You are currently viewing Magnetosphere Realigned To Mother ~ SPEAKING CLEARLY TO RESTORE TRUTH ~ Magical Earth Star Chakra

Magnetosphere Realigned To Mother ~ SPEAKING CLEARLY TO RESTORE TRUTH ~ Magical Earth Star Chakra

Magnetosphere Realigned To Mother ~ SPEAKING CLEARLY TO RESTORE TRUTH ~ Magical Earth Star Chakra



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Great Galactic Star Nation of the New Earth Revelation

We have triple Lion Energies coming in with the Sun, Moon and Venus Retrograde all in Leo. This is the Trinity of Fire blazing through the Quantum Field Lighting up the Threefold Flame within the Living Hearts of our Stareseed Earth Angelics of the 144. As we burn from the fire from within we clear, purge and cleanse all that remains of the false projection timelines of the suffering simulations. As we release, grow and expand into our multidimensional Light bodies of Infinite Life.

The 13 Gold Solar Disks at our 13 Sacred Sites have been activated and are fully online to assist Gaia and all Her Children of the Sun in raising Lemuria and Atlantis to usher in the New Golden Age of Enlightenment forever more. Keep anchoring in the Sacred Codes of Resurrection into the dragon lines and song lines of Pachamama.

In the Union of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine and the balance of the Yin and Yang, the Eagle and the Condor merge in Hieros Gamos to bridge Heaven and Earth to raise those that have gone before us to commence in the Great reunion of our Soul Tribes of the New Earth.

As we make our Collective Quantum Leap of Consciousness into the New Human of homo-Luminous we breakthrough the Zero Point Center of Eternity and in the Freedom Codes of our Divine Birthrights we activate the Great Liberation of all Sentient beings of the Way…A’Ho!




Right now: Moon at 20°38′ Leo, Sun at 23°05′ Leo

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

Totally concentrated upon inner spiritual attainment, a man is sitting in a state of complete neglect of his body.
Sabian Symbol for 24º Leo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 24º Leo.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Intoxicated chickens dizzily flap their wings trying to fly.
Sabian Symbol for 21º Leo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 21º Leo.



All is not as it seems Our Inner Earth is in a deep purge What was severed below reuniting above May Mother Mu rise like the Phoenix
Law / Lore of One Returning
Birds Of Passage
Birds Of Passage
You’re about to be happier than ever, this is the time to receive change with open arms. You are moving to better days in your life. 222222 🪽333 🪽444 🪽555 🪽
Thy Name is Envy
Thy Name is Envy
Aug. 15, 2023
Beloved Family
Our hearts are Ready.. we have walked thru many lives to arrive at this moment of
Our Divine Destiny FOR
A New Heaven..
on Our New Earth..
🌹Join with me now to COMMAND &
in Love and Honor
for our graduation
TO BE Initiated NOW!!
Loving each and everyone of Us..
IT is TIME..🌏
“Humanity.. in Oneness..
let us usher in now ✨️Celebration
🙏🏼Peace Eternally!👏🌠
Hallelujah 💜
Release All the Old Belief Systems of the Old Densities Now
Tune in, Purify and Detox Your Body
Magical Earth Star Chakra
Release Old Fear
Choose Divine Love Now
New Civilization Codes
New Root Race
New Earth/Gaia Temples
Restoring the Paradise Codes
All the Elementals Fae and Dragons step in with Sophia Chrysted Phield Awakening.


art by: Wayne Anderson



Beloved Family of Light,
In this sacred now, I invite you to breathe into your sacred heart. As the ultra violet fire fills every cell, molecule and atom of your being. From the top of your crowns down to your adorable toes. Uplifting, transmuting, transcending all thoughts, feelings and emotions, that are no longer serving your highest and greatest good. Of Love and Peace within. Creating space for the pure Love from the heart of Source to illuminate your being and embrace you in this sacred now.
Feel the profound love flowing through you and around you. As all illusions and delusions are lifted. Choose to release all that is not in your control. Restoring your love and peace for yourself and all that is, in this sacred now. Send love from your heart to all in your life and in the world who require love and healing. Peace within Peace in the World.
I love you, all.
breathe into your sacred heart
breathe into your sacred heart
For the days and weeks that will follow if it is not already a process initiated in your lives, it will be necessary to take care of your body, restore your body, honor your body, rest your body.
It’s a process that each of us must follow to be able to integrate new energies that are rising more and more.
All of these processes are always repeating according to the elevation of each and according to the Earth’s plan elevation and will continue to repeat until we have reached a certain level of frequencies and our bodies have been transformed into our crystal bodies.
The last two weeks of August will be rushing and if I have one advice for you, it will be easier if you spend more time meditating, gathering and praying.
Guide d’ascension
8/15/23: August wants you to make nice with your emotions. So, feelings are running strong while logic can take a back seat. This is important as you transition from the repression of Old Earth into the more honest expression of New Earth. You are getting to know yourself through your emotions and how they affect your environment. Today is filled with feels.
Your Right Action is to observe what you do with them. Be aware of how you react to your emotions versus how you’ve been taught you “should” act. Repression isn’t healthy or helpful. Honesty is your most valuable ally. Today can bring hidden feelings into the light so they can’t sneak up on you in the darkness.
 expression of New Earth
expression of New Earth
When the spark of us in the earth, meets the light of us in heaven, imagine the ignition. Power centres, power up. Align to the full length and breath of you.
Magnetosphere Realigned To Mother
Mother Divine Mind Reinstated Within Our Planetary Logos.
Lunar Magnetics Overridden.
Complete Eviction Of NAA Magnetic Interference
Mind Control Undone.


