You are currently viewing NESARA!  Beware of Central Bank Digital Currencies! Final countdown! A storm is approaching – EVIL HAS BEEN EXTERMINATED – Project Looking Glass
Project Looking Glass

NESARA!  Beware of Central Bank Digital Currencies! Final countdown! A storm is approaching – EVIL HAS BEEN EXTERMINATED – Project Looking Glass

NESARA!  Beware of Central Bank Digital Currencies! Final countdown! A storm is approaching – Project Looking Glass


XRPLion1 -ΑΩ- “Messenger of GOD’S REVELATION”





I received a lot of calls.

It was an honor to serve you.

It’s been very stressful and difficult, and I knew it was risky and I knew a lot of people would be against me. I never knew all the things that would happen to me, but that’s what happens when your face is in the public eye.

God sent me on this journey. And now I cry, because I have the official news. This isn’t all word for word, but it’s the gist: We are pleased to provide this update – It has been confirmed that the release of funds for exchange and historical assets has already begun after 12pm yesterday, Tuesday EST, tomorrow.

These release funds will become liquid after 800 are released to you on Wednesday this week (I said Wednesday, folks). The last of them is a banking formality. Everything is done. The wait is over.

What has been said so many times by so many will happen, has now happened! C’s losses have already started with 27 elderly Asians and dishonest families. It all started first with the Elders, who are the trigger for all exchanges and redemptions.

Once the process of closing the Zimbabwean dollar and the Iraqi dinar, which are among the first currencies to cross the International Monetary Fund, and which revalues ​​the currencies begins, all currencies will continue to close until all IMF SDR currencies are revalued . Congratulations, you did it. This is real. It started.

I also received a message from the director of CIC, which is Mauricio’s real base. Right now, he’s with the President of Colombia, handing over the documents and everything to the president so the funds can be released – I’m not sure if it’s televised or not, but it’s happening right now! I just got a photo shoot!

I’m beyond words now! I’m very, very excited. I was going to ask the Patriot Princess to talk to you, but unfortunately she has an event. Then, she won’t be able to hurt him. But I hope she can make it to our next call.

I hope tomorrow, folks, it’s The CALL when I release that Opera! But now, basically, this is a preview of what’s happening. Then, it all started.

What we need now is for Tier4B notifications to start arriving, which will be today or tomorrow.

I’m sure I’ll receive a call from Mauricio’s team and I can’t say much because it’s confidential. It is a privilege to have met these people who changed my life. Especially my wife…. (sorry guys, it’s been hard, Wolverine is suffocating with emotion right now). God bless you all and I hope, I pray to God, that this Opera will be released for you.

God bless you all, get ready for tomorrow. I hope the Patriot Princess is here to speak with you and, hopefully, another guest as well. It will be a live virtual call for all of you, so get ready. Take care, have a beautiful day. Wolverine (transcribed by Carpathia). **





Basel 3 is killing the US dollar and Bankster’s gold price manipulation  

King Gold: How Basel 3 is setting the stage for a revolution in the gold market and devaluing the Fiat Curreny System.

The introduction of Basel III regulations marks a fundamental shift in the global financial landscape, significantly undermining the Western Alliance’s ability to manipulate the dollar price of gold.

This regulatory change is evident in the sharp price discrepancies observed on June 10, 2024: gold traded for $2,313 per ounce in New York, while it sold for $2,402 per ounce on the Shanghai Gold Exchange.

This growing divergence (see chart below) factually indicates a growing trend in which physical gold is increasingly drained from Western exchanges and flows to Shanghai, reflecting a market that revalues ​​gold (RV) more and places less confidence in the fiat dollar in depreciation.


Note the significant deviation between the price of gold on the NY and London stock exchanges (red and blue lines) versus the price of gold on the Shanghai Gold Exchange (green line)

The strict rules of Basel III are thus undoing Western control over gold prices, ushering in a new era of financial dynamics.

In this article
  1. Overview of Basel 3 regulations
  2. Impact on gold and precious metals trade
  3. Consequences for the US dollar
  4. The future of gold price manipulation

The introduction of Basel III regulations is a significant event for global banking, impacting the way banks manage their assets, especially gold.

This article examines how these regulations will affect the gold market, the US dollar and the long-standing manipulation of gold prices by Western financial institutions.

Overview of Basel 3 regulations

Basel 3 is an internationally agreed banking regulation designed to make banks stronger and more resilient in times of crisis.

A key aspect is the change in the net stable funding ratio for gold held as a tier 1 asset on balance sheets, from 50% to 85%. This change aims to reduce dependence on unstable short-term financing and increase the use of stable, long-term financing.

Impact on gold and precious metals trade

The new regulations require banks to provide longer-term loans, making it more expensive to hold unallocated gold (paper gold contracts and derivatives).

This change forces banks to reduce their paper gold leverage, leading to a reclassification of gold holdings. As banks reduce their paper gold holdings, the supply of physical gold could become tighter, potentially causing prices to rise.

Consequences for the US dollar

The impact of Basel III on the gold market also extends to the US dollar. As banks reduce their paper gold leverage and increase their physical holdings, demand for US dollars as bank assets decreases.

This shift is weakening the dollar, as its value is often linked to global confidence in US markets and financial institutions.

The future of gold price manipulation

Basel III regulations aim to curb manipulation of gold prices by Western financial institutions.

By reducing the leverage that banks can use in gold trading, the regulations create a more transparent and fair market. This shift is leading to more accurate gold price discovery, benefiting gold’s store of value and reducing the influence of speculative trading.

The end result

Basel III regulations are transforming the gold market, reducing leverage and increasing dependence on physical gold.

These changes will likely drive up gold prices, weaken the US dollar and end long-standing manipulation of gold prices by Western financial institutions.



Project Looking Glass: The rescue of Zimbabwe’s 100 trillion dollar notes

Project Mirror Update | June 12, 2024

Submission received from Alliance sources.

The Looking Glass Project uses a combination of quantum data collection, quantum computational modeling, artificial intelligence and advanced visualization techniques to create a virtual model of the future. This model is constantly being updated with new data, allowing us to see how different choices and events can affect the outcome.

