Multidimensional Shifts Inward and Outward

Multidimensional Shifts Inward and Outward

By Lisa Gawlas, 01/22/2017

Wild! Wild! Wild!!  I knew there was going to be some sort of shift in the field when I reconnected yesterday, but man oh man, much more than I could have ever really even dreamed, and barely understood.  Let me tell ya, it really does take a village to just understand things!  Today, that understanding is just barely!

Before I get into all that, let me tell you how and why I share.  I literally roll out of bed, grab my coffee and put together as much coherent information as I am capable of each day, from the readings and from my own personal understandings and whatever else drops in as I write.  I am in no way even attempting to be grammatically correct, at all.  That would create too much thought in a place I am not giving energy to first thing in the morning.  Many times, I leave out words I hear my head, they seem to miss getting thru my fingers, not on purpose, but by the time I hit publish, I need to leave the house to go do readings and I hit the abc button to fix whatever wordpress picks up to fix.  So, please forgive me for placing my focus on the information I am Multidimensional Shiftstrying to string together instead of proper or perfect english.  I don’t speak that way, I sure as hell ain’t gonna type that way.  Thank you for enduring Lisa-eese!!   

Let me tell ya, when my first reading showed up, I was just confused.  OK, that really is my natural state of being every day, but some days, I am more confused than others!  Yesterday was one of those days.  Not only did the emerald city shift in a way I did not expect (silly me, still anticipating what a shift will look like or produce) but so did the earth realm too.

Prior to yesterday, the emerald city itself unfolded out my front door over the side parking lot about 15-20 feet above ground.  When we would look direct at gaia;s field, it was more towards the marina, viewed from above way down thru the parking lot, catty corner from the building.  So yesterday when the two appeared to be sitting on top of each other, I wasn’t even sure where I was any longer.  The emerald city or on earth?

Well, as it was presented thru every reading yesterday the emerald city is now sitting at the north pole of earth.  Due north not magnetic north.  From what I now understand, many of the readings leading up to yesterday, often showed something dangling down from the emerald city towards the realm of gaia,, creating an energy field that sent pure energy from the emerald city to start to integrate into the earth realm.  Well, all that also created a quadrant of “airspace” sealed by a membrane, or dimensional fold, so that the energy only flows one way, out to gaia and is a wide, cylinder shape.  Much higher than round at this point… but even that is changing, expanding.

So my first reading was with a divine pair, which added to my confusion (hey, I am easily confused with one person lol) because there they were, like two kids in a playground, sitting on this golden domed monkey bar:

I couldn’t find a gold one in my google search, also their intersecting bars did not have big connectors that I could like the white things in this image.  It all flowed together, not one bar was separate from the other and the patterns the bars made were much more intricate and different designs, like nothing I had seen before.  However, that said, I have seen thru the readings over the years, this type of tool, spiritual tool presented in readings before.

Actually, everything I had seen yesterday, I had seen at one time or another thru the  years.  With that, spirit is currently saying, reminding us they give us the tools and abilities we have perfected years before they actually connect with earth plane, so we can master them and allow them to change into enhanced tools.

My beautiful man and lady were sitting towards the back of the left side of the monkey bar, feet swinging inwards and outwards towards center.  Each on their own bar, but next to each other.  I could see tiny little molecules coming out of the bottom of their feet as they were swinging them to and fro, what their team related to being like stem cells.  Pure energy without assignment… yet.

My brain is scrambling to figure out where the hell they are??  I know the earth signature when I connect to it, I knew they were sitting on top of the earth, the emerald city signature changed, which of course, added to my confusion.  And I swear, spirit sits on the other side of their veil, a bucket of popcorn in their hand watching the comedy show called Lisa trying to understand what she is seeing.  I swear they just let me fumble around for their own amusement!

It eventually was made clear that the monkey bars is their current tool set within the emerald city.  The emerald city is now parked an energy wedge above the north pole.  The north pole is like an intake valve directly connected to the south pole of the sun.


Her team explained that if the earth or sun never moved, the alignment would be constant.  Multidimensionally speaking, it is constant.  Then they showed something that looked a little like this, replace the moon  with the emerald city.  I added a yellow and white core thru the earth from the north pole down thru to the south, acting like a sprinkler system thru the core, releasing particles of energy brought in from the emerald city thru the magma, the water, the dirt, and so on around the core of the earth outwards.

Keeping in mind, in my visuals, in my layout of how it all works, the central sun, the place where pure energy is released thru spirit comes from the inner part of our sun.  So in this shift the central sun is feeding directly into the emerald city and her inhabitants (ummm, us) and the outer part of the sun is feeding gaia.  We are taking the pure energies from spirit and changing them into usable energies for all of gaia. Talk about being a true and living alchemist!!

