Ascension Breakthrough – Saturn/Pluto Conjunction

Ascension Breakthrough – Saturn/Pluto Conjunction

Meg Benedicte

It is one of the most powerful events of the year, when Saturn and Pluto form an exact conjunction today, January 12th. Saturn and Pluto join a stellium at 23° Capricorn with the Sun, Mercury, and Ceres, square Eris in Aries. Today’s conjunction inspires new thought, new foundations and new lifestyle choices. This is an empowering moment in history. It is a time for conscious change – our moment to birth the New Earth paradigm.

Capricorn represents the establishment, multinational corporations, superpower governments, global religions and large trading blocs. Saturn provides discipline, maturity and mastery in our lives. Pluto decomposes all that is dysfunctional, distorted and duplicitous. The Plutonian wrecking crew clears the stage so Saturn can build anew. The impact of this event will be felt for eons.
I was suddenly jolted awake last night, as a massive blast of light exploded in the field. It sent shock waves of electrical current through my body and aura. I saw and felt the threshold breakthrough, similar to a sonic boom, as the field shifted into higher dimensional frequencies. I looked at the clock and it was 2:22am. The powerful Saturn/Pluto alignment is still rippling through the field today.
Whenever a dimensional shift occurs, it may feel like the ground shakes beneath your feet. Take care to stay grounded today. Work with the explosive energies as a focused laser beam, clearing away the dross of past trauma. This is a liberating event! Focus on visions of a safe, benevolent and loving world. If you would like to order the Eclipse-Saturn/Pluto Conjunction activations, click here:
In Peace and Prosperity,
Meg Benedicte
Quantum Access®


January 12th 2020 Galactic Activation



Welcome dear LoveLights on Earth  🙂
Along with New Earth Meditations continuing through every Sunday of 2020, this Sunday also aligns a Sun~Mercury~Ceres~Saturn~Pluto conjuntion, with the activation of higher light from Galactic Central Sun, through our Sun, ‘beaming’ into and through this planetary alignment….preceded by a Lunar Eclipse on January 10th.
Lunar Eclipses come with the opportunity to recognize and release limiting beliefs, fears and distortions stored in the subconscious mind. Opening our hearts to Unconditional Love with the intention to bless and release hidden energies in our beings that obscure or divert us from deepest inner divine alignment, during this Eclipse on January 10th (or 11th, depending on your time-zone) is a providential preparation to receive and anchor the highest potential light activation on January 12th.
This alignment amplifies the highest soul vibrations of each of these planets, radiating them optimally through the Solar System and Earth’s vibrational field, interweaving the emanation of Mercury’s silver light of transcendence; the asteroid Ceres’ Divine Mother vibration of loving embrace around all life; Saturn/Shani’s vibration of natural harmony and well-being radiating through Divine Order, that melts the ego’s need for control and dissolves fear-based ‘dark universe/dark destiny’ ideations; and Pluto, whose liberated soul light brings depth of insight, depth of feeling, transforming all hidden wounds into deep-sighted creative passion aligned with Unconditional Love.
Full activation and reception of this beautiful alignment has great potency for dissolving attachments to ‘old programme’ imprints associated with these planets, both individually and collectively, opening the way for liberating integration and grounding of Universal Love into the completion of an energetic 12-21-12 arc that began on December 12th 2019, peaked through the December 21st solstice, and settles in through the January 12th 2020 alignment.
So we’ll focus through the 12:12 window (12:12am/pm in your time-zone) to ground this energy arc, and we suggest beginning with the New Earth Meditation on this page:
New Earth Meditations 2020
With the Golden Diamond Light wave flowing through you, as described in the New Earth Meditation, now open to, and invite in the highest, most benevolent, liberating vibrations of this solar~planetary alignment to stream and anchor through the pure pillar of LoveLight you are, in natural unison with the crystalline light heart of Gaia, in unity with the Earth’s Ascension. See all receiving love anchors, light pillars and planetary nodes around the Earth receiving this highest, most benevolent, liberating flow of Light, which spreads with ease through the global light-grids, activating the New Earth Grid to a higher level.
See and hold the intention of the way being Open for our higher dimensional families and friends of the Inner Earth realms of Love, the Angelic realms and Star Family in service to Universal Love and Ascension, to connect, act and assist more fully, openly and freely in this Shifting Earth field, welcomed by all of humanity….and feel and envision the wonderful transformation this open, peacefully aware connectedness brings to this world.
Love, Peace & Joy to All, with deepest gratitude to all love anchors on Earth and all those guiding, supporting and assisting from the higher dimensions of Infinite Love,
Joanna&Ashura,&Tanabor&Friends  🙂
*There are many global meditations focusing with the January 12th alignment, do join in with us and/or any that resonate for you, the more the merrier for the highest outcome, and we’d like to also mention here a group focus into/through Uluru in central Australia, led by the Anangu people (traditional custodians of Uluru, which is also intuited as the solar plexus/fire chakra of the Earth) with both a focus for Australia, bringing equilibrium to the fire element, and cosmically, grounding the Jan. 12th planetary alignment through the Uluru sacred node into major energy flow lines. All LoveLight welcome to be sent with that gathering from around the world, with a synchronized time of 11am at Uluru (1:30am UTC). 
*For more information about light grids and the New Earth Grid, see this page


