Setting The Stage For Global Changes

Setting The Stage For Global Changes













March 21, 2023

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]   FIREFLY:  The CBI governor is on News Channel One…being interviewed.  He’s saying he wants to explain to the citizens Phase II and tell us about the 6 new exchange branches they told us about in and around Baghdad…This is part of the plan of step 2 to collect the 3-zero notes from the citizens and replace them with lower notes…  FRANK:   It’s been a campaign of massive advertisement for the 3rd day now.  They won’t stop.  They keep talking to the citizens of Iraq on their Channel One news…

 FIREFLY:  Then they told us in phase 1 they have collected over 60 trillion 3-zero notes and they expect more to be collected during phase 2…he explained this will help stabilize the economy and control inflation… FRANK:  These are the final days…of your monetary reform.  It is the start of the economic reform…Both of your reforms will bring forth your explosion in your country…it is coming to an apex.  It is coming faster than they can print it and show it to you…we believe at the beginning of next month they will give it to you.


 Looks like the momentum is in favor of Iraq and this new government.  All the things we’ve been speaking about over the last couple days seem to be happening quickly…We got a 3-year budget now in the hands of the representatives.  It looks like we have an agreement between Kurdistan and the federal government of Iraq.  All seems well so far in Iraq.

Nader From The Mid East

“Fifth Baghdad International Dialogue Conference -US Ambassador…Iraq can reach energy  self-sufficiency in 10 years.  Some say in less time…approximately half of Iraq’s population is under 20…they want the skills necessary to compete in an increasingly connected global economy…they want a strong economy including a vibrant private sector that produces jobs…The United States is committed to help Iraq build its economic foundation…”

Militia Man March 21, 2023 

Alaq the central bank governor came out today and he talked about that they have more than 70 trillion dinars outside the banking system for circulation….I believe he’s saying in value terms – that they have 70 trillion dinars worth of assets or value out there.  So be careful when you see that and you read it…I think…when he says he has 70 trillion dinars he’s talking about he’s got a lot of money in assets.  That means he can support and defend his currency.  That’s my belief.  We’ll have to see how it turns out but it really does sound like it’s going in our direction.


 We are in the midst of the process…close enough to see the rate…A good week for us. As to how fast is of no matter, fact it has started…The activation of the ISO 202022  [international standard for relaying electronic messages between financial institutions.] was activated today so all the digital systems are connnected. The SWIFT system on steriods connected with the regional BUMA system who will clear the dinar. And the lower denoms being released. The trigger for us to now the rate is being released.


 March 21, 2023 [via PDK]

  We are getting more articles from Iraq that the HCL is done.  But, I do not have confirmation it has been completed and signed by parliament yet. We are just waiting for them to drop the new rate. …It was explained to me by bankers that the stackers in ATMS there are set to dispense different size bills right now…

Samson March 21, 2023 Article: ”Central Bank Governor: We have more than 70 trillion dinars outside the banking system for circulation“

Ali Al-Alaq for Shafaq News:

 Wait for a decline at the parallel dollar exchange rate March 21, 2023 The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali Al-Alaq, expected, on Tuesday, a decrease in the exchange rate of the parallel dollar (market rate and local banks) during the coming period. Al-Alaq told Shafaq News that “the central bank has launched multiple packages of measures, and that the packages launched are being seriously dealt with to control the exchange rate of the parallel dollar.” Al-Alaq pointed out that “the central bank’s procedures are continuing to control the exchange rate, and we expect a decrease in the parallel exchange rate.” 

The parallel rate means the exchange rate of the dollar in the market and the banks and not the official price set at 1132 dinars to the dollar according to the decision of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Iraq approved by the Council of Ministers. The Central Bank of Iraq issued three reform packages that it said came with the aim of addressing the rise in dollar exchange rates. Despite the Central Bank’s procedures and its approval of an exchange rate of 1132 dinars to the dollar, the exchange rates of the dollar still range in the markets between 1155 and 1158 dinars to the dollar.



