50 ~ Basant Panchami ~ The Key to your Activation Lies Within You ~ TWIN FLAMES REUNION IS IMMINENT

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50 ~ Basant Panchami ~ The Key to your Activation Lies Within You ~ TWIN FLAMES REUNION IS IMMINENT

Right now: Moon at 29°30′ Aries, Sun at 28°38′ Aquarius

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A duck pond and its brood.
Sabian Symbol for 0º Aries

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 0º Aries.

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

Butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.
Sabian Symbol for 29º Aquarius

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 29º Aquarius.


source: www.astrologyweekly.com

-SA Smith

This time of day seems to be the time lately when the energies begin to grow.
We watched the Schumann Resonance react over the last few hours.
But now they are layering in to our atmosphere and beginning to be felt by YOU.
Big Energies again bringing Big Change in your system.
Head pressure,
Limb Pain,
Heart Chakra,
Hot and Cold Fluctuations,
Head in the Clouds feeling,
These are just a few of the symptoms you may experience with this latest wave of energies.🌟
You body is being upgraded and prepared to be able to hold and transmute more energies as you grow and evolve.
It may feel like this is never ending but it’s really just part of our new reality. 🗝
These energies won’t always be this extreme, but they will always be around from this point on, to allow you to grow into the amazing ascended being that YOU truly are!
Breath, Hydrate, Rest and Connect Into YOU. 🌟
The Energies, although not massive, are causing some big Ascension Symptoms right now with the Collective.
Being felt big time right now with the Heart.
A Heaviness of the Chest
Shortness of Breath
A Poking Sensation in the Chest
You Got This!!🌟🌟

Isis Channelings

💛🌻☀️Happy Basant Panchami🌻💛☀️

Today 16 Feb is celebrated as Basant Panchami in India and marks the arrival of Spring . It is dedicated to Goddess Saraswati consort of Brahma , Creator God of the universe for it is she who brings his Creations to Life via the Creative arts and is thus known as the Goddess of Wisdom ( holds the Vedas in her hands), Knowledge , Learning , Skills , Creative Arts and Music ( holds a Veena) . Her mount is the Swan which stands for discernment between right and wrong.
People dress in the colour Yellow as they pay homage to her, Yellow symbolising the New Blossoming of Life as the Mustard Fields are awash with their brilliant yellow blooms and also the time when the Sun’s rays become stronger stiring the Life force energy of Mother Earth and her children.
Goddess Saraswati is one of the TriDevi (Triple Goddesses ) of the Trinity of Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswati.
To New Beginnings, Creativity and Growth…Happy Basant Panchami☀️💛🌻
🌟Energy Update🌟
2.16 Opening the Pleiadian Gates 333
2.23 New Galactic Cycle Starts

