Great Central Sun ~ COLLECTIVE Divine Blueprint – Crown Chakra Activation ~ THE SHIFT

June 23, 2022

Great Central Sun ~ COLLECTIVE Divine Blueprint – Crown Chakra Activation ~ THE SHIFT     Paul White Gold Eagle Greetings Ascending Masters of the Secret Garden of the New Lemuria Rising Happy 22:2:22 Portal Activation Angels of the New Earth! On this powerful Day as we jumped a big timeline we had massive waves flowing into this realm from the Great Central Sun. These appeared as multiple white spikes of…



February 10, 2020

THE SHIFT: THE CHALLENGE TO EMBRACE HIGHER SOUL MASTERY by Judith Kusel “A master does not fear life, nor death: – but stays focused on the Path!”  (Judith Kusel) “When one is called, one does not need to understand, one just needs to follow that call and trust that the Path will reveal itself, as on faithfully walks it!”   (Judith Kusel) We are entering an epoch, a totally new Chapter of Life…


The Biggest Shift Ever on the Planet is Happening NOW: Be in the Mission

January 17, 2019

The Biggest shift ever on the planet is happening NOW: Be in the mission LIVING A MISSION- IT IS TIME NOW. I believe everyone has a MISSION. And when you feel that Mission, in every cell of your body and DNA, your heart and your soul, nothing can stop you!!! It is not like going to ‘work’. A mission can be lived and breathed, day and night… It gives energy…


Blue Beyond

May 23, 2018

Ascending Masters Gathering Energy UPdate Anastacia-Blue Beyond Guide – Holy Shift! – 23rd May 2018 – Part 18 This is a layered update, that I started writing some notes and then expanded and then expanded even more, layer after layer = multidimensionally as all of our facets are vibrating A day in a night with a difference as Beyond is occurring with the collective energies in the astrals/spirit – as…


The Event Is Upon Us

March 9, 2018

The Event Is Upon Us by Dawn Bailey,Guest writer, The event is upon us By research, visions and channelings. I have narrowed it down to the 3rd week in March. I can’t know the exact time and date because there were oaths taken by those I communicate with. It was just revealed to me who I have been communicating with throughout my journey this week. I haven’t been allowed to…


222 ~ The Eye Is Coming

February 19, 2018

We believe that this energy wave is going to connect the ascending humans, the awakened ones, telepathically so that we can support each other during this time of transition.


How To Cope With The Energies You’re Sensing Right Now

August 23, 2017

There’s a broad and expansive energy shift taking place on our planet right now.

It’s so big, so expansive, yet also subtle and almost imperceptible. But many of us who are empaths and channels sense the shift in the field. We can feel the disturbance in the force. We understand that early waves of energy often make themselves known to us before any material impact is felt.


The Archon Influence and Control is Done. End of Archonic Reign

December 21, 2016

The Archons are higher dimensional beings that hijacked the Matrix (Divine Water) and manipulated the energy of this holographic “reality” into a negative/suffering polarity.

This was just an experiment and it has come to fruition.

The knowledge of the Archons can be traced back to at least 1500 years ago from the library of Nag Hammadi that was written in Coptic by ancient Gnostic Christians.


A Galactic Wave of Divine Light is Approaching Us

October 24, 2016

There is going to be a grand Cosmic Event that is going to change our reality on a quantum level. Our solar system is now crossing a zone within the galactic cycle. As Earth reaches the “event horizon”, we will experience more Multidimensional reality phenomenon that interconnects all things. Self transforming astral worlds of light will be as clear as sun light. As the veils are lifting we will perceive worlds of unimaginable beauty.


Ascension Update – Grid Work, Accelerated Timelines with Sandra Walter on Quantum Conversations

October 23, 2016

The Light levels continue to amplify, our hearts and DNA are experiencing a new level of the Ascension process, and this wave is just getting started. The Divinity and purity of these frequencies is palpable; take the time to connect and receive them with an open heart. The traveling and Gatework have been exhausting these past 6 weeks. This is when gatherings of the heart rejuvenate the Spirit.


Feeling the Affects of the Shift

October 17, 2016

Many of you are feeling the effects of a shift. You know within yourselves that you have been transformed. You know within yourselves that something momentous has occurred and this is a wonderful occasion to celebrate! As you integrate this shift you will experience moments of great sleepiness and we ask you to follow the dictates of your body and rest, for that is important so that you can assimilate and integrate the energy infusions that have taken place within you. If you awaken and find that your spine is tender, it means that you have received a great download of energies that are activating strands of your DNA and when this occurs, it is also another sign that it is time for you to be good to yourself, to allow rest and recuperation and assimilation.