Archangel Michael ~ All is Changing Rapidly Now and Leading to the Solar Eclipse

Archangel Michael ~ All is Changing Rapidly Now and Leading to the Solar Eclipse

By Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Give up the fight and the struggle.


You are living in a new energetic field now – all has changed – look around, see the “newness” you are creating.

Did we not say this year would be a year of NEW BEGINNINGS.

Let Go – Allow all to flow to you – this is the energy you have worked so tirelessly to bring to your Planet.

You are all so entrenched in the “old” that some of you are not noticing the “new” that is within and around you.


Notice Dear Ones when you do this, how much your body-vehicle responds, it brings harmony into your field.  Allow yourself to take in deep, deep Earth breaths from the Mother.

Spend time doing this several times a day, especially when you feel the old energies as they are leaving your body. Allow them to flow to the surface and out – gone forever – NEVER to return.Solar Eclipse

How much “Light”er do you feel Dear Ones?

As you acclimatise to the New Energies that are amping up this month, believe all that you came to DO or BE is searching for you, matching your vibration. The Planet is readying itself, making itself available and aligning with your awareness. Your Dream state is vivid, and very active with information regarding your future on this Planet.

All is changing rapidly now and especially these next few days leading up to the 26th February with the Solar Eclipse. This Eclipse is about the Collective future of your Planet. Greater spiritual awareness will be given to those choosing this path. The Collective future is manufacturing before your very eyes. 

This is such an optimistic time on Planet Earth as you watch your dreams turn into reality.

You have all worked extremely diligently to bring forth this unprecedented time and you are ready to watch your dreams manifest. 

Call on the Mighty Violet Flame of St. Germain to assist you to clean out the last vestiges of the old you in preparation for all that is unfolding rapidly now in this year of 2017.

Hold on to your hats Dear Ones, the ride is turning into the fun element you have all waited for.

How you will laugh at yourselves and each other when the TRUTHS are revealed and you realised you NEVER had to take it as seriously as you did.

All just a GAME really – and you will know that soon enough.

IN JOY Dear Ones – ALLOW the “Light”ness and the LOVE of who you are to shine forth.

You are so dearly loved, protected, and guided.

And so it is.


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