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Entrance to the Higher Realms is sought and realized


Entrance to the Higher Realms is sought and realized.
Significance of the Light Paths is recognized by the hu-man.
New paths are embraced.
Sparrows become Eagles.


Schumann Resonance Today – 33 hz

January 13 2020 – 17:00 UTC


January 12th – January 16th 

Gene Key 61
Psychosis – Inspiration – Sanctity


“Each plane of being has a living geometry. When the perfect geometry of the higher planes descends, even for a moment, it instantaneously aligns the geometry of all the lower subtle bodies, like iron filings following a magnet. This is how Christ performed his miracles; that higher geometry worked through his aura on all those present in his field. Many psychotics came to him, people disturbed by so-called demons. When they say that he cast out the demons, it means that the living perfect geometry of truth realigned all those subtle layers, so that those minds were instantly re-ordered.

The mind is not what we think it is, for it exists on its own plane of being, the mental plane. That plane attracts and repels thought forms. The purer the thought form, the more perfect its geometry in your aura, and the less pure the thought form, the more disturbing its geometry is.
The music of selfishness is catastrophic in your aura, whereas the music of sanctity is so refined and pure that it changes everything in your environment…”
-Excerpt from the 64 Ways
“The process of inspiration is a gradual releasing of your inner breath through the fabric of your reality and out into the world. By its very nature the Gift of Inspiration is spiritual because it serves to loosen the hold of your mental constructs, opening and expanding your capacity for love.”


Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA – by Richard Rudd –


Keeper of The Diamond Light Codes 


January 12th, 2020, is bringing a huge and dramatic energy shift and is possibly going to be the most intense and life-altering day of the entire year.
Collectively our entire planet is about to go through a major and rapid transformation, as the old Saturn Pluto synodic cycle closes out and a new one begins.

