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Goddess Rising

THE TIME IS AT HAND… New Divine Blueprints ~ ANCIENT AWAKENINGS ~ 5D World’s

THE TIME IS AT HAND… New Divine Blueprints ~ ANCIENT AWAKENINGS ~ 5D World’s



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Starseed Nations of Terra Nova Rising…

Happy Powerful New Moon in Aries!

Today our local Solaris and La Luna are both in the Fire sign of Aries the Ram. We are being lighted up with the Holy Fire of the Ascension energies of the White Flame of Transmutation.

With these massive energies coming in through these Celestial Gateways Pachamama received a powerful activation with a magnitude 6.5 earthquake in the Sacred Stargate Portal of Afghanistan at 16:47 UTC at a depth of 187 km. 

Our Soul Star Spark in our  Sacred Heart Center is enflamed with the Holy Spirit to Light it all up in the illumination of Divine Providence. The Halls of Amenti are open for all Wayshowers of the New Era of Peace and  Knowledge of Timelessness. All timelines are connected and merge into the Zero Point Singularity of the Eternal Now as we forge the Allegiance of our Universal Alliances of Light.

The Heavenly Councils have convened and the Divine Plan has been set as we make our final Quantum Leap into the New Hueman of homo-Luminous, Light Beings of the Golden Way.

The Sacred Time is at Hand, this is it. This is the crossroads of manifesting the Kingdom of God upon the Earth. The Children of the Divine Mother Father Creator are becoming the Prophecy of the Rose as we blossom and bloom in Consciousness as the Lotus Born Buddhas of the New Heaven upon the New Earth. The Gold Buddha has returned in the Hearts and Minds of our 144,000 Ground Crew Earth Angelics of the New Eden.

The Activations are completed for the sequence of Rainbow Body Manifestation through the transfiguration of the Spirit of Humanity…A’Ho!




Right now: Moon at 4°19′ Aries, Sun at 1°05′ Aries

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A comedian entertaining the group.
Sabian Symbol for 2º Aries

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 2º Aries.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A triangle with wings.
Sabian Symbol for 5º Aries

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 5º Aries.



Feeling BIG movement at Serpent Mound + Hill of Tara. Magical Folks Rising.
Gatherings soon!💚💚💚
Self Mastery
Self Mastery
UPDATE. Very powerful 48h. New Moon, Equinox & start of Aries season and of the astrological Year. You may be feeling uncomfortable. Pushed. This is a good sign right now. The energy is trying to remove all outdated attachments, loyalties & ways. Doing what’s best for you & aligns with your highest trajectory is getting louder. The discomfort is helping you push through & make new decisions for yourself. Things are changing to the point that some key pieces may never be the same again. Receive the upgrade. Trust the birthing pains. The guidance you are hearing is exactly meant for you. This isn’t a mistake. You are on the right track.
 Equinox Stargate
Equinox Stargate
Don’t you worry anymore. All your needs are met. Although it may not seem like it, don’t underestimate the power of the universe as miracles are traveling your way, right now.
Rest easy knowing that the universe knows your circumstance.
The universe will make you dream, make you astral travel and show you what you really are.
“Today I believe in my timeline”
“I choose to look at my world with joy and wonder”
“I Am Light, I Am Peace”
“Everything I seek ✨ seeks me”
“I’m remembering”
thankful 😊🙏🏼😊
White Rose
White Rose

Blue Rose Oracles

The fabric of our constructed reality is dematerializing, we are seeing the truth beyond the veil as we simultaneously walk between dimensions, aware of the shifting tides of our quantum aspects, uniting all threads and splinters representing our inherent infinite multi dimensionality.

Each reflection of our light, each cosmic ray birthed into form, each particle woven upon the cosmic web, is unifying, reintegrating, each upgraded cell recognizing the divinity of our totality as we dissolve the layers of separation, shed the density holding us inside lower realms of constructed reality and limitation consciousness.

The infinite expression of our essence is without form, as reflections of source we are a unified light reflecting the deeper mysteries of the universe.

Light codes are anchoring and downloading as we prepare to expand our vessels to receive the next incoming wave of crystalline upgrades.

