0202*2020 ~ The Great Portal of "I AM"

0202*2020 ~ The Great Portal of “I AM”

Universal Lighthouse

Sunday’s date is a rare mirror image, extra-special palindrome Date that will not happen again until 03 03 3030. But why is it so important? This particular date is a portal and is considered the “YOSOY” ( Yo soy) or what is translated to the “I AM” portal. It represents the Oneness of all things, it represents Our true connection as being part of that Great “I Am.” It represents that there is no separation between I, and the Rest of this Universe.

This is the opposite energy of the self. The Great “I AM” Energy is balanced with this entire Universe as the One.

This extra-special portal also has extra special Energies to match.

According to numerologists this particular date of 0202 2020 carries with it the feminine creative energies of manifestation and is a very powerful date giving us an opportunity to actually manifest what we want into our reality. But if you are not in alignment with the Unity energies your attempts to manifest selfishly will not succeed. We as True Lightworkers must understand that any time we become selfish, we are no longer working for the Light. It is about manifesting for the betterment of All involved. UNITY is not about self, it’s the care and compassion for All.

This date also is in the representation of infinity or eternal, meaning that whatever is created will be permanent within our reality. If the vibrations are not in alignment with Universal Energies of Oneness and Unity, it will not manifest into this reality. So this is the reason the dark is trying to have you focus on the lower vibrations of separation, hate, and disorder.

Because 0202 2020 is a mirror image date, you will see yourself in the Mirror of creation, You will see where you are out of balance, with this Universe. Our truth will be seen with our own eyes. If you are focused on separating yourself for whatever reason, you will see this, it’s up to you to change your own thoughts and actions. This portal will make the difference whether you are excepting the UNITY energies or not. The world stage wants us to focus the separation energies through their politics or religions. This is done intentionally, to keep us from ascending into the higher consciousness. Keeping us in the Lower vibrations of anger, fear, and hate.

This portal will show us what is out of balance within our own mind, spirit, and body. If you are still service to self this portal will be difficult for you. It’s time to heal the disconnection of humanity. We for so long have been in the dark cycle of separation. The EGO was created to protect us from each other and our enslavers, But, the ego is now what blocks us from the Higher light. The higher vibrations of Love and Unity is the opposite of Fear and Ego.

Humanity has to make a choice between separation through Politics, Religion, and Culture, or, See us all as One. Oneness is the energy of “I AM.”

As you examine yourself and you find that you are not in alignment with oneness, you must let go of all things causing you to separate yourself, this includes things you can not change, such as politics and world issues. We tend to want to focus on things we can not change ourselves, Right now politics are in an uproar. But, We as the People have no control over what happens within the Government, unless you have a JOB within the Government. But we are being bombarded with Separation Energies from Both Sides. it is all “Just a show” to keep you in these negative vibrations. The far-Right has even told you it is “Just a Show.” So don’t let yourself get worked up about things you can not change, or do anything about.

Now, however, there are things we can change, about ourselves and our own personal worlds, and through the collective of Humanity. If you are in the vibrations of Unity, you are working WITH Universal Energy, not against it.

Therefore you can send Love and Light to those in the midst, of the separation energies. We can Help our Brothers and Sisters who are still in those lower vibrations. As we send Unity vibration during this Portal it will help bring peace to this land and the world. This is Our power as Lightworkers. We are not our political point of view, we are not our religious point of view, we are One Humanity, connected to the One Source, That is The Law of One. That Is The Great “I AM.”

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Gaia Sophia

Ascension Energies

19 hrs
2222 are the Cosmic codes of unification. These codes clear any and all separation between all existences within Creation. We began receiving these codes in January of 2018 to assist in the process of full unification with the Cosmic templates within ourselves and as a star system. These codes work individually with each’s own grid system to merge and seal any separation between the human and higher self. These codes also have been working with Gaia and the Diamond Sun Body of the Collective to converge and merge all grids into the Diamond Sun Body as well as with the Cosmic Stargates of the Great Cosmic Diamond Sun Body, Cosmic Sun or Source.

