5 Ways to Find Freedom and Liberation in a World that Demands Your Enslavement

5 Ways to Find Freedom and Liberation in a World that Demands Your Enslavement

By Juliet Tang,
Modern Day Enslavement.
You have a job. You put food on the table, pay your bills, and possibly own a house and a car, or a ton of houses and cars.
But you feel enslaved. You are bound by invisible chains that tell you what to think, deprive you of your dreams that once made your heart sing, and remind you constantly just how undeserving you are in “the real world.”
Welcome to modern-day slavery that is rooted in lack, powerlessness and low self-worth.
You are the artist whose work is meant to inspire the world but you work as a banker because that’s the only way you’ve been taught to make a living… You are the writer whose words can take down walls and melt boundaries, who daydreams in a cubicle behind a computer screen, wishing life was anything but this… You are the curandero whose heart contains all the healing songs from the plants from the Peruvian Amazon, and feel weighed down by fulfilling the demands of a Wall Street CEO…
Are you longing to be free? Here are 5 ways to liberate yourself from a world that demands your enslavement.

1. Know What You Are Seeking

The life you know isn’t fulfilling you, but you don’t even know what you are yearning for.
As a result, you fall into an endless search for that missing piece outside of yourself through money, relationships, substances, the general acquisition of more things you believe will make you happy, or even spiritual practices that promise you answers and tranquility.
Whether you believe you desire joy, inner-peace, social recognition, a cure, or something else; at the core, what you are seeking is freedom.
Freedom to own your brilliance and magic, and to express all your gifts and uniqueness.
Freedom to do and create whatever your heart desires.
And freedom to design a life that honors your choices and voice.

2. Own Your Birthright

Freedom isn’t something that can be purchased, bargained for, or even acquired, that is because freedom is your ultimate birthright – you are born a sovereign being with intrinsic, absolute and unconditional freedom; nothing and no one can ever take it away from you, not even at the moment of your death.
Your essence, or the True You is eternal Source Energy, and the only thing Source Energy knows is limitless creation, expression and expansion.
In fact, this aspect of your being is what causes the anger and frustration whenever you allow external circumstances to make you feel limited and restrained. When your True Self desires to express itself as a jazz musician but you are going through a soul death at the office working eleven hours a day slaving for an egocentric boss, there is a drastic vibrational gap between who you believe you are, and Who You Truly Are, and that vibrational gap gives you a kick in the gut, aka, the feeling of dissonance to alert you to follow your internal guidance.
You are the only being in this world who has the power to tap into your absolute freedom and reclaim your power from life, and until you can own your birthright 100% without giving into external circumstances, you will always be bargaining for your freedom and cheapening your worth. All transformation begins with owning your freedom.

3. Release All Conditions

Living in world where we are conditioned to attach a “condition tag” to everything, it is so easy to get sucked into the mental trap of, “I’m in debt, how can I be free” or “I can only feel the peace and safety once I ____” (insert whatever conditions you have).
The thing is, if your ultimate freedom depends on that promotion, the number on your bank account statement, love from another, or social validation, what happens to you once the condition is removed?
Worse, once you believe a condition must be met in order for you to experience any desired state of being, you are actually jeopardizing your own creative power by closing doors to other options that can deliver the same desired state of being while limiting your own freedom.
No freedom can be unconditional if you place terms and conditions of any kind around it. The moment you do, you are willingly and unconsciously giving it away, and will always be looking for it outside of yourself.

