Energetic Threshold of Unconditional Love





Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Day Dream Walkers of the Warrior’s Path with Heart

Everything is rising into place to meet and merge consciously with our Highest Self at one with Source on the Middle Path with Heart. This leads to the Kingdom of Heaven within the Center of the Sacred Hoop.

The Queen of the Pegasus is with us to teach all Starseed Earth Angelics to spread their multidimensional etheric wings and fly free in the Heavens above the New Earth.

Remember from the very first not a thing is (Mu) and all living beings are born fully Awakened Buddhas.

This is why Zen Master Bankei always taught that all things are perfectly resolved in the Unborn Mind of Buddha. For your Pure, Still and Empty Original Mind of the Void is Truth, Love and Innocence. When one lives from this Pure and Clear state of Bright Virtue, we call Eternal Bliss Consciousness or the Tao, the solution to all the”problems” of the world. We realize our True Nature of Cosmic God Consciousness through Meditation, Mindfulness and the Enlightenment of Self Realization.

Look into the eyes of a newborn baby and what is reflected back to you is Pure Awareness, your True Nature. This Purity and Innocence was converted to the hells of suffering through the ignorance programming of the simulated “reality” that is the illusion. The Pure Awareness experiences the false states of Consciousness of the Angry Demon, The frightened animal and the hungry ghost through the false projections of the nefarious programs. The negative thoughts, feelings and emotions are the cause of all suffering. These are all learned and projected from the false construct of the matrix.

Let us take a moment and imagine a world where all children are taught they are one with God Source Creator. Teach them they are not sinners but are intrinsically and naturally good and ethical. Treat all with kindness, sensitivity and compassion. Imagine a world where all humans live from the Crystal Palace In the center of the heart, mind and brain. It would be like Eden, we would live in a Paradise free from all suffering…A’Ho!




Right now: Moon at 20°08′ Virgo, Sun at 3°21′ Cancer

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A cat arguing with a mouse.
Sabian Symbol for 4º Cancer

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 4º Cancer.

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A girl’s basketball team.
Sabian Symbol for 21º Virgo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 21º Virgo.





🤍Powerful Body Mapping earlier in my Avatar Remembering – Crown (16D), Left side arm/chest, Heart, Throat. #whitelight ✨
Sword of Truth
Sword of Truth

Kathryn Emily

I don’t mean to spoil the ending for you- yet you win … take back everything that was stolen & reclaim ALL of your life-force dna, gold & kingdom. Dragon embodiment is underway🐉

Star light of Consciousness- the royal star to birth then guide the holy grail organic king withIN…
Through purging inner slavery from stuck trauma and unconsciousness …
A master inner BEIng is birthed in the awakening flames of consciousness.. EMBODIED!
I will be sharing about the path that is enabling the inner magician and white oracle white witch to merge in union to truly use and embody their power and frequency ..
And how staying unconscious in the underworld (agenda – dark Lord masters) is looping until you rise in this inner power source
It will be coded in activations from the beginning through speech light christ frequencies – channeling shamanic and somatic releases and light language and sounds to unblock and upgrades your system, including the spinal cords and lymph nodes….
These are deeeeep transformational events- for myself included!
The sun is about to explode form the inside out so whatever you are purging KNOW that it MUST come up as you step into your solar dna upgraded light merkaba vessels…
Lyrian sol star light family reuniting through the sun and rose inner union return … go inward to find your North Star, to guide you back to shore.
Lyrian sol star light family
Lyrian sol star light family

🐬 🐬🐳 THE CETACEA FAMILY was always accompanying the evolutionary process, collaborating and maintaining the frequency,🐳 THE MOTHER WHALE IS THE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSE, SHE IS THE DOOR TO THE INFINITE INFORMATION OF THE CONSCIENCE OF THE UNIVERSE!!



