining momentum. Originating from Russia and designed to facilitate cross-border trade settlement, this currency aims to provide a stable and institutionally acceptable alternative to fiat currencies.

With the foundations laid by Sergei Glazyev, the currency could soon become a reality, awaiting approval in August. We will examine the key elements of this new currency and its potential impact on participating nations, focusing on long-term viability and preserving economic stability. As the stage is set for a financial transformation, the focus shifts to gold as the foundation for a new era of secure and credible trade finance.

Building a politically acceptable, inclusive and peaceful solution

The proposed trade currency is strategically designed to garner the support of all nations and alliances involved, serving as a practical solution to realize the ambitions of the Russian-Chinese axis. By facilitating an Asian industrial revolution that spans Africa and Latin America, free from external interference, the new gold-backed currency aligns with the aspirations of all participating countries.

A path to non-inflationary economic growth

The new trade currency aims to provide a basis for trade financing and cross-border settlements based on sound monetary principles. By linking credit growth to economic activity and gold, the currency seeks to avoid inflationary consequences and maintain purchasing power. Gold’s role as a substitute will provide price security for trade and investment, leading to stable, low interest rates and promoting economic development in emerging economies.

Potential for greater monetary stability

Participating countries may place greater emphasis on the stability of their own currencies, seeking a safe haven against the consequences of the fiat nature of the dollar. As the new currency gains acceptance, Russia may consider returning the ruble to its own gold standard, with China potentially following suit with the renminbi.

An inherent exchange rate resilience

Designed with 40% gold, the new currency follows the principles established by Sir Isaac Newton, providing a metallic monetary standard. As confidence in the scheme grows, participating central banks can hold minimum gold reserves, exchanging the balance for the new currency.  This approach would strengthen its heritage assets and increase the credibility of the currency.

The proposal for a new trade currency backed by gold heralds a potential financial transformation in cross-border trade and settlement. Designed to be politically acceptable and practical for participating nations, the currency promises a path to non-inflationary economic growth and greater monetary stability.

By placing gold at the center of the financial system, this currency seeks to safeguard itself against the pitfalls of fiat currencies and usher in a new era of financial stability. As August approaches, the world awaits the outcome of this innovative proposal and its potential to redefine global finance.

The consequences for Western fiat currencies and their debt system

The historical relationship between money and gold has been undeniable, with gold serving as an anchor of value for centuries. However, the separation of credit from gold in recent times has had profound consequences for the global financial system. Let’s examine the implications of reintroducing gold into monetary systems, particularly in the context of a new gold-backed BRICS currency.

As Asian superpowers seek stability and independence from fiat currencies, a seismic shift in the global economic landscape is imminent. However, what will be the potential effects on major currencies, economies and interest rates as gold returns to its rightful place in the financial world?

The historical divergence between gold and the dollar

In the post-Bretton Woods era, fiat currencies have steadily lost value relative to gold, exemplified by the 98% depreciation of the dollar. The erosion of purchasing power has exceeded the 2% annual target set by official policies, underscoring the importance of gold as a stable medium of exchange.

The potential introduction of a new gold-backed BRICS currency could accelerate the devaluation of fiat currencies, triggering a rush for hard assets and further undermining their credibility.

The underrated role of gold in financial markets

Throughout history, gold’s role as currency has been misunderstood in financial markets, leading to mistaken assumptions about its true value. Despite being treated as a trading desk, the return of gold as an anchor of credit values ​​among Asian hegemonies will force a reassessment of its importance. The switch to a gold-backed currency will bring stability to export values ​​and create an enabling environment for low interest rates, benefiting the economies of participating countries.

Significant Implications for Western Fiat Currencies

The introduction of a gold-backed BRICS currency will have far-reaching consequences for Western fiat currencies, including the dollar, euro and pound.

  • The dollar’s plight  : Dependence on foreign investment has allowed the US to finance ongoing trade deficits and public debt. However, a switch to a gold-backed currency could lead central banks to exchange their dollar reserves for the new currency, triggering the devaluation and foreign liquidation of Treasury bonds. Rising bond yields and financing costs for the government are inevitable, posing significant obstacles to financing.
  • Eurozone Turmoil  : A gold-backed BRICS currency could push Germany towards sound monetary regimes, exacerbating economic and political divisions within the eurozone. The already strained credibility of the euro will face new challenges, leading to potential recapitalization needs for the ECB and national central banks.
  • The UK’s Dilemma  : The UK, saddled with a debt trap similar to the US, also suffers from rising taxes and limited gold reserves. As an international financial center, London will be at the epicenter of the fiat currency crisis, complicating any efforts to escape the fiat currency trap.
The call for a return to “classical” economics

The emergence of a gold-backed currency and its implications will expose the inadequacy of Keynesian macroeconomics (constant creation of fiat money out of thin air) that shaped policy during the fiat money era. Western governments must embrace classical economic theories and adapt quickly to the changing economic landscape. The combination of the credit crunch resulting from the bank credit cycle and the deterioration in the purchasing power of fiat money will lead to rising interest rates, challenging the traditional control exercised by central banks.

Wrap up

The return of gold as a cornerstone of the global financial system signifies an important shift in the balance of economic power. The introduction of a gold-backed BRICS currency and potential adoption by Russia and China could lead to a ripple effect on fiat currencies around the world.

