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Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Cosmic Golden Ones of our Earth Angels of the New Lemuria Rising

As the doorway of this powerful Full Moon in Virgo opens and the Holy Light of the Divine Mother Goddess floods in, we are bathed in the Heavenly Rays of Mother/ Father God.

To assist us in this Great Ascension Process our local Solaris released another series of Solar flares today. Our Sun released several more C Class Flares today and another Trinity of M Class Solar Flares, The most intense of these releases was a M Class 5.8 flare at 2:20 UTC.

Pachamama also received another massive activation with a magnitude 5.8 earthquake in Tonga on the Ring of Fire at 20:59 UTC.

When we receive a Solar Flash of Gamma Plasma Radiation we receive a pulse of Higher Codes of Light to upgrade the Codons of our DNA and to Shift the Code of the Matrix into a higher more advanced evolution of Consciousness, that is of Gaia and all her Children of the Sun. We are inherently linked to all Consciousness of the Cosmos and in the Holographic Nature of all Life, one is the many and the many is the one.

As we continue our Progress to full Planetary Liberation we rise in the Glory of our Divine Nature of Pure Awareness. We resolve all things now in the Eternal Unborn Mind of Buddha. With the Wisdom of the Ages we consciously Co-Create the New Heaven upon the New Earth. Regardless of the resistance both internal and external we go through and through and through until full compression breakthrough into the Light.

Our Great Brotherhood and SiSterhood of the Roses of the New Eden, we Rise and Shine together and Blossom and Bloom in the Holy Light of the New Heaven upon the New Earth…A’Ho!




Right now: Moon at 9°56′ Virgo, Sun at 16°08′ Pisces

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows.
Sabian Symbol for 10º Virgo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 10º Virgo.

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

An easter promenade.
Sabian Symbol for 17º Pisces

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 17º Pisces.






RE:BIRTH means dying to your OLD self, the Outdated Human Programming that Interferes w/your true #DIVINE self! #imprint 🌟🤍🙏
Golden Child
Golden Child
intense solar flares bombarding the planet burning the false matrix Solar Diamond Immortal God Body online! 144
Blue Rose Activation
Blue Rose Activation
In March you will be letting go more and integrating with these amazing new energies.
I’ve been constantly shown change, upgrade and DNA over and over! It’s all happening fully!
I feel there is going to be a bigger purge within and you are going to become even more selective where you spend your time and energy.
Your key focus will be mastering your mind, thoughts and words and actions will become even more your priority.
A beautiful affirmation I am using right now:
I am clearing space for new people to enter my life. For new exciting opportunities to flow in abundance for my personal life and my exciting expanding growing business…
I am open to new adventures!
I am open to allowing the flow of new, new, new beginnings.
Are You feeling it?
I love you
G ❤️
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 💃 ☀️🌏 🕺 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
✨🙏✨ SURRENDER😊 into 💎Y O U R 💜 🌀 N O W 🌀
✨ in 😇 T R U T H F U L L N E S S 🌞 to 💓 G L O W 💓
✨ B E ✨ 💜 Y O U 💎 MAJESTIC 💖 S O U L 🌟
✨ to 💞 I N S P I R E 💞 the 💫 W H O L E 💫 ✨ 🙏 ✨
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 💃 ☀️🌏 🕺 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Dearest one, there is only one thing you need to do.
Do what you can to settle down, to quiet down, to stop everything…
No matter what appears to be happening “out there” or even in your own perception of your own life circumstances…
God is whispering from WITHIN YOUR HEART. You will not hear this if you will not be still.
What you truly long to know is waiting in your HEART.
So please, precious one, waste not one more breath in aimless suffering and confusion. Please, simply breathe… and BE STILL.
Love Is. Love Is. Love Is. ✨🤍✨
God Is. God Is. God Is. ✨🙏✨
The heart, DNA, spine and pineal gland are getting activated ⚡
Pay attention!! The Full Moon is tomorrow and is opening a magic portal
Expect demonstrations. Expect unexpected gifts. Expect an extraordinary vision through your senses.
Embrace this energy and follow your Intuition, if you want to see change.
✨ With humility I call upon the universal energy promising to be faithful to it and use it for good.
✨I am speaking my truth and claiming my heart-centered power.
✨From my Solar Heart Center I invoke a fountain of Cosmic Love.
✨I am restored.
✨I am Divine.
✨I bathe my heart, body, mind, emotions and consciousness with Divine Light from Source.
MerKaBa Ship
MerKaBa Ship