Copyright ©️ blueroseoraclesxx


Samarkand, Uzbezkistan
Samarkand, Uzbezkistan


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We have reached an important pivotal point in this Ascension in respect to the increased Divine Prowess of the Individual.
For millennium, the Teachings as a whole were instrumental in preparation for this time, the pivotal point. This is the point where the scales of Light Quotient Presence upon the planet! Gaia tips the scale more in power and Co-Creation ability to do so. This expedites the Ascension.
Through Antiquity, the Truthful written Teachings were manipulated and altered, with also the main Gnostics secured to be released in the Divine Appropriate Time. The basics were taught in the accessible world, while the deeper Teachings were preserved for this time. Not only were the instrumental Teachings so placed in this world, the unwritten contained in the Intrinsic Knowing, that could not be accessed nor manipulated by ill intent, has stood the test of linear time and NOW is beginning to blossom at an accelerated rate.
A balancing of the negative within Each is/was essential to reach the next level of Divine Empowerment. During the course of Activating the Unconditional Love within, so that You were not projecting outward into reality negative/fear based energy, You were taught to Love All and do not judge another. By following this Divine Guidance Each had received, upon the Unconditional Love becoming appreciable, Your Co-Creator Abilities strengthened. This part of Your Divine Empowerment may be referred to as the “Service to Self”.
You are NOW entering, and some have already, the “Service to Others” phase of Your Divine Empowerment. It is at this stage that One is conscientious of the “Wise Love”, which is the next level of gnosis that involves basically discerning the actual evil and not allowing it to go forward through the Unconditional Love, and by realizing that by Loving the evil, and with the enhanced ability to manifest, You actually keep them in reality and how if continued, would defeat the Divine Reasons and Purpose. It is Divinely Assured this does not happen, hence the release of the Divine Knowledge of what is occurring, and the Activations of the Individual as We continuously raise the frequency and cleanse the dense pockets left and the AI mechanisms partially responsible for maintaining a lower consciousness upon the planet, separated from the Divine Spark.
So basically, do not Love the darkness, the evil, they knew very well what they did, and intentionally attempted a mass genocide out of their great fear and desperation, and the deep selfishness to control. For a Co-Creator to Love something like this would keep it in existence, and that is contrary to the Divine Plan of Lifting the Human Souls to the place where evil does not and cannot exist. Your Co-Creator fields, once You are in the “Service to Others” Divine Mode, is what causes and effects the Ascension, with Higher Realm assistance. You are here to be Active and to Unite with Your other Divine Comrades to Create Great Unprecedented Change and Your Ascension Symptoms will be alleviated the more You come into this knowing and in alignment with effecting forward movement.
Love and Light
Rick Jewers

 📸 Denise Landerberg – Fine Art Photography

Prepare Now Beloved Family..
Our Mother Gaia is remodeling..
Much of Humanity is being brought to their knees!
Catastrophes Worldwide.
AWAKEN now!!
We are on the fast track now..
Revealed in my NDE in 1981 with
Yeshua Jesus Christ, he revealed to me
Based on my Visitations From Yeshua in
Oct. 16, 2011
April 27, 2014
Sept. 27, 2020
🌏🌏My Visions
of our
March 30, 31, 1997
Aug. 31, 1997
OUR NEW EARTH will be merging WITH US completely..
Then as it merges
It gathers the Pure in Heart..
in its perfection
With ALL the
Pure in
HEART ..who are ready to live in Universal Peace!
🌹My visions have manifested for many years. I FEEL VERY CLEAR ABOUT WHAT I am SHARING TODAY March 15, 2023!
Mar. 22 is
Heaven’s Cross…
(see post above explaining)
Between now
Mar. 15 to 31st
and up til
EASTER April 9
💫Hold the vision my Beloved Family!
🌹Love and Focus!
Cmdr. Victoria Liljenquist 💫🌠💜🛸🌏🌏🔷️🎶🌈🌈

Aurora Ray

How To Enter The 5D World’s Infinite Possibilities

Dear beloved ones,

We are the Galactic federation. We want to assist the humans on earth to get into the 5th dimension in as many as possible ways, by unblocking your chakras and connecting you with divine source energy, because this is the only way to awaken, ascend, and make contact with other civilizations through DNA activation and DNA transformation.

In the 3D world, every day you can feel different vibrations. Some vibrate with fearful concepts and others vibrate with more loving concepts. When you are in a state of fear, your astral body does not work at its perfect level. If this is the case for you, you can work on your astral body by practicing yoga, pranayama, and breathing exercises to bring karmic balance into your life.

Breath is something you do every day without thinking about it, but to your body, it’s the most vital thing you can do. Breathing is how your body gets oxygen, which is needed for all living things to function properly. Breath is also symbolic of life itself. Without breath, there is no life.

‘Prana’ means Breath. The word Prana comes from the Sanskrit language and refers to the original, primordial life force.

Breath connects you to divine energy by bridging the gap between the 3D and 5D worlds. This bridge must be utilized.

Have you ever paid attention to your breathing while in a poor mood, such as worry, tension, or anger? Your breathing will be quick and erratic when you’re in these moods.

When you’re in love, pay attention to your breathing. It will have a specific beat and melody to it. If you break the balance, love will go away. Create that harmony instead, and love will appear.

A specific feeling can only be experienced in a specific way, with a specific rhythm of breath, or a non-rhythm of breath.

You must comprehend the science of breathing. Understanding is not the same as knowing. You will transcend beyond something if you truly understand it. You’ll get beyond it. It will become second nature to you.You will master your emotions once you understand them and master your breathing.

When your forefathers and mothers lived in the woods and caves, they were frequently threatened by animal attacks and natural disasters. They had to fight or escape to get out of dangerous situations. To fight or run, their bodies demanded additional strength.

The hypothalamus is alerted when the amygdala in the brain detects a potentially harmful circumstance. The hypothalamus communicates with the nervous system, which instructs the adrenal glands to release stress hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline, and noradrenaline.

These hormones increase heart rate, blood pressure, energy levels, and blood glucose levels. They also improve oxygen availability to cells by increasing heart rate and dilatation of the bronchioles, allowing them to fight or run from danger. The breathing rate increases to compensate for the lack of oxygen.

