***We Are Uncloaking Our Ships To Those Who Are Ready To See*** 

***We Are Uncloaking Our Ships To Those Who Are Ready To See*** 

KaRa via James McConnell, September 29th, 2019
Per Staffan October 2, 2019

Pleiadians (channeled messages)
KaRa (Channeled by James McConnell)
I am KaRa. I so appreciate these times that I can be here, and all of my brothers and sisters as well can be here with you, to help to communicate to bring messages to you. Messages of hope, messages of joy, messages of Oneness.
Today, the message that I bring to you is one of change, one of great change that is in your midst right now as we speak here and now. Many projects have been underway for some time. Those of us here, that you call the Galactics, we have been working on many projects. Those of the Agarthans have been working on many projects as well. All to bring about the shift of consciousness here, the ascension of planet, Earth, of Gaia, and all of the people here on the planet and within the planet. That change is in motion, and many projects have come to their completion. There are still more to come.
But one particular project that we have been working on for some time now is to bring disclosure to you. It has become quite evident that those of your leaders, your world leaders, are most likely not going to disclose our presence to you, not in a large announcement-type of way. It is still possible, but it is not looking very likely at this time, at least not in the near future.
So we are bringing disclosure to you. We are showing ourselves more and more to those of you who have eyes to see, yes, but also to those that are not quite ready to get the glimpses that you have had for some time, now. More of you are getting these glimpses as well. It is because that you believe, that you are more and more seeing, just as the story you heard today of this one, James, and his Beloved JoAnna, and how they saw one of our ships, just as many of you at your last Advance saw our ships.
That is going to become more and more commonplace, where many will look up in the skies and they will see what at first appears to be a jet or a plane. But at further glance, as they look more closely, and as they open their third eye to the possibilities, they will then see what had not been able to be seen before because of the cloaking process.
But we are uncloaking our ships to those who are ready to see.
And at first, as I said, you will see our ships, and we will appear to many as another jet in the sky. But look more closely and you will see that it is not a jet. It is not one of your air vehicles that come from this planet, but rather one of the ships that fly high above your planet, and are constantly monitoring all that is occurring here.
We, the Pleiadians, as well as the Sirians, the Andromedans, the Arcturians, all of us, are monitoring everything that is happening here on the surface.
And I can tell you, without any doubt whatsoever, there will never be any major catastrophes that have been spoken of in the past that have been in your old timeline. For you have entered a new timeline, a new timeline that has been forged by your consciousness, those of you, the Light-workers and Light-warriors that have created this new level of understanding that is now possible.
And I tell you more and more to look up at the skies. See our ships. Communicate with us telepathically. You are beginning to use your telepathic abilities, which is what you will use when we come in full contact with you. You will have learned to do this, or I should say, ‘re-learned’ how to do this. Because all of you have used telepathic abilities before. And this is the communication that we use.
Many of you have seen our ships. You’ve seen the blinking of our ships where we send the light to you. But again, it is only for those that have the eyes to see.
But know that we are communicating with you. And if you send a telepathic message to us, we will reciprocate that message in some way, so that you know you are not looking at a satellite.
You are not looking at simply stars in the sky. Many of those stars that you see in the sky are what you and many others think are stars, are not. They are our ships. And the ships count in the millions and millions.
So gaze at the stars, but see beyond that. See what has not been available to you in the past. Because you have not been ready to utilize your third eye. But now you are. Now you are ready to open up to the vistas that have been beyond the seeing previously.
Use your imagination. And notice how your dreams and your waking state consciousness is changing, not ‘is going to change,’–is in the process of changing now, in this moment. For we are here. We have always been here.
But now we are ready to move into the next phase of the operation, the operation of disclosure here on this planet to all of you who are ready, and to many others who are on the verge of becoming ready, or opening up to the possibilities that before were closed to them because they were closed to anything outside of the normal, or anything outside of the ordinary.
But the programming that you have grown up with over many, many lifetimes, you are able to go beyond that programming because your third eye is reawakening, because your DNA is reconnecting once again, because your high heart is becoming reawakened and re-established, because your Soul-Star Chakra has become reawakened (this occurred within our group, Ancient Awakenings during our last Advance/Retreat). All of these things are leading to the full realization that we are here, and we are ready to welcome you, just as you are ready to welcome us.
Be at peace, my brothers, my sisters, my dear friends. For the time is close, now. The time in your understanding is close, where we will be fully in your proximity, and you will be more fully in our proximity at a physical understanding, at a physical level. Not so much physical in your 3-D world, but physical in your 4-D, and even 5-D world.
All of my peace and love be with all of you each and every day, in each and every moment. Find the joy in those moments.
KaRa via James McConnel