June Solstice Gateway has brought not only an Unprecedented amount of extremely High Galactic Encoded Frequencies and Light Codes, containing DNA and Light Body Activations and Upgrades, and massive 5D Upgrades of the Solar Plexus and Throat Chakras – it brought Unprecedented Changes… The Solstice Sun has activated a Major Vortex of the Solar Plexus Healing Energy. Main Solar Plexus Upgrade includes the upgrade to the Unified 5D Solar Plexus – Heart Chakra Column. 5th-Dimensional Solar Plexus Chakra becomes the center point of Feeling, where the Inner Masculine energy takes an Inspired Action only based on the guidance of the Inner Feminine – the Heart.
From this point forward, any action, that is not taken from the Heart Space, that is rooted in the decision to stay within the societal “norms” and conditioning, will lead to further inner misalignment and draining of the life force energy. This Solstice, we walked through the Energetic Threshold of Unconditional Love Frequencies. Another “Point of No Return” since January of 2022…The energies will continue to escalate with more and more intense Frequencies, Downloads, and Codes of Ascensional Transformation, bringing in energetic assistance with creating an Individual Reality, based on the highest Alignment with Unconditional Love, Gratitude, Pure Authentic Self-Expression, Creativity, and Abundance on all levels. This is the Quantum Jump of 2023, where many timelines just collapsed, opening up a brand New Reality
Energetic Threshold of Unconditional Love
Energetic Threshold of Unconditional Love
Dear family of love and light, the Divine says that planet-wide special clearing operation has began. It is Divine mandate. Every soul on earth is required to be cleared. All sentient beings, by law of Gaia’s ascension, are required to go through this clearing process. Places, too, like cities and popular places are going through this clearing process also.
Per Gaia’s request, the Divine has started this planet wide special operation later today. The Divine expects this clearing operation can be done this weekend, and then Gaia’s ascension process will move onto next phase. This clearing phase will be ended.
The Divine asks light workers to actively call for the Divine intervention and clear thy self, family members, friends, homes, and regions. That way, this clearing operation can be done quicker. And the planet and humanity will be liberated quicker.
Meanwhile, the Divine and the company of heaven want to thank light workers for the clearing efforts. Particularly some light workers who have gone so deep and have done so much clearing on behalf of themselves, their soul groups, their country and the planet. It is remarkable. Gaia and the Divine are very grateful for the effort.
The Divine says once this planet wide clearing operation is over, Gaia’s next phase will begin. The Divine invites light workers to be ready to move onto the next phase, and know that exciting time is ahead of us. The planet and humanity are all ready for it. That is the news for now.
Divine love for you always.
Linda Li, Gaia, the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.
Circle of Women
Circle of Women
JUNE 24 2023
We are receiving access to our divine rights on the pure and organic essence of the 5 elements and our divine jurisdictions upon our homelands (both known and unknown) by healing/purifying/clearing the past experiences and addressing all of our actions, relationships and soul contracts with the powers that were running this system and its laws and by arriving in the now and being able to face the physical Truth, meaning, recognising what we are truly dealing with here with no avoidance or illusions.
Once we have reached a satisfying level on these two processes then we can also access alignment to our future Self and destiny so that we start creating a new reality as sovereign beings according to natural law.
We are now becoming the conscious Ascending Masters.
The 777 portal is exactly this.
The program was designed in such a manner in order to create separation from the Self, distraction and oblivion to those entrapped in it and it is now moving on a higher alarming mode of action in order to keep as many as possible under its control.
For those who are leaving the program, a very fast process of settling, deleting and upgrading is at hand.
During the past two weeks, the external disk that I was using for many years got erased on its own with all of the photos and memories of my whole life, both my cell phones of quite old technology and limited space, got wet with sea water, both faucets in the kitchen and in the bathroom in my home started leaking water and the toilet cistern and the plumbing in the building also got blocked due to work that took place in the pipe system in my area.
I clearly received the messages that this was connected to my own process of settling, deleting and upgrading and my divine kundalini restoration so I consciously attended all of those changes as fast as I could by taking action.
I bought a new external disk, I got a new phone which is running the new 5g/5D technology, has a total different system than the one I was familiar with and has plenty of space available.
I brought the plumber and he changed/fixed all the issues.
This was not something that I would easily do in the past, usually I am very slow with such actions, I do not like fast changes but this time I felt that fast action was needed, so I took it.
I am still trying to adjust to the great force of change that I am feeling inside since the return of the Sword of Light.
I know I want to be able to fully accept it and I have support, so I feel very good.
I am in trust as the Sword of Light is very precise, almost surgical to what it brings to each one of us.
Its wisdom is infinite and its essence very determined!
At this point in the game avoiding, procrastinating or deceiving the self can cause great corrective consequences that the message says they will be final and irreversible.
This is very good but it can also be even more challenging, depending the amount of force that is needed to break down the inner walls of resistance and illusion that each one is still carrying.
There is a wisdom in the unfoldment of each life event or experience which is just and precise.
There are no mistakes now, Divine Intelligence is at works.
Everything we change, we move, we clear, we transform has a result in our everyday physical experience and this is such a blessing because now we can see actual proof of our everday progress very easily and we are able to act accordingly to whatever needs our attention.
By doing so, we are helping the new flow in our body, surrounding, affairs and life to move freely and find a new balance via new channels/tubes/veins/wiring/nodes etc.
The Trinity Flame is bringing reunion between our body, soul and spirit.
Everything that was blocking the free flow between the three, is being healed or removed.
Our inner reunion is directly connected to our next step which is mastery.
We cannot become masters while being fractalized, we are called to be whole.
At the same time, the Trinity Flame is bringing a very important restoration in the relationship between the Twin Flames (masculine/feminine) in which I will write more about soon.
Collectively speaking, the departure of the ‘Sword of Light’ from the hands of the Lords of the Underworld, its return back on Earth and its pollination act with the 12 waves of the heart, is the very confirmation that now we are exactly at the point where the physical world will start to drastically change.
This means that we are on a full preparation mode in order to be able to let go of everything from the old world that we cannot take with us in the new world.
The Masculine rules the physical world and he is the one who will be the protagonist in this phase only this time, he will be conscious in himself and he will have the feminine as his spiritual mentor and co-creator via free will choice and heart consciousness.
This is taking place both internally and externally.
Please note that change can only take place both inwardly and in this realm through permission and cooperation from both the realm of the Underworld and the realm of Heaven because this is how the contracts were created in the first place and both these realms were holding different parts of our lost rights and jurisdictions.
‘May the Sword of Light guide each one to the precise experience that they need!’
So it is!
Huna Ma Anata Kumara
the Sword of Light
the Sword of Light