Jelelle Awen


Love is IN the air!
Reunions of pair bonds/counterparts are happening at increasingly accelerated rates as the previous veils are lifted and you can see/feel and CLAIM each other again. What once felt like very real and valid reasons to not be together; to be together yet not fully and completely; to not ‘find’ or draw each other in the physical; to have push/pull patterns with each other….these barriers are now being dissolved by the Divine’s all-consuming desire to experience reunion again.
The separations ARE as sacred as the reunions. The separations offer a full landing in self. What is learned and accessed within during this alone time is so precious and important to the transactability of the bond on heart/body/soul/mind levels once you do come together. The deepening of the sacred union within you; the cultivation of connection between your inner masculine and inner feminine; this union within as a temporary experience of an internal ‘opposite’ provides a template for your beloved when they return to you.
If you are currently single, you can trust that the process you are undergoing to heal yourself on all levels, be with the Beloved within, and connect to the Divine AS your Beloved is the most important ground you can navigate in readiness for sacred union with your counterpart. Surrendering the timing of that reunion to the Divine allows for an experience of joy, goodness, and even bliss in that singleness rather than suffering, angst, and pain.
This is the ongoing journey of sacred union…..being invited to LET GO of fear, distrust, wounding, and separation-based relationship templates from 3D. To feel and heal the deep pain of separation within you that we ALL have……the shock that reverberates within our very DNA and at a collective level from that original separation moment from your pair bond, your ‘twin’ and counterpart. The reeling feeling of being ‘cast out’ away from your Beloved at the soul family monad level before you individuate into your Metasoul and the veil of amnesia comes down so that you can truly be an individuated consciousness.
The masculine torn away from his beloved feminine and she from him….seemingly severed in an abrupt way that was so unnatural in the moment…..shocking……and yet completely necessary to the ongoing unfolding of the Divine duality experiment. And then, always seeming to be reaching again for each other with an active ache to BE in that union again….Reeling and reaching in repeated patterns, over and over, lifetime after lifetime….until the ONE lifetime where you choose to truly be together in full conscious commitment and finally complete the cycle of reeling and reaching.
THIS lifetime is the one that many pair bonds are choosing to come back together in the physical again. The ultimate reason is always for the service of love and to/with the Divine. It is not for ego reasons at the 3D level or even for the gratification of the individuals, although it is very nourishing to both. It is during this time of Humanity’s Ascension, during this Dark Night moving into the Light of Day, during this time of Matrix collapse to finally be free again…..this is the NOW for which pair bonds are most needed to be again in union.
If you have chosen for this reunion experience as deeply connected to your service of love here and the primary WAY for which you will serve the Divine, you have probably felt the call to sacred union reunion for most of your life and felt your counterpart ‘with’ you in a deep way, even if you have not met yet in this life. You may experience this as a deep sense of missing something and that you are not quite ‘complete’ even as you may experience great fulfillment and self-love/worth in being by yourself.
Jelelle Awen

Free Awesome Energy Surge will Boost Your Body and Soul, Feb 17th

Hey, you’re already signed up for this one.
It’s a cosmic bonus for all of humanity, the whole planet, this Wednesday.

(Dare I sound a little odd? Perhaps, according to old paradigms.)

My friends and I have been feeling shifts of energy in ourselves for months if not years. Sometimes electrical tingling sensations, or a tremor in one ear or elsewhere, or a high-pitched hum, a fatigue when there’s no good reason for it, or feeling spacy, altered in a new way.
We have felt any number of new vibrations.
Maybe you have, too?

Certainly hospital nurses, EMTs,  policemen and women have always observed the way behaviors are heightened and challenges are amplified during the full moon energy.
These shifts of energy are not brand new to us.
Some of us feel them more than others.

If Wednesday February 17th 2021 feels odd, different, extra emotional or amazingly peaceful, you will know it is simply an energy adjustment.
For we are electrical beings, and the whole universe is electrical.

I heard about this upcoming event from my friend Dr. James Martin Peebles, who says:

You are one big beautiful family upon the earth, God bless you indeed.
We love you so very much.
There is coming upon the earth in this year of 2021 on the day of February 17th an electrical charge of energy that is going to drive the planet in a new direction.
It’s going to be a surge of energy that is going to be quite powerful.

And it may have you feeling giddy and happy and laughing hysterically, or you may find that you are, if you will, getting angry or upset about things that you never would have been upset about before.
It will be a drive of energy that is coming to the earth that will bring you, if you will, to the surface of yourself.

Pay attention on that particular day.
It is not something that is, if you will, a bad time at all.
It’s going to be intense but not bad.
And it’s going to sometimes, for some of you, feel as if you’ve just stuck your finger into an electric socket or something like that.
But for others it’s going to be a time period of absolute stillness and peace. And you’re going to wonder why it’s so quiet, is this the calm before the storm?

You’re going to experience it in a wide variety of ways, but all of you are going to experience it on an intense level. And if you are aware of it, then it won’t have to be so, if you will, difficult to go through.

