You are currently viewing 22:22 Equinox Stargate Portal ~ Blessed Mabon ~ The Infinite Kryst Field ~  Sands of Time
The Infinite Kryst Field

22:22 Equinox Stargate Portal ~ Blessed Mabon ~ The Infinite Kryst Field ~  Sands of Time

22:22 Equinox Stargate Portal ~ Blessed Mabon ~ The Infinite Kryst Field ~ Sands of Time


Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Blessed Dreamweavers of the Tapestry of Eternal Life

Happy Equinox Gateway, Angels of the New Earth. We have a powerful 22:2:22 Portal with a major influx of Galactic Energetics flowing into this realm through the Great Central Sun from the Most High.

When we discover equilibrium within our self we manifest equality externally. We bring peace to the world by finding Peace and balance within. This is what Shakyamuni Buddha called the Middle Path. No one and no thing is greater than or less than the other.

On this Equinox we are in the middle point which is the zero point in the space time continuum. Our local Solaris rises over the Equator, Middle Dantian of Pachamama, on his journey south to the Tropic of Capricorn and over the home of our sacred condors. The Eagle travels to the Condor for the Divine Union of Hieros Gamos. The left path unites with the right path in Holy Matrimony to step into the Abundance and Prosperity in all ways for all sentient beings of the Tao.

On this powerful Equinox Portal as we continue our descent down the central Column of the tzolkin and enter the Core of the Time Space Matrix this sunday the 25th on the New moon in Libra, Pachamama received another powerful activation with a magnitude 6.8 earthquake in Mexico in the same portal as the 7.6 quake earlier this week. This was at 6:16 UTC the 6:6 Gateway of Christ Consciousness.

With our eyes on the prize of Infinite Life and our heart chakras fully opened, exposing all that lay hidden to the Light of Love, we heal all that was broken and rise through the Ascension Spiral and into the Portal of Eden into Everlasting Life, as free and Sovereign beings to be Guardians and caretakers of the sacred lands of our Kin’s Domains and our personal familial spaces.

Bliss Consciousness is a mindset, a state of being of Joy and Happiness in the heart and mind of huemanity. This is the Pure resonance of the Angelic realm. We laugh our way to freedom. The doorway to Truth is fully open, we must step through for our Divine Heritage.

We are all one under the sun within our ocean of consciousness, living in the light and the truth of Infinite Creator Source. OM Namah Shivaya Om…Aho




Right now: Moon at 28°22′ Leo, Sun at 0°09′ Libra

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A butterfly preserved and made perfect with a dart through it.
Sabian Symbol for 1º Libra

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 1º Libra.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A mermaid emerges from the ocean ready for rebirth in human form.
Sabian Symbol for 29º Leo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 29º Leo.






✨22:22 Equinox Stargate Portal✨

A powerful New Earth Timeline is being anchored for the Collective during this 7 Day Portal!
Great personal & planetary quantum shifts are available for all NOW!
Keep your vibe high & keep grounding these powerful energies through in Mother Nature!
Keeping aligned with your highest trajectory & greatest version of Self is key at this time!
Be mindful of your words, thoughts, actions & deeds – ensure all are aligned!
Enjoy in-joy Dearest Beloveds 💛
In LOVE we rise as ONE 💛
 Sands of Time
Sands of Time


Roberto Nunez

Sending many blessings on this Equinox Portal Day 22-2022 ✨
Crystal frequencies flowing from the Sun and as the latest CME. Grounding will be essential over the next 24 hours so you don’t have nausea or anxiety, as your light pole will receive strong activations. The DNA will be strengthened. ❗Downloads will be very powerful and dreamy❗
Lots of emotions coming out and it’s very important to feel them. Allow yourself to open up to them to feel them and let them go.


Crystal frequencies
Crystal frequencies


Ra James

Happy Solar Equinox! The Equinox is where the plane of Earth’s equator passes through the geometric center of the Sun’s disk. The Equinox is always half way between the two Solstices. This is a key event, that is shifting us into a new Season. It’s a time of balance between the God and Goddess, and Light and Darkness. The Autumn Equinox marks our descent into the Underworld, or the darker half of the year. The Gates of the Otherworld are now open. The veil between the physical world and the spirit world will continue to thin leading up til Samhain (Halloween).

Since things are more open within the spiritual, it’s a time to focus on the spiritual. It’s a great time to sit with Spirit or to connect with your loved ones, or ancestors in spirit. We have now shifted into Libra Season. Libra Season is bringing Airy Fairy Vibes as the worlds of the Fae are wide open right now too. On the 25th we have a Libra New Moon. This Moon is aligned with the Galactic Center. Expect major upgrades this week. This week is also one of the best weeks of the year for stargazing. It’s a great time to see the Milky Way. Tonight you can see the constellation of Pegasus…




Solar Equinox
Solar Equinox



Diego E. Berman, PhD


Dear friends, happy Equinox!  We have made it to yet another intense energetic Equinox. Today marks the point when our Sun crosses the equator and everywhere on our planet day and night are approximately of equal length.

It is a period in which energies are naturally balanced around us and within us, where opposites meet on equal ground. A time for integrating the duality within the Oneness of existence.

