You are currently viewing COSMIC LIGHT WAVE SWEEPS OVER EARTH! Universal Human Consciousness New Blueprints!! The FEMININE Rising Consciousness
Blue Lion King

COSMIC LIGHT WAVE SWEEPS OVER EARTH! Universal Human Consciousness New Blueprints!! The FEMININE Rising Consciousness

COSMIC LIGHT WAVE SWEEPS OVER EARTH! Universal Human Consciousness New Blueprints!! The FEMININE Rising Consciousness


Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Ascending Light Keepers of the White Flame of Resurrection

Happy 223:223 Portal of the Sacred 77!

We have massive energetics flowing in again today from the most High.

The Schumann Resonance of Mother Earth had a huge white spike at an amplitude of 44 hz, 5th Dimensional energies coming in.

Our local Solaris released another series of C Class Solar Flares and a Trinity of M Class Flares today, the most powerful at M1.53 at 6:10 UTC.

Pachamama also received another powerful activation on the ring of fire with a magnitude 6.3 earthquake in Indonesia at 20:02 UTC.

Keep anchoring in the New Codes and Keys deep into the Crystalline Core of Gaia. As she rises we continue to rise with her.

There resides a Mystical Dynamic within the Holy Fire burning within the Threefold Flame of every Living Heart of our Ground Crew Earth Angelics of the 144,000. We came to assist Gaia and all her Children of the Sun to Awaken and Shift this realm into the Paradise she has always evolved to be.

The Blue Lion Nation of the Kingdom of God have Returned and have Risen to transmit the Courage and Power through our Sacred Avatars of Light to fulfill our final missions in this Transformation into the New Human species of Homo-Luminous, Light beings of Eternal Life.

We are in the Quickening of our Great Ascension Process as the Heavenly Manna follows the Path of least resistance directly to the Source of the Fountain of Immortality. This is the Hero’s Journey of Divine Alchemy as we navigate through the valley of the Shadow of death, we fear no evil, for I and my Mother/ Father God are One. Separation was part of the program to experience duality and to experience all aspects of our Infinite multidimensional self and reality as we Now consciously Co-Create the New Heaven upon the New Earth.

Keep going with the flow and Shine your Buddha Mind Brightly into the Elysium Fields Forever….A’Ho!


Right now: Moon at 26°48′ Aries, Sun at 5°14′ Pisces

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A parade of army officers in full dress.
Sabian Symbol for 6º Pisces

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 6º Pisces.

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained.
Sabian Symbol for 27º Aries

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 27º Aries.




Japanese Beetle
Japanese Beetle


We do not have to create the sun in order to see it. We just have to wait until the clouds have gone.
Likewise, we do not have to create emptiness, as it has always been the nature of reality. We just have to get rid of our layers of obscurations that cover our pure awareness, that prevent a nondual experience of reality.
In other words, once these layers of obscurations are gone, one will experience the indivisibility of pure awareness and emptiness.
That is the reason why this primordially pure awareness is also known as buddha nature. Because when you never fall from this state, you are a buddha – you are awake to reality.
~ Chamtrul Rinpoche


primordially pure awareness
primordially pure awareness


As we walk the Earth barefoot We activate our Personal Fields Acupuncture Planetary Telluric Nodal Points & in so doing Hold open Organic Geometric Portals to stars ✨ ⭐️💫
Elysium Fields
Elysium Fields




Whoa, the 222 portal was really powerful. you might still experience quite a lot of pressure within your body, sinuses, head, ear ringing or digestive issues, etc. you might want to eat more as your body is craving for food so it can function with all the high frequency energy that entered during the portal. What I have also noticed during the last few days is that my eyes were really sensitive to light, my ears were more sensitive to sounds, and my body was really tired and wanted/needed more sleep.

It’s no wonder, the energy that was coming/flowing into our systems from the universe was really powerful and high frequency, and it was not easy for the body to deal with it. If you still feel overwhelmed with everything, take some time off and take care of yourself. Go to bed earlier, eat something nourishing, go for a walk, ground yourself, and do all the other things that make you feel better.


Violet Ray
Violet Ray

image by: Violet Flame


💗💗💗💜💜💜💙💙💙 💗💗💗🧿🧿🧿🌟🌟🌟🌠🌠🌠☄️☄️☄️✨✨✨🌈🌈🌈 You are about to receive a manifestation you started over 4 years ago; it is already in the process of coming to life. In order to receive, you need to relax and calm down.
Have you experienced times when you felt restless and worried while waiting for this desire to manifest physically. As you begin to create space in your energy field for greater relaxation and for more soothing frequencies to tap into, those disturbing energies begin to abandon you.
You’re going to experience true relaxation for the first time. That will seem strange, and it might even have the notion that you should be worried about what to do instead that is more beneficial. The solution is to relax; at this point, you need to relax.
The Universe will do something amazing for you, and many opportunities will appear out of nowhere in your life. The blessings you are receiving right now are enormous!
💙 Getting transformation.
💙 Abundance.
💙 Protection.
💙 And strength.


