You are currently viewing Full Blood Moon Eclipse in Taurus ~ HAVE FAITH ~ Flowering of Light Consciousness ~ COURAGE of the HEART
Emerging as The Self

Full Blood Moon Eclipse in Taurus ~ HAVE FAITH ~ Flowering of Light Consciousness ~ COURAGE of the HEART

Full Blood Moon Eclipse in Taurus ~ HAVE FAITH ~ Flowering of Light Consciousness ~ COURAGE of the HEART




Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Lightarians of the Golden Sun of the Christos Sophia Lineage

Happy Full Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus!

The Dragon lines are the Song lines of Pachamama. They are the meridians of the Crystalline Grids of Mother Earth and they have all been synchronized and resonating to the tune and tones of the Harmony of the music of the spheres.

The Completion Codes are set and imprinted into the Divine DNA Blueprints as all Star Seeded Ground Crew of the 144 are being activated for this collective Quantum Jump into the New Edenic Timeline..

This is the entrainment with the frequency of the Kingdom of God that is our Divine Birthright. In this redemption we are all being crowned in the Glory of our Heavenly Sovereignty through the Freedom of our body Mind and Spirit. All Earth Angelics are being released from the false matrix and all its officers of control as we make our exodus out of the ignorant nefarious projections and interference patterns into the Sacred Overtones of the Holy Spirit.

The Christos Sophia has Returned in the Hieros Gamos of the Eagle and the Condor. The Divine Union of the Yin and Yang the water and fire. Emptiness and form is at hand and the benevolence of the Prime Creator, the Great Mystery, is being felt in the Love and Bliss of every beating heart of our Living Ones.

The New Golden Age of all the Rays of Light is being realized and held within the threefold flames of the Queen’s Chambers as the trinity becomes One again. This is the greatest story ever told and we are living it.

REJOICE for you are loved beyond measure and the fruits of our labors are commanded into manifestation by the Power of our almighty I Am Presence.

In the birth of all perfectly awakened Buddhas, from the first ‘not a thing is’ and from the void all are made manifest for emptiness is form and form is emptiness. We come into this knowledge by our Sacred Hearts Pure Awareness.

The Clear Light of Bliss is our ‘face before our parents were born’ the nameless being named. The formless being formed, Life Eternal….Aho!




Right now: Moon at 25°20′ Taurus, Sun at 16°46′ Scorpio

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A spaniard serenading his senorita.
Sabian Symbol for 26º Taurus

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 26º Taurus.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A woman, filled with her own spirit, is the father of her own child.
Sabian Symbol for 17º Scorpio

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 17º Scorpio.




Calla Lily
Calla Lily

Valerie A. Elster


Reconnecting LEY LINES in the Inner Earth Grid + Siphoning not Able to Happen as We navigate the NEW Solar Codes. #frameworks 🧡

🌀We’re in between TIMELINES Today / Feels like Day OUT of Time / RE:Connection. Hunab Ku. 1212122 #mainframe


bathing in Divine Light
bathing in Divine Light

Roberto Nunez

Today’s eclipse marks a new era for you. This new era is one where you’re putting in less effort externally but getting better results in all the things you want. 🍀
⚡We are bathing in Divine Light⚡ the impact is huge in the last 4 hours.
Keep the energy grounded. Visualize a life full of Peace for everyone 🌈


Sophie Grégoire


This moment is profound. It’s a deep, life-altering reset. New light codes are working on all your energy body. This phase is helping you release any outgrown emotional material, choices, ways. A new you awaits. Even if your answers are not fully landed as if you were in a waiting room, miracles are ahead. You can feel it. You have never been so close to such an aligned phase – to a gift, a reward, a truth, you had expected for so long. Brand new unfoldments are coming. Watch who comes into your life now. This is important. Your life is reaching a new era. A few years from now, you may totally remember what unfolded at this time.







Akash-Ra Azurite


Lunar Eclipse Portal Gateway’s! Rainbow Ray 🌈 Diamond Moon! Our Universe Created the Universe for Us as We Heard to Go Outside to See the Rainbow Ray 🌈 ✨️ 🙌
We Created Our New Lemuria Stargate Crystalline Diamond Grid! Lemuria Portals Within to Access the Crystalline Kingdom’s of Lemuria Unicorn MAGICAL KINGDOM’S AND DOLPHIN AQUATIC KINGDOM’S 🐬 ✨️


Ally Raye


What would happen to your LIFE, if you began
looking upon and treating everyone and everything with reverence of the Divine that dwells within it?
What would happen if you humbly, gratefully, and tenderly expressed that same reverence to that which dwells within YOU?
Oh, what LIFE would you awaken to?
Love Is. Love Is. Love Is. ✨🤍✨
God Is. God Is. God Is. ✨🙏✨


