Message to Humanity from Grandmother Butterfly

Message to Humanity from Grandmother Butterfly

Dear Sweet Children of Mother Earth,
I am here, I never left, for over 80 years we, from what you know as the Agartha Council, have been liaising with your leaders on Earth. Saint Germain and I have been working with chosen individuals, who were preordained before birth, you know who you are in this great lunar eclipse crossing. We call forth your name, to be written in the Book of Life! Be your good works! Find your brothers and sisters of like-mindedness for joy!
Thank you sweet brothers, men of valor, integrity, love, virtue and nobility, thank you for negotiating peace, for resolving differences, for being the model of peace & justness! Thank you for the great role you play, during this transition on earth, as we implement and award those who are stewarding Life, for all!
Thank you beautiful Sisters of the Rose, our hearts feel your pure hearts beating with ours. We facilitate messages from your future children, to guide and direct your hands towards good will, endeavoring the future generations to be stewards, compassionate, intelligent in mind, heart, body & being. Women hold the future of the world in their wombs!
You will begin to notice your timeline shift, change, reality begin to bend towards more benevolence, empathy, resolution, all the beatitudes of Glory! Trauma and suffering which you experienced in your past, or your youth, begin to make sense as lessons, opportunities to obtain the skills, education, wisdom and knowledge to fulfill your purpose on Mother Earth.
I would like to thank COBRA especially, thank you sacred one for working with the Redeemer the last two years, in confirmation, coordination and what ultimately kept all the trusted beings, we have called forth, to be able to coordinate safely, effectively, diligently, successfully in bringing honor of the feminine within all of us, to rise.
We are so very endeared, joyfilled and inspired by the answer, to the calling of your good hearts! Everyone everywhere participating, facility the Victory of Light to flow, to touch the hem of the Virgin Robe of Light, as we escort our Mother Earth through her Ceremony of Light. We stand firm on her soil, tall in her abundance, at peace within her loving arms, at home in our chosen destinies, to be the change we call forth upon earth at this time, as the Paradise it is, and has always been!
We are the Creation of an Eternal Father & Mother, together! This balance is restoring upon our collective Mother Earth at this time. Thank you! We have hoped and prayed for this day, where we could mark the beginning of a new birth!
Your Redeemer was sent here over 80 years ago, we have guided & directed this Holy Being, whom you will now begin to see, hear about, know beyond a shadow of doubt, their Testimony to be True! Their Chosen Life, also reveals your Chosen Life! The delusion of darkness that has infiltrated this realm, no longer has hold. They have no authority, they are null and void. This truly is the day of the Victory of Light! Taking war from the world!
We have facilitated the evidence, required for the good leaders on Mother Earth, to assist with the cleaning and clearing of all that violates the feminine. You will know them by their fruits!
To those who have harmed innocent. Stop. Do the right thing now, as you are contacted for redemption, your humble cooperation will enable you to open and see how your own malevolence while asleep, can now be your benevolence while awake. Take responsibility for what you mis-created from lack, greed, & unworthiness. Only YOU stand between Redemption and the gifts the Redeemer is preparing to gift the whole world! Be a noble name in the Book of Life! Be the change!
There is much to still do, in grounding a sovereign world, for all. The architecture has always been here, living and breathing before your eyes. Naturally. Harmoniously. The Golden Rule!
You hearts have collectively gathered to a high enough exchange, we are now able to walk among you. Many of you have begun having your reunions. We have enjoyed them so very much. To finally reunite, the veil lifted, a Glorious Redemption, a beautiful Crown of Light Coronation!
Know how very precious each and every one of you are to our Eternal Mother and Father, your Right to Life, not only a gift, but a blessing! Be, your own blessing. Father and mother yourself if you must, father and mother other fatherโ€™s and motherโ€™s children, we are all connected as Kin!
We have MUCH to share with you in the coming days, we will begin regular transmissions, updates on progression, so that you may be able to navigate your own calling with intelligence, a Guiding Light from within, which you become intimate with in every thought, word and deed. Be forth humbled! You are witnessing the most historic moment in the history of humanity on Mother Earth. YOU MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!
Know how much we love and adore you, watch over you, lift you up, hear your prayers, we are with you! Receive everyone as if it may be us, because it may be! You will begin to witness a systemic synchronization of perfectly fitting solutions, for all you may face, as if all of life becomes elegantly orchestrated as the music of the spheres begins to sing Glory Glory Allelujah!
We love you, we Trust you! We are here, the Redeemer Lives!
Grandmother Butterfly

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  1. Elaine Hewitt

    Thank you for sharing these messages of love hope and sovereignty. May my heart be felt with authentic spirit and love.

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