NATO confirms to Fouad Hussein his full respect for Iraq’s sovereignty and territorial integrity 

March 21, 2023

 NATO reported that its Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg met with Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein at the alliance’s headquarters in the Belgian capital Brussels on Monday. This meeting was held on the sidelines of the meetings of the third session of the Iraqi-European Cooperation Council in Brussels. Stoltenberg praised Iraq’s efforts in combating terrorism and promoting stability, a NATO statement said. 

The statement added that the NATO Secretary-General thanked Iraq for its commitment to strengthening its partnership with the alliance, particularly with regard to combating international terrorism and promoting stability in the region. Stoltenberg was quoted by the statement as saying that his meeting with the Iraqi Foreign Minister is a way to assess and exchange views on how to strengthen the partnership between the two sides, noting that NATO’s efforts in Iraq stem from full respect for the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. 

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Fouad Hussein, chaired on Tuesday the work of the third session of the Iraqi-European Cooperation Council in the Belgian capital Brussels, to discuss trade and economic cooperation and ways to develop it.

Judy Byington 

Tues. 21 March 2023 March 21, 2023

 RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Tues. 21 March 2023 Compiled Tues. 21 March 12:01 am EST 

by Judy Byington The World is On the Cusp of a Near Death Experience Set To Fail This Week Were Over 200 US Banks and Over 1,400 Banks Worldwide. Expect banks to close, ATMs, Credit/Debit Cards and even the Internet may not work during a 10-30 Day Conversion Period to the new asset-backed Quantum Financial System. Judy Note: On Mon. 20 March the new gold/asset-backed Quantum Financial System replaced the Cabal’s fiat currency Central Banking System. Now they were testing the system, so the technology won’t be available until around Wed. 23 March. 

The World was on the cusp of a Near Death Experience: This week over 200 US Banks and over 1,400 Banks worldwide were set to fail. On Mon. 20 March the new gold/asset-backed Quantum Financial System (QFS) replaced the Cabal’s fiat currency Central Banking System. There were 11,000 institutions in 200+ countries which adopted the QFS ISO20022 Digital Payment System. Beginning Wed. 23 March technologies would kick in on the QFS Quantum Server (which now houses the IMF and World Bank) as Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) disconnected from the Central Banking System. During the transition be prepared for 2-4 weeks where ATMs, Credit and Debit cards and even the Internet may not work. 

“The ISO20022 (digital currency transfers from the old Cabal Central Bank SWIFT System to the new BRICS gold/ asset-backed Quantum Financial System) comes into play on Mon. 21 March, so we will see what happens immediately and what takes time. Mon. 20 March Okie: The (Dinar) rate is very high. I was informed, but subject to correction. The rate was $14.38. I pray the Intel received from so many sources is correct. It is my understanding that some may be able to cash out tomorrow, but the bulk of Dinarians will be at the bank later. The plane is going to land. No one can control details of the wind speed, navigational system details, or the exact flight plan. That is clear and so are the skies. We simply continue to have patience and wisdom knowing this will come to fruition. China-Russia End Petro Dollar, 

Setting Stage For Global Changes: 

Mon. 20 March Changes Begin Today, Goldilocks: “Changes Begin Today” – Seeds of Wisdom RV/GCR Update(s) from Goldilocks 3-20-23 | Dinar Chronicles Judy Note: As I am suspicious of some things Goldilocks has to say, I have only printed that part of her report that makes sense to me. The Migration of ISO20022 has gone smoothly in Europe. It looks like the International Payment System that unifies all of the payment systems from around the world is connecting the world as we speak to each other. Remember, Europe has more payment connections than anywhere else in the world. It was the nation we had trouble with last November that kept us from moving forward at that time. “Europe’s T2 and Australia’s HVPS have migrated to #ISO20022. 