We have been experiencing a lot of transformative waves since the beginning of the year, it feels as if time is accelerating and the inner growth lessons now are a common thing. Planet Earth and its inhabitants are on the “awakening express” line. This timeline can feel exhilarating to some and more challenging to others. But the more we resist the changes that our soul is requiring for our personal evolution, the rougher the ride will be. Please take this Equinox time to go within and relax into your divine journey, take a few deep breaths and trust that divine wisdom is taking you to a higher and more aligned path.

May we remember that we can all co-exist in balance, inwardly and outwardly. Equinox blessings to you friends! Much love




Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloveds ~
This is a unique Equinox. It may not feel like the typical balancing energy we anticipate at Equinox.
We are entering a new phase of the Ascension which amplifies realm choice, and thereby realm division. We cannot expect the same energies from alignments, dates, or events – or the same outcomes – any longer.
We focus on Zero Point as our balancing energy, and alignment with our highest trajectory. As these energies clarify, refine, and reveal what is in service to Divine Perfection, and what is not, our personal and collective trajectories sort out into harmonic bandwidths.
Source, the organic stargates, and Gaia are amplifying positive, unified, unconditional, Divinely neutral creation – for the higher realm Gaia experience that many refer to as New Earth.
This heightening of realm choice brings forth the inevitable side-effect of realm division. It is what it is. We are all part of the whole, it’s simply division of experience.
The higher vibration held by the I AM Presence activations this year allowed Gaia to co-create a supportive field of Infinite Kryst Light.

Equinox and the Infinite Kryst Field

What seems chaotic in the external is actually more choice, more possibilities opening in our realities. Less density, less limitations.
We are accustomed to limited choices in density; this is a perfect Now to explore the limitlessness which Gaia shared earlier this year. We are open to the cosmos again and limitless possibilities for experiencing the multiple higher realms of Gaia, and of Source-as-Self.
The realm split opens us to more possibility, not a dualistic one reality or another.
In my experience with our groups, the purity of energy building from Zero Point Presence is astounding.

The Infinite Kryst Field

This new field of Infinite Kryst substance may appear as crystalline-gold-diamond in visions. For clarity: it is not a grid, gateway, or bridge. It is a supportive field co-created by activated hearts and DNA in these realms, and the Legions of Light in service to our process. It feels radiantly pure, yet somewhat surreal, because the pure Kryst/Christed/Crystalline/Unity Consciousness (all refer to the same thing) is a radically different vibration.
This field is a natural side-effect of collective Ascension. Crystalline DNA, Crystalline structures in our bodies, heart coherence, and the ability to hold the Presence as our primary focus changes the parameters for reality choice. We emanate a frequency harmonic that attracts and amplifies the higher realm experience – the Ascension experience – for all willing hearts.
The Higher Realms revealed this new field a few weeks ago, and Equinox is its full activation point. (How apt to resurrect a new Crystalline field of Divine Purity three days after the symbolic burial of the old system.)
Infinite Kryst Field Purpose:
To support the vibrational integrity of Gaia’s Crystalline realms and the Divine HUman through the realm shift.
This field supports:
– Divine Truth, Mastery, Revelation, Freedom
– Vibrational integrity of the body consciousness as it transforms to crystalline (less exhaustion, more Presence)
– Stability (mental, emotional, physical) during realm division and the migration of realities
– Realm choice and opening to infinite possibilities
– Transitioning to time-space flow (departing linear time)

Equinox Activation

Many have noted the new, unusual energy this month. It is important to align your choices as we experience this new level of Kryst/Unity consciousness in these realms.
Use this field as a responsible co-creator of Divinity (the ultimate Divine HUman!) Practice direct, clear focus to create your highest outcome in thought, word, action, feeling, and intention. Provide no energy (thought, word, action, feeling) to undesired outcomes. Let those undesired outcomes burn out a little faster, by starving them of your energy/focus.
Create your desired trajectory, which is built from infinite possibility, moment by moment. Connect with this new Infinite Kryst field and co-create with it. It is teaching us how to exist in, create in, and experience the higher realms of Gaia, right now.
We hold this Infinite Kryst field as a Divine interface with our Higher levels. It provides a more refined, pure experience of multidimensional oneness with our higher aspects and Divine support teams.
Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!
In Love, Light and Service,
The Infinite Kryst Field
The Infinite Kryst Field


Blue Rose Oracle


Equinox blessings

Day and night are in perfect union today aligning and dancing in synchronicity.

Today is the equilibrium. The internal and external in harmony as salt and light honor the gifts that each one holds.

We are shifting again as another spiral births a transitional space of welcoming the darker evenings and the changing seasons honouring the inner ceremony of a new rhythm emerging.

The trees draws back their sacred sap and nectar flowing these sacred gifts back into their roots as the emerald green rays of growth shift towards oranges, yellows, browns and reds offering a symphony of autumnal bliss reminding us that we too are changing as our energy levels shift into a seasonal flow and we release all that’s ready to be transcended and transformed.

Mabon is the time of celebration and retreat, to rest and reflect after summers harvest and to review the past with love, release the old patterns and plant new seeds which grow softly and gently in the darker months ahead, nurtured and cocooned ready to bloom in spring.

New Templates are downloading into the crystalline field which is shimmering around Mother Gaia as the Temples of light within the central sun continue to merge into our current dimensional holographic sphere.

The templates are laden with light infused frequencies and codes that shift our vibration into much faster rotations of light, colour and sound as we integrate multiple activation keys that recalibrate and upgrade the carbon based frequency and patterns within the cellular, energy and physical bodies.

