Judy Satori's Complete Merging Activations With The Multi Galactic Diamond

Judy Satori’s Complete Merging Activations With The Multi Galactic Diamond

Judy Satori,
Every month for the foreseeable future, I have been guided by Spirit to release Full Moon Regenesis Transmissions 60 minutes of information and accompanying energy activations that will greatly accelerate your path of physical and soul Ascension.
The Full Moon Regenesis Transmissions are designed as a series of teachings and energy activations that will build over time, one upon the other, to create understanding, substance and form to our new human creation. When I speak of NEW CREATION, I mean human evolutionary upgrade and the switching on of previously dormant aspects of human DNA potential.
Last month we began this process with “Opening to your Multi-Galactic Self”. If you missed listening to this transmission I have copied it below. Although each transmission stands alone, the information and energy also builds sequentially, each month building a firmer foundation upon that which has gone before. The Full Moon Transmissions are different to my previous work.The Multi Galactic Diamond
They are completely guided and automatically transmitted. The energy you will feel is so much more powerful. It is now coming from a more expanded God/Creation energy source at the heart of 22 galaxies and not just from the God/Creation energy source of this galaxy alone. The Full Moon Transmissions are designed to move us rapidly along a divinely designed and planned Ascension path.
Each transmission is one hour in length, divided into three parts for repetition and ease of listening. You should repeat listening three times over the course of the month. Today the Full Moon Regenesis Transmission is my gift to you and will continue to be FREE to members of my online Accelerated Ascension library, which will be launched soon. After release the Full Moon Regenesis Transmissions will be archived in the Accelerated Ascension library.
Infinite Blessings of Love & Abundance to all,
Steven Hutchinson
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