We will all start to notice that both internal and external transformations are occurring on a huge level, as outdated beliefs, past conditioning, old patterns and oppressive and limiting structures disintegrate and fall apart.
Saturn, the Lord of Karma, and Pluto, the planet of transformation, have connected in Capricorn, the constellation that Saturn rules over, and the zodiac sign most well known for discipline, responsibility and “reaping what you sow.”
To add to the mix, Mercury also aligns with both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, amplifying the energy even further. This means it is possible that heated discussions may be occurring relating to limitations, restrictions, communication issues, misunderstandings, travel plans or relocations. However, we will be far less likely to be drawn into these types of arguments and debates and we will find we have a clearer and calmer voice and that we stand up for what we believe in, so we can forge through with the plans we’ve long been trying to manifest.
We will notice we have mental clarity and that we are strong willed, bolder, more determined and less likely to be swayed by those who don’t hold the same values, ideologies and desires as we do, and we’ll be unstoppable in moving forward to create the exact life we’ve been desperately wanting to live.
This once-in-a-lifetime planetary alignment in Capricorn will force anything out of alignment to fall apart. Whatever lacks integrity, compassion, pure intent or morality will face the consequences, or simply be eliminated, as both Saturn and Pluto’s influence brings justice and balance back into our lives.
The Saturn and Pluto conjunction is a major catalyst, signifying the completion of a 38 year era, when the planets last met in Libra, and the start of an exciting new one.
We will begin to witness either break downs or break throughs happening around us, as whatever no longer serves a divine purpose clears out and new systems take form in their place. This can be a painful process at times, so it is recommended to surrender to these purging energies and release whatever or whoever holds us back, lowers our vibration or that we know is not resonating, sustainable or healthy to be around.
If we don’t make necessary decisions for ourselves, the Universe will surely sweep in and make them for us, and this is when we are forced to learn lessons the harder way, rather than navigating them in our own time and on our own terms.
Particularly as both Saturn, Pluto and Capricorn can all be quite serious, disciplined, determined and forceful energies, so while they will be fully supporting our highest good, they won’t be playing around when it comes to creating necessary change and much needed transformation.
While Saturn and Pluto take us through a sometimes brutal period of letting go of energies that are out of alignment, it is important to remember that the short term pain and discomfort is better than spending long periods repeatedly making the same mistakes, going over the same tired old lessons and being embroiled in turmoil or emotional harm, and overall, in scenarios that aren’t genuine or holding loving intentions.
Saturn can be an immensely positive influence in our lives, if we open to it, as it offers clarity and wisdom to situations we have previously failed to make sense of. This wise and disciplined planet offers the opportunity to dive deep and soul search so we can figure out exactly what has been happening in our lives and most importantly why.
Saturn orbits the sun so slowly that it shows us patience, control, tolerance, persistence, surrender, and composure, and helps us understand that when we want to manifest our dreams and best possible life, commitment and perseverance always pay off.
Saturn helps determine whether we’re placing our energy in the right areas and if all our loyalty, dedication, and faithfulness to certain people or situations are truly worth it. It also takes us through stages that feel unrelenting and destabilising, as this planet is all about learning from past mistakes, so it asks us to revisit them if we haven’t fully learned the lesson. We can only move forward when we understand why we put ourselves in certain situations or become emotionally involved with people who we weren’t meant to be with long-term.
Pluto compliments Saturn’s energy by forcing us through a deep cleanse to clear out low vibrational energy, whether by our doing, or by the Universe unexpectedly shifting things around so we have no option but to break ties with whatever or whoever is anchoring or pulling us down.
To sail through this period without too much disruption it is imperative that we contemplate why we are clinging to unfulfilling, unhealthy and undesirable dynamics, when we know we have the strength to make a clean break and detox and heal from any dependency or pain.
The transition is not going to be easy, we may try to fight aspects of it, throw tantrums, release tears and raise white flags with reluctance. However, as the days pass we will heal, restructure, regroup and realise how imperative the skin-shedding was for the evolution of our soul’s journey and expansion.
This Saturn and Pluto connection heightens karmic attraction, meaning that whatever we have been putting out is going to be returned in magnitude. This will be a majorly positive period for those who have been living compassionately with good intentions, and those who have been trying hard to break free from old and harmful patterns of behavior.
It will be an extremely healing period where the positive vibrations that have been sent out over recent months or years will be returning 100 fold. For those who have dedicated time and energy to good causes, or focusing on social missions and life purposes, these next few months will be the time when blessings and miracles arrive in abundance and rewards flood in.
If there have been situations that we know that we haven’t been our best selves in, we can ease karmic payback by choosing to recognise where we have fallen short, and to make amends where applicable. Being authentic and willing to take accountability and resolve issues as they arise, or better, taking action before they become issues, ensures our karmic footprint lessens, and if we have previously taken a wrong path, we can turn energy around by taking responsibility and ensuring our apologies or future behavior rights the wrongs.
If we don’t pay attention to the lessons that this cosmic meeting offers it is likely we will remain stuck in old ways, repeating similar mistakes, attracting challenging circumstances and relationships that cause drama or suffering, and wondering why life continuously feels challenging, chaotic and like groundhog day.
It is our choice: we can awaken, grow and shift our lives forward, or stay stuck, constantly feeling triggered and unfulfilled, and emotionally, mentally, spiritually and even physically limited and stagnant.
Whatever we choose, for every energetic action there is a reaction. We can make it positive or negative by remembering that whatever we give out to the universe will be returned in abundance.
This is a regeneration period, where we will be purging and eliminating whatever has fallen out of alignment, including old beliefs & patterns, intrusive and obsessive thinking, blaming and shaming, judgements, grudges, bad habits, limiting fears, resentments, one-sided and half-hearted dynamics, heavy baggage, negative feelings from the past, worries about the future, things we cannot change, the need to control, unrealistic expectations and basically anything or anyone that has already let go of us.
We will discover that if we are not willing to make difficult decisions that are vital for our emotional, mental, spiritual or physical wellbeing, then the Saturn and Pluto energy force will move in with turbulence and make them for us by removing from our lives anything or anyone that is harming or stunting our overall soul growth or health.
We are about to go through a major personal transformation and as the months pass we will be releasing our hold on anything harmful and creating space for much more healthy, fulfilling, balanced and harmonious encounters.
Overall, this is going to be one of the most transformational and life-altering phases we will go through. If we align with the energy and allow it to flow into our lives, we will rapidly notice alterations occurring and amazing possibilities miraculously becoming readily available. It is vital now to pay attention to the energy we are putting out, and to sit back and observe how the Universe blesses & returns it.
By Alex Myles
In Universal Service ◊ Keeper of The Diamond Light Codes