We are in Ascension.
We were chosen for this moment in History to Serve Humanity to bring forth Unity Consciousness for all Humanity.
Everything we require is Encoded within us all.
We are the Living Embodiment of the New Human.
To shine the Conscious Awareness to all to bring forth the Wisdom of the Ages.
There is now Two Distinct Timelines one of Higher Vibration, Frequency and one of Fear lower vibration, frequency.
You have a Choice.
All other Timelines are Dissolving.
More Light enters our Physicality.
You are Upgrading on your Own without having to do much.
If you are feeling to move Forward ie job’s, relationships and release them, Surrender and trust yourself in your choice know that you are Divinely Guided and Protected.
Silence is Key to Quiet the Mind chatter, find time to Reflect on circumstances and reevaluate situations.
If you are Thinking to much time to move into your Heart.
Many Lightworkers, May find that their Eating habits have changed, do not Fear Beloveds this is part of your physicality changing, even myself I have reduced my Food intake and requiring to rest more or sometimes not sleeping much.
Do not be concerned this is part of your upgrades.
Self Love and care is Pivital at this time and take time to Reflect.
We are the Guardians we are the Gatekeepers as we Anchor the Light for Humanity and the New Earth.
And we are here to bring forth Unity and a New Earth we shall birth.
We are Conduits for the Divine.
We are Not Here to Rescue or Save just share our Wisdom.
They will come through at their Own Pace.
Eight years ago I answered the Call and started to Awaken fully to understand my Heart with gratitude to a beloved Heart.💎
We are Powerful Sentient beings, we are Free Sovereign beings, we are here to assist in Awakening Humanity and Serve Humanity as we Transform and Metamorph into Multidimensional Sentient beings of Light.
The Great Central Sun is expanding and the Light Codes are streaming through us and Activating Dormant DNA, as we are activating powers that have laid Dormant for Eons.
Fear not Dear Hearts all is well.
Many will struggle through this next stage you are well looked after by the Higher Realms. You are loved and love.
Self Love is the key to continue raising your Vibration.
With the Fire in my Heart as a Warrior of the Heart I stand Strong with you all.
I Love you all beautiful Hearts.
We are One