The first of the 2222 gateways will see the activation of more stargates within the Diamond Sun Body of Gaia with the Cosmic stargates. The last of the diamond grids have been activated since the switch in Mid-January and the grids are ready for full activation and merging with the Cosmic grids. The Cosmic frequencies from the 8D-12D will flow into the grids at a smaller scale so not as to bombard the planet with higher frequency Light that the collective hologram is not ready to receive. There will be an amplification and steady increase that occurs as the collective is able to withstand the higher frequencies and more Light into the collective Diamond Sun Body. There will be a flow of Cosmic frequencies from these realms sent into the grids to support those running the higher realities as well as for the expansion of the collective consciousness.
With the completion of the 2222 gateways in February, the entire Diamond SUN Body of the collective will be completely merged with the Cosmic stargates and the entire original Diamond Sun Architecture will be restored on this planet. This will allow for a complete and true organic ascension experience to occur for the collective. It will allow for the Cosmic frequencies to flow through the planet supporting all dimensional realities for the collective experience of evolution, ascension and full embodiment of Source Consciousness as a collective logos.
With these Cosmic gateways of unification, the entire flow of Cosmic energy powers the Diamond Sun Body of the collective. This is the arrival of Heaven on Earth!
Heaven is the Light or frequencies of love, abundance, joy and unification. These are the realities the Cosmic energies support and fuel through our Diamond Sun Body. With the 2222 gateways we solidify the merge of the entire Diamond Sun Body with the Great Cosmic Diamond Sun Body. We become fully connected and online with Heaven and this allows the complete arrival of Heaven on Earth for all. These frequencies coming through the Diamond Sun Body will continue making powerful changes within the collective consciousness as we progress through the year 2020.
This year 2020 is the year of 22. It is the year of the beginning of the master build of New Earth and it is the year that the Master Builders will unite as a Divine Organization on this star system. We are here to ensure that the Cosmic Energy is utilized in the appropriate way on this planet for full connection and interaction with all of the Cosmos. We are here to engineer, construct and maintain the stargates, temples, and many portals that supply our planet with infinite energy to create and evolve our New Earth.
This has always been written since the inception of Terra Nova. Those that seeded the original architecture of this planet are all here now carrying out their role in restoring, activating and building the entire blueprint to its full capacity as a Diamond Sun of God, as a Star Nation of the Cosmos, as Terra Nova in all its eternal glory. These souls are here incarnated as the Master Builders, the Guardians, the Gatekeeprs, the Grid Workers, the teachers and so much more who all operate as the Divine Organization. Each sovereign and independent, yet each a part of the ONE. All playing our part to bring forth the complete evolution and ascension of this beautiful earth star we call Terra Nova.


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Shamanic Astrology Mystery School

8 hrs
Tonight Feb 2, 2020 (a palindrome date) the Moon is passing the Pleiades and tomorrow Feb 03,2020 the Moon is passing Aldebaran. The Moon is a transmitter amplifying the lights codes of these stars as it passes by. Tuning into now is a great way to prepare for the rare super close passage of Venus by the Pleiades end of March early April.

Venus goes retrograde in May between the horns of the bull rising as morning star with the royal star Aldebaran (eye of the bull) in June. Stay tuned for additional details for more on this rare 8 year event.
Stories about the Pleiades https://cayelincastell.com/the-pleiades/


Elizabeth Peru

17 hrs
The POWER DAY of 2:2:20…It’s already been one month since the beginning of 2020 and now the energy sequence of ‘new beginnings’ that began on 1:1… matures and expands. On February 2, we have a SIGNIFICANT numerical sequence occurring of 02:02:2020. Are you feeling it?