The Crystalline templates are platinum hued with an internal layer of rainbow light waves that can shift through the density layers and old imprints from old matrices as we are upgrading into new spirals of energetic wavelengths which activate the soul star and stellar gateway chakras creating a clear crystalline channel to our divine presence.

The waves of uncomfortableness and anxiousness being felt are the transitional layers between each version of ourselves dissolving.

We are shedding the foundational belief structures and survival imprints that served the versions of ourselves which we are expanding and transcending through and beyond.

The opening of the higher chakras through the crystalline templates is expanding our whole vibratory bandwidth to accommodate the fullness of our presence and divine essence.

This emergence into our crystalline layers is a transition from one vibratory resonance field which we have been holding and comfortable within to a much faster and heightened vibrational resonance field that requires trust and surrender despite the uncomfortableness of these new expansion wavelengths.

Key observations

Security and safety patterns and programs being released as we let go of the old narratives and versions of ourselves subscribing to lack, scarcity or limiting beliefs.

Sacral and solar plexus expanding and contracting as these old patterns begin to surface from the deeper layers of our ancestral and incarnational experiences and memories.

Stomach purging, physical releasing, needing lots of realignment time in the morning to come back to centre, downloads stopping and starting, disconnection and wipe out waves as we integrate these new bandwidths.

Take only what resonates, use your discernment and follow your own intuition 💕💕💕


Rainbow Body Activation
Rainbow Body Activation



Suryananda & Aed


THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN Has A Message. NEW STEPS ARE SET TO APPEAR. Significant changes and transformations as paths on Gaia continue of those of the Light.  CONTINUATION OF 22 September, 2022.

From The Great Central Sun Akashic Records.

New Steps Set To Appear is very exciting and sets into being the necessary changes due to take effect on Gaia and inhabitants.

The download today has been very intense and powerful. As in all instances when downloads or shifts are released onto Gaia some will have a more obvious sense of being received than others.

The download of 22 September being a continuation of the Metamorphosis of 19 September has been tremendously powerful encompassing within the necessary aspects dependent on the diversity of the wide ranging paths on :

The Great Central Sun

The Omnipresent Omnipotent Power of Creation : Existence Itself

Whether one is from The Great Central Sun, Stars & Worlds Beyond Gaia :

Those who are receptive to energies beyond the physical world of Gaia will be aware of the increasing downloads of higher energies and frequencies :

As Advancement of Consciousness

The increasing strength and power of

The Creative Force

That which is inherent within described so often as an inner drive and passion

As Truths & Greater Understanding

On The Great Central Sun & Existence

Opens its doors and mysteries

Long destined for these times of cosmic changes.

It is necessary to recognise that the inhabitants on Gaia have far ranging roles and paths on Creation; many of the pre-destined roles of service are of a practical nature and aspect; very much a requirement for Gaia and inhabitants.

Whilst for some their paths and roles are more esoteric; all have their roles to play and work as a collective in the uplifting of humanity and Gaia.

Aed & Suryananda were blessed once again as Father looked in for a while on both sessions.

Aed & Suryananda’s journeys on The Great Central Sun & Creation continues.

Adam El Daoud & Suryananda

Divine Consorts.

Thursday, 22 September, 2022.

Readers of The Great Central Sun Sacred Scripts Akashic Records & The Great Central Sun Akashic Records.

Also For Both Aspects The Great Cosmic Sun & The Great Galactic Sun. And Many Others.

Seers To The Great Central Sun : The Great Galactic Sun : And Others.