Asara Adams

💜🌟💜 Energy Update by Adama of Telos

“Greetings, Beloved Ones.
We are most joyous to connect with you here, today, and we are sending you our utmost Love from the heart of Telos.
Dear One, as you are moving through your Ascension journey into the Higher Dimensions, take note of how you are experiencing every moment of your life.
Is this moment pleasant or unpleasant?
Is this moment loving or fearful?
Is this moment abundant or lacking?
Is this moment peaceful or do you feel threatened?
Each moment has two realities.
One is the Illusion construct of your Ego Mind. It is of a low vibrational resonance and most importantly: it is not real. It is an illusion.
The Ego Mind seeks to separate humans from each other and from God.
It will play on all available negative emotions within you, to justify its existence. (Fear, sadness, anger, loss, lack, inferiority,
superiority, limitation, irritation, doubt, uncertainty and so forth…)
The second one is God’s Kingdom, the higher dimensional reality, the Ascended state.
It is filled with Love, Oneness, Abundance, Generosity, Wellbeing, Ease and Flow, Collaboration, Creativity, Peace, Harmony, Beauty and so forth…
This is what is real.
Anything less than that is the Illusion construct of the Ego Mind.
So, with each moment, you can choose, which reality you wish to focus on.
If your current experience doesn’t reflect God’s Loving Reality, then focus more on it.
Feel into it.
Reach for the thoughts that are loving, harmonious and peaceful.
It might be helpful to reach for loving and harmonious thoughts that have nothing to do with your current situation. This will assist with getting “un-stuck” from the Illusion experience.
As you are reaching and feeling for more loving and harmonious thoughts and feelings, your experiences will shift.
Simply enjoy your loving and harmonious thoughts and feelings.
Then apply this energy to your current moment and bless everything and everyone in it.
When you ask for the Holy Spirit, the Ascended Masters, Angels, the seven Mighty Elohim, your Galactic Family of Light and your family from Telos to intensify your blessing, it will become even more powerful.
We champion your victory in the Light!
Welcome Home!
We send you all so much love…
You are carried on the wings of Angels, to bring forth The New Earth.
Know in your heart, that you are always surrounded by your Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Galactic Families of Light and yes, also by your family and friends in Telos – and always will be.
Dear Ones, we are walking with you on this journey and you are loved beyond measure – always.
I am your brother Adama of Telos.”
Thank You, Adama! 🙂
Channeled through Asara Adams
Blue Pyramid
Blue Pyramid


Empowered SOUL of LIGHT
The True Calling of YOU
As you navigate the True Path around You
Like Climbing a Mountain, we must rest at certain points of the journey.
To Truly Stand in Your Light is the Task before You.
We ask you to see this week as your window of rest. Find those extra moments to charge and revjuvenate in your own personal light.
As your species has a long daily sleep cycle. We ask you to become more conscious of your Sleep journey. Simply prepare your room for a restful sleep. For as many journey in this cycle, seeking the true balance of physical rest is a soul requirement.
We ask you to Feel Your Presence amongst others.
Feel the Light Harmonics of You 💥
Observe How Others React
For Light Evolution is Providing a Rapid Space of Self-Awareness.
The more you observe, you will become more attuned to the True Light Signature of YOU.
The Task Before YOU 🙏
Simply Observe Your Harmonic Light Field
Observe and FEEL
Sending Waves of Cosmic Love ❤
The Arcturians
Karen Lithika
Crystal Vibrational Healer
Light Channel
The Moon, ruler of cycles and conditioning, is in nature bound Virgo and on Saturday will be creating a difficult inconjunct connection to Chiron, ruler of past life karmic wounds, in Aries, sign of the Self, and a positive trine connection to Uranus, planet of awakening and liberation, in earth sign Taurus. We are able to dissect our old patterns and trauma, to take a more detailed and discerning look at how we have been operating in circumstances for awhile.
Once we decide to bring healing and integration to these emotions, belief systems and situations, we will be able to set ourselves free and no longer need to carry them in our psyche. Release and let go! Blessings of Love and Light to All! ♥️
Moon in Virgo
Moon in Virgo
Lunar aspects. Mercury in Gemini trine Hygeia retrograde in Aquarius – The Moon in helpful Virgo brings a need to serve, to organise, to perfect. Jupiter brings hope that the work will be rewarded, the promise of greater comfort and security. It’s a cue to get started, keep moving, trust we have the ingenuity and dedication to make it happen. But every now and then, the mood shifts, and our outlook becomes bleak. Clouds passing in front of the sun, light, dark, light, dark, the heavens open, fat rain. Dreams seem far away, impossible, unreachable. An emotional flatline brings with it an aching weariness. I’m too tired to deal with this.
Mercury and Hygeia step in, offering kind words and support. Sometimes we need to talk it out, write it out, let it out! Blow away the cobwebs. Go for a walk or a run. Take a different route to work or switch up your reading material. Acknowledge what you need for your mental health and implement safeguards. Find support in your community. Gently challenge your perspective. Think healing thoughts to change your frequency. Do your best without pressuring for perfection.
Degrees and Time
Moon 07°Vi10′, Saturn 07°Pi10′ R – 02:07 (BST)
Moon 08°Vi02′, Jupiter 08°Ta02′ – 03:53 (BST)
Mercury 24°Ge00′, Hygeia 24°Aq00′ R – 06:14 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Cloudy Day At Amagansett by Thomas Moran
Cloudy Day At Amagansett
Cloudy Day At Amagansett
�On the Tzolkin count today corresponds to KIN 142 12Wind and marks the completion of 51 Galactic Spins of 260 days from the discovery of Supernova 1987A, the first supernova visible with the naked eye in about 400 years. This celestial explosion served as trigger event of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 and set in motion a new wave of evolutionary shifts on Earth. In the words of Jose Arguelles:
“What we are talking about in terms of the Biosphere-Noosphere transition is that we are preparing for a solar-galactic biomutation. “Bio” is life; hence, a mutation of life that is in accord with a much larger solar-galactic mutation that is now occurring. This was signaled a few months before the Harmonic Convergence by the appearance of Supernova 1987 A. The first supernova that the humans had seen since before the beginning of the 13th Baktun. Since that time the astrophysicists have been flooded with all sorts of “anomalies.” These “anomalies” are not something that are apart from us. As we accelerate ourselves through the Technosphere, the Earth itself is becoming overexcited.”
28 Meditations on the Law of Time” by José + Lloydine Arguelles (1999)
Supernova 1987A
Supernova 1987A

