L’Aura Pleiadian

“Upgrades Through Divine Light Frequencies Radiating to You”

We are transmitting Divine Light as frequencies that are signalling to you now.

Consciously transmitting throughout all dimensions, levels and realms of consciousness as Divine Light frequency.
Matter shifts as you observe it. Your awareness penetrates the very nature of what you perceive. That is your reality.
The Divine Light frequencies radiate as a continuous stream of Light to the many parallel worlds and versions of you, that are perceived as your past and your future. The consciousness is connected and in communication.
The Divine Light consciousness communicates and shifts form beyond this current timeline on Earth.
As the form changes, so too, all your perceptions in the many parallel worlds and worlds beyond Earth.
Light frequencies shape and form all reality experiences of consciousness. Here on Earth and throughout this Universe.
The levels of light awareness and the accompanying dimensions are Divine Light frequencies.
Key accessing points of frequency consciousness, exist now, through your heart.
We are transmitting to you throughout this Universe, throughout all dimensions, levels and parallel worlds, simultaneously.
There is no distance to these dimensions and levels.
There is no past or future to these frequencies. It all coexists as the eternal Divine Light Stream, that we are transmitting and radiating to you NOW. This is for your conscious awareness evolution.
The accessing frequency of it all, through the harmonious heart frequency, unites your awareness into consciously knowing this as perceived experience.
Transmitting, receiving, it is the same. It is a stream of Light frequency, even to those unaware.
Your body is a frequency transmitting device of Divine Light that is always transmitting and radiating its awareness specific frequency.
You are receiving these frequencies now. In all worlds, pasts and futures throughout this Universe.
There is no separation of frequency to all aspects of your consciousness.
You are being updated and the Divine Light frequencies, initiations, never fail. You receive them, now.
The shifting of your awareness, is the adjustment in your DNA that is responding to the Divine light frequencies being activated through your heart ~ now.
We are signalling now to you and to all the many coexisting aspects of you as Light.
And it is all now, all the levels, all the forms of Light, all the embodiments of Light frequency.
The transmitting and receiving is constant.
It is now, and it aligns itself, through the levels of awareness, with all that is, everywhere and now.
Receiving now, adjusting now, all form changes and shifts spontaneously.
Through these upgrades and shifts, you are awakening to more conscious levels of being. Aligning, adjusting, coming into the frequency awareness, of the eternal you, through your heart.
In love, and through our eternal light, throughout all dimensions and levels, we transmit these upgrades and initiation, to you, now.
We are The Eternal Divine Council of Overseers. We are present in love, radiating these frequencies, now to you.
In love,
L’Aura Pleiadian


Amanda Lorence

We are ALL accelerating, data opening up in our awareness, becomes extremely fast paced. More and more puzzle pieces gifted along our path, join up. Yet as puzzle pieces join, that very effect of joining the pieces together, creates even MORE expansion, of ENERGY: in the mind, the body and the soul. Which means, more ‘new’ knowings, data, understandings. Which then raises our energetic frequency. And so we accelerate. It’s continuous as everything effects everything, so a shift within, creates more and more acceleration, data unpackaged, changes us within, awareness increases, so more acceleration comes. It truly IS a SPIRAL! But now faster. As our conscious awareness expands, our energy rises, which MEANS, we experience FASTER, higher Hz energy.

Some of you saw the FB LIVE explaining ‘How Consciousness Works’, dates 25 July 2019 here. In it, I showed the below graphic I created in 2014 called ‘Consciousness’. I mentioned that I did not know what the GAPS signified between Light Nodes, or what the Light Nodes that were only PARTLY present, represented. For anyone interested in CONSCIOUSNESS, I highly recommend watching the video.
Because today, I have awoken with a sudden KNOWING of what the GAPS mean, as well as what the PART Light Nodes are. This has then led to far more data being unpackaged within, that joins up the classical scientific approach/enquiry of our solid universe of matter/non matter, to the world of quantum physics. I’m super excited as the data bridges the missing piece of knowledge, between SOLID and ETHERICAL. It will explain our shared HOLOGRAM. It makes sense of various puzzle pieces received and experienced physically and etherically these last 7 years. I will therefore do another FB Live at some point, as a continuation of this previous FB LIVE. So if you haven’t managed to yet watch “HOW CONSCIOUSNESS WORKS”, the LIVE on CONSCIOUSNESS and THE HOLOGRAM I will do, will be more difficult to follow. It takes a LEAP!!! I’ve no idea when I’ll do the LIVE on this as our collective timeline is now so fast-paced for us all. In truth, the informational data doesn’t matter, what matters is always…OUR energy frequency (Hz).
Most important, NOW…is to stay grounded, and allow FLOW of within and without. And give yourself YOUR space and time for you to INTEGRATE your energy, shifts and own data received. Genuine heart-based family and friends will still be there after any major integration time you need for yourself. They too, will also need their own space at their key periods on their own timelines. Allowing space for each human is so key; something humanity is still learning about, yet typically inherent within our advance civilisations.
We have so got this Shift! Amazing times to be here with ALL and beloved Gaia.
One Love
Amanda Lorence
28 July 2019