Ezekiel Montiel via Silvia Hristova


At this time, many people will feel quite exhausted and will not have any energy. This always happens when so much Light is coming.
We are now preparing to receive to the planet the most intense and powerful waves of Light Codes in the Universe. There will be great changes as the waves of Light enter.
The frequencies of the waves will activate the awakening in the coming months. The Great Awakening in the coming months will be “unstoppable”.
Many waves of universal energy codes will descend. Let us receive them with Love, without fears or worries, for the kingdom of Light is coming to Earth. Nothing unusual will happen on the outside, but everything will happen inside us. This is a multidimensional “party” because it is a return HOME – to Yourself.
Remembering who we are, why we came to Earth, and together deciding to make a big quantum leap: the new planetary start that invites us to tap into the energy of the New Earth, allowing us to live in the abundance and prosperity of the Age of Aquarius. “
Ascension High Energy Update 3/5 – 3/10 – Massive Waves Solar Winds Coming in Again in a Few Days…. All New Plasma UNiversal Soul Template’s….. 12:12 – 3:33 – 11:44 – 11:33 – 672 – 222 – 11:55 – Grid Shift
Massive Aurora Activation Coming In Bound…
This will be a Multi Verses Universal Shift – Convergence Time-lines Shift… 🌙
We are Dissolving the Ego / VOID Inner Space / Ancestral Bloodlines/ DNA Genetic Repair…
All Unconscious Programming will be Present when we first wake up for Some… We are Spinning Back into the 3D / 4D Old Separation Program’s to Dissolving – All Mazes of the Mind Vortexs/ Systems… ♥️💎♥️💎♥️💎
Full Moon Coming Around the Corner/ Virgo / Neptune Energies – Open Veils/ Veil Lifting/ See if you can See the Illusion Within the Illusion Within the Illusion Within the Illusion…. Veils Within Veils… All Returns to Pure Source Love…. See What is Out of Alignment and Dismantle All Within Your Star Morphogenetic fields… Expand the Light Outwards to See All Transmission’s Within the Bandwidths… All Interior/ Exterior Old & New Designs… 💎
High Co Creation Krystalline Quantum Plasma Fields are Materializing Our New Universe HD Vivid Galactic Holographic Diamond Nova Terra Golden Earth at a Light Speed Warp Speed… ✨️ It May Seem as If you are the VOID Inner Space or 3D Consciousness Dissolving…. Remember there’s a Deconstruction & New Consciousness Krystalline Plasma Quantum Fields/ Realities/ Worlds/ Multi Dimensional Time-lines Reconstruction of Your New Galactic Universe’s… 💎✨️💎✨️♥️✨️
The Universal GridWork Within the 4D / 12D Will Hit a Major Grid Collapse By March 10th…
We are About to Rock the Universe Within.. Which Means See what You Can Shift Within Now…
The Most Extremes Role Plays within Will Play Out the 3D/4D Structures will Play Out in Order to Merge as One Heart / One UNIFIED Unity Consciousness Field Again…
This will Shake / Rock / Shift The Conscious Krystalline Plasma Fields Systems Beyond Words…. All Will Beyond Transparent…. Awesome Galactic Starseed Abilities will Come Online…. We will Remember the Next Contract… New Universe. .. 💎
Reminder: you are a Universe/ Multi Verses Within Your Higher Self Morphogenetic Field – Which Means Your Truth Will Only Be True to You Only … Your Own Inner Vision/ Version of You… Not Others … We are Now In the Universal Template’s of Our Own Pure Creator World’s..
Are Truth will be only True To Our Inner Core Template’s… We Shift Those Structures Every Nano Seconds… Nothing is true that is a Illusion Within that Veil/ Old Mentalities Consciousness…. 💎 This One Will Be Awesome to See 👀
Reminder : You Are Love ❤️ Oneness 💎 Source…
Reminder Drink Plenty of Water … Co Create as Creators.. See the Inner Vision of Light Within
Transmission of Translator of Source…
New Galactic Quantum Human Consciousness
New Consciousness – Universal New Quantum Multidimensional Human….
Massive Aurora Activation Coming In
Massive Aurora Activation Coming In