Kin 142 ~ White Crystal Wind

‘Crystal’ is the name for the number twelve and its keywords are ‘Cooperate, Dedicate and Universalize’. The 12th day of a wavespell is all about getting together in groups, working in teams, engaging with other humans rather than being on your own. Cooperation is what it is all about and together we can achieve much more than we can individually. Try to find some like-minded folk today to hang out with and remember that no man (or woman) is an island.
Today is White Wind and it represents ‘Communication, Breath and Spirit’. As it is a Crystal Wind, this suggests that we should be communicating in groups. So, public debating/speaking or performing music or theater, or marching for justice – are all Cooperate to Communicate activities. What I like most about Windy days, is that the winds of change can blow in and make a significant difference and this is because the Storm is the Occult power and these two are so perfectly matched. I like Blue Storm days for the same reason, because White Wind is in the Occult position. If you want to make big changes in your life, your best bet is to do it on either a Windy day or a Stormy one!
The Guide today is White Wizard, the enchanting charmer of the Tzolkin. When in the guiding position the Wizard invites you to follow the path to enchantment. This is great energy to have if you are communicating as the Wizard can add charm to your words. Communication guided by a Wizard can mean you are able to spell bound people by just talking. (Terence McKenna was a White Wind guided by Wizard)
The Challenge is the Yellow Human which symbolizes channeling amongst other things. When in opposition, the Yellow Human struggles to tune in to psychic powers and therefore it becomes difficult to feel what is the right thing to say. This means we must think before we speak or we will say the wrong thing. If you are a Yellow Human, you will not feel like talking and may be quieter than usual.
The Occult power is the Blue Storm which represents disruption and change. Expect change to occur today. You may be surprised what comes your way, something out of the blue and possibly a game changer. If you are a Blue Storm, you’ll have a wonderful day. You just never know what the windy day blows your way. There’s a chance of chaos today but often it’s chaos that brings about changes.
The Ally is the Red Earth which represents Evolution. If you need help communicating today, find a Red Earth to help you. If you are a Red Earth, expect the phone to ring often with friends requesting your advice and wisdom. If you do not know one personally, then you can still benefit from the Earth in this friendly aspect. If you communicate effectively today, you will navigate your way through and make the right choices.
Kin 142
Kin 142