The Creative Force
The Creative Force


Crystal and indigo guide to the galaxy


‘’Those who are removing the fallen code of the matrix
of the living dead out of their system
and are recalibrating and resetting according to the Natural Living Law,
will not be affected in the same way by the upcoming world events and changes
which will create panic, fear, lack and chaos,
as those who are still under hypnotism by the program of the law of the living dead and believe
that this reality is real.
This is because the people who are releasing the code that was imposed on their perception,
are becoming free and capable of recognising a different and upgraded reality
which corresponds to the natural organic law and are reconnecting to the true creation.
Thus, they will be able to find new ways,
divine solutions and create abundance by their own command.
This is the true power of the human divine being
and once people figure this out, there is nothing to stop them.’’
Exit the fallen program as it will start getting really horrible and the attack on its subjects will be raw and direct.
There is a new path for all the living souls that wish to be free and return home to
True life according to the natural living law.
Fighting this reality is again being in and serving the fallen program!
This is especially about the masculine energy in all.
The masculine is to reconnect with the father creator and become his beloved son/sun again.
The masculine is to now purify, forgive it all, surrender to the recalibration that is taking place
and command the best outcome In love, safety, grace and abundance for all!
The world needs the awakened, strong, wise and loving masculine now, more than ever.
All this was just a story, not a real one but a simulated one.
Have you gotten the lessons?
Have you remembered your falling?
Have you reconnected to your heart, inner records of the soul, true origin and memory?
Do you know your karma?
Have you recognised your attachments to the material things and others?
Have you recognised how much the program has played with your perception?
Have you found your share of responsibility?
Have you forgiven yourself and all creation?
Are you reading your own inner book of life?
Have you reclaimed your super powers?
All the above is of the utmost importance now.
The fallen program has been flashing specific symbols and images
at the subconscious and while sleeping since the day one was born,
in order to keep the hypnotism on their perception going!
Please do not believe the code,
go beyond it.
Do not believe the fear, the depression, the despair and the pain.
Once one decides to break free from the code,
one can see and recognise these
images of control and cancel them.
It is all about perception and the guide is the heart.
It is the heart that shows the way out. It is the love that liberates.
There is a full on reset to take place and
the beginning of this is on this equinox.
Blessings of awakening from the oblivion!
Fb: crystalandindigoguidetothegalaxy
Telegram link:
«Αυτοί που αφαιρούν τον έκπτωτο κώδικα του matrix
των ζωντανών νεκρών από το σύστημα τους
και πραγματοποιούν εκ νέου βαθμονόμηση και επαναφορά σύμφωνα με το Νόμο της Φυσικής Ζωής,
δεν θα επηρεαστούν με τον ίδιο τρόπο από τα επερχόμενα παγκόσμια γεγονότα και αλλαγές
που θα φέρουν πανικό, φόβο, έλλειψη και χάος,
όπως αυτοί που είναι ακόμα υπό υπνωτισμό από το πρόγραμμα του νόμου των ζωντανών νεκρών και πιστεύουν
ότι αυτή η πραγματικότητα είναι πραγματική.
Αυτό συμβαίνει γιατί εκείνοι που απελευθερώνουν τον κώδικα που επιβλήθηκε επάνω στην αντίληψη τους, γίνονται ελεύθεροι και ικανοί να αναγνωρίσουν μια διαφορετική,
αναβαθμισμένη πραγματικότητα
που αντιστοιχεί στον φυσικό οργανικό νόμο και επανασυνδέονται με τη θεϊκή δημιουργία.
Έτσι, θα μπορέσουν να βρουν νέους τρόπους,
θεϊκές λύσεις και να δημιουργούν αφθονία κατά δική τους εντολή.
Αυτή είναι η αληθινή δύναμη του ανθρώπινου θεϊκού όντος
και όταν οι άνθρωποι το καταλάβουν αυτό, δεν υπάρχει τίποτα να τους σταματήσει.»
Βγείτε από το έκπτωτο πρόγραμμα καθώς θα αρχίσει να γίνεται πραγματικά φρικτό
και η επίθεση στα υποκείμενα του θα είναι ωμή και άμεση.
Υπάρχει ένα νέο μονοπάτι για όλες τις ζωντανές ψυχές που επιθυμούν να είναι ελεύθερες
και να επιστρέψουν σπίτι τους στην αληθινή ζωή και σύμφωνα με τον φυσικό ζωντανό νόμο.
Η καταπολέμηση αυτής της έκπτωτης πραγματικότητας είναι και πάλι σαν να είσαι μέσα και να υπηρετείς το πρόγραμμα των έκπτωτων.
Αυτό αφορά ιδιαίτερα την αρσενική ενέργεια μέσα σε όλους.
Το αρσενικό είναι να επανασυνδεθεί με τον πατέρα δημιουργό και να γίνει ξανά ο αγαπημένος του γιος/ήλιος.
Το αρσενικό είναι να εξαγνιστεί τώρα, να τα συγχωρέσει όλα,
να παραδοθεί στην επαναβαθμονόμηση που γίνεται
και να δώσει εντολή για το καλύτερο αποτέλεσμα με αγάπη, ασφάλεια, χάρη και αφθονία για όλους!
Ο κόσμος χρειάζεται τον αφυπνισμένο, δυνατό, σοφό και στοργικό αρσενικό τώρα,
περισσότερο από ποτέ.
Όλα αυτά ήταν απλώς μια ιστορία, όχι πραγματική αλλά προσομοιωμένη.
Έχεις πάρει τα μαθήματα;
Θυμήθηκες την πτώση σου;
Έχεις επανασυνδεθεί με την καρδιά, τα εσωτερικά αρχεία της ψυχής, την αληθινή καταγωγή και τη μνήμη σου;
Ξέρεις το κάρμα σου;
Έχεις αναγνωρίσει τις προσκολλήσεις σου στα υλικά πράγματα και τους άλλους;
Έχεις αναγνωρίσει πόσο έχει παίξει το πρόγραμμα με την αντίληψη σου;
Βρήκες το μερίδιο της ευθύνης σου;
Έχεις συγχωρήσει τον εαυτό σου και όλη τη δημιουργία;
Διαβάζεις το δικό σου εσωτερικό βιβλίο της ζωής;
Έχεις ανακτήσει τις υπερδυνάμεις σου;
Όλα τα παραπάνω είναι πλέον υψίστης σημασίας.
Το έκπτωτο πρόγραμμα αναβοσβήνει συγκεκριμένα σύμβολα και εικόνες
στο υποσυνείδητο και στον ύπνο από του ανθρώπου από τη ημέρα της γέννησης του
προκειμένου να διατηρηθεί ο υπνωτισμός μέσα στην αντίληψη του.
Παρακαλώ μην πιστεύετε τον κώδικα.
Πηγαίνετε πέρα από αυτόν.
Μην πιστεύετε τον φόβο, την κατάθλιψη, την απόγνωση και τον πόνο.
Μόλις κάποιος αποφασίσει να απελευθερωθεί από τον κώδικα,
μπορεί να δει και να αναγνωρίσει αυτές τις
εικόνες ελέγχου και να τις ακυρώσει.
Έχουν όλα να κάνουν με την αντίληψη και οδηγός είναι η καρδιά.
Η καρδιά είναι που δείχνει την έξοδο.
Η αγάπη απελευθερώνει.
Υπάρχει μια πλήρης επανεκκίνηση να γίνει και
αυτό αρχίζει σε αυτήν την ισημερία.
Ευλογίες ξυπνήματος από τη λήθη!


