You are currently viewing  Pure Crystal Light of our Consciousness  ~ Arcturian Frequencies ~ INTENSE Purification

 Pure Crystal Light of our Consciousness  ~ Arcturian Frequencies ~ INTENSE Purification

Pure Crystal Light of our Consciousness ~ Arcturian Frequencies  ~ INTENSE Purification




Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Royal Lion Kingdom of the Lyran Nation of New Lemuria

The Ruby Ray of higher transformation is activating and blazing forth from every living heart of our Ground Crew Earth Angelic Team of the 144. Through this powerful Full Moon in Gemini and the coming 12:12 Golden Gate we are going through the greatest shifts and transfigurations of this timeline. We continue to merge Heaven and Earth through our Three Dan Tians as the Holy Chi flows down our Central Channel lighting up every portal along the Way as the energetics reach deep down into the Crystalline Core of Mother Earth to Light up and Blaze the Emerald Heart of Gaia for her full transformation in the Light.

The Feathered Serpent and the Rainbow Serpent merge together as the Eagle and the Condor Fly as One in Holy Union under the Sun and the yin waters merge with the yang fires to create the Sacred Steam of the Ascension Process. All Rises in the honor and the Glory of this Great Awakening into the Light and the Truth of Infinite Prime Source Creator we call “The Great Mystery” it is the Unknowable Unborn Unchanging Mind of Buddha, in other words the Pure Awareness of our Eternal True Nature of Infinite Light.

Connect Now with your almighty I Am Presence and together we blaze this realm with the Violet Flame of Transmutation as we assist Gaia and all her Children of the Sun in the Greatest Shift of all Ages into the New Golden Age of Eternal Life, Fully Awake, Fully Aware, never to fall from Grace again. This is it..

We are the Christos Sophia Consciousness of the New Heaven upon the New Earth…A’Ho!




sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Winter frost in the woods.
Sabian Symbol for 26º Gemini

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 26º Gemini.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

An easter sunrise service.
Sabian Symbol for 17º Sagittarius

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 17º Sagittarius.






 Tri-Wave Consciousness Coming Online. Opening space for New Beginnings. Avatar Update. #333 #divinehuman

Avatar Update
Avatar Update




8✨️12✨️2022 December Gate Wide Open
Geometries of Light ✨️Beings of Light✨️The Pure Crystal Light of our Consciousness activating through the December Channel… and the resonance inside is felt decisively, everything moves and is reorientated, the emotional field is strongly emphasized, the physical body speeds up the processes and slows down (we honor the movement without resistance, the more you resist and the more you see useless reaction), upgrades are multiple and they take various forms (including now often “flu” = FLU = Frequency Light Upgrades), we are being pushed forward… are we going to feel/feel what’s up there together?
Pure Crystal Light
Pure Crystal Light
As I prepared for Monday’s workshop, Arcturian frequencies have rushed through my being at a dizzying angle… I was amazed at the incoming energy that knocked me down within seconds…
This light is SO powerful… that you will most likely be moved when she walks through the portal of your heart and you will KNOW. You will know and remember the extent of who you truly are.
Your human will feel the impulses of your nervous system, which will suddenly activate in you the burning desire to UNIFY within you. It will disturb you because this desire will invade your being and your spirit will suddenly submit to your heart.
You will feel a force that will surprise you by its power, you will remember and know that THIS frequency can overtake and transcend everything and anything.
You will eventually remember that you ARE an extension of the SOURCE because you will emerge as such.
There is nothing to understand, allow that process to play out in you and for you.
Trust your higher self to lead you to the experiences you need to align yourself with that path. ♥️
Arcturian frequencies
Arcturian frequencies


Today is the Full Moon in Gemini.

