Ashtar Command & The Jupiter Command

May 9, 2019

New Galactic Update & Video : Ashtar Command & The Jupiter Command   Beloved hearts This is the voice of the Ashtar Command & The Jupiter Command. Along with our airborne divisions and galactic fleets of light My warmest greetings, dear friends, brothers and sisters 🙏🏽, I am commander ASH’TAR’KA’REE Of The The Jupiter Command Speaking to you today from my ship (The Aurora ) That Sits stationary within the…


Cobra – Situation Update – 13th October 2018

October 15, 2018

Cobra – Situation Update – 13th October 2018 Increased activity in the Galactic Center continues. Galactic Light Forces have removed last remnants of the quantum signature of a huge quantum fluctuation Dyson sphere, 4 light years in diameter, that was encircling our Solar System and was hindering the Ascension process of our Solar System. This quantum Dyson sphere was a very advanced quantum hyperdimensional portal that was created by the…


URGENT CALL to Lightworkers

September 12, 2015

URGENT CALL to Lightworkers from Sananda

by Sananda
Dearest Brothers and Sisters of the Light, it is I, Sananda. I come to you from long negotiations with those who would try to control your planet. I have been accompanied by Archangel Michael, St. Germain, and Kwan Yin, and we have been supported by Ashtar, Mother and Father and many of the others of the Company of Heaven, as we carried out the round-the-clock meetings in the 3rd dimension. I will explain.