4 x 2 in a 4 Universal Year activates and awakens us to the frequency of balance, compassion, diplomacy, peace and collaboration. Partnerships will be a MAJOR focus for many.
Here’s an excerpt from my energy forecasts For Sunday (The Tip-Off)… “Two is the energy of partnership, higher knowing and bringing agitation to situations that are out of alignment for the good of all. It therefore, can create peace, through exposing and then balancing any discord…” 💗💗
The full energy forecasts are online for instant download. The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast – It’s Life. Made Easier.

Despite the irregular and illogical nature of the Gregorian calendar, once in a while we have the rare opportunity to appreciate numerical patterns of special significance, and February 2nd, 2020 represents a date that holds a very unique harmonic resonance. How is this? There are several aspects to consider:
★ It is a SPECIAL palindrome day, since it’s the only date this century that reads the same backward and forward around the world.
★ This date is made up of only two digits, zero (0) and two (2) repeating at regular intervals, as fascinating as that of the New Year of the 10s of the thousand century, a real binary code: 01.01.1010.

★ It is a very rare event since to find another ambivalent palindrome it is necessary to go back to 11 November 1111 in the Middle Ages (11.11.1111), while the next one will be that of 12 December 2121 (12.12.2121).
★ February is the only month of the Gregorian calendar comprised of 28 days. 2020 is a leap year and 1 extra day is added at the end of the month, but since February 1 corresponds to a Saturday, February 2, 2020 will mark the start of a p 4 perfect weeks of 7 days each (see chart)
★ 02.02.2020 is the 33rd day of the year. Note: November 29th, 2019 was the 333rd day of the year, marking 33 days to 01.01.2020.
★ In numerology, there are three master numbers – they are 11, 22 and 33. These are known as master numbers because due to the pairing of the same number, they hold a higher resonance.
★ On the 13-Moon calendar 02.02.2020 corresponds to day 24 of the 7th moon of the year (the Resonant Moon of Attunement) and on the fractal count of 260 moons where 1 KIN = 1 MOON, this 7th moon corresponds to Kin 33, 7 Skywalker (Tone 7 Seal 13)
★ This 7th moon of the 13 Moon year coded by KIN 33 marks then the EXACT core of the 33rd year of the New Dispensation of Time that started on July 26th, 1987 – NS1.0.1.1 KIN 34 (33+1) 8Wizard. This 33rd solar orbit will come to an end on July 25, 2020, Day Out of Time coded by KIN 118 1 Mirror.
★ In classic numerology, the enigmatic Number 33 is referred to as the “Master Teacher” and it is associated with the Spiritual Evolution of humankind. The other two Master numbers are 11, which is related to “Vision,” and 22 which refers to “Vision with Action”. These 3 Master numbers create what is known as the Triangle of Enlightenment, where 11 and 22 sit at the base of the triangle, and 33 sits at the top (11+22 = 33).
★ The spine is the central “channel” of the Human body and is comprised of 33 vertebrae, matching the sum of the 13 joints and 20 fingers and toes that give us the ability to move.
★ 33 is a PERFECT holographic container for the summoning power of the 13:20 Natural Time Frequency (13+20=33) as well as the creators of the Dreamspell Count: Jose Kin 11 + Lloydine Kin 22 = Kin 33
TODAY is then a great opportunity to enter into resonance with the larger harmonic patterns of time and tune in to the master number messages that this year 2020 is presenting us.
In Lak’ech
The 13-Moon Calendar establishes a new harmonic standard for timekeeping that promotes greater access to our inherent creativity and capacity to live in right relationship with each other and the planet.
To sign and support an open petition for Calendar Referendum and Declaration of Universal World Peace, and to ensure that humanity adopt and implement the 13-Month, 28-Day Calendar as a new Harmonic Standard 2020, please go to:
To download the 2019-2020 transitional 13-Month, 28-Day WALL Calendar, please go to:
Thank You for your SUPPORT and for your TIME!
#HarmonicResonance #0202 #2020 #MasterPalindromeDay #33 #7 #13 #ShiftFromHarmToHarmony #13Month28DayCalendar #Synchronicity #NaturalTime



The Tzolkin Times

14 hrs
Kin 205 ~ Red Planetary Serpent
‘Planetary’ is the name for the number ten and its key words are ‘Perfect, Produce and Manifest.’ This is the tenth day of the Yellow Warrior wavespell. ‘Planetary’ days compliment whatever day they fall on, enhancing the energy in a positive way…because it gives 10/10…top marks!

