Harmonic Convergence Ceremony

Harmonic Convergence Ceremony 11:11 Holy Spirit Manifest

August 15th 2019 – 08:15:19








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This was a Sacred Ceremony with Paul White Gold Eagle in the Virgin Woods outside of Cleveland Ohio in the metroparks on the Harmonic Convergence of 2019. We were supported by our Angelic Nation, Ascended Masters, Guides and the Holy Spirit. Blessings in the Light…A’Ho!!

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  1. Edijs Subatins

    Doing great yob thanks.

  2. Paul Butler

    Namaste Angel of the Light….A’Ho!!

  3. Dyanne Gavin

    I came back to watch this again. I love you Paul and have been listening to Prime Disclosure for years off and on and absolutely love all of your postings. Namaste, Dyanne

  4. Paul Butler

    Namaste Dyanne. Much Love and Blessings in the Light of Divine Source.
    the Eagle and the Condor

  5. Shane

    So peaceful. I need to learn the mantras better. Looking forward to it

  6. Paul Butler

    Namaste Shane,
    Much Love and Blessings from the Eagle and the Condor…A”Ho!! Paul

  7. Paul Butler

    Namaste Edijs,
    Much Love and Blessings from the Eagle and the Condor…A”Ho!! Paul

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