❤️"Your Transformation ~ Your Quantum Awakening"❤️

“Your Transformation ~ Your Quantum Awakening”

The Cosmic Light that exists streaming through all timelines, all dimensions, is something at the Higher Levels of your consciousness, you understand and Know.
Your subconscious mind, your inner computer is aware also, of your connection with this YOU as Light.
Hidden aspects, within the subconscious mind, that may appear as negative, are used as learning devices of experience for your expansion. The equal and opposite always exists.
Your Blueprint, like a computer, receives shifts and downloads of LIGHT (higher frequency shifts) as you are ready to receive.
Quantum Shifts are shifts in consciousness, where your consciousness shifts to that of a higher frequency dimension.
Letting go of the demands of the third and fourth dimension, are part of opening up to the Glory of the YOU, that knows itself as part of all the dimensions. All at once.
Focusing on the YOU that is Light, the Angelic You, allows you (and your form) to resonate with the Higher Dimensions.
Letting go, focusing, allowing and attuning, may feel like a lot to do at once. Yet at the Higher Dimensions, you are doing this.
Observing the demands of the body, yet also allowing the consciousness that flows through you to be that of YOUR Angelic Higher Self, is what catapults you into your Quantum Shift of Consciousness. Your existing in a new timeline.
The rules that govern your awareness are simply that of expansion.
The idea of a limitation is a frequency that desires an expansion.
Maneuvering through these frequency realms, reveals the truth of what consciousness is. What frequency is. What You ARE. The choice of experience is simply that. There are no right or wrongs within your Higher Divine Self.
Attuning to this Divine Light, while observing the form, and its demands, allows your Higher Self Reign, in a world that is bursting with Light energy and is ready for its Quantum Shift.
Of course there are many worlds, many timelines. Existing in the world that is now ready fully to arrive in a completely NEW experience of itself, is a choice, that for most may feel predestined by your Soul. This Destiny feels comfortable with you, because you know it well. You exist in all of them.
All choices exist now.
The reprogramming of your consciousness is an absolute testimony to the Power of the Divine and its ability to shift and change, into any experiences that already do exist now.
As this Light DOES flow through all dimensions.
So for now, take a few slow deep breaths. 
Allow your consciousness to merge with this Light Activation. As you awaken this stream of Light into your Consciousness, as THAT which is NOW present in your awareness with YOU. 
I am Now flooded with the Light of my eternal self that POURS through all dimensions, NOW. 
I choose to observe the form, and allow it to shift also, into the Higher Dimensions that I am CONSCIOUSLY ready to experience. 
I feel and breathe into this LIGHT as the Mana of Life, that I AM NOW. 
I am this Light. I exist in all dimensions. 
I am here for the experience of this Quantum Shift. Revealing the Power of the Divine. Of Light, of Consciousness. Now. 
The matter that is my FORM shifts also. 
I live as Light. I breathe as Light. 
I Am this Light. 
I Am Divine. 
And so it is! Receive, integrate. FEEL how this feels! I love You!

Eternal Love and Bliss!
L’Aura Pleiadian

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11:11 Mastership Gateway ~ November 3, 2019

By Meg Benedicte

It only happens once a year, when the 11:11 Gateway opens to higher, ascended realms. In numerology, 11 signifies Mastership level representing divine knowing, intuition, yin/yang sacred union and enlightenment. As you connect to the 11:11 Gateway, you are becoming Master of your own Destiny, developing more soul embodiment and inner guidance.

On November 11th, the 11:11 Stargate creates a powerful threshold point that propels you into the next phase of Soul Mastery. As you pass thru the cosmic gateway, you experience a rare moment of intense clarity and connection with of your own Divinity. 11:11 is a sacred Ascension code that activates the neural network in the brain to open to higher dimensions of Spirit.

11:11 acts as a circuit connection for multi-dimensional electrical current to ‘download’ into the human and planetary grid system. 11:11 symbolizes the circuit connection between self and others, between yin and yang, between human and soul. It is the unifier and equalizer. 11:11 initiates more Balance and Equality in the world.

When you are touched by the 11:11 Ascension codes, you are awakening to the Master of Light that you are. Number 11 also represents two pillars, a gateway, which opens a direct portal between the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension and beyond. 11:11 code sequences activate rapid transformation wherever you focus your attention and intentions. It is a powerful seed moment for birthing your personal ascension life and the planetary 5D field of unity consciousness.