Celia Fenn


The Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse and the 11/11 Portal

We are entering a powerful week of change and new beginnings!
We stand right now at the threshold of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Tuesday. Right now we are receiving waves of powerful Diamond Light Codes that are activating the templates for the New Lemuria both in our bodies and in the water bodies of the Earth.
Water is a key element right now, with its power to hold templates and be part of the manifestation process as it swirls into its higher state as water plasma.
The Diamond Light radiates out from the Galactic Center and hold the love, power and creativity of the Sophia, the Divine Mother. It is both a powerful energy but at the same time, deeply loving and soft.
This is the key for holding our energy as we move through this powerful week. Center in the Heart and be Empowered but Soft and Kind. Do not be distracted by the “noise” and chaos within the stories of those who cannot hear their heart and soul. Remember that you came here to be the New Earth and to hold the frequencies of Love and Joy!
Whether you are a man or a woman, you are here to activate and hold the rising energy of the Divine Feminine.
As we move towards the 11/11 Portal on Friday, the energy will continue to be powerful and high frequency. We are anchoring the 9D New Lemuria so that it will descend to heal our relationship with Nature in the New Earth.
This is a week to not be pulled into “distractions” but to hold your focus in the Heart and on the Vision of the New Earth.
With all this Diamond Light around, it is time to remember the words of Yeshua: You are the Light of the World.
You are the Light of the World
You are the Light of the World


Ra James

Tonight we have our Taurus Total Lunar Eclipse. This is also a Blood Moon. These energies are all about closing out old cycles, completion, and healing the past. There is a purge and release occurring of the things that have been holding you back. We are moving through layers of healing coming up within the energies. This eclipse takes place on a Taurus/ Scorpio axis. This line is one of life and death. The veil is still pulled back right now. The other side is wide open. If your connecting with your loved ones in Spirit, they will be connecting back with you. We have a theme of cutting cords with, and breaking free from the past. We must clear all karma. There is no way around it. That means as the energies are rising for some their karma is not only coming up for healing, but imploding. We all took on an extra heavy karmic load this life.

We have so much to move through right now. You will know what’s karma in your life, at this point, because it will feel awful. Major clearing coming up of anything that needs to go. Your emotions may be rising. If you’re having anxieties about a situation, make sure you’re listening. This is an indication that your body is no longer in resonance with the old, or that you have outgrown a situation. Taurus is an Earth sign, but also a deep feeler. Pay attention to how you feel about people, and certain situations right now.

Some connections are not based in love, but in attachment, and need to go. You’ll know by how things are feeling. This Eclipse is a major Portal for release. We are clearing some major collective darkness right now too! These are great energies for clearing your energy, or to be doing some spiritual cleansing. These energies are all about self care, and ways you may need to pull back to take better care of yourself. Friday is the 11:11 Portal, which is already open and we are already beginning to move through it.

Nov 11th Venus will also be transitioning Scorpio. This is bringing some powerful energies into your love life. November is huge for any Twin Flames and removing any obstacles in, or to Union. These energies are also bringing a fated undertone with it. Certain people are fated to meet. However you only will ever have one fated partner. This is an infinite love. There are so much playing out behind the scenes for you right now. Expect Destiny to be suddenly shifting in your favor…


The blood moon eclipse over Wiltshire UK
The blood moon eclipse over Wiltshire UK


Devyani Singh ~ Isis Channelings


Blood Moon Eclipse

👑This Blood Moon Eclipse brings laser like energy to burn ,transform and release Karmic / Ancestral/ Patriarchal “Power -Over woundings especially of the Womb” that keep us in a place of self rejection, unworthiness, undeservability , grief and disappointment prompting a movement into owning and reclaiming our Self Worthiness , reaffirming our undying loyalty to our own unique Beliefs and values ( irrespective of the PoWer Over Controls being applied) and being the unabashed cheer leaders of our own Deservability / Crowning.

✨But most importantly it brings us the lesson of Grace. The Grace that births from slaying our own inner demons/ fears/ egos . Grace that allows us to hold space in compassion , empathy and patience for others as they too stake their claim on their own self worth, self love,,beliefs and values even if it threatens to unsettle our own crowns/ power over status quo!! For the Status Quo is about to Change. That which seemed impossible is now suddenly within reach, that which seemed improbable is now beginning to unfold in our reality. Magical and mystical are now bleeding into the realm of reality…..IF…

🌗….IF you are consistently committed to putting in the efforts to “illuminate” the Shadows that this Venusian Samhain Underworld Labyrinth has been conjuring up for you. For when you are committed in Courageous Action and Highest Intention there are no wrong turns/ bad choices….as each effort/ action is bringing you closer to your goal (even if it is not outwardly apparent as yet). While the journey is being traversed “within”, the unpacking of the gifts is taking place in our reality to reaffirm our Faith and Trust in our efforts and connection with All That Is!!