The basic idea behind the Looking Glass Project is that it allows us to see the future. This is not some kind of crystal ball or fortune-telling device, but rather a scientific tool that would use advanced technology to collect data from the present and project it into the future. This technology allows us to better understand the consequences of our actions and make more informed decisions about the future.

The Looking Glass Project is being used by the Alliance to lead humanity into an era of prosperity, rapid technological advancement and open public contact with our ET friends. The goal is to transform our civilization into a space utopia.

The following information is one of many predicted scenarios provided by Project Looking Glass. The future is not set in stone, and therefore each scenario provided by Project Looking Glass is just a singular timeline among infinite timelines. Please also note as a disclaimer that we cannot share the finite details provided by the Looking Glass Project to the public. Additionally, Project Looking Glass provides scenarios in visual format. Therefore, what is shared here is being described in words and has been “rewritten” to protect ourselves and the public from interfering forces.


The rescue of Zimbabwe’s 100 trillion dollar notes

Article written in the future of  [redacted]  dated  [date redacted]  .

From hyperinflation to humanitarianism: the surprising transformation of Zimbabwe’s 100 trillion dollar banknotes

In an unexpected turn of events, the revaluation of Zimbabwe’s currency overnight transformed ordinary people holding 100 billion Zimbabwe dollar notes into potential philanthropists. Once labeled as the world’s worst currency, the Zimbabwean dollar has surprisingly paved the way for humanitarian projects around the world.

Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe reached unprecedented levels in the late 2000s, leading to the abandonment of the Zimbabwean dollar in 2009. At its peak, Zimbabwe’s currency fetched a staggering 89.7 sextillion percent – ​​meaning that a 100 billion Zimbabwean dollars could barely buy a loaf of bread. Fast forward to 2020, the Zimbabwean government announced a significant revaluation of the Zimbabwean dollar, fixing its exchange rate to the US dollar. In a surprising turn of events, this move has given new life to Zimbabwe’s once-useless $100 billion banknotes.

Suddenly, individuals and collectors who purchased these notes as novelties are now sitting on a small fortune. For example, a single Zimbabwean 100 billion dollar note is now equivalent to about 25 US dollars. This currency revaluation made headlines and left many wondering what these new philanthropists would do with their unexpected wealth.

Rather than hoarding or squandering their newfound wealth, many people embraced a spirit of generosity. Across the world, humanitarian projects have begun to emerge that offer help to those in need. From building schools and hospitals in rural communities to funding microfinance initiatives for small businesses, people are finding creative ways to make a difference. In doing so, Zimbabwe’s 100 billion dollar note came to symbolize not only monetary value, but also human kindness and solidarity.

One such person was John, a retiree from the United States who acquired a 100 trillion dollar bill from Zimbabwe as a starting point for his coin and coin collection. When he heard the news of the revaluation, he couldn’t believe his luck. He exchanged the note at a local bank and found himself with a six-figure sum in his account.

John was moved by his windfall and didn’t want to keep it all to himself. He began thinking about how he could use his newfound wealth to make a difference in the world. He has always been interested in humanitarian causes and has even done some volunteer work in the past.

He started by reaching out to organizations working to combat poverty and homelessness in his own community. He donated generously to their efforts and even began volunteering his time regularly.

But John didn’t want to stop there. He began researching humanitarian causes around the world, looking for organizations that were doing significant work in areas such as education, health and environmental conservation. He also donated to these organizations and even began traveling to some of the project sites, seeing firsthand the impact his donations were making.

John’s story inspired others who also came into possession of Zimbabwe’s 100 trillion dollar notes. They also began exchanging notes and using their newfound wealth to make a difference in the world. The result was a wave of philanthropy unlike any the world had ever seen.

The effects of this new wealth were felt in communities large and small, in both developed and developing countries. And it all goes back to a small coin from a small country in Southern Africa.

The unlikely transformation of Zimbabwe’s currency has sparked curiosity and inspiration in equal measure. Those who have stumbled upon this unique opportunity have demonstrated that wealth can open doors not only for personal gain but also for the greater good. Could this be the start of a new trend where financial windfalls are used to create positive change globally? Only time will tell, but for now, the world watches in awe as the revaluation of the Zimbabwean dollar creates waves of generosity and kindness.

The revaluation of the Zimbabwean dollar has brought unexpected wealth to people around the world, but it is what these people choose to do with that wealth that makes the real difference. They could have kept it for themselves, using it to live a life of luxury and excess. But instead, they chose to use their newfound wealth to make the world a better place.

And in doing so, they became philanthropists and humanitarians, inspiring others to do the same. They created a ripple effect, a chain reaction of giving that continues to this day. All because of a small coin from a small country in Southern Africa.


Project Looking Glass
Project Looking Glass


Latest news! Quantum Financial System (QFS) Gold-Backed Certificates Are Here!


Forget the old days – where money was secured by empty promises and ephemeral assets that could disappear overnight. The Gold Certificate is here, heralding a seismic shift in the way we understand currency.

This is the beginning of a new era where each coin is meticulously linked to a solid gold bar, and each gold brick contains a sacred serial number engraved on a Gold Certificate, guaranteeing its eternal value.

This new standard eliminates the treacherous scenario of paper money and its fickle value.  The Quantum Financial System (QFS)  ensures that each certificate is rigid, forever tied to a specific gold brick. No more shady deals and manufactured inflation by shady bankers who inflate fiat currencies until they are worth less than Monopoly money. Instead, the Gold Certificate attaches each nation’s currency to an indestructible bar of precious metal, placing us firmly on a new financial footing.

Assets can plummet or soar, leaving the currencies they support in free fall, but gold? Gold remains unshakable. It cannot be dismantled, repackaged or auctioned off as worthless shares. Inflation may come and go, but an ounce of gold still buys a $1,300 suit, just as it did 40 years ago. The price of the process may change thanks to the fragile nature of the decree, but the value of gold is rooted in an unshakable intrinsic value.

