Higher Consciousness Light Embodiment and Walking AS the Keepers of NEW Earth

Higher Consciousness Light Embodiment and Walking AS the Keepers of NEW Earth

By Lisa Brown, 04/02/2016

The further all move into these higher consciousness vibrations, the more all will have to learn (REMEMBER) how to function as a higher-self Light BEing. Every exchange will present an opportUNITY to DO from higher Light Consciousness….

Embodiment is each LIVING and Existing AS ALL of their higher consciousness aspects, in the physical one. As another aspect activates, the other aspects must purify and cleanse the old unconscious vibrations and distortions physically held within.

Those old mentalities of the individual self, those old perceptions of reality, those old choices that only used to be about you, or another… Here you must always do what is of higher consciousness in every exchange, in every moment…..

This is a challenge, when you are used to being a limited human. This will push every button you’ve got, trigger every unresolved emotion inside that is not pure divine love. Each exchange will move you further into NEW Earth Fully Conscious Existence, where you are equal with all, where all is a part of you, where you are a guide at times, where you are no longer dominant human.hummingbird

Here, you have no attachments, no cords…. here you always see from multiple dimensions, multiple realities, multiple timelines and you make your choices and create your action from the consciousness/unconsciousness energy present right then. Here you always are of light and human is visible the moment it presents. Here you intentionally “deal” with human’ness as the unconsciousness that it is.

Sometimes you open up to be more love, sometimes you set requirements for others to be in your world (yes, we have to do this as higher self aspects, and allow others to choose for themselves), sometimes you “get bigger” energetically, while radiating out love, sometimes you maintain silence and just BE, sometimes you offer guidance as a higher self, sometimes you do not do anything at all… you just observe and allow realities to play out…..

Your desire to participate in unconsciousness will grow stronger. Your desire for conscious exchanges will dominate, for unconsciousness no longer fulfills you…. As humans we “filled” space with things that didn’t matter, things that “took up precious time”, with distractions, with physical world matter….

Here, the physical matter in our reality is very important. It holds a consciousnesses too. The more you BECOME ENERGY AGAIN, the more you will feel physical matter around you, the more you will feel the density/heaviness/lightness within your gravitational field. Energy of others & things can be seen/heard/felt….

As you clear what is within your physical body (cellular memory, distortions and imprints) you become more in-tune energetically and less affected physically inside and more aware energetically of what is within your unified field of consciousness (and as your consciousness expands wayyyyyy out, then super consciousness). You are aware of the energy present in another and you start choosing what to do with this. Each time is different. Identifying the vibration, the frequency, the energy of all things in your field of super consciousness is part of becoming Source/The Universe again and you as the Higher Self Master that fell unconscious and forgot who you truly are….

As you activate these frequencies within you and hold them throughout your interactions and days… as you unify all of your aspects to exist simultaneously within your body, your entire existence will change. Everything becomes energy, some in form, some not…. You start to respect your field of consciousness and what you will allow in it (or not). As you return AS A MASTER LIGHT BEING, your relationships completely transform/change/evolve too. You no longer live in lack mentality in any way…. for you do not feed the energy of the old as a MASTER LIGHT BEING….

higher consciousnessYou will start to find that your whole world/reality revolves around ENERGY …. what is going on inside of you, what is going on in your physical reality out there, what your physical Crystalline LightBody is doing as it upgrades… and what is important to you subtly dramatically changes too…..

Relationships must be pure and you must FEEL the connection inside of you… otherwise you feel the separation and the distance…. sometimes you can do something about this, sometimes you cannot. The consciousness of the other determines the exchange and your own consciousness and MASTERY does too.

Are you able to be fully open, radiate out and stand in your power/command, honor the other and yourself simultaneously, without compromising anything ever again?

Embodiment means that you can… that you can fully exist as POWERFUL DIVINE ESSENCE LOVE AND LIGHT again. Holding all of these POWERS inside of you is you REMEMBERING yourself fully as a MASTER again. These are your memories of what you forgot, yet not just in your head or something you tap into from time to time. These fill your every cell, fiber of your being and HOW YOU EXIST and FUNCTION in every moment….

Standing in multiple dimensions, anchoring multiple aspects and realities will be very confusing along the way. Much of the time you won’t know what is real or what is a dream. As you hold more light, physical reality matter changes… things become more fluid, bending, stretching, soft…. the rigidity of your mind relaxes and your heart opens fully up… your hold on the old realities goes and you relax into the higher consciousness vibrations that allow you to experience the magnificence that you forgot…..

You came here from full consciousness, without any separation or veils… with each new awareness, each expanded perspective, each “new” revelation and realization within yourself…. YOU ARE REMEMBERING what you forgot when you chose to come experience separation/duality/unconsciousness and “fell” beneath the veils of consciousness and “forgot”……

Now you are REMEMBERING and it’s not what you could “think”. As a human aspect, you are surprised with each expansion and what you could not realize/see before….. Where you are still human and have old programs to clear/release/purify/reprogram/transcend and unify back within, you will contract out of those other dimensions of consciousness and back into “the old unconscious one”, yet more conscious this time, with new awareness (knowledge), so that you can TUNE the frequencies of your own reality yourself….. The physical matter that took shape of an old consciousness will start to shift and change…. As you do this, the physical matter in form in your physical reality will be a representation of the LIGHT THAT YOU HOLD, the beauty, the love, the magnificence and ALL THINGS MAGICAL and awesome will be ABUNDANT again.

Abundance is all around you…. it’s in everything you do… it’s in all that you are… it’s in the breath that you breathe, it’s in the exchanges that you have, the profound sacred connections that you experience when your heart/mind/energy/body are open and transmitting LOVE out and you are fully OPEN TO RECEIVE the abundance of magnificence in return…..

Subtle presence, profound connections…. these are powerful when experienced from WITHIN THE MOMENT and from deep within your soul. Tears of connection come as you REMEMBER and connect up as the UNIFIED FIELD OF SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS again….

Moving from one dimension to another means that physical matter is constantly changing and taking new form in every moment. YOU dictate the form it takes and presents in your own physical reality world.

AS YOU STAND AS SOURCE AGAIN and as your MASTER SELF… everything WILL CHANGE… it’s supposed to….

Your heart is opening at an exponential rate now, the frequencies of love are activating inside of you and anything less can no longer “survive”. A physical release can be felt, a physical “pain” can be felt, an emotional discomfort can be felt when an old program presents….. Everything was held inside of you and floats around inside your energy field. You are moving old density/separation out and embodying higher light consciousness with every conscious breath…..

Deeply embedded within you are the SECRETS of all. As Ancients, Elders, Galactics, Shamans, LeMUrians, Atlanteans, Elementals, Star Beings, Angelics, HUman Crystal Skulls (and more)… You are the SEERS, the Sages, the Visionaries, the Oracles, the Creators, the Artists, the Scribes…. You are the Energy Workers from alternate dimensions (other times)…. You are the Keepers of the Light Codes, the Keepers of Light, you are the ONES that are here to bring HUmanity (and more) through…. Yet, you bring others through by BEing the Portal and Holder of Light, you do this by SHARING and opening up fully and transcending the old limiting beliefs you once held deep inside. You go inward to bring forth that which was hidden deep deep deep within. That beauty, that magnificence, that knowledge/wisdom, that light, that PURITY and LOVE that kept you from ufo of lightREMEMBERING as an UNCONSCIOUS human.

You are here to BE the Advanced NEW Earth HUman and to SHOW others how to do this too. You are here to BE the DIFFERENCE and to re-connect with all others here to do this too. You are here to open those portals, hold those doors/gates open and to keep going into alternate realities/galaxies/universes from inside of you. Your DNA/RNA/Genetics will upgrade organically and naturally for you. Your human aspect cannot comprehend the intricacies and depths of how all of this works simultaneously and how you are physically EVOLVING back into what your CONSCIOUSNESS is.

Your body is upgrading with each embodiment of light. Your DNA activating new strands, new encodments, new realities in every moment that you hold consciousness within your physical form. Every moment you are FULLY CONSCIOUS you are evolving back into what you forgot. Every nano-second all is continually upgrading, re-configuring and physical matter is changing mass and form. Your presence is how you see and experience this fully again. Your connected with all from inside of you… this is how you become your HIGHER SELF MASTER BEING again. Living from your inner core of your entire being….

In every moment you are a gazillion aspects all in one space. The difference is your awareness, your observation, your understanding, your own sacred connection and mastery… your REMEMBERING and being fully present in order to maneuver between them all at one time in one space again.

Navigating these higher frequency bandwidths requires all of you now. You move through realities from within, you merge aspects inside of you and realities completely transform into a higher density that is lighter, more colorful, vibrant, alive, interactive and magical again.

You are RETURNING to your true and pure existences in every moment now. Old Earth was your chosen experience as an unconscious human…. these realities go as you emerge as a NEW EARTH HUman here….

You birth this from inside of you. Your physical body will continually expand and contract in light. Light will weave through your physical structure, activating crystals, star particles and new realities outside.
Physical realities are a transmission that you get to experience now. As you return to higher light consciousness they become more exquisite by the moment….

Yes, you do walk in HEAVEN ON EARTH here. It is birthed from inside of you as you EMBODY who you truly are again. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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