12 IK – KIN 142
24 JUNE 2023
I dedicate in order to communicate
Universalizing breath
I seal the input of spirit
With the Crystal tone of cooperation
I AM guided by the power of timelessness
24- Charisma/Magnetism/Healing/Joy
10- Manifestation/Authority/Power
1- New beginnings/Original/Leader
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Harmony/Fertility
13- Goddess/Cosmic Consciousness/Natural Lore
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Angelic/Earth
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
23- Royal Star of the Lion/Strength/Protection
KIN 142 = 7 – Mystic/Majik/Spiritual/Solitude MAGICIAN CODE💫💫💫
27 MONTHS ago KIN 142 occurred on 5 MAY, 2021 – the 5.5.5 💥💥💥– LIBERATION PORTAL – LIBERATING DIVINE WILL
Today’s 6.6 code – REACTIVATES this LIBERATION portal through the power of DIVINE MAJIK!! 🕊🕊💫
We are linked back to the 5.5.5. PORTAL as we LIBERATE the VOICE of SPIRIT🌬🕊 to be HEARD by the people of EARTH.
A MAJIKAL 10.1 MANIFESTATION code and NEW BEGINNINGS is energizing this DIVINE day, as we MANIFEST the DIVINE PLAN for Planet Earth.🕊🕊🕊
Day 12 in the BLUE MONKEY🐒 WAVESPELL of MAJIK, Joy, Bliss, Play, Merriment,Spontaneity and a return to Innocence.
After the release of yesterday, today we are ready to come together without agenda and co-operate, ready for more Majik, Fun and play – LISTENING to the guidance from Spirit. 🕊💫🕊
CRYSTAL💎 – Tone 12 in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – universalizes, POWER – dedicates, ESSENCE – cooperation.
The CRYSTAL tone 12 is the highest level of the mind (MENTAL realm) Yesterday we focused on dissolving and releasing our CORE FEARS and emotional blocks to reclaiming our FREEDOM and LIBERATING the B-earth of more MAJIK, JOY and BLISS.💕
At the CRYSTAL level of MIND we have the capacity to cooperate, or operate with other minds. Just as a crystal can be programmed, so too can we program our minds on this day. Focus on the CRYSTAL clarity of our minds today through the power of cooperation with others. Thus we create telepathic links in our communication grids allowing for cooperative thoughts, ideas and inspiration to flow.
A DIVINE day of greater CONNECT-I ON to each other and Mother Gaia through the CRYSTALLINE GRID! 🌐🌐🌐
✨✨✨So beloved Planetary kin, a brilliantly DIVINE 6.6.majikal day 💫 to TUNE in and LISTEN to the ROAR🦁 of the GREAT WHITE WIND! 🌬🍃🌫 UNITING our MINDS as ONE CRYSTALLINE MIND, all cooperating together and rejoicing in the Majik and Miracles of Divine Spirit. 🕊🕊
It is also a BRILLIANT DAY to unfurl your GOLDEN WINGS 🕊and FLY on the gusts of the WIND 🍃 join together at 5.5.5., 6.06 or 7.07 am/pm today (your LOCAL time) through the DIAMOND💎 CRYSTALLINE🌐 GRID of consciousness and BROADCAST your intention to MANIFEST the DIVINE PLAN on EARTH 🕊🕊🕊
You may choose to recite the GREAT INVOCATION
Today’s questions are “What messages am I receiving from SPIRIT that I need to communicate and share with others?”
“Am I dedicating my life’s purpose to fulfilling the DIVINE PLAN on EARTH?
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for the flow of crystal clear, majikal messages from spirit today!.
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: WHITE CRYSTAL WIND 💎🌬🕊 IK communicates Spirit, the essence of which is the mandala of original cosmic order. Stop, be still and LISTEN to the whisperings of the Great White Wind. 🍃
Today we have a DIRECT crystal clear connection to the MIND OF GOD!🌐 THE UNIVERSAL MIND.
Great SPIRIT is communicating LOUD and CLEAR through the crystalline grid of consciousness, and he has a lot to say – in a very authoritative voice! Spirit is ROARING today🦁 ensuring all ears HEAR the DIVINE PLAN. .
Each person is a hollow vessel to channel and universalize this FORCE, through their being. There is a DIVINE PLAN for each soul on Earth and for all of humanity..This is being BROADCAST📢 throughout the new Universal bandwidth 📻for those who have raised their frequency and aligned with this new vibration.
✨✨✨Spirit is calling you into greater Service – have you heard the call??? 👂🎧
