The Archon Influence and Control is Done. End of Archonic Reign

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The Archon Influence and Control is Done. End of Archonic Reign

The Archons are higher dimensional beings that hijacked the Matrix (Divine Water) and manipulated the energy of this holographic “reality” into a negative/suffering polarity.

This was just an experiment and it has come to fruition.

The knowledge of the Archons can be traced back to at least 1500 years ago from the library of Nag Hammadi that was written in Coptic by ancient the-archonsGnostic Christians.

There is evidence that the Archons created the recycle system of human souls. What people would call reincarnation. Who would choose to incarnate into a sphere of suffering? We have chosen to end this prison experiment and end the suffering. The Earth is currently being exposed to a higher electrical energy from Galactic Center. So be prepared for the Event. Some will call, what we are going through ,on a physical and non-physical realm, The Shift or the Event. They both imply the same thing.

We are currently going through this Shift on a global level. Be in your heart and know that you are here now to experience this Heavenly Event that is brought to us from source. Feel in your body right now, focus on your still center and you will feel chills or a blissful energy penetrating every atom. Do not be in fear. This is for the good of life and humanity.

This is a subtle energy that will build and expand.

From our highest self we forgive the Archons. Thank you for the lessons of separation and suffering. We have learned from these lessons and we will take what we have learned and apply them to our lives while living from our heart. From here on we are free to choose the life we want to live. There are no more chains to bind us. The negative programming is over. Allow yourself to feel what is happening deep within yourself and let all thoughts, things and feeling go.

We will rise as a world of caring and giving Lightworkers healing the earth and all her inhabitants. This is a time like no other. So let us rejoice and celebrate this beautiful and most auspicious revelation. We are her to assist you from on high. Nothing can stop us now.

Full steam ahead my brothers and sisters of the light!!


Love is

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