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Ashtar Galactic Command

COBRA Intel: The Source has Started to Directly Remove the Primary Lurker

COBRA Intel: The Source has Started to Directly Remove the Primary Lurker








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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Event Situation Update

Finally, the Source has started to directly remove the Primary Lurker which was created at the beginning of time when the Source projected a spark of itself into the primary anomaly. The Source is now quantumly disentangling the universe from the Lurker. When a critical mass of the Lurker will be gone, the Source will begin to disentangle it directly from the surface humanity and when that disentanglement reaches a certain critical mass, the Event can happen.

After the Event, the Source will disentangle all Lurker remnants from humanity and that process will be completed at the Solar Flash and corresponding tsunami, which is most probable at the moment of subsequent solar maxima either around 2037 or around 2049. Educated guess still puts the timing of the Event at 2025, although nobody knows when the real timing will be. The time frame between the Event and the Solar Flash will be a time of great healing for humanity:

Until the, surface humanity can accelerate the removal of the Lurker by healing their relationship traumas and sexuality traumas, because that is the deepest place where the Lurker tends to hide.

Good news is that all Lurkers that were created in subsequent cosmic cycles after the first one have already been removed, with only the primary one remaining.

Astrological resonance patterns for the surface of the planet are quite positive from now on, which means the positive timeline is now stable and will remain stable, which is greatly explained here:

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

About the stabilized positive timeline

In Cobra’s Situation update from September it has been stated, quote:

“With the removal of the Chimera, cosmic evolution into the Light is not in danger anymore, and positive timeline has been absolutely stabilized. This means that final victory of the Light and the liberation of this planet is absolutely secured, as there are no timelines with negative outcome remaining.”

In my understanding, an absolutely stabilized timeline means:

  • no WW3
  • no entire destruction of the planet (since there are no more strangelet and toplet bombs anymore)
  • no NWO
  • no reduction of the surface population down to 500 million.
Because, the lightforces have in the meanwhile enough supremacy to at least prevent the worst. So, these absurd scenarios are “out of range” now, as it were.
However, we are currently still living in the present with the boring status quo and the cabal infrastructure still intact. So, there’s still work to do. We can’t just lean back now! A fully stabilized timeline does NOT mean that no more damage can’t be done anymore since – you already have guessed it – the cabal has still power!
Similar it will be at the time of the Event: Harmful people won’t magically disappear, just because the timeline has been stabilized.
It is similar like WW2:
At some point, the allies knew with 100% certainty that they would win, but nevertheless, they still had to conquer Nazi Berlin and defeat Hitler. After all, the Nazis still believed in their Endsieg until the very last minute… until the war got to the point where even the last German soldier realized that Germany had lost and the Nazis eventually surrendered.
In a similar way it is with the darkforces: They still refuse to surrender, but eventually, they will being forced to give up! I dunno, if the darkies also believe in some sort of “Endsieg”, but once they have lost enough power, they can’t do anything else, but to surrender. (or brutal violence will be used, if necessary)
Unfortunately, the darkforces are extremely stubborn – therefore, all those painful delays.


Ashtar Command has entered this Solar system at the time of Neptune Pluto sextile on July 18th, 1952:

Ashtar Galactic Command
Ashtar Galactic Command

Entry and repositioning of the Ashtar Command motherships in the Kuiper belt was recorded on Mount Palomar observatory on July 19th, 1952:

Neptune Pluto sextile is coming again in 2025.

That Neptune Pluto resonance is already pushing for Disclosure:

Some people are expecting full Disclosure in 2027, well within the orb of Neptune Pluto sextile, but it is very likely much sooner than that:

Aldebarans have started to execute a very important plan that is expected to be completed in 2024. They will put a big number of military bases on the ocean floors and in remote areas on the surface of this planet. These military bases will be cloaked and will not be detectable by the military technology of the surface population.

These military bases will be a platform from where the Event operations will start when the time is right. Event operations will include both Aldebaran and Resistance personnel on the surface of the planet. Resistance is already doing some preparatory operations on the surface, mainly disabling Doom33 dark operatives and testing the efficiency of the Stardust technology, which is now about 90% effective.

Aldebarans are already building a military base inside Tsiolkovskiy crater on the far side of the Moon from where further operations towards the surface of planet Earth will start soon:

Aldebarans are cooperation especially with Andromedans, but also with Sirians, Pleiadians and Arcturians in this large operation. Also helping are many members of the former Secret Space Programs that have accepted the Light and are now working with Galactic Confederation. Among them, Maria Orsic with her Vril girls is worth mentioning. Another interesting example are certain German generals who were part of the Nazi war machine in Germany, were then transferred to Neuschwabenland, then to Dark Fleet and then they were finally captured by the Aldebarans. Then they realized they were manipulate into Nazi ideology, they fully accepted the Light and are now working for the Galactic Confederation.

When this network of Aldebaran military bases will be fully operational, they will begin to disclose themselves by contacting certain key world politicians, and then the real fun begins, with long reaching geopolitical and exopolitical implications.