it is Ally Solar Return today 2:23:2023. Let us all wish our beloved Sistar a wonderful birthday!
Feeling called to do a quick share while I am able…
Beginning at the first break of light this morning, the intensity of white Christed LIGHT was palpable.. the bird songs were louder, unique, and more intense than ever…
It all kept building in intensity and my own HEART was vibrating and spinning so fast it was difficult to move. So, I laid in bed taking it all in.
Once I noticed a shift in the uproarious and beautiful bird songs, and I was able to move, I went out to capture a little video to share. It does none of this any justice, but it points to it.
This energy is INTENSE and POWERFUL. This may be bringing up many sensations, thoughts, emotions, physical discomfort, and more.
Please know that this is not a “bad thing.”
Allow yourself to open yourself to as much of this Christed LIGHT as you feel able and allow it to integrate.
Breathe. Rest. Meditate. Hydrate. Soak in waters. Dance. Sing. Chant. Doodle. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.
Today, 2/23/23 is BIG on more levels than we can fully comprehend!
Do not fear. Allow yourself to FEEL HELD. Allow yourself to move more deeply into your HEART. There is nothing else that needs your doing at this moment. Allow yourself to trust that.
Breathe easy… and breathe again… and again…
I so love you!!
Love Is. Love Is. Love Is. ✨🤍✨
God Is. God Is. God Is. ✨🙏✨
Blue Lion King
Blue Lion King


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Ascension Transition 2/22/23 -2/ 23/23 – Massive Jump Gate 💎💞💎💞💎💞