Elizabeth Peru

3 hrs
There’s a HIGH MAGNITUDE of cosmic influences filtering through Earth right now. With FIVE ‘significant’ planetary conjunctions happening over 36 hours, look to global affairs for announcements that have been timed to coincide with these impactful influences 🌟🌟

Indeed, YOU too can synchronise your important, life-changing choices and decisions with the cosmic energy shifts – and indeed you should.
IT’S A POWERFUL 48 hours! What a boost we’re being given after the ECLIPSES, with NO planetary bodies in retrograde. The DARK tendencies that have been coming up for many are now on the surface ready to shift.
In Tuesday’s TIP-OFF Global Energy Forecast, I particularly speak about the influence of Venus right now. Hone in on what I’ve said about YOUR ‘bigger picture’ coming into play.


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The Tzolkin Times

14 hrs
Red Electric Serpent
‘Electric’ is the name for the number three and its key words are ‘Activate, Bond and Service.’ The third day of any wavespell activates whatever day it falls on. Imagine there is a big red button with the words GO written on it. Press that button and activate the day.

Today is Red Serpent which represents ‘Life Force, Instinct and Survival.’ Serpent is such a slippery critter it is hard to pin down it’s message. A serpent can bite you, squeeze the life out of you, or show you how to re-invent yourself by shedding your old skin. People born on Serpent days have this natural ability to throw out the old and take on a new persona or lifestyle. If your life has become stale or stagnant, take this opportunity to renew yourself. This is a very profound, shamanic process and you may feel like your are in a trance today but stick with it and by the evening the transformation should be complete. As it is an ‘Electric’ day, we are activating this process.
The Guide today is the Red Moon, the flowing energy that insists when it guides, that we all take a chill pill and let events unfold naturally. Don’t interfere with what is already set in motion.
The Challenge is the Blue Eagle which means all the activity today is happening on the ground. Instead of seeing things from high above, look at the world from serpent’s view…close to Mother nature.
The Occult is the Yellow Warrior which represents ‘Questioning, Intelligence and Fearlessness’. When in this position Warrior invites us to go on a magical mission. This energy really help the trans-formative process today.
The Ally is the White Wizard who is a very willing and helpful ally to have around today. If you need assistance or a good team mate, your best bet is to find a Wizard.


