Mandela Effect

Mandela Effect: We’re Now 80,000 Light Years from Home—in An Alternate Reality

I know. That’s quite a claim—and a fascinating one. Actually it’s a couple of different theories from various YouTubers who are trying to make sense of the bizarre things they and others are seeing and experiencing.

It’s “What if…?” time. There are a lot of videos on YouTube about the Mandela Effect, but I haven’t been able to watch more than portions of half a dozen. My iPad suddenly won’t buffer videos or audios most of the time and I can’t sit at my desk all day at the PC.
Thomas Williams, formerly of Cosmic Voice, revealed in an interview on OpenMind Radio in May that there is a second Earth out there. He also said that what is happening would cause panic if the truth were known, so whatever it is has to be big—bigger than a few little green men. It also means there are those who KNOW what is going on but won’t say.
Anyone familiar with YouTuber “Bluebeard2011”?  This Ozzie’s a hoot, and he says some of us were ripped from our “old Earth” and now find Mandela Effectourselves on this New Earth—80,000 Light Years from home and on the other side of the galaxy.
There’s more I’ll get to in a moment. In another video he also pointed out changes to the coastline where he lives that are vastly different from what he remembers. There are even maps that are vastly different.

Now, Bluebeard IS in Oz and shows us all the things he is seeing in the stars that are wrong. Things look different down there than they do up here in our skies north of the Equator, obviously. It’s late autumn there and he says what he is seeing is not normal.
I know he’s right about one thing: I’m no astronomer but I have never seen our moon near the Pleiades. You don’t need to watch his whole video to get the point.
Very little seems to be “normal” any more, so I like to explore the fringes—and the fringes it is. The Outer freakin’ Limits.
In another video below, Dr. Druanna Johnston elaborates more on the Mandela Effect and suggests that possibly something DID happen at the end of 2012 after all, and that the Earth split in two, and one of them is ascending; that we are living in and out of parallel universes. Perhaps it has something to do with a shift in timelines.
It seems that not everyone notices these things, however, and for some, life is normal, but when public figures who died come back and die again…

I can’t vouch for all examples of things that appear to have changed, but in my world things are not “normal” and a lot of aware people are asking questions—and I thank them for sharing.

Because they disagree, a few Internet surfers are attacking people like Steve Olson at WSO and Bluebeard for giving their time and energy to share information that is important to them and they believe deserves the attention of the awakened.
Even at Starship Earth blog a few readers have been irrational, angry, abusive and then unsubscribe. I’ve been called a liar and a Jesuit recently, lol. Some people appear to be literally delusional and their reality is not mine.

Some are depressed, and some lash out in frustration over the current situation on Earth and the lack of change.
It seems like people are polarizing, getting more and more extreme, emotional, falling apart. It brings to mind the prediction by Dr. Simon Atkins that when Wave-X arrives that 17 per cent of people will freak out, go berserk and have to be locked up. That prediction was for last summer, if you recall. Again… a year in advance, like the Jade Helm thing. Some say JH15 is actually unfolding now.

Even people are “different”. Some are asking, “Who are you and what have you done with my wife?” They claim their partner is not their real partner.
And just now as I’m editing this for publication I see a post from Bill at American Kabuki about his strange week and the magnetic changes we’re experiencing; The Magnetics of Emotion. (highly recommended)
Personally, I’m riding the wave. As I said before, I am lighter, happier, enjoying a bodacious summer with clear blue skies and NO CHEMTRAILS, just a few occasional “real” puffy clouds, enjoying floating in the pool and overall having fun.
I’ve actually wondered if I’m who I think I am because I’m sleeping! Me—sleeping! Deep, restorative sleep night after night like I haven’t experienced in a long time and vivid dreams that I remember when I wake up and ponder throughout the day. Who IS this person? It’s not the “me” I once knew, lol. But I like it!
Could it be the Orgonite shield I put on the electrical box near the ‘stupid meter’ ten days ago? We haven’t even seen one rattlesnake this year and no barking dogs in the ‘hood. It’s like certain unwanted things are no longer part of our reality—if this IS reality. I’m getting much more of what I want and much less of what I don’t.

The strangest thing I experienced recently was sirens coming down the highway as they so often do—when suddenly rather than the usual fire truck siren I heard the British emergency siren. I had to go and open the gate to listen more closely because I couldn’t believe my ears, but by then it was back to normal.
Truth is stranger than fiction, to quote a much overused phrase. What is real? Where the hell are we? Why are we seeing ghostly, unfamiliar planetary systems in the sky and what are “they” trying to hide?
Could any of these theories explain why the sun looks different, it flickers, we’ve seen a “ripple” go through the moon like a wave… and Bill at American Kabuki said the sky was flashing the other day in Texas? Are we going back to the “Old Earth” as Bluebeard calls it—our true home?

We’ve heard about power outages and cellular networks going down. The Earth’s magnetosphere is fluctuating wildly, according to the WSO guys and the Earth is wobbling, has shifted on its axis and a GPS is very wrong. It’s just weird. Actually it’s BEYOND weird.

Some are asking if CERN had anything to do with this—even, “Did we die?” There are some other interesting theories in the videos below that I can’t discount.

Are WE flickering back and forth between dimensions or a parallel universe? Is this why they’re not doing anything about the cabal, the mass arrests, the chemtrails, etc? —because the dimensional shift is under way and it will automatically eliminate matter (beings) of the lower density from our new reality and the situation will resolve itself?

Or are the amped up magnetics affecting our old memories of other lives that we previously didn’t have access to?
Will our personal frequency or resonance determine to which reality we gravitate? Are SOME of us leaving and not others? THAT might cause some panic… but whatever will be, will be. WE are clearly not in control.

Did you hear about the ‘Star Trek Next Generation’ episode they say predicted this fractured reality 25 years ago? See the video below.
Bluebeard has a negative outlook on these anomalies, while Dr. Johnston looks at it positively—as do I. Is the “magic” I’ve been expecting on it’s way?
This is quite the condundrum. Are you up for it? It’s trippy.  ~ BP
P.S.  Language alert—he isn’t kidding.

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