As investors seek hard assets and foreign exchanges witness a weakening of major fiat currencies, the United States, Europe and other Western governments will be forced to reevaluate their debt-based economic and monetary policies. This transition will require a move away from Keynesian economics and a return to classical and sound monetary principles, laying the foundations for a resilient, fair and stable global economic and financial landscape.

This would be our GCR.

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Currency reset progress! The blackout starts on June 25th!

Finally, we will provide information on the progress of the currency reset.

The new information at the time of the event is that the financial machine will enter due to the collapse of the US dollar from June 23rd, and a blackout is expected from June 25th.

Here is an overview of it.

Expected moment two events:

On Sunday, June 9, 2024, Saudi Arabia   refused to renew its petrodollar contract with the United States, and the US Treasury Department in Washington, DC, is now boarded up and painted Trump orange.

On the morning of Monday, June 17, 2024:   Power outage, arrests made at White House.

Dinar Revaluation Wednesday, June 19, 2024: Iraqi Prime Minister Sudani announced on Iraqi television that Iraqis will receive the new exchange rate by Wednesday, June 19.
The revaluation of the dinar was the linchpin that triggered a global currency reset to gold/asset-backed currencies of 209 sovereign nations.

Thursday, June 20, 2024    New fencing has been erected around the Supreme Court in preparation for the important SCOTUS announcement on    Thursday, June 20, 2024.


According to bankers,   the value of the US dollar will fall on Sunday, June 23, 2024, leading to a global financial crisis.

Tuesday, June 25, 2024 “Necessary blackout: in one week (from Tuesday, June 18)  everything will change.
Shocking information being withheld from the public
this week, and I know it all.

Global Currency Reset:

Thursday, June 20, 2024 Blues:

It was only confirmed in the last few days that the currency is appreciating, but   we don’t know what it is.
The currency is on the rise and continues to rise rapidly, but the rate continues to rise to a level that is suitable for us.
I believe this is what the currencies are doing.

Redemption Center staff worked several hours today   , but we did not receive any numbers today.   The team will work overlapping schedules
tomorrow, Friday   , June 21st  (summer solstice). That way, when the numbers actually come out tomorrow, we’ll know our numbers too.

Yesterday, a banker   told me to “give it a few more days”, which   should be Friday in a few days, but   I think we can make it happen  tomorrow and over the weekend.

Thursday, June 20, 2024 Wolverine: “OK, new rates will be announced today (Thursday, June 20) in Iraq, and funds will be released in the US today, Thursday, June 21.
I hope that happens because a lot of people. They’re suffering and we can’t let this continue.”…Phone: “Sounds good.  

Wednesday, June 19, 2024 Intel Guru Frank26:     [New ATMs] are now everywhere in Iraq.
Not hundreds, not thousands, but tens of thousands. It is located anywhere Iraqis can walk.
It’s everywhere: hookahs, mosques, bars, shops, street corners, banks, street corners.
The benches will be flooded with people.

*Comment: It appears that the US dollar will plummet from June 23rd, leading to a financial crisis.

A blackout (power outage) is expected from June 25th.

It looks like we are finally getting close to the start of EBS.

Regarding the currency reset, it appears that the new Iraqi dinar rate is about to be released soon.

Will there be a blackout from June 25th? It will be interesting to see if it will be extended.

GESARA: Why is this happening and how does it affect you! GCR and QFS: The Dinar Path to Profit

The global financial system is on the brink of a revolution, led by the  Quantum Financial System (QFS)  and the  Global Economic Security and Reform Act (GESARA).  This is a comprehensive review that aims to rectify decades, if not centuries, of financial imbalances and injustices.

At the forefront of this seismic shift is the introduction of a gold-backed currency, a move that promises to stabilize and democratize global economies. This is a leap into a future where money is linked to tangible values ​​and not to the whims of central banks and political maneuvering. At the same time, we are seeing the implementation of debt forgiveness and the start of Universal Basic Income (UBI), initiatives that aim to level the playing field for billions.

But the full impact of GESARA is stagnant, awaiting two major geopolitical changes: the removal of Joe Biden from the presidency and the cessation of global conflicts, namely in Ukraine, the Gaza Strip and Yemen. The claim that these political and military impasses are not spontaneous, but rather controlled and potentially orchestrated steps towards a greater objective.

Behind the scenes, the  Global Currency Reset (GCR)  is another piece of the puzzle. The revaluation of currencies, especially the Iraqi dinar, suggests a massive economic recovery. This is about redistributing wealth on an unprecedented scale. The claim that funds have already been deposited into  QFS accounts for humanitarian projects  adds layers to this narrative, suggesting that a new economic dawn is not only imminent, but is already taking shape in some parts of the world.

The narrative being told is clear: a dark battle is being fought for the future of global finance. The Earth Alliance, a group supposedly in charge of these changes, is positioned as the antithesis of the so-called Deep State, fighting against the control of those who have long manipulated global economies for their gain.

The dramatic  revaluation of the Iraqi dinar,  shared with financial institutions around the world, remains a clear symbol of this change. The message is that the days when a secret elite could control the world’s wealth are numbered. Now, a new, transparent and equitable system is emerging, prepared to offer a fair opportunity to every individual on the planet.

This is not just financial reform; It’s a wholesale financial revolution. The risks are enormous and affect every aspect of global power and economy. The promise of GESARA and QFS is to reshape the world order, break the old guard’s grip on power and wealth, and usher in a new era of justice, prosperity and peace for all.




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