Christina Papageorgiou

January 13, 2020

Today we have a spectacular EXPLOSIVE eruption of the Taal Volcano in the Phillippines which is a DIRECT response to the activation of Uluru and the empowerment of the great Rainbow Serpent through the Solar Umbilical Cord connection to the cosmic realms.
And so it appears that Quetzicoatl our masculine Feathered/Plumed Serpent has been AROUSED and has responded to the rising of his mate our feminine Rainbow Serpent…the smoke and ash resembles a DRAGON…which is also analagous to the Serpent energies.
And it is no coincidence that Taal Volcano in the Phillipines lies on the Masculine Feathered Serpent line travelling to BALI the planetary purification portal where the two Serpents shall meet…
I googled the meaning of Taal and discovered …. ” Taal or Tal, literally means a “clap, tapping one’s hand on one’s arm, a musical measure”. … in the Indian tradition embraces the time dimension of music, the means by which musical rhythm and form were guided and expressed.
So we have a beautiful syncronistic harmonic response from our gallant masculine Serpent – rising to the occasion to match his feminine escort – our fair lady Rainbow Serpent… preparing for their date with destiny – their fated meeting in the healing sacred waters of Bali’s spa – the purification portal of our planet..
NOTE; I previously posted on October 31st, 2019 – Halloween – on the Buddhist Monastery fire on Okinawa Island in Japan – that occured 6 days after the official closure of Uluru on 25 October, 2019 – Red Magnetic Serpent (triple serpent) day at the commencement of the Red Serpent wavespell.
Okinawa Island is above the Phillipines also directly on the masculine Plumed Serpent line… this was also a purification response through the masculine element of FIRE to match his mate also… as Uluru was being cleansed and sealed in preparation for her Solar intitiation.
Link to okinawa post here
Taal Volcano and many other volcanoes in the Ring of Fire are now activating and erupting lava which will terraform Gaia b-Earthing new land as LEMURIA rises once again…
Very exciting developments as Mother Gaia responds and entrances us through this majikal dance of these two interweaving Serpents.
Christina Papageorgiou 💗🌈💗🌏