Intense energies and Light Codes are pouring in as the Full Moon powers us up for the upcoming 12/12 and the 21/12 Solstice Sacred points of light.
The sign of Gemini is also called The Twins, and represents the coming together of the “Twin Flame” energies of Divine Masculine and Feminine within us. This provides the platform for Unity Consciousness and the ability to access the Flow of Divine Abundance that will be available at the 12/12 and the Solstice.
This is a magical moment when we can balance our inner energies through a quiet and peaceful heart that seeks Peace and Harmony.
Allow the Masculine aspect of self to rest and relax, and allow the Feminine aspect to guide you to your dreams through the path of least resistance.
At the moment there are powerful flows of Golden Solar Light being received from the Sun to express the Divine Feminine energy of Mary Magdalene and also of Yeshua. They are the Avatars of the 8th Dimensional Christ consciousness that is being transmitted to the planet in powerful waves to prepare for the 12/12.
Also being received right now are waves of 9th Dimensional Diamond light codes from the Galactic Center to prepare us for the Galactic Center transit on the 19th December.
These two energies and the Full Moon are a powerful combination! The best thing to do is rest, take it easy, and allow your Divine Feminine and Higher Self to show you the path forward when the time is right.
Remember, you are a Master of Light and Energy, and you got this!
Love to everyone at this Radiant Full Moon!
Golden Solar Light being
Golden Solar Light being


To those who may be feeling as if you are in a VOID… as if you or your life is being held in place by some sort of “pause button”… or as if you are in a state of “nothingness”…
In truth…
I say, “CONGRATULATIONS, beloved one!”
Why? How could this most unusual experience be celebrated?
HOME to where ALL THAT IS is born of.
This “place” of intangible VASTNESS- is at once- EVERYTHING and NOTHING. It is the ESSENCE of ALL THAT IS.
In truth, it is more “you” than you have ever known “you” to be!
So, what to do now??
Do your best not to fill this vast emptiness you are experiencing!! The human conditioning will have us “fearful” of this “nothingness” and have us seeking to “fill it” with endless thinking and attempts to “understand” or “control” the experience.
Simply ALLOW yourself and everything to BE.
FEEL into the vastness. ALLOW your awareness to expand within it. DEEPEN into the PEACE. FEEL the breath.
Quiet any mental thoughts that try to interrupt the experience. Notice if/when KNOWING arises without any effort. In this expansive OPENNESS, allow yourself to become at ease- at PEACE- and in ONENESS with this…
This may ebb and flow for you. This is all happening FOR YOU and there is nothing- no thing- to fear. And, the ebb and flow is natural. Nothing has “gone wrong” if you find yourself “in and out” of it!
In truth, within this “void” is the most powerful energy of PURE LOVE. Your soul KNOWS this. This is a most “comfortable” and truly blissful experience for the soul! Reassure your human consciousness that there is nothing to fear and you will begin to delight in this “nothing” rather than resisting or fearing it!
Be well, beloveds!! All is happening for the HIGHEST GOOD FOR ALL- and that means “all aspects of you” too!!
Rest. Hydrate. Meditate. Soak in waters. Ground in nature. Nourish your body.
Love Is. Love Is. Love Is. ✨🤍✨
God Is. God Is. God Is. ✨🙏✨




Dear friends, the energies of the Gemini Full Moon have been flowing steadily since yesterday. Today, we will have a similar intense influx of full moon light codes, diminishing in intensity by tomorrow Friday.
Those of you who are energy sensitives most likely have been feeling the energetic change in the atmosphere. If you had the chance to sit under the moonlight, you could literally feel the information being absorbed by your energy fields. This process triggers the stirring of stagnant emotional energies within your fields so they can be brought up to the light for further processing and release.
The Gemini aspect of this Full Moon is pushing us to unify seemingly contrasting or conflicting points of view within us. The cosmos wants to make sure we begin the new year with a higher level of internal energetic coherence. As our soul, mind, and body become more aligned, we reach a new level of clarity which strengthens and focus our intentions for our future timeline.
On top of these last waves of the Full moon light codes, there is a geomagnetic storm watch in effect for the next 24 hours when a coronal hole stream in our Sun is predicted to reach Earth. Those who are solar sensitives may already be feeling sluggish/sleepy, or experiencing some mild headaches or dizzy spells. Stay hydrated and rest as needed.
It seems the energies of the 12/12 portal are going to be quite intense this year. I’ll be posting more details on this Trinity energy as we approach the weekend. As we near the end of 2022, the Universe wants us to remember, and to embody and express our true Divine essence. As I’ve mentioned it before, 2023 will be the year of “creative enlightenment”. Are you ready to finally shine your Light to the world?!… Much love ❤️
Diego E. Berman 2022 Ⓒ


December 7th Full Moon – Part 2

🐉⭕Two symbols came forth in the December Full Moon meditation yesterday, The Womb and The Dragon Energy