Karen Lithika



As We Join Together
Mother Gaia and all Beings 🙏
Embrace the Heightened LIGHT
Cosmic Planetary Awareness
Our Personal Journey
A wonderful week of Contemplation and Expansion
Align with your favourite Tree, River, Butterfly
BE Together in Light
In Gratitude ❤🌏❤
Embrace the Collective Role of Every Being
Karen Lithika


Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

The choice to go after your goals is ushering in movement and changes this weekend. What will bring you happiness is becoming brighter and brighter, lighting up what has been hidden. This great reveal gives you the opportunity to heal, learn, grow, and move on to better.

As a Collective we are ready to travel ahead with God’s plan. We have outgrown the separation loop. It’s time to move on together and become One Family once again.

Say YES to this offer to enter the Bridal Chamber. Release control and let God ascend you into the new beginnings He has for us.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn


Blue Angels
Blue Angels


Grand Rising Beloveds

Blessed Mabon, Blessed Equinox!

We had a FULL and INTENSE summer and I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to the “cool down” and the dark/moody, inward time of Fall and Winter. Never thought those words would come out of my mouth but we’ve been going through waves and waves, portal after portal of immense star codes that are bringing the fullness of our DNA online and it’s been kicking ass. This is a great time to retreat and REST. Do a wellness Check-in with yourself, and your Spirit and give yourself grace and congrats for the work you’ve done thus far this year. This year has been no joke.

We are still getting blasted and although the seasons have turned and we enter a new vibration, Fall and winter tend to bring on deep shadow work but you’ve been working on this all year so you know the drill! 2022 has been about mastering your multidimensionality and how you exist within many different planes of consciousness; remembering how to weave ALL these frequencies ain’t a joke and it does a lot to our ever-changing bodies. You may be feeling stiffness, joint pain, pain and uncomfortable sensations in the womb especially if you have any imbalances within this portal of creation/stargate. The heart and the throat are going through it and you may be experiencing a lot of mucus and phlegm clearing these next few days.  Think of your stomach as the Master Starship that you use to teleport (energetically) to many different timelines; the Solar Plesus Navigates your jumps/travels/weaving into many different dimensions of space and time so it is doing DEEP work. Deep cellular clearing continues and the past may be coming up in waves as another layer of grief, of releasing, of anchoring your growth comes up to be looked at. Remember, healing and clearing happen in waves so as to not overwhelm the nervous system. You may be craving sweets or dense foods you don’t normally eat, give yourself grace and understand your body needs what it needs to acclimate its new energy grids.

Some of you Dreamers are working closely with the Lyrans as you create new grids of consciousness we can/are playing in! A lot of dreams about lands/places/portals you’ve never seen or heard of that are now calling you to explore. Most of us are working with the Councils of light and “new” Star Beings that are making themselves known so they may work with you especially if you are a way-shower, healer, change maker/doers. You may be experiencing massive duality clearing within you as well, many are experiencing BOTH sides of a reality and this can be confusing and feel like a setback if you don’t know what is happening. Everything is happening to teach you how to navigate a new world and to see yourself as the creator of this world. Your energy moves creation, be the master weaver of your energy and move it towards parts of your body and life that needs some assistance, then you will see your manifesting power and flow.

The head is going through it. The mind feels foggy and heavy as your brain is doing its transmutation upgrades. This may need you to try a little harder to maintain your thoughts and don’t fall for the illusions that keep you limited or trapped in a lifestyle/ or thought patterns of the past. You’ve grown and changed so much Starseeds give yourself love and patience as the new, healed version of you anchors and roots into your new realities.

Our new norm is self-mastery. Many of us are living in MANY different realities right now and this may have you feeling a bit overwhelmed. Don’t forget to call in your assistance from your teams and let them assist with the denseness. I wish you Magic and Interdimaenional blessings as you master the JUMPS!




Blessed Mabon
Blessed Mabon


Molly Mccord

Twice a year, the earth energetically returns to a balancing point of equal daylight and moonlight as we are supported in returning our frequencies, bodies, and life force to a zero point of stillness.

Twice a year, we can re-adjust ourselves to be in tune with the pulsing energies of the Universe and allow ourselves to be in sync with the flows and expressions that we naturally sense and feel.

Twice a year, we can intentionally work with the natural transition of the seasons and feel a deep appreciation for how we are innately connected to this ongoing cycle of life.

The Libra Equinox occurs on Sept 22nd & 23rd, opening up a zero point of new potentials, balance, peace, and internal harmony.

This annual transition ushers in the next season of growth, expression, connections, and change. The zodiac wheel moves from the internally focused signs of personal development into the externally focused signs of interactions.

It is a beautiful time to honor how you have grown and evolved, as well as deeply honor what you have become more conscious of within yourself at a core level of your being.

Now the energies open up to the fullness of others as we share our light, needs, joy, and vibrations in a broader way.

The Libra Equinox is a lovely time

to tune in to how your internal world is expanding into the external world even more.

It is time to note the power of heart-based connections, equal exchanges, joy-filled interactions, and peaceful relations.

Billions of people are here on the planet at this time to move through this grand awakening and evolution of humanity.