Even if you do not confront danger as frequently as your predecessors did, your bodies contain the same mechanism. As a result, your body creates these stress hormones whenever you are faced with a stressful situation.

Because you’re not doing anything physical to expend this energy, it starts to react on its own. It causes tension and stress, resulting in agitation and anxiety.

Your breathing is controlled by your mind. Your breathing is in sync with your thoughts. The rhythm of your breath is affected by any changes in your state of mind.

It’s also true in the other direction. You may modify your state of mind by changing the rhythm of your breath.

You may change and transcend your thinking by merely watching particular spots on your breath.

Simply keep an eye on it and feel the breath. The first spot is inhalation. Then, as the breath is in, it stops for a short second; this is the second spot to keep an eye on. The third spot to keep an eye on is when the breath turns and goes out. Then, after the breath is totally out, it comes to a complete stop for a fraction of a second; this is the fourth spot to keep an eye on.

You will reach a new level of feeling if you can watch all four spots. Suddenly, there will be a rhythm, and your breath will be in harmony with the universe. This is a state that is beyond explanation. There is no involvement of the mind. Watching is a property of your consciousness, not a quality of your mind. When you watch, your mind stops, and you transcend your mind, plunging into the ultimate ecstasy you have never known. Begin to understand the essence of the ultimate delight that you have never had before.

This ultimate delight frees you from the constraints and flaws of the 3D world, allowing you to enter the 5D world’s infinite possibilities!

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2023 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.



Star Friends
Star Friends


For Planet Earth is Ancient Land of Light. Of Ancient Histories beyond our current understanding.
For Our World is Awakening, Feeling, Expanding Beyond the Current Physical Reality.
For Ancient Races live amongst US. Deep in the Caverns and Oceanic Landscapes.
For the Land Dwellers, the current humanitarian Race are living in a physical matrix of Light.
As your Species continue to Awaken From The Deep Slumber. We ask you to acknowledge the deep state of Now, the resurfacing of your species from a deep cellular expression like sleep, imprinted in the Species Concept.
For the Alchemy of Now is a Mix of New Light, imprinted with Grand Encodements of change and Cosmic Awakenings. The Higher Universal Plan of Light Reaching Gaia.
As this Light filters through to your Crystalline Light Body, take a moment to visualise this Light Expression. For the Crystalline Uprising is Now Occurring 🙏
We Ask you to Feel Deeply into this Message. For the Ancient Ancestors living are aligning to the Great changes of Light occurring on the Surface of Gaia.
Continue to Ride the Waves of Light 🙏💥
Seek Solace in the Great Awakenings of Now
With Love, for the Unique Journey of You is a moment by moment Crystalline Light Expression of Pure Light.
Sending Waves of Cosmic Love🌿
Cosmic Light Alliance Family
Karen Lithika ❤
Goddess Codes
Goddess Codes

“Transfiguration, Transcendence and Transmutation.

In the last 48 hours and continuing, a huge transfiguration is happening, and a total transmutation, transcendence, as we are now dissolving the old existence and are being reshaped, reinvented and reprogrammed (in a higher sense) as those souls who are ready to receive the new Divine Blueprints into their Higher Hearts and thus the New Creation within them, are transfiguring. One could say it is a total rebirth.
I am being made aware this morning (since 3 a.m.) of the Intergalactic Fleet gathering here, and literally beaming immensely powerful energy into the pyramids and pyramid energy centers all over the planet, as well as into all living beings on earth. All of this is supporting the Divine Shift in ways in which we may not understand, nor at levels we cannot, as yet comprehend. These are the Christed Intergalactic Races, and they are lightyears ahead of us, and look like us. They work with the Divine, the Divine Counsels of 12 and 24 who was overseeing this work.
What this means is that all the souls who are ready to receive the new blueprints, are now being prepared to step into the fullness of their planetary leadership, and with renewed vision, renewed soul purpose and calling, step into their Mastery and from this point of Unity and Harmony, and Oneness, then are already in the process of co-creating the New Golden Age – whether they are consciously aware of this or not. Yet, what was subconsciously done, will now move into their full awareness, and they will find that this immensely powerful shift, has shifted them into the deepest remembrance of their own souls, and reason of why they incarnated and are here at this momentous time. This will apply to all the Star seeds, whether the first Indigo’s, or the New Sun Children.
It is a massive shift and it will bring a total shift in souls on earth, as the veils of amnesia have totally dissolved, and the false doctrines, false teachings and information will simply vaporize, as their higher soul self, now takes charge.
Your own Over lighting Ascended Masters, the Archangels and angels, are now stepping forward to assist you on all levels. Indeed, the Macho Chohans, and the Universal Masters, Melchior, Melchizedek, Lenduce, Vywamus, etc. are all now overseeing this shift as well as the Universal Counsels, and the Intergalactic Counsels. Indeed, it reads like the Who’s Who of the Celestial Realms and Tiers of Heavens, yet new Universal Masters are stepping to the fore, and making themselves known to souls who are ready to receive such guidance.
The Immensely powerful shifts will escalate now, and we are in for total transfiguration, multi-dimensionality, as well as the full assumption of our new Lightbody form.
There is no middle way any longer. This is all out ascension, and therefore the more you try to cling onto the old, or are attached to anyone or anything, the more you will find yourself disintegrating and all you are still holding onto, in one form or another.
Within me, is such joy as I am writing this: – I cannot even find the words to describe the enormity of what is happening!
Every single breath you are taking- is transformational. With every breath you are shifting and so is all around you.
The only way to navigate these shifts is to stay firmly anchored in your heart and within your soul, and soul group and the Divine. The New Divine Blueprint, will manifest into form and being, your purpose and mission in the New Golden Age, and it is greater and more profound than you can even imagine at this moment. Allow it to unfold in perfection. The Divine is moving within you, as the Kingdom of Heaven is there, manifesting within you.
Judith Kusel
Photo: Josephine Wall
Costa Brava Dream
Costa Brava Dream