@swiftcommunity (start of the CBPR+ coexistence phase) and @PaymentsCanada (Lynx) have not yet announced whether the transition from MT to MX messages has been successful.” Australia: “Robert Magee, Director of the ISO 20022 Program @AusPayNet: ‘Congratulations to our 50 Participants in the Australian High Value Clearing System on successfully going live with #ISO20022 today. Even though we didn’t get to go live last November, all of our Participants were fully tested, certified and read to go on time. A rare feat, considering that this type of large-scale whole-of-industry initiative is notoriously difficult to deliver successfully.’ (Source: LinkedIn)” “The #ISO20022 migration in Europe seems to have gone smoothly on the system side. The @ecb reports full functionality for #TARGET2, T2S and TIPS. You can check the current status on the link below.” It is important to note that the old Financial System is currently undergoing bank failures around the world as the new digital asset-based Trading System is being activated today.

Bondlady’s Corner Iraqi News Highlights Tuesday Evening March 21, 2023 

Economical Number of readings: 420 Baghdad / NINA / The Central Bank of Iraq announced, today, Tuesday, the launch of the e_Donate electronic platform application, in cooperation with the Unified Iraqi Medical Society for Relief and Development, and in the presence of the Governor of the Central Bank Ali Al-Alaq and the Director of the Non-Governmental Organizations Department Ashraf Al-Dahan and the Governor of Anbar Ali Farhan, and representatives of the banking sector and the Association Iraqi private banks.

The Central Bank: Large Financial Allocations To Support Green Economy Projects Economy| 12:14 – 03/21/2023   Baghdad – Mawazine News, the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali Al-Alaq, revealed, on Tuesday, large financial allocations to support green economy projects. Al-Alaq said in a speech during a conference to launch the first electronic financial application (E-Donate), that “the central bank meets the trend towards green Iraq, and the central bank is also focusing on it at the present time through its democratic initiatives for projects related to the green economy and climate change.” Pointing out that “there are large allocations to support and finance projects related to this aspect.” Al-Alaq added, 

“The Central Bank meets with the Unified Iraqi Medical Society for Relief and Development in more than one direction and more than one level in coordination, cooperation and support,” noting that “the Unified Iraqi Medical Society for Relief and Development has presented many initiatives and achievements that serve the people of the country.”

European Praise For The Iraqi Government’s Steps In The Areas Of Developing The Economy And Combating Corruption Political | 02:19 – 03/21/2023   Baghdad – Mawazine News   

The Committee on Relations with Iraq in the European Parliament praised the “positive” steps taken by the Iraqi government in the areas of developing the economy and combating corruption. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, in a statement received by Mawazine News, that “the Committee on Relations with Iraq in the European Parliament hosted, at the Parliament’s headquarters in Brussels, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Fuad Hussein and his accompanying delegation.” During the meeting, they discussed enhancing the prospects for cooperation between the two sides and ways to enhance the work of the Iraq Committee in the European Parliament in a way that serves the development of bilateral relations and the implementation of mutual obligations in the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between Iraq and the European Union, and the European side stressed that the European Parliament is in the process of final approvals for the establishment of the Parliamentary Partnership Committee joint venture between the two sides, 

which was agreed to be formed during the European delegation’s visit to Iraq. The statement added, “The minister stressed the important role that parliamentary diplomacy plays in strengthening relations between Iraq and the European Union, stressing the need to strengthen this important role.” He continued, “The deputies exchanged views with the minister on developments in the political, economic and security situation in Iraq, and praised the positive steps taken by the Iraqi government in the areas of developing the economy, combating corruption, and linking this government with political stability.” 