4. Consciously Embody Your Desires 

You may be thinking to yourself this article is encouraging the releasing of all earthly desires. It is not.
On the contrary, I am the last person on earth who believes in mindless and unconscious self-deprivation in the name of empowerment or enlightenment, and I coach and teach the importance of having fun, and boldly embracing our dreams and desires in life CONSCIOUSLY without giving our power away.
Selling and donating all belongs and retreating from the world is a beautiful path for some, while creating and enjoying this game of life is a glorious path for others. Both are empowering if chosen with complete consciousness and love, and there is no right or wrong; there is only the path that is most aligned with what your True Self has come to earth to accomplish. No one can tell you what that is save for you.
To blindly renounce all your desires in life for the sake of following others’ teachings is simply another form of mental enslavement that often leads to more resentment, powerlessness and lack. This is the reason why many spiritual seekers remain in lack while equating conscious desires to unconscious materialism, but secretly wishing for more abundance with inner conflict. In order to claim your ultimate freedom, you must only walk the path that feels most joyous to you and shine your own light rather than allowing others to tell you how to shine.
After all, you are Divinity having a bit of fun in a human body, and you did choose to come to the earthly realm to create, so why not treat yourself like the God or Goddess you are, and surround yourself with beauty, abundance and joys in a way that feels right to you, that honors you, others and the planet?
The difference is once you have owned your unconditional freedom and worth, and released your terms and conditions on “what should be”, your desires in life are no longer bound by programmed beliefs from others, or the need for approval and acceptance.
As a result, you may still feel called to create conscious success, legacy projects, or community, but these desires vibrate on a very different frequency than the ego desires you may have once held, and whatever creative juices that are flowing within you stem from your soul mission, authenticity and power.
By releasing all desires that were generated by fears of the ego, you are simply freeing up inner space to channel whatever Source Energy wants you to Be, Do, and Create. Nothing is more liberating than this!

5. Master Your Inner World

To stay centered in your freedom, and exercise your power of choice requires you to master your own thoughts and be able to choose a different perspective whenever you view yourself to be the victim of your surroundings.
You may identify yourself with every thought that goes through your head, but those thoughts are nothing more than learned ideas and adopted beliefs from others that found their way into your mind throughout your lifetime.
Your freedom meter in life can be measured by how much energy you invest into distressing and disempowering thoughts. The more you repeat them, act from them and react to them, the more they clutter the creative space within you and the less freedom you are able to access in life.
A shift in an emotional state sometimes does not come from a change of external circumstance, but from how you choose to perceive what is. Surrendering to life is a choice overlooked by many, but in the end, it IS a choice.
In any experience in life, vibrationally, you can only be an enslaved victim or a liberated creator; there is no middle ground. You can succumb to life believing things are being done to you, or you can embrace whatever life is offering you, and know that on some level, your True Self has consciously chosen this experience on some level for your soul evolution.
If you choose the latter, you are activating the divine freedom each of us has inherited from birth, but few have tapped into, and are at liberty to write whatever stories you wish to write in your journey of conscious creation.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” – Albert Camus

About the author:

Juliet Tang is an intuitive life coach, spiritual mentor and medicine woman. Her work empowers those who are looking for more alignment and expansion to awaken to their power and purpose on earth, activate more love, abundance and joy in their lives, and manifest their soul’s desires using the conscious creation process.
Source: https://wakeup-world.com
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    All my Love to whole Universe and My Love and Healing energy to Beloved Mother Earth and Beloved Father Sun Sol.

  2. Ljubisha Luke Jovanovic

    Just to add, that missing Telecommunication satellite will be replaced by another ones, working on love frequencies, made by our Star families from 5 D, spreading love energies over our Smart phone network, after 24 hours of silliness in network.

  3. Lyubisha Luke Jovanovic

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  4. jo gamsby

    the kings and princes of the world have always laid before them the actions, but not the ends, of those great ones which preceded them.
    we behold the image of the glory which cannot be measured, and withal, that one, and yet universal nature which can-not be defined. In the glorious lights of heaven we perceive a shadow of his divine countenance; in his merciful provision for all that live, his manifold goodness; and lastly, in creating and making existent the world universal by the absolute art of his own word, his power and mightiness; which power, light, virtue, wisdom are all attributes of one single essence.
    Sir Walter Ralegh (and Sirin-i)

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