The Global Monetary Reset (GCR) will reset the relationship between currency and value, ensuring that each nation’s money aligns precisely with others, restoring a balance that has long been manipulated by the greed-driven fiat system.

The  QFS intervenes to dismantle the machinery of old fiduciary regimes.  Fiat currency, created by central banks with little more than a promise, has long manipulated global markets, distorting economies at the whims of unseen forces.

Meanwhile, the price of gold soars, not because its value has increased, but because inflation-ridden fiat currencies crumble in the face of their lasting value. Once the GCR takes root and the world once again embraces the gold-backed currency, this predatory system will collapse like a house of cards.

Each new paper currency issued will reflect the Gold Certificate that backs it, severing any link to fiat currencies that have inflated global economies like bloated balloons. The wealth linked to these certificates comes from a formidable mountain of reserves. These gold-backed notes represent only 40% of current world reserves.

Therefore, even if demand increases, there is a deep reservoir to ensure stability. The final transformation will lock currencies to the unchanging value of gold, eradicating inflation and its ruinous effects once and for all.

The QFS will stabilize the global economy,  bringing a long-awaited reckoning to a monetary system built on fraud and manipulation. Fiat currencies will see their value fluctuate and double with each passing breeze, but the new gold-backed system will remain unshakable.

If the price of gold changes, so will all currencies in unison, meaning no single currency will gain or lose value relative to another. This balance ensures that no government can exploit inflationary tactics to harm its trading partners or the global market.

Why trust these shadowy institutions that manipulate value with a sleight of hand when a precious metal, buried deep in the earth, can guarantee every dollar, euro and yen? The Gold Certificate ensures that once  currency values ​​are defined and linked in the QFS,  fluctuations in the price of gold will not shake the system. Every coin, every note will represent a fixed value in gold, and the entire global financial system will finally level the playing field.

This new framework obliterates entrenched power structures sustained by centuries of fiduciary regimes. The QFS and the Gold Certificate system are poised to rewrite history. It’s not just an economic revolution – it’s the golden dawn of humanity’s financial awakening, where currencies are no longer victims of manipulative central banks.

The QFS guarantees transparency,  leaving no room for dubious negotiations behind closed doors. He wipes the slate clean, promising economic stability and an unyielding foundation. This isn’t a random political change or a happy-go-lucky financial overhaul – this is a radical restructuring that will reshape the way we measure wealth, forever altering the course of our future.

So embrace this new financial dawn. The Gold Certificate is a gift that will guarantee humanitarian efforts, personal fortunes and global economies in equal measure. With currencies stripped of the whims of corrupt central bankers, humanity will finally enter the Golden Age we all long for.

The QFS, forged in truth and gilded in divine blessing, will lead us to prosperity where every coin, every note, is a solid guarantee of value as lasting as the gold that supports it.



Gold-Backed Certificates Are Here
Gold-Backed Certificates Are Here



12/06: It’s the Final countdown! A storm is approaching

Wednesday morning, June 12, 2024

“Black Swan” is quietly underway! ?

We will continue to check the “financial market” related to the “world currency reset”!

Well then

From June 11th Judy Note

I will extract the parts that interest you!

today’s message

A terrible event is coming.
Prepare for martial law
… 17th letter Monday, June 10, 2024

Start the clock.
[Memory] A week to do it.
Let’s think logically.

First closed session [CLAS-5(6)].
Second release.
Beware of the Black Water.

Evidence kills.
Stupid people
…Q Storm 1776 on Telegram Monday, June 10, 2024

Judy notes

Imminent and frightening events were on the horizon, including a global financial collapse.
It’s on the horizon. Get ready. It’s a good idea to have at least a month’s worth of food, water, money, and supplies to help you and others in case of an emergency. Prepare for emergencies and have essential items on hand to help yourself and others.

Monday, June 10, 2024 Event: Castle Rock – Take down the Biden administration and change everything! – American media group

 Castle Rock (i.e. the total collapse of the Biden administration’s big bad actors),
bombings, cyberattacks and financial collapses.

 This three-day war will see the activation of the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) and the rise of Trump in a dramatic global reset.

 From dismantling the United Nations to implementing NESARA/GESARA, learn how military superiority and the new Laws of 1776 will liberate the planet.

 Prelude to chaos: 34 buildings are bombed and a large dam is damaged.

 All major dams will be hit, resulting in unprecedented flooding and water shortages.

 Stock market crash and financial collapse. An unprecedented stock market crash.
The unprecedented stock market crash will be devastating to the economy, eroding wealth and stability. Stability is compromised.

 Monday, June 10, 2024: Horrible: The Biden administration is intentionally facilitating one of the largest outbreaks of human trafficking in history.

 Monday, June 10, 2024: The Coca-Cola Company is implicated in purchasing children from an orphanage in Ukraine.
This is a story about organ harvesting on the black market. According to documents, it is supported by the US government.

 There are plans for a new national stock exchange to be based in Dallas. On the other hand, there is also talk of Texas being ceded to the Union and becoming a sovereign nation.

 Monday, June 10, 2024: Event: Castle Rock – Overthrow the Biden administration and change everything! – American Media Group

 Monday, June 10, 2024: Judy Bynton Unrepeat: The Black Swan has landed!

apparent timeline

 From Thursday. By Thursday, May 30, 2024, any US state will be able to obtain currency legally, bypassing the Federal Reserve.

 From Saturday, June 1, 2024, international trade will use the new Iraqi dinar rate for international merchandise transactions.

 Monday, June 3, 2024. On the evening of Monday, June 3, 2024, the Iraqi parliament approved a budget using the new international rate for the Iraqi dinar.

 On Tuesday, June 4, large bond holders gathered in Reno to begin exchanging their bond portfolios over the next 24-25 days.

 On Wednesday, June 5, 2024, the shotgun was fired and liquidity was approved for CMKX bond payments, which began RV/GR.
The Consul General of Brazil authorized the release of resources to Brazil and São Paulo began releasing resources.
The Iraqi parliament sent the budget, which includes the new Iraqi dinar, to the Official Gazette. Send the budget with fees to the official journal.