The cosmic womb, by another name could be known as the void of creation, or source of life.
I have even been advised to stop using the word Womb so as to be more palatable to others.😬
That won’t be happening.
In dilution lies confusion.
It is clear to me that the Mother life force energy is intrinsically a deep trusted presence.
Known by the inner child as the first protector and nurturer.
So when I speak, I speak only to your inner child who remembers.
The position of Mother, as a Cosmic presence has been denied by wrong doers who benefit from her exclusion from higher dimensions….
Entities that wished to do what they wanted without the mother’s cosmic eye upon them.
So I will use these words that I am given.
To undo the confusion around Mother.
And to restore her rightful position in heaven and earth and all in between.
If our primary goal with speech is to be non offensive, we often say nothing much.
Choosing to talk in a cajoling, placating way in order to be smoothly recieved by everyone’s ego is spell casting.
Speak clearly FROM THE HEART AND SOUL so that hearts and souls may hear you.
Speak clearly so that who you speak for, trusts you and continues to channel through you.
I don’t seek to offend, but I know sometimes it is a consequence of my words.
And sometimes the truth hurts.
Blessings in the truthful rememberance 💛

art by: Melanie Stewart


Dear friends, the new moon in Leo is almost upon us, and this new moon is here to help us question old habits, behaviors, and beliefs while searching for new and inventive ways to move forward on your life’s journey.
New moons occur when the Moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun, casting a shadow on the side that faces Earth. Unlike the full moon, which is at its maximum, brightest display, new moons are invisible because they are concealed by the Sun, and all we see is the pure light from the stars.
Energetically, this New moon in Leo is an exciting, refreshing celestial event that offers a time for reflection and intention-setting. This new lunar cycle will provide an opportunity to lean into our inner child, follow our passions and return to those creative projects that we’ve neglected while getting swept up into the demands of daily life. It’s a wonderful time for adjusting to new timelines.
With a few planets moving retrograde, this particular new moon will assist us to identify childhood issues that are still holding us back and preventing us from moving forward. Old memories may resurface pushed by the 8:8 waves so we can empower ourselves in the present time instead of being anchored by the past. This week will bring you the chance to grow into your most confident, fun, and courageous self.
And even though the new moon energies generally feel milder compared to the full moon, this week may be emotionally intense. There may be some moments of “emotional crisis” this week, but these moments will also give us the willingness to make things better, improve our life, and overcome challenges. Please be very patient with yourself and your loved ones. We are all undergoing a deep process of clearing and adjustments. Be loving to your Self, and allow these new moon energies to show you the road to a new and brighter you, much love ❤️
Diego E. Berman 2023 Ⓒ
We will stay a victim and we will stay in shame pain until we crack open to Gods Love for us….
The masculine wounds are purging at the core … it’s a lot and they are deep…🦁
When you fully let go of attachments because you’re chasing fake love highs in addictions and codependencies (which is shame pain projection – NEEDing something outside to complete you because you are broken by a lack of true love connection )
Once you feel into your brokenness (absence of god) you stop consuming outside of you… your heart feels broken because you lost yourself in your mind to escape suffering , yet suffering never left you …
And when you FEEL instead of self soothing -numbing pain – you can actually open to higher consciousness and find good/God in your OWN higher heart again …. There is NOTHING wrong with you and God welcomes his child home for the true pleasure you actually crave the other side of pain …
Gods waiting for you to empty yourself so he/she can fill you back up and heal your heart and sacral /solar from pain of attachments
Yet you still cling to externals which will NEVER substitute what your heart and sol
will continue to ALWAYS seek.
Maybe your heart needs to royally crack open so god can enter from within?
Maybe surrendering to your deep loneliness and suffering will help lead you out the abyss back into your own light?
Grieve …and feel the stagnant shame because they will not leave until you face them and love them (inner child)
No dopamine or other is a substitute for god – and sometimes Being alone helps you purge these wounds to then come home to gods union inside of your heart…
From union here you can then express that frequency of love to others and to life from a full cup of god/gold , not a shame filled empty vessel hunger feeding – looking to be constantly filled up by consumption externally until you find your own light.
Dark night to pure light time 👑
Maybe it’s time to surrender to the black abyss (death and birth canal ) , then set sail on a new horizon in worth – where you’re in divine control again – through your path of dharmic over karmic because we purged all your lack and illusions wounds to their very root to crown core …
33 vertebrae to God
Jacobs Ladder
Kundalini rising