Take a nice deep breath and especially on that particular day.
On February 17th you awaken and you certainly sit in your bed and just say, “Good morning February 17th. I invite the energy in. I’m excited to learn from it. I want to find my freedom and flight of soul.”
And you relax, release, and surrender into the day, and take it slowly.

Walk through your day carefully, paying attention to the little, if you will, bits and pieces and guidance that you get.
If you are to turn left or eat an egg or do something different, go ahead and follow that guidance, my dear friends. That is the universe saying it’s time for a shift here.
It’s going to feel a little awkward. It’s going to be like learning to walk for the first time, in many respects.

So remember also to walk and traipse carefully upon the earth. Be aware of your feet, be aware of your surroundings, be aware and wake up in that moment.

In that moment, my dear friends, always remember to shine your light brightly.
Bring your light to the surface.

Feel it there in your gut. That is where you incarnate, there in your solar plexus.
Then you rise up into the heart with your truth and then it comes up into the area of your brain which then drives your mouth and your arms and legs to do the things that it does to bring your truth out into the world, to express it in a wide variety of ways, through words, through tasks, through vibrations that you bring to the surface on behalf of yourself and others.

Remember that what you want to bring now is just pure light to the surface.
You are white light my dear friends, that’s what you are. You just forgot.

Bring that light to the surface.
Allow it to pour out from you, from your heart.
Allow it to be the current upon which every word out of your mouth rides.
Feel it coming out of every pore of your body.
Feel the largeness of yourself.   

You are beyond the surface of your skin. You are indeed.
You are connected to the universe.
You are white light.
Bring that light into your body, to the surface.
Let it pour out of your hands.

Be aware of that very fact, especially on February 17th, my dear friends.
Be aware of the fact that you are pure light.

As you do this you will help to raise the vibration of the planet Earth.
You will be turning on the light very, very, brightly.
And the planet Earth will make its transition to this new place of understanding much more easily.

There will be some turbulence in the oceans as the planet shifts.
Because there’s really going to be a physical transformation on the earth, within humanity, within the planet herself.
She’s starting to feel much more comfortable and she wants to thank you all so very much for the things that you do, the little acts of kindness that make her feel more, if you will, whole.
She’s settling in.
So there will be some shifts energetically upon the Earth.
There will be little tremors in the Earth itself, but it’s her, settling in, getting more comfortable.

The above is a continuous transcript from Dr. Peebles Speaks – February 10, 2021 (26:40 to 31:28 of this hour-long MP3, which includes meditations and insights).

He also says:
Following your heart is the only way to go in these coming days, weeks, months, years … coming from your heart, speaking your truth if you know it, and speaking it with love, God bless you.

He recommends during the next two weeks, spend some time barefoot on the Earth to discharge excess static energies from our feet and hands, to help us get through this high-energy adjustment.
(Stay well-hydrated, I’d like to add. If you can’t put your feet outdoors, plain cement on the ground floor is a good choice.)

He goes on to discuss the economy and other changes in the coming months and years.
We have a fresh opportunity to put our fondest wishes and goals into action this Spring.
What does our world look like on the other side of this pandemic?
Bright and loving.

For this week’s material and all of Dr. Peebles’ wise and loving messages, I send deepest gratitude to him and to Summer Bacon, who is one of the most accurate and clear trance mediums in the world.

I’ve been listening, learning, and appreciating both of them since 2004.

Let’s talk about it. Feel free to comment below.