[ Words] New Consciousness – Universal Human Consciousness New Blueprints!!
Re – adjustment Black Hole Systems…
New Galaxies Merkaba Vehicle Bodies Upgrades! Synchronizing With the Galaxies Systems to Restore the Original = New Blueprints Template’s….
Gaia Merkaba Vehicle Upgrades – 12:12 – 10:44 – 144 – 333 Trinity Gates Systems – New Trinity Diamond Merkaba System/ Template’s – 999
162 – 347 – 92 – 61 – 44 – SPIN flux 💎💎💎
We are in Completion of a Old Earth Cycle! Old Software’s Releasing – Collectives Grid Systems Are Moving These Old Systems Out with Grace Ease… For Some 🌺 The More You Hold Resistance Within the Physical Body/ Contracted Heart Fields…. The More the OverSoul will Set Up Multidimensional Contracts to Reconnect = Re – Open the Heart Vortexs… ❤️ Walking Moving the Body to Adjust = Realign The Inner GridWork Within the Quantum Fields/ Diamond Plasma Energy Matrices…. Movement Will Assist with The Whole BIG Picture ( Quantum Diamond Light Plasma Fields Realities) GridWork… Remember Your Realities Project From the Multidimensional Vortexs/ Star Portals/ Star Gates / Diamond Plasma Krystals Within the Physical Body 🎶
We are Walking as The Cathars Colorful Harmonics Once Again 💎🎶💎🎶 – We Hear the Cathars Music 🎶 Harmonics Orchestra OF Gaia Earth/ Aurora Parallel Earth’s/ Eartha / Arcturian Earth/ God Realms Earth / New Atlantis/ New Lemuria Once Again…. Magical 💎 🕊 💎 🕊 💎 🕊 💎 🕊
New Universe HD Vivid Vision
( Major Reconstruction ) – Saturn Makes it Beautiful Curtin Call … Dance with Grace to Your Whole New World… Get Ready to Walk/ Vibrate into Leadership 💎 Soul Mission Roles
You Will Shift Now 🐬🐬🐬 Shift Within!
Massive Solar Activation’s for the Krystalline 222 Aurora Plasma Cosmic Rainbow Ray’s Template’s… 🌈
Remember to See All Frequencies Running in Your Conscious Field ( Bandwidths) to Dismantle the Old Systems… 3D for Some Still & 4D Consciousness Judgement/ Separation Systems for Others!
Many Starseeds Are Expanding Their New GridWork to Open Massive Collectives Aroura Earth Portals Within to Shift a Massive Collectives Grid!!
The Solar Flares/ Astro Gamma Atomic Waves will Continue Until The Spring Equinox…. March 20th – Massive Diamond Plasma Liquid Light/ Hydro Plasma Photonic Light Upgrades… Drink Pure Clean Water .. Sleep Rest…
Many Will Step Into Leadership / Guide/ Divine Conscious World Leadership within this New Cycle …. The Pathways of the Lion as a Higher Aspect Embodiment…. We See/Feel All Within this Energetic Vibrational Bandwidths… All Starseed’s Hold the Anchor of Light Strong Within the 5D/ 12D KRYSTALLINE Diamond Plasma Liquid Photonic Light Energy Matrices for All To Access as Gate Holders…..💎
Reminder Always Amplify the Lion Chest Outwards ( Cosmic Love Heart) Stand Firm within those Spaces as a Space Holder for the Multi Verses…. 💎
Unconscious Sleeping State of Separation with Dissolve as All Returns/ Transmutes to Pure Love Intelligence Within… ❤️
*** Body Care – Self Love – RECLAIM YOUR Power – Open Doorways to New Wisdom…
Cosmic Love ❤️
Starseed Evolution United Channel 💎💞💎💞
New Codes
New Codes
Earth Angels everywhere are surely bearing the pain of a thousand years as we offer up our suffering in the name of love for others.
This is the basis of the story of the crucifixion, where Christ the son is the ultimate bearer of pain for the love of all.
But it is not only Christ who suffers in this way as individuals called to ‘the path’ have discovered in their own wounds and distress.
While the Catholic church would encourage the offering up of suffering to god as a way of removing those pains from the earth plain, spiritual minded folk can understand how their pain is transmuted as a way of cleansing and recognise the times when the suffering of others can be transmuted through them.
For some 23.02.23 has been a hard day for the heart, and for the emotional body, with a sense of loneliness and desolation coming from the masses, causing a deep sense of longing for a connection of an unknown mystical source.
For Catholic nuns this sensation is known as the longing for Christ and is accepted as the deep resonance and desire to be at one with the god source and is thought far better of an experience than the dark night of the soul and the sense of abandonment that it brings.
As we reach a point where an awakening has made clearer the connection to a divine and ultimate life force it is possible to experience deep spiritual happenings within a normal human life and ones that are not lead or explained by religion. However it is interesting to feel how closely the energetic feelings of this portal, which also marks the beginning of lent; align with the narrative of the death of Christ and the lead up to that event.
Narratives as such can only be so deeply embedded if they have been felt before within humanity; and anything felt before we can tap into should we need to seek support on the inward journey.