Jacobs Ladder
Jacobs Ladder
Beloved Ones,
During this second phase of August, many of us are focused on regeneration, inner reflection, and above all, self-care, for it is essential for us to continue our path of conscious creation and planetary work, for this is a major time for gridwork for many. Tomorrow we have the second Moon of this intense month. As you know, August has two Full Moons and a New Moon tomorrow at 23 degrees Leo.
We are at a key phase in our task as planetary healers to bring more restoration into the Earth’s magnetic fields, adjusted, artificially by the Moon. Many of you working to stabilize the Earth’s fields know the importance of this time for helping in the stabilization of the Earth’s fields, especially with the reinforcement received by the current energies, that are helping us greatly in this planetary task.
As you know, the moon is an inorganic satellite, whose impact on Earth is quite strong, although not for the reasons we have been told. This Moon in Leo, and the surrounding energies, are going to signify a major change for all that are ready to awake to higher truths, for this is what helps us see what has been hidden. It is now the time for many to begin disengaging from old beliefs, clearing lunar implants and beliefs, and moving into a wider perspective on the real influence of it. Leo, together with the Sol waves coming now and many other benevolent essences, are great helpers for us to become more aware, and empower of the planetary false agendas.
The Moon affects the tides, and hence, the Earth’s magnetic field, destabilizing many structures that are now being restored. The importance and main emphasis of my posts is always on the signs and other planetary alignments, for this is what truly is relevant, from my point of view, the guidance received, and from where I am on my journey. Please take what serves your journey and leave what does not.
From a planetary view, we have the sun, moon, and Venus, which is retrograde, square Uranus, the Great Change-maker, and Awakener, as it is often called. A moon that also semisextile Mars. The Planet of Power is also in a trine to Uranus. An incredible combination of squares and trines that gives this alignment more power for us to transform ourselves and lives.
The key during this moon for us to trigger the desired change is in Uranus, the planet that will help us, together with Leo and the Sol emanations received recently, to embody higher levels of consciousness and hence truths, creating the change required in ourselves, and our bodies, to continue empowering ourselves by disengaging from the many distractions and lies spread.
The square to Uranus helps us in creating the changes that are necessary for our personal evolution, but from a harmonized state of being, rather than from a state of impulsiveness. A change that requires determination, devotion, and daily inner work. A change that is gradual and a long-term, one, for the results that our egoic self desires to see, are not built from one day to another, but from a long time practicing our ascension tools and working in what we need to dissolve at our present evolutionary stage.
Our Central Sun’s emanations, increased by Leo, are vital to burn away what does not serve, regenerating ourselves, completely, for Sol is the Unified Self of our galaxy, what feeds us of Divine Consciousness to All who are ready to integrate it, for not everyone is ready for the Truth yet.
This is precisely what helps us integrate more wisdom, love, and power, allowing us to realize, for ourselves, what we need to leave behind, and what we need to foment to continue with our chosen path.
Leo frequencies are emphasizing the solar waves on our planet, for they are the ones assisting us in retrieving our solar power, through precisely the conscious clearing of lunar implants, especially in our second chakra, our female essence, so distorted and manipulated with false lunar connections for eons. This process together with the transfiguration of our three main chakras is vital to initiate our ascension, in the physical.
Leo whose main geometry is precisely represented by a tetrahedron, the element that serves us to reconnect our human self with our divine ones, can assist us in breaking all these false connections and beliefs. It is by aligning with Leo’s frequencies that we can open or reinforce our soul portal, situated around the fifth chakra, expressing freely our unique essence, our hearts, and above all, our Will Power, the one who can remember the Truth, and begin to disengage from all false beliefs and programs.
The Sol emanations descending upon our planet during these past months are generating in many a process of conscious transmogrify, in which they are directing these solar consciousness emanations for the purpose of dismantling old structures, implants, and memories in their bodies, reconnecting their light bodies, completely.
This is how we align our hearts and mind. This is how we begin the process of becoming sovereign beings, by being open, in mind, heart, and soul to what we thought was true and no longer feel authentic in our heart, beginning to detach from eons of distortions, finding for ourselves what is true for us, what we are ready now to embody, and what will help us in our choice of reclaiming our personal freedom and sovereignty.
May you all choose to be free, Beloved Ones.
Within Infinite Love,
Natalia Alba
Art by: A. Andrew Gonzalez
Leo's frequencies
Leo’s frequencies