⭕Many of us have been in a period of Pause for the past many weeks and months. We have traversed the Underworld of Shadows, Death, Grief , Ancestral trauma and Karmic debts with Inanna/ Venus and much of the ‘work’ involved was Centered around the “Womb Trauma”- The primary wound of the Feminine which has kept us disconnected from our own Body Wisdom, Earth/ Nature Wisdom and Ancestral Wisdom . The very root cause of our dissociation from our Higher Divine Guidance, each other/ collective and the Web of Life. The very reason that for many generations we have been disconnected with our intrinsic Power of Creation , Magic and Manifestation.
🐉As we Heal our Womb Wounds,we also heal our Patriarchal Generational wounds and The Womb of Gaia and move into Womb and Body Sovereignty and Autonomy of Self and Gaia (for we are but an extension of the Great Mother Energies ). It is this Sovereignty that allows The Primordial Wisdom to once again flow through us , the very same wisdom that directs Nature/ Seasons/ blooming/ Fruition and death and rebirth. It is this Primordial Wisdom that reinstates the interconnectedness of All That Is. It is This Primordial Wisdom that Births the New Age Blueprint !!and The Dragon Energy are the Keepers and Guardians of this Primodial Wisdom . They maintain the Balance of the Elements of Earth, Water, Air , Fire which allows for Manifestation of Spirit/New Light/ New Age!!
✨I mentioned in my previous post how this Dec 7th Full Moon is a Gateway of Manifestations, Creations and Soul Connections. The Energies of the Pleiadian Wise Women Wisdom Keepers and Lemurian / Mermaid Priestesses are spearheading the Womb Healing of Gaia and the Collective which allows for the New Birthing of the New Age to take place. Also prominent were the Energies of Goddess Hathor ( Goddess of the Womb and Childbirth) and Seshat ( formulates the new Foundations of the New Earth).
✨And while we have been in this holding space for the past many months , doing the above mentioned work, we have been shown soooo many signs and synchronicities by Spirit – so much confirmation of our connection with Spirit and that the work/ power/ magic we are wielding is heading towards Fruition……BUT …..Alas hardly any of that validation presents itself in our 3D Reality?!?!?! (which can really have even the most seasoned of us question our reality for that too is the beauty of human incarnation ) …Until Now…
🌕This Full Moon of Manifestation and Soul Connections is the Bridge between the Etheric Work done and its Fruition in our Reality. Keeping the Faith , Trust In Divine Timing and Communication will be important as the Tide is Turning as we head into the Magical Goddess Isis Mirror Gateway of 12-21/ Solstice !!
EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy
Be The Change You Want To See
Sa Kei Na
Goddess Hathor
Goddess Hathor


These higher upgrades of light will force all truths to the surface
Surrender any project or concern to the Universe with the knowing that your needs Are being taken care of.
Focus on all you have achieved to date and on all your many blessings. Take time to nurture and pamper yourself and start to do more of those things which nourish your soul By relaxing and letting go of desired outcomes, you are creating the space for the universe to give you what you want. This is a time to Trust!
Open fully to the loving, compassionate forces of the universe that support your physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. We were all propelled into the unknown
to see, realise, understand what is reality and what is not true a memory of the past or collective false beliefs. Many unwanted truths were revealed during this time.
There was also a lot of pain for many As well as a lot of growth. There can’t be hiding from illusions and rose tinted glasses other than the reality that enabled us to see things clearly and make changes in our lives far better ones as we have developed tremendous resiliency through out life.
changes in life happen gradually so we might not be aware of the shifts in our lives taking place within us that happened because possibly of staying in past patterns but when we look back, we know we are very different than we were back in June. We have cleared so much of the old. We have grown as individuals as well as a collective. We have changed a lot of the things that were not bringing us peace joy or happiness .
The truth has set us free and will continue to do so. There is no escaping the exposure of Truth in the New Earth Energy. Any thing not in the light of truth will be exposed for what it is . The Truth theme plays a really big part on the planet next year and this won’t stop as we are ruled by the numerical influence of 7 , universal year .
7 is ruled by Truth and Karma , so it’s going to be interesting as far as further exposure in the collective coercive shadow structures There will be a great deal of Change can be a challenging process, especially if we resist it. Know that you are supported at all time and that the changes really are bringing blessings into your life.
During these times You may be faced with the feeling of fear and not knowing what the next stage is, but there are plenty of doors opening and opportunities being presented and will be presented to you. Allow yourself to let go and welcome the new and exciting energy life is bringing to you. You ascend and grow enough to realise not everyone is worth your confrontation.
Your time is valuable Your energy is priceless no need to waste it on people who don’t align with it . We outgrow what we once thought we couldn’t live without, and then we fall in love with what we didn’t even know we wanted because Life keeps leading us on journeys we would never go on if it were up to us. Have faith. Learn the lessons.
Trust the journey.
In Loving and devoted service
Written by Ascension LightWorkers
We are in a whirlpool of intense purification and releasing of all of deep seated trauma, pain, accumulated lies and cover-ups, old family and humanity’s skeletons which have been rattling in those closets, now being released.
It goes very deep into the deepest depths, the darkest shadows.
Yet, look at what is happening simultaneously:
The chains and restrictions are coming off.
We are being freed on so many levels.
Our eyes are being opened, our inner sight is being returned, our inner hearing, or interconnectedness to all that is, is being restored.
We are getting lighter and brighter.
We are living our truth, and no longer needing to play the old games of pretend, nor do we need masks to hide behind.
We are finally coming cosmically of age.
In the next few weeks you will feel your sacred heart center opening in ever higher degrees than ever before, as Yeshua and Mary Magdalene are intensely working with our sacred hearts.
It is only with the heart one can truly see.
The true seeing is being returned.
The Sacred Grail of the Heart and Soul.
What a Divine gift of Love!
Photo: Daniel B. Holeman
Sacred Grail of the Heart
Sacred Grail of the Heart


Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

The Great Solar Flash and great solar shift is in our energy field. This is bringing recovery from losses during the ascension portal.

The Masculine heart is ascending into the Cosmic Divine Masculine Christ, free from being controlled within the firmament’s systems connected with the pyramids and Orion’s Belt.
These galactic wars that enslaved the Masculine and created division and divisiveness are falling away.

Rise and become the sovereign independent Christed being that you are Beloveds. This is our fresh start where we can walk away from control systems and choose a life or harmony, truth, and put our crowns back on as beings of Christ.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn



Tania Gabrielle 

 VENUS and JUPITER are the two benefic planets in astrology, and today they create a dynamic connection on a date of immortality and strength.

Venus squares Jupiter on December 8.

12.2022 adds up to 17/8.

17 is the “Immortality” number and 8 the vibration of leadership, abundance and. infinite resources.

And the double 8:8 code is just pure magic!

Anytime Venus and Jupiter make contact, blessings are bountiful.

With Venus, Jupiter and 17/8 joined together, it’s an even more special few days to manifest abundance, expansion and joy!

Discover how to use every blessing to move from separation into wholeness, from polarity into neutrality.




Full Moon in Gemini. Sun in Sagittarius opposite Mars retrograde in Gemini – The storm that was building earlier breaks. Thunder. Lightning. BOOM! Mars, and the skies, have a lot to say but do we want to listen? The impetus is to shut down the conversation, shout down the opposition, erupt in anger. Triggered and reactive, we’re not in the best position to say our piece or make an important decision. Some conflicts may be external, others internal – but in all cases the advice is to breathe, breathe, breathe! Sometimes we create conflict where there is none. Sometimes anger is the right response.
Underneath all the noise is a quiet voice that knows the truth, even if it is difficult to put into words. Feel your way forwards. Listen. Remember you are a soul having a human experience. Be patient with yourself as well as with others. Sometimes, even when we know the answer, it’s hard to act upon it. Wait for your mind to stop spinning. Express your thoughts and feelings with integrity and respect. Ask for advice. You don’t have to do this all alone.
Degrees and Times
Moon 16°Ge01′, Sun 16°Sg01′ – 04:08 (UT) December 8, 2022
Sun 16°Sg05′, Mars 16°Ge05′ R – 05:41 (UT) December 8, 2022
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – A Windy Day by Édouard Bisson
A Windy Day
A Windy Day