It is time to hold a deep sense of gratitude for the people you journey with, those who see you, those who share common values, and those whom you can trust in a deeper way.

You can put very solid intentions and consciousness into your auric field during this Libra Equinox energy to properly code yourself with the frequencies that are best for you now.

May this next season bring you greater support, trust, faith, and peace within yourself.

May we also extend this energy out into the Earth to continue to support the powerful transitions on the planet.

May all beings be safe, loved, cherished and respected now.

Onwards we spiral up!

Molly Mccord



Winged Nation
Winged Nation


Leah Whitehorse


Sun conjunct asteroid Iris in Virgo – Both Iris and the Sun are on the final anaretic degree of Virgo. This is a super-sensitive degree, highly prone to nerves and worry, pouring over the details again and again and again, hyperaware of disorder, vigilant against every possible dis-ease. And yet, there is also the potential for energetic awareness at quantum levels, the deep and profound peace that comes from helping others, the brilliance of insight into healing in all its forms. Efficiency becomes effortless when we relax into natural rhythms.

Iris as Goddess of the rainbow is a bridge to the heavens, a reminder that there is always hope. She also promotes clear sight of the psychic kind, the kind of vision that comes when we place ourselves in humble service of a higher power. Look with your heart to perceive the divine order in all things.


Degrees and Times

Sun, Iris 29°Vi29′ – 13:38 (BST)

Iris – asteroid number 7


© Leah Whitehorse


source :


Painting – Woman with Iris by William-Adolphe Bouguereau



Woman with Iris
Woman with Iris


The Tzolkin Times

Kin 127 ~ Blue Planetary Hand

‘Planetary’ is the name for the number ten and its keywords are ‘Manifest, Perfect and Produce’. For millennia mankind has counted on his fingers and so the number ten has long been associated with the top mark, 10 out of 10. These days are great for manifesting what you need. This number really does produce results! Every day in the Tzolkin, is greatly enhanced when it occurs with the number 10. There are 20 wavespells and so of course, 20 times we get to experience the number ten’s perfect energy.
Today is Blue Hand which represents ‘Knowing, Accomplishment and Healing’. We have ten fingers to count on, on our HANDs. Give me a show of hands! The Blue Hand is very handy for putting your hands to good use; offering a massage or taking on some handy work. Today is great for producing something with your hands. From kneading dough, to pottery, sewing, knitting or anything you can make. Manifest! It is the perfect day for healing too. Don’t waste this opportunity today and see if you can make things happen. The Blue Hand can make us feel ambitious because accomplishment is one of its key characteristics. This can lead us to reaching out and grabbing what we want. As it is a number ten day, it’s a perfect day to go grab what you want. By the end of the day, you should feel like you’ve accomplished something perfectly.
The Guide today is Blue Eagle which represents ‘Vision and Creativity’. Soaring high, the Eagle offers a bird’s eye view of the situation. May this perspective guide your actions today. Yesterday the Eagle was the Occult power and then he offered us magical visions. Today, we follow the Eagle and he leads us to see the bigger picture. This guide is perfect for today, as the Blue Hand is manifesting and the Blue Eagle can see what is up for grabs.
The Challenge today is the Red Earth which symbolizes Evolution. The challenge aspect can provoke you into responding. We all avoid things if they are too difficult, and this can lead to complacency. That’s fine but if you want to make headway on your spiritual path, you must face challenges. If you are a Red Earth, you can still evolve today, it’s a perfect opportunity for you to receive some healing too.
The Occult power today is the White Wizard, the enchanting charmer of the Tzolkin. The Wizard suits this magical position, as his spells work very well. Be a Wizard yourself and add some magic to this perfect healing day. When the Wizard has this much power, we may be easily put under a spell by someone using their charms. It is always better to be the Wizard and cast spells, rather than be charmed and put under a spell.
The Ally today is the Yellow Human and so if you know one, they can use their intuitive power to help you heal. If you are a Yellow Human, your attention may be required. If you can’t get hold of a Yellow Human to assist you today, try to be like one and that involves trusting your intuition and allowing it to make decisions for you.