Back to my divine pair!  I could not see any part of their body outside of the monkey bars, so truly I seen them from their hips to their feet.  It was explained that as we transition into this new position, they are using what we once knew as our root chakra to release the energies, it is not time, yet, to see or understand the upper body.  Pesky!!

As I watched the energies bounce around inside this golden monkey thing, some of these stem cell like energy molecules would bound up and hit a cross-section of the monkey bar (where those white things are) and suddenly the nucleus became charged, producing an intense energy field inside and then was sucked down thru the north pole.  It was explained we do not have to understand the change in energies because it is intelligent and is working for the greater all of Gaia.  However, what they is naturally doing for the greater all, they can also do for their personal creations and know what intersections are producing what in their own creation, vital, if they choose.  The choice is always, ours.

I am being prompted to explain why we are calling this amazing place the emerald city.  We could very well call it the garden of eden 2.0 or even the kingdom of god, however, either one of those names would only serve to bring in religious context and assumptions and we want to keep this pure, clear, untainted by anything from our past (mis)perceptions.  Equally, the story of the wizard of oz is much more accurate.  Being blown of our your 3D life, landing in the field that connects to the emerald city, having to find your way home while dropping all perceived beliefs and understandings given to you along the way to wake fully up and realize YOU have always been the great wizard (god) using both matter and energy to create and uncreate.  Even that yellow brick road was a spiral not a straight path, connecting human and soul together as one in the emerald city.

So my second lady… again, I have seen this visual in years gone by, so I slightly understood it, minus the fact it is now working with the pure emerald city energies.

There she was, in this huge, easy 15 feet high, stringed oil lamp.  She was on the inside, hanging onto a string, in an outfit that looked like a ballerina radiating elegance and grace in her movements.

Much like my first reading, all the drips of oil constantly flowing downward were all the same color/frequency, opaque.  The liquid at the bottom was automatically pulled into Gaia’s realm thru the north pole.

Then the next thing I see is her leaping from the string she was holding into, to one across the way, the very moment she landed on this other string, energy bolts were created and energized all the drops at the bottom of this lamp thing of hers, changing the output going into gaia.  I could only smile when she said she really does work with essential oils.  Now, her job is to create new essences, redefine old ones, for the new body template as well as the new, merging fields of the emerald city and gaia.

Over the last several years, again, thru the readings, spirit has asked you to make new the astrology, the numerology, the various essences (to include crystals) and plant life.  We know it for the old body but few understand the new and none of it will work the same because nothing is the same as it was.

And then my third lady showed up and I swore I broke something in my vision.  I could see her, but also, the monkey bars from the first reading, laid on top or is thru the monkey bars was the oil lamp and then my 3rd lady was peddling about lets say 6 inches (going to scale of my vision) outside at the midway point of the oil lamp. counter-clockwise.

Hey, its confusing enough just looking and trying to understand your imagery without bringing in everyone else’s!! Jezuz!!!  However, after some serious bitching on my part, it was explained that this is how multidimensionality really works and is seen and experienced by spirit.  Not singularly like I tend to see on the field or in life, but all at once, often times in the same place, harmoniously together.

So there was my lovely lady, riding a two-wheeled bicycle counter-clockwise just outside of the other visuals.  The green frame of the bike was the energy that is the emerald city, depicting the balance she maintained in the work she was doing.  The counter clockwise peddling was showing an opening and expansion in the field, the plane of existence that is the emerald city.  When I seen her complete a full circle around, suddenly she jogged out another few inches and started peddling again, more expansion, more openings.  I suddenly seen these strings that reminded me of anchors, but spirit said they are not anchors, more like fishing line and hooks that would drop down into the belly of Gaia with each completed circle and tug her slightly upwards.  Increasing her vibration, her energy and pulling her out of the swamp (smile, wink.)

My fourth lady, again keeping everyone’s imagery in place, at least, at first connection, was surrounded by these massive trees.  Which, in her actually reality, she is.

The trees in her reading were so very very tall, the tree tops themselves at the highest frequency of the emerald city, the roots deep into Gaia and the trunk was the system that changed the high potent energy from the emerald city into usable energy in gaia thru its pulp and sap systems.  The more I looked at the green tree tops, suddenly they created like a platform and my lady was in the center with something that looked like my massage bongers:

But only one, with a large rubber ball at the end and a flexible center for bonging the tree tops.  Reminiscent of oil lamp lady, the moment she bonged on a tree, the energy changed going down that trunk and moved the roots embedded in gaia to make sure the new energy was going thru and into the quadrants needed, or aligned to that frequency, or both.  Now her trees were on the outer most edge of the energy of the emerald city and yet, moving outwards as bicycle lady enlarged the territory.