Check out the MP3 Dr. Peebles Speaks – February 10, 2021

Hang in There, Relax, Release, and Love, says Dr. Peebles
More Beautiful Calm Inspiration from Brilliant Dr. Peebles
Get More Free Insights from Peebles, Feel Good Now
On this blog, search “self healing” and/or “meridian tapping” to relieve discomforts.


source: https://joystreamhealth.wordpress.com/2021/02/13/free-awesome-energy-surge-will-boost-your-body-and-soul-feb-17th/


– Pars Kutay

There are sufficient numbers of Earth BEings holding sufficient LIGHT for our movement forward into complete Sovereignty NOW…
and We will BEgin seeing Evidence of this once we expect to see it and keep an eye out for it.
This is indeed that Time we have prepared for… as we sit some Moments in seeming darkness… not knowing what is next… that most Empowered and Courageous aspect of our Lives comes to the Fore.
This is the Moment when We Affirm within every Cell of our body that We are always Abundantly provided for… including our Well-BEing and Safety.
The most Powerful thing We can do right NOW is to BE PATIENT while things are Unfolding for us as part of the Divine Plan.
With Sacred LOVE of ONE
Illuminate Love & Light ❤
As you align to the Greater Knowing of your Mission
As you Awaken & Transform Light
To see the Heart of others in Conflict, the opportunity for Resolution of Light
To see the Global Awakened Community Expanding as 3D Conflicts Dissolve
The Alignment of Light as a Priority for all of Humanity to Evolve
To ultimately SEE the Alliance of ALL
Like NOAH and his ARK, Your Role is to collectively assist those Reach your Enlightened ARK.
To be a Wayshower for Humanity 🙏
A Wayshower of Light
To see Challenges and Obstacles as a necessary part of Awakening Light


As the ebbs and flows of your reality align with the Highest Will of Light.
We send Peace to the greater Knowing of your Mission.
The Mission of Light 🙏
To see challenges as part of your Expansion.
Peace and resolution with every being xo
Love for your day Global Family❤🌏❤
Karen Lithika

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Blue Ray Starseed Transmission



58 minutes ago

Divine intervention is rushing in to remove remaining past life and genetic karma, to close all former timelines. Those cyclical cycles have ended. The DNA upgrades are rapidly removing any distortions within. It’s requiring a mental and emotional detox to rise to the surface, now through the Virgo Full Moon.

You may receive communication that triggers financial fears, and fear of change, bringing lack programming to the surface. Allow these fears to rise and transmute for your purification ( I personally find EFT helpful ). This is all for you to rise into the most stable financial and secure position, with emotional fulfillment.

We are being called to trust in our own alchemical birthrights of Creation. You have already manifested your harvest of abundance, that will soon be ripe.

This is a destined day of judgements and justice through the Light of Creator, who is redeeming us. This judgement is over the devil who uses the jezebel to attack the Brides and Bridegroom’s of Christ. God put a final end to that story today- game over. The wheel of destiny has already turned into the new cycle of the Holy Grail.

Align emotions with logic today. Apply logic to remove the emotional ego. Apply emotional nurturing and self care when the mind is spiralling into ego fears. Remember what is real is your reality in this moment of now, reading this message. I love you.

We are experiencing the final death of the ego. Release and let go. Neutrality has commenced for us, and the ancestral bloodline of Christ, the House of Israel.


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source: https://www.youtube.com/c/CarolynKundaliniTwinFlames/community



