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Full Wolf Moon in Cancer Ceremony

Full Wolf Moon in Cancer Ceremony









Sangeeta Handa

First FULL MOON of 2023 – a Powerful catalyst to usher in the New Energies of the number 7 year.

Today/Tonight June 6th/7th: First Full Moon of the Year number 7

07 January 2023 4:38 AM local time (IST)

Very emotional and letting-go time. Shedding the afore antediluvian system and programs before 2019. Major transformations in the Great Shift now pick up the Transmogrifying momentum.

You would be feeling the ‘conflict energy’ with people, without any real underlined cause other than their 3D fixation that erks. Friction. Irritation. And hurt. Major signs affected are Aries, Cancer, Capricorn and Libra.

Try not to cross paths with anyone this week (i would say this whole year actually). Try not to long for the comfort zone snatched away. We are all off the couch, so to speak, and left standing in an unknown territory. When submerged in the unknown, know that the unknown knows….!

Past pains of unresolved conflicts may arise…take them on gently and Respond not re-act. Think of how an Ascended Master would deal with similar situations and emulate. Full Moon doesn’t create the imbalance, it only heightens the prevailing energy so, let’s keep our energy positive kind understanding and loving. Full Moon is the power that raises the oceans therefore, since we are 80-90% water (and we tend to retain more water during this period of the full moon) whatever we retain as emotions within will also rise. So, keeping this in mind, let’s raise our Light and Love feelings … and radiate outward to all.

The Moon is a satellite for earth and mankind, it allows the subjective consciousness of the human to access higher dimensions which, without the Moon would not be possible. We know by now how important our Central Nervous System is to survival (esp during the Great Shift, and even otherwise). This is the neurological system thru which – we have access to Ascension, the divine way. Perhaps, we can refer to it as the Key to Ascension. And. The Full Moon and the New Moon act as a catalyst by igniting, accelerating and activating the stimulation of this System to take the awakened nearer and nearer to achieving the goal. So, you see, how the Full Moon affects the emotional body…it massages it…but it’s left to us, to navigate it correctly in order to make full use of this opportunity and raise our vibratory levels closer to higher and higher ascension. You can get depressed, and go lunatic or – you can become GOD-FILLED and GODFULFILLED during this monthly gift from our Creator Source of All That Is. Its up to us individually. Hope this helps!

The year began in quietude, deep stillness. And it gets accentuated with the rising Moon. Get the home within in order, before the storm of the powerful year of 7 begins to brew. Let go, release, breathe deep, past is fading and so is the illusion with it. Integrate the New. Thats where silence comes in, isolation, solitude and a smile of Knowing – all is in Divine Order.

Conflicts prevent the recalibration of the New Energies. Therefore feel instead the Peace, Shanti, Om of the Omnipotent, the Omniscient…..its all ok….you are loved, you are lovable, and you are loving.

Love and Light to all, on the first powerful Full Moon of Transmutation and Healing.

Healing from all past. Transformation into the New.




Wolf Full Moon Puja (Prayer, Blessing, Incantation, Workshop, Etc.) (1st after the solstice (1 of 13)

Instructions are in between the (((( )))), and the words to speak are in the “parenthesis” feel free to change this as your instincts tell you; allow your inner-self to be the administrator. But, if a direction is present, please face the corresponding view.

We use nature as a rhythmic reminder, a friend, an ally, and an inspiration. Everything said and done can be done in a “divine light” if we keep this underlying tone. The following words hail from many different traditions.

The Start of the Sacred Intentions

((( Prepare your sacred space in the center of physical reality )))

((( Face East )))

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the East. As the wolf moon is my witness, I raise the vibration of myself and others to connect us in divine light. Like the piercing howl of the wolf, my intentions unite my tribe in heart and intention.”

(((Envision “Rainbow Light” connecting yourself, your loved ones, the beings of Earth, the beings of this galaxy, and any celestial bodies that you feel connected to via your heart center. )))

((( Face Southeast )))

“I face my mind, body, and divine essence to the Southeast to summon the profound power of “The Winds of Change” to our transmutation efforts. This profound event shall improve the lives of many.” 

((( Feel the energy of positive change coming into our reality. Then, engulf physical reality and its dimensions in “Violet Winds of Change,” – Which is Flame/Breeze:” Use both modalities at the same time and make them one.))) 

((( Face South )))

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the South. As fast as flame, I elevate the vibration of physical reality. I am a powerful being who has a positive effect on all things. Like a mighty wolf, I can chase away all that no longer serves my tribe.” 

((( Staying Cognizant of the connection you created with the “Rainbow Light” beforehand. Send a “Violet Flame” and “Rainbow Flame” to all the beings that you have connected with. Observe the lower vibrational energies exiting them and this plane of existence. ))) 

((( Face Southwest )))

“I face my mind, body, and divine essence to the Southwest and disseminate all external forces standing in my way or wishing me harm.”

((( Envision floods and fires, removing all beings that wish you (or humanity) harm or are blocking you (or humanity) in any way. )))

((( Face West )))

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the West to encourage the most divine aspects of existence to replace that which no longer serves us. Through divine love, I am transforming reality with grace and ease.”

((( Feel joy, peace, prosperity, and optimism entering our lives via water. By using the element of water, we ensure longevity in our effort. The positive aspects we are evoking will be here to stay. )))

((( Face Northwest )))

“I face my mind, body, and divine essence to the Northwest to evoke divine order to recycle the densest parts of reality into a beautiful situation for all to enjoy.” 

((( Solidify the metamorphosis we are implementing by observing the dense energy of our reality melting into an abyss of blinding light. Then observe the wonderous energies entering from all angles and in all forms. )))

((( Face North )))

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the North. In great appreciation, I move forward into a new day of hope. I am grateful for all things great and small as they are gifts from the divine macro.” 

(( (List the things that you are grateful for. )))

((( Face Northeast )))

“I face my mind, body, and divine essence to the Northeast and declare that I am a cosmic being of unlimited power. I bring blessings from the highest aspect of myself wherever I go.”

((( Engulf the Earth and physical reality in “Emerald Green Healing Lights.” )))

((( Connect with all directions ))) 

I face my mind, body, and divine spirit in all the unnamed directions to add the power of the multiverse to this profound intention.”

((( Deeply breathe in the energy of relief and imagine yourself walking upon a road (timeline) and taking a staircase to another road (timeline) that the multiverse formed through this intention. Then ground yourself, your loved ones, and humanity to this new timeline. )))

((( Bring your mental gaze deep within )))

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit inside and view the multiverse from above. Like a new soul waiting to be born, I sit in divine meditation connecting with my inner divine.”


“Mitakuye Oyasin, AHO!”





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