 On Thursday, June 6, 2024, Chinese elders approved the start of the Level 4b payment process.
The International Committee of Beneficiaries allows Level 4b to receive notifications. Brazil began sending notifications and accepting reservations for exchanges.
meeting. The Zurich group and the Brazilian group are liquidated. The BRICS Alliance begins its summit in Russia.

 On Friday, June 7, 2024, the US government announced it was out of money and 63 banks were insolvent, according to Janet Yellen.

Bonds began to become liquid.
 On Saturday, June 8, 2024, the authorization of NESARA GESARA and the release of resources in Mexico will be announced. Sunday, June 9, 2024. On June 9, 2024, the White House was lit in gold. Saudi Arabia abandoned the US dollar and
withdrew the US dollar, ending the petrodollar. It was the beginning of the end.
Collapse of the global financial system. A market crash is imminent. Treasury bondholders and RV Tier 4b funds were changing their stance on dividends. It was predicted that the global economic collapse would begin on Tuesday, June 11 or Wednesday, June 12, 2024. On Saturday, June 15, banks that are not Basel 3 compliant will be closed. The New World Order ends on Wednesday, July 17th, and the Golden Age begins on Tuesday. … Telegram 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) Tuesday, August 6 World Wide Web Takeover Declas. …17th Telegram Letter (JFK Jr.) Sunday, September 1, 2024: “The greatest upheaval in world history will unfold. The patriots will explode. of cards will fall.
…17th telegram letter (JFK Jr.)

that’s all

Final countdown
Final countdown


New information about NESARA!  Beware of Central Bank Digital Currencies!

Below is an overview of NESARA in the United States.

And it looks like a central bank digital currency will be announced soon, but cautions against participating in it.


5. The following is an overview of NESARA.

And I think it’s almost exactly the same as GESARA, except the name of the government agency is different.

(1) Three types of US currency are defined.

Configure three types of US currency: standard silver coins, standard gold coins, and Treasury bills (reset constitutional currency).

(2) The U.S. Treasury Department  purchases and cancels all issued shares of the former Federal Reserve Bank.

(3) The private Federal Reserve System  becomes a public institution.  United States Treasury Reserve System.

(4) A new Treasury Reserve Board  will maintain and stabilize the exchange value of the currency using specific plans established by law.

(5) The new board  will assume all of the powers and responsibilities of the former Federal Open Market Committee.

(6) Existing regional Federal Reserve Banks will become treasury reserve banks and  will continue clearing house operations and other banking functions under the direction of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

⑦ All commercial banks  must exchange  profitable government bonds for treasury credit notes (national debt is reduced).

⑧ Only Horeki banknotes  can be  kept as bank reserves.

(9) Fundamentally change the repayment of fractional reserve loans on property collateral  by paying the monetization fee after principal repayment (retroactively applied to existing mortgages to reduce private debt).

(10) Progressive federal taxation will apply  to the  privilege of lending foreign exchange for commercial gain.

(11) Commercial financial institutions, such as credit unions,  may manage fractional reserves subject to certain restrictions.



8.  Goldlocks writes about it.

Every day we see companies opening new paths within the economy.
Many different digital assets are ready to be leveraged in the new global virtual asset economy.

And now we are witnessing the emergence of many gold and silver tokens.

Who will provide liquidity for these assets?  We all do.

By simply increasing its value to real value, it provides liquidity to everyone who owns it.

Gold and silver are the economy of the people, for the people.  In three days,  we will be engaged in economic activity that will change everything.

Nothing can be done in one day.

We need to be a little more patient and do what is normally done to reduce the inflated value.

Once the true value and price are reached, equilibrium will be established in the market and banks.
At this point, our reset is complete.



9.  And don’t ride it!

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) will be launched soon.
It’s coming closer to you and your bank sooner than you think.

And it has the potential to change the way you trade and the future of money as we know it.

Introducing “Central Bank Digital Currency” or CBDC.

(Source:  Basel 4 will change the global financial system! 2024 will definitely be a historic year! QFS system!  )

*Explanation: The content of this article is an example of the United States case. From now on, when GESARA is announced and implemented, there will be no income tax, just 14% sales tax.

Therefore, banks, securities firms, and credit companies will likely be quite confused about the change.


Furthermore, the tax administration will also have to drastically change the tax system and social security (pension, social security, etc.).

A historic event is about to happen.

It is said that the central bank will soon announce a digital currency and invite the public to participate, but it is said that it will not participate.

It is necessary to check the content thoroughly.










The next financial step,   –   It is said that banks have connected to the new   quantum financial system   and that it is now working with the help of banks.  QFS is the new system the world will use for all financial transactions, large and small.  The word ‘all  ‘  leaves out no transaction unless  money   is used .  Because yes  ,   the new digital system   will continue to   use   cash   alongside normal credit   or debit  card transactions .

With the QFS up and running, new financial service centers will be added.  This will be part of a new financial services industry.  It will function like banks, as a service to humanity in all its financial transactions.  The entire banking system will become obsolete due to lack of funds.  The QFS does not endorse how banks made their money.  Transfer systems will not be required as all transfers will be from account to account within the single QFS structure.



Two things make this possible.  The first is that all financial accounts are in the same place,   in the same quantum brain,  so there is no need for a third party to make the transfers.

Transfers  are   made  directly  by the  interested   party   .  _   _  The second thing is that all currencies have the same value, so there is no need for the Bank for International Settlements to do   business   in all exchange offices.

Paying bills is the same easy process.  Administrators    at  each   company will control transfers electronically and it will be easy for them to keep up with the new way of doing business  .  QFS has no time limit to keep data for all transactions because it is permanent, like  kashic .

When  personal   income    taxes   disappear  ,   there will be  no  reason to have all the  tax  data .  Things are changing for the good of   humanity  .  The only thing left  will be  to pay  sales tax    on   all  new   non-essential   things  ,  except  food, medicine and some other essential items.