…catch yourself acting on what you assume, otherwise you might be creating unnecessary drama to return back to you and thus be holding yourself back from being free.
Being CONSCIOUS of consequence!
Today 8 December, Full Moon, 3-Storm… 3 creates “activation”, a day of strong energy and enthusiasm, stay internally centred amid the storm, allow the rain to wash away the ego, be humble so that new fertile growth can emerge, the memory of the seed is activated and begins to anchor its roots.
Nothing is separate, all is one multidimensional light of universal diversity, in it everything is connected like a spiders web, what you do to the web you do to yourself and others, everything is mirrored as an aspect of Creations One Tree of Life, to keep a balance its growth returns back on itself, hence everything repeats but on a higher more mature level, in this process everything is in surrender to everything, what happens is for a reason that creates the lessons to spiral life to ascend higher and birth anew above the last repeat.
What you are out of sync with is what surfaces for you to heal internally, life treats you the way you treat it, everything you put out returns back to you, both good and bad, this is why it is important to be conscious, if we are conscious and understanding the consequences we can best master our life, if we understand on the highest levels of truth we will be aware that if we are consciously good and loving it returns to us, thus we receive according to what we give out.
If we want to create a balanced happy life we must be conscious of the consequences…
We are in the  middle of the 120th 18 day cycle of Cosmic Light of the 9th Wave, since it’s activation on 9 March 2011 – to transcend the flawed imprints of duality.
With tomorrow being 4-Ahau/Light, and then shifting into the new 20 days the following day 5-Imix/Alligator/Dragon, the great expanding Light Quetzalcoatl arrives, this combining with 18 days of light and the 13th DAY of the 8th Wave is hatching a very high vibrational frequency to challenge what the collective is unconscious too, so as to hatch or birth in truth to the Cosmic Source memory.


Kin 294 ~ Yellow Solar Seed

‘Solar’ is the name for the number nine and its keywords are ‘Intention, Pulse and Realize’. We are on the ninth day of the Yellow Warrior wavespell and with any wavespell, it is usually the ninth day when the action occurs. It’s a dynamite energy: Elvis, Jimi Hendrix and Aretha Franklin were all born on the ninth day. Solar is bright and full of intention. If you took on a mission at the beginning of this wavespell expect results today and so, make it your intention to progress! Remember your intentions that you set on day one. Your mission is climaxing today and then the energy begins to dissipate. Don’t blow this chance to succeed today, rustle up some determination and make the day count.
Today is Yellow Seed which represents ‘Targeting, Flowering and Awareness’. Yellow Seed days are about sowing awareness and sharing knowledge. As it is the ninth day of the Yellow Warrior wavespell, any awareness you attempt to share should be concerning your mission. Tell people about what your intentions are. Plant those ideas in the minds of others and watch as they grow into awareness. Yellow Seed days are also about reaping what you’ve sown previously. Its karma being dished out. You can benefit from the wisdom you’ve harvested in the past and you can be planting ideas that will come to fruition in the future. Harvest and plant simultaneously.
The Guide today is the Yellow Sun which symbolizes ‘Enlightenment’ and is a very fitting guide on this ‘Solar’ day. When the Sun leads the way, our path is illuminated, making it much easier to figure out which way to go and so you don’t have to stumble in the dark. There is so much information available for downloading today, this is bound to aid your mission along.
The Challenge today is White Wizard which represents ‘Enchantment’. Wizards will find it hard to lay on their charm today making it harder for the eloquent aspect of sowing awareness. I wouldn’t bother trying any spells as they may not turn out the way you expected. If you are a White Wizard, you may need to focus on your karma and what you are dishing out too. You don’t always think about preparing for tomorrow.
The Occult power is Red Earth which is the symbol of ‘Evolution’. When in this magical position we have an opportunity to evolve on a magical level. This means we can either use magic to evolve or that our evolution concerns understanding how to better use magic.
The Ally is the Blue Eagle which sees things from a higher perspective. If you need to see the bigger picture today, find a Blue Eagle to help you out. They are in a friendly supportive role today and can be very handy to have around.
Kin 204
Kin 204