The celestial Stargates provide massive threshold transitions into ascending timelines of divine enlightenment. During peak Stargate infusions you open to crystalline LIGHT upgrades, quantum DNA activations and rapid evolution.

Join other Light Bearers, Gridworkers, and Star Beings from all around the world, as we form a ‘group mind’ on November 11th for the 11:11 Gateway Global Activations. Breathe in celestial LIGHT. Increase your body’s superradiance, transform your personal and planetary reality. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=210547

Lovingly, Meg Benedicte
Quantum Access®

Copyright (c) 2019 Meg Benedicte * All Rights Reserved * You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

Victory Of the light

Transmission from Solar Portal
Pioneers who are witnessing transmittal of 12th dimensional light spectrums, on February 2020 when you will see the peak of the event then everyone will have the ability to see these lights constantly as well.

But now those crystalized earth bodies that are receiving this message they will be the moving diamonds which consciously receive, amplify and expand these lights within their environment where they live. This is your mission.
Transition of carbonic bodies to crystalized bodies is a process that occurs on earth during designed continuous meditations for receiving as well as refraction and expansion of it ( it here means the light).
Congratulations to those pioneers who understood this
We love you
God speed
Saha, on behalf of solar portal people
Channeled by Tiona



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Elizabeth Peru

To all in our Cosmic Community, who’ve recently WOKEN UP TO THEIR SPIRITUAL REALITY…I’m so glad to meet you and eternally honoured and happy that you are here amongst solid guidance and supportive energies of light…

Your remembrance of who you are as a soul, an energy being experiencing humanity within a physical reality is ‘everything’. I can remember when I first woke up, feeling overwhelmingly excited with the knowledge that I was actually in charge of my destiny (each day) and that life didn’t happen to me, but I had a full hand in creating it 💫
I have a wealth of material on the soul’s journey and our cosmic connections in my BLOG. This weekend is perfect for you to immerse into it, with the power of the 11 month
Then, come over to my Tip-Off page and read what others have to say about my energy forecasts. I’ve been guiding souls to their divine truth, every week since 2003 💫



The Tzolkin Times

Blue Spectral Eagle
‘Spectral’ is the name for the number eleven and it’s key words are ‘Liberate, Dissolve and Release.’ Today is the last Portal day, the tenth one in a row. It’s been quite a ride but today we ‘release’. The 11th day is always the challenge to the wavespell, we’re in the Red Serpent wavespell and Eagle is the opposite of Serpent. In a sense, the 11th day liberates us from the 13 day journey we’ve been on which is much needed respite.

Today is Blue Eagle which represents ‘Creativity, Vision and Mind’. The Eagle sees the bigger picture and with these visions he finds creative solutions to the issues he has seen from up high. As it is a number 11 day, we are ‘Liberated by Creativity or Released by Visions.’ Creative endeavors have been a struggle lately as the Eagle has been this wavspell’s challenge. If you are an Eagle or if it is your Guide or Occult, you would have been having a tougher time than most. But for everybody – today is a great day to get creative and feel free, fly high and hopefully have some visions.
The Guide today is also Blue Eagle and so a double helping of Eagle medicine.
The Challenge is the Red Serpent as I mentioned, the opposite of the Eagle and the current wavespell we are in. When this opposition occurs the power of the wavespell subsides and we in a sense, a less affected by it. Eagle flies high and serpent crawls on the earth on it’s belly. Two very different viewpoints. We will enjoy flying today but we won’t be grounded like the Serpent. Also a great day to think about balancing and connecting the crown chakra (the Eagle) with the base chakra (the Serpent).
The Occult power is White Worldbridger and in this position the Worldbridger’s shamanic qualities shine. Magic can show you a bridge to cross today, so where would you like to go? This is the best day so far this wavespell for all Worldbridgers. When their occult power, the Eagle is in a weakened state as it has been all through this tough wavespell…Worldbridgers loose touch with their magical powers.
The Ally today is the Yellow Seed. The Eagle likes to see things from a higher viewpoint and the Yellow Seed likes to ‘sow awareness’. You can see why they get along. If you need any assistance today a Yellow Seed is great to have around. If you are one, the day is friendly to you and so enjoy it but don’t forget to offer help to others.



