The Essence of Forgiveness

The Essence of Forgiveness

Message from Matt & Julie

Source: True Divine Nature

Hello Radiant One!
We hope this message finds you with love in full bloom in your heart. And if it feels like there might be a few weeds, or moles in there digging things up, can you love the one who feels less than your full sparkle-power?235601a7dcf894b7d7cf5241957bc1ba

Yes, let’s love the one who sees, feels, and views life from any which way and perspective. Without making yourself wrong, what if your viewpoint is just the experience you’re meant to have in this moment, until the next one comes along? Perhaps with the next breath a more expanded viewpoint dawns, but until then, maybe your evolution comes from the one you have right now that feels just like it does.

No matter how this moment is viewed, we offer you blessings of love for the evolution of your journey and honor the courage you embody to be alive on a planet during such a profound period of growth and expansion. In every breath, we are with you every step of the way!

Love & blessings,

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The Essence of Forgiveness

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