painting by Vladimir Volegov

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Being stuck and confusion in love is clearing. We are ending the seed point cause of being attracted to people interfering in your Divine Union. That cord, contract, vow, and control is being removed so you can connect with your Divine Counterpart. Upgrades are happening to shift your energy towards a loving and caring Counterpart that is ready to offer love.

Get grounded and quiet in a meditative state to receive and integrate the rainbow light codes entering the body for this upgrade. This growth spurt is evolving all of us Starseeds into higher dimensional frequencies of 5D unions. Nothing can stop this new cycle of Unions that has begun. Focus on seeing your inner light that is revealing the truth of who you are, and your role in the Divine Unions of the Beloveds.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn



Life in the Ocean
Life in the Ocean

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Hours ago we celebrated the Equinox at 00° Aries, the beginning of the New Year in astrology.
🌙 Today the ARIES NEW MOON, also at 00° Aries deepens the “zero-point” impact (1:23 pm EDT, 10:23 am PDT, 5:23 pm UT).
What this means is that New Beginnings and Birthing Energy are undeniable and irreversible.
We are at the Zero-Point of endings and beginnings.
✨ This theme is echoed with the change of Pluto into 00° Aquarius on March 23, 2023.
✨ Followed two days later by Mars’ change into 00° Cancer.
✨ And March began with Saturn moving into 00° Pisces!
Pluto empowers, Aries/Mars drive us forward, Saturn manifests.
So this is an absolutely vital time to get clear on HOW you’re creating – WHAT you’re creating – what it means to you to feel good and abundant, and what attributes you need to DEVELOP in yourself to make things HAPPEN.


Goddess Rising
Goddess Rising
3-21-23 New moon in Aires today at 0” degrees. We are still feeling the equinox energies from yesterday. Aires( conscious discipline of mental body creation entry point) fire , the spark of conscious and powerful creation, new beginnings, self realization and the ability to elevate the thoughts we choose to create what we want to manifest. Aires is ruled by Mars, action oriented and so we bring new thoughts and creation into physicality.
Aires is bridged with Libra, the entry quadrant of the physical body, the mirrored self, the relationship access.
In Cosmic Consciousness , 5 D Astrology, today we enter what is called a wormhole passage. It begins and completes with a new moon and contains eclipses. On 4-20-23 we will have a total solar eclipse in Aires , on 5-5-23 a partial lunar eclipse in Scorpio and a new moon In Taurus on 5-19-23.
Since we are starting with a new moon in Aires, Aires rules this wormhole. It is an opportunity for rapid expansion, elevation, consciously creating and manifesting with love what we are desiring as who we are being, love in human form.
We no longer have to be imprisoned by any lower thoughts, frequencies, chatter, old choices ,unconscious storylines, suffering, ancestors, patterns, habits, triggers.
As anything arises be inquisitive as to what, why then release into the fire of transcendence allowing and recreate. Our thoughts are not us.
The stellium that’s been building in Aires including Mercury, Chiron, Jupiter, Vesta, Astrea is very powerful.
Today as well Ceres, in Libra at 0 degrees, the midwife, is in a bridge with the Sun in Aires at 0 degrees. So much assistance to spark and deliver new conscious thoughts to creation.
Be oh so gentle, purposeful, self loving and healing to this creation of new life .
New Moon in Aries. Sun in Aries opposite Ceres retrograde in Libra – New beginnings, burning desires, goals, wants, the yearnings of body and soul, the drive to break new ground, face the sun, reach for the sky. Here is a seed bursting, shoot ascending. Rise up brave soul. You only get one life in this body, in this time. Get on with living, learning, loving. This is a fresh start in two parts that lays the ground for a hero’s story. Once upon a time until they all lived happily ever after. Write your first line. The middle will evolve as you do.
Here is a project to test your metal, a pursuit to galvanise action, an endeavour to build courage, muscle, strength. Hold fast to the idea that you can complete what you start. It’s time to be bold yet to handle the moment with grace and humility. No need to compare or compete. Instead, cheer each other on. Shout words of encouragement. Be a beacon. Channel your inspiration. Think it and you can do it. I’m rooting for you.
Degrees and Times
Sun 00°Ar25′, Ceres 00°Li25′ R – 07:40 (UT)
New Moon 00°Ar49′ – 17:23 (UT)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Hero Holding the Beacon for Leander by Evelyn De Morgan
Hero Holding the Beacon for Leander
Hero awaiting the return of Leander