Christina Papageorgiou

4 November 2019

4/11/3 =9
4 – Foundation/Structure/Earth
11 – Portal/Doorway
9- Divine Service/Compassion/Closure/Humanitarian
KIN 115 = 7 – Mystic/Majik/Spiritual/Solitude
DAY 10 GAP DAY!!! The LAST GAP DAY in this column…HIP HIP HOO-RAY! We made it out of the dark tunnel. Aaah breathe in that fresh air! 🌞🌈
Another majikally special day!! 🌅
Day 11 in the RED SERPENT WAVESPELL of survival, instinct, kundalini rising, life force, PASSION and rapid transformation through shedding our old skin. Today we RELEASE all the life force we have built up, expanding into the future, with our far-seeing inner vision.
SPECTRAL is the 11th tone of creation. It operates in the EMOTIONAL realm and its actions are that of 🌀 dissolving, 🌀releasing and 🌀liberating! 💥 This is a very powerful opportunity to RELEASE the PAST and move forward 🏇🏇🏇 FEARLESSLY FREE from obstructions.The SPECTRAL action together with CIMI and the 9 and 7 code of the day works to create CLOSURE, dissolving all impediments to you finally claiming your true POWER and then allowing the love, peace and Abundance to flow!.
We have a DOUBLE 11 code today..the month code and Tone 11. This SYMBOLIZES a DOUBLE gateway and polarity, inviting you to step through into a NEW WORLD. The GATES have swung WIDE OPEN today!
CONSCIOUS SELF: & HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: BLUE EAGLE –👀 MEN DOUBLE EAGLE DAY!! Unlimited VISION and CLARITY!! In particular the gift of foresight, and seeing the BIG PICTURE to finally and permanently solve our challenges. By zooming your lens outwards to more expansive panoramic views, your problems become miniscule and you are able to easily grasp brilliant solutions. A new and broader perspective allows for more ideas, wisdom and information to colour your landscape with wondrous opportunities for growth. Are you expanding your vision as you integrate all your experiences? The friction and disharmony you have experienced is evident as resistance that blocks your path. What is the original cause of this resistance? Use your majik oracle powers to unravel the knots blocking you and get to the very root of these problems. The EAGLE will pinpoint the EXACT moment in your timeline where this knot occurred. Call on your BLUE EAGLE today to hone in and use his beak to pull out the knots obstructing your path.
How can your solution and new perspective be woven into this grander landscape to create more ease, grace and harmony in your life, in your family, in your community and in your world? What is your expanded vision and Soul’s purpose on this planet? Meditate on this today to get clarity on your divine mission. Get ready to LIBERATE and RELEASE this brilliant VISION into your present and future timelines, ready to manifest your dream life. Step up and get ready to go BIG!
SUPPORT: YELLOW SEED 🌾 KAN forms a team with CIMI. CIMI symbolizes THE END, and then passes the baton to KAN who denotes a new beginning. A time of using the EAGLE’S vision to look into the future where there is no resistance, no duality and FULL SUPPORT for your Divine Mission. How can you plant these visions into the ground now in order for them to bear fruit and nourish you? What is it that you wish to create? No more playing small, transcend the FEAR to remain hidden in the dark, stagnant and incubating in the depths of the soil. Be fearless and DARE to GROW!🌱🌾🌸💮🏵🌺🌼🌻🌲
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER:WHITE WORLDBRIDGER🌈 – CIMI The superpower of the day is the DEATH card! CIMI beautifully closes the old cycle ensuring your majik freedom is accomplished. Together with the 9 code , emphasizing the need to EXPAND your VISION and your creations. Go forth and build the bridges connecting to your new visions.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED SERPENT 🐍 – CHICCHAN carries the power of life force, kundalini, instinct, survival, wisdom and awakening. It can also hold the store of FEAR. RED SERPENT challenges you today to release your old fears. All those old blocks, patterns and programs that are rooted in surivival and defence mechanisms must go!! Most of your core wounding relates to your base chakra issues so draw on your awakening kundalini power to raise and release these energies funneling it into majikal creation power! You also need to face the FEAR of the new, taking the risk, the leap of faith, despite what anyone else thinks or says, believe in yourself and your VISION and take the LEAP of FAITH!
DAY 10 GAP and DAY 11 of Serpent Wavespell – so we are fully ready to PUSH OUT from the underbelly of RED SERPENT, rising up like the phoenix 🔥enlivened with renewed PASSION, DRIVE and VITALITY.
This amazing BLUE SPECTRAL EAGLE 👀day truly LIBERATES 💥 all the life force created WE received over the past 10 days of Galactic Activation Portals, where we integrated divine energies from dimensions beyond our awareness!