Today is Red Serpent and its key words are ‘Instinct, Survive and Life-Force’. The serpent has amazing instincts. Crawling on the earth on its belly, it senses every little vibration. Serpent teaches use to use our instincts and to be more sensitive to what is around us. The Serpent also symbolizes the transmutation of poison. If you can ‘Survive’ the poison or darkness that you hold on to, you will be stronger but you will be even stronger if you can spit it out. If you have been bitten in the past, don’t allow that painful memory to darken your soul. Today is the perfect day to transform it and set it free.
The Guide today is the Red Skywalker which is the symbol of ‘Adventures and Exploration’. When Skywalker guides he is inviting us to go down the path less traveled. Thinking ‘outside of the box’ today will give you the answers you need.
The Challenge today is the Blue Eagle which sees things from up high but never as close as the serpent does on the ground. This represents grounding, and so come down to Terra Firma today and get your head out of the clouds.
The Occult power is the Yellow Warrior which is also the wavespell we are in, and this is a good omen. Your mission has a magical boost today.
The Ally is the White Wizard, the enchanter of the Tzolkin. If you need any help today, your best bet is a Wizard. If you are a Wizard, do your best to help others today.

Christina Papageorgiou

2 FEBRUARY, 2020
0202-2020 code
22/22 PORTAL

Producing INSTINCT
I seal the store of life force
With the Planetary tone of Manifestation
I AM guided by the power of SPACE
2/2/22 = 22/22 = 4/4 = 8
2 – Partnership/Cooperation/Union
4 – Angelic/Form/Earth/Foundation
22 – Architect of PEACE/Master Builder
8 – Infinity/Abundance/Flow
KIN 205 = 7 – Mystic/Majik/Spiritual/Solitude
Today’s code is UBER POWERFUL! 💥💥💥💥
The PLANETARY SERPENT is a very INTENSE code – but the coupling with the 22 PEACE portal – and romantic liaisons – brings a new PASSIONATE and PEACE ful focus to this intensity – translated into accelerated construction of this new foundation – for your life, relationships and our collective reality.
Day 10 in the YELLOW WARRIOR WAVESPELL of fearlessly QUEST-I-ONing everything in his path with a profound intelligence, disabling the old paradigm and fully focused on forging a new path to a brave New World. Today we are EXPLORING SURVIVAL and PASSION as we FEARLESSLY keep moving forward on our QUEST. FEARLESSLY choosing to PERFECT our PLANETARY survival, as individuals and as a species, through MANIFESTING the Planetary Dream of Abundance..
PLANETARY – Tone 10 in the PHYSICAL realm. ACTION – produces, POWER – perfects, ESSENCE – manifestation.
The 10th stage of the Wavespell is the perfection of all we imagined as possible. And more! It is the harvest stage where we happily reap our manifest splendour. The forms we have been imagining begin to manifest into our reality, and our lives begin to reflect the increased PASSION, VITALITY and LIFEFORCE as our deep soul longings are made MANIFEST. PLANETARY energies enable us to build and manifest strong connections today. We have the power to PERFECT and manifest a state of total FEARLESSNESS and accomplish great ABUNDANCE through our MANIFESTATION process today. Perfecting ABUNDANCE in all aspects of our being, on a personal and PLANETARY level.
CONSCIOUS SELF: RED SERPENT 🐍– CHICCHAN – our Planetary Serpents – Quetzalcoatl and his female consort – our beautiful Rainbow Serpent are in the planetary spotlight today….