For the Light Waves are Morphing, aligining to the specific needs of your Unique Light World.
Know a Heightened Emotional Resonance of Light is currently showering your world.
I am shown the vast variety of Light Waves, like the vast diversity of species in our world.
For it is a complex Light Formulation of Heightened Emotional Resonance of Light Awakening in this Now Moment 🙏
I am particularly shown Heightened Emotional Light Waves, impulsed, activated by the emotional stimulai of Humanity.
These emotional Light Codes/Waves assist the deeper cleansing and light integration of your physical – light body connection, further awakening your true self.
This Physical Light Release, is a light layer to assist the releasing of emotional Light in 3D density.
It is a Universal Light Mechanism to Lift the stagnant density of Light layers within the consciousness of your world.
We ask you to see the Larger View Point of the collective consciousness of your world. The Great Light Morphing, releasing, shining, cleansing your Light World.
We see the internal Light Metamorphosis taking place in each of YOU. The humble light streams evolutionising your world.
Be patient with the process, rapid light revolution is amongst you 🙏💥
With Love to the Wayshowers of Light.
The Arcturians
Channelled by Karen Lithika
Thank You Artist, SnowAngel

There is an entire team of Light that are connected with you today. They are encouraging you to continue going after the happy fulfilling life you desire. You are supported to go deeper and clear the core seed point and rejection wounds that have gotten in the way.

This new beginning is underway however, so it is important to attain Mastery over letting external forces in. Instead you’re being called embody the Wisdom that’s awakening, and go forward. Be firm and confidently commit to yourself and your journey.

You don’t owe anyone anything. Voyage ahead and leave the past in the past. Remember your Spirit team is with you each step of The Way.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn



Bright Starseed
Bright Starseed


art by: Blue Star Transmissions – Art by Lauren Aroney

Venus retrograde has just crossed over Black Moon Lilith in Leo, and square with Uranus, for the second time. We are getting deep into the energies of this Venus retrograde, as our feminine searches to retrieve her light from the underworld. Today, the Sun is crossing over Venus. This is illuminating the situation and helping bring light and clarity to what has been so far revealed.

Venus will come into a trine with Chiron for this week’s Leo New Moon. The Sun and the Moon will be at 23 degrees 17 minutes for the New Moon, smack dab in the middle of conjunction with Black Moon Lilith and Square to Uranus in Taurus. This is highlighting the intense Astrology of the Venus retrograde. We are bringing light to the darkest dark, in order to support our feminine in being healed, whole and confident in owning her higher power.

The feminine higher power is free energy. With Pluto in Capricorn, we have been wrestling with forces that have long sought to hide these truths from us. This technology has been suppressed and hidden, yet holds the key to full human potential and the future of our evolution. We are finding that we have no choice but to activate this power in our very own energy field. We are free energy disclosure. Incredible Astrological configurations through the rest of August are pushing the envelope and forcing the turn of the wheel of time.Pluto sits 1 degree out of exact square with the Nodes of the Moon.

Pluto in Capricorn represents false authority structures that have kept humanity down. These narcissistic, patriarchal structures are always based on an external authority, and a system of rewards and punishments. Deep shame programming has been a crucial part of keeping in place this false order system of control. This energy keeps us unconsciously feeling like we are trying to make up for something, so we continue to give our power away. But now we are seeing through their games. Take this opportunity to raise our self worth and break any remaining ties to any energy outside of ourselves that seeks to dictate whether or not we can come into our own God given power.

Pluto is also 1 degree out of a sweet and helpful sextile with Neptune in Pisces. This is harmonizing the crumbling of reality, which is necessary to break the spell of sleepiness that has been cast on humanity. We are the Children of the Garden and it’s time for us to take back our world and Dream a New Dream.Mars is coming up to an exact opposition with Neptune in Pisces on August 24th, the same day that Mercury turns retrograde. Mercury won’t make this opposition with Neptune until the beginning of October. This opposition makes the axis of a lose kite shape, and a Grand Earth Trine with Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus. The tip of the Kite is Neptune in Pisces. It’s like we are levitating the mountain up to reveal the ancient temple underneath. All hidden secrets must be revealed.