Maria Lustig

Good start to the week to all, with the energies of this Tuesday’s Full Moon, alignment of the Planet Saturn and these days we received Alpha Radiation.
These are high concentrations of solar energy that have been transferred to all Planets or celestial bodies consciousness so they receive what is called “Alpha Radiation”.
This is the first physical radiation that the Galaxy Central Sun is emitting across the Galaxy in order to rearrange the physical worlds. The material movements of laws and the readjustment of the Human Consciousness.
These Alpha emanations promote a rearrangement of the physical worlds, the orbital position of celestial bodies and stars, so that everything that is material Creation receives impulses of Light from larger scales.
This manifests itself every 26,000 years, from the heart of the central sun. Codons of time and space and doors of contact open in places that previously unthinkable to be opened.
This creates a situation of contact with other civilizations.
Alpha Radiation causes Luminary Radiation from Crystals of Light, tools and contact operations at the Human level, extending to the etherical and physical levels, thus becoming visible.
Let’s keep preparing every day to live in Light, live beyond the old energies of polarity and suffering.
As it is said, we must be prepared to live in heaven and earth and this heaven is brought planet earth.
Today is a good day to do Energy cleansing, flowering or shower 🌹, .
Big love and light to you from My Higher Being
💥🌞Maria Lustig 🌞💥
Flame Keeper of Humanity at the Service of Humanity.
Alpha Radiation
Alpha Radiation

The Clarion Call Has been Sounded for The Spiritual Warriors of Light (7)

✨ It was disclosed today ,In a Powerful CoCreation Session with Spiritual Warrior of Light @Jessica Greco, That A Clarion Call has been issued forth and The Light Warriors are taking their positions as the First Guard as Agents of Vibrational Stabilization and Direction for the Huge Portal of Light that has begun to open for The Equinox Portal of Balance. The Light was identified as primarily Lion Consciousness of 144 of Lyran/ Andromedan/ Orion Pathway – An Alchemical Energy of Great Transformation that is spearheaded by Lion Consciousness of Sirius/Isis.
🔱The Spiritual Light Warriors who are at The Front Line receiving the Full Impact of these Energies, which they will stabilize, Filter and Direct via the Sacred Sites via their Physical being and Intentions are required to have fully achieved Inner Balance/ Union / Integration Within.
✨And to assist with this process we have The Venus / Inanna +Jupiter (+Chiron) Conjunction on March 1-2 .This Conjunction constitutes the The MARCHing Orders for the Spiritual Warriors of Light
🔱 Venus as Inanna is presently at Solar Plexus at Gate of Personal Power in her Shamanic Journey , reclaiming her balance between gut Instinct and Logical Insight -Fight / Flight. As The Capricorn Wise Woman Metagoddess Archetype , Inanna at Solar Plexus is The Warrior blasting old power and control distortions/patterns within and without so that the New Age of Ma’at and Horus can be established.
✨Jupiter is Horus-Divine Child, in Shamanic Astrology -The New Age of Balance- Balance of Dm and Df, balance of the Elements, Balance of Logic and Intuition….and our current Year of 7 is the Year of the Spiritual Warrior who rides the Chariot (7) to Victory by Balancing and Integrating the Polarities of Divine Will and Personal Will so as to complete the Rainbow Bridge to Bring Heaven on Earth/ As Above So Below.
🔑Chiron /The Wounded Healer / Anubis in the mix , is the very Key to unlock the Immense Potential at this time, provided the Warrior Of Light has integrated her/his Shadows/Traumas/ Wounds/ Generational distortions and emerged Whole , Healed ,Integrated and Complete— especially wrt her/his relationship to Power -how has s/he entered into righteous and harmonious relationship to owning and exerting Power as a Channel of Divine Will for the Greatest Good of All.
✨We are NOW on the Precipice of Great Change…..The Clarion Call has been Sounded and Each and Every Spiritual Warrior of Light will answer the Call as Guided!! As I had mentioned before, many Spiritual Warriors of Light will be Placed strategically at Sacred Sites (physically or in their Light Bodies) in this Year of 7 at specific times to Complete The Rainbow Bridge (7) to Facilitate Heaven on Earth, by Effecting and Directing Change in the Akashic Realms via the Sacred Sites which will ultimately be anchored into the Crystalline Flower of Life (7) Grid. The Chariot (7) of CoCreation has sprung forth….
EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy
Be The Change You Want To See
Sa Kei Na
Art Credits – Immortal by Game O Gami
Spiritual Warriors of Light
Spiritual Warriors of Light