Christina Papageorgiou

13 JANUARY 2020

Bonding instinct
I seal the store of LIFE FORCE
With the Electric tone of Service
I AM guided by the power of Universal Water
13/1/2020 = 13/1/22 = 4/1/4 = 9
9 – Destiny/Service/Compassion/Humanity/Endings
13 – Cosmic Consciousness/Goddess/Natural Lore/Mysteries
4 – Angelic frequency/Earth/Foundation/Structure
22 – Architect of PEACE (reinforced by Grand/Conjunction Stellium in Capricorn at 22 degrees) – the foundation of this YEAR 2020 – AWAKENING to a NEW WORLD of PEACE!
KIN 185 = 14=5 Change/Transformation/Freedom/Liberation
A very powerful DESTINY code for breaking FREE, reconnecting to our Cosmic origins, and building a new foundation for PEACE and prosperity on our planet.
The Solar 🌞Umbilical Cord 🔌is released in the early dawning of Jan 13th, 2020 as the Sun is rising from the shadows to bring the LIGHT, the ELECTRIC SERPENT🐍 is born and takes FLIGHT… bringing forth the SUPERCHARGED Electrical POWER from our SUN and the GREAT CENTRAL SUN – Alcyone from our Pleiadian ancestors… reconnecting us to our origins and the great cosmic wisdom stored in our DNA..
Today’s code is extremely STRONG, RAW and potent as the ELECTRICAL🔌 SERPENT 🐍is the most “charged” 🎇Serpent of them all! This ROCKET FUEL🚀 will propel our Planetary forward momentum and success! A definite ‘TESLA” DAY!! 🌩
We have entered the DREAMTIME🌃 portal and today is day 3 in the BLUE NIGHT WAVESPELL of dreams, intuition and ABUNDANCE. Where we are collectively DREAMING the NEW WORLD🌈🌏 into reality!
Today we are activating our LIFE FORCE and ABUNDANCE through our intuition and instinctive responses. So perfect that our original Australian wise ones are taking the global spotlight to lead us into the “New way” of dreaming. Divine and infinite gratitude for these guardians of Gaia who have safeguarded our Planetary DREAM… through 65,000 years! What a superbly commendable achievement.👏.. full planetary recognition to these beautiful people – leading those who have “forgotten” back to Eden.🙏💟🙏💟🙏💟
ELECTRIC 💡is tone number 3 in the tone of creation. It is the first of the three EMOTIONAL realm tones. It’s focus is on ACTIVATING and being of SERVICE to others through the action of BONDING,👫 that is coming together with others to cocreate and be of SERVICE. ELECTRIC energy provides the ignition or SPARK🎇 for your manifestation, it is a current that needs to keep moving and flowing, transmitting energy.. It also adds POWER to anything you are creating today. An extra electrical boost to draw upon. The power of 3 is derived from 2 units merging and creating the third, more powerful entity. This action duplicates the essence of bonding in service that the Electric tone provides. Thus today we may experience close BONDING in divine/destined relationships with our kin in order to ACTIVATE the collective dream of planetary abundance and realize our personal dreaming.
An absolutely BRILLIANT tone of creation as we bond with our Planetary kin👭👬👫 as ONE WORLD🌏 – praying, meditating, singing, dancing, celebrating and anchoring these potent electrical – life restoring energies to fuel our personal and Planetary mission – providing the potent force needed for us all to step fully into our destiny as Galactic citizens.
ELECTRIC 💥people can accumulate great WEALTH, POWER and RESOURCES 💰💰💰– so use this explosive TESLA POWER today to FUEL your GENIUS and accelerate your Success and that of our PLANET!.
CONSCIOUS SELF: RED SERPENT 🐍 – CHICCHAN – energies relate to the lower three chakras, survival, instinct, kundalini, vitality, life force, POWER and PASSION! 💕 RED SERPENT represents FIRE 🔥energy and when we couple this with the ELECTRIC TONE in the emotional realm – we have very combustible ROCKET 🚀FUEL. Electricity and FIRE can be a very dangerous mix if not directed with caution and wisdom. Channel these electrical conduits in the direction of your DREAMS, remember to fully ground this through your intuitive guidance to fully ACTIVATE your manifestations.
NOTE: If you are a RED SERPENT🐍 or have CHICCHAN anywhere in your signature code you MUST ensure you GROUND and discharge any excess electrical energy today (or visualize it charging up Uluru/Katu Juta’s battery which stores this life force) – you will be supersensitive to these currents..The Red Serpent is sealing the store of LIFE FORCE in these giant monoliths today.
Any kin with the ELECTRICAL 🔌tone must do the same as they are super conductors!…. the BLUE NIGHTS🌃 will be fully anchoring the PLANETARY DREAM today which is their role, whilst YELLOW SEEDS🌾 – will be sowing and fertilizing this new beginning…. the RED DRAGON🐉 tribe will also feel the potency as they are close kin with the Serpent tribe and they will be B-Earthing the New world… BLUE EAGLES👁 will strongly hold the future vision of divine perfection and project this from the DREAM… Worldbridgers🌉 will be fortifying and connecting the Rainbow bridge which the Rainbow Warriors🌈🏹 will fearlessly lead us through to the New World, of course the SUN – AHUA 🌞tribe will be fully illuminating our journey ….. all kin will be super active and involved in their own unique and specialized way according to their Galactic signature and mission. Tune in and ASK your higher self – HOW can I be of Planetary service today?