The Solar Umbilical Cord (Saturn/Pluto conjunction) b-Earth-ed our baby serpent hatchlings in the watery womb of Lake Rotopounamu in New Zealand, and once the Umbilical Cord attached to their mumma Rainbow Serpent, in the body of Uluru… they were energized and commenced their adventuring around our globe through the planetary grid system…. Quetzalcoatl heeded the call as he awakened, and responded by signalling his POWER and PASSION through the fiery Volcanic ring of fire – in a series of Volcanic eruptions as he travelled along the male serpent line – from Mexico, to Japan and then to Mt..Taal in the Phillipines – revealing the full volume of his explosive masculine energy in a spectacular electrical show… thankfully all this excess electrical power that was running through the grid was harmonized and balanced ready for today’s portal event.
The young Serpents have now completed their 20 day journey of adventure with their parents and settled into their new locations throughout the globe – ready to fully activate and switch on each chakra, sacred site, temple and vortex… 2/2/22 is the “illumination” 💡date! When our new planetary grid is constructed and harmonized.
All the New Earth temples are fully operative now, via the Galactic incoming beams – calling for the new Earth Priests & Priestesses to take their honourable positions as guardians of these sacred temples… it is absolutely Divinely PERFECT that the new Planetary Grid is manifested on this beautiful romantic PEACE portal. It is also interesting to note that Quetzalcoatl our masculine Feathered Serpent is also connected to the planet Venus – absolutely fascinating as Uluru anchors the Mars energies on our planet… so we have a union of the Venus and Mars energies operative though the union of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies today.
RED SERPENT energies encompass – PASSION, VITALITY, LIFE FORCE, survival and kundalini… so all these forces will be super active today. The limbic brain, the instinctive reptilian/serpent brain is in receptive mode due to the Wizard’s influence so we are safeguarded from FEAR mode. We are guided to QUEST-I-ON our current reality and living conditions, through the Yellow Warrior and then listen for information and visions from spirit. This ensures our survival (food, shelter, self-preservation) and that of our families and communities. Listening to our ancestors and the patterns of the past which we instinctively learnt to ensure our survival. The old paradigm of competition, greed, and survival of the fittest did not serve the needs of the many. We must now abandon the FEAR driven divisive reactions that separated our species. It is time to UNITE as equals.
CHICCHAN raises your kundalini and life force, as well as that of the Planet, so that you have more energy to get things done. Your desires, dreams and PASSION are evoked. Rather than RE-ACT-ING, your energy rises up to your higher mind and becomes fuel for a higher driven purpose. You can channel this life force energy into your ACTIONS. You are in control. How will you channel this energy today? Use it to perfect your life, in order to THRIVE instead of barely SURVIVE… It is time for all our broThors and siStars to rise up and manifest this new PLANETARY ABUNDANCE and PEACE as the FEARLESS RAINBOW WARRIORS of Pachamama..
CONSCIOUS SELF: RED SKYWALKER –🚶 BEN Today is a divine day to explore other dimensions. 🍥 BEN the Skywalker is the 13th tribe opening us to the mysteries of the Cosmos. Today we EXPAND, EXPLORE and connect very easily with altered realities! This is our birthright as Starseeds… the more expanded you go, the more deep you can earth. Today we expand, expand, expand and witness the new.
 “What else is possible for me Universe?” What else is possible for our PLANET???