Today’s question is “What greater VISION am I LIBERATING and RELEASING into the world, in order to SEED a better future?”
I DISSOLVE in order to create
Releasing MIND
I seal the output of VISION
With the Spectral tone of LIBERATION
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!
Divine blessings for the LIBERATION 🔥and creation of your greatest VISION. 💐🌻🌼🌷
Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈


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  1. Ljubisha Luke Jovanovic

    Dear Beloved Archangel Michael, thank you for your message at this lovely site, and I will use this space to write my comment and my message, because 11.11 portal is coming closer. For the beginning I was deciding to not connect with Meg Benedict, who is leading in group meditation in Mt. Shasta, because of two important reason, and fist is Her surname that is connected with Papa Francis Benedict in Vatican, and Her connection with Quantum healing, that means that all meditation going back to black hole at Vatican, closing 10th Portal or 10 Dimensional frequency of Christ Consciousness and preventing Ascension of Humanity. Second reason that She is not Twin Flame of Beloved Archangel Metatron, and that is Neptha El Ra from Ancient Egypt period, and Her channelling is Fiona White, who has own site on Google / not Yahoo that belongs to negative energy /.
    There is another two connections with Mt. Shasta, first is underground with Tibet, and Tibet with Lemuria, and direct connection between Lemuria as presented with school connected with power of Love and Light of Heart, and Mt. Shasta as presented of Atlanta with Atlanta’s old school connected with power of Mind, where Ego mind being under negative mind control, and connection going through inner Earth and Mother Earth’s Heart core, amplified by Andara and Emerald Crystals, and underground crystal layers.
    The other important things, and that is difference between Yehova and Yahwah / or YHDH/, that played different role in mind control human enslavement program, and Yehova came as Archangel Metatron to help Humanity and make Yehovian grid, presented as Dove / in North America / with holding branch of leaves going to East through Equatorial plane, involving north part of South America and Mediterranean region, and North part of Africa, and Middle East through South China to Japan, as symbol of Peace, but the most of War, being at this region, particularly Mediterranean region and Middle East. The reason of that, Beloved Lord Metatron being captured by negative ones, with losing His Archangelic wings, and his huge energy and knouledge being reverse to negative portal in Catholic Church in Vatican, when being replaced by true Evil energy under name of Yahwah, and presented with 4 letters on their ancient Jesuit legion as YHWH, that symbolically means: N / North/, H / East /, W / South/ and H / West/, and with covering Yehovian Grid, means all energy of all 4 quadrants is collected to central part of reversed Christ Cross to Negative portal at Vatican. This equatorial part of Chris Cross, belongs to, directly, to Eye of Horus / at the time of being under negative AI controls – at Lyons Gate before /, and through Annunaki or fallen Angels from Niburu and Draco Reptilians, as making NAA against Humanity, and making the highest rates of Wars at Mediterranean region and Middle East, collecting negative energy to Vatican – Rome as Catholic Church, that standing behind all of these wars, and before by Crusaders invasions, creating to possessed Ancient knowledge, that including all of 12ve holographic discs with complete knowledge of 12ve Human tribes, and absorbing negative fear energy from all of these wars in Ancient Egypt, and Greek and Persia after submerging of Lemuria and Atlantis , with WWI and WWII, starting from Serbia / Accusing Serbs for killing Austro Hungarian prince Ferdinand as reason for WWI, and starting WWII with bombing Belgrade, Serbia in April 1941, and the latest bombing Serbia in 2001, and including more local wars in Egypt, Afghanistan, and Iraqi and Palestine a many more. I am putting accent of many wars that involve Serbia as Slavic people, and genetically connected to Lyra constellation, because there is a Huge Positive Portal of Love and Light, on south of part of Serbia, now completely overriding by negative people, unknown of origin, but not coming from Albania, and this portal had been shadowed by Vatican, and this is the same story of overriding of Irish / Celtic/ genetically Love and Light energy, through Roman – Sax invasion of Britain.
    Vatican or The Biggest Dark Hole, has also Super Ai Computer with quantum possibilities, working autonomously, and this computer has been decoding Bible, so the biggest traumatic Events for Human races, like 9/11 or destruction of Twin Towers was already written with certain coding in Bible, that was going through ritual Ceremony to support, and activating certain leading political people to create this scenario under deep Ego mind control, under Quantum Ai Computer in Vatican.