For the Path Around You Is Expanding
The Cosmic Time Frame of Your World is Arriving TO A NEW WAY of BEING, Aligning, Resonating To The Universe
We Ask You To Step UP
Awaken To The Messages Within
SEE The Light Opportunity of Now Aligned To the Infinite Life Forces of Your Humble Origins
For The Light Creation Of You Is Now Reaching A Pivotal Point Of Light Awakening
The Ancestral Light of All Beings is Now Attuning
This is a Cosmic Reality, A New Re-Birth Now Awakened in Your Timeline
Like Weavers Of Light – We Ask You To Look Within The Depths of Your Light Creation
Seek The Cosmic Guidance of Your Ancestors To Lead The Way
Know the Infinite Timelines of Light are Now Awakening
The Keyholders Are Returning To Assist The Greater Good of Your World. With saying this, its Only a Small But Important Part To Assist The Greater Good of Your Timeline. For the Humanitarian Role, holds the Majority of Keys.
The Cosmic Light Alignment Of Now Holds Hidden Doorways of Light for The WayShowers to Open and Activate.
Understand, these Layers of Light Are Dormant but Active. Seek Unity Guidance From All Species To Lead The Way.
Travel the Light of Your World, Simultaneously connecting the dots to Greater Light Connection, Assimilation. Leading you to the Now Moment of Portal Creation.
Seek The Ancestral Ways, Cosmic Ways, as you Awaken to the Frontier of Light Consciousness.
Listen and Feel the Clues Before You, Follow The Light Way 🙏❤
With Love Light Family ☘💥
Cosmic Light Alliance
Karen Lithika

The Virgo Full Moon is heightening the understanding of the importance of solidifying inner union with self and the Most High. When this seals, nothing can penetrate into your field and disrupt your body or your life any longer. This is the way to detaching from energy vampires, and opening up to your new cycle where you are safe from harm.

As your vibration raises it is easier to understand that this holographic reality is an illusion, and choose a new program. The old software system has run its course and is outdated. Integrate the New Earth timeline and become one with that instead. Connect with the Most High through the higher chakras and He will take you there. He will give you strength and Wisdom and transcend what was, and make changes for the better.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn

Wolf Paw
Wolf Paw

Saturn moves into Pisces tomorrow, right around the time when the Virgo Full Moon exacts. Big Shifts on the Way. Integrity is the Key.