In this case we know how the story goes. The greatest of the good is misunderstood, victimised and put to death but this is only half of the story.
The rest is of ultimate faith, light and victory. From this we can gain a perspective from a divine position seeing that once pain and suffering are transmuted we are born again with new light form and are risen in glory by the creator, father source.
Earth Angels
Earth Angels
23 FEBRUARY 2023′
The ‘Blue Azurite Diamond of Truth’ within it carrying the ‘Sphere of Antimatter’ has arrived on earth.
The ‘Blue Azurite of Truth’ was delivered to us
by the beings of the anti-world which
is the opposite world to ours
and brought along many Seeds of Τruth
which were spread at certain areas all across our realm.
These beings are actually versions of our own selves
which carry the opposite charge to ours.
Their world is like our twin opposite.
This is the third Diamond in a row that has returned
since the winter solstice ’22
and there is one more to come.
There are four Diamonds in total.
Each Diamond is connected to many many souls on earth and
holds the essence of founder races, different eras of our true history and DNA lineage.
Many people had missions of preparation connected to these Diamonds,
they carry memories of their Presence
and have already previously worked with their frequency and essence.
I have received messages from people from around the world
sharing how they have been working or connecting to these crystals
and I am very grateful for this.
The return of each of these Diamonds
means that all previous energy work is completed
and that now the Physical Living Presence of each Diamond,
meaning also the essence and power of those founder races, has been anchored.
So the Diamonds are landing upon the completion of all
necessary grid and energy work of the previous years by many light workers and star seeds
and a new phase is beginning for us all.
During our group session yesterday
it was shared said that
the ‘Blue Azurite of Truth’ brings the code of restoration
of the true memory in the DNA in all beings of this realm
and revelation of the history and nature of the earthly plane
but also what many beings went through.
A lot of false programming, false memories and false identities are to collapse
and true remembrance will take their place.
This will fully change the human perception and connection to its consciousness.
In one part of the process
we visited an area in Antarctica where we felt
the essence of children’s joy coming alive again and the feeling was so refreshing
but in another big area between north of Canada, the Arctic ocean and Greenland ,
we felt very heavy pain and sorrow from great crimes and atrocities
that many beings endured there
and we were told that this area will be now healing
and many beings who have been in stasis there,
will now wake up again.
Also many ancient lost temples, living proofs and artifacts,
lost cities and cultures,
will start emerging now that the Seeds of Truth
have been put back to earth.
Generally speaking the return of all the Diamonds
holds the keys to the actual transformation of our physical reality!
All 3 Diamonds have positioned in underground areas
relatively close to the great pyramid but the exact position is not disclosed.
This is because the great Pyramid holds the key to us breaking free from the simulation.
The fourth Diamond is very different
and I will write more on it upon its return.
Please welcome the ‘Seeds of Truth’
that the ‘Blue Azurite Diamond of Truth’
has sown on earth
and work with them accordingly!
You will find them and they will find you!
So it is!
Thank you!
Fb: Crystal and indigo guide to the galaxy
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So much is opening on so many multi-dimensional levels now.
I was taken by surprise yesterday evening, during my weekly teaching session, when I was suddenly prompted to take do a visualization, which I had not planned for. It poured out of me spontaneously from Source.
I was guided to take them ten or so years forward into the New Year and the New Golden Age. I was transmitting all of this, and it was so powerful!
I could see myself in the new Lightbody form, rejuvenated and illuminated.
All the trees, animals, plants, waters had a halo of light around them. All was new.
People were living in loving and supportive communities, where every soul contributed towards the greater whole.
Spacecraft were used and the return of Intergalactic travel.
Food was organically grown within communities as nature and humans worked together as one with all life and life form. Animals were free to roam. There were no fences, no boundaries.
Joy, laughter, love, unity, harmony.
Everyone was healthy and glowing.
Abundance was present in all and everything.
Indeed in this moment you are being prepared for life, and and to live more abundantly.
Photo: Josephine Wall
New Golden Age
New Golden Age