🩸The Blood Moon Eclipse brings potent energy to release you from the shackles of the past, especially Womb Trauma as blood moon cycles may suddenly change to align with this Blood Moon Eclipse.

🔥 As I sat releasing that which no longer serves to the Fire Element – The Fire suddenly seemed to “Awaken” to a Life and Will of its own and put up quite a show …It burned powerfully (but not at all in a scary way ) and Cheerfully pirouetted and danced to a beat of its own . Alas my camera was not allowed to take any pics of this performance as it uncharastically froze ?!?! But a pigeon did fly into my room (yes Inside as I sat in all my Priestess Glory with a slightly untamed but joyous Fire) and perched itself rather close to the Fire and Watched it with unblinking curiosity …and I watched both in utter amazement!!….To Magical New Beginnings!!!
EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy

Be The Change You Want To See

Sa Kei Na

Blood Moon Eclipse
Blood Moon Eclipse



Andrea ~ A Gift From Gaia

Start as you mean to go on…and through, a message to those caught up and releasing from “time”.

A lunar eclipse with the moon conjunct Uranus (soul star/law of attraction) and the sun conjunct Mercury (throat chakra/law of vibration) and Venus (heart chakra/law of rhythm) plus the Uranus Saturn (Root chakra/law of creation) Square being activated, all will be triggering the phenomenal world and all that is physical focused in a electrifying way, power surges, legs and bodies rumbling with energy as one way of experiencing becomes eclipsed and a new focus will soon come into view.

Silence is your mode of transportation as you shake off the stories and scenes built by the character and instead immerse yourself in the truth, love, and the power of The Self.
Emerging as The Self as the eclipse closes.

Never to be forgotten again
This is a perfect moment in “time” for you to remember, and ultimately come to rest through coming to finally know thyself and end these karmic echoes ❤️


Phenomenal Art by Imagine Sacred Art

Emerging as The Self
Emerging as The Self


The 8th of November the Sun and the Moon will align to create a Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse.
It will be the last Full Luna Eclipse until 2025…
As well as Integrity and Alignment .
Powerful energies are pouring into the planet. We are all feeling it , as Old timelines are now collapsing and new timelines are emerging.
Lunar Eclipses are known to bring fated
events into our lives , that align us with our destiny so We are invited to choose again
Love or fear .Peace or chaos
Happiness or misery .Light or darkness
For only one is real.
If you are holding onto an old timeline during the next few weeks you are sure to feel some struggle. This is about releasing what needs to go . We must let go of all we are holding onto and surrender to the unknown and the new.
We are at the gates of our rebirth.
As we work with these energies it is a great time release what is no longer serving you and to align with the new you and what you
want to create.
Your consciousness is expanding so much that when you revisit parts of your past, you can actually see it for what it was.
You see the growth.
You see where it was toxic.
You see where you could’ve done better or taken a different route.
This is what happens when you
view life through the lens of alignment.
The material hasn’t changed much,
but your openness and receptivity are
Now thriving.
Which helps you to make better decisions, see through clarity and love, and
to create a far more abundant and deeper
experience for yourself in this life.
The events in your life are becoming much more synchronised.
Things will start lining up.
You’re receiving the necessary tools to level-up as you go. Divinity is in order
You are fine tuning the Inner being and the true magic that you are.
You’re going to be creating and cultivating the space for your experiences to be built from your growth and no longer your struggles.
You knew how important it would be
to shift from resistance to fulfilment at this stage of your evolution .
Your Ascension Guides want a greater role
in your life.
Your intuition wants to be heard more.
Your heart wants more honesty from you.
Surrendering to your internal desire to be
free is so pivotal for you now.
Life has a habit of taking you down a new path every single moment.
When you are in alignment with your higher self, that path tends to be more fruitful, more earnest, more fulfilling,more honest
and more adventurous.
This is what you came here for.
It takes a special kind of commitment to do what you’re doing.
To commit to the growth of your mind, the health of your body, the expansion of your soul, and the fruition of your purpose.
One step at a time because that next step may be the one that helps you around the
corner on something big in your life.
At times, it’s hard to keep the momentum, but on the new earths energy you always find a way to get up and keep going
No matter what.
And that’s where your progress resides
That’s where your commitment
to your Self becomes your truth.
Many people are deep in an emotional purge. Feelings of abandonment, sadness,
hopelessness and dread are fully clearing out for many.
It may feel like a roller coaster ride right now but hang in there , the best is yet to come .
In Loving and Devoted Service
By Ascension LightWorkers