Saturn in Pisces
Saturn in Pisces
Coming for the mutables now. If you’re aligned with integrity and purity Saturn will ride for you 💯
Less than 17 hours from now the Virgo FULL MOON (Sun in Pisces) is exact!
Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury, planet of communication and the mind. MARS in Gemini, a sign ALSO ruled by Mercury, is creating a dynamic T-square to the Full Moon and Neptune.
This means your mind will be fired up by Mars and make passionate connections… so use this time to gain great clarity.
With the Sun, Mercury and Neptune in Pisces, if you listen to exquisitely beautiful music, you will not feel overwhelmed by the ideas and info streaming in.
Instead, you’ll feel inspired by what you discover.
Neptune is part of the T-square to Mars too, really magnifying the need for soothing, calming, LOVING energy.
Spirit is calling.
Place your left hand on your heart and your right hand on your tummy and breathe in and out deeply. Feel the pulse of LOVE as you sink into your heart. Do this throughout the next two days.
Are you already feeling the power of the upcoming Full Moon? If so, regardless of your zodiac sign, you can harness Virgo’s energy to break free from anything holding you back. Virgo Sun, Moon and Rising may feel this energy more intensely than others.
The Full Moon in Virgo on March 6-7 is an excellent time to release any rigid expectations you have of yourself and others and to shed old patterns that no longer serve you. It is a powerful time to release any unnecessary worry or anxiety that is blocking you from living your best life.
Virgo energy is known for its analytical, detail-oriented, and practical nature. However, these traits can also lead to perfectionism and self-criticism, which may mean you miss out on opportunities or take on too much stress.
By taking the opportunity to reflect and purge what is no longer needed during this phase, you can set yourself up for greater success and fulfilment in the future.
Here are some things to consider letting go of before, during and after the Virgo Full Moon:
Perfectionism: Virgo is known for its meticulous attention to detail, which can sometimes turn into an obsession with perfection. However, perfectionism can be paralyzing and prevent you from taking action. Consider letting go of the need for everything to be flawless and instead focus on progression over perfection.
Negative self-talk: Virgo energy can also bring up your inner critic, leading to negative self-talk. Pay attention to any self-sabotaging thoughts and try to reframe them in a more positive light.
Clutter: Virgo loves order, organization, and cleanliness so use this Full Moon to declutter your physical space and let go of anything that no longer serves a purpose or brings you joy.
Virgo Moon
Virgo Moon
Sun in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus – Dawn. Eyes cracked half open, yawning, stretching, emerging from slumber. A shaft of sunlight creeps through the window, lands on your face, tickling. An image from a dream pops into awareness – curious, funny, weird, strange, always illuminating. Shake ups around finances, values or security awaken once-sleeping aspects of your personality. They present alternative avenues of self-expression, new ways to see yourself, new roads to explore.
Now is the time to innovate, experiment, try on a new identity for size. You can change the role you play in your life. Loosen up, lighten up. Surprise yourself. Be spontaneous. You are free to follow your dream. Tune into the source within for revolutionary insights.
Degrees and Times
Sun 15°Pi42′, Uranus 15°Ta42′ – 13:41 (UT)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Morning by Edvard Munch

Kin 32 ~ Yellow Rhythmic Human

The number 6 is called ‘Rhythmic’ and its keywords are ‘Organize, Equality and Balance’. Get into a rhythm today and organize yourself. Sometimes you have to take care of business. We need to address balance in our lives to make sure we are grounded and not always in our busy minds so much. If you want to think straight, sort out your personal space and your workspace and you’ll find energy will flow better in those environments. It’s easier to balance our minds when our lives are organized. The number 6 also represents Equality and when we rebalance ourselves every13 days, this process equalizes our energy. Imagine your brain has knobs, levers and buttons. We need to recalibrate ourselves regularly to keep ourselves in check.
Today is Yellow Human which represents ‘Wisdom, Influence and Free Will’. Obviously today is about organizing the Human! These days are always full of intuitive flashes, when insights seem to pop into your head out of nowhere. Humans are ‘channels’ – vessels designed to receive communication from spirit – and this wisdom is given freely to us but we can use our ‘free will’ to decide what to do with the insights we receive. Since organization is the rhythm for the day, this suggests that any information you channel may be in regards to practical matters you have on your mind. If you need answers, strive to calm your mind so you may hear that inner voice. Sometimes we are too distracted to hear the messages. If we are to recalibrate ourselves today certainly this must mean we need to check our intuition.
Channeling is great and gives us answers but too much downloading and our cup runneth over – which is very draining and confusing. Alternatively, ignoring our gut instincts always leads to making bad choices. Strive today to listen to your inner voice but don’t over do.
The Guide for today is Yellow Human as well, a double helping of psychic activity.
The Challenge of the day is White Wind which represents ‘Communication and Spirit’. If you are a White Wind, try to sharpen your intuitive skills as it is good practice for you. Don’t get frustrated by today, see it as a timely reminder to do something that is good for you.
The Occult power is Red Moon, the laid back ‘go with the flow’ energy, is in a supportive and magical position today which suggests that if you relax and chill out…magic can facilitate psychic activity. Purify yourself with a nice bath, light some incense and see that when you are in a relaxed state, answers are more likely to come to you. It’s so simple and we all know this but most of us forget the importance of stillness.
The Ally is the Blue Hand, the healer of the Tzolkin. If you know one, consult them today as they can offer friendship, support and hugs. If you are a Blue Hand, lend a hand to others on this practical day, your kindness will be very appreciated. Of course we are in the Blue Hand wavespell and so this means the wavespell energy is friendly and helpful to us all today.
Kin 32
Kin 32