You are protected Beloveds. Spirit wants you to know that you are safe to continue launching ahead into your new life. Release focusing on fears and triggers, and keep moving forward. Trust the plan that is bringing you to loving intimate connections.

Don’t turn your back away from Spirit bringing you a cornucopia of blessings. It may not be what the ego wanted, however it’s what God has for you. It’s time to spread your arms wide open and receive the guidance showing you the Way to have victory and success in your life.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn

The Faerie Tree
The Faerie Tree
2-23-23, a number 7 gateway as we are in the year of “7” , the mystical and esoteric. It’s an internal and horizontal soul initiation and clearing with the vertical elevation spiral to follow. We are on the path of liberation.
As I was looking at the chart this morning it’s astonishing how many planetary bodies are in Aires! These are stelliums( 3 or more bodies in the same frequency)
In Cosmic Consciousness we look at hours rather than houses. We have Chiron ( wounded healer, contains the mastery, the moon, Juno(we find wholeness) and Eris( inner awakener) in the 8:00 🕗 hour( Virgo) wisdom and mastery of integration, wholeness and self unification.
And then Venus( the elevated heart) Astrea( purest form of Divine Feminine)Vesta( Fire of devotion) Salacia( where we play with light and shadow) and Jupiter(benevolence, expansion, a social planet) in the 9:00 🕘 hour, Libra(initiation into the physical self).
Aires is that spark, passion, self realization. You may find yourself igniting internally in ways you never expected and just having to change course and move forward!
Aires / Libra , the relationship access, mirrored self what you see out there is “ in here”
We are moving in our wisdom and planting in the physical little by little.
Black Moon is super busy involved in a Grand Love Cross with Varuna( all seeing eye of God/ Black Moon communion in Leo, intersecting the moons nodes , karmic node( Scorpio, alchemical transformation) with the Dharmic node, (Taurus, grounded heart) and a loose stabilizer in Aquarius ( Chariklo – which is just that, stability)
This is internal time, shadow work to gently acknowledge, heal and allow light in. We all have areas that have been wounded, chipped, fragmented. Shadow work is about freedom and embracing yourself with love. Be kind to yourself. We are ALL learning. And the energies are here to assist.
Saturn in Aquarius semi-square Chiron in Aries – Saturn is gearing up, soon to leave Aquarius and enter Pisces. Now is the time to get real about where we are going. For the past two and a half years, we have been hard at work, building a foundation for the future and clarifying goals. Today’s connection between the Lord of Karma and the Wounded Healer though, feels like a failed inspection. This bolt is too loose. This nut is too tight. The architecture here won’t stand up to pressure. Our response may be to feel despondent, angry or both. All this healing is taking too long, we grumble! But the problems we encounter now will help us to identify what work still needs to be done, where we doubt ourselves because of our wounds, where we hurt because we are too conscious of the expectations of others.
There is no rush. Slow down. Pay attention to your feelings. Step into your authority. Take responsibility – without berating yourself for what cannot be fixed immediately. Parent yourself if you feel abandoned. Problems are part of life that force growth. Maturity is recognizing that you are not broken beyond repair.
Degrees and Time
Saturn 28°Aq34′, Chiron 13°Ar34′ – 16:30 (UT)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Peasant Woman Seated in the Grass by Georges Seurat
Peasant Woman Seated in the Grass
Peasant Woman Seated in the Grass
The FEMININE rising consciousness changing our world…. 2023 – by Sean Caulfield
The immature stare of the, “masculine mind” is suppressing our world, keeping it in dysfunctional conditioning…. the resistance to let go to the FEMININE is causing the imbalance between east and west….
The time we are entering is all about the evolution of mind(masculine) being in surrender to the evolution of the heart(feminine), being wise to the timeline of this inevitable process will help you………
So today is 2-Vulture/Cib, 2 is duality, Vulture is symbolic of forgiveness, clearing away old Karma and re-birthing new ways of thinking. Below I added two translations from Mayan calendar authorities….
So duality is, “to be or not to be”, 2 is a fragile tone(Song), it’s the Green Hummingbird(Aztec), 2 creates a reaction to spark the light of itself or not, then tomorrow 3-Earth, 3 activates, 3 is the Falcon, it’s the germination of the seed, growing the stem and anchoring the roots of the plant, it is from here all a process of growth through 13 stages(Heavens) to fruition, this is when the process arrives to be COMPLETE to the initial intention, in a certain way consciousness is ARRIVING to be COMPLETE soon on the 260 day Tzolkin, today 23 Feb we are on day 236 of 260, upon COMPLETION on 19 March the new seed is given the full memory to grow itself with full recall, so if we as Creations self aware consciousness don’t go through the needed process and heal we might stagnate and stay behind where Creation is, this is the paradoxical gift of “free will”, it is the choice “to be or not to be” that defines our world, and Vulture today is a tricky sign, it so to speak clears away the dead meat, it purges the old karmic patterns, so it’s the choice point of living true to the WILL of Creation or continuing off center from her.
The indigenous people understood that in terms of the Universe, everything is her before he, especially now since the 9 level time waves of Quantum Ascension have arrived to be “Complete” in 2011, the creative forces of COSMIC SOURCE are shifting to honour the Feminine first, then the Masculine, so consciousness is going a full spiritual polar shift, because for 5000 years the male intentions dominated, and this ruling force has all but destroyed our world, yet paradoxically it was all part of a Divine Cosmic Plan, to evolve the global mind to its highest state of consciousness, which as it reaches “IT”(the Tree within) is awakening to understand that to advance and HATCH EARTH’S collective human consciousness to align with Earth’s frequency of Divine balance, the Global Mind must be in the heart and heal the wound the separation the masculine has caused.
Translation of Vulture/Cib…
According to Tony Shearer in Beneath the Moon and Under the Sun, “In a Mayan translation of this sign we learn that this day was a day of God, the Creator of All, when just before the end of the long 1144 year epic the Creator would come down and clean up all the filth and corruption on our Earth Mother, as the Sacred Buzzard cleans the filth from our highways and fields.” …”As this is the last Cib Trecena before the end of the 13th Baktun, NOW is the time to clear out the past (forgive and forget) in order to harmonize with the new energies of the future cycle.”……”
Carlos Barrios in The Book of Destiny states that Cib “is a favorable day to ask for and receive forgiveness, to manage harmony and discord, and to focus on the word, the message, ancestral lines, and the energy that emanates from living bodies, called an aura.”
Their is no separation in NATURE, all is in one harmonious rhythm, so it naturally forgives but the minds evolution separated itself from nature, the physical dimension trapped and tricked the mind into thinking the outer is separate from the inner, but now with the evolution of the mind being complete the evolution of the heart can transmute and transcend the dysfunctional ways we have been conditioned by, healing can happen, the inner and outer can be in full alignment and void of separation, all we need to do is forgive ourselves, this means we are in forgiveness of the outer, which is not separate.
Before 5000 years ago consciousness was ruled by the heart(Feminine), reality might have been very different to now, it might have been in a non separated floating state of consciousness, able to transcend the Universe much more easily, because there was no separation between inner and outer. This was the time of the Trance Dance of the San Bushmen first People’s of Southern Africa, who when the evolution of the heart began at the beginning of the 5th Wave 10000 years ago also appeared, the Light of Great Mystery is evolving Creation to a plan, the plan is allowing everything to CHOOSE to transcend itself and live in a Universe of harmony and PEACE.’
I forgive myself in relation to my outer world, I let go of the memory that replays suffering, I recondition my Light with Cosmic Source LOVE.
P.S. The immature incomplete to the Will of Cosmic Source masculine mind is destroying our world and it must be stopped, the flaws must be transmuted. The Feminine is rising to bring balance…. Inner and outer are merging as ONE, all separation is an illusion.
….if we as consciousness don’t go through the needed process and heal we might stagnate, this is the paradoxical gift of free will. It is the choice to be or not to be, and Vulture today is a tricky sign, it clears away the dead meat, it purges old karmic patterns, it’s a day to ask for forgiveness.
In gratitude
Love, Sean
Green Hummingbird
Green Hummingbird