Dreamspell Journey by Valum Votan & Bolon Ik

Kin 16  The Electric Chamber of Intelligence
Today’s Kin 16 (Electric Warrior) marks the 3rd Day of the 33rd Cycle of the Wizard Count (Dreamspell Tzolkin).
Number 16 codes the 4×4 Warrior Cube of Telektonon.

28 July 2019 ~ NS
Wavespell Blog: https://wp.me/p83Oy1-2gx
KIN 16: Yellow Electric Warrior
I activate in order to question
Bonding fearlessness
I seal the output of intelligence
With the electric tone of service
I am guided by the power of universal fire
Harmonic 4: Electric Output
Express Intelligence of Service
* Journey:
– Tzolkin: Day 16. Column 1 of the Magnetic Dragon.
– Wavespell of the White Wizard: Day 3.
– Electric Chamber (Tone 3): Identify the Service.
– Red Eastern Castle of Turning: Court of Birth
– Galactic Season of the Dog: White Truth
* Kin Synthesis: 3 Warrior
Solar Seal 16 = Warrior
– Action: Question
– Essence: Fearlessness
– Power: Intelligence
Galactic Tone 3 = Electric
– Function: Service
– Creative Power: Activate
– Action: Bond
* Oracle:
– Guide: 3 Sun (Kin 120)
– Analog: 3 Night (Kin 3)
– Antipode: 3 WorldBridger (Kin 146)
– Occult: 11 Serpent (Kin 245)
* Root Race:
– Yellow Family of the Yellow Root Race.
– The Ripeners. Key note: Flowering.
– Yellow Members: Seed, Star, Human, Warrior, Sun
* Earth Family:
– Cardinal Family: Establish the Genesis.
– Members: Red Dragon, White WorldBridger, Blue Monkey, Yellow Warrior.
* Chromatic Clan:
– Blue Sky Clan.
– Position: Throat. Action: Transmit.
Galactic Maya “Dreamspell Tzolkin Count”
Powered by Tortuga 13:20 – Planet Artga 13:20
Based on the visionary publication:
“Dreamspell: The Journey of Timeship Earth 2013” (1990-1991).
By José and Lloydine Argüelles (Valum Votan & Bolon Ik).
* Ancient Maya Tzolkin Count
Original Sacred Count of the Maya.
The Blueprint of the inter-dimensional 13:20 Tzolkin Matrix.
– 9 Ok = 9 Dog, Kin 230
– Ok = Dog, Guide, Friendship, Fidelity.
– Trecena of Ik’ = Wind Wavespell
* Discover more:
– Calendric Calculator:
Dreamspell Journey by Valum Votan & Bolon Ik
– In Loving Memory of José and Lloydine (Valum Votan & Bolon Ik), Ascended Masters of the New Time, Archetypal Mother and Father of the Planetary Kin.
– The Authors in Eternity of Dreamspell, the Telektonon Prophecy, the 13 Moon Calendar, The Discovery of the Law of Time is Art, The Galactic Culture Master Plan, The 20 Tablets, The 28 Meditations, amongst others.
– The Founders of the Planet Art Network (PAN), Harmonic Convergence, Day Out of Time, Rainbow Bridge Project, The World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement, the FLT, the Rinri Project, and the Earth Wizards seminaries.
In Lak’ech 
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  1. Sandy Bella

    ❤ Have spent most of the last couple of days sleeping ❤ Slept nearly the whole day yesterday ❤ Had a couple of Mystical Experiences involving symbols a couple of nights ago ❤ Apart from that, been sleeping ❤

  2. Sandy Bella

    ❤ I just found a wonderful EFT YouTube video for where I’m at right now. It’s a 7 minute tapping session by Brad Yates titled – ‘Feeling Powerless To Help Others’. Perfect for those of us who are moving along well with our own personal Spiritual Journeys but experiencing frustration and helplessness about not being able to help others. I found it extremely helpful. We can be of service the best we can without being attached to outcomes ❤❤

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