9 KAN – KIN 204
I PULSE in order to TARGET
I seal the input of flowering
With the Solar tone of intention
I AM guided by the power of Universal Fire!
8/12/2022 = 8/3/6= 8/9=17=8
8- Infinite Abundant Source Flow
17- Immortality/Legacy
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
✨3.6.9 – TESLA CODE✨✨ all month of DECEMBER!!!
12- Spiritual strength/wisdom/learning/creative self-expression
3- Holy Trinity/Joy/Happiness/Creativity/Communication
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility
9- Completion/Destiny/Service/Humanity/Grace
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
22- Architect of PEACE/Master builder
KIN 204 = 6 – HEAVENLY CODE!! 🕊🕊
Fantastic HEAVENLY ILLUMINATION 💡CODES to target AWARENESS in our global populace!! ✨🕊✨
A glorious SEED day 🌾– energy is RIPE for a new beginning! Today we are SEEDING our heavenly DREAMS into our new reality as we PULSE forth the Christ consciousness Solar codes. 🌞🎆
Day 9 in the YELLOW WARRIOR WAVESPELL🏹 of fearlessly QUEST-I-ONing everything in our path with a profound intelligence, disabling the old paradigm and fully focused on forging a new path to a brave New World.
Today is the day for ✨COURAGEOUS ILLUMINATION,✨
☀☀DOUBLE THE SUN ENERGY TODAY – SOLAR tone + SUN as the HIGHER GUIDE ☀☀ lot’s of UNIVERSAL FIRE 🔥 and heat to draw upon to fuel your MISSION and your QUEST for ABUNDANCE, PASSION and DRIVE.
The YELLOW SEED thrives in the SUNSHINE☀ and grows towards the LIGHT, so the SUN 🌞is giving us accelerated ASCENSION/GROWTH today. 🌾 Plenty of C.M.E.’s ☀🔥and Solar Winds🌬 to get things moving!
Yesterday the GALACTIC ABUNDANCE💰 PORTAL OPENED and today we are PULSING forth our intentions, in order to realize our DREAMS and FLOWER 🌼as beautiful SHINING STAR ✨BLISS 🐬SUNS!!☀
SOLAR 🌞– Tone 9 operates in the SPIRITUAL realm, ACTION – realizing, POWER – pulse, ESSENCE – intention The 9th day of the Wavespell is the one that gives the last push prior to manifestation. The SOLAR phase is where we wake up to the fact that our Will affects the reality we experience, so we begin PULSING, extending our intent into realization. Visualizing what we want to manifest and pulsing that intention from our heart. This assists us in making our DREAMS come true. This is POTENT manifestation energy today!
🌟What SEEDS and intentions are you PULSING into reality?
Today’s question is “How can I PULSE💓 forth great intentions to SEED🌿 my MISSION with the Highest Potential for FLOWERING?”🌸🌺🌼🌻💐
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for the accelerated GROWTH in the direction of your Highest potential FLOWERING!!
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW SOLAR SEED☀ 🌾– KAN. Today we are FEARLESSLY FOCUSED on planting the SEEDS of our New Life, intending that our DREAMS will be nurtured and start to GROW right before our EYES as fast as Jack’s beanstalk!!🌱;
We are aiming to SEED our HIGHEST POTENTIAL today, through focusing on initiating our new ideas and projects. As it is a SOLAR day, we are absolutely RADIANT☀ and pulsing forth our intentions, in order for them to take root and manifest. Raising our expectations of what we “thought” was possible for us, allowing for greater potentials to be seeded.
Today we are cultivating our BRILLIANT and life enhancing ideas, plans and harmonic patterns to majikally manifest the new path we are navigating.
🌟It is time to GET REAL and create it! 🌟
KAN also encourages us to fully BLOOM🌸 today, to share our packets of LIGHT💡 with others so that our SPARK🔥 can ignite their soul’s potential and help them AWAKEN to more LIGHT. . Transformation and change are on the HORIZON for the sleepers becoming LIBERATED from the hypnotic dream-spell.
It is a GLORIOUS day to FLOWER and plant new ideas in the minds of the receptive, in order to target greater planetary awareness of our collective evolutionary path.
HIGHER SELF: YELLOW SOLAR SUN –☀ 🌞AHAU this is a HUGE CODE today!!! A DOUBLE DOSE of SUNSHINE! 🌞🌞 along with all the heightened SOLAR activity being emitted from our SUN. 🌬🔥☀ Mumma Mia – things are HOTTING UP!! 🔥🔥🔥
AHAU is shining so brightly, fully PULSING out Soul-ar codes to awaken our DNA and jump start our soul’s remembrance of our Galactic Missions.
YELLOW WARRIOR teams with AHAU to give us much needed COURAGE, and tremendous will power, to FEARLESSLY choose to step into our FULL GLORIOUS RADIANCE☀..
