A Message of Light

A Message of Light

As a conduit of light there is no such thing as a convenient time when information and knowledge comes streaming through you. And information may come short, brief and to the point, on the other hand it may open the flood gates streaming through you for hours. Light energy does not recognize time as we humans do because we live in a dualistic world and our physical bodies and human mind’s are programmed that way but not our higher mind and consciousness. The higher consciousness has no set pattern because it is eternal, vast, multidimensional, it has no limitations. It exists everywhere outside of time as we know of.
Hopefully I’ve gotten enough sleep because I was awakened at 2 am this morning to a flurry of information from the Collective Council of Light. I did manage to sleep early the night before about 7 pm but I could’ve had at least a few more hours of sleep time. I’m just hoping this isn’t going to be a regular thing for me but I have a funny feeling it is. I will need to adjust sleeping patterns and have serious conversations with the Collective Council of Light about the situation. I will not allow interference with my sleep state and if anything they can always contact me and discuss higher consciousness things there. I can always retrieve the information later for reference because I am able to tap into my higher consciousness at any given moment for information. It is like a huge library where information and knowledge is stored with files upon files of information.
I believe that I’ve asked a question before going to sleep as I was staring into the night skies viewing from a heightened vision hundreds of intergalactic ships zipping all over the sky, some cloaked and some not cloaked. My question began as “why am I able to see all of this?” And the replies began streaming.Message of Light
The Collective Council of Light
Your path of evolution has brought you to where you are. You have moved into higher dimensions of the consciousness allowing the self through higher vibrational frequencies to interact with your multidimensional selves. As you transcend each process you begin to quantumly jump through timelines shifting your frequencies by matching each dimensional vibration. Some see the intergalactic ships with physical sight but you are able to see both with physical sight and a heightened sight because of the state of your consciousness which is also heightened, you are also able to interact and communicate with many galactic beings and councils telepathically as you have done so before. You have brought yourself into the space where all there is, you have maintained and created the space needed to permit more light into not only your consciousness but also the body which is a vital step in the ascension process. Each individual will bring themselves where it is needed for them to be, no one can skip steps in this process because each process needs to be understood from many perspectives and needs to be learned, ingrained and experienced. Without these key steps an individual will shortchange it’s own process of evolution.
We see the question on your mind of labels and who exactly we are. Labels are instruments of limitation that humans relate things to because there is a need of descriptions from your point of view and each description needs a label, this is the human mind’s way of thinking. The higher mind needs no label because everything is known as energy, frequency, vibration, everything is infinite without limits. When one speaks of Indigo’s, as in a description of a type individual then one holds that particular thought pattern in confinement just to it’s description alone when in actuality you are more than the label presents itself as. Humans must learn to stop labeling themselves in ways that limit you because you are all greater than the label you rubber stamp yourselves as.
The Collective Council of Light is the embodiment of factions of Ascended Masters, Angels, Universal, Cosmic, and Galactic beings of Light who operate solely in assisting humanity through the higher heart and light of transformation. Our level of consciousness cannot be fully understood by the human mind because of the eternalness of who we are. There are those who try to attempt to understand us or impress upon the mind’s of others what they think they know but they do not because they know not the level we operate from, it is beyond their scope of comprehension and perspective. Those can only be guided as all are being guided. There are also many who are in direct contact with us at this time as well as the light within that which permeates your planet. Many have chosen to be links to others across the globe to share and spread knowledge awakening those who sleep in slumber reminding those of who they are and re-igniting the light that others hold.
There are many factions and Councils of Light in the higher realms given labels or names if you will to help you identify with eachone.They all encompass under the law of one. Their roles are infinite yet guided by the same law. We do not interfere with humanities process unless allowed, for you all have freewill and it is not by design it is by choice. Your soul contracts written and executed was all prearranged by each of you and much of you are coming to this awareness now. Now we will speak of the veil. The veil was set up in accordance to erase any memory of whence you began and came from, all done by you with you in mind to learn and experience things in human form. Earth is the only planet where this could take place for you. You agreed from the beginning of time, much was set up and arranged beforehand which also included the ascension process, nothing is coincidence. As your first state of light beings you have chosen everything that entails your evolutionary process from human back to light. Everything was designed by you which includes all your hardships, families, relationships, and circumstances which would have you learn from each and everyone of them good or bad as you see it, nothing is by chance. You are the designated driver in the seat of the soul.
This veil is very thin now allowing you to remember and awaken to your true divine connection and nature of who you really are. Past lives will intersect, timelines will intersect, much of your sleeping lives will become your waking lives, it will become strange yet familiar to you as you merge all that you are as a multidimensional being. Your memories of past, present, future will be in the NOW. Not before, not after but NOW. The main reason for you individually and collectively to continue your growth processes of learning much in human form is so that each of you will be able to hold and function properly much light already accelerating on the planet now. The art of “letting go” is simply stated, allow yourselves to move into this light and peel away layers upon layers that you built upon yourselves to drop away. It doesn’t matter how hard it is but only how you allow it to become hard for you.
It is an evolutionary process and you are all on your own evolving journeys individually and collectively. Some of you in the spiritual realm of sorts need to work on better minding to your own spiritual paths because you are blind leading the blind. You do not lead by control and manipulation nor assign your feelings to others, instead you lead by way of example through one mind-body-heart. Those who are blind mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually follow your own heart and listen to your own higher self because it cannot be deceived. You will know and resonate with the things that only spirit knows that is just, true, and absolute. Humans have a unique ability to confuse one another do not allow yourselves to be swept away in another’s ocean of confusing tides. Navigate yourselves with the tools you already embody.
This is the message we part with you to share with all, allowing all mind’s to chose wisely from the heart of matters that mean the most to higher matters of the soul. For what you ingest is what you become.~The Collective Council of Light
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