6 EB – KIN 32
6 MARCH 2023
I organize in order to influence
Balancing wisdom
I seal the process of free will
With the Rhythmic tone of equality
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED.
6/3/2023 = 6/3/7 = 6/10 = 6/1=7
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility
7- Spiritual Test/Initiation/Solitude/Majik/Mystic/Magician
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
3- Holy trinity/Creativity/Joy/Happiness
7- Spiritual Test/Initiation/Solitude/Majik/Mystic/Magician
10- Manifestation/Authority/Power/Leader
1- New beginnings/Original/Leader/Independent/Unique
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
23- Royal Star of the LION /Strength/Protection/Support
KIN 32 =5 Freedom/Liberation/Change 💥
A beautiful HEAVENLY day to align your free will to that of DIVINE WILL, to bring forth healing, balance and LIBERATION💥 in your life.
RHYTHMIC – Tone 6 in the PHYSICAL realm. ACTION – balances, POWER – organizes, ESSENCE – equality. The Rhythmic phase is the one where this all adventuring and radiating miracle that is you, learns to WALK! But consciously! Precisely! With fine organisational instincts. And what superb balance we see! Very soon you have mastered walking, and are up and running! Go forth and explore your territory!
Day 6 in the BLUE HAND WAVESPELL🙌 of accomplishing HEALING🌿 on all levels, through accessing greater knowledge and skills. The 6th day is filled with organizing our physical reality, to bring forth EQUALITY and BALANCE. The codes are emphasizing BALANCE and becoming whole again especially relating to our physical bodies.
RHYTHMIC is also the FENG SHUI tone – which encourages you to CLEAR your SPACE, in order to effect greater HEALING🌿 in your personal SANCTUARY. Bring in more PLANTS, 🌿 aromas – candles🕯, essential oils, incense and beautiful objects and pictures. Use more Motivational👍 pictures🖼 and affirmations, natural materials, vibrant COLOURS, flowers,🌸🌼🌷 and the elements and sounds of NATURE, 🐦 to bring more CALM and HARMONY to your MIND, BODY and SOUL for complete REJUVENATION.
The BLUE HAND ✋seals the store of ACCOMPLISHMENT bringing forth completion! We can seek guidance today that will resolve any lingering issues that have burdened us, in relation to our HEALING and coming back to wholeness through our DIVINE SELF.
Today’s question is “What WISER choices can you make, through Divine guidance, to bring about greater HEALING🌿 to your body (and others), to restore BALANCE in your life and our world? “
Divine blessings for miraculous healing accomplishments today!🌿💫🌿
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌈🌏
CONSCIOUS SELF & HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW RHYTHMIC HUMAN 😃 😊 EB’s traits include Wisdom, intelligence, choices, free will, questioning, rewiring in order to receive higher frequencies, abundance, holy grail, and aligning to Divine Will.
The YELLOW HUMAN energies are DOUBLED today😃😃 as EB is both the CONSCIOUS SELF, and the Higher Self. This means the channel connecting to DIVINE WILL, is super strengthened today📣 allowing for greater WISDOM to flow through your MIND and body’s intelligence.
Today is THE day to take control of your human vessel. Our free will allows CHOICE, and today we can use our intelligence, to research suitable healing methods, to discover remedies to what ails us?🌿
Upgrading from old 3D habits, patterns and beliefs about your body, commanding your mind to shift to a higher frequency, tuned in to higher dimensions. Thus allowing and bringing forth new information and new technologies and healing methods, as well as forgotten or overlooked powerful and sacred ancient remedies. 🌿 Our planet provides a cornucopia of solutions for every problem that exists or ails us.🌿🌿🌿
Gaia🌎 is very adept at naturally bringing BALANCE to our planet through her natural cycles. The rhythm of life always flows and returns to a harmonic balance over time.