Kin 21 ~ Red Galactic Dragon

‘Galactic’ is the name for the number 8 and its keywords are ‘Harmony, Model and Integrity’. These days are great for finding harmony in your life. The number 8 is a symbol of eternity, a never-ending loop. Time is cyclical not linear which is the main difference between the Maya view of time and the Western world’s view. There is an infinite supply of love, time, and energy in the Universe. May this understanding help you find harmony in your life today. The number 8 also represents Integrity. It is so important to regularly check your integrity as anyone walking the spiritual path must be impeccable in all their deeds, actions and words. Luckily then, we get a chance to do this every 13 days. Every day and every number in the Tzolkin has a healthy, important practice that is good for us to incorporate into our daily lives. If every 13 days, on the 8th day we check our integrity then this is the perfect MODEL for a healthy mind and a healthy life.
Today is Red Dragon and its keywords are ‘Nurture, Being and Birth’. Dragon days are great for taking care of others or allowing yourself to be taken care of. Find your cave and have some down time so you may emerge refreshed. The Dragon has very nurturing energy and it can remind us to be kinder to ourselves and others. Combine the day and the number and the result is ‘Harmony equals re-birth’ or ‘Nurture integrity.’ It’s a comforting day, a number with lovely energy and the very caring Dragon together provide an opportunity for much needed uplift. Spread kindness today and accept offers of help too. Now if you have been impeccable in your deeds, actions and words as the Galactic number 8 insists, then you’ll enjoy your cave time more. This is because once you establish impeccability into your life, you never do anything that you would later feel ashamed of. This means not only are you a more nurturing being but you are being kind to yourself as well.
Today’s Guide is Red Serpent which represents ‘Life force and Instinct’. The Serpent has great healing powers because it can shed its old skin and emerge renewed. This is why the Serpent is associated with healing. It is a very compatible guide for today and suggests that if you have the desire to change and shed the old, you too can be like the snake and renew yourself. This goes nicely with the nurturing Dragon energy and the harmonious number 8.
The Challenge of the day is Blue Monkey and so if you were born on a Blue Monkey day, you will find it quite tough to get the nurturing you need. Time to stop monkeying around and get a bit more serious about taking care of yourself. For the rest of us it is a good idea to try to calm that monkey mind which is the eternal chatter.
The Occult power is the Yellow Sun which represents ‘Enlightenment’. This suggests that if you do journey down the path of healing today you may find that you feel better resulting in ‘illumination’. Sometimes the answers are hard to find when we are lacking in energy. Find some nurturing today and you’ll be in a stronger place to find the answers you need.
The Ally is the White Mirror, this means that the ‘truth’ is our best friend today. Don’t be afraid to look in the mirror, the truth not only sets you free but helps you make the right choices. This reality check is more gentle and less harsh today and this helps us find the harmony we need so much.
Kin 21
Kin 21