How can I/we EXPAND into NEW TERRITORY and new opportunities? Keep ASKING the QUEST-I-ONS in order to be in the flow of great miracles as the Universe responds to your inquiries. EXPAND into your greatest potential as you EXPLORE all the possibilities that you can find along your travels. As we EXPAND we realize great BLISS as we float endlessly in a sea of infinite potential and ALL THAT IS. It is our MISSION to return from our adventuring as fully awakened Starseeds bringing Heaven to Earth. So go forth and WALK THE SKIES on all levels today, deep into the earth realms and even high out in the stars and multi-Universe. Raise the bar of what you thought was possible and expect a better LIFE NOW with a much HIGHER standard of LIVING joyfully on our beloved Planet Nova Gaia.
SUPPORT: WHITE WIZARD 🔮– IX allows RED SERPENT to be more passive in receptive mode, tuning into the Heart and the wisdom therein. Thus taming the primal beast! WHITE WIZARD provides the means for receiving heightened frequencies into our physical form that rearranges our kundalini and our Planetary kundalini. The Shamanic Wizard dancing to the rhythym and drum beat of the sensual CHICCAN. The Serpent can then utilize the majik of IX combining with the raw passion, drive and lifeforce to dedicate this energy to fueling your Mission and our higher collective purpose.
OCCULT: YELLOW WARRIOR-🌈🏹 CIB – the fearless YELLOW WARRIOR assists us in evolving our reptilian brains, out of survival mode and learning to respond from our HIGHER DIVINE MIND.. CIB questions the status quo, and the survival instinctual phase we have been responding to, encouraging us to trust in the Divine Plan for each of us and for our planet. When we abandon all fear and integrate fearlessness we begin to trust that all is well. Then we can once again feel safe, secure and protected at all times being free to live passionately. In this stage we can relax and flow into pure consciousness knowing that all our needs are met effortlessly.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE EAGLE 👁– MEN challenges you to SEE the greater VISION of where your life is out of balance and how to align with greater consciousness. Where are you still responding with FEAR? Exploring the boundaries of survival as you FACE your greatest FEARS… as your Adrenalin takes over and the SERPENT begins to recoil remember to 🌬TAKE A BREATH and pause..be STILL and contemplate, then CHOOSE a better LIFE..🌈. CANCEL, CLEAR, DELETE the lower survival timeline and CHOOSE a HIGHER PATH – the scenario of abundance💰, prosperity🌼 and PLENTY🍉.. Focus on the OUTCOME and not HOW you will get there! Leave the details to GOD! Focus on your PASSION and your desires and take steps each day in that direction. When we can SEE the big picture we can let go and heal anything that is not in alignment with the Divine plan. BLUE EAGLE assists us in anchoring this VISION, motivating us to fuel our passion in fully realizing the most benefic outcome. NOW IS THE TIME to MANIFEST a better future for ourselves and our PLANET! .🌎🌍🌎
Hold the collective PLANETARY 🌏dream of our new 5D Ascended Gaia🌎 in your MANIFESTATIONS today.
Visualize our planetary serpents romancing and harmoniously flowing in union throughout our balanced grid system🌐.. you may also wish to send a boost of encouragement and gratitude to our young rainbow serpents who have valiantly taken up their new posts – anchoring more LIGHT and vitality into our Sacred sites, temples, vortices and powerpoints throughout the planetary grid…
Visualize beautiful HEALING and empowering LIFE ENHANCING energies emanating throughout the globe… and of course giving muchos gratitude and appreciation to our Pachamama on this momentous day!
NOTE: Extra potent times to tune in, meditate and/or do ceremony today on this 22:22 Gateway… are 22.22 pm, 11:22 am, 2.22 am/pm, 11:11 am/pm, 4.44 am/pm