Karen Lithika



In You 🙏
This Now Moment of Creation ❤
Expand your light field, for the Flowering of Light Consciousness is powerful and awe inspiring
To see your world beyond the physical imprint of your reality
The Navigational Light of Now, is directing you beyond the Parameters of your Physical form
Understand, there are multiple levels of light streams working simultaneously to amplify and clear the light fields of you.
Have Faith in the Ascension Journey
For today’s emotions are simply an indication of the self-awareness of You
Feel assured in the light projectory of Ascension, the awakening of light.
Have Faith in your Personal Light Flow
The Light Metamorphosis of Now
Rest and Be…in Light Harmony
With Love and Blessings Wayshowers🙏
Sending Waves of Cosmic Love
Cosmic Light Alliance
Karen Lithika


Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

This Taurus Full Moon Eclipse is helping us regenerate all our power and confidence that was once given away to others. Reflecting on this with self-evaluation around relationships and partnerships may be a theme this Eclipse Season. Take note of this information coming through, as all the lessons learned can now implemented into your rebirth. Acknowledge what traumas and triggers still need healing, as well as the Mastery you’ve attain thus far. Use this to implement more changes of what you need to walk away from, out of self love and self worth. The door into God’s Kingdom is opening to welcome you in, if you choose to walk away, and into His direction.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn


The Gathering
The Gathering


Adrienne Elise

The squeeze is on with a parade of planets visiting the South Node of the Moon in Scorpio, just before tomorrow’s Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. The Moon will be exactly conjunct Uranus, and directly opposite of the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio. These planets will make a T-square with Saturn in Aqurius. Our personal planets are triggering the epic Saturn Square Uranus and it’s all coming home.

Uranus brings an energetic upgrade and with the Moon, this will be affecting our physical body and our emotions. Emotional energies are running high with all of these planets in Scorpio passing over the South Node of the Moon. We are cleaning out the closets of our past and it’a all coming out right in front of us.

Venus is in opposition to Uranus and in square to Saturn today and the Sun and Mercury will come into position over the next few days during the Eclipse. Everything that has not been able to change in our personal life is right in our face. This Full Moon Eclipse is like a mirror reflection between our higher and lower self. Can we reconcile? Or does someone need to get in the back seat?

SuperNova Souls have long been called into a bigger expression and we can all feel that the time is coming NOW. Mars retrograde in Gemini is bringing forward frustration from where we have allowed our voice, message, and essence to be stolen. But with Mars in a two month square with Neptune, we can’t quite see clearly enough to speak out the Truth. We have been so gaslit with lies and half truths, we don’t even know what to believe any more.

We can believe in the brilliant spirit and soul within us that is getting brighter by the day. There is nothing that can stop this awakening. Black Moon Lilith in exact trine to Neptune is bringing the water trine energy that can help us flow through the unknown, and use our strength of spirit to guide the way.

We are being set up for great things, as these intense squares give way to a Grand Water Trine Kite in the sky. The top of the kite is Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto, now direct, is leading the way in navigation, now making his way into the sign of Aquarius. We must claim our autonomous power back from where we gave it away, if we are ever going to fly into the New Age.

The base of the Kite is held down by Black Moon Lilith in Cancer. Pluto will be coming into this opposition with Black Moon Lilith for the second half of November, which forms the verticle axis of this kite. We must heal the shadows of the feminine so we can come back home to Mother, the only way we can find stability through this transition.

The body of the kite a Grand Water Trine between Black Moon Lilith, Jupiter in Pisces, and this parade of personal planets in Scorpio. It’s time to set our selves free and fly our kite! This kite is telling us that we must lift up out of the delusion of the lower matrix reality, and soar above in order to get a bigger picture and perspective. And when we do, the bigger thing we see is ourselves.

We are so much more that we let on. SuperNova Souls, we have all been playing small. It’s time to look in the mirror and see that lion/lioness soul warrior power being that you really are. We are rebirthing into our bigger and more true self, and this Lunar Eclipse Uranus in Taurus is a preparation, a massive activation of our energetic field. Rest and take care of your nervous system. Higher frequency vibrations are coursing through us on a cellular level. It’s time to fly.