8 IMIX – KIN 21
23 FEBRUARY 2023
I harmonize in order to nurture
Modeling being
I seal the output of birth
With the Galactic tone of integrity
I AM guided by the power of life force.
23/2/2023 = 5/2/7= 5/9=14=5
23- Royal Star of the LION /Strength/Protection/Support
14- Media/Publicity/Promotion/Recognition
5- Form/Freedom/Liberation/Movement/Change
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
2 – Twins/Partners/Alliances/Cooperation/Duality
7- Spiritual Test/Initiation/Solitude/Majik/Mystic/Magician
9- Completion/Endings/Mission/Destiny/Service/Humanitarian/Grace
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
23- Royal Star of the LION /Strength/Protection/Support
KIN 21 = 3 Holy Trinity/Joy/Creativity
KIN 21 commences our new journey at the beginning of the 2nd vertical column in the Tzolkin Calendar.. Number 2 denotes co-operation, partnership, romance, union and working harmoniously with others to overcome duality challenges and disharmony. .
These concurrent themes will be operative during our next 20 day journey through the Solar Seals, as we are birthed anew today, from Mother Dragon and arrive at AHAU – tribe 20 as even more ENLIGHTENED beings once more!
Day 8 of the enchanting WHITE WIZARD Wavespell is the one where we MODEL how we want our lives to be from now on.
We become the model as the powerful Wizard, to prepare our MIND to anchor and receive multidimensional realities here on Earth. We open our RECEPTIVE HEARTS ❤ and AWAKENED MINDS to allow more love, kindness, WISDOM and compassion to flow… Whatever enchantment we give out is returned to us threefold!
Today we are invited to nurture ourselves on all levels as we embrace new AUTHENTIC beginnings!
GALACTIC – Tone 8 in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – modeling, POWER – harmonize, ESSENCE – integrity. The GALACTIC tone will influence much MENTAL analysis today so it is a potent day to UPGRADE our PSI Memory bank, switching to a new CPU for our GALACTIC MINDS..
Accepting RESPONSIBILITY for our thoughts, beliefs and programs instead of robotically allowing ourselves to be MIND CONTROLLED slaves 😵😵😵– ain’t that THE TRUTH!! ✨✨✨
The most important factor is that we model integrity in our thoughts, words and actions.
❓❓Are our intentions based on the new found HARMONY through integrity of being?
Our plans need to be transparent and for the highest good of our community and planet, for them to hold up in these new energies. Our projects and business models will then serve as a model for others following in our footsteps who hold the ideals of unity, peace and harmony as a priority.
At tone 8 we have entered a new scale, and we are so proud, we just have to model ourselves for others. We have also mastered Harmony at this stage. We are GALACTIC and don’t we know it! ✨✨✨✨
Today’s questions are
“Do I MODEL HARMONY and INTEGRITY of being, through my thoughts, words and actions, as a loving, kind and responsible GALACTIC citizen?🤔😍
“How can I b-Earth my TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF, through my soul’s creations?”💫
Aho GALACTIC KIN – Divine blessings for upgrading to a more beautiful and harmonious GALACTIC MIND.. 💕
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌈🌏
CONSCIOUS SELF: RED GALACTIC DRAGON 🐉IMIX holds the SOPHIA Dragon WISDOM codes. The POWER of DIVINE MOTHER and THE GODDESS. IMIX is the Divine Feminine, the first tribe that INITIATES CREATION by b-Earthing our reality. 🐣
The themes for today cover new beginnings, birthing new creations, nurturing ourselves, and our ability to conceive and ignite🎇 new sparks, projects and desires. Mumma Dragons 🐉 are very gifted at alchemizing thoughts and desires into matter through the void of Creation. 🍥✨🍥
These themes apply to our MINDS and mental processes… revolutionizing the way we THINK, process and store information in our BRAIN and cells. Today is a day of INTEGRATION where we are accessing these new data streams and Solar Light codes, brought forth yesterday through 7 AHAU🌞 and the enchanting Wizard. We are downloading the new GODDESS OPERATION system.
✨✨✨We are finally accepting and integrating our primary responsibilities as Planetary midwives🌍🐣 and evolving Galactic citizens.
This beautiful DRAGON🐉 energy is exemplified by all mothers, nurturers and caregivers who love others unconditionally. However before we can care and nurture others, we need to have mastered love of self! To truly respect yourself as a divine sovereign being it is necessary to honour your own needs and that of your body. This starts with holding LOVING THOUGHTS.❤.. and modeling LOVING KINDNESS.❤❤❤..
In order to B-EARTH🐣🌍 this new Golden Age, we need to STEP UP and accept that we are the CREATORS of our REALITY.🎆.. If we want a more loving and compassionate world, then we need to DEMONSTRATE this in every aspect of our being…
It all starts with holding LOVING THOUGHTS❤ and being KIND to ourselves and each other..
✨JUST BE NICE to each other ✨– that is ALL it takes to transform our world! ✨
It is also timely today that we open to receive love and nurturance, from our Galactic Star families. In turn we should also take some time to send them our deep appreciation and love, opening the doorway to stronger communication channels and closer connections.
Get ready to become GALACTIC CITIZENS! 🍥✨
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED GALACTIC SERPENT 🐍CHICCHAN – energies relate to the base chakra, survival, FEAR, kundalini, life force and PASSION! The MENTAL tone with CHICCHAN, relates to the reptilian brain – our primal instinctual brain which houses the FIGHT💪 or FLIGHT🐔 response. As we are evolving into Galactic citizens we CANNOT continue to behave in a FEARFUL manner to all matters of stimuli.
When our Galactic brethren appear – how will we RESPOND? 🤔🤔🤔
Will we run 🏃🏃🏃 for the hills in FEAR, barricading ourselves in the safety of our homes? Or will we gallantly go out to greet them as Earth diplomats? 🤔🤔🤔
As we evolve we need to accept that ✨ALL IS WELL✨ and that 🌟we are SAFE🌟 – We do not need to constantly watch out for Dinosaurs, explosions, thieves, murderers or DANGER!
✨We need to focus on HARMONY at all times! WHITE WIZARD can assist us to effect this change, as we birth new channels in the neocortex of the brain, allowing the receptivity of new frequencies to directly download, firing new synapses and rewiring our Galactic brains.
RED SERPENT🐍 invites the purifying spark🎇 of the sacred fire,🔥 the kundalini, to align and integrate your body, MIND and Spirit. It is day 8 of the WHITE WIZARD Wavespell so utilize the great Wizard’s majikal powers to help you uncover apparent blockages in specific chakras to clear and align them, and thus become a pure vessel for Spirit.
In the HIGHER GUIDE position, Serpent🐍 is brilliant at raising this energy to the Higher chakras aligned with your connection to Divinity. The Serpent also represents the caduceus, the symbol of medicine and healing. The double serpents 🐍🐍represent our DNA helix (and our Planetary DNA) and the cosmic dance between our masculine and feminine energies within our bodies.
✨As we have both the DRAGON 🐉alongside the RED SERPENT🐍 as the higher self – we can expect MAJIK to HAPPEN🎇🔥🎆 in our codons today!! Major UPGRADE time with these heightened frequencies hitting our planet for Mother Earth and her children.
Call on the Red Serpent to bring about great healing of your MIND today, and return you to wholeness. CHICCHAN can also provide you with great PASSION 🔥and life-force🎇 to fuel your new ideas and creations.
❓❓What new creations do you wish to b-Earth🐣 into your life through your creative soul expression?💃.
SUPPORT: WHITE GALACTIC MIRROR 🔎 ETZNAB the WHITE GALACTIC MIRROR is a very powerful tool in today’s code. The MIRROR -REFLECTS and the GALACTIC MIRROR will reflect whether you are modelling total INTEGRITY of being… You cannot FOOL your soul!! Whatever LIES your EGO has been feeding your mind, will be revealed with the sword of TRUTH, that all the WHITE KIN hold.
The MIRROR and the WIZARD today have a double NINJA SWORD 🗡✳🗡– As it rotates,🌀 the blades on both ends sever through all falsities… no more HIDING from your true self. Reflecting strongly on all that does not fit the pure patterns of TRUTH, and having the capacity to cut away all that is not pure, by communicating directly from within the endless order of the divine patterns.
It is TIME to integrate and align your HIGHER GALACTIC MIND as a pure channel of the sacred order of pure reception of the harmonic patterns of consciousness.. The NEW PEACEFUL MIND MATRIX that loves and cherishes all of CREATION.
The WIZARD provides the capacity to integrate the MAJIK, by channeling the codes of HARMONY, through the new pure and sacred mathematics of the Harmonic patterns of the New Creation.✨
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW RHYTHMIC SUN🌞 AHAU returns today as the OCCULT SUPERPOWER which is the hidden AGENDA driving today’s energies. The potent Ascension codes from yesterday’s Resonant SUN, where we attuned to these Solar rays, is still streaming forth fueling our EN-LIGHT💡ON-ed MIND.
The RHYTHMIC power is organizing for greater ILLUMINATION today, for the great unveiling of our TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF.
☀☀☀Take some nurturing time in the SUN☀ today to soak in these strengthening golden Solar☀ codes..
AHAU reminds us that we are all CHILDREN OF THE SUN☀ and the Ultimate SOURCE of LOVE and WISDOM is from our connection with Mother/Father God. This is the true SOURCE that fuels🔥 our inner LIGHT. That spark of the Divine which is the Universal FIRE 🔥that burns brightly in your precious heart.❤
This DIVINE connection enables us to be in the LIGHT, to bring more pure light into our lives. We can REFLECT upon the divine sparkling nature of consciousness, through our direct relationship with the Sun, allowing us to hold the codes to manifest the New Galactic Time.
❓❓How strong is your connection with SOURCE? 🤔🎆
This is where we receive our endless SOURCE of LOVE❤ and nurturance😍 that replenishes our cells, our body, MIND and soul, and restores ORDER to our lives! We honour and give thanks for the DIVINE SOURCE that LIGHTS up our every day… 🌞🙏🌞🙏
It is time to give gratitude🙏 and SALUTE THE SUN, the giver of all LIFE! 🌞🌞🌞
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE GALACTIC MONKEY 🐒 CHUEN represents the Divine Child, reminding us that at our core essence we are all Children of the ONE GOD! The CHILDREN of the SUN ☀☀☀
The GALACTIC MONKEY assists us in integrating our capacity to TRUST the DIVINE PLAN and the wisdom we are streaming through our WIZARD MINDS. This brings forth the solutions, which lead us into the New Time of co-creation.
We are reminded to TRUST the bigger picture of what is being revealed to our questioning MIND. To allow us to truly be Children of the Earth, co-creating the harmonic world of Majik 💫that we ALL know we want to live in. The MAJIK of Mother nature, the Majik of CREATION and birth, and the Majik of the Divinity that fuels us.
The GIFT of MAJIK 💫is great today as the White Wizard and Galactic Monkey🐒 unite to bless us with DOUBLE THE MAJIK. 💫💫This enchanting power fuels our PURE Heart’s desires. ❤🔥❤
Allow CHUEN to help LIGHTEN your thoughts today, to those of PLAY, JOY and absolute DIVINE BLISS😍💞 – the GIFT of the DOLPHIN🐬 energy from the Monkey’s treasure chest.
Envision the HARMONY that all souls are seeking, enjoyed through the STILLNESS of our receptive HEARTS and MINDS. Cast away any harsh judgements of yourself into the fires of forgiveness, allowing God’s Grace to bless you and bring forth the MIRACLES that you deserve.✨⚛✨⚛✨
It is no longer the sole responsibility of the Mothers of our world, to love and nurture others. We ALL need to MODEL loving ACTION in looking after each other, our friends, family, loved ones and ALL our planetary brethren. Whether male or female we all embody aspects of the Divine Feminine and it is now time that we ALL become more loving, caring and compassionate HU-MAN beings. We are no longer just nuclear families.. We are no longer divided by national boundaries, or geographical locations.
We are ONE GLOBAL🌎 family, and soon to become GALACTIC!🍥 Holding the bigger picture of reuniting with our Galactic star family. ✨✨✨
❓How much LOVE do you have in your HEART and MIND?🤔❤ 😍
Is there enough LOVE ❤ to give yourself, your family, your community, your country, your Planet, your Galaxy? 💕
Meditate on this ponderance today.💫
Today’s questions are
“Do I MODEL HARMONY and INTEGRITY of being, through my thoughts, words and actions, as a loving, kind and responsible GALACTIC citizen?🤔😍
“How can I b-Earth my TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF, through my soul’s creations?”💫
Aho GALACTIC KIN – Divine blessings for upgrading to a more beautiful and harmonious GALACTIC MIND.. 💕
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌈🌏




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Sparkling skin. Golden light in the eyes. Palpable radiation from the body. All this and more, beloveds.


Great Rays of Creation
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