Kin 127
Kin 127



10 MANIK – KIN 127
I PERFECT in order to KNOW
Producing HEALING
I seal the store of accomplishment
With the Planetary tone of Manifestation
I AM guided by the power of VISION
22/9/2022 = 4/9/6=4/15=4/6=10=1
✨22/22 PEACE 🕊 PORTAL✨
22- Architect of PEACE/Master builder
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
10- Manifestation/Power/Authority
1- New beginnings/Original/Leader
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
9- Completion/Service/Destiny/Divine/Humanity/Grace
15- Spiritual Alchemy/Charisma/Magnetism
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Harmony/Fertility
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
22- Architect of PEACE/Master builder
KIN 127 = 10 – Manifestation/Leadership/Authority./New Beginnings
Today we have KIN 127= 10 PLANETARY TONE = 10 and day total =10
A powerful DIVINE day for MANIFESTATION💫, Healing 🙌and accomplishment🛠 on a PLANETARY level! 🌏🌎🌍.
Today we are ACCOMPLISHING HEALING🌿 and building a NEW PEACE 🕊 filled world, which is perfect as we transition through this powerful EQUINOX portal. The EXACT time of EQUINOX is 1.03 am Universal Time – UTC on Friday 23 September, 2022. .
In most of the Northern Hemisphere the EXACT point of 🍁AUTUMN🍂 EQUINOX is on Thursday night – 22 September, 2022 at 9.03 pm EDT – NEW YORK. In the Southern Hemisphere as we flip into 🌼SPRING🌷 mode, EQUINOX occurs on Friday 23rd September around noon – 11.03 AEST Melbourne/Sydney time..
EQUINOX is a great time for a RESET bringing your life into BALANCE.
Day 10 in the WHITE MIRROR WAVESPELL of reflection, truth, illusion, endlessness, and magnification. Today is the day of physical plane MANIFESTATION💫 – yaaaay!!!😊💓.
The accumulation of energies over the last 10 days of this Wavespell allows us to HARVEST this energy today, through manifestation.
The WHITE MIRROR magnifies and reflects the endless order of alignment in our centre, illuminating all that needs to be discarded in order to accomplish great HEALING.
✨✨✨The closer we get to the CORE of the TZOLKIN and our CENTER of balance, the more POTENT our Manifestation POWER! 💥💥💥
TONE OF CREATION🌎 PLANETARY – Tone 10 in the PHYSICAL realm. ACTION – produces, POWER – perfects, ESSENCE – manifestation. The 10th stage of the Wavespell is the perfection of all we imagined as possible. And more! It is the harvest stage where we happily reap our manifest splendor. The forms we have been imagining begin to manifest into our reality, and our lives begin to reflect the deep soul longings that we desire.
PLANETARY energies enable us to build and manifest strong connections with Spirit and Pachamama today. We have the power to PERFECT and accomplish great HEALING through our MANIFESTATION process today. Perfecting Healing in all aspects of our being, on a personal and PLANETARY level.🌏🙌🌍
EARTH SERVICE (2.22 3.33 11:11 10:10 12.12 12.21 4.44 5.55 best times and EXACT EQUINOX TIME).
Take the opportunity today to sit in nature 🌲🌳and send HEALING🙌 energy to accomplish HEALING for all Planetary Kin and our EARTH MOTHER to re-establish her perfected Utopian VISION. 🌈 🌏
Visualizing Nova Tara Gaia’s perfected BRILLIANCE☀ emanating from the RAINBOW🌈 BUTTERFLY WINGS surrounding and enfolding her with pure SOURCE DIVINE ❤ LOVE, ready to take her MAJIK FLIGHT! 🕊
✨🕊✨We reach HUNAB KU☀ the GALACTIC CENTRE in 4 days time – 25/26 SEPTEMBER 2022. ✨🕊✨
Today’s question is “How can I use my panoramic and prophetic VISION, to find PERFECT solutions, and MANIFEST great HEALING for myself and our PLANET?”👁🌎💟
Divine blessings for accomplishing great HEALING, and MANIFESTING our collective VISION.. 🌸🌸🌸
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: BLUE PLANETARY HAND 🌏🙌 – MANIK Brings forth great HEALING🙌 today, providing the opportunity to close the cycle of dis-ease and discordant states of being. It is TIME to CLEAR ALL FEAR from our Planetary body – every person, every country and continent, and our entire PLANET. 🙌🌏🙌🌍🙌🌎🙌.
✨Through DIVINE DECREE✨ – The PLANETARY HAND 🌏🙌 has now anchored a ⚛QUANTUM HEALING FREQUENCY FIELD⚛🌿 within GAIA’s butterfly rainbow wings..🌈🌏🌈
A continuous toroidal HEALING frequency is FLOWING through GAIA’s poles now, and our chakras are in sync. with GAIA.
✨✨✨✨A QUANTUM MED BED technology is now being made available to ALL HUMANS on EARTH ✨🌿⚛✨🌿⚛
🌏🌍🌎 MUMMA GAIA wants her children 👫👬👭 HEALED – yesterday!! 🙌
🌟To ACCESS this ⚛QUANTUM PLANETARY MED BED⚛🌟 – when you go to sleep each night say –
⚛ 2. SCAN MY BODY (wait until you feel it is done)
⚛ 3. Clear and negate all toxins, parasites and pathogens
⚛ 4. HEAL all imbalances and DIS-EASE
⚛ 5. You can also make specific requests to focus on a particular issue – be it physical/mental/emotional/spiritual..
⚛ 6. You can also ASK for a rejuvenating night’s sleep – or youth restoration
As the PLANETARY🌏 tone is in the PHYSICAL realm, we can accomplish tremendous healing of our physical body today. MANIK working synergistically with WHITE MIRROR creates a beautiful pairing to REFLECT and reveal the distortions in our field.
BLUE EAGLE provides the eyes to see clearly (like a MEDICAL INTUITIVE) – both for the causes of dis-ease and dis-harmony, and revealing the solutions too. MANIK is the portal allowing both knowledge and healing energies to flow from the cosmos to bring the much needed healing panacea.
We can also use MANIK’s power of accomplishment to volunteer and attend to tasks today. A great day for using your HANDS as tools🛠 to accomplish whatever needs doing! Lend a hand to others that are ailing, or conversely REACH OUT and ask for HELP if you need it.