It is a brilliant day for Planetary kin to come together, to network, to communicate the TRUTH, to create, to laugh, dance, sing, channel and meditate. Open your EARS,👂 your MIND👨 and HEART❤ to the Voice of Spirit.
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: WHITE CRYSTAL WIZARD 💎🔮– IX as we are anchoring Spirit today, we are allowing ourselves to be receptive to the multidimensional nature of consciousness, through the Crystal/Mental plane.
The CRYSTAL WIZARD as the Higher Self today, brings forth DIAMOND CLARITY💎 through his connection to Spirit and the higher planes of consciousness. IX enables us to channel and receive DIVINE TRUTH – Universal wisdom through the breath of Spirit. 🌬✨
WHITE WIZARD teaches us to CONNECT our HEARTS and our MINDS – using our PURE HEARTS❤ as a filter to understand the messages from Spirit. Connecting to all HEARTS❤❤❤ together through the 5D DIAMOND💎 CRYSTALLINE GRID 🌐 of consciousness, which is now streaming forth great WHITE MAJIK from Spirit. 💫💫💫
The grid🌐 of WHITE MAjik✨🕊 which was anchored and created during the Magnetic Wizard Year, is being fully utilized with today’s White Crystal Wizard taking charge of this UBER light optical technology. We are about to commence ANOTHER Wizard Year on 26th JULY 2023 – the radiant OVERTONE WIZARD – empowered MAJIK. 5 IX is the fifth year of the current 13 year cycle of the WHITE WIZARD..
💫✨💫 Lots of high DIVINE MAJIK 💫💫💫 to come beloveds, the likes of which we have never experienced before on the Earth plane!✨🕊.
Woot woot – it is time to walk on water🌊🚶 and heal the sick!🤕🙂😍 MIRACLES ABOUND! ✨✨✨
We are in the last days of the Majik Monkey 🐒 Wavespell, which is amping up the MAJIK today. We have spun a brilliant majikal Dreamspell that will spiral🍥 through our crystalline consciousness, weaving a beautiful luminous crystalline web 🌐 throughout the cosmos.
GREAT MAJIK💫💫💫 is afoot dear STAR🌟 BLISS🐬 SUNS,☀ and Divine Spirit is about to en-LIGHT💡ON us!🌟☀🌟
Be STILL and connect through your PURE HEART❤ allowing the messages to FLOW through your vessel. .
How will you use your MAJIKAL POWER today?????🤔🤔🤔
SUPPORT: RED CRYSTAL EARTH💎🌏 CABAN works in unison with WHITE WIND, to facilitate greater connection to Pachamama and this grand Ascension cycle, that Spirit is guiding us through. Connecting to our Earth Mother and all her kingdoms, the animals, plants, minerals and the elementals. Becoming ONE with the Natural world so we can FEEL and SENSE her heartbeat.. receiving the animating force from Divine Creator.
As we channel Spirit’s messages, we need to communicate these ideas to others, in order to facilitate the much needed change, and anchor the new social systems upon our planet.
WE must also COMMUNICATE and SEED these messages in those souls who are stirring from their deep hypnotic trance…The more TRUTH they hear, the higher the likelihood that ONE of those TRUTH arrows will pierce through the evil spell!
The WIZARD’s powers to influence AWAKENING through this crystalline GRID, are very potent through this 6.6. portal. BAM💥 BAM💥 – double clarity!
First we must LISTEN to the MESSAGES, then LOOK for the SIGNS, to implement the right ACTION, in accordance with Divine TIMING.
Observe the synchronicities which will assist us in navigating our way forward to our BRILLIANT new FUN🎢🎡 filled and BLISSful💓🐬 future. Discerning the cycles and awakening to Gaia’s rumblings in our collective r-evolution.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: BLUE LUNAR STORM 🌀🌪🌩 CAUAC – Whoa💥 hold on to your umbrella’s☔ Storm troopers!! STORM TURBO POWER 🌀🌀🌩🌪🌨 is today’s DRIVING FORCE!!
Today’s SUPERPOWER revisits the Yearly kin of 2020/21 – the BLUE LUNAR STORM YEAR.. which was the 2ND Year in this 13 year Wizardry cycle – and how TURBULENT was THAT YEAR!!! A real mud raker!! We are reminded that our troubles have PASSED and now we are well on our way to claiming our POWER and RADIATING our HEART MAJIK in this new Dreamspell Galactic Year.
This LUNAR STORM 🌀🌀🌩🌪🌨 is the final street sweeper – paving the way for the NEW HARMONIC systems to arrive.