Deep within our cellular coding our real Galactic purpose has been hidden, and has lain dormant for most of our lives. Now it is slowly reawakening, agitating and rising. Today it fully🔥 IGNITES with a FLASH 🎇 of brilliance, giving you the confidence to cast aside any doubts, fears or obstacles to fully embrace your purpose as a LEADER and wayshower, leaping up to take centre stage.
We use our EN-LIGHT-ened wisdom to gain revelations, and bring fearless illumination into our lives and those we influence. Consciously choosing to fearlessly create the most ENLIGHTENED culture that we can imagine! That is our collective mission and no-thing can get in our way of realizing that Divine plan.✨
SUPPORT: BLUE SOLAR EAGLE🌞 👁👁– MEN provides the GREATER VISION today, reminding you to ✨KEEP YOUR SIGHTS SET HIGH! ✨
🌟Believe that YOU CAN achieve more!🌟🌟
Greater beauty, harmony, PEACE and ABUNDANCE lies beyond the Horizon, you just have to reach out and draw it in!. The old world is GONE, what was disharmonious is now replaced with beauty and elegance.
✨Believe in BETTER! ✨
BLUE EAGLE gives you the power to ENVISION👁 the completion and accomplishment of your goals, energizing and anchoring them into this realm. You can perceive each step in your path, as it leads to the whole – allowing you to imprint the total blueprint into your SEEDS of creation.
BLUE EAGLE also gives you the POWER to SEE👁 and recognize the full potential of your ideas, knowing which one is the most fertile needing to be planted first and pulsing this forth to realize your intentions.
🌱☀🌾🌼🔥🌱☀🌾 .
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED OVERTONE EARTH 👑🌏– CABAN is today’s SUPERPOWER meaning that it will be easier to align with the many SIGNS, and synchronicities that point you in the right direction, especially as the EAGLE flies up ahead and lets you know WHAT IS COMING on the HORIZON.
The OVERTONE EARTH will help you COMMAND your RADIANCE☀ through becoming empowered.👑 As you AWAKEN and become more illumined you begin to RADIATE your LIGHT to others..☀
The more en-LIGHT-oned you are, the more connected you become to the natural world and our Pachamama. Finding greater balance through LISTENING to the EARTH.
Your heart and that of Mother Gaia will have greater connectivity today, bringing forth the POWER TO SEED the highest potential for majikally manifesting your new life path in total alignment with PACHAMAMA.
NOW is the RIGHT TIME – follow the SIGNS. 👍👍
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE SOLAR WIZARD☀ 🔮 – IX provides today’s gift and that is to open our hearts, and become more receptive to the higher frequencies flooding our planet, and flowing through our expanded consciousness. Becoming STILL, and receptive to the TREMENDOUS evolutionary, inflowing energies pulsing forth from our SUN and endless realms.
Our challenge is to anchor these majikal energies in our bodies and our very beingness. TRUSTING that this will SEED our Highest Potential Divine Destiny path, in order to create more harmony and ABUNDANCE for all beings and our Planet.
Allow the blessing of the SOLAR WIZARD to enable you to PULSE forth an enchanting DREAMSPELL today, energizing your true HEART’S desires. 💓💫💓💫💓💫
Today’s question is “How can I PULSE💓 forth great intentions to SEED🌿 my MISSION with the Highest Potential for FLOWERING?”🌸🌺🌼🌻💐
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for the accelerated GROWTH in the direction of your Highest potential FLOWERING!!
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




🔥 Implant Removal Ceremony 🔥


Cutting all Chords and Soul Contracts ~ Freedom from all False Programs, implants, inserts and overlays:





Eventually we all begin to remember who we really are. At this point the teacher appears, maybe not in the form you imagine, but they will appear.
As we all awaken we find that all the answers were inside ourselves all the time. We stop playing games with the outer world of illusion and find peace, Great Love and joy within.
Breathe, beloveds, I AM. I AM. I AM. Take pleasure in the moment as it brings you profound joy, Love, Light and healing.
Observe the state of yourself with the eyes of an innocent child. With no judgment. Just observe. What would you wish to change? You now have the choice to change anything in your life, both inner and outer. You are free!
Forgive and love yourself unconditionally beloveds. You have arrived! You have remembered who you truly are, a wondrous, fabulous Being of Love and Light, at one with your Creator/Source.
I love you all dearly!
~ JE


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