The Blue Rays
The Blue Rays


Lunar eclipse in Taurus. Sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio – With the eclipsed Moon conjunct awakener Uranus, this is a cosmic alarm call that shocks us out of complacency. Sometimes it takes a radical shift of perspective to push us out of the comfort zone and realise what really matters. Somewhere in our lives, we have been playing it safe for far too long. Mercury’s entry into the throne room of the Sun brings brilliant revelation regarding what needs to be changed. Resistance to change causes anxiety – free yourself. The future begins now. Open your hands to accept Life’s surprise gifts.
With asteroid Pinocchio conjunct Venus, the ruler of this lunation, it highlights where we have been lied to – or where we have been lying to ourselves. The truth is that much of what we have been told we ‘should’ have or want is irrelevant. Life is about love – not just romantic love but a rich, deep appreciation for life itself. To love is to be here, grounded in this world. Love is life’s midwife and death doula, the beginning and the end of all things. Love heals insecurity and shame. Love is the lamp in the dark. Love is the truth.
Moon Sabian – A Symbolical Battle Between “Swords” And “Torches”
Sun-Mercury Sabian – A Woman, Fecundated By Her Own Spirit, Is “Great With Child”
Degrees and Times
Moon 16°Ta00′, Sun 16°Sc00′ – 11:02 (UT)
Sun, Mercury 16°Sc15′ – 16:42 (UT)
Asteroid Pinocchio number 12927
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – The Birthday Party, aka Helen Velasquez Chase by William Merritt Chase
The Birthday Party
The Birthday Party

The Tzolkin Times

Kin 174 ~ White Overtone Wizard

‘Overtone’ is the name for the number five and its keywords are ‘Empower, Radiance and Command’. The fifth day of any wavespell shifts up a gear and brings with it intensity! The number five gives a great deal of power to whichever day it falls on. Also, the fifth day is the same color as the first day of the wavespell. This symbolizes a shift in direction and speed. The next day that is the same color will be the ninth, and the last day is also the same. These four days are the most important in the wavespell because of this connection.
Today is White Wizard which represents ‘Enchantment, Timelessness and Receptivity’. The empowered Wizard is a dude to be reckoned with for sure. His spells are at their peak and we all fall under his enchantment. You can be a Wizard today if you choose, use your charm and cast spells. It’s a case of being spell bound or doing the spell bounding. This is a very empowering opportunity, so make good use of it. As always, remember the Wizard is a good guy, so don’t misuse your charms to get one over someone else! Use this power only for good and not evil. The Wizard is the Jaguar, the Shaman. He has the ability to take you to other worldly realms.
The Guide is the White Wind which symbolizes ‘Communication, Spirit and Breath’. Allow your words to guide your actions today. Walk your Talk and don’t be all talk and no action. Words have a lot of effect today because it is White Overtone Wizard. Spells said out loud have more power, and so be careful what you say.
The Challenge is the Yellow Seed which symbolizes sowing awareness. If you are a Yellow Seed, then today just isn’t your day. Everyone is so completely under a spell that they don’t listen to the wisdom you are trying to impart. No one seems to be able to pay attention, you can blame Wizard for that. Today is so surreal because the day’s energy is strengthened by the number five.
The Occult power is the Blue Hand which represents ‘Healing, Accomplishment and Inner Knowing’. When in this position Blue Hand can facilitate magical healing. As I have said before, always look to the Occult power of a day to find strength and opportunity. We can consider all aspects of today but Blue Hand in the Occult position is the one to focus on. Profound progress can be made, it’s an empowering day after all! If you are a Blue Hand you’ll enjoy this much power and the Wizard doesn’t mesmerize you, because you are so strongly aspected.
The Ally is the Red Serpent and so if you are one, expect all your friends to turn to you today for support. Your sensitive nature makes you a great friend all the time anyway but when in the Ally position, you excel in helpfulness. If you are not lucky enough to have one in your life, you can still benefit from the Serpent’s message. And that entails using your instincts, and being sensitive to all that is going on. The Serpent also offers you a chance to release any poison that you may be holding onto. Which is very friendly advice.