Energy Up Date Jan-Feb 2014
by Alaenura
The Key to your Activation Lies Within You
Your Body Is a Star -Gate
A Conduit Between Our Earth and The Stars
Activation is taking place
Cosmic Rays are Distilling Our Entire Being
And The Earth is Reminding us Who we are and Who we are Not…
This is Creating a Complete Re=Set and Re=Calibration within and with out…
Some people are having to slow down to Feel and Re-callibarate
Much is being Asked to Step Down,Old Identities, Roles Governments and Rigid Concepts in how we perceive our reality.
This is the Process of Creating the New World and The New You.
We will leave Much Behind ~ This process amy seem fraught with Resistance ~ I Suggest Positive Action by Trying what you would normally have resisted….
There is a Rapid Flux Occurring which may feel un-settling
Remember to Breathe ~ through each moment by moment
The Breath Enhances Our Well Being…Through Rapid Shifts…
Let it Be
We are simply required to be here NOW ~ Open and Receptive
To Allow This Quantum Re- Calibration to Occur
I Urge you to Be Gentle with your Self
Take Cleansing Baths and Take time to sit in your “Sweet Spot”
Preferably Some where in Nature
As Remnants of Our Old Skins continue to Be Stripped Away as we move towards the end of the Chinese year of the Snake
We Continue to Bring the Darkness into the Light
We Find the Key
WE Become Whole
Remember to hold the Light when Transmuting the Shadow
Your Becoming is Here
So Let it Be
Art Work – Autumn Skye
Lunar Aspects. Sun in Aquarius square Sedna in Taurus and semi-sextile Ceres in Pisces – An impatient Aries Moon triggers the Pluto-Eris square where we may feel tired of waiting for things to change; tired of the power games, negativity, corruption and things that are just plain wrong in the world. As the Sun squares Sedna, it may seem easier to cut off, turn the heart to a stone that sinks into depths far away from pain, sadness and despair. But Mother Ceres reaches out with a quiet caress and reminds us that all is not lost. Her tender love thaws frozen feelings, transmuting pain into art, sorrow into song.
It’s okay to take time out from life’s troubles. Take a bath, add a little salt, wash your aura clean or, visualise floating in the ocean or in space, the light of a billion stars reflected above you. You are a unique soul connected to all things. Let yourself be comforted. Even if we are not all in the same boat, we are all under the same sky. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.
Degrees and Times
Sun 27°Aq33′, Sedna 27°Ta33′ – 00:32 (UT)
Moon, Eris 23°Ar34′ – 14:17 (UT)
Moon 25°Ar41′, Pluto 25°Cp41′ – 18:32 (UT)
Sun 28°Aq18′, Ceres 28°Pi18′ – 18:33 (UT)
source: LeahWhiteHorse.com
Painting – ‘Sailing off the Coast’ by Martin Johnson Heade
Kin 64 ~ Yellow Crystal Seed
‘Crystal’ is the name for the number twelve and it’s key words are ‘Cooperate, Dedication and Universalize.’ Crystal days are great for getting together in groups, finding your people and working in teams. This teaches us that we do not have to struggle alone on our journey, that others are facing the same challenges. By supporting one another and sharing our experiences, we can then progress down our path a little easier.
Today is Yellow Seed, key words associated with it are ‘ Awareness, Targeting and Flowering’. These days are great for sharing knowledge and sowing awareness. As it is a ‘Crystal’ day, it is a perfect combination for sharing wisdom. Get together with others and exchange information, teach others skills you have acquired or share teachings you have found helpful. Engage in lively debate or watch a good documentary with friends.
Today’s Guide is Yellow Warrior, so allow the energies of the warrior to help guide you through the day…warrior asks a lot of questions and represents ‘intelligence’. Make it your quest today to gather information and learn as much as you can.
The Challenge of the day is White Wizard, so if you are a Wizard you may find it hard to gather the information you need. Your charm won’t get you very far today, your best bet is to hang out with others and listen to the wisdom they have to share.
The Occult power is the Red Earth which symbolizes ‘Evolution’ . Expect magical evolution today and so any discussion on Occult issues can have a real impact. If you are going to share wisdom today, make sure it is about magic!
The Ally is the Blue Eagle which sees things from a higher perspective. If you need help and support today consult an Eagle. If you are one, offer friendship today to those struggling, they could do with your vision.
Today is a Portal day which means all the energies of the day are amplified!


