What we are all seeking

What we are all seeking…

by Paul M. Butler
One of our great Spiritual teacher’s of the last Century is the
Guru Paramahansa Yogananda.  Paramahansa was the author of the classic book
“Autobiography of a Yogi”. He was one of the great Gurus from India
who brought Yoga to the West and the USA.
Paramhansa was a Kriya Yoga master.
He taught that we are all seeking the same thing. No matter what walk of life. No matter
what your belief system; Your Religion or Spiritual beliefs or non-spiritual beliefs.
Even atheists and agnostics are all seeking the same thing.
It is what Paramahansa Yogananda called…Eternal Bliss Consciousness
We are all seeking this Eternal state of Bliss. Bliss is the joy and love that we feel
in our highest state of being. We can also call bliss happiness.
This is our original sate. Or what some may call original mind or pure awareness.
It is Eternal because we always want to be in this blissful state. Not just for a moment
but for all eternity. And we also want to be conscious of this blissful state. What good
is being in bliss if we are unconscious or asleep. We would not even know we were in
this state.
We want to be conscious and aware of being in Bliss….forever.
As a human being your are the bridge between Heaven and Earth. All the great masters said
“The Kingdom of Heaven is Within.” Beyond the pain and suffering is the Bliss and Joy.
You have to keep going through and through and through until you break on through
to the other side. To your true home within the stars.
You can do this, it is your birthright my friend.
Be in peace…Paul
Paramahansa Yoganada

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