Kin 174
Kin 174


5 IX – KIN 174
Commanding receptivity
I seal the output of timelessness
With the Overtone tone of RADIANCE
I AM guided by the power of SPIRIT
8/11/2022 = 8/2/6 = 8/8 = 16 = 7
8- Infinite ABUNDANT Source Flow
16- Tower struck by lightning/Sudden change
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Initiation/Solitude
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity/Illumination
2- Twins/Partners/Cooperation/Alliances
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility
8- infinite Abundant Source Flow
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
22- Architect of PEACE/Master builder
KIN 174 = 12 = 3 – Holy trinity/Joy/Creativity
Today we have an ✨8.8.✨ ABUNDANCE💰 code bringing forth INFINITE blessings from Spirit.💋💋💋💋. which AMPLIFIES the abundant blessings of TAURUS and VENUS. This grand celestial lunation, aligning with the MAJIKAL OVERTONE WIZARD, with a 7 MAJIK day code, and a 16 code of sudden changes and unexpected events, is truly a SPECTACULAR line-up.✨🌠✨🌠✨..
Anything can happen through this ECLIPSE portal..
KIN 174 occurred 18 months ago on 6th June which was a 6/6 HEAVEN’S GATE portal – linking through the portals to all these HEAVENLY blessings. WHITE WIND – is the HIGHER GUIDE on this MAJIKAL day so SPIRIT really DOES want us ALL to PROSPER! 🎉🎉🎊🎇
Today is a SUPER EXCEPTIONAL – divinely guided, MAJIKAL day of pure RADIANT LOVE! 💞💞💞
💝🐕👪🌹 💝🐕👪🌹💝
Day 5 in the WHITE DOG WAVESPELL 🐕of unconditional love, loyalty, devotion, Service, friendship and Faith.. We are uncovering and healing all that separates us from SOURCE LOVE in order to BE LOVE! 💕
Today we are EMPOWERING others through the power of ENCHANTMENT💫 to radiate LOVE, loyalty and devotion to each other through our precious Hearts. A very beautiful code!
The 8.8. code on this prosperous celestial EVENT, supremely enhances our ABUNDANT blessings. Open your HEART❤ and your arms to RECEIVE the MAJIK✨ pouring forth from SOURCE today!
💝🐕👪🌹 💝🐕👪🌹💝
OVERTONE 👑– Tone 5 in the SPIRITUAL realm. ACTION – commands, POWER – empowers, ESSENCE – radiance Number 5 represents the Center,🔘 core purpose, foundation and central intent. It is the CENTER of the wheel from which all the spokes emanate. This is the phase where the energy of Creation returns to the center and then RADIATES outwards.
Overtones 👑command the unbounded. They order it to BE and so it becomes! Their POWER🎆 radiates from their soul essence through a pure connection to SOURCE, this is the true source of unlimited power.
The OVERTONE👑 power combined with the WIZARD and WHITE WIND, make for an incredibly beautiful and enchanting energy – akin to the POWER of true love.💓 This is a very special code today…
✨✨✨The greatest MAJIK in all of CREATION is the POWER of LOVE radiated through our pure Magnetized HEARTS.💓💞
KIN 174 aligning with this eclipse is ACTIVATING our DIVINE POWER to OVERRIDE all DARK MAGIC (Scorpionic patriarchal control patterns) and empowering the WHITE MAJIK we all hold inside our TRUE HEARTS – to flower through the VENUSIAN/TAUREAN 5D Bliss energies.
What an exquisite combo!! 🌹🌹🌹
Make no mistake this is DIVINE SOURCE ALCHEMY.☀⚛☀
Today’s questions are “Can I RADIATE Divine SPIRIT through my HEART, through claiming my DIVINE POWER to walk my TRUE PATH of DESTINY”.
“Am I RECEPTIVE to the guidance of SPIRIT, to fulfill my DREAMS?”
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for RADIATING the most pure Divine spiritual energy in pursuit of your DREAMS today. 💓🌹💕💞🎆
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
💝🐕👪🌹 💝🐕👪🌹💝
CONSCIOUS SELF: WHITE OVERTONE WIZARD☀👑 🔮– IX is the Magician, whose powers are activated by wisdom that emanates from the HEART.💓 Today we can access potent energies through being in a hyper receptive mode of anchoring with a deep receptivity to many dimensions. This requires stillness and attunement in order to conduct and flow these energies through our vessel.
We are seeking to OPEN our HEARTS❤ to greater LOVE 💞and RADIATE🎆 this outwardly. 💓🎆
This beautiful OVERTONE energy is true spiritual POWER. The POWER that emanates from our inner core being, our TRUE- pure DIVINE essence, radiating pure conscious energy. The spiritual power that weaves the beautiful shamanic web of creation, connecting all our kin in one beautiful glistening web of LOVE. 🕸💞
You can connect to this WHITE MAGNETIC WIZARDRY PLANETARY GRID🌐 which was formed in 2019, and is available at your disposal. We are in the 4th moon/month in the 4th Year of our 13 Year WHITE WIZARD cycle. Much MAJIK awaits us in our journey to COSMIC ENCHANTMENT🍥😍 in 2031 – the Year of the COSMIC WIZARD! Woot woot🎉🎈🎊🎉🎈🎊🎉🎈 – Planetary party – dear STAR 🌟BLISS 🐬SUNS 🌞