No  digital gold certificates   have been activated on the QFS, not even for the  coalition   or anyone else.  Yes, they are ready, but  they are not active   yet .  This will not happen until the QFS sets the price it will use for gold.  This will determine   how much  currency  an  ounce   of    gold will support.  When the QFS  establishes   the price of gold, digital gold  certificates  can be   activated   .  To activate the certificate, there must be a   transaction  .  This operation will be the   rescue  for  the coalition

Please note that the exchange of   valid and documented vouchers   , as most of them are  fake, will   only  be carried out for    humanitarian  projects  approved by the coalition  .  No one will truly know if it is humanitarian until they go to their rescue appointment,   with a properly documented humanitarian project,   where they will be told   whether or not it is   humanitarian and   whether  or not   they will receive   a grant  .   Most SKRs   or  custodial receipts  will not be funded.  



Banks authorized by the   coalition   will do the   exchange  .  This means that   there will be  no  redemption centers, but banks authorized for this.  Those  who have done their homework,   have the necessary legal documents   and have aligned themselves with the   coalition will be  happy   ,   but   others will curse the  gurus  who  guided  them  .  I’ve always been horrified when gurus  talk about  people getting   eleven   million for   a hundred billion  zim bonus .  This is not how the   coalition  for  redemption will work.


The   dark side   wants us to be a cashless society, but that’s not what we want.  The   new system   has a way of predicting the use of money within the QFS.  Digital Gold Certificates are a block of electronic data that represents an   increase in money in the QFS,   i.e.  dollar   ,   euro,   yuan, pound, etc.

If you want   money   , go to the new financial service centers that   will appear   and request money from your account.  They will pass the   money   through the allocation machine and the digital   gold certificate will be transferred   to the money’s serial number.

You make your purchases with   cash   and anyone who receives it and wants to deposit it into their QFS account will deposit it   at a   financial services center.  The serial number of the money will be transferred back to the digital gold certificate it came from and the   money   will be out of circulation   after use  .  There’s your usable money.


Banks have lost the ability to make money.  Everything the banks charged us will be free in the QFS.  Therefore, the financial services sector will need a large amount of funds to pay for the new services provided in the new financial services centers.

The banks were cleaned by the coalition.  Certain   bank employees  have proven themselves worthy of participating in the financial services industry and have been or are being  trained  to  act  as bankers, but are employees of financial services centers.  Their training has already begun, but  they  cannot say because they have signed a confidentiality agreement.

The next step is ahead of us if you know the   plan  .  It is developing miraculously.  It’s fun to know these things are true because we can maintain   our   frequency while being bashed  by the   media.  Service to humanity is our goal, which is why   we will be   chosen to do this work together with the   coalition  .


The coalition does not provide   estimated dates or deadlines   for things to happen;  if they do, it’s a military farce that’s part of the movie.  The   coalition   will continue to maintain dates and date ranges for things to happen.  If they let him out, it’s a military mistake.  The   coalition   will continue to allow   non-allied intelligence  providers to provide their fake news as part of the   film  .

The global financial reset   must occur before the switch can occur.  Military deception  is at the root of most misinformation and   the   resulting frustration.  Redemption   is not for people to have   personal fortunes   and get rich, it is for  humanitarians   to have funds to do   their philanthropic work.

Things   are   falling apart  and   need   to be restored after  the   crisis  .  That’s what’s happening now.  Chaos is being created by those who don’t know the difference.  In the cleaning scenes, there is a resolution of the chaos where the reason for the chaos is found.  The end result presents a clean, clear, factual resolution that makes sense.  There is a reason why such events are allowed,   but we don’t know the strategy.

For example, there has been a lot of action as   some   banks are failing.  It looked like the banks would fail and  some eventually will, but there is a resolution in the plan that will redirect what is left   of the banks to create the financial services sector that will provide all  the   necessary essential  aids   that  we will need  for our own needs.

This is what banks and the quantum financial system are doing   by working  together.  This is true, but the way it is said gives the impression that the banks will take over the QFS and not the other way around.  This  is the master plan for the entire process.  This will not be seen until    the transition to the new QFS   is officially published and  we see   how failed banks will become financial services hubs.

Banks do not have the money to support financial service centers  ,   so some humanitarians will help with the transition financially and will continue to finance the entire system as long as financial service centers serve  citizens  ‘   interests  .  Does the   coalition have   an established plan and do they know how   to implement   the plan to achieve what is intended for humanity?  The answer is   yes  .

The   global financial reset   is the   time when   all currencies will become face value with each other.  This means they   will be   the same.  This is an important process that will require some gentle maneuvering to accomplish, but QFS will not work without   rebooting  first   .

At this time, the  global   financial reset   has not yet  occurred   , so the QFS is not yet functioning in the primary bank as a new financial system.  Restart must occur before QFS can be activated at the public level.  To say otherwise would be to create confusion.

The second thing that needs to happen is real gold-backed currencies that are represented by digital gold certificates.  To create the funds there must be a transaction controlled by the coalition, but this transaction has not yet occurred, so events cannot be anticipated.

The moment the QFS is  officially   activated, the price of gold will be cemented  in   time forever   and cannot be manipulated as it is now  .  Then   the value of the   kilogram  of gold  will be known  and    a certain number of coin increases can   be  guaranteed   to   equal the value of the gold.  Activation of the  digital gold  certificate  will be done through a transaction,   but it has not yet been done,   so we do not anticipate events.


To usher in the introduction of the people-controlled QFS monetary system   , the   policy is to let the enemy destroy itself, and this is now happening in real time before our eyes.  Our mass awakening is the   dark side’s greatest fear,   but we don’t know the coalition’s strategy.

Awakening is emerging all over the world,  but   it comes at a price.  It may have been difficult and painful to go through the stages of convincing others.  Challenging circumstances and conditions, when opening the eyes and minds of the sheep, is even more difficult.  It’s a fight against time and injustice.

When the truth is known, it is the awakened who must share this knowledge with fervor and passion.  It’s not always pleasant, but it’s mandatory.  The hour is late, and the present time is shameful   for crises and delays  .  Optimal awareness and quick action are required.  No alternative.