The Minister of Foreign Affairs referred to “the Iraqi government’s priorities represented in respecting sovereignty, building balanced relations with regional and international actors, and moving away from the policy of axes, in addition to the government’s primary mission to advance the economic reality by carrying out radical economic reforms and combating corruption.” He stressed, “Iraq has become a positive regional actor, as the Baghdad 1 and 2 conferences led to a great rapprochement between many regional powers, and the recent agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran had a major role in preparing for it and making it possible.” He stressed “the importance of the role played by the European Union in supporting Iraq in its serious steps towards strengthening the democratic system, which led to confirming the principle of peaceful transfer of power and the development of civil society and free media in Iraq after decades of dictatorship.”  

 Economists: Most Of The Merchants Without A Banking Culture Economical 2023/03/19  Baghdad: Shukran Al-Fatlawi  Economists agreed on the importance of enhancing the culture of small merchants banking, attracting them to apply the conditions of the electronic platform, and facilitating the process of obtaining dollars in order to mitigate the effects of the parallel market. The Central Bank recently launched three reform packages to facilitate obtaining dollars, especially after the introduction of the electronic platform for remittances, as the country relies on importing most goods and merchandise by merchants. The economist, Dr. Mustafa Hantoush, told Al-Sabah: 

The Central Bank continues the process of attracting small merchants, because most of them lack the banking culture in terms of bringing the invoice, customs and tax processes, carrying out dollar purchases and retail sales, and withdrawing bills. He added that the third package of reforms of the Central Bank aims to increase the supply, but some companies and individuals have violated this mechanism to obtain dollars and benefit from the parallel market for the currency. Hantoush added that the central bank moved to a wiser mechanism, which is selling cash at a rate of 2000 dollars, so the amount became useless for fictitious companies that took advantage of that when the specified amount was 7 thousand dollars, 

in addition to its tendency to fill out the (Master Card) when going to any country in the world, As the card holder performs the withdrawal process, reinforcing the currency of that country, and the dollar withdrawal is at the official rate. Despite the Central Bank’s extensive treatment packages and its high hard currency sales, the dollar’s exchange rate is still high in the parallel market, with a difference of up to 200 dinars from the official rate. For his part, economist Dr. Nabil Al-Marsoumi told Al-Sabah: The dollar crisis is not in the money supply,

 but rather the import remittances crisis that pushed the price up and put pressure on the dinar. He warned that the current year will be difficult for the country because of this crisis, although Iraq possesses large reserves that exceed 100 billion dollars, and this is a paradox that requires a solution, because the central bank is shackled and cannot use the reserves to defend the exchange rate of the dinar, and thus the price of dollar exchange.

Goldilocks “Resetting Economies” and more Tuesday March 21, 2023 

Goldilocks and Seeds of Wisdom Thank you RJ RJ:  Good morning Dinar Recaps, Okie called Salty this morning to thank Goldilocks for all they are doing for the community. The truth with proof to back it. Okie’s Community Link to send messages and prayers: 

RJ:  Goldilocks posted the following comments and links: Something is about to hit the fan in April. We have jobs reports coming in low along with oil contract failures, banking failures, Vanguard pulling out of China and much more. We are going to witness our markets finally move into real values. This is the phase of the reset where mountains will move. This will allow the adoption of a Standardized process to begin in the digital/currency world attached to a fixed rate of gold. 

The Chinese Yuan is beginning to strengthen around the world in its use and strength. We are witnessing more countries utilizing the Yuan increasing the demand for its means of exchange. This is part of the leveling of the playing field among our three Global Nations. Currently, we have a balancing of power taking place around the world for the BRICS Nations, the European Nations, and the United States that includes North and South America. 

 Fintech startup ALT Realtech launches world’s first digital real estate exchange. The world of real estate now has a means of exchange inside a digital protocol. 

“Russia wrote off $20 bln of African nations’ debts, Putin says” This is a major jubilee event taking place between countries. We are witnessing several taking place as we speak. It is a part of the process in resetting economies and allowing Goodwill to return in our global economy. This is an indicator that we are moving into a world of Goodwill; rather than, a world that has been enslaved by those in power utilizing money to keep us down.





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