Galactic Destiny Readings

KINS 183-195
January 11-23, 2020

Today the PORTAL is opened and we are entering the realms of the Ancient Dreamtime, the interdimensional realm held SAFE throughout eternity by the custodians – our indigenous Australian elders. Australia is part of the original land mass of Gondawana – the land of Mu – Lemuria, our Mother land, and so we are being called back HOME – to Eden.
In absolute DIVINE alignment this PORTAL perfectly leads us into the Grand Planetary Conjunction and Golden Solar Umbilical Cord AWAKENING and ACTIVATION of the rainbow serpent within the body of Uluru. The Dreamspell is the script for our planetary evolutionary journey guiding us into greater awareness through the ever unfolding present moment…
Australia holds the Planetary holon of the BLUE NIGHT, the realm of Dreams, Intuition and ABUNDANCE. AUSTRALIA is ABUNDANT with natural resources – diamonds, gold, minerals, gas, energy et al and was called THE LUCKY COUNTRY (perhaps with the bushfires – not so lucky!)
AKBAL – Holds the KEY🔑 to the DREAMTIME. That majikal realm where we first alchemize our DREAMS. This is DIVINELY PERFECT as the Australian indigenous people hold THE DREAMING CODE for our NEW WORLD, the land of the RAINBOW SERPENT. Raising the PLANETARY KUNDALINI. These incredibly spiritual beings have continuously existed on this planet for over 65,000 years (predating Egyptian era, Atlantis and even Lemuria!) It seems that they have been here since the dawning of time! And so they have held this VISION of a wondrous NEW UTOPIAN PLANET since time immemorial. They are master story tellers who relate their incredible CREATION stories through ART – painting, singing and dancing. They communicate with the starbeings, and they have been the GUARDIANS of our land and custodians of our PLANET. They hold the golden keys to unlock and release the DREAMING codes, the collective vision of our brand new world of unlimited abundance for all beings. 🌈🌏
The DREAMTIME is a dimension where we hold the VISION to create our current reality. Our original people have woven their entire culture and story telling on the DREAMTIME. They speak of the great Rainbow Serpent and through their Creation stories relate the history of mankind. If you have ever journeyed into (ab) Original lore and experienced the Dreamtime, it is quite SURREAL! It feels like you have been drugged as you enter into a trance state – without the need for any hallucinogenics! The rhythym of dance/music and the heartbeat of Mother Gaia is the key to open this realm. The RED SERPENT tribe hold this power through the dance of the kundalini, thus along with the BLUE NIGHT tribe, they are key players in this Golden cord reconnection process.
The DREAMTIME is very REAL and holds incredible POWER, accessing infinite opportunities. It is a field where potential, past, and future are held in the same matrix as the present moment. In this space you can help to DREAM a different reality into being. Enter into the mystery of AKBAL where reality is actually created. In becoming a conscious dreamer, you can assist in literally creating a new reality for yourself, as well as contributing to the larger COLLECTIVE and PLANETARY dream that is emerging. By focusing on this creation, your thoughts and intentions are projected at superliminal speeds across the crystal grid network that encompasses universes. This energetic field seeds, supports, and empowers the creation of an unfolding reality. When a critical threshold of energy has been focused on a clear intent such as collective ABUNDANCE or world peace, the underlying constructs of reality begin to SHIFT and a new reality begins filtering into human experience.
GREAT CHANGE is seeded by conscious dreamers who understand and KNOW that they are co-creating the larger DREAM. Spend some time today DAY-DREAMING to energize your own personal DREAM and that of our united collective DREAM 🌈🌈🌈
The BLUE NIGHT WAVESPELL starts with KIN 183 which falls in the 3rd box/square of the 10th column in the Tzolkin Calendar upon which the Dreamspell is based. BLUE NIGHT -AKBAL is also the 3rd tribe of the 20 Solar tribes. The number 3 represents the Holy Trinity, Divinity, Joy, Happiness and Creativity. The number 10 is the Master Manifestation code which is absolutely DIVINELY PERFECT as we are focused on attracting and manifesting ABUNDANCE in this 13 day cycle.
BLUE NIGHT is the 15th wavespell in the sequence of 20 tribe wavespells in the Sacred Tzolkin Calendar.

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The themes that we will be exploring through this BLUE NIGHT wavespell encompass:
BLUE NIGHT 🌃– AKBAL -THE DREAMER! carries the dreaming codes, and brings forth the keys to prosperity and abundance, accessed through intuitive knowing.
This wavespell affords us with a powerful opportunity to MAGNETIZE and ATTRACT our ABUNDANCE both individually and collectively. AKBAL is a portal into the subconscious realms and those of the unconscious. So get ready to DIVE DEEP into the depths of your subconscious and uncover what needs to be released in order to MAGNETIZE and attract your greatest Dreams and Abundance. LISTEN and pay attention to your DREAMS and your intuitive promptings today and for the next 13 days, as this is the KEY 🔑 to unlocking your greatest prosperity.
In becoming a conscious dreamer, you can assist in literally creating a new reality for yourself, as well as contributing to the larger dream that is emerging. By focusing on this creation, your thoughts and intentions are projected across the crystal grid network that encompasses universes. This energetic field seeds, supports, and empowers the creation of an unfolding reality. At a certain point, when a critical threshold of energy has been focused on a clear intent such as world peace/unity/food for all people, the underlying constructs of reality shift and a new reality begins filtering into human experience.
Make no mistake: great change is seeded by conscious dreamers who understand and know that they are co-creating the larger dream. . What DREAMS will you energize today? Hold the presence of the collective dream of our new 5D ASCENDED NOVA GAIA in your manifestations today. 🌏🌎🌍
Blue Night represents the sanctuary where the journey into self interfaces with the larger hologram. Within the larger dream we are now birthing, dimensional realities are shifting and blending. Perhaps you have believed that your dream life was separate from your waking life. As you work with your dreams, this belief may change dramatically. Don’t be surprised if you begin to discover “leaky margins” between perceptually “separate” realities and much more “bleed-through” between your dreams and your conscious, waking state. Now realities are merging. In the emerging reality construct, you are literally dreaming both your personal myth and the greater “meta-myth” into existence.
A meditation for Blue Night is, “I am the darkness that is the light and the stillness that is the dancing.” This meditation perfectly describes the paradoxical energy of Blue Night, the place of darkness from which all light emanates, the no-form abyss that contains all possibility. In finding this still point of Blue Night, you can access any expression of the light. The energy of Blue Night simply asks you to be still, to allow that expression to take shape from the darkness. From the darkness of Blue Night emerges the Essence Self. Sit in stillness, embracing the journey of insight and integration.
These excerpts were taken from the book, “The Mayan Oracle – Return Path to the Stars” by Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner
This is a period of tremendous opportunities and potential to attract abundance and happiness and manifest your DREAMS.
So STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE, embrace the LIGHT and dare to SHINE and BLOSSOM to incredible new heights.
This applies on a personal, collective and PLANETARY level. This is a fertile time to SEED our NEW REALITY into manifesting NOVA GAIA. A brilliant time to LAUNCH the new 5D projects, particularly better environmental systems and practices which are sustainable in this new paradigm.
🎆🎆WARNING!!! The SHADOW side of BLUE NIGHT is Blue Night invites you to bring the issues in your dreamfield out of the darkness and into conscious awareness. One example of such an issue might be unstated anger. If you hold unexpressed anger, someone in your immediate dreamfield will probably pick up that issue and mirror it for you so that you can observe and learn from it. This is the nature of spiritual evolution: each part of the hologram reflects every other part, so that each can be observed and learned from. Bringing these hidden parts into conscious awareness gives you the opportunity to transform them.
This is a cycle for ACT-ION-ing your DREAMS so make sure you get out of bed and follow your intuition!
I UNIFY in order to DREAM
Attracting intuition
I seal the input of ABUNDANCE

Divine blessing for DREAMING forth your brilliant new reality of greater happiness, success and abundance. Blessed be, dear hearts. 
Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Aboriginal Dreamtime Mural – Bells Beach, Victoria, Australia Unknown Artist DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏🙏🙏

If you order any product on Amazon through the following links the proceeds will go towards the Ecuador healing retreat center.

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    They are confused and afraid by upcoming released pain from deepest suited negative energies, released right now.
    But, We awaken Star seed will continue to Hold these Divine love and light energy Cosmic Heart centre to well sustained Golden Age of Aquarius and to officially the First contact, with our Beloved Higher Dimensional selves and Twin flames, from Galactic Federation of Light, and Ashtar Jupiter command, and that are already here on our Beloved Mother Earth/Terra. Nobody can not change our direction of our Beloved Mother Earth-Terra, who are completely surrounded and inside out , with frequency of 5 D, and all her Inhabitants, while the last remnants of negative energy from our planet has gone forever. Some part of our Humanities want to hold 4 D with their enslavement ego mind program of business and money, but this option is not possible anymore on this frequency , only option is hold Divine love and light frequency, with full freedom, and Divine love and light, and Abundance for all equally, and Harmony and Happiness and Joy, living in respecting each other and freely sharing knowledge and technology. Who want, still, to play money and business hologram
    game, he may continue with lower 4D Earth hologram, just behind Our 5 D Earth Terra, because of Gaia is free Now and Here, released completely from all negative shackles, and fully protected by Divine influence, as all Her Inhabitance. This is our call for those , who want to play 4 D on another copy of 4 D Earth, to finish their game as soon as possible, until 23 of September, 2020, and rejoin to us, while We, awaken star seed will make the First officially contact with our Star and Inner Earth families fro m Galactic Federation of light, and Ashtar Jupiter command. I am, with 12 Avatars selves and 144000 White Brotherhood/ Sisterhood from all my pastlife times, will continue to hold Divine Love and light energy from Cosmic heart centre, to fully establishing Golden Age of Gaia on our Beloved Mother Earth/ Terra, Goddess Gaia Sophia, what is happening NOW and HERE, and nobody can not change direction, just may continue with accelerating spiritual journey. All quantum possibilities are convergent to one point, Cosmic Divine Heart core centre of Unconditional Love and light, but if they want to continue they hollogram game of Business and money, they can on other 4D Earth, but temporarly and intensively working with their Spiritual guide. I am asking to be contacted soon with my higher selves and Twin Flames, and being part of GFL, to be introduced with new technology, and being part of many of Galactic to Cosmic councels, or what my higher self planing , but also, I with other Spiritul Leaders are ready to make Full Disclosure and Announcement, if Divine Government /President Trump, or Putin , or any other t / are not ready to do so.
    All my love to whole Universe, and love and healing energy to Mother Earth/Terra and Father Sun Sol.

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