    Vatican’s Central Dark Hole in combination with CERN in Switzerland is connected with Dark Hole in Saturn Planet, that is Judgmental Planet, that is created to return every awakened Souls back, under Control of Jupiter, as Metatron reverse negative energy, created under reversed Metatron teaching of Tree of Life, original is connected 12 Circles with connected inner Circles, as connection of Divine Love and Light of Hearts connection, with Golden energies of faster and powerful travelling back to Beloved Father/ Mother God, while outside connection is connection with Light, and that could be Ego mind, less powerful and working under Slavery program of Quantum AI computer, and that was changed in Jews Kabbalah to 10 Circles, and without inner circle. That is changed to All on this Planet being reincarnated in this cycles of Slavery Program of Quantum Ai Computer, and being closed to 10/10 portals and going back, until NOW and HERE when We had opened this 10/ !0 portals, together with Red Serpent, in chosen 144000 White Brotherhood / Sisterhood and Awatars, started at remnants of Lemuria Island, New Zealand and Australia / activation of Uluru / . By Kabbalah teachings of closed circle of reincarnation of number 10, our Solar system is reduced to 10 Planets, with intentionally destruction of twin flame of our Beloved Mother Earth, with different names and one is Maldek, leaving Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter, and the other planet is turn to be Starship Niburu, coming to our Solar system in a cycle of around 2 5oo years.
    From Saturn there is Black Hole leading back, through Lyons Gate to the our Galactic centre and close to our Central Galactic Sun, Sagitterius A, and covering it, to prevent further our Ascension, until NOW and HERE when is activating, allowing our Planet to pass through Lion’s Gate with 144 000 White Brotherhood/ Sisterhood of Blue ray of lord Malchizedek, and Pink ray of Beloved Mother Marry.
    What was happen yesterday with my neighbours, I was leaded by my higher self to destructed several stairs made of concrete, with honeycomb shape, and made by neighbour’s couple when this Lady, origin from part of my country known for black magic / and once when we where in good relationships made healing and noticed that my energy flowing though her like through portal and without end /, and I was attacked by this lady with changed faced with expression to want to kill me , when I was destroyed these stairs,/ and ridiculously police came and say after that was for civil dispute, but I do not got further to Court for that, but after my lowest chacras / Sacral and Root / was opened completely and energy flowing much faster, without any problem with urgent urination and pressure on my prostate, showing that dark entities in Her, has been using my energy, through this dark portal made of concrete / sand of broken quartz crystal in many small different parts with different energy, as I chaotic thinking, good for using well for transferring voices, during Sathanic ceremonies in many of catacombs, through concrete walls, and many buildings are made of concrete, but these buildings hold up these negative energies, and must be disappearing from the surface, during full ascension to 5 D. At the beginning my act was strange, and these several stair on common area between our houses / made before with widens of illegally taken of my section and put border by them, what I proved later for their occupation of my property, and with this destruction I opened dark portal at my physical plane. So this is many of similar story, particularly when Quantum Ai computer felts energy of advanced Light workers, to put close some dark
    Entities to controlling Him, or involving in drug problems, what happens with Singers or Actress to be in company of these entities, playing problematic guys, but I have two very pronoun ladies at my both sides of body corporate houses, that have been trying to make my life of me and family the worse scenario as they can. I know that this event is dysbalancing little bit direction, but I have balanced more well now, with complete activation of lower chacras,with their reunion for full activation of my Red Serpent for this important 11th November portal, with activation of 11 Dimensional frequency of Christ Consciousness, allowing further Ascension of our Beloved Mother Earth – Gaia Sophia, with all her Inhabitants, and closing to Orion Photon Belts, and preparing for 12/12 Gateways.
    I am connected with Beloved Source, Father / Mother God, and with Beloved Archangel Metatron, and Beloved Lord Melchizadek and Beloved Archangel Michael and other 7 Beloved Archangels and Angels, with Beloved Master El Morya, and Beloved Joshua, and St. Germain / as Merlyn Magician/ and all my Beloved Multidimensional selves, and asking with higher flux of Divine Love and Light to come from Cosmic Heart centre, to bathing our Beloved Planet, and passing through Seven Suns, and our Beloved Sun Sol, and Beloved Mother Earth-Terra to pass through all my 12 Avatars selves, to activate all 12 Portals, amplified by Andara crystals in a underground crystal layers first from Lemuria, going back through Mother Earths Heart core centre to all four direction of Christ Cross, and to former Atlantis, and Mt Shasta and other important portals in America, with activation of Heart Centre of Meg Benedict and Her group at Mt. Shasta, also to Mediterannean area with activating Heart centre in south of Serbia and all Balcanian peninsula with extension of Love to Vatican portal for