12 KAN – KIN 64
16 FEBRUARY 2021
I dedicate in order to target
Universalizing awareness
I seal the input of flowering
With the Crystal tone of co-operation
I AM guided by the power of intelligence
I AM a Galactic Activation Portal
16/2/2021= 7/2/5 = 7/7=14=5
16-The TOWER struck by Lightning/Set backs
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/initiation/Solitude
5- FREEDOM/LIBERATION/Change/Transformation
We are now entering a very fertile period for launching and intiating new ideas, projects and plans and stepping up as a DIVINE SOVEREIGN LEADER👑 in partnership with HEAVEN. 🎆
KIN 64 =10 = 1 10 Manifestation/Leadership/New beginnings
KIN 64 – the number 64 is a prevalent code in the elemental foundation of who we are. We have 64 codons in our RNA genetic code, 64 hexagrams in the mystical I Ching founded on the 8 x 8 Bagua elements which are the Universal building blocks of creation forming matter. The 6 represents Heaven energy and the 4 is the structure or foundation. So 64 seems to define our DIVINE foundation. The building block upon which we GROW!
And so KIN 64 – the Yellow Crystal Seed 💎🌾is a very significant marker, opening a powerful DIVINE portal (GAP day)💥 to this next stage of our Planetary evolution in SEEDING our Crystalline New beginnings.
Day 12 in the RED SKYWALKER 🚶WAVESPELL of AWAKENING, exploration and expansion. Today we SEED the HIGHER potential for humanity, as we UNIVERSALIZE AWAKENING and our future EXPANSION which has been coded in our DNA. Within our Divine blueprint we can EVOLVE to our Golden Sophia/Christed HU-MAN cell-ves.
CRYSTAL💎 – Tone 12 in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – universalizes, POWER – dedicates, ESSENCE – cooperation. Your telepathic skills and communication pathways are FULLY OPEN and conducting massive codes today.
The CRYSTAL tone 12 is the highest level of the mind (MENTAL realm) The other two MENTAL tones are tone 4 Self-existing and tone 8 Galactic.
At the CRYSTAL level of MIND we have the capacity to co-operate, or operate with other minds. Just as a crystal can be programmed, so too can we program our minds on this day. So focus on the CRYSTAL clarity of our minds today through the power of co-operation with others. Thus we create telepathic links in our communication grids allowing for cooperative thoughts, ideas and inspiration to flow. The CRYSTALLINE tone seeks to CONNECT with others, through networking, co-operation, co-creating and forming new co-operative alliances. Creating common-unities will also be strongly favoured. 👫👬👭🌐
The CRYSTAL 💎 energy is brilliant for gaining crystal, clear, clarity and guidance for your next steps forward. Communication and networking flows. Information from Spirit and all realms flows, freely accessible by all of the new CRYSTAL beings connected to GAIA’s crystalline communication grid!
Tune your channel into GAIA/s Planetary Grid today –
❓❓what is being transmitted and what do you seek to broadcast through this network?
Many souls will be majikally AWAKENING today through this superconductivity of Universal Awakening charge!💥
CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW SEED 🌱🌾 KAN A seed is a packet of genetic potential which has the ability to GROW into a MIGHTY tree.🌲 It INHERENTLY knows how to GROW and can work with other elements in order to grow to its greatest potential. Everything we require to grow to our greatest potential is already INSIDE us and has been planted there by our creator.
✨We are already WIRED for future success! ✨✨
So today we are very focused on how we can best GROW in order to fully FLOWER.🌻 In order to bloom🌼 we must have FERTILE soil and ideal growing conditions, which include love, support, resources and companionship. When we plant our unique seed in a field of seeds, we benefit from the protection from the wind, elements and predators as there is “safety” in numbers. The survival of a community has always been easier when individuals band together for the benefit of the whole. As the whole field blossoms 🌻🌻🌻the display is absolutely SPECTACULAR – which is indicative of the influence many MINDS can have as they join together to cocreate.
As a greater number of souls AWAKEN each day and seek to contribute to the greater plan for humanity, the beneficial effects for our planet will be exponential. This GREAT AWAKENING👁👁 commenced in 2020 and 2021 is heralding our final LIBERATION into the LIGHT. Today is a significant SPRING board for humanity’s blossoming. 🌏🌸🌼🌺🌷
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW CRYSTAL WARRIOR 🌈🏹 CIB possesses the power of a very finely tuned MIND to FOCUS on what is needed to move forward. The WARRIOR fearlessly QUESTIONS what is, in order to evolve to something better. Coupled with the CRYSTAL tone of the mental realm, this brings us the highest INTELLIGENCE to fearlessly question, choosing something BETTER for our-cell-ves and our planet. The courageous WARRIORS🏹🗡 of the RAINBOW🌈 are on a Mission to SEED this new AWAKENING to the rainbow qualities of the New Earth, forging the new path as the Wayshowers and Sovereign leaders that they came here to be.
