Life is an Experiment

Life is an Experiment Bigfoot Sasquatch| Flat Earth| Mandela Effect 9-9-9 Gateway

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Living in the Matrix you never know what youre going to get. Regardless if the earth is round or flat it is an illusion. A Dream within a Dream. As a living sovereign being we are waking up from this dream into reality of a higher dimension.
As we travel through the 9-9-9 gateway we are in the midst of the third wave of ascension.
We are rising from the 3rd density/dimension into the fourth and fifth.
The 5th dimension is one of Love and Untiy.
Separation is the illusion. We are all one with the source, the
Great Mystery. What humans call God.
The only way out of the MAtrix is through forgiveness.
We must overcome the guilt programming and realize we are guiltless in the eyes of God, the Creator.
We will be free from suffering and the cycle of birth and death and re-unite with our highest self (the Holy Spirit) in heaven.
Be in Peace Beloveds…Paul

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