There is so much we are not being told about our true history and access to higher technology. We can’t get out of this intense Astrological time with out massive disclosure of deep dark truths, the only way to free humanity. The truth of history and technology, as well as revealing these patterns of control will empower humanity to stand up for our right to be who we really are. The power of the people mobilized is immense.

With all this at play in the sky, Saturn is the only planet that is not involved in the dynamic configurations of t-squares, squares, a Yod and a Kite. It’s interesting that we are feeling Saturn more than ever. Saturn is retrograde in Pisces at 4 degrees, an argument over which timelines and energies best serve the agenda, vs. the natural spiritual evolution of humanity. You can only hold back the tide for so long. Too many people know enough of the Truth. A wave of Awakening is coming which has the power to break through all programming and bring in the light of a New Day.





Sometimes meditating is all you need🖤


On Tuesday, August 15th, we have the Sun, ruler of the ego, in Leo the Lion challenging Uranus, ruler of rebellion, in Taurus the Bull. We want to take charge and express ourselves, and we may be feeling pushed or pulled to break free of what, or who, is holding us back from our vitality, energy and Light! Uranus is like a lightning bolt of electrical energy that brings sudden and unexpected situations, circumstances and redirections. The Moon, ruler of our feelings, is also in Leo and challenging Jupiter, planet of expansion, who is also in Taurus.
This may bring about an exaggeration of our emotions that leads to faulty perceptions and belief systems about what is really going on for us. The relief comes with the Moon connecting with loving Venus. If we connect with our inner child and open our heart to the highest form of unconditional love towards self and others, we can alleviate some of the strain from the stubborn energies that are creating difficulty, doubt and insecurity. We are in the Dark of the Moon, before the New Moon in Leo tomorrow. This day is best served by going within and reflecting on our own inner processes. Blessings of Love and Light to All! ♥️
Big Bad Wolf
Big Bad Wolf
Saturn retrograde in Pisces semi-square Chiron retrograde in Aries. Juno enters Leo – Something needles in the background, a nudge from our intuition that there are things we need to take care of. It’s so easy to let self-care slide when life’s responsibilities pile up. Sometimes too, we push ourselves too hard to try to prove a point, force ourselves to power through the pain – physical, emotional or mental – because we don’t want to be ‘weak’ or because we live in perpetual doubt about our abilities. Maybe we just feel guilty if we stop because time’s a-ticking and the weight of the world is on our shoulders.
Time to stop. Stop hurting yourself. Stop feeling guilty. Stop punishing yourself. Find small ways to manage ongoing chronic problems. Press your hand to your arm gently but firmly, a parental action to support and steady. Remind yourself, ‘I’ve got this’. Consult your intuition for advice. Make peace with your inner saboteur. Treat yourself well and wellbeing floods your body. Juno, entering regal Leo approves. We all need the royal treatment sometimes. Commit to prioritising your happiness. Give yourself the attention you need.
Degrees and Times
Saturn 04°Pi44′ R, Chiron 19°Ar44′ R – 05:38 (BST)
Juno 00°Le00′ – 20:29 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Saint Pantaleon the Healer by Nicholas Roerich
Saint Pantaleon the Healer
Saint Pantaleon the Healer

Kin 194 ~ White Crystal Wizard

‘Crystal’ is the name for the number twelve and its key words are ‘Cooperation, Dedication and Universalize’. Crystal energy is all about working together, finding your like-minded folk and evolving as a group. Think of a hive of bees or a pack of wolves. They survive and thrive because of working together. Ironically, we live in an age where everyone seems bent on detaching themselves from the herd yet we’ve never been so overpopulated. Wouldn’t it be sensible to cooperate with each other to solve our problems?
Today is White Wizard and it represents ‘Enchantment, Receptivity and Timelessness’. We are always in for a fun ride when the Wizard rules the day. You never quite know what to expect. Sometimes, he puts us under a spell and it’s not till the next day you realize what happened. If you tune in to the energy, you can be a Wizard and be charming and use Enchantment to your advantage. As it is the Crystal Wizard, try getting together with others to create some communal enchantment! Imagine a group of Wizards in a sacred grove, conjuring up spells together and enchanting each other (sounds like some festivals I’ve been to). The point is – we can make more magic together than individually. This is also called Synergy.
The Guide today is the White Worldbridger which symbolizes ‘Death, Opportunity and Equality’. When Worldbridger guides us, he is inviting us to cross a bridge to a new place. Worldbridger is the gatekeeper and he has rules just like in a video game. You want to go up a level? First you may have to pay the troll under the bridge or fight a dragon to achieve that higher level. Follow the Worldbridger today and he will offer you a chance to cross the bridge if you are prepared to let something go or make a sacrifice.
The Challenge today is Yellow Seed which represents ‘Sowing Awareness’. When in the challenging position Yellow Seed finds it nearly impossible to get folk to listen to the wisdom they have to share. Keep your head down today if you are a Yellow Seed, it will all pass over by tomorrow.
The Occult power is the Blue Hand, the healer of the Tzolkin and when in the magical position, there is a real opportunity to have magical healing. If you are a Blue Hand, today your powers will be greatly enhanced. We can all benefit from this and so be prepared to feel much better by the end of the day. The Wizard casts as spell on you and this spell is healing.
The Ally is the Red Serpent who is very handy to have around today. Call one up if you happen to know one, they’ll be glad to give advice or offer support. Otherwise, use your instincts today and you’ll be alright.
Kin 194
Kin 194


12 IX – KIN 194
15 AUGUST 2023
Universalizing receptivity
I seal the output of timelessness
With the Crystal tone of co-operation
I AM guided by the power of death
15/8/2023 = 6/8/7=6/15 = 6/6 =12=3
✨🌟6.6. HEAVEN’S GATE 🌟✨
15- Spiritual Alchemy/Charisma/Magnetism
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility
12- Spiritual strength/wisdom/disciples
3- Holy trinity/Creativity/Joy/Communication
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
8- Infinite Abundant Source Flow
15- Spiritual Alchemy/Charisma/Magnetism
6- Heaven/Christ/Romance/Family/Fertility/Joy
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
2- Partner/Twin/Cooperation/Alliances
23- Royal Star of the Lion/Strength/Protection
KIN 194 = 14= 5 – Change/Transformation/Freedom/Liberation
A HEAVENLY 6.6. GATEWAY with the 15.15 DOUBLE SPIRITUAL ALCHEMIST’S code – lots of 🌟DIVINE MAJIK🌟 to guide our spell casting today beloveds.
Another powerfully SUPER DUPER, MAJIKAL 💫💫 day – for enchanting your DREAMSPELL.
Day 12 in the BLUE NIGHT WAVESPELL🌃 of dreams, intuition and ABUNDANCE. Where we are collectively DREAMING the NEW WORLD into reality! 🐬🌈🌎💕
Today we are CONNECTING and COOPERATING with our common-unities👭👫👬 in a crystal clear 💎 manner of communication in order to SEED the Highest potential TIMELINE and make our DREAMS come TRUE! ✨
We are reprogramming our MINDS ☺ with the new DREAMING codes of PEACE, JOY and ABUNDANCE. 🐬🌈✨💕
CRYSTAL 💎– Tone 12 in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – universalizes, POWER – dedicates, ESSENCE – cooperation. The CRYSTAL tone 12 is the highest level of the mind (MENTAL realm) The other two MENTAL tones are tone 4 Self-existing and tone 8 Galactic.
Yesterday we focused on dissolving and releasing any blocks in order to LIBERATE our Dreams of Abundance. Through the space and freedom engendered by the Spectral phase (of dissolution and release), new space is created for something new to emerge.
At the CRYSTAL💎 level of MIND☺ we have the capacity to cooperate, or operate with other minds. Just as a crystal can be programmed, so too can we program our minds on this day. Today we are joining and merging with other MINDS through the power of our resonating Hearts 💕and Minds,☺ being receptive to the needs of our Common-unities.
The Crystal Wizard is DEDICATED to creating these new 5D communities through the unified power of co-operative alliances. 👫👬👭
We are reprogramming GAIA’s crystalline grid🌐 to a much higher octave of PURE consciousness through telepathy and our Heart connections. Focus on the CRYSTAL💎 CLARITY of your mind today through the power of co-operation with others. A day of greater CONNECT-I -ON to each other through our precious HEARTS and highest Collective MINDS and to Mother Gaia!
A brilliant day for THINKING, NETWORKING, meeting with like minds and finding brilliant solutions! 🌐🌈✨
✨Go forth and SEED the HIGHEST TIMELINE of ABUNDANCE, PEACE and JOY on our beloved New 5D Planet – Nova Gaia! 🌍🌎🌏
Aho, planetary kin! ✨🌞✨
Today’s question is “How can I become more receptive to the DIVINE MAJIK flowing now, to CONNECT and COOPERATE with my Common-unity👭👫👬 through our ENCHANTED HEARTS and pure MINDS, in our UNITED purpose?
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for enchantingly beautiful connections through Majik and Miracles today! 💫💎🌐💕
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: WHITE CRYSTAL WIZARD💎🔮 – IX is the Magician, whose powers are activated by wisdom that emanates from the HEART. ❤ Such wisdom is not the intellectual understanding known in Western culture; it is the SHAMANIC wisdom that comes from an alignment of mind and heart and through LISTENING to the natural world. An open, trusting heart is a refined tool of perception. Allowing yourself to ‘not know’ opens the door of the mind to a deeper understanding of the universe.
White Wizard asks you to fully utilize this aligned mind to participate in GREAT majik💫 today. The MAJIK that emanates from our inner core being, our pure essence radiating pure consciousness energy. 🎆 The spiritual power that weaves the beautiful shamanic web 🕸 of creation connecting all our kin in one beautiful glistening web of LOVE. 💞
WHITE WIZARD💫 is a tool of the LIGHT, dedicated in his Service as a conduit for SPIRIT. Today we have DOUBLE WIZARDRY energy with the OVERTONE WIZARD yearly kin – boosting our DIVINE WHITE MAJIK today… along with the 15.15 code this is UBER potent wizardry manifesting POWER! ⚛✨⚛
A wise Magician is spontaneous and transparent, allowing Majik to come in, rather than trying to control it or make it happen. A Magician dances the dance of LOVE💕 through offering gifts of FREEDOM to others. This is real Majik. Freed from the need to use POWER to manipulate or control, a White Magician uses WISDOM to manifest LIBERATION and LOVE.💟
Open your heart 💗and mind to allow GREAT SPIRIT to flow through your vessel guiding your enchantment today.
Today you can effortlessly connect to the WHITE MAGNETIC WIZARDRY 🕸PLANETARY GRID 🌐– that is ready and at your disposal. We can access these potent energies through being in a hyper receptive mode of anchoring with a deep receptivity to many dimensions. This requires stillness and attunement in order to conduct and flow these energies through your vessel.
The power of enchantment can be utilized to fuel your Dreams and creations through shamanic, ritual, ceremony and spell casting today. Make sure you say “This or something better, with harm to none.” Preferably for the benefit of us ALL on a PLANETARY level.
VISUALIZE all OPEN HEARTS💟 and unencumbered MINDS connecting to this Planetary Grid 🌐through the crystalline network💎 and send waves of PEACE, LOVE, JOY and PROSPERITY as a pulse, flowing through the grid to all connected hearts.💞
SEE us all UNITED as ONE PLANETARY family, building and fully grounding this Universal PEACE code through 🐬Nova Gaia’s foundation…🌈💕🌎✨
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: WHITE CRYSTAL WORLDBRIDGER💎 🌈– CIMI seals the store of Death! CIMI beautifully closes the old cycle ensuring your transformation and Liberation through KIN 194 . DEATH is always followed by NEW BEGINNINGS – always a tandem team.
Today we have the WORLDBRIDGER bringing CLOSURE in order for the New BEGINNING on this beautiful LEO NEW MOON When one door closes – look for the new door OPENING. 🚪New opportunities arrive to transform your life into a new story.📖📖
I am seeing the MAJIK 💫 akin to that of the Cinderella story 👸– from rags to riches! Her fairy godmother used ENCHANTMENT to transform a pumpkin into a Royal Coach, Cinderella’s shoes into Glass slippers👠👠, and her rags into a regal ball gown!👗 In so doing, her lowly life was transformed to that of a Princess! 👸 From an enslaved house cleaner to a Royal Princess👑 ruling the kingdom – now that is one MAJIKAL career promotion!! 👍👍👍
✨Miracles abound to transform your life path NOW✨ if you SURRENDER to this new energy.
Such is the POWER of the CRYSTAL WIZARD guided by the CRYSTAL WORLDBRIDGER – a formidable duo that can access all realms, to bring all the RESOURCES needed through ENCHANTING means 💫 A pure DE-LIGHT experiencing this MAJIKal alchemy. ⚛⚛⚛
This is the POWER of the majik TODAY – we are transforming from the outcast and suffering despondent LIGHT “WORKERS”✨ – and Blossoming🌹 into Divine Sovereign LEADERS of New Earth. 👑🌎 Beautiful STAR🌟 BLISS🐦 SUNS 🌞 rising up as powerful PLANETARY EARTH WIZARDS.
CIMI brings new majikal opportunities today, particularly in connection to others. New people arrive that can share their skills, knowledge, advice and resources. Shared ABUNDANCE in new and unique ways to solve our problems.
Our challenge is to become more RECEPTIVE to anchoring multi-dimensional planes, through accessing this huge information superhighway. Our capacity to SURRENDER opens our ability to receive more Abundance, enabling us to build the necessary bridges to wondrous new worlds and dimensions that we have been DREAMING of!. 🌈🌐🌎🎆
NOW is the time that we must UNITE with our tribes and soul kin to establish our 5D businesses and launch our new projects ready to BLAST OFF🚀🚀🚀 in full SERVICE in this NEW GOLDEN ERA! 🌟🌟
Today SPIRIT is bringing the RESOURCES and connections needed to propel your mission – but only for those loyal and dedicated souls placing the needs of HUMANITY and GAIA as the fundamental principles in their offerings through DIVINE SERVICE. ✨🙏🕊✨
SUPPORT: RED CRYSTAL SERPENT💎🐍 – CHICCHAN fully energizes the capacity of our life force to fuel our passionate heart’s desires,❤ and our greatest DREAMING. . As we become clear vessels and align with our heart we become a vibrational match for that which we are creating. Our instinctual pulses will guide us through survival responses to create our greater mission, superseding our primal scarcity and lack fears, raising us beyond into a higher vibration in order to manifest our dreams.
CHICCHAN provides a beautiful HEALING panacea to provide the salve for our abundance wounds! Follow your PASSION and the ABUNDANCE and BLISS will FLOW effortlessly. 💗🔥💗🔥💗
The CRYSTAL SERPENT 💎🐍also activates Gaia’s Planetary Grids 🌏🌐, especially the 5D crystal within the body of ULURU – a HUGE MAGNETIC CRYSTAL receiver and transmitter. The CRYSTAL SERPENT is allowing for more communication and energy to FLOW through and be transmitted to those who are “tuned in” to our Planetary body. The CRYSTAL transmitter within ULURU is activated and fully POWERED to deliver the new DREAMING codes to those souls who are receptive and “listening” to these crystalline frequencies.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: BLUE LUNAR HAND🖐 – MANIK governs healing, attaining knowledge, intuition and abundance.💰 As the SUPERPOWER today, MANIK assists us to receive our deepest knowledge through our intuition, and guidance from Spirit.
The LUNAR tone beckons us to be STILL and receptive to afford greater healing – rather than rushing to accomplish through our MINDS. We must LISTEN to discover the solutions to bring us back to BALANCE and HARMONY.
We are all connected to HUMANITY’S great DREAM, that of collective ABUNDANCE for all beings and our PLANET. We each can accomplish GREAT THINGS, individually and collectively if we are operating with pure HEARTS through the Collective dreaming for our PLANET! 🌍🌏🌎
CHALLENGE/GIFT: YELLOW CRYSTAL SEED💎 🌾– KAN challenges us today to TAKE INSPIRED ACTION!! The SEED needs to GROW and EVOLVE in order to achieve its HIGHEST POTENTIAL. Now is the TIME to get moving, arise from the darkness and move toward the LIGHT. ✨✨✨ Follow the promptings of your HEART.
The best way forward is through CONNECTION and cooperation..Instead of trying to GROW🌱 on our own in a solitary patch, we can achieve greater success in a field with other like minded souls – guiding, protecting and supporting us. Be BRAVE and courageous and DARE TO GROW!
Reach out and CONNECT with like minded souls and those who💫 ‘MAJIKALLY APPEAR!”💫 in your space! Spirit is sending you, your tribe! As we join together with the same collective intentions we are assured of achieving a better outcome.
KAN gifts us with the capacity to MANIFEST and cocreate our DREAMS today, reaching for our Highest Potential.
✨Go forth and SEED the HIGHEST TIMELINE of ABUNDANCE, PEACE and JOY on our beloved New 5D Planet – Nova Gaia! 🌍🌎🌏
Aho, planetary kin! ✨🌞✨
Today’s question is “How can I become more receptive to the DIVINE MAJIK flowing now, to CONNECT and COOPERATE with my Common-unity👭👫👬 through our ENCHANTED HEARTS and pure MINDS, in our UNITED purpose?
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for enchantingly beautiful connections through Majik and Miracles today! 💫💎🌐💕
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




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Divine Decree

(Take time to sit and FEEL and cultivate the feeling of GRATITUDE and LOVE in your
Heart. It is tangible and an actual SUBSTANCE that leaves your Heart – Pink and Gold
in colour. Keep your attention on your Mighty “I AM Presence”. Pour your love and
gratitude toward it. Ask Your Presence to guide you this day. Then give, with deep
feeling, the following decrees….)

In the Name, Full-Power and Authority of You, my Mighty “I AM
Presence” and that of all mankind, I now give full authority and permission to
the Great White Brotherhood to do whatever is necessary in this lower
physical realm, to fulfil The Divine Plan for the Earth’s Eternal FREEDOM! We
thank You, that all these decrees are self-sustained, maintained and
expanding in Cosmic Action, and doubled each hour with Cosmic Power, and
all is done according to Thy Will! Thank You!
Oh Father of Light, show us Thy FULL GLORY we had with Thee in the
beginning – WE THANK YOU!



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