Both the SEED and the WARRIOR are THE most focused energies that we have in the Dreamspell, so this is a highly potentised, focused energy, pin-pointing its way to full UNIVERSAL AWAKENING. The YELLOW tribes are the “Ripeners” which is perfectly utilized in this QUEST. Combining this with the Crystal tone is like amplifying this LIGHT spectrum through a prism. All the rainbow colours are reflected and amplified in full glory. 💎🌈
The CRYSTAL SEED is FOCUSED on bringing many together to fearlessly QUESTION, the highest potential of our-cell-ves, to co-create the NEW TIME. ⏳🌈
SUPPORT: BLUE EAGLE 👁– MEN perfectly supports this brilliant AWAKENING code today. The CRYSTAL EAGLE has the BEST VISION of any EAGLE. He can fully focus and adjust his VISION to any degree needed from the micro to the macro lens. His can also focus his CRYSTAL lens anywhere in the time/space continuum, thanks to his added SKYWALKER multidimensional powers. The CRYSTAL EAGLE provides us with the ability to fly far ahead and ENVISION our future. Revealing the wondrous opportunities and pathways, that we could ever imagine in our own MIND. So make sure you make use of this brilliant power of prophecy and forecasting today.🔮
BLUE EAGLE holds the coding for PLANETARY MIND and today the collective mind has been retuned through the Crystalline Grid💎🌐 to a new OPERATING SYSTEM.💿💻.
Valentine’s day💕 anchored a new foundation of DIVINE LOVE💞 in GAIA/s meridians and Planetary DNA, through the RED EARTH support that day.
✨✨Our PLANETARY MIND is now rewired and running the DIVINE PROGRAM 🕊from the new SUPERCOMPUTER 💻– the QUANTUM DIVINE LOVE COMPUTER is now transmitting through our CRYSTAL GRID!✨✨
Collectively as we unite our MINDS to reveal solutions, we can hold a co-creative VISION that uplifts us and helps us surge forward, at an accelerated growth spurt! When creative minds merge to co-create, we can better understand and know the bigger picture of what co-creation is all about. We then have greater potential to harness that energy to accomplish that greater VISION that we are collectively manifesting.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED LUNAR EARTH 🌍 CABAN In the RED SKYWALKER wavespell we are reaching for the SKY! However YELLOW SEEDS can often become stagnant, water logged, dry up or simply GIVE UP and fail to sprout, GROW, or reach their potential. It takes focused energy and courage to take risks, observe and follow the signs, and push through any resistance that presents on our preferred path. Lunar Earth is challenging us to go with the FLOW – seek the easier path – go around the blockage.. if the rock is too solid, send your shoots around the obstacle.. do not yield to the darkness and pressure. You have all it takes within you to overcome any challenges to AWAKENING to your true destiny.
In order to grow tall and strong 🌲we must go DEEP, as we ground our roots into Mother Earth. We must be receptive in our capacity to connect with and listen to Mother Earth, to be sensitive to her currents, the seasons and her cycles. We need to anchor our consciousness into Gaia’s crystal heart, the core of her being as we become ONE with her pulse and her heartbeat. We must listen for the signs of synchronicity that anchor our capacity to flow, to be aware of the synchronic order of perfect timing. The SIGNS will reveal the best path to take, and the best souls to cocreate with, in order to manifest the highest outcome for all.
LOOK for the SIGNS. 👁👁🏳
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE CRYSTAL WIZARD – IX challenges us today to co-operate with others with a highly RECEPTIVE mind, being open and willing to receiving information and frequency into the mind, from many different worlds and other minds in a non-judgemental way. Putting our egoic minds aside, aligning with the higher Planetary MIND of BLUE EAGLE and DIVINE MIND, in order to access all that is available from the unconscious dreaming realms, where there are no doors or limiting energies for our minds. Instead of focusing on our own mind, we need to UNITE and cocreate with other MINDS.
The CRYSTAL WIZARD is indeed very powerful, having tremendous clarity and IN-SIGHT through his CRYSTAL scrying BALL 🔮 and Majik Crystal Wand, adding to the amazing gifts and blessing of today’s codes. When many Wizards UNITE as ONE, instead of seeking self-aggrandisement, then GREAT THINGS CAN HAPPEN.. 💥 OPEN your MIND today, to receive the endless data, codes and information available to EVOLVE.
Today’s question is “How can I cocreate with like MINDED souls in order to fearlessly SEED our greatest potential, personally and collectively?”
Divine blessings for the SEEDING of grand new potentials for our-cell-ves and our planet.🌈🌍🌺
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌈🌏

Lee Parore

 is with

Camilla Graf


Mission Possible
Royal KISS
Inter-face CROWNING
Holy Union
Polaris North STAR
Recalibration in LOVE
CODED frequency SEAL
Living LIGHT
Mother Father Child
Conductive FIRE
Draco-Hydra SEEDING
Back to Andromeda
Hieros Gamos
HARMONIC Quantum-Field
Resurrection CREATION-Grid
Fantom – Masquerade Dissolve
Annunaki Repentance
LOVE transmutation FLAME
Golden Fleece Overlay
Inner-Smile Implosion
Beings NOW knowing
INVOCATION: Thou Mighty, All-Pervading Presence! Thou All-Pervading “I AM”! We
give praise and thanks for the happiness pervading those under this Radiation. We
give praise and thanks that the Simple Key to Perfect Happiness may be given to
bless and to anchor these Children of God into their own firm Dominion. We give
praise for the harmony maintained within each student, and that they feel the
necessity to continue it. We give praise that “I AM” everywhere present, controlling
every outer activity and bringing it into Perfection.
I bring Greetings to you always.
That which everyone seeks is happiness, sometimes called bliss, and yet many who
have sought so earnestly have unknowingly continued to pass by the key to this
The simple key to Perfect Happiness and its inherent sustaining power is Selfcontrol and Self- correction. This is so easy to accomplish when one has learned he
is the “I AM Presence” and Intelligence controlling and commanding all things.
Surrounding each individual is a thought-world created by him or her. Within this
thought-world is the seed, the “Divine Presence,” the “I AM,” which is the only
acting Presence there is in the Universe, and which directs all energy. This energy
can be intensified beyond any limit through the conscious activity of the
The “Divine Presence” within is likened unto the pit or seed of a peach; the
thought-world around It unto the pulp of the peach. The pulp represents not only
the thought-world created by the individual, but also the Universal Electronic
Substance, ever present, waiting to be acted upon by the conscious determination
of the individual—to be precipitated into his visible use as the form of whatsoever
he may desire.
BENEDICTION: Thou Great Happiness-the Mighty Presence and Power which “I
AM”11 qualify Thee to go forth in the hearts of mankind, anchoring there and filling
their minds, bodies and homes, filling them with Thy Great Happiness. Open the
door of their consciousness so that the Mighty Power which “I AM” can come forth
in Full Perfection. O Mighty Presence! Hold the Children of Light, the
Individualities of God, hold them close in Thy Embrace, letting Thy Quality flow
forth in their command, filling them with Thy Great Peace. O Mighty Presence of
Justice! Enter in and reign in all official places. Let the destructive intent of
mankind be revealed, that it may be cast out and be consumed. Let the Fullness
and Power of Thy Radiant Light enfold all, and Thy Glorious Transcendent Light fill
all places.

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