And so we have a 13 year cycle to MASTER our spell casting beautiful Alchemists! 💫✨⚛ Hone those majik wands!
The power of enchantment can be utilized in your desires and creations through shamanic, ritual, ceremony and spell casting today. Make sure you say “This or something better, with harm to none through the POWER of LOVE.”💕 And so mote, it be!
Perfecto energy for SPELL-casting a new DREAM-spell through this wondrous Elipse ASCENSION GATE! 💫💫💫
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: WHITE OVERTONE WIND 🌬– IK represents the voice or breath of Spirit. Such a powerful code to have the WIZARD guided by Spirit, particularly the Divinely RADIANT🎆 – Overtone Wind – high White Majik codes indeed.💫 This WIZARD is DIVINELY PURE! ✨✨
WHITE WIZARD is a tool of the LIGHT, a conduit for the work of SPIRIT and totally devoted in his Divine Mission to the Divine Plan, through the WILL of SPIRIT. The OVERTONE WIND is the HIGHER POWER guiding the energies through this Eclipse today, bringing forth the WILL of Father God. This combination of truth bringers – IX and IK – WIZARD and WIND – is activating CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS☀.. which is assessed from SPIRIT through a PURE HEART.
☀YESHUA/JESUS THE CHRIST☀ – epitomized this energy signature as he told us “through the Father all things are possible” YESHUA incarnated on EARTH to teach us that our GOD was not OUTSIDE of us, in HEAVEN or some other “higher place”, but existed within us – and could be directly accessed through our HEART.
A wise Magician is spontaneous and transparent, allowing MAJIK to come in, rather than trying to control it or make it happen. 💫 A true Magician dances the dance of love,💃 through offering gifts of FREEDOM to others. This is real MAJIK. The WIZARD of old, who appears out of nowhere, to FREE our HERO’S from the dastardly villains and SAVE their lives. ✨💫✨
Freed from the need to use power to manipulate or control, a magician uses WISDOM to manifest liberation and love. And the OVERTONE WIZARD uses DIVINE WISDOM to LIBERATE others.
✨✨✨Today SPIRIT is seeking to LIBERATE HUMANITY from the DARK MAGIC control agenda..✨✨✨
Allow the breath of Spirit to flow through your vessel guiding your enchantment today and LIBERATING you from darkness. . OPEN your receptivity to the Divine, in order to receive the guidance on the direction in which you need to move forwards. If you are still wondering WHERE you are headed, BE STILL, receptive, and ALLOW the messages of Spirit to come through loud and clear.
The WHITE KIN are the refiners, they wield the sword of TRUTH🗡 and are Divine Messengers spreading these TRUTHS. Today we have 3 WHITE KIN – Wizard, Wind and White Dog all charging through these portals ensuring we AWAKEN to the Divine TRUTH and Divine plan for planet EARTH.. A beautiful GIFT for humanity. Hi Ho Silver! 🐎🐎🐎
WHITE WIND/SPIRIT is the HIGHER POWER today seeking to GUIDE us through this ECLIPSE portal using the POWER of WHITE MAJIK.. This message came through soooo STRONG tonight as I sat down to write this post.
I heard the words “You have to believe we are magic. Nothin’ can stand in our way” – and I recognized these lyrics from the song MAGIC, sung by the beautiful ANGELIC Olivia Newton John (R.I.P. 🙏🌹) in the 80s musical XANADU movie … more info. at this link…
The song kept reverberating in my mind so I checked the lyrics – which absolutely BLEW ME AWAY!! ✨☀✨☀ It felt like these words were being DIRECTLY SPOKEN to me by SPIRIT – and so I MUST share them with you – TINGLES ✨✨✨✨
Come take my hand
You should know me
I’ve always been in your mind
You know I will be kind
Building your dream has to start NOW
There’s no other road to take
You won’t make a mistake
I’ll be guiding you
You have to believe we are magic
You have to believe we are magic
Don’t let your aim ever stray
And if all your hopes survive
✨I’ll bring all your DREAMS ALIVE✨
For you
I’ll bring all your dreams alive
For you
Through every turn I’ll be near you
I’ll come anytime you call
I’ll catch you when you fall
I’ll be guiding you
You have to believe we are magic
Nothin’ can stand in our way
You have to believe we are magic
Don’t let your aim ever stray
And if all your hopes survive
Destiny will arrive
I’ll bring all your dreams alive
For you
I’ll bring all your dreams alive
For you
You have to believe we are magic
Nothin’ can stand in our way
You have to believe we are magic
Don’t let your aim ever stray
And if all your hopes survive
Destiny will arrive
I’ll bring all your dreams alive
For you
I’ll bring all your dreams alive
For you
Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: John Clifford Farrar
Magic lyrics © John Farrar Music, Lido Music, Inc.
Absolute FULL BODY TINGLES✨✨✨ – keep these lyrics in MIND today as you give GRATITUDE to SPIRIT🙏🙏🙏 for the GUIDING you, in allowing your DREAMS to unfold – DESTINY is calling.
NOTE: Spirit EMPHASIZED the word “ABOUND” so I had to look up the bible meaning – According to W.E. Vine, the Greek word rendered “abounding” in this passage (1 Corinthians 15.58) is defined as “to be abundantly furnished, to abound in a thing…the work of the Lord.” Likewise, Strong defined this word as From G4053; “to super-abound (in quantity or quality), be in excess, be superfluous; To abound literally means to go over the bounds. To abound is to overflow; to be plentiful; to exist in large amounts.
SUPPORT: RED OVERTONE SERPENT👑 🐍🔥🔥– CHICCHAN fully energizes the capacity of our life force🔥 to fuel our passionate heart’s desires,💞 connecting with our kin, as we RADIATE this unconditional LOVE. Empowering the LIGHT, sovereignty and raw expression of our instincts.
How DIVINE that our KUNDALINI is rising to empower, us through this ECLIPSE to make the changes to improve our lives and RADIATE our LIGHT.
Our RADIANCE is initiated by pure primal expression as our kundalini rises🎇 through our body. As we become clear vessels and align with our HEART, we become a vibrational match for that which we are creating. Our instinctual pulses will guide us through survival responses to create our greater mission and express our greatest passion. 🔥🔥🔥💃💃💃
The OVERTONE SERPENT👑🐍 is a very sensual and radiant snake❤🐍 who can fuel🔥 the BLISS barometer🎇💞 today especially with these VENESIAN/TAUREAN energies!! Be aware of your adoring admirers today – great PASSION 💋 is unleashed!
Beautiful energies fuelling romance, partnership and joint ventures.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: BLUE SOLAR HAND☀🙌 – MANIK governs healing, attaining knowledge, intuition and has the power of ACCOMPLISHMENT – to achieve your DREAMS. As the SUPERPOWER today MANIK assists us to receive our deepest knowledge through our intuition, and guidance from Spirit. We then PULSE that forth into being through our loving hands and devoted HEART.
We have tremendous Solar Flares 🌞🔥 and Ascension energies🚀 flowing through these Gateways, bringing huge upgrades of our DNA and LIGHTBODIES – The SOLAR HAND will assist us in accomplishing the embodiment of all this added SOLAR POWER🌞🔥🚀 today anchoring the ECLIPSE clear and RESET in our cellular memory.
The BLUE HAND 🙌 brings us the POWER to ACCOMPLISH great healing on our journey to ONENESS!
As we become more receptive to the voice of Spirit, the solutions become clearer. We are all connected to HUMANITY’S great dream, that of collective Abundance for all beings and our PLANET.
We each can accomplish GREAT THINGS, individually and collectively if we are operating with our PURE HEART’S❤ loving intent, through the Collective dreaming for our PLANET! 🌍🌏🌎
CHALLENGE/GIFT: YELLOW OVERTONE SEED👑 🌱– KAN challenges us today to reclaim our POWER and TAKE INSPIRED ACTION!! 💥💥 How PERFECTO that the blessing of this ECLIPSE day – is to BURST OPEN our inherent SEED PACKETS as the STAR BLISS SUNS that we are – FLOWERING to our full potential.. what a brilliant super BURST of blissings.
The SEED🌱 needs to GROW and EVOLVE in order to FLOWER! This OVERTONE SEED is bursting to RADIATE🌞 it’s full blooming🌼 potential! Filling the world with the most exquisite perfume and beauty!🌹
Now is the TIME to get moving, ARISE from the darkness and move toward the LIGHT. 🌞✨🌞
Set forth your intentions to take root🌱 🌾 where we are being nudged by Spirit to step up and start doing! RADIATE more LIGHT ✨through your day and your actions. Gather with others to co-create the NEW EARTH guided by the will of Spirit.
KAN gifts us, with the capacity to MANIFEST and cocreate our Highest Divine Missions today. Yahoooo!!! 🎉🎊🎇
Go forth and SEED the highest LIGHT and LOVE through Divine Service on our planet! 🌼🌹✨
Today’s questions are “Can I RADIATE Divine SPIRIT through my HEART, through claiming my DIVINE POWER to walk my TRUE PATH of DESTINY”.
“Am I RECEPTIVE to the guidance of SPIRIT, to fulfill my DREAMS?”
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for RADIATING the most pure Divine spiritual energy in pursuit of your DREAMS today. 💓🌹💕💞🎆
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈






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