Explore Mother Gaia’s natural apothecary of herbs, spices, oils, sounds, aromas, frequencies, abundant sunlight, natural elements and open your mind to possibilities for miraculous healing.✨🌿✨. By making wiser choices you can then step into a more influential position and share your new found healing wisdom, as a role-model for others to follow, allowing them to become whole again too.
❓How can you use your knowledge today to HEAL 🌿 yourself and make wiser choices?
It is high time you traded in your little human to that of a better and more spectacular high tech Divine HU-MAN.✨🕊 We have the power today to elevate ourselves beyond the limitations of our physical HU-MAN vessel, and raise our cellular frequency to that of the Divine HU-MAN. 😊😇🤗
The more hu-mans that ELEVATE their thinking and frequency through greater ILLUMINATION, the quicker we HEAL our PLANETARY BODY. 🌿❤🌎
As greater numbers of souls AWAKEN💥 and accept responsibility for their LIGHT and VIBRATION each day, the sooner we reach critical mass for our Planetary Ascension.. GAIA has raised her frequency and requires a planetary body of EN-LIGHT💡-ON-ed HU-MAN beings – GOD-MAN – to cocreate BEAUTY and HARMONY with her in this next chapter.
SUPPORT: BLUE RHYTHMIC HAND –🙌 MANIK’s key words are Healing, Accomplishment, Completion, assistance, service to others, portal, spiritual tools and gifts, healer.
We have a DOUBLE layer of BLUE HAND 🙌🙌 HEALING🌿 energies today as MANIK✋ is both the supporting energy and the Wavespell energy on Day 6. There is a very strong emphasis on HEALING 🙌and returning to BALANCE and WHOLENESS through the WISDOM gained today, both on a personal and collective level.
Very strong SUPPORT today, for volunteering to help others and influencing them, through your acquired wisdom. Even just holding someone’s HAND 🖐or giving them a sincere HUG🤗 is very potent and needed today. The HEALING power of TOUCH is indeed one of the greatest gifts we can give another being.
Aligning with the GOD FORCE/Spirit/SOURCE through our DOUBLE DIVINE HUMAN😃😃 enables us to easily access the knowledge, wisdom, skills and clues needed to effect this change. Sit still, put your HAND🖐 on your HEART❤ and allow the answers to flow through you..
You have great DIVINE assistance to accomplish HEALING MIRACLES today..✨✨✨
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED GALACTIC MOON👸 – MULUC’s themes are Universal waters, feminine flow, communication, emotions, softness, intuition, receptivity, purification and self remembrance.
The GODDESS energies in the occult position are a great BALANCE to that of the masculine EB energies aligned to GOD/DIVINE WILL..
TODAY is MARCH the 6th bringing forth Heavenly codes AGAIN.. This is highlighting issues to do with HARMONY within families, relations and others especially in this sensitive, family focused Year of the Water Rabbit. .
In the new ✨Harmonic Matrix✨ we can all EXIST in HARMONY with each other.. There is no need for competition, conflict or friction.. Instead we need to VALUE the contributions, qualities, skills and gifts of ALL beings as unique individuals – all honoured, respected and treated as EQUALS..
This Goddess is a GALACTIC RED MOON so authenticity, integrity, honour and reputation are very important to her wellbeing. Her SUPERPOWER communication qualities, and purification powers through her Universal Waters, provide very valuable HEALING tools to cleanse and purify any discordance.
As we align with true soul authenticity, transparency and sovereignty we can create a better world, with more HARMONY and PEACE, 🕊 leaving behind the battles of the PAST! The GODDESS qualities of LOVE, nurturance and compassion are the new current-sea of New Earth. ❤🌸👫❤🌎
✨✨Here is a mantra from ISIS our Mother Goddess 👸and Alchemist
to bring forth HEALING 🙌 MIRACLES today;✨✨✨