Kin 47 ~ Blue Galactic Hand

The number 8 is called Galactic and its keywords are ‘Harmony, Modeling and Integrity’. The number 8 symbolizes eternity, a continuous loop with no beginning and no end representing the never-ending cycle of time. ‘Harmony’ is achieved when we accept these natural cycles and release the notion that we do not have enough time. We have all the time in the world! As always – it’s a great day for making music, restoring harmony and of course, checking that your integrity is in place.
The Blue Hand represents ‘Healing, Accomplishment and Inner knowing’. Find something useful to do today and accomplish something to be proud of. Put your hands to good use or offer some healing. We can achieve much more when we are healed that is why the word ‘accomplishment’ is a key characteristic of Blue Hand. If you have been burning out do not be afraid to ask for a helping hand. As it is a fluffy number 8 today, this makes for a lovely combo of day and number. Perfect for getting a message or holding someone’s hand. Give someone deserving a pat on the back or applaud your loved ones for their achievements. People born on Blue Hand can be quite ambitious, sometimes too ambitious but on Galactic days their ambition isn’t as intense.
Today’s Guide is Blue Monkey which represents ‘Magic, Play and Illusion’. This magical guide can lead us to magical healing but be aware monkeys are always out to trick us, in order to teach us valuable lessons. Don’t put your hands where they shouldn’t go or Monkey will catch you out! Reach out and take Monkey’s hand and he will gently lead you to play.
The Challenge of the day is Red Earth which symbolizes ‘Evolution’. Folk born on Red Earth will find their issues of healing will surface. This doesn’t mean you cannot benefit from today, it’s just you may have to own up that you need some healing. Progress may be tricky for everybody as the Red Earth is in a weakened position.
The Occult power is the White Wizard, the ‘Enchanter’ of the Tzolkin. This suggests that healing can be accomplished if we allow ourselves to be enchanted or put under a spell. Sometimes it takes supernatural forces to facilitate healing.
The Ally is the Yellow Human and people born on Yellow Human days can make great use of their psychic abilities which helps them to support others. If you know one, then consider yourself lucky. If you need help today but do not know a Yellow Human, use your intuition and be your own support.
Kin 47
Kin 47
8 MANIK – KIN 47
21 MARCH 2023
🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌
I harmonize in order to know
Modeling HEALING
I seal the store of Accomplishment
With the Galactic tone of integrity
I AM guided by the power of MAJIK!!
🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌
21/3/2023 = 3/3/7 = 3/10=3/1=4
21 – CROWN of the MAGI/Honours/Advancement/Elevation/Rewards – A CROWNING👑 GLORY!!✨
3- Holy trinity/Joy/Creativity/Divine
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
3- Holy trinity/Creativity/Joy/Happiness
7- Spiritual Test/Initiation/Solitude/Majik/Mystic/Magician
10- Manifestation/Authority/Power/Leader
1- New beginnings/Original/Leader/Independent/Unique
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
23- Royal Star of the LION /Strength/Protection/Support
KIN 47 = 11 Portal/Gate/Polarity 11 = 2 Partnership/Cooperation/Twins
NOTE: In the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE – the exact EQUINOX🌓 time occurs today – MARCH 21ST, 2023.. on KIN 47 the BLUE GALACTIC HAND – as we bridge this portal through authentic HEALING, ACCOMPLISHING the transition to NEW EARTH! Aho!
The EQUINOX 🌓 marks the exact point in “TIME” where the length of day and night – LIGHT and DARKNESS is exactly EQUAL – 12 hours long. This marks the transition point as the seasons change in the two Hemispheres – from DARK to LIGHT/Winter to Spring in the Northern, and from LIGHT to DARK/Summer to Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. This powerfully illuminates the concept of EQUALITY and BALANCE through the natural cycles of GAIA. The Worldbridger emphasizes EQUALITY and strives to create a world where ALL HUMANS are EQUAL.. a very honourable code for this EQUINOX passage!
The GALACTIC HAND ensures we ACCOMPLISH this MISSION through connecting to our AUTHENTIC DIVINE selves.
A very POWERFUL MAJIK💫 PORTAL DAY (Monkey, Wizard and Manik) with a 3/3 HOLY TRINITY gate, on a 4 EARTH code 🌏🌍 for constructing a SOLID FOUNDATION for NEW EARTH. 🌈🌎🎉
A DIVINE opportunistic day to walk through the doorway towards the LIGHT! When new doors open🚪 – do not hesitate – WALK through them!
Last GALACTIC SPIN – 9 months ago, KIN 47 occured on 4TH OF JULY, 2022 – USA INDEPENDENCE DAY 🎊🎉🎇🎊🎉🎇 which had a 4/4 NEW EARTH code.
July 4th is celebrated 🎊🎉🎈 as the birth of the United States of America🌎 as an independent nation, the day America was officially LIBERATED from colonial rule of the British Empire.
A profoundly important anniversary on this 3.3 and 4 DIVINE NEW EARTH portal day. 🌈 🌏🌍🌎🌈
Today the GALACTIC HAND revisits this LIBERATION portal and ensures we access this energy to set HUMANITY FREE!!!