RED SERPENT and RED MOON belong to the RED BLOOD clan. The RED BLOOD clan are the INITIATORS, they take what is RAW and make it more palatable. This clan sees the potential of the NEW in the prevailing energies, seeking to assimilate the new to transform and upgrade the old. This is RAW primal life force energy available today. We will be FEELING and sensing our raw impulses flowing through our bodies, and our planetary body – chakras, meridians – as we intuitively respond to the days energies.
NOTE: As we are adding ELECTRICAL🔌 FIRE🔥 this increases the INTENSITY of the day. Primal FEARS maybe activated and often arise to be cleared and transformed through the power of the Serpent to shed it’s skin, and be born anew. Our CORE fears, beliefs and conditioning all being stripped away and released. If you are BALANCED and in the LIGHT side of RED SERPENT you can attune to the more positive aspects of the Serpent giving you more vitality and life force to fuel your PASSION, whether that be of a romantic nature or of a creative expression focus, with the emphasis on attracting ABUNDANCE and your primal desires!. The SHADOW of Red Serpent can arise today bringing up our instinctive connection to SURVIVAL, particularly in regards to financial and emotional issues and wherever you perceive lack, FEAR or DANGER. Dissolve this fear through transforming it into your PASSION and drive through your creative expression. CHICCHAN is the symbol of the healing caduceus so utilize this panacea for your wounding today. WE can visualize the caduceus being released through our chakras and Gaia’s to restore balance and heal any dis-ease, revitalizing our cell-ves.
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED MOON 🌜– MULUC is leading the way today bringing forth the feminine nurturing, healing and wisdom codes of the Goddess… Muluc is infusing this RAINBOW SERPENT day with the POWER of the Goddess to restore PEACE throughout the land. Muluc is seeking to purify and cleanse your vessel (and Gaia’s) of all limitations and FEAR based thinking in activating your perfected Wellness Divine goldprint and Universal Abundance Code! Using the power of the Goddess through her Universal Waters to PURIFY your emotional and instinctive responses, integrating this purity and flow from pure unadulterated consciousness. The purer and more balanced your emotional state, the more space exists for wisdom and inspiration to flow through. If your focus for today is abundance, housing, security or clearing FEAR from your body then you can utilize the RED CLAN energies to provide a safe haven to grow these desires. The RED ELECTRIC🔌SERPENT🐍 plummets into the watery depths of the Universal waters flowing from the Planetary Water vortex in New Zealand and the sacral womb of the depths of Lake Titicaca, Thailand and Glastonbury – through our collective unconscious and e-motion-al bodies to retrieve and ACTIVATE the DREAMS of Health and Abundance for all beings’.
SUPPORT: WHITE WIZARD🔮 – IX provides the power of timelessness, giving you patience, and creating a calmer environment rising above the intensity of today’s energies. We surrender attachment to the busyness by relaxing into stillness in the present moment tuning into our intuition. Tuning into the cosmic solar codes and the whisperings of spirit and Mother Gaia. As we become more receptive, we can realize a greater and deeper connection to our roots and to the ancient wisdom able to flow through our veins – reconnecting to the DREAMTIME and remembering our collective great DREAMing. The WHITE WIZARD will help you take command over these UBER powerful forces today, utilizing this majikal manifestation energy into more desirable creative pursuits. How will you direct the great ELECTRICAL🔌 SERPENT🐍 today?
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW WARRIOR🌈🏹 – CIB gives us the courage to purge our primal FEARS as our hyper sensitivity today reveals what lies in the unconscious realm of AKBAL. YELLOW WARRIOR urges us to FEARLESSLY focus on our QUEST for FREEDOM. The FREEDOM gained through FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE and the final realization of your incubated DREAMS. Liberating all that energy that had been bound within you, unleashing your POWER, your PASSION and your VITALITY to create a new life and New World. The fearless Rainbow Warriors take charge and lead us back HOME over the glorious rainbow bridge. 🌈🌉
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE EAGLE 👁👁– MEN beckons us to TRUST our VISION of the bigger picture, and the New Way – our BRILLIANT New future. BLUE EAGLE challenges you to greater awakening through the emotional space that has been liberated. Allowing for greater EXPANSION and witnessing how energy is transformed through spaciousness. As we have the capacity to SEE the bigger picture we can then set our intentions to manifest those new horizons. Feeling, sensing and intuiting when it is time to leave the nest and take that MAJIK FLIGHT! The BLUE EAGLE TRIBE – will fly ahead and guide us – into grounding the greatest DREAM for our Planetary AWAKENING..
So beloveds TODAY IS A VERY INTENSE🔥 and SUPER ACTIVATING 🎇, SUPER SUPER SUPER SPECIAL PLANETARY DAY with a hyper-sensitive, creative genius electrical 🔌 flow. How will you direct this current today?

