Katie IndiCrow – Many months ago I began sharing about advanced ‘et’ and light being contact. If you recall there were a few videos which I reposted two days ago. Since that time (and before it), I have been quietly going about practicing with team to learn dynamics of interdimensional movement and ways to create spaces where light family could come in with more ease. It is time, it seems, to provide another update!

One of the main things that is being called for at this time is the unveiling of ships, light beings, and a more direct understanding of on the ground contact. Some including the reputable Dr. Suzanne Lie have been saying that during the eclipse, there will be events occurring in the sky that cannot be denied. Romeo Baron over at Ascension Energieshas been talking about contact for some time as well. Remember – there have been times on this earth where we lived in scenarios with grounded contact on the regular (that people knew about). For many of us, this reality has been strongly calling us to re-create. Guess what, friends?
The time to make big moves on that is now.
Last evening, I was out working with team. One of my main jobs that has been expressed to me for a while now, was to support the travel of team in to earth to support bifurcation. This is also to ensure the safe transition of Gaia and those who serve her. I was given the date August 17 by my oversoul some time ago, and told that this would be an auspicious day to begin another wave of this work.

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If you recall from my earlier pieces, I am a strong proponent of working with team in day time. I enjoy watching the light beams and getting visits from bug friends, and using the rays of the sun on water as a way to raise vibes high enough to support connection. Because of this, I went off on my merry way to bend in a beloved river, perching near a spot that had been identified by team as a ‘good one’ for this sort of thing. I connected in with river, and began raising the vibrations of the space as much as I could. When I looked down to the ground beneath me, I saw light language on a tree. Tracing it with my heart and intention, I set my intentions and began the work.SHIPS AND LIGHT BEINGS
Calling in my team, I watched and felt Andromedan and Arcturian energy beginning to come through. A little ant with wings came to sit next to me, to say hello and show their vessel. After a moment, the promptly dove into the river, letting me know they would be working the caves underground. There were two ducks that came to sit with me, who then told me that family was around and to go ahead and get my camera out. After getting my camera, I felt compelled to take several videos and images, which I have attached for you to see here. In one, video, you can distinctly hear lightlanguage and see the beings coming from our ship stream. In another, you can see golden beings of energy standing on the shore with me. In a photo, if you zoom in you can actually see several of the figures of family and friends here in support of us, freedom, and love.

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I share this today, friends, to let those of you who are ready know that we are ready too. To let you know that contact can be beautiful. That our friends and family are here and ready to help.
Keep your eyes on the skies, dear ones. But also in the rivers, the rocks, the insects, birds, sounds and all around you. The time is now and this story can be yours too.
Here is a selection of videos and imagery from yesterday to give you an idea of just how beautiful this can be:
Image 1: Zoom in on gold/red light to see team…
Video 1: Light language transmissions (the clicking is them), ship beam formation, and some friends in the sky…
Video 2: Views of the work, and a moving image of the gold from picture 1. You can see my friend standing on the shore in front of the stick…
Video 3: A black and white version of vid 2 which allows you to see the full figure with more ease:…
So much more from me on this soon!
In loving co-creation,
Katie IndiCrow
IndiCrow Energetics

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