Multidimensional Shifts Inward and Outward

January 23, 2017

Wild! Wild! Wild!! I knew there was going to be some sort of shift in the field when I reconnected yesterday, but man oh man, much more than I could have ever really even dreamed, and barely understood. Let me tell ya, it really does take a village to just understand things! Today, that understanding is just barely!

Before I get into all that, let me tell you how and why I share. I literally roll out of bed, grab my coffee and put together as much coherent information as I am capable of each day, from the readings and from my own personal understandings and whatever else drops in as I write. I am in no way even attempting to be grammatically correct, at all. That would create too much thought in a place I am not giving energy to first thing in the morning. Many times, I leave out words I hear my head, they seem to miss getting thru my fingers, not on purpose, but by the time I hit publish, I need to leave the house to go do readings and I hit the abc button to fix whatever wordpress picks up to fix.