Today we can receive R-EVOLUTION-ary🔥 ideas from Spirit that serve to ACTIVATE this sweeping CHANGE!🌀🌩
As the STORM generates tremendous energy, we can catalyze this in order to surge forwards, purified and cleansed, partaking in great merriment. Together through the STARGATE of the 5/5/5 triple LIBERATION code we can access both LUNAR STORMS driving us forward through HURRICANE winds!! 🌪🌪
This HURRICANE 🌪🌪 will forcefully reveal opposing and discordant energies in order to achieve harmony… so get ready for the mud slinging! Grab your galoshes 👢and stomp through those puddles with your friends, dancing in the rain!🌧☔
We are now accepting our roles in these transformational times as the ‘Agents of Change” 🗣🌫 – leading the way as the wayshowers, for others to follow, trusting in the Divine Plan and the process of transformation.
Today’s GREAT WINDS OF CHANGE🌬🍃🌫 will have TSUNAMI POWER🌊🌊🌊 – forcible momentum,💣 carrying us to our new destination… another day for a QUANTUM LEAP in HUMANITY’S evolution!!!
CHALLENGE/GIFT: YELLOW CRYSTAL HUMAN 💎 👴 EB beckons us today to ALIGN WITH DIVINE WILL, releasing any lower human egoic desires.
Trying to plan and force a path with your limited MIND is not a desirable choice. Not knowing the greater picture that Spirit has in store for us all, means that we have a limited perspective which hinders our creative process. It is okay to NOT KNOW, and thus we need to LET GO of trying to CONTROL outcomes, TRUSTING that Spirit KNOWS where we are heading.⛵⛵⛵
and feel the Majikal Flow 🌫of CREATION leading humanity back into the ocean of ONENESS.
YELLOW HUMAN enables us to look to the wisdom of the Ancient ones, the wise ones and the prophets, who knew the best ways to SEED a beautiful new consciousness based on cooperative living in our Common-unities, respecting our homeland.
💫💫💫When we UNITE👫👬👭 with the best interests of HU-MAN-KIND🌎 as our focus, the BEST MAJIK HAPPENS! 💫💫💫
✨✨✨So beloved Planetary kin, a brilliantly DIVINE 6.6.majikal day 💫 to TUNE in and LISTEN to the ROAR🦁 of the GREAT WHITE WIND! 🌬🍃🌫 UNITING our MINDS as ONE CRYSTALLINE MIND, all cooperating together and rejoicing in the Majik and Miracles of Divine Spirit. 🕊🕊
It is also a BRILLIANT DAY to unfurl your GOLDEN WINGS 🕊and FLY on the gusts of the WIND 🍃 join together at 5.5.5., 6.06 or 7.07 am/pm today (your LOCAL time) through the DIAMOND💎 CRYSTALLINE🌐 GRID of consciousness and BROADCAST your intention to MANIFEST the DIVINE PLAN on EARTH 🕊🕊🕊
You may choose to recite the GREAT INVOCATION
Today’s questions are “What messages am I receiving from SPIRIT that I need to communicate and share with others?”
“Am I dedicating my life’s purpose to fulfilling the DIVINE PLAN on EARTH?
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for the flow of crystal clear, majikal messages from spirit today!.
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




🔥 Shamanic Negative Implant Removal Ceremony 🔥


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Prayer To Request Miracles ~ 🙏

Claim a healing miracle in your life!
In the name of the Light of God that never fails,
I accept a healing miracle in my life this day.
I claim a miracle in every level of my Being.
I claim a miracle of Love for my full Resurrection.
Beloved Father Mother God
Blaze forth your miracle of Light now.
Infuse your miracle of Light on Earth now.
I call for an Ascended Master healing miracle,
In my Heart, in my Chakras, in my DNA.
Blaze forth the miracle Light of the Seven Rays.
Blaze forth the miracle Light of The Holy Spirit,
Everywhere in my Being where healing is needed.
I declare that I Am a miracle of God this day.
I Am a miracle in action made manifest.
I Am a blazing miracle Light from The Great Central Sun,
Resurrecting me back to my true identity in God,
Blaze the miracles of Light Through!
Beloved I Am, Beloved I Am, Beloved I Am.
(Repeat 3, 6, or 9 times)
From The Book (“Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames )”by Aurelia) ❤
Prayer To Request Miracles
Prayer To Request Miracles

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