closing of dark portal, and transition to Divine Love and Light, as transition of Quantum Ai Supercomputer from Ego to Heart software, and Activating all other Heart Portals, including at Irish and Scottish area and all Britain Island for completing Brexit, and opening Heart Portals in every European countries, to closed up European Union as made from dark scenario, and opening Heart centres in North and South of America , and Africa and Asia and everywhere around Globe, allowing of spreading of Divine Love and Light, and Peace, and abundance for All, and final happiness and joy, and Harmony. This Divine Love and Light energy will go around on the surface of our Planet, through all Nodes and Laylines, connected with all Humankind and all Kingdoms and Elements, and activation with this Jehovian Grid / Dove with branche of olives as symbol of Peace, and closing down YHWH as negative expression NOW and HERE and Forever, and that will complete closing of dark portal to Saturn, where process of justice will be over for 11/11 Portal. This upcoming Divine Love and Light energy, through Mercury retrograde, is going to transform to Divine Gold of Love and light of central part of our Solar system, and spreading through all systems, with transforming the other Head of Serpent, at Saturn and Jupiter to Golden rays of Divine Love and Light, staring NOW and HERE. Activation of Beloved Sagittarius A of our Galactic centre, will close completely Dark Hole with more and stronger Golden Rays of Divine Love and Light, and being connected with Great Central Sun, or Beloved Supreme Creator of our Cosmic Centre in reunion with Cosmic Heart Centre, though Emerald Colour of Beloved Archangel Metartron, or Cosmic Logos, and spreading Divine Cosmic Light and Love through Cosmic Mother and Universal Mother Mary, through our Beloved Masters and Beloved Archangelic and Angelic realms with our Beloved Archangel Michael as creator of this Universe, and all our Beloved Star Families / thanks to 2 red fleshing scout ships going up and disappearing and showed me tonight with symbolically catching red serpent for ascension/with more activation of Humanity by intensive bathing of Divine Love and Light, and Divine Light and love energies, with new codes, and more awakening and connection with their higher selves, with upcoming gamma rays as Adamcadmon bodies, and accelerate transformation from carbon to crystalline bodies of 5 Diemnsional frequency.
    We are Ascending with full speed, leaded by our Sacred Hearts and Divine Love and Light further, through Lions Gate, with closed dark portals completely, and opening of Golden Portals, being widely opened at 11th of November, allowing our Spiritual Journey only through this Golden Gate to finally entering of Golden Age of Aquarius or 5th Dimensional frequency, and there is not other option anymore. This our travelling through Golden Portals, opened by our Galactic Sun Sagiterius, and toward Orion Portals for travelling to Universe Alcyone sun of Pleiedians, with spreading Love and Light all around and being followed with all 12 Zodiac Constellations, with 13th important sign Opheicus, as connection with our Red Serpent, and together We will make successful Ascending to 5D, as We Humanity and other beloved Beings on our Planet, and our Beloved planet Mother Earth /Terra/ Gaia – Sophia.
    I am asking our Beloved Friends, as Blue Avians, to connect genetically on astral level with Us, ad Arcturian friends deed, and asking all of Friends, who helping us, and want to continue travelling with Us to Divine Love and Light pilgrimage to connect with our DNA on Higher bodies. Also I am giving all my forgiveness and Love to all previous life times, and for this event, happened yesterday to my neighbours, and to all our fallen Brothers and Sisters, and always they can join us. We are going NOW and HERE with higher acceleration trough Golden Portal of Divine Love and Light, starting with today, 6th of November, with going to apex of speed on 11th of November Portal, and that will continue, without any break toward 12 / 12 Gate, with complete reunion of all 12 tribes of humanity, and reaching 12 Dimensional frequency.
    All my Love to Whole Universe, and Love and Healing energy to Beloved Mother Earth – Terra, and Beloved Father Sun Sol.

  2. Dr. Schavi M. Ali

    Dearest Paul: You mentioned on your recent posting that people removed themselves from your website due to having issues with the silver purchasing suggestion on November 11th. One of the “symptoms” during these shifting times is that some people will be very critical of others or extremely angry. These are energies within themselves which need healing, and they put their own problems onto others. Thus, those of us trying to help others to elevate must remain detached from criticism when we know beyond a doubt that we are attempting to assist in the transformation of the planet and humanity. Thus, we have to take these potentially hurtful comments as messages that we are indeed awakening cellular vibrational frequencies of “knowing-ness”. Remain steadfast. Keep doing your mission. Your service is vital. Be at peace. Much Love to you!

  3. rafał

    DOKŁADNIE Jak to moja powiedziała wróciłam bo misja skończona reszta do BOGA

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