This contact will be secret at first, and those military bases will serve as deterrent against the Cabal trying to ignite a world war, and Aldebaran underwater star ships will make themselves visible to the ballistic missile submarines:

Also, this Aldebaran military network will serve as the backbone of the new Quantum financial system, in the same way as US military bases worldwide are now backing the petrodollar.

OGA and AFOSI have been given irrefutable proof that the plan of the Aldebarans is real and that it is going to happen. Certain members of the Cabal are now very afraid.

Pleiadians will from now focus on contacting and working with those Lightworkers that have natural affinity towards the Pleiadians, and will be working with them gradually to build real trust, so that when real physical contact happens, it will go smoothly. All those people who have affinity to the Pleiadians and still want to participate in the Pleiadian Contact Dish project and wish to have Pleiadians in their 12:21 assistance teams, will have that request granted. Pleiadians will also continue working with full dedication with Tachyon chambers and with planetary etheric network of Light, healing planetary leylines and meridians.

Now a certain amount of anomaly has been removed from the surface of the planet, and activation of divine masculine energies can finally begin. This will be greatly supported by incoming Aldebaran space teams.

One focus of this divine masculine activation is the activation of Dragon leylines. Those Dragon leylines mostly follow main mountain ranges on the planet, and a network of Tachyon chambers, a network of Cintamani stones and a network of Galactic Cintamani stones is to be activated there. For those who are searching for guidelines for planting the stones, they are here:

Cintamani Grid Guidelines

Basic guidelines:

* It is best to use tachionized Cintamani for the Planetary Cintamani grid project.

* It is most ideal to bury the stone 30 cm deep, if possible (directly into the soil of the Earth).

* For burying, it is best to use a 3g+ gem grade Cintamani stone or a 4g+ regular grade Cintamani.

* Besides burying the stones you may also put them into bodies of water (such as lakes, oceans, ponds, rivers, etc.). For water blessings any 3g+ regular grade stone will suffice. Although gem grade stones will create a more powerful activation.

Note: for ocean blessings it is best to drop the stone as far away from the coast as possible.

* Ordinary Cintamani and Galactic Cintamani can be buried together in the same hole.

Further details about the Cintamani grid guidelines can be found here:

and here:

2023 Cintamani planetary grid project update:
It is now time to begin burying Galactic Cintamanis. Galactic Cintamani is a sacred stone, directly infused with energies from the Galactic Central sun. From all stones currently available on the surface of the planet, it is the stone with the highest vibrational frequency, even higher that the regular cintamani stone.

Galactic Cintamanis came from a solar system near the Galactic center and burying them can assist to bring in the energy of Goddess Iona. Two main areas of focus for burying Galactic Cintamani are:

* Dragon leylines (Those Dragon leylines mostly follow main mountain ranges on the planet)

* the old Atlantean equator

Besides those leylines, you can of course simply follow your inner guidance to determine where to bury Galactic Cintamanis.

Further information about Galactic Cintamanis can be found here:

Note: It is still important to continue burying regular Cintamanis as well.

Motherships of the Galactic Confederatio
Motherships of the Galactic Confederatio

Motherships of the Galactic Confederation create ATVOR pillars that descend down into the buried Cintamanis and purify the primary anomaly.




Galactic Cintamani stones will also be activated along the old Atlantean equator. The purpose of those Galactic Cintamanis will be to heal subquantum anomaly and bring in the energy of the goddess Iona.

All this is a part of the New Atlantis project which was initiated by Saint Germain years ago.

Mjolnir technology is now at about 7% capacity, and its intensity will greatly increase in the coming months. One aspect of this Mjolnir boost will be activation of various tektites, among them Cintamanis, Galactic Cintamanis, Moldavites and Tibetan tektites.

There is a great deal of misinformation present in the scientific community about the origin of tektites, assuming their terrestrial origins, with some of those beautiful cosmic stones being degraded even further to pseudotektites.

Tektites are, indeed, coming from interstellar space:

They were formed in various star systems where angelic beings were trying to manifest a planet from etheric plane into the physical plane, and during manifestation process that planet encountered quantum anomaly and exploded. Fragments of that explosion were scattered in all directions and some of them came to Earth as tektites:


Those tektites contain high vibrational codes from the star races from the star systems they originate from: Cintamanis from Sirius, Moldavites from Pleiades, Galactic Cintamanis from a solar system near the Galactic center, …

As already mentioned, there are also ultra rare Tibetan tektites from Aldebaran, and somewhat more common Tibetan tektites from Andromeda, found in Ali (Ngari) region of Tibet which are mostly opaque and sometimes have a violet hue. There are also ultra super rare Tibetan tektites that are found on Tibetan side of Himalayan mountain range that will have a very special function in the coming years which needs to remain classified. Vast majority of tektites that are publicly sold as “Tibetan tektites” are in reality coming from Vietnam. Genuine Tibetan tektites are very hard to find.

As 2023 is coming to conclusion, there are again cracks in the old financial system:

These cracks will expand and grow as the debt based economy goes beyond the point of no return:

The crash will be spectacular:

And then a new world will be born.

Victory of the Light!





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