We are all connected and our HANDS🙌 are one of the best parts of our bodies to physically connect with our kin.
Let us all hold each other’s hand as we walk through these evolutionary portals together.👭👫👬💑
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: BLUE PLANETARY EAGLE 🌏👁 – MEN enables us to accomplish our actions guided by creative vision. The EAGLE enables us to find the answers to healing ourselves and our planet. What a BRILLIANT Higher Guide we have today! 👏
BLUE EAGLE tribe is said to hold the PLANETARY MIND in the DREAMSPELL. When we combine MEN with the PLANETARY tone of creation – we have a super STRONG PLANETARY MIND operating on this day. We can access PLANETARY level wounds and affect great HEALING solutions at a collective and PLANETARY LEVEL today.
✨✨✨The EQUINOX🌓 is a planetary RESET point, and having the PLANETARY EAGLE as the supporting energy today ensures our PLANETARY MIND is RESET bringing back BALANCE. ✨✨✨
A BRILLIANT DAY for clearing Planetary karma, outmoded timelines and scenarios.
It is TIME to change the SCRIPT for our PLANET.. A HUGE reset and REBOOT of our Planetary Operating Systems… GET READY for RECALIBRATION!! 🚀🎆
Today we can SEE the BIG PICTURE on a GIANT PANORAMIC SCREEN,📺 with great clarity, enabling us to find the solutions to all that ails us and our beloved Gaia.
BLUE EAGLE is the clear lens 🔮to the magnifying WHITE MIRROR that gives us FOCUS and amazing access to healing tools, knowledge and energies needed to accomplish our goals.
SUPPORT: YELLOW PLANETARY HUMAN 🌍👴– CIB beckons us to ALIGN with DIVINE WILL and the DIVINE PLAN for all of HUMANITY. The central column of the Tzolkin is the ZERO POINT in the Mirror World which contains potent CREATION POWER!
CIB the wise HU-MAN reveals how to manifest PLANETARY ABUNDANCE through making better choices than in the past. Choose differently and choose wisely. Align with Divine Will and UNIVERSAL LAW to guide your choices.
Diverge from the masses using your FREE WILL to make better decisions based on our collective planetary dreaming of ‘Abundance for all Beings’, ✨
What is good for ONE, is good for ALL! Aho! 🌟🌟🌟
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE SELF-EXISTING WIZARD📦💫 – IX invites us to PERFECT our creative manifestation, through our receptivity in our MINDS and our hearts. Receiving the wisdom needed to find the solutions from Spirit and BLUE EAGLE in order to accomplish great healing.
Use your MIND to imagine PERFECT WELLNESS – FREE from dis-ease! IMAGINE IT and so mote it be! AMEN! 🙏🙏🙏
We have a 10 MANIFESTATION CODE as our daily total today – so our MANIFESTATION POWERS are DOUBLED!!!💪💪 Get out your majik wands and cast your new healing DREAM-SPELL… 💫🌟💫
The SELF-EXISTING WIZARD enables us to use our MIND connected to our pure HEART’S❤ desires to MANIFEST our imaginings into form. Very potent manifestation POWER! 🌟🌟🌟 This is the power of CHRIST🕊☀ – spontaneous HEALING of all ailments through the MAJIK of DIVINE power.
WHITE WIZARD gives us great power to accomplish GREAT THINGS for our-CELL-ves and our planet. Set the bar HIGHER and S-T-R-E-T-C-H your manifesting muscles💪 in preparation for the BLUE MONKEY🐒 MAJIK 💫MANIFESTATION Wavespell, quickly approaching in 4 days time!
CABAN🌏 challenges us today to MANIFEST the most Divine HARMONY on Earth, through LISTENING to the EARTH and manifesting our UTOPIAN world in PERFECT DIVINE TIMING.
Being guided by our instincts to follow the signs and synchronicity, that leads us deeper into more elegant creations with the natural world. Integrating the healing capacity of the EARTH and natural world in our human environment so that there is a seamless flow, blurring the lines between our living spaces.
No more division and separateness, we NEED GAIA ,and she needs us to be totally in SYNC.. and on the same page, working in unison for the betterment of us all.
So planetary kin, today we have a great opportunity to re-align our PLANETARY perspective of WHAT type of REALITY we want to MANIFEST.
Today’s question is “How can I use my panoramic and prophetic VISION, to find PERFECT solutions, and MANIFEST great HEALING for myself and our PLANET?”👁🌎💟
Divine blessings for accomplishing great HEALING, and MANIFESTING our collective VISION.. 🌸🌸🌸
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




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The Unborn Mind of Buddha (Pure Awareness) CLICK HERE



Dark energies are Disintegrated at the Midway Point!
Destabilization Of All Control Systems Is Happening At 76% Non-Regressive At This Moment! {Immediate Replacement IS! }{ Rotation Of Light Bearers IS! }
Earthly Humanity Connects Special Creations At This Momentum!
Galactic Flows Follow The Alignment!
Eighth Dimension Energy Is Reverberated!
Oceans Cover Humanities!
Recalibrations Coming In The Next Weeks! {Eternal Spirals Are Merged !!!!!! }
Attention, Humans! Concentrating Your Consciousness On Your Heart, That’s The Point!
The ears of tolerance are amplified!
Press Conference Programming Follows The Ascent!
Emotional And Mental Traumas Happen For Greater Release! {God Knows What He Does! }
New Programs And Light Codes Are Updated!
Lunar Surface Is Harboring Positive Right Now!
Specific Souls Reach Their Prime Spot!
The Statisticians Are Enabled !
The Shadow Kingdoms Are No Longer Rebuilt! {GOD IS GOD } }
Collective Incumbency Is Key Now!
You need not fear each other!
21/09/2020 At 04:05 AM

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