Human consciousness is negatively conditioned to see only what separates us, and not what unites us.  Believe it or not, we are all very   similar   in every way.  We may have different backgrounds and cultures, but we all have the same basic values ​​in life.  We all want to be free, healthy, educated, live together in peace and have access to basic needs to sustain life and well-being.  All we really want is to be happy and healthy together.

source of intel:
QFS, the quantum financial system
QFS, the quantum financial system

How will QFS, the quantum financial system and global finance change?

It is great information that Mr. Charlie Ward will announce GESARA.

Of Mr. Ward’s recent comments, comments on NESARA/GESARA have been restrained, making me feel that the GESARA announcement is close.



It was explained again how finance will change with the QFS quantum financial system.


1.  First, General Flynn told Mr. Ward that the World Economic Forum held a meeting in Davos the day before yesterday, including VIPs from Ukraine.

However, they did not tell us the details.

2.  He said the general public doesn’t know how much damage Elon Musk has done to the Deep State.

Mr. Ward said they were exposing all the bad things they invented, starting with being unable to secretly communicate via Twitter!

3.  And finally, the Quantum Economic and Financial System team is making a lot of progress behind the scenes right now, and  they’re heading in a great direction anyway, so don’t worry about that.

(Maybe Mr. Ward, if what Mr. Bruce is saying is true, was recently appointed to announce the GESARA Act, because he has been telling us a lot of inside information so far. Because I haven’t been saying anything lately!)

I will write mainly about the new economic and financial system that is approaching.

Four.  First of all, let me write again what kind of system the quantum economy and the financial system are and what they do.

A QFS (Quantum Economic and Financial System) is not a cryptocurrency.

After the revaluation, all sovereign currencies will be asset-backed to ensure a stable value, making the need for unbacked cryptocurrencies obsolete (this process simply digests the information in a computer’s memory bank).

Activating the QFS will end the “central banking system” perpetuating what is called “debt slavery”.

QFS ranks highest in applied technology and brings 100% financial security and transparency from all currency holders to individual currency holders.

The QFS  assigns a digital number  to every fiat dollar/euro/yen in every bank account worldwide.

Digital numbers are monitored and updated in real time, showing who sent them and where they went when they were recorded in the ledger (GPS verification).

QFS is a living artificial intelligence that interacts with all financial transactions anywhere in the financial world, ensuring they are legal, authorized and transparent.

Only gold or asset-backed currencies with digital gold or asset certificates will be transferred through the QFS.

All gold asset-backed coin references are back to the gold piece or the asset that supports it!

No traditional banks.

Global wealth distribution (GWD) based on trade and sovereignty.

Every QFS account worldwide is the exclusive property of the account holder, not a bank or government.

B individually.  The Global Currency Reset (GCR) uses a specific quantitative formula to establish the amount of gold-backed currency available “in country” in the QFS.

This formula establishes the fair value of assets in each country compared to other countries.

Quantum Financial System (QFS) is building a virtual private network (VPN) for cross-border interbank payment systems (CIPS).

It is a network based on sovereignty and trade.
Quantum Financial System (QFS) provides pure and clean integrity in moving funds from central bank sources to destination accounts.

The QFS could cover a new global network for asset-backed fund transfers and replace the centrally administered Swift system in the US.

The main benefit of the QFS  is to protect all parties against corruption, speculation and manipulation within the banking system  and to ensure that banks are monitored and protected with respect to agreements agreed during the funds transfer process.





(Source:  Basel 4 will change the global financial system! 2024 will definitely be a historic year! QFS system!  )

*Comment: The purpose of the QFS is to clarify the previously opaque flow of funds.

This is to prevent money laundering of funds illegally obtained by DS.

To do this, we will use quantum computers to number and track funds.

Therefore, all currencies will become digital currencies and traditional banknotes will be abolished.

This also means that the interest rates that banks used to earn will be abolished.

Banks seem to be shrinking indefinitely.

It is said that the Q phone will be paid to people all over the world to pay funds, and it will be possible to send money and confirm payment from the terminal.