Today’s questions are “How can I harness the POWER of the ELECTRIC🔌 SERPENT to restore my VITALITY, activate ABUNDANCE and manifest my greatest Dreams?”
How can we assist Gaia in restoring and anchoring this LIFE FORCE in our Planetary Body through our collective service?
🐬🌈 🐬🌈🐬🌈🐬🌈
Divine blessings, ENJOY the RAW CHARGE of renewed LIFE FORCE, VITALITY and PASSION throughout our Planetary Body – the DREAM of PEACE on EARTH is unfolding now!
Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Uluru Rainbow Serpent – Unknown indigenous artist SUPREME GRATITUDE 🙏💗🙏💗🙏


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Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn- Total Upheaval of Structures, Breakdown of the Patriarch, Massive + Unavoidable Transformation
On January 12th, Saturn, the planet of: karma, obligation, structure and authority, comes to greet Pluto, the planet of: death/rebirth, power, regeneration and transformation at 22 degrees of Capricorn. Capricorn, the 10th zodiac sign, deals with: big business, destiny, mastery, the patriarch and social status. This is the first time these two have met up in the sign of Capricorn in over 500 years. The last time Saturn and Pluto met up was over 37 years ago in the sign of Libra in 1982. Be prepared as this one will be a dozy of: reorder, breakdowns and ultimate transformation.

Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn is here to bring karma and it might not be pretty or easy to witness. If you have been ” doing the work” “showing up” and “living your life with integrity”, then this conjunction between these planets will reward you with tangible resources and structures for success. On the flip side, if you have been “running and dodging” “avoiding and manipulating” “scheming and lying” then this conjunction between the two planets will break everything down and it will take a long time to rebuild and start again. These two demand justice and integrity and won’t settle or stand for anything less. Ultimate karmic justice is being served; be prepared.
Saturn conjunct Pluto will create havoc amongst: government systems, big businesses and authority that have been overstepping their control and sense of order. We are already seeing this happening everywhere and expect it to peak from now till the end of February. Saturn conjunct Pluto is not playing around and due to the fact that both are meeting up in “forever” Capricorn, the repercussions will long lasting and serious. I like to think of Saturn and Pluto as the “planetary judges” that will leave no stone un-turned in the name of work- ability and justice. Prepare for massive breakdowns of structures. This might be hard to hear but truth be told, they were never built on solid ground to begin with. A karmic reset button is upon us and wherever 22 degrees of Capricorn falls in your chart is where you will see such transformations and re-order happening.
Natives born with Saturn conjunct Pluto are warriors with tenacious reserves and an ability to transform their entire lives ever so often. Speaking from personal experience( I was born with this aspect), once their mind is made up to do something, they give it 150% effort and don’t back down. There is a serious desire to make something from nothing and they are masters at sticking to something till it is complete. On the lower vibration, they have to watch the tendency to over power and control outcomes that are far beyond their personal capacity. On the higher vibration, they are the ultimate “comeback” kids who can tear down their lives ever so often and rebuild it back up with integrity and purpose. Their ultimate lessons are around surrender and allowing the universe to work its magic. Once they integrate these important lessons, they are an unstoppable force of power and success.
Saturn conjunct Pluto is here to breakdown structures that are long over due for transformation. While this aspect is intense and “full on” in nature, these two have a lesson in allowing us to be ok with breakdowns. In fact, its in the face of breakdowns where there is an opportunity to create breakthroughs. If we don’t acknowledge what isn’t working, we can never create what will work. Karma never loses an address and these two meeting up will make that very clear and present for everyone.
Saturn conjunct Pluto wants you to face reality and be prepared for whatever life throws your way. The two planets meeting up in the sign of the goat are here to bring: ultimate transformation to outdated systems, the willpower to make anything happen and the karmic justice you deserve.
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Image: Erosion of the Self by Jeffrey Smith



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