It's time for all to bring MORE LOVE through!

♥  Supporting/allowing the old does not bring forth Y/Our New Earth Experience for you.  It just keeps re-creating the unconscious for each to keep experiencing here. ♥

All new trajectories are being anchored in through our DNA and Multi-Dimensional Gaia’s Template, the Galactic Grid, as our atmospheres (inside and out) become more plasma too! Course Changing Codes are embedded in these influxes of Higher Consciousness Geometrics Delivery Systems now. ♥
♥ It’s time for all to bring MORE LOVE through! ♥
Aloha Master Creators!
Higher Dimensional Earth is Birthed by each, so the more who consciously (and constantly) DO this, the more shift collectively to usher in our beautiful and magnificent NEW Earth Experience to inJOY as LOVE too.
Entire collectives now experiencing the “mass exiting” in different stages, through every matrix program reality possible, which is either experienced or observed, as all is brought into visibility through increasing influxes of Pure Divine Source Light.
Where there are attachments to outcome, or where power has been unconsciously given away, each are faced with new choice…. this moment of choice VIBRATIONALLY CREATES the “next reality” that occurs for each.  Every decision dictates which Earth one lives on now. A fear-based decision (from separation) activates one’s cells to vibrate/transmit out an Old Earth Reality Experience to play out. A unity-love-humanity-based decision activates one’s cells to vibrate/transmit out the vibration of NEW Earth Experiences to be returned.
How are you all LOVING your (new) Power of CREATION? Sharing your own inspiration to inspire and activate others as love too? Taking responsibility and owning it, all of it as yours? REALizing that all that you do/allow affects every timeline, collective, dimension and reality for all. How POWERFUL is that realization?!!! Yes, you/we do hold all. ♥
These are huge Quantum Leaps (baby steps at times too) for all of HUmankind, as each stands fully in their own Power as Love and through Unity/a Unified Existence too. Our NEW Earth Network and Gridwork grows stronger and more vast by the moment! It’s beyond beautiful to observe and experience too! ♥
I’ve written several new articles, which I’ll include for you to read below.  Keep shining and sharing your Bright Light with all! ♥
Rainbow Love Captured here on Kauai and sent out from me to you,
~ Lisa ♥
P.S. We’ve been getting hammered all week with off-the-charts Cosmic SOULar activity, CME’s, Massive Plasma Releases and High Frequency SOULar Winds ♫ activating our Higher Dimensional Bodies huge. This is occurring inside of each’s body (Each LightBody phase experiences differently though), so for many, more self-love-care necessary (and rest/sleep as your body speaks) to honor these high integration times until they are complete.  These enhance our electromagnetic fields output, as well as updating/upgrading our bio-electric circuitry in our bodies too. These continual complete body-system re-wiring processes (from Linear to Quantum/non-linear) can be challenging, because it overrides y/our human’s ability to function linearly and often requires a complete surrender for optimization to be experienced with ease. These are important, so honor you/them as so. ♥
p.p.s. I’ve been working on providing more information on how to support your new Physical LightBody more, as this has become more imperative for all now, with the increase in all toxins needing to be cleared for these next upcoming phases we have entered into now. These years of “figuring it all out”, allow me to share my own experiences and highest consciousness knowledge with you. This will be in a place on my website, as well as included in newsletters along the way. I’ll be sending out more information as this is ready. I had hoped to do it already, yet Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper duties always prevail and shift our timelines for how we are able to accomplish here. ♥ If you’d like to look through some of the information up, here’s a page dedicated to this:  Plasma Crystalline LightBody Support

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