NESARA/GESARA ☆ more detailed questions and answers ☆

Here are some questions you may be asking.
🛑  Will the Social Security Administration close like the Federal Reserve and IRS? 
The Social Security Act of August 14, 1935 established our SSN/ID numbers as personal property, so if the law is illegal, so should we be.
Will you continue to use your SSN for rewards or for your bank account? Because these funds may have been transferred to a federal gold-backed account until we receive them. people who receive it.
🛑  Will everyone start receiving SSI or SSDI funding when NESARA is announced? Will it be the full $5,000? 
No, the people who are currently receiving it will increase 2-3 times more up to $5,000, and those who should receive it at the time of application need to receive it in a better way, and there are a lot of loopholes.  As many did before, just so the government could keep the money.
🛑   Will SSA withholding from my paycheck stop? 
If you are 21 or older, you will receive monthly payments from NESARA and will not need to pay SSA funds toward your future.
🛑   Will IRS and state income tax withholding stop from our paychecks? 
In 1913, only four states fraudulently ratified the 16th Amendment, and since I know that California tax law relies on the Internal Revenue Code, all income taxes were suspended.
🛑  Will all previous income taxes and fines be refunded? 
In addition to factoring in the $100,000 monthly NESARA payment to minimize current government accounting, the wealthy paid too much in taxes in the past while receiving the standard payment today. You shouldn’t lose from this, so you should.  just like everyone else.
🛑  Will companies and corporations be refunded previously paid income taxes and penalties because they do not receive their monthly payments from NESARA or do not have a QFS account? 
Probably yes, but the settings are different and there is no information on how this works.
🛑   Will Medicare and other tax withholdings from our paychecks stop?
 Like it goes into a federal fund, it’s a federal benefit now, but I think other insurance programs will be created to accommodate everyone.
Will my employer be penalized for not stopping tax withholding if I have no taxpayers and keep them? Absolutely, you may need to be a whistleblower.
🛑  How soon will it take us to 1950s prices? 
Not immediately, but with so many entities and people involved, it could take months, like a carousel ride.
🛑  Will employers be forced to cut their employees’ salaries or will employers be forced to cut them too soon when prices around them haven’t yet fallen enough to even things out? Will I be punished? 
I think there is a set pattern to do everything gradually, not hurt some people and generate big profits for others.
🛑  Who’s going to kick the can down the road with this first? 
We have to wait and see.
🛑  When can I access my QFS account and where can I access it if my bank or credit union is closed? 
When NESARA is announced, there must be public notice.  If your financial institution is closed, you can access your QFS account at any other financial institution.  It should not be denied unless it does not meet NESARA eligibility.  Moving from one institution to another.
🛑  Do I need to be 21 or over to access my QFS account? 
Some people need independent financing at age 17 or 18, but they should do so even at age 16 as long as they have a birth certificate and meet NESARA eligibility.  I’m not positive about it.  One of the qualifications is having a birth certificate or birth certificate.
🛑  Do I need to be born in the US to have a QFS account? 
No, if you are a legal US citizen and can prove where you were born, you do not need to be denied or return to your place of birth, but there may be other ways to access your QFS account here in your state.GESARA, but illegal immigrants lose all current government funds and have access to their own country’s QFS accounts.
🛑  Will everyone receive a $100,000 monthly payment from NESARA once the NESARA announcement is made? 
No, people over 61 are reported to receive it first, followed by people aged 41 to 60, and then people aged 21 to 40.  A month or two to get them all out for the first payment.
🛑  Will NESARA really pay $100,000 every month for 11 years? 
Yes, here in the United States we have over a billion times a quarter of government funding and some people pay more than that in taxes per year, so why here in America 1.1 million for 300 million people? Will I only be paid in dollars?
And I haven’t even gotten into a lot of the things others might ask.
I have a few questions that I feel I need to know the real answer to right away, and I hope the methods that have come up will provide a nearly correct answer.
“President Trump and Dr. Charlie Ward announced the implementation of NESARA/GESARA in Dubai.
🛑  Does anyone know when NESARA will be announced? 
Nothing anywhere because it feels like it happened on the other side of the world two days ago and it didn’t even air.  Time: 6pm GST in Dubai, UAE is 6am PST in California.  This changed my previous answer that I should have given.
🛑  So, when will action be taken to let the public know if NESARA/GESARA is true? 
It’s not clear yet, but the longer it takes to reveal it, the bigger the lie will be if Trump actually announces it.
🛑  Will the emergency broadcast system be broadcast only on TV and radio?
 When EBS airs, for about 72 hours/3 days, all media becomes a controlled bloc, so you can only watch that, and many sources have access to the internet, so people who don’t have a TV and those who They don’t have to listen to the radio, you can’t miss it, it’s not pay-per-view, but there are elderly people who don’t have internet, but we need to pass on information too.
It would be good to show everything in video and audio format, but newspapers need to publish the basics, the truth.  A short phone message may also appear telling you where to look.  It shouldn’t be a place where EBS is the only thing that works on your cell phone to reliably receive messages but not be able to communicate.
🛑  Will ongoing sporting events such as basketball or hockey be canceled or postponed? 
The game is expected to continue in the arena, but will not be broadcast live.
🛑  Will it work normally for many to stop or be postponed? 
Unless your work is in the broadcasting sector or governments involved in or supporting treason or other serious crimes.
🛑  If we are now considered citizens of the United States, will we be known and recognized as sovereign ?
There must be some announcement on EBS that the police and border patrol will not require you to be a US citizen or they will arrest you.  And that’s okay.  But this is ID Republic, not a suspension, so law enforcement needs to be better trained.
🛑  Will we keep our current passports or will we urgently need new passports to prove that we are sovereigns of the United States? 
This should change in due course, but the current one will expire until things are ready for a new one to come out for each of us.
🛑  How can I access my QFS account and how does it work?
 You will need to prove your identity, such as a birth certificate or birth certificate, DMV license, or photo ID.  The BC or CoLB has the number corresponding to the QFS account.  Either the credit union approves you, only you know how much you have, and only you can do any business with approval for deposits and withdrawals, or direct deposits.
To maintain access to your QFS account, you must receive a notice about accessing the County Records of your birth and a County Records employee will refuse to accept your BC or CoLB.
🛑  Can people arrested at birth or adopted find out where they were born so they can access their QFS account? 
Not only will it be rejected because the account exists, but it will also require some sort of notification to find the BC or CoLB.
🛑  Will my purchase of an item be declined if I use a QFS account because my current credit will be void? 
You can buy as much as you have at the moment, as long as you don’t waste your current millions of dollars.  Don’t waste everything just because you’re a millionaire.
🛑  Can I get a loan if I want to start a business or need much more funds than I have in my QFS account for my current business? 
It should not be based on the argument that only the rich can open large companies as they already do, as the loan repayment guarantee will be part of NESARA’s monthly payments of up to $13,200,000 over 11 years. , probably yes.  And if you haven’t demonstrated enough benefit to continue in half that time, you’d better sort things out quickly.