Life flows through me unobscured
From past hurts I am now cured.
I meet my life, blossoming anew
My inner LIGHT✨ shines bright and true
Through your Grace, I have RESURRECTION ✨💥✨
SOURCE: Alana Fairchild – ISIS Oracle Cards. 🙏❤🙏❤
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE RHYTHMIC WIND🌬🍃 IK key words include: Breathe of life, voice of Spirit, communication, channeling, attunement, wind, change, inspiration, truth, going with the flow, listening to advice, becoming a pure vessel.
WHITE WIND 🍃relates to the breath or voice🌬 of Spirit. So it is VERY APPROPRIATE that this is today/s GIFT and challenge. For without this challenge today you may reside in the depths of your egoic desires and small human FREE WILL.
IK reminds us that you need to be switched on and tuned in to ✨Higher Guidance✨ and not your lower egoic desires, habits and toxic addictions. or purely repeating what you have always done.
As Einstein says “Insanity is repeating the SAME behaviour and expecting a different result”
In order to effect a different (and better) outcome you must DO things differently..
❓From what LEVEL (or SOURCE) are you making your choices?
❓Are those choices based on higher wisdom, innovation and unique solutions? Or are they coming from a place of fear, complacency and hopelessness?
✨Be OPEN to MIRACLES 💫 and new possibilities.✨ New choices and new solutions.✨
A greater connection to SPIRIT🕊 protects us from our lower destructive selves. Spirit can guide you towards wholeness and balance resulting in complete healing 🙌 of your physical vessel.
❓Are you listening to the wisdom of your body?. Give your body the rest, herbs, nutrients and sustenance it needs in order to restore balance.
Follow your hunches, if you have visions of trees🌲🌳🌳 then head to the forest for some tree hugging. If you hear the roar of the waves,🌊🌊🌊 take a trip to the beach. 🏝🏖 Perhaps your feet require some squelching mud to remineralize your cells. You may also feel inclined to SING, CHANT, play an instrument, do some toning, listen to frequencies or speak the LANGUAGE of LIGHT.
Allow the breath of Spirit to FLOW through your hollow vessel and re-energize your body, mind and spirit. Whatever that may be, TUNE IN today, and let the WHITE WIND🌬🍃 carry you home to wholeness.
It is said that the Solar Seal in the CHALLENGE position provides the RESISTANCE or friction needed to STRENGTHEN you. In so doing it then becomes your GIFT🎁 or BLESSING, which in turn becomes the MEDICINE you can offer to others.
With WHITE WIND in this position it is CHALLENGING us to accept the GIFT of DIVINE WILL.. Through partnering with SPIRIT you can then activate the DIVINE LAW of GRACE to create MIRACLES in your LIFE.. ✨✨✨
✨Step up and volunteer to become a DIVINE MESSENGER and PARTNER with Spirit today. 🕊🕊🕊
✨ GOD’S ARMY is ALWAYS in need of more HU-MAN ANGELS to do his work on EARTH. 😇😇😇
Today’s question is “What WISER choices can you make, through Divine guidance, to bring about greater HEALING🌿 to your body (and others), to restore BALANCE in your life and our world? “
Divine blessings for miraculous healing accomplishments today!🌿💫🌿
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌈🌏
PHOTO CREDITS: River-Eveil-de-Siddhartha-Gautama Unknown Artist DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
What does Siddhartha learn from the river?
The river in Siddhartha represents life itself, time, and the path to enlightenment. As a representation of life, it provides knowledge without words, and Siddhartha’s reward for studying it is an intuitive understanding of its divine essence.
One of the most important lessons the river teaches Siddhartha is that time does not exist, and that the present is all that matters. Siddhartha can now see that all life is unified, just as the river is in all places at one time.




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