Channeled through Christine Day
Beloved Ones we greet you,

There is much to be revealed to you this month. As you choose to reconnect within the vastness of your own Heart, understanding and clarity will be given to you.
This is your time for the Self-empowerment of Divine Love to BE released through you… This Love transmits naturally from your Heart into your physical cells, to create a transmutation of your own unique Light to nourish your cells.
Your sacred nature embodies Love and as you choose to actively engage within your Heart there is a deep Metamorphic process that is taking place within your cells.
This is your time to take moments to activate this unfolding within you. This is a Self-Birthing process of you unfolding by reactivating the Love within.
Be willing to Let Go and allow the changes to unfold within your life. Consciously celebrate and own your life no matter how it appears within the illusion.
Gratitude for what is in your life brings to you receivership of a Higher Blessing. This is the time for Blessings to be returned to you.
Open up and Let Go celebrating your path and engaging deeply with all that you have created for yourself at this juncture. Do not regret your experiences that you have created.
Simply BE a witness to all that you have experienced and NOW open into all that is about to be revealed to you on your path.
We witness you.
The Pleiadians



Elizabeth Peru

This weekend is interesting, in that we’re already ONE week on from the SUPER MOON and indeed, what a difference a week makes! Pluto has moved direct and energy has lightened up, yet some people could still be having a MENTALLY draining time of it right now. Are you?

In Saturday’s TIP-OFF Forecast, listen to or read what I’ve said about our reality being tested and the near Grand X. You’ll understand why you need to be SO mature right now.
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The Tzolkin Times

Kin 85: Red Resonant Serpent
‘Resonant’ is the name for the number 7 and it’s key words are ‘Attune, Inspire and Channel’. The seventh day is all about adjusting your frequency, tuning yourself in so you may receive wisdom from the universe. We are now right bang in the middle of the wavespell, so a good time to ponder what you’ve experienced thus far and attune so you may understand what steps to take next.

Today is Red Serpent which represents ‘Life Force, Instinct and Survival.’ The serpent is a very sensitive creature, it detects every slight movement and has a good handle on everything going on in the vicinity. On serpent days we too can use our senses to work out what is going on. Feel the subtle vibrations and use your snake sense. Serpent also represents transmutation as it is said if you can survive a snake bite, you become stronger. This symbolizes transmuting your own poison, or darkness or whatever prevents you from vibrating higher. Take advantage of this energy today and process the venom you may be poisoning yourself with and set it free. As it is a ‘Resonant’ day, channel the wisdom you need to help succeed.
Today is Guided by Red Earth which represents ‘Evolution’ and this is a very appropriate guide for such a day. Allow the desire to progress on your spiritual path motivate you to channel Serpent’s healing process.
The Challenge today is the Blue Eagle. So busy flying high in the sky the eagle forgets to land sometimes and ground. Representing the Crown chakra, the Eagle is the opposite of the Serpent which represents the base chakra. If you are an Eagle, come down and see the earth up close like serpent does, you may learn something with this up close and personal perspective.
The Occult power is the Yellow Warrior and when in this magical position expect opportunities to go on a magical quest. Make it your mission today to use a little magic to help you transmute your poison and channel the wisdom you need.
The Ally is the charming White Wizard. Consult one if you need a friend today as they will be very useful, Wizards can enchant you and help you find the right path.


Rhea Dopmeijer

Red Resonant Serpent
I channel in order to survive,
Inspiring instinct.
I seal the store of life force
With the resonant tone of attunement.
I am guided by the power of navigation.
I am a galactic activation portal…enter me.