🛑  Is the QFS account an individual account or a joint account accessible by both partners? 
It was set up for you at birth, so it is a personal account and cannot be immediately accessed by your partner at this time.
🛑  Will my QFS account be available to my family if we take control? 
Since they have their own, they don’t need to make more profit, so probably not, but the assets they buy with these funds are transferred and cannot be seized by the government or bankers. There are cases where a parent dies due to an accident or crime, or when an older child is not adopted and needs resources, so you need to create ways to do so.
🛑  Can our ancestors’ QFS accounts be accessed by our heirs?
 Absolutely not.  Because people fight in court and have brothers and cousins ​​they didn’t know show up at the door to get a piece of the cake.
🛑  If I take over, will my monthly NESARA payments of $100,000 continue?
Absolutely not, because like SSI and SSDI, it has to stop when a person dies.
🛑  Can I adopt a child just to have access to my child’s QFS account or NESAR A payments?
Definitely not, because it is a child’s personal QFS account and they must be 21 to receive their monthly payments from NESARA.
🛑  Will SSI or SSDI payments go to people’s QFS accounts when NESARA is announced automatically when the time comes, as they no longer need to go to people’s current bank or credit union accounts? ? 
No, not everything should go into QFS accounts so that other financial institutions can be easily closed down.  At the same time, people still cannot access their QFS accounts.  The same applies to NESARA payments.
🛑  When NESARA is announced, will funds from my current bank or credit union account be automatically transferred to my QFS account? 
Only if the bank or credit union is closed because the funds are still safe.
Future payments will only be sent after each person logs in and verifies their QFS account.  It’s easy to cut off people’s financing if you move.
By the way, set your clocks forward on Saturday night from 2:00 to 3:00 to catch daylight saving time.
If the 120-day countdown to the Republican elections begins with Trump’s NESARA/GESARA announcement in Dubai. Elections must be held within 111 days.
🛑  Can Trump set the election date, since NESARA announcements have already been made in other parts of the world and Trump is more guaranteed to win the election? 
he shouldn’t.  For the Republic election to be next Tuesday, July 11th, NESARA announced that the 120-day limit should be Monday, March 13th.
🛑  With reports that SCOTUS has decided to hold hearings on the Branson case, will this be done as soon as possible and will this lead to Trump making NESARA announcements in the US for the Republic? 
This is a serious matter and 388 could be fired if still in office.
🛑  Can we have SCOTUS make a decision on the Branson case and then send the US military to Congress on Monday, March 13th to remove all the unconstitutional lawmakers? 
With any luck, Trump could make the US NESARA announcement next on EBS.
🛑  With all the positions vacant, when can we let people know that there is a republic for new candidates to fill the positions.  Federal, state, municipal, city?
We’ll have to wait and see when Trump wants to go public.
🛑  Do I need to fill out all the paperwork to withdraw as a US citizen, get notarized and be authorized to become a sovereign as a citizen of the US state? 
No, it was not made to become a US citizen at once except by the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution.  And governments don’t have time for 300 million people, as there is a lot of work to be done and fraud to result.
🛑  Will USTN be released with banks and credit unions once NESARA is announced? 
They haven’t done it yet because the ad hasn’t reached the US yet, but I think it should when it does.
🛑  Will USTN be exchanged for FRN at a 1:1 ratio? 
Absolutely, because the FRN has not reached a zero value or inflation rate to destroy all Americans at this time.
🛑  Can USTN only be redeemed in 30 or 60 days? 
It is still up in the air as it is up to the new US Treasury how to control it from corrupt people.
🛑  Do the police arrest someone with USTN without knowing it is available?
Most of the time, yes.  911 calls are made because it takes time for people to move through the chain of command and the general public may not know they are available.
🛑  When will all types of debts be paid off from people’s accounts?
It may be a slow process for now, as some have already begun, but it will accelerate when the stock market crashes and financial institutions run out of credit to lend.  Debt, but everything.
🛑  Can someone steal our Social Security card/number or other identity information, access our QFS account, or buy anything with our QFS card?
Probably not because you need to have high security to avoid this, but what I said before about having a BC or CoLB number is that it will get you initial access, QFS accounts are based on SSNs but regular use requires more security than just Also, Walmart has credit cards that don’t require a signature or PIN, but not in the QFS.
🛑  How can I access my account if my QFS card is lost or stolen? 
I think I will have to go to the financial institution I originally accessed and redo the process as before.
🛑  Can seniors and people with disabilities access their QFS accounts and receive monthly payments from NESARA? 
Yes, but with specific conditions under NESARA authorities for access by designated persons.  Therefore, nursing homes and medical facilities do not waste money, and a portion of NESARA’s monthly payments should replace what is currently being made.  I paid now.
🛑  In a marriage divorce, will funds from one partner’s QFS account and monthly NESARA funds go to the other ex-partner? 
What I said in the past is no.  If you can’t survive on $100,000 a year today, you can’t get more than $2 million from other partners to live in poverty.
🛑  For income tax reasons, can I get a refund of current taxes withheld by my employer after the announcement? 
Yes, companies and companies are working on a quarterly payment system to the government, so they will have to be paid directly by their employers.  Therefore you will have to pay directly into their account.
🛑  Do I need to declare income tax with the IRS and the state? 
Some have said no, but those taxes have already gone to the IRS and the state, so to get a refund you’ll have to file a zero-deduction tax return to get it all back. .  I’ll send you a check for what you didn’t pay.
🛑  If NESARA is announced in America, will people still incarcerated accused of tax evasion be released from prison?
Yes, not immediately, but if judges receive constitutional retraining, it will take time because there are many judges, but there may be judges willing to do it as quickly as possible. However, those who commit tax fraud remain in prison until they go to common law court.
🛑  How can the government survive financially without income tax? 
As before 1913, tariffs and we the people serve the government without pay, but this time those who volunteer in government will receive not only the presidential maximum of $400,000 per year, but also monthly NESARA payments of $1,200. 000 per year.  .
🛑  Can’t survive with 1950’s prices?
Can people who have been accused of a crime or been arrested have access to their QFS accounts and monthly NESARA payments? 
Their QFS account, which is only available for defense funds and fine payments, typically only costs about $45,000 a year and pays for incarceration costs because NESARA payments are only supposed to begin after they are released. .
🛑  Can current corrupt officials who have not committed treason have access to QFS accounts and receive monthly payments from NESARA? 
If they are accused of a crime, it goes back to what I said about prisoners.
🛑  Are illegal immigrants forced to leave because they think they will be poorer when they return? 
This is NESARA/GESARA so it’s worldwide, but I don’t know the details of the birth certificate process to have a QFS account, but at least you must receive GESARA funding from your home country and not the US.
🛑  Going back to companies and companies that don’t have QFS accounts, do they have some kind of new QFS account? 
Their trading account will be the new QFS, but they can’t start millions like people do for BC or CoLB.
Basel 3
Basel 3
source of intel:






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