As we were finishing up our conversation, spirit spit out “this is the 9th plane of existence.”  WHAT?  What the hell does that mean… dimension??  NO, plane.  Exactly what I (spirit) said, “the 9th plane of existence” and very particularly speaking of the emerald city plane.

I barely had enough time left before my last reading of the day, so I did my ritual smoke to clear her energy from my field of vision and pondered for a moment this 9th plane gig.  Of course I am prompted instantly to google it and I will find insight.  Spirit and google are one!! lol  And I found instantly, something that just hit my core with bells and whistles (not the whole thing, just the God thing.)  “9th dimensional plane: God. Referred to by many, but understood by few. All cultures and beings, be it from our world or others, have this vision. God created all life, so all life lives by him.” 

The kingdom of god and goddesses, me and you.  Not living as a god separate from us that will swoop in and save us, or have a plan that isn’t ours, but WE are the god realm.  We are the planners, the creators, the doers and Beings.  Not sitting back waiting for an outside for to create a plan, to put everything together for us, because WE are doing that for the greater All, together by using the god force in each of our Self’s.  Each one of us is the new messiah (teachers.) each one of us the new buddha who gave up everything to have everything.

Often times, in our very very limited perception of the greater field of life, we want to put a limit on how many dimension exist.  In each plane of existence, they are truly uncountable, so numerous there is no true number to assign in any plane.  So what is referred to by my 4th lady, has nothing to do with dimensions, nor solar systems, nor galaxies, but a plane of spiritual existence we are now turning into matter.

Last, but oohhhh so far from least, my 5th lady of the day.  She is such an important reflection, example for many many people out there.  She was at the corner of my building, outside of course, standing directly in front of the emerald city plane, a crutch under each shoulder, her hair pulled back in a pony tail.  Of course, just like the whole, I was instantly confused.  What ya doing there and why do you have crutches???  Vibrationally her body felt completely in tune with the frequency of the emerald city, yet she could not be absorbed into it due to the crutches.

The crutches reflect to two things, she is extraordinary at creating the tools she needs to get to where she wants to go.  These crutches helped her to hobble to the emerald city gateway.  Hey, whether we walk, run, fly or hobble does not matter at all, for as long as we get to where we are going!!  But now, she must let the perception that she needs these crutches… go.  Until she frees herself from appearing injured or unworthy, she stands at the gateway.

Suddenly my vision shifted from her behind (smile) to in front of her, OMG her heart, there was a golf ball sized faceted emerald that made up her heart center.  Stunning, beautiful, ready… sort of.  She must release the crutches and was given a meditation exercise to do just that.  The moment she fully released on crutch, it turned into golden confetti and suddenly her emerald crystal heart was filled with light from the inside enhancing the facets.  Then, when she released the other crutch, silver confetti and radiance just bouncing from her heart outwards and like a slurpy, she was sucked in thru the membrane of the emerald city.

We have as an absurd idea of how pure we have to be in order to be fully embodied.  Let e use my self as an example of what really does not matter.  I smoke cigarettes daily, eat whatever the hell I want, without judging its ingredients, I take drugs when I need to, drink alcohol when I have the opportunity and cuss like a sailor.  Actually I cuss more since I started doing readings than I ever have before.  I am not held back in anyway, nor am I sick and breaking down physically (expansion symptoms completely aside.)   The only thing that matters, in any way, ever is the emotional field within you.  How you feel about yourself and the world around you.  Judgement will keep you at the doorway of all you desire, even if its your own self you are judging.  So will conditions on what you’re willing to do or not do.  Take the damn pony tail out, let your hair down (her team said those exact words) dare to be fully yoursSelf and enjoy the ride, no crutches needed!!

I am so grateful to have woken up at 4:30 this morning to get every ounce of what I wanted, out.  I will not have a blog out tomorrow, I am going to a new dentist about an hour away to get a CT bone density test for my mouth.  I am determined to get those snap on (mini implants) dentures and be done with the whole teeth and dentist gig in this lifetime.  I am going to Weeki Wachee, FL (weird ass name lol) because they have a denture lab that is very affordable thru all the research I did, without having to go to Mexico.  $175 for this test and they accept carecredit, and I will come home tomorrow with a financial plan in place.  I am keeping my eye on the prize with this and not focusing on how the end result will result.  My appointment is at 7:45 so I will be leaving out at 6:30am.  Hence, no blog!!

I love you all and OMG how you rock my world!!  You really are the rock of ages!!  

Big big ginormous (((((HUGZ)))) to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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