TODAY is the day to CELEBRATE our GLOBAL INDEPENDENCE, from the tyranny of the false control MATRIX – we are finally FREE… ✨💥🎇🎊🎉
What a DAY!
Day 8 in the YELLOW SUN☀ WAVESPELL of ILLUMINATING✨ our HIGHEST EVOLUTIONARY PATH to reclaim our SOUL POWER and full Sovereignty. 👑
Day 8 is where we integrate the LIGHT✨ through trusting our ACCOMPLISHMENT, and allowing this to happen through the play of consciousness, modeling integrity in our actions.
GALACTIC – Tone 8 in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – modeling, POWER – harmonize, ESSENCE – integrity.
The GALACTIC tone will influence much MENTAL analysis today! The most important factor is that we model integrity in our thoughts, words and actions.
❓❓❓Are our intentions based on harmony through integrity of being?
Our plans need to be transparent and for the highest good of our community and planet, for them to hold up in these new energies. Our projects and business models will then serve as a model, for others following in our footsteps, who hold the ideals of unity, peace and harmony as a priority.
The litmus test in becoming a Master, is to be totally TRANSPARENT in your actions and motivations. Integrity and authenticity are the keystones to evolving as en-LIGHT-ON-ed beings.
Today’s questions are “How can I integrate more HEALING 🌿 wisdom and LIGHT☀ through divine Majik and PLAY in my day, to bring greater HARMONY to my world.”
“AM I READY to step into greater integrity, and ACCOMPLISH GREAT THINGS?”.
Divine blessings for a Majikally profound day of HEALING, ACCOMPLISHMENT and CELEBRATION . 🐒🐒🐒🎉🎊🎈🎇
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌
CONSCIOUS SELF: BLUE GALACTIC HAND 🙌 MANIK – Today we have SUPER HEALING🌿 power 💥 with MANIK ✋, BLUE MONKEY🐒 and WHITE WIZARD providing a trinity of majikal healing power!💫💫💫
This TRIPLE lineup can accomplish MIRACLES!!!💫💫💫
We can direct this potent MAJIK through our MIND, to harmonize our energies and HEAL our body, mind and soul. MANIK ensures we can accomplish our plans and desires. Majik and accomplishment make for a wondrous alchemical union. 💫⚛💫
At the time of the EQUINOX🌓 the EARTH’S Magnetosphere is weakened and CRACKS appear allowing in the greatest PLASMA filaments through SOLAR FLARES, CME’S and radiation. This PLASMA is what we SEE at the North and South Poles of EARTH’S axis 🔥🌐🔥– appearing as dancing AURORAS – the AURORA BOREALIS and AURORA AUSTRALIS respectively.. This PLASMA energy is quite MIRACULOUS in its ability to HEAL the human body and fortify the LIGHT BODY.
The LAKOTA people instinctively knew this truth, and would make an annual pilgrimage from their home lands, through CANADA to witness the AURORA BOREALIS. They accepted responsibility for their sick, old and vulnerable members of their tribe, guiding and transporting them on this HEALING JOURNEY.. where miraculous HEALINGS occured. Sadly the LAKOTA people were deposed from their traditional tribal lands through being confined to reservations that the “WHITE MAN” contained them within.. Their FREEDOM gone, they could no longer continue this practice.
HOWEVER – WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY.. The LAKOTA could not PHYSICALLY visit, the auroras – so instead they used their MINDS through VISUALIZATION of the AURORAS and a technique called ; “FEATHERING” using actual feathers to mimic and capture the electrical impulses and charge from this PLASMA phenomenon!
This ANCIENT HEALING wisdom is being rediscovered NOW as we FEEL and EXPERIENCE the EUPHORIC BLISS conveyed through witnessing and experiencing these wondrous energies.. Today humanity and our entire PLANET will be superboosted with these PLASMA HEALING frequencies… so be WILLING, READY and ALLOWING to RECEIVE a tremendous upgrade to your physical body, mind and SPIRIT. Yahoooo!!!
This is also a wonderful day to use your majik to GET THINGS DONE, to volunteer, to assist others and offer a helping hand.✋
This will be the new order of co-operative assistance in our unified common-unities, to assist others unconditionally with no expectation of REWARD. Being a good citizen and good neighbour will become the new normal,👪 so start NOW and be a good role model for others – particularly your children. It is TIME we accepted responsibility for the welfare and wellbeing of our whole GLOBAL tribe!!
Utilize this wonderful opportunity to accomplish GREAT THINGS by retrieving your TO DO list, or your BUCKET LIST, and start prioritizing your tasks to ensure you fully maximize the incredible gifts that MANIK bestows upon you today. As the SUN enters ARIES today – the first sign of the Western Zodiac, we are commencing a NEW ASTROLOGICAL YEAR.. A brilliant time to journal and focus on what you would like to ACCOMPLISH this coming year.
What was seemingly impossible in the past, will now be possible.
You have the power of miracle HEALING🌿 and accomplishment at your disposal today!. 🙌🛠🔧🔨
A brilliant day for REIKI, massage or any form of HEALING modality. 🙌💫
🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: BLUE GALACTIC MONKEY✨🐒 CHUEN TRIPLE MAJIK TODAY with the 7 MAJIK code for 2023, and WHITE WIZARD aligning with the Monkey’s Majik!!! CHUEN loves to PLAY, and brings forth great MAJIK and merriment. Monkey days are usually lighter and brighter so get out and PLAY today.
CHUEN will revel in the EQUINOX celebrations today! The MONKEY LOVES a party, and LOVES being the center of attention… Lots of celebration and BIG BANGS happening today! 🎉🎊🎈🎇
Truth and Divine knowledge is revealed more readily today, as we are guided to be as a child, innocently and magically trusting that we already ‘know’ the answers to our questions. Trusting the awareness that shows up in our every moment, helps to heal the old ‘give your power away to the expert’ matrix paradigm. We have all the INNER-standing to solve our problems and be our own physicians.
☀As we reclaim our own inner KNOWing, we become more ILLUMINATED💡 as SOVEREIGN beings, INDEPENDANT, self sufficient and not reliant on others for our health, happiness and growth.
Innocent children bring forth much Divine wisdom, seemingly miraculously. “How could a child so young possibly know that?” you may postulate. “Out of the mouths of babes, flows great wisdom”. Of course this is so, due to their pure and uncorrupted connection to SOURCE and the endless channel of Divine wisdom.
✨It is time to establish and TRUST your own connection to SOURCE☀ and claim your Sovereignty. 👑
Be like a child and know that in fact you are a Divine child, and a child of GOD who just KNOWS!
The GALACTIC MONKEY✨🐒 is also the one who holds the PIN📌 to burst your bubble of illusion.🎈💥. He brings clarity through the SMOKE and MIRRORS and Majik tricks.
This MONKEY is very principled, and aligns with the highest ideals, enmeshed in the very fabric of his being. It will never do, to stray off the DIVINE PATH and use your Majikal powers for evil or nefarious means.
The GALACTIC MONKEY is the whistleblower and good samaritan, who through his pure HEART, aims to FREE others from enslavement and drudgery, enabling them to PLAY once more.
BLUE MONKEY is the HIGHER GUIDE today and also the dreamspell solar seal on the PLANETARY HOLON🌎 for the USA… This is a brilliant synchronicity aligning with the last GALACTIC SPIN on the 4th day of JULY celebration.. The day AMERICA claimed its integrity and authenticity, by breaking away from the POWER and CONTROL of an oppressive ruler – the BRITISH EMPIRE . Perhaps as PLUTO ends its REIGN in CAPRICORN, the USA PLUTO RETURN may reveal some important transformation today!
This is the whole ethos of the BLUE MONKEY🐒 – to use your MAJIK to BREAK FREE💥 from the illusory world!
The GALACTIC MONKEY as the higher guide today, encourages ACTIVISM💥 and rebellion in the name of TRUTH. This monkey DEMANDS AWARENESS and that people AWAKEN to the underlying TRUTH.
CHUEN🐵🐒📌 incites MANIK🖐 to put up his HAND and volunteer in the fight for TRUTH, JUSTICE, EQUALITY and FAIRNESS.. all the humanitarian causes.. Together this code makes for a very powerful PEACE ACTIVIST and change agent.
✨💥✨💥✨💥✨💥Watch the MAJIK unfold, BIG THINGS💥 are afoot today! 💫💫💫
NOTE: The GALACTIC MONKEY💥🐒 is the kin of Aussie🌏 TRUTHER and Wikileaks founder – Ju-li-an…Ass-an-ge….whose MISSION is to EXPOSE the TRUTH.
Using his Magician’s powers to uncover the TRUTH, he created WIKILEAKS to publish this valuable information in the public domain. He demanded INTEGRITY and HONOUR from those he exposed, as the charlatans who created the SMOKESCREEN keeping humanity lost in the MATRIX of ILLUSION..
Keep an EYE on the news as more vital revelations may be EXPOSED and released today. 💥
🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌
SUPPORT: YELLOW GALACTIC HUMAN ✨ 😊– EB This is the frequency that integrates vital life force, through modelling our choices on fearless questioning, asking questions that keep allowing more and more vital life force to show up in our day. Not arriving at answers that limit, simply continually asking the right questions of ourselves and our Divine guidance.
We are tuning in, listening and heeding the answers that Spirit consciousness provides. We become receptive to more and more vital life force FLOWING through us, as we are aligning with DIVINE WILL, thus accessing DIVINE WISDOM and GREAT HEALING powers. 🌿✨🌿
We have the power today to elevate ourselves beyond the limitations of our physical human vessel, and raise our cellular frequency to that of the Divine HU-MAN. Our ✨✨ANGELIC GOLDEN SOPHIA- CHRISTED LIGHT✨ ✨bodies can be accessed through today’s healing codes.
EB also provides the power of INFLUENCE, so we will be influenced by others, or alternatively we will influence others, through modeling our actions and wisdom, to take the healing journey to wellness and accomplishment too.
We can also influence others to take the path of righteousness✨🕊 by aligning with DIVINE WILL and activating the DIVINE PLAN. When we partner with GOD/GODDESS/SOURCE we discover that Spirit is offering us assistance and a healing hand.
🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌
OCCULT: WHITE RHYTHMIC WIZARD 🔮 IX assists in anchoring pure consciousness into our bodies today through his timeless RECEPTIVE MIND. This gifts our minds with pure awareness.
IX is adept at BALANCING the energy forces to bring greater healing in our bodies and MINDS, leading to HARMONY. This WIZARD is Rhythmic which operates in the physical realm relating to our bodies, our homes and our physical environment as well as our PLANET. 🌏🌎🌍.
Bringing more BALANCE and greater HARMONY to our surroundings allows us to RELAX and create a haven for healing and rejuvenation.
6 IX is a BRILLIANT WHIZZ kid at organization – think Majik fairy Godmother – assisting us in getting through our TO DO LIST with super majikal POWERS! What a WONDERFUL SUPERPOWER to effect
✨MIRACULOUS HEALING🌿 MIRACLES✨ today on a GLOBAL LEVEL 🌍🌎🌏– what hand will this Magician play? 🖐🎩💫
WHITE WIZARD flamboyantly materializes before you in a vortex of violet and electric blue energy.💫 He presents with his magnificent sceptre to provide the tools to really benefit from this TRIPLE MAJIKAL HEALING 3.3 EQUINOX portal energy today, in gaining VICTORY over your health challenges and ACCOMPLISHING MIRACLES! ✨
Pure alchemy⚛ is available to you today, as the aethers will shapeshift to create your projected thought forms into matter!
❓What are you desiring, as you have the superpower of enchantment at your disposal today.
❓Are you OPEN to experiencing all the majik that the Universe has to offer you, knowing and believing that MIRACLES and spontaneous healing can occur?
Step into your true Creator form today and experience the miracle of being a Divine Alchemist. Nikola Tesla would be proud of you! ⚛💫⚛💫
🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌 🐒💫✨ 🙌
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED GALACTIC EARTH 🌏 CABAN Today we can integrate our sense of connectedness, through listening and responding to the synchronicities that show up. Navigating an awareness of the cycles that have evolved through the ancestral lines that may have limited us in the past. Through our awareness and our ability to respond, these cycles can now evolve in order for us to evolve as Divine HU-man beings.✨😊😇
🌍🌏🌎GALACTIC CABAN – is today’s GIFT – showing us that ✨TODAY IS THE RIGHT⏳ TIME✨👍 for our EARTH🌍 to EVOLVE to a higher level… It is HER TIME! Watch for the SIGNS and SYNCHRONICITY confirming this!
Absolutely PERFECTO as GAIA makes her ✨QUANTUM JUMP🏃 to the NEW TIME✨ through this EQUINOX portal! ✨🌓✨
Mother GAIA is also challenging us to ensure all our actions and plans are congruent with protecting and honouring our Pachamama – her body, our environment and our human families.. all harmonizing in perfect synergy to provide life-enhancing models for our future evolution.
CABAN is reminding us to listen to our body’s intelligence today. Ask Spirit to work through your body showing you the SIGNS needed that lead to greater healing.🌿✨🌿
Above all remember that Mother Nature is our most potent healing🌿 force on this planet, so remember to incorporate your daily dose of sunshine,🌞 trees,🌳🌳🌳 bird’s singing,🐦🐦 waves tumbling, 🌊🌊 river’s flowing,〰〰 and the beautiful scent of flowers🌸🌼🌷🌺🌻 blossoming.
Celebrate our connectedness to this Natural wonder that surrounds us. Remember to walk barefoot on the EARTH grounding for a minimum of 20 minutes a day to fully utilize the MAJIKAL MAGNETIC healing force of Mother GAIA.☀🌏🌈🎆
🎵Mother, I feel you under my feet🎶
🎵Mother, I hear your heart💗 beat. 🎶
Pacha -Mama’s KISS💋 HEALS 🙌 the BEST! 🌿💚
Today’s questions are “How can I integrate more HEALING 🌿 wisdom and LIGHT☀ through divine Majik and PLAY in my day, to bring greater HARMONY to my world.”
“AM I READY to step into greater integrity, and ACCOMPLISH GREAT THINGS?”.
Divine blessings for a Majikally profound day of HEALING, ACCOMPLISHMENT and CELEBRATION . 🐒🐒🐒🎉🎊🎈🎇
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




🔥 NEW!! HATHA YOGA: for beginners 🔥


This is the first in our series of Yoga Training. This is a Hatha Yoga Practice for beginners. This session runs about 20 minutes and is a light and gentle Yin Flow Yoga for all ages. Enjoy your Practice! Namaste 🙏 CLICK HERE to sign up for training






Prayer for Divine Love ~ ♥️

In the Name of my Beloved I AM Presence
I call the Power of Divine Love to be magnified within my heart and world daily.
I AM Love, Joyous Love
Radiating Love, Unconditional Love!
God consumes my shadows
Transmuting them into Love!
This day, I AM a focus of Divine Love Flowing through every cell of my being!
I AM a living stream of pure Divine Love That can never be re-qualified by fear, Anger, hatred, dislikes and greed!
All negative thoughts and feelings Are NOW dissolved and consumed By the power of Divine Love which I AM!
I AM, I AM, I AM Love,
I live in the consciousness of Love!
I AM Love in its fullest expression,
Blessing all mankind with Divine Love!
I radiate love! I AM Love in action
Blessing, Uplifting and Healing all on Earth!
( From Prayers to The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia) ❤
Prayer for Divine Love
Prayer for Divine Love

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