*Galactic Activation Portal Day These are special inter-dimensional days when other dimensions ‘open up’ and are more easily accessible. These are generally high energy days.
The current Wavespell is Blue Storm and the Year is White Wizard
Red Serpent – Survives. Life Force.
When operating in the light of today’s energy, the positive aspects are: Protection, Instinct, Purification, Healing, Creativity, Body Wisdom, Intuition, Passion, Intimacy
When operating in the shadow of today’s energy, typical symptoms are: Making decisions based on familiarity and security rather than intuitive wisdom. Not listening to your body wisdom. Loneliness, Lack of Love.
To come out of the shadow: Follow your gut feelings and intuition to make choices in the moment. Learn to use passion and the senses to access and align with Higher Self. You are the love you seek.
Today’s Question: How can I attune my service to others?
Saturday’s Oracle
(Oct 05, 2019)

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  1. Sandy Bella

    What has been on my mind today is sometimes there are updates about how ‘Lightworkers’ will be needed to help those who are newly waking up etc. Where I am at with that right now is – ‘The Lightworker Community Needs to be a Safe Place for the Newly Awakened to Turn to.’ Is it currently? I believe ‘No’. Why? Dark Energies are being allowed to Run Rife in the Ascension Community which causes the same Dynamics to appear as in 3D Relationships. Is that helping or hindering? It is my own personal belief that it is time now for The Ascension Community as a whole to start introducing a ‘Zero Tolerance for Bullying and Abuse of Any Kind Policy Including Covert Bullying/Abuse’. Being a Safe Place – a Safe Community is Foundational. Just my Own Strong Personal Opinion that I am putting out there and letting go of xx

  2. Sandy Bella

    Yes, currently the Ascension Community is Somewhat of a Feeding Ground.

  3. Sandy Bella

    Mystical, Mystical Night –
    Went into altered state where I was with Osiris as Ashtar Sheran and Thoth next to him and Isis behind them like a Triangle. At first just with them feeling the Love of Ashtar Sheran then he entered my Third Eye and I’m with Isis and Thoth then Ashtar Sheran reappears in front of me and then entered into my Heart. It was so incredibly beautiful. He entered my Heart as Ashtar Sheran then in my Heart as Ashtar Sheran for a little and all I felt was Love then Ashtar Sheran was in my Heart as Osiris and I felt his beautiful Love for Isis. It was Incredible, making me cry – so incredibly beautiful. I cannot describe how Special for me. I came out of altered state into semi- altered state with both Osiris and Isis in my Heart and I asked Thoth why he was here with me now and I realised he is Symbolic of Knowledge and Wisdom – Another Mystical Threefold Flame balancing with the Male, Female and The Golden Wisdom and Knowledge. Then went back into full altered state where Thoth and I were both inside the Icosahedron of 12 Yellow Andaras. After a little, the 12 Yellow Andaras at the Corners of the Icosahedron all burst into Yellow Flames. Then they burst into Emerald Green Flames with Thoth also bursting into Emerald Green Fire. The Flames of The Isocahedron are Yellow for couple minutes then Emerald Green with Thoth as Emerald Green Fire for couple minutes then flames are Yellow again with Thoth returning to normal for couple minutes then Flames are Emerald Green with Thoth as Emerald Green Fire for couple minutes. I am in both that Dimension and this Dimension with both Osiris and Isis in My Heart.

  4. Sandy Bella

    And Kiss From a Rose by Seal is now playing❤

  5. Sandy Bella

    The Reason why my experience with Osiris and Isis is so Incredibly Special for me is because in the past, I worked so often with The Myth – Osiris, Isis and Set so very different to my experience tonight. I spent years wanting to find Osiris before I met with Ashtar Sheran outside a Gateway on the night the 144 made the jump and i didn’t even know he was Osiris. This is all so special for me, tears in my eyes.
    Also, Thoth has 13 Emerald Tablets and when all 12 corners of Yellow Andara Icosahedron and he burst into Emerald Green Flames, that is 13 Emerald Green Flames burning ❤

  6. Sandy Bella

    I just experienced The Core of Mother Earth turning Bright Emerald Green and I felt it in my Heart. It took my breath away. I literally had to catch my breath.
    So much happening again lately. Have also spent time on Spacecraft a lot over last few days.
    It’s All Happening
    I need sleep now ❤

  7. Ricardo Romero

    I was watching a plane at night in the sky normal flying across, then a secondary one came blinking in red, and blue really fast, moving up and down. Then disappeared. Certainly witnessed a craft. Can’t wait until I see one in the day time, up closer.

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