Today’s question is “How can I FEARLESSLY rise beyond SURVIVAL mode, building this new foundation of PLANETARY ABUNDANCE and PEACE?”
🐬🌈 🐬🌈🐬🌈🐬🌈
Divine blessings for EXPANDING beyond the old parameters into new realms of infinite vitality, peace and prosperity.
Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Planetary Caduceus DIVINE GRATITUDE to Unknown Artist 🙏🙏🙏


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Christina Papageorgiou

2 FEBRUARY, 2020
0202-2020 code
22/22 PORTAL

Manifesting a PEACEFUL foundation of KANYINI on our planet.
Today is a very potent day to pray, meditate, visualize or do ceremony for Planetary PEACE and build a solid foundation for our New Earth….
NOTE: Extra potent times to tune in, meditate and/or do ceremony today on this 22:22 Gateway… are 22.22 pm, 11:22 am, 2.22 am/pm, 11:11 am/pm, 4.44 am/pm
Uncle Bob Randall – an Anangu elder and custodian of Uluru spent his life teaching about the principles of KANYINI – and building this new foundation of PEACE where we can all live together as ONE people in harmony with the Earth… today we honour his legacy and hold the VISION of his DREAM for humanity…
You may wish to play or sing this divine Kanyini song – performed by Deva Premal and Miten…
🐬🌈 🐬🌈🐬🌈🐬🌈
“Kanyini – We were very honoured to record this beautiful chant in Australia with Aboriginal peace warrior and elder, the late Uncle Bob Randall. His spirit lives on through his music and his words. This mantra invokes unconditional love towards all beings and includes a spontaneous prayer that Bob recited during the recording. Enjoy. With Love – Deva & Miten”
🐬🌈 🐬🌈🐬🌈🐬🌈
🐬🌈 🐬🌈🐬🌈🐬🌈
Ngalu Kanyini Chant Lyrics & Meaning
Bob Randall, Yankyantjatjara Nation, Uluru
CREDIT: Kanyini song; written, and created by Uncle Bob Randall and Christine Morrison – DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏🙏🙏
(The words of the chant are in bold. The meaning is in italics)
Ngalu ….Kanyini: From me, I live with unconditional love
Kanyini Ngalu: Unconditional love is from (up to) me
Ngalu …Tjukurrpa (Facing East): From me, I live with unconditional love for my belief system of the superconsciousness of all creation
Tjukurrpa Kanyini Ngalu: Unconditional love for my belief system is from (up to)me
Ngalu…. Kurunpa (Facing South): From me, I live with unconditional love for my spirituality
Kurunpa Kanyini Ngalu: My Spirituality with unconditional love is from (up to) me
Ngalu….. Ngura: (Facing West): From me, I live with unconditional love for the land my home) I belong to
Ngura Kanyini Ngalu: Unconditional love for the land/my home is from/up to me
Ngalu….. Walytja (Facing North): From me, I have unconditional love for my family
Walytja Kanyini Ngalu: Unconditional love for my family is from (up to) me
Pirinpa….. Tjuta: To all white people
Napartji Napartji, Kanyini Ngalu: (Evenly) Us Together, I have unconditional love from (up to) me
We are One…..We are free
Love is my….. Responsibility-(the meaning of “Kanyini”)
We are One……One Family
Love is my… responsibility
Love is my… responsibility
Love is my… responsibility (always comes back to self)
🐬🌈 🐬🌈🐬🌈🐬🌈
Kanyini – Ka’-nyee- nee
Ngalu – NGy’-a-lo
Tjukurrpa – Choo’-kurr-pa
Kurunpa – Koor’-oon-pa
Ngura – NGoo’-ra
Walytja – Wall’-cha
Pirinpa – Peer’ -in-pa
Anangu – Un’-ung-oo
Tjuta – Ju’-ta / Choo’-ta
Napartji – Nup’-pa-gee (chee)
🐬🌈 🐬🌈🐬🌈🐬🌈
Kanyini – Unconditional love and being responsible – It is my responsibility to look
after every living being on earth with love
Ngalu – from me
Anangu….. Tjuta – All people
Napartji Napartji – (evenly)(all) together
Kanyini Ngalu – Unconditional love is from (up to) me
Pirinpa – white people
Anangu – this word refers to the Central desert people. It means “the people” but the word in the song can be changed to “Noongar” or any other tribe
Tjuta – many
Napartji – Let’s do it together (literally: not lopsided)
🙏🙏🙏 🙏🙏🙏

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