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Ascending Masters Gathering Energy UPdate

Yesterday was a day of processing and releasing Major Grief and Sadness, reflections of the past with many people from our lives…flitting through in like scenes or memories…

This can come in many ways with out someone consciously realising this, as in the grief and sadness of what may seem so ‘silly’ or not making sense or not fully understanding the ‘why’…this is so much bigger than just YOU

This is generational and ALL your connections with EVERYONE! Over your lifetime!!

And also linked with HUmanity!

I cannot impress/state ‘enough’ of how major and huge this is – as I shared recently I was contacted by all spiritual family (that is to be in my life now and in the future, in some way due to soul contracts) from everywhere

Those I have not seen for some time included – in some way the Divine created a way, for contact to be made (and all in one day! Just amazing) and it could be a small connection through another soul as well…yet the energy did come through

That was a very big day recently for me and I had to shut off all access to being contacted and I ‘went to my room’ lol – several times over the last few days to cope and process…I just couldn’t be around even those I live with energetically…

This was challenging as I needed to be around those I live with yet in my own space as in the past I would get the ‘tap’ to go away to process such energies…well this is the FIRST time I was to be here during the ‘tap’ to go awayNEW ZERO POINT ENERGIES

As, in the past (in my life, over the years) I have left others, whether it be a husband, sister, friend and went on my way on my personal and unique Divine Spirit and Souls Journey- this time, I was not to do so…this time I was to remain here during this!

This is every connection that I walked away from in the past, being reflected by those around me and in my life – and remaining here to heal all those past times I left…

Why? Many reasons…I am strong enough now to remain to heal what has happened – energies have altered so much…and so on, as there are many more ‘reasons’ – I am just sharing so if someone can relate to when they were going to leave or did in the past and have remained and had a massive shift in doing so….

As it means we have further learning and growing and healing with that or those people we are closest to…

This reading below I was guided to do last night and then after this, I have added more than has come through today that I am so Beyond words in what I want to say as to what is now coming through!!

Enjoy the reading as it is so flowing and balancing and indicative of the current energies with its Divine Guidance – as reflections and memories and at times random memories can flit through our consciousness and sometimes so brief we may not even realise this is part of this grief and sadness release – all depending on how much one has processed a situation or with a person time and time again

There is a great beauty in all of our life experiences. Although you feel sad and down at times, Spirit is reminding you that this is what can facilitate your greatest growth and evolution, both as a soul and as a human being. You are truly being watched over at this time. Don’t fear the darkness within. Remember, without the darkness there can be no light. This is the time for quiet reflections and inner exploration. Through it, you will discover your Light and know what needs to be changed so that you may live a more authentic life.

Energetically, your life is ready to move in a new direction, but you have to allow for this to happen. Have you noticed that you do the same things each day-that you’ve fallen into a routine? It’s time to break free from the daily patterns you have created in your life. It’s time to be spontaneous. When you do this, you open your energy to the possibilities of something new and revive your passion for living. The energy of the Universe is ready to flow and by consciously breaking free of the routines and patterns you have created in your life, you allow space for the NEW and DIFFERENT to manifest.

A Universal energy is moving through your life and your inner being right now. While this energy sets all matters of the physical world into proper order, it also serves to bring a deeper, more profound feeling of contentment and inner happiness. Be conscious of whether or not you are open to allowing this energy to flow. This is a lot of good coming your way-especially happiness. Also note the the golden ripples that emanate outwards. This shows that your energy shift will have a positive and uplifting effect on others as well.

Life is all about balance and this card is here to help you create more balance in all aspects of your life: work and play, relationship time and alone time, social time and quiet meditation, physical activity and rest, giving and receiving, feminine energy and masculine energy. Balancing out each aspect of your life will enable you to give your energy to the world in a much more grounded and centered way.

Part 2

Well a day ago (when I was ‘taken’ out all day) I started feeling the zero point energy start to come through!

It is a transition and it has been said it will be around the 21st of June AEST that this will ‘be here’…

So with the reflections and grief/sadness releasing collectively of all facets vibrating (and all other updates shared this Month) comes the cross-over of the zero point energies…and I will continue to be here as a Rainbow Bridge during this transition!

So please know this HAS STARTED to come through already!
THREE CROSSES, related to the biblical ‘Father, Son and Holy Spirit’~:
I also saw 3 crosses as well! As recently I shared I saw two, well now its 3! – This is major and not to be missed, just because I have briefly shared about it…as this is humanities resurrection!!! I just have so much else to share right now lol…in case you read something elsewhere related to this, you can link it to the information provided here…

This new zero point energy ‘needs’ to come slowly as this is so magnificent in the inner inner peace and excitement with this, as this is very deeply internal, that we can only handle a little at a time, while also still adjusting to the massive letting go over and over again of layers and levels and ALL FACETS of our Diamond vibrating!

We are unable to change and shift all of our diamond facets all at once! It does take time! I was just saying to Michael (spiritual brother/partner) that right now every day I am changing and it can be moment by moment, all ways I have functioned previously…as it is MULTIDIMENSIONAL changes

Any ‘faster’ and we wouldn’t ‘cope’ basically… I am Beyond inwardly excited to share this with you all…and will share more soon…

I feel so blessed to be here with you all in bringing this through together with you all

I am lovingly gifting this energy update as this is a vital time for humanity with these unique insights and guidance of the DIVINE – that comes through firstly of both Spirit and Soul in 6-7D Human Embodiment and 9D in Spirit as a template, Ascension Pioneer Trailblazer and WaySeer firstly for humanity…

As we are now taking new steps forward in our New Frontiers/New Earth Energies…many changes are taking place…from June 1st, to receive unique energy updates by email to you personally this will be by way of a monthly contribution that I have needed to do, to continue to share all I AM

Further enquiries as to this exchange/contribution can be done so to: [email protected] – much Divine love and Blessings -Anastacia – Blue Beyond Guide

Here is what those who are contributing to receive these personally have to say:

“I feel honoured to be a part of your Ascending Masters Gathering Energy Updates and I feel that it is a part of my journey to continue to receive them as I continue to grow into my Mastership. I feel that the updates assist me in feeling sane, as well as assisting me to interpret my experiences, aha moments, understanding and integrating Universal energies, to be more understanding and compassionate towards others and their unique individual journeys, also understanding my own purpose and journey and to assist me in standing in my own power with more authenticity. I almost forgot to mention the healing received through every update. I look forward to continuing with the updates and I am so extremely grateful to you and all you are & share with us. Infinite love and blessings”

“Bless you and thank you so so much, this update has given me more comfort and healing than I can put into words. Sending you so much love and hugs of appreciation for unconditionally loving and holding us thru thick and thin”

“Oh God my friend, these words you have brought through, are so relevant to what I’m feeling today. So deep and emotional in my human self… very shattering, yes”

I know there is often a LOT of information that I share that afterwards many let me know how they put some together to now form where they are at….so it’s such a blessing to have that Guidance ahead of ‘time’ as I did not have this, what I am sharing and providing for you all…and thats okay, as I am no longer there lol…I am right here with you!

Great and Big Changes are coming and have already started!

You are Masters – You are Ascending – And we are Gathering

As always I am right here with you

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
Ascension Pioneer Trailblazer WaySeer
You are Masters – You are Ascending – And we are Gathering
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available

Anastacia is in Service to humanity and Gaia as an Ascension Pioneer Trailblazer WaySeer – in linking Spirit from 9D to our Soul in 6/7D Human Embodiment – in real-